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  1. Hallo BDO-ler, Hallo alle aus der DACH-Region,
    Verzeihung aber Ich versuche es mal auf diesen Weg!
    Wie alles begann:
    Ich hab von US Servern auf EU vor einigen Monaten gewechselt. Auf US war ich bei LotD welche auch im Jahresbericht erwähnt wurden.
    LotD ist eine auf PVP getrimmte Gilde mit focus auf XP faming, leveling und Node Wars. (es gab einen Wettbewerb wer den ersten Char auf 60 bringt)
    Mein Ziel ist es jetzt auf EU eine passende Gilde zu finden die a) meinen derzeit noch schlechten PVP-Skill tolleriert und b) aktiv am XP farmen und leveln ist.
    Mit LotD waren wir "Platzhirsch" auf Sausan und bekannt dafür dort alles zu killen was unseren Main-Spot beanspruchen wollte. Wir machten natürlich auch Ausnahmen und waren keine reinen Barbaren!  Nichtsdestotrotz suche ich eine aktive Gilde die, wenn es drauf an kommt, eine gute Gruppe parat hat um main-spots zu halten und aktiv weiterlevelt.
    Mein jetziger Char ist Level 58 und hat eine AP von 201 und DP von 254. (Valkyrie). Mein damaliger Char war ein Warrior deswegen bin ich noch nicht so sattelfest.
    Damals konnte ich noch 24/7 spielen, heute leider nurmehr abends und am WE.
    Wenn ihr tipps habts oder meint ich passe zu euch bin ich sehr erfreut eure Bekanntschaft zu machen
    vielleicht bald euer Gildenmember!
  2. How about a blessing of protection? Can only be received from priests, so can't be hoarded and abused in the field like an op potion. It would have to require some effort to acquire to discourage abuse; for example only obtainable through a repeatable quest. The blessing raises defensive skills and points X number of points to make the target (and maybe associated horses/boats) extremely difficult to hit or kill, but evaporates instantly when receiver of protection activates PVP, hits or is hit by any non-life-skills mob (life skills mobs being those that drop meat, skins, etc.). This to prevent people from taking over grind spots and being invulnerable doing so or from venturing into dangerous areas, and requires those who use this blessing to still be careful. I think this would better open the world up to greater use of life skills and those that like to practice them, but are put off by gankers. This would also lessen the crowding of safe zones with fishers and trainers. Perhaps this would not apply to desert at all, since that seems to be a special area anyway. Also I would personally like to see some balance with the ocean having more aggressive mobs to prevent widespread boat littering. 
    What are your thoughts?
  3. During small war at sausan my guild found an exploit using by enemy side.
    They abusing Guild Protection mechanics by apply protections to their wizards/witches, making them unkillable during guild war while they are still able to heal their allies. Wizard`s heal is strong enough to keep ally alive during the battle, which can bring easy victory in this kind of fights.
    Sure, those wizards still can be killed in pk but that brings problems with karma/flagging/accidently killing people who just hanging around and have no interest in this fight.
    Asking you to prevent protected wizards from healing their guildmates, or apply pvp flag on them after heal attempts.
  4. Can anyone list me the conditions in wich a Guild is protected from being declared War?
    I agree with the fact that small guilds can be protected from griefing, but if a 40+ people guild, who declared on us a couple days before can't be declared on once that war ended...
  5. Hello everyone.
    Today I want to discuss what I think it's a huge problem in GvG. As the title says the problem consist in the use of protection. You could think, what's the problem? Protection is used to protect those who are underlevel or undergeared so they can play without worrying about wars. Well, that's what everyone expect but the reality is different when it comes to fighting guilds.

      What's the problem? 
    Witch/Wizards with protection. That's the problem. Some guilds are using this feature to protect some of his wizards, so they cannot get damage but still buff and heal his guildmates. I think this use of protection is unfair and out of place. Having a couple of wizards healing without worrying about getting damage/cc it's a huge advantage as you can heal your guildmates full hp when needed. This situtation is not only unfair but kills the essence of PvP/GvG forcing those who want to compete to do this strategy too, otherwise you are in clear disadvantage.
    By saying this, more guilds could start to do it, but it's something that has to be fixed. This situation is becoming more popular and has to stop.

    For those who say, why don't you activate PK and kill them?
    Well, it could work but running out of karma is pretty easy, and depending of the place it could be a disaster (Ex. doing a WorldBoss or fighting for a populated grinding spot) But... why the hell do I have to activate PK to kill someone who's at war with me and is healing in the middle of the fight?
    On the other hand, you kill them and they return to the job in just 10 seconds. It's pointless using PK here.

      Similar situation occurs in a mix-party 
    When you are playing in a party with players from different guild those players can still heal you when fighting players at war. Unlike the guild protection situation, this situation is "evitable" tho. You could declare war to the players that are helping your target or ask them to don't do that unless they activate PK.

    I'd like to know what the community thinks about this so we can share our thoughts and try to elaborate possible solutions to this issue. I'll make a Poll with different suggestions in this thread.
  6. I inquired about this on the forums first. Some people said they were removed from our version, because they were pay to win... even though every Blacksmith sells them in the other versions. (For a lot of silver, of course. Their costs are high.) Worried that I would have to deal with the RNG of going beyond +15 and having it continually reset, my worries have been laid to rest. This will be nice for the people who want to save up to reach higher enhancements, instead of risking the reset occurring... since the orbs protect your weapon from resetting.
    Yakusoku  54
    Started conversation: 2 hours ago · Report
    Hey there Jouska,
    I'm not sure how often you read these messages. However, I am wondering if what some people are saying is true. Some say Protection Orbs were removed from the game because they were pay to win, even though from guides I see on youtube, in KR, they can be bought from any Blacksmith for a large amount of silver.
    If they were removed, is there any chance that the Blacksmith version will be re-added? Or have they not been added at all in our version yet?
    Thanks for your time.
     Quote Edit
    CM_Jouska  4073
    Replied: 30 minutes ago · Report
    Those orbs are for enchanting past +15, which is disabled for now in our region.  Look for them when we enable enchanting beyond +15.
    Yakusoku  54
    Replied: 4 minutes ago · Report
    Thank you a ton! I was worried since people said they weren't going to be added. Glad to hear there will be something to help with enchanting beyond +15 when it's added. 
  7. Yesterday while trying to launch the CCM, me and many others (see the problem topic) had this undefined error preventing the CCM and the game's login to work. After I closed down all my other games, I realized that the BDO anti-bot/anti-hack program (what's it called?) was blocking Gameguard; the anti-bot/hack program of NCSoft. Ok, most of us can agree on the fact that Gameguard is not a really good anti-bot/hack program but I would like to be able to keep my Lineage II character in game while playing BDO. With the launch of Blade And Soul last Monday, people that play BNS have the same problem, it also applies to Aion, and I bet also Wildstar. I have no idea of Frost (by Innova/4Game) is being blocked by BDO aswell.
    Please add GameGuard, Frost and other MMO anti-bot/hack programs to the white-list of BDO's so we can have multiply MMO's active at the same time.
  8. I know it requires PIN to log into game but what about protecting your accounts against intruders on the website? I guess it would be nice to get additional option to protect your account on your website via Google Authenticator for example. What's that?
    Account can be connected to authenticator. If it's connected you will be asked to enter a valid authenticator token with your account and password at the same time to log into website. Tokens are generated via application on your phone. For example most popular authenticator is from Google "Google Authenticator". You've to download authenticator app of your choice to your device (phone for example), log into your account and connect your Black Desert Online account to authenticator on your phone.
    This is the most popular and solid protection against hackers, intruders, you've to enter token from your phone everytime you want to log into the website account (or into game). Every minute new token is generated so you've one minute to enter current token you see on your phone to get acces into your account.
    So even if hacker will get your password and login he can't get acces into your account without token which is generated every minute on your phone. Everytime you want to log into account you need:
    token from authenticator on your phone
    This is simple example how it works.