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  1. Wir, die Gilde Spotted, suchen nach neuen Membern. Wir sind eine Gilde bestehend aus ein paar Freunden, die es leid waren in Gilden zu verharren die Member unfair behandeln oder keinerlei Interesse am Gildengeschehen hatten.
    Unser Fokus liegt auf einem gutem Miteinander und viel Zusammenarbeit. Sarkasmus und Ironie sind jedoch Voraussetzung.
    Unser Ziel als Gilde ist es ein Node einzunehmen. Wir sind keine Profis und spielen um Spaß zu haben. PvP wird geübt und auch oft im Duell mit Membern verbessert.
    Wir setzen keine Voraussetzung was das Spielen an sich angeht. PvX, PvP, PvE oder einfach nur Lifeskills...das ist euch überlassen.

    Wir stellen die Skills zur Verfügung und es wird dann gemeinschaftlich entschieden welche Skills als nächstes kommen.

    Falls das euer Interesse geweckt hat.
    Bin meist mit meinem Main online: Yuganuto. Familienname BandOfTheDragon
    Sonst könnt ihr mich adden oder auf die Gildenseite schreiben.

    Good Loot and Have Fun.
  2. Good afternoon all! 
    I am starting BDO with a few friends who have played this game previously. I am looking into who i should be playing and my first draw is to the Musa. Now, i am no noob to MMO's and I understand the dynamic created between patches and all of that fun stuff. My main concern is I want to play this character and I am wiling to stick with him during this "odd/off" time BUT I just want to make sure that if I do spend time on this class I wont regret the time spent leveling. 
    My question will be, is Musa a viable choice to play for someone that plans to level up and hopes to be able to participate in end game content. 
    I have been doing a little research and this class seems to be in a weird limbo.  Any advice would be helpful, Thank you! 
  3. [NA] <Eviscerate> Now has open recruiting! We are a newer guild putting our efforts into helping our members become gods. We focus a lot on PvP but have many who excel at other aspects of the game. We believe that knowledge is power and support our community through the gathering of knowledge to improve your play. For those who wish to join us an aura of fun loving self improvement is required. We actively grind, duel, and occasionally life skill in the attempt to be the best non try hard guild BDO has to offer. All of that being said, there are no iLvl requirements for joining, there are no level requirements, and we will never force you to play the game in a way that isn't fun for you. We do however, require one thing, and that is that you put forth your best in an effort to become better as a player. We have weekly Node Wars that you aren't required to come to but it is encouraged, we are a newer guild currently at 40 members. We do daily guild missions and grind parties we have a lot of knowledge on the game but could use more so come and lets become better together.You wont regret it!
    Useful Information:
    We currently own 1 tier-1 node.
    Requirements: Aim to become better, the will to become more knowledgeable and progress yourself and have guild activity!
    Goal: We aim to better ourselves and hold 2 nodes a week, and compete in high-end PvP, we hope to help players grow and achieve good gear, a high level, and class knowledge.
    Most active time for players in the guild: 5pm-12am EST, we have normally always have people on but that is the most active time to find people.
    PvX: focus on PvP slightly more but we grind a lot and do life skilling.
    Communication: Discord is the main use of communication for the guild, a lot of information posted there and good laughs.
    Officers you can whisper: Kagemand, Jimmychoo, Ninja_Gyn - Add us in-game and send a whisper.
    Contact me in-game for information or the other officers.
  4. Post on Awakened PvE combo in Dark Knight

    By Yuii, posted
    Below is a quick video showing a PvE combo I worked out while grinding Pila Ku. It's mostly for tanky mobs, but can be used elsewhere. If anyone has suggestions or their own combos, feel free to reply with them.
  5. Post on The "Griefing" Cycle in General

    By Serabelle, posted
    You are out looking for a grind spot, be it Sausans or Pirates, and they are all taken.
    Change channels. You see a spot that appears clear and begin the grind. Player comes out of nowhere and kills you then says spot taken.
    You're "triggered" and pk the person to steal said spot or you walk away and eventually find a new spot.
    Finally found a new spot and player walks over....
    A.) Luckily, they walk away.
    B.) They try to out grind you out of your spot  solo or with another party. 
    C.) Flag up and try to pk you out (Solo or with party)
    D.) Party up with you... again solo or with his or her own party.
    In the end, all three endings lead to greatly diminished efficiency. Whether you are a veteran grinding out hours for a fraction of a percent or new player just trying to get your foot in the door. Option A will only happen X amount of times before B, C or D come around.
    Sharing isnt necessarily bad but grinding alone gets you the most exp/loot for your time in most cases. Plus you pk'd, changed channels X amount of times till you got this spot So why should you share it?
    Weirdly enough this mmo has a way of making you perceive every other unknown player as a threat to your progress. In which case flagging up or karma bombing becomes a go-to method of continuing optimal efficiency (thus the Griefing cycle!). 
    Separate loot (which other games have implemented) and removing the exp reduction in party could help alleviate the issue. 
  6. My gear-score is 124/128/199. Grinding at level 56 in Mediah feels worse than pre-awakening for some reason. I'm constantly taking damage because of cool-downs, and somehow the damage output feels sub-par. I realize it gets better at higher levels, but thus far it feels underwhelming, even at places like Helms or Sausens. Any thoughts? Is this just a case of, "need more AP?"
  7. Post on Karma Bombing Prob? in PVP

    By Doon, posted
    I feel as if this problem is not too hard to fix really. 
    A.) Have the victim of a PK respawn at the nearest town or appropriate location with relevant distance. 
    B.) Diminishing returns on losing Karma 
    I'm personally more in favor of solution (A) but at the same time there are counter arguments for both systems. 
    For (A) its either what happens if I lose my farming spot, because I dont like pvp, or what if someone mindlessly PK's the people farming. So far I have not been a victim of this problem YET but I feel as if I will be subject to it eventually. I guess my awnser to those two questions would be first unless they add a pve server PK'ing is just a core part of this game, I get that it might not be appealing but thats just where it's at right now(Honestly IMO it adds a realism to the game that I don't mind). Second if someone PK's senselessly they'll still lose karma at the normal rate and as long as you keep returning although it may be tedious he'll eventually have to stop.
    Then there's (B) which could help but, then there's the counter argument that putting diminishing returns on karma isnt harsh enough for PK'ers. To that, I gotta say I got nothing(Although from what I hear going red in karma holds some pretty harsh penalty's in retrospect to any other game IMO). Plus this also lets people who have outrageous negative karma on some character actually play the game again. 
    These are just my biased opinions, I know they are not wanted or perfect, but I thought I could at least shed some light and coax out some constuctive criticism from you guys. I would like to know some of your thoughts or idea's on how to approach this problem?
    (Also just a quick note)Both of these options could be enhanced if they incentivised group farming as it doesn't seem to be popular to group up.
  8. Willkommen auf der Gildenrekrutierungsseite der <SadisticCookies>!
    Wir sind eine tiefen-entspannte PvX-Gilde die neue Member sucht und natürlich auch einiges zu bieten hat...
    Was genau wir zu bieten haben, fragst du?
    -- Entspannung Pur --
    Du hast keine Lust nach der Arbeit heim zu kommen, dich ins Spiel einzuloggen und direkt wieder mit Pflichten und Leistungsdruck geplagt zu werden?
    Kein Problem! Die Teilnahme an Gildenquests und Postenkriegen ist freiwillig, und die Gildenbosse beschwören wir einmal pro Woche. Kein Druck, kein Stress, keine Pflichten. Nur entspanntes zocken!
    -- Gildentalente --
    Wir bieten euch eine ganze Fülle an Talenten!
    +5 Präzision, Angriffskraft, Schadensreduktion | +40 Leben | +3 auf deine Fischerstufe | +1 auf deine Sammelstufe | -50% Schaden durch Belagerungswaffen
    -- Teamspeak und Discord --
    Wenn du dich am Abend nett mit anderen unterhalten möchtest, Hilfe brauchst, oder Fragen zum Spiel und anderem hast, versorgen wir dich auch hierbei mit allem, was das Gamerherz begehrt! Wir haben einen Discord-Server für Terminabsprachen, Organisation, Guides, Info-Bots und zum chatten, natürlich aber auch einen eigenen Teamspeak-Server zum Quatschen!
    -- Erfahrung --
    Viele unserer Mitglieder sind alteingesessene Veteranen und spielen schon seid Release! 
    Wir wissen also (meistens), was wir tun und helfen gern jedem der sich mit seinen Fragen an uns wendet. Es ist schließlich noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen! 
    -- Geld --
    Je mehr du dich in der Gilde einbringst, desto höher fällt dein tägliches Gehalt aus. Deine Aktivität spiegelt also 1:1 deinen Lohn wieder. Ganz einfach, und fair.
    Was uns von anderen Gilden unterscheidet, willst du wissen? 
    -- Progress-Zwang --
    Uns ist ein entspanntes und spaßiges Miteinander wichtig. Wir schauen dir nicht auf die Finger wie aktiv du levelst, oder fragen dich wöchentlich nach deinem Gear-Score. Eine wöchentliche Aktivität von +10.000 sollte Pflicht sein? Bei allen anderen Gilden mag das so sein, nicht bei uns! Bei uns bringt sich jeder so viel ein, wie er kann und will.
    -- Drama --
    Hast du auch kein Bock auf dieses ständige Gezicke oder das dich jemand anmotzt, weil dir dein echtes Leben wichtiger ist? Nervt es dich auch, wenn dir irgendein dahergelaufener Spinner vorschreiben will, wie du deinen Abend und deine Spielzeit verbringen sollst? Uns auch! Darum überlassen wir Drama und Streit gern den anderen Gilden.
    Das Ganze klingt schon ziemlich gut findest du? Aber da muss doch irgendein Haken sein!
    Natürlich erwarten wir auch ein bisschen was von dir.
    -- Umgangston --
    Wir sind keine aggressiven Spieler und das soll auch so bleiben!
    Egal ob es sich innerhalb unserer Gilde, oder auch außerhalb mit befreundeten oder auch völlig fremden Gilden, abspielt - Geflame, Trollen und Griefen wird bei uns nicht toleriert.
    -- Erwachsenes Verhalten --
    Du solltest über 18 Jahre alt sein! Falls du es nicht auf dem Papier bist, dann wenigstens im Kopf. Wir machen nach einem kleinen Gespräch im Teamspeak gern auch eine Ausnahme. Alter ist zwar nicht alles, da man sich auch mit 60 noch vollkommen daneben benehmen kann, aber eine gewisse Reife sollte da sein, wenn es drauf ankommt. Grundsätzlich albernes, verrücktes, beklopptes und sinnloses Rumalbern im Teamspeak und Chat ist natürlich mehr als nur erlaubt!
    Wann sind die <SadisticCookies> also genau das richtige für dich? 
    Wenn du tolerant gegenüber deinen Mitmenschen bist, Spaß haben willst, eine nette Gilde suchst, aber kein Bock auf Pflichten hast.Wenn du noch recht neu im Spiel bist und dir alles in Ruhe anschauen willst, ohne dass dir der Leistungsdruck nachhängt - oder auch wenn du Anschluss an eine aktive Gemeinschaft suchst.Wenn du ein alter Hase im Spiel bist oder nach einer langen Pause wieder angefangen hast.Wenn du Postenkriege bestreiten willst, aber das in spaßiger und entspannter Atmosphäre tun möchtest - oder dich mit Freunden gemeinsam in der Arena oder an Spots prügeln möchtest.Wenn du nette oder manchmal albern und blödsinnige Gespräche im Teamspeak führen willst.Wenn du bei den Feld- und Weltbossen nicht mehr allein kämpfen möchtest sondern in der Gemeinschaft stark sein willst.Trifft etwas davon auf dich zu? Dann könnten wir genau das richtige für dich sein!
    Du kannst dich gern hier im Forum an uns wenden oder dich Ingame an unsere Offiziere Rianari (Familie Loucao), Kurenai_Chai (Flauga) oder KawaChee (Familie KawaChee) per Whisper oder PN melden. Auch unser Chef Selents (Familie Hillebrand) steht dir gern zur Verfügung.
    Falls du uns ingame anflüsterst denk aber dran, dass wir mit diesen Charakteren nachts und tags zwar erreichbar, aber evtl. afk sein könnten. Schließlich ruft auch manchmal das echte Leben.
  9. Yes, as weabo as it sounds, I really wish we had PVE channel where people can gather, fish, etc in piece while being semi-afk or just enjoying grind. I never understood open world pvp as it just a attracts gankers and trolls. There's much civilized way to play pvp by inviting to duel and not attack while I'm in gathering outfit gathering water.

    ¿Buscas un Clan casual?, ¿Eso existe en este juego?, existe, pero por si quedan dudas, con nosotros desde ya, si, aquí tienes la oportunidad de jugar a tu ritmo, sin tensiones, estrés o compromisos, entendemos que es un juego y que no es una prioridad en la vida de nadie o así debería ser al menos. Pero descuida si lo que buscas es darle al PVP a tu ritmo y sin estrés, no nos descartes, también puede ser tu clan.
    Comenzamos esta nueva andadura en estos parajes del mundo de Black Desert, pero no en solitario, contamos con tu compañía para explorar, explotar y exprimir este nuevo mundo.
    El perfil de jugador que buscamos es el de aquella persona que sea decidida a usar su preciado tiempo de ocio en rodearse de buena compañía con la que divertirse y a la par quiera sentirse parte de este, que sus esfuerzos contribuyan a la evolución para hacer crecer el clan, si los miembros son leales al clan, el clan sera fiel a sus integrantes.
    Estamos deseando comenzar en vuestra compañía un sin fin de nuevas aventuras por este nuevo mundo aun por explorar, en el que esperamos forjéis y consolidéis  grandes amistades, en el que hagáis de Descendientes de Gea un clan en el que encontraros a gusto y del que sentirse orgulloso para tomarlo por bandera, deseamos como el que mas al igual que ya hicimos en otros mmorpg's formar un clan fuerte, estable y del gusto para una mayoría, para ello ya nos valemos de la experiencia adquirida en anteriores juegos, pero por supuesto sin perder en el camino del aprendizaje para organizar y gestionar el clan, con el fin de hacer de Descendientes de Gea tu Clan para disfrutar entre todos de lo obtenido con esfuerzo por igual  como en las mejores familias.
    Para evitar el compromiso y obligación de los integrantes con el clan obtenidos al acordar y aceptar las condiciones del contrato al ingreso en el clan, hemos determinado tomar la política de no mantener continuamente un contrato con los mismos, para no empujar a ningún jugador a tener que verse en la obligación por y para el clan de mantener su salario de dicho contrato teniendo que cumplir con un mínimo de una misión de clan diaria sin excepciones. Por esto al ingreso en el clan se hace contrato de un día, sin compromisos tediosos, molestos y poco realistas, pero por contra si que se hará uso de contratos, debido a que estos son requeridos en algunos aspectos del juego, pero solo se hará uso de los contratos en dichos casos necesarios he imprescindibles para cumplir con los objetivos del clan, evitando de esta manera que el clan se tenga que ver en la tesitura de exigir a los miembros con el cumplimiento del contrato y estos de tener que cumplir con las exigencias de este.
    Debido a esto ultimo sobre el contrato, para evitar que los jugadores se duerman en los laureles requerimos un mínimo que a todas luces es básico, el de hacer dos misiones en todo el mes, no para que el clan se beneficie de ello, si no de saber que los integrantes no han muerto en el intento y siguen vivos y jugando aun, por tanto tenemos un requisito minimamente básico que no es para nada descabellado de cumplir, necesariamente para el mantenimiento del propio clan.
    El PVP que practicamos en el clan queremos que básicamente sea un ejercicio sano, sin prejuicios, donde haya un alto grado de tolerancia, paciencia y sobre todo respeto, este hasta la fecha se compone de hacer arenas entre los miembros con el fin de mejorar el manejo de los personajes, con la posterior idea de usar lo aprendido en combate en las progresivas guerras de nodos, para de esta manera no solo conseguir tener un progreso individual, si no también un crecimiento homogéneo de grupo, con el que poder conseguir los objetivos que pacientemente queramos alcanzar. Abras de tener en cuenta que en el clan has de convivir con jugadores que tienen el concepto del pvp diferente y hay precisamente es donde no solo se advierte al jugador interesado a la hora del acceso al clan, si no también es donde se pide mas paciencia, respeto, educación y comprensión
    PK son las siglas en ingles de "Player Killer", es la opción en determinados juegos que se otorga a los jugadores, para poder matar a otros jugadores, pero no como desafió de 1v1 o en unas arenas PVP, si no en mundo abierto sin tener un motivo aparente, ni justificado por el que tener beneficio o recompensa en el juego.
    Somos plenamente conscientes de que el PK es una modalidad de juego que puede resultar muy llamativa y divertida para determinadas personas, que esta forma de jugar es diferente al resto de roles que se tienen habitualmente por una gran parte de los jugadores y que ser PK en un juego es otra muy distinta aventura, que por supuesto tenemos muy en cuenta en Descendientes de Gea de evitar siempre y cuando no sea de forma honorable, puesto que repercute directa e indirectamente a los miembros como al clan en si, pensamos que la mejor manera de hacer uso del PK en el clan ha de ser por motivos justificados, siempre en defensa del honor del Descendiente mancillado por otro jugador y no por mera diversión, en defensa de otro Descendiente en apuros o en nombre del propio clan. No aremos uso de la fuerza, pero tampoco dudaremos en hacer uso de ella si esta en juego nuestro honor.
    No somos un clan que se quiera cerrar en banda y es por ello que escuchamos propuestas para formar alianzas o planificar actividades en conjunto, somos conscientes de que en este mundo tendremos que trazar rumbos para nuestros objetivos como clan muy similares a muchos otros gremios en Black Desert, por tanto estamos dispuestos a compartir la carga por encontrar y conseguir un objetivo en común en cada descanso del camino con otros compañeros de aventuras.
    Somos un clan procedente de Guild Wars y Guild Wars 2, donde nos hemos mantenido como clan activo todo este tiempo y en el que hemos defendido desde el primer dia que jugamos con el fin natural de divertirnos, sin hacer perder el objetivo principal de que todo esto no deja de ser mas que un hobby. Con esa premisa hemos conseguido mantenernos desde el lanzamiento de GW hasta la fecha y así lo mantendremos por mucho tiempo, no por que funcione, si no por que nos lo creemos.
    Por tanto si como clan tenéis interés en forjar una alianza con nosotros, tener en cuenta nuestra premisa y no dudéis en contarnos cual o cuales son las vuestras para comenzar a entendernos, con el fin de encontrar los puntos en común del que beneficiarse ambas partes de manera igualitaria.
    No dudaremos en poner a disposición de nuestros Aliados las armas, pero muchas menos dudas tendremos de pasar por el cuchillo a nuestros enemigos.
    Así que no os lo penséis mas si estáis de acuerdo con la política y filosofía o queréis ampliar la información de Descendientes de Gea, acceder al foro en dgea.es, para presentaros, daros a conocer y comenzar esta nueva aventura en compañía de Descendientes de Gea, en la que colaborando entre todos conseguirás hacer de este, tu clan o tu aliado.
    Nos vemos en Serendia 5
    Buenas Venturas

  11. - - - Non Solus (lat. nicht allein) sucht Mitstreiter - - -
    Wir, die deutschsprachige Gilde Non Solus, suchen noch Mitstreiter für unsere 6 Mann Gilde. Gegründet wurde die Gilde direkt nach Release des Spieles und besteht seitdem aus 6 netten Menschen, die sich über die malerische Welt von Black Desert Online erfreuen.
    Sei es Queste, gemeinsames Farmen , erkunden der Spielwelt und sammeln aller Wissenseinträge oder einfach nur chatten ; bei uns sollte für jeden etwas dabei sein der gerne im Bereich PvE unterwegs ist.
    Der Altersschnitt liegt bei uns zwischen 25 und 60 Jahren.
    Voicechats wie TS³, Discord oder Skype lehnen wir vollkommen ab. Wir kommunizieren ausschließlich über den Ingamechat oder über das Forum.
    Was Dir die Gilde bietet:
    - regelmässige Gildquests
    - familiäres Umfeld
    - ein Forum mit umfangreicher Ansammlung von Wissen, Problembehandlungen oder einfach nur Trashtalk
    - Gildenbuffs ( Sammeln +3 , Fischfang +2 , AK +3 , Präzision +3)
    - nette Menschen, welche nicht zögern Dir bei Problemen, Quests o.ä. zu helfen
    Was wir suchen:
    - Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene oder Veteranen
    - Crafter, Fischer, Händler oder einfach nur Farmer
    Was wir nicht suchen:
    - PvP'ler
    - Progress orientierte
    Solltest DU ein gewisses Maß an Reife besitzen, mindestens 18 Jahre alt (bei Ausnahmen auch jünger) und ein wenig verrückt unterwegs sein, zögere nicht dich bei uns zu melden!
    Anfragen bitte hier im Forum via PN oder über unser Gildenforum an Zentia (Ingame Zentii) - www.nonsolus.de
    Wir freuen uns auch DICH!
  12. For the most part I have enjoyed BDO and what it brought. It's desire to be unique and create a player driven world where the players create the world and Dynamics around them. It's delivered in some aspects for sure. Our markets are pretty stable, the guild interaction and wars are lively. But aside from those few things where players are actively changing or influencing, what about the rest of the game? 
    Have you ever asked yourself "what's the world BDO resides in"?  "Where's the history"? "Where's the quests that delve further into the lore"? "Does BDO have mythical items"? Things like this are far and few. While we may have our boss gear which we get through RNG, perhaps we're getting too much RNG? I log into BDO and don't feel like I'm playing the genre I fell in love with as a kid. Forget WoW, I'm talking about my first, RuneScape. You know where you paid a subscription if you wanted, but regardless of P2P or f2p there was always something to do and look forward to?
    Quests that were interesting, hidden areas that gave special equipment (also RNG based) but had a massive story and interesting interactions behind them? Barrows catacombs,y first green dragon kill, monkey madness questline, etc. There was so much, I barely remember all the specifics but vividly recall the experience, the emotions and the relevance of it all as it connected to my play everyday.
    In BDO I don't have that same connection or experience. I feel as if my high in BDO doesn't come from exploration, questing or even playing the game, but from finally overcoming the massive money sink that is enhancements rng. It's so bad I budget my monthly income around upgrades due to the cash shop being so necessary to competitive upgrades/progression. I never felt that way in RuneScape. Different business models but does the model impact the genre that much?
    I remember the early reviews of the game and even my own expectations. Everyone knew the game lacked a true "end game". No raids, no dungeons. However we hoped that with time they would start to add things a more typical MMORPG would have, to round out thier game and really become an idealized version of an MMORPG we wanted. Great combat, decent PvP If you're into that and an immersive world to explore, role play and enjoy. Instead we get more things to mindlessly grind, balance changes that are ignited by demand of popular belief, and items/new areas that are hardly upgrades of previous places or things with little to no incentive to do them. Not even from a story standpoint. 
    So I guess what I'm saying is, I know why BDO is starting to really bore me and alot of others. Why the thought of even logging in feels like a massive burnout, why life Skilling or participating in events feels like at best a chore and usually an inconvenient time waster. It's because the game isn't trying to immerse us into a developed world, it's trying it's best to distract us from the glaring issues. BDO for as much as I've enjoyed the few things they got right, is massively incomplete. It's missing alot of the basics and the only way to find meaningful enjoyment is to settle for an incomplete product that honestly requires a hefty amount of money after the initial purchase to even enjoy.
    You don't even have to be wanting to PvP competitively, the only consistent new things in game come by way of microtransaction. 
  13. Post on Zereth vs Grunil in General

    By Gicadin, posted
    All the guides i'm looking at have little or no mention of using Zereth armor for pve. I'm curious why that is since the 3 set has +5 against every species (which is supposed to be good for pve) and the gloves as well have +2 against every species. 
    Why is Grunil so much better. I'm even seeing mentions of taritas or boss armor, but nothing about zereth. 

    La Guilde Mystral ouvre ses portes à tous les lvl 56+ et actifs. Notre équipe dynamique vous proposera Guerres de node, Gvg, tournois, entraînements, sortie en mer, chasses à l'homme etc... Contactez Tynuvielle (GM) , Zeaque (OFF/ RECRUTEMENT) , Katahito (OFF) , Paty1 (OFF) , Guts (OFF) , Hilligan (OFF) .
     On est une guilde PVP/PVE où la joie et la bonne humeur règnent. Cette guilde a pour but de créer une communauté Fr soudée où chaque membres s'entraident et se conseillent. Nous utilisons principalement Discord. Si ton but est de t'amuser, nous serons heureux de t’accueillir au sein de la guilde Fr Mystral pour jouer à BDO et aux autres jeux (overwatch, ...). Membres: 43   Charte de Guilde "Avoir l'esprit de groupe et passer du bon temps avec des gens qui se respectent les uns, les autres. C'est la force du groupe qui nous permettra de relever tous les défis." "Communiquer, afin de mieux se connaitre et s'apprécier. Partager les idées, faire des propositions, des suggestions, c'est participer à la vie de sa communauté." "Améliorer la connaissance de son personnage afin de prendre plus de plaisir à le jouer et devenir petit a petit un pilier de la guilde." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ici sont compilées les règles du bon fonctionnement de la guilde Mystral. Nous ne sommes pas une association notoire de "no-life" ni une bande de fascistes refoulés et c’est pour ça que nous ne vous imposerons pas ici de contraintes de présences faramineuses, de règles compliquées, mais simplement des règles élémentaires de bon sens, facilement applicables pour les gens mûrs et sympathiques que nous sommes.(édité) Ces règles seront exprimées sous la forme de commandements, qu’il nous est demandé à tous de connaître et de respecter pour conserver toujours cette bonne ambiance qui règne parmi nous :(édité)   - 1 - Ton frère tu respecteras, les propos vexants tu banniras Il n’est rien de plus rageant que de se faire insulter ou humilier, que ce soit lorsqu’on fait une bêtise où quand on n’est pas d’accord. Nous nous engageons donc à respecter la sensibilité de chacun et à ne pas vexer nos amis… Les termes injurieux, vulgaires, ou dégradants sont donc proscrits des conversations, publiques ou privées. Tout manquement à cette règle fondamentale entraînera des sanctions immédiates, des excuses publiques, et des punitions corporelles. - 2 - Ton petit frère tu aideras, sans hésiter tu prêteras ton bras Le but de la guilde est que nous entamions tous ensemble les guerres de nods et les futurs possibles raids. N’hésitez donc pas à aider les plus petits dans leurs bataille ou à farmer leurs équipement, cela ne fera qu’accélérer le processus. De plus ainsi nous apprendrons à mieux nous connaître et nous apprécier… - 3 - Ton frère tu solliciteras, sans le saouler à tour de bras Si nous encourageons l’aide aux « petits » frères, il ne faut pas pour autant que ceux-ci croient que les « grands » frères sont à leur service, d’où ce 3ème commandement. Chacun veut jouer pour lui, c’est une vérité universelle, alors n’insistez pas si vous voyez que personne ne répond à vos appels au secours, si éperdus soient-ils ! Apprenons également à jouer seul, c’est aussi comme ça qu’on grandit et que l'on s’améliore. Il ne faut pas dégoûter les âmes charitables. -(édité)   4 - Le vocal de guilde tu utiliseras Une vérité s’impose, une guilde sans serveur vocal est une guilde sans vie, et le Discord de guilde est là pour encore mieux se connaitre. Une voix chaude et suave est toujours plus engageante qu'un simple whisp. L'utilisation régulière de cet outil prouvera ton envie de t'impliquer au sein de ta guilde. Cela permet de mieux nous connaître et peut nous servir à obtenir facilement certaines infos. Profitez-en, abusez-en, c’est là pour ça. - 5 – Push-to-talk tu utiliseras et ton micro tu règleras Communiquer avec la guilde c'est bien, mais faire partager sa vie familiale, sa télévision les gamins qui braillent ou les reflux gastriques (je ne vais pas vous faire un dessin...) c'est moyen... Pour le bien-être de tous il est primordial d'apporter une grande attention au confort acoustique de tous nos membres. - 6 – Aux quêtes de guilde tu contribueras, le salaire du jour tu recevras Les quêtes de guilde sont une valeur ajoutées à la guilde, elles permettent en plus de renflouer la trésorerie d'obtenir des points de guilde qui sont dépensés dans des bonus qui profitent à tous. Participez à l'effort de guerre ! - 7- Dans la bonne humeur tu échoueras Le jeu est ainsi fait, du stuff tu en perdras, des PO par millions tu dépenseras. Mystral jamais ne baisse les bras!!! N'oublies pas que la guilde est là pour t'aider, te conseiller et te rebooster! -(édité)   8- Dans le respect tu te battras, mais l'autre joue tu ne tendras pas Tu représentes la guilde tu en es son étendard dans toutes tes actions dans le jeu. Tu défends son honneur mais tu représentes aussi sa bienséance. Les guerres entre les guildes sont inévitables, les combats PvP aussi. Le PK gratuit de joueurs AFK est malsain, sans gloire et sans honneur. Défendre son spot c'est légitime, garder du Karma est indispensable. Trouve le juste milieu. - 9 - Quand pas content tu seras, à un officier tu en parleras Avant de vous perdre dans un conflit public ou privé, inutile et stérile, avec l’un de nos frères d'armes, souvenez-vous que les officiers sont là pour résoudre les problèmes et calmer les tensions… Prévenez les donc de ce qui ne va pas, avant même d’engager la dispute. Cela dit les amis, souvenez-vous que le but des officiers n’est pas de prendre parti mais de préserver la bonne ambiance et l'équité pour le bien de la guilde ! Signé: Hilligan (maître des poules unijambistes)  Tu auras l'occasion de tester notre appli mobile pour t'aider dans le jeux, voir les activités de guilde, ainsi que les photos prises lors des événements:  
  15. Post on EXP fürs Questen? in Vorschläge

    By Strycer, posted
    Wie der Titel schon sagt...
    was haltet Ihr davon, fürs questen Exp zu bekommen?
    Natürlich im richtigen Verhältnis, soll jetzt also nicht das Grinden abschaffen oder die Möglichkeit bekommen nur durchs questen lvl 60 zu werden.
    Was meint Ihr? YAY oder NEIJ?

    Click link for discord https://discord.gg/kReRpdU
    (Currently being used in the NA SERVER)
    What we are about: Templarius Is a balanced PvE/PvP guild on Orwens server in Black Desert Online. We are currently a small guild. My goal is to have 10 members by the end of this month and hopefully 50 before all the awakenings are released. I have an urge to do more with node wars so if that is your thing then you can come aboard and help us all get up to speed. Who we are looking for: People that have just started playing to people that bought the conqueror package on day 1! We are pleased to have the people that enjoy the game and can get a long with another gamer. Voice chat is enabled through discord.Rules: The number one rule is NO DRAMATIZATION If you have a problem with a person settle it in a PM or email or whatever. After the issue is resolved you both will feel better. If this issue cant be resolved then one of the leaders can help. If you are into pvp and want to do that as a play style then that is fine! Please be courteous to the requests of other guild mates and their requests.Ranks: We are currently looking for officers! This is one huge plus of joining our guild today!Requirements:  Do you enjoy Black Desert Online? Do you have a will to play at least one day a week? Do you enjoy talking with people in game?(If you answered yes to all three then you can join now!)
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    SERVER: North America
    FAMILY: Woodstock
    MAIN: Duarte
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackdesertonlineguild
  17. Post on Tamer Clear Speed in Tamer

    By Velvet_Blanc, posted
    *This is not a QQ post, I'm just asking for information - not planning on swapping off Tamer or anything, love the class*
    I'm a pretty new player and my Tamer is currently 57. I notice my 56 Sorc clears faster with 8 less AP,  and this is without optimal animation cancelling - so I'm simply curious about how Tamer's clearing speed stacks up to other classes. Does it get better with more levels and more AP? For reference, I'm currently sitting at 159/154/197.
    Thanks all!
  18. This game is a beauty. The game world is astoundingly vast and full of life... However, despite all it has, after a certain point it all becomes a tedious routine. After deliberation with my guild we've come to realize the three major things BDO needs:
    1) PvE Content
    Simply put, this game has none of it beyond grinding and the world bosses, most of which have mechanics that can be boiled down to "hit it and don't let it hit you". PvE mobs are laughable in how easy they are, and the lack of dungeons or other such activities makes the game feel stagnant. I understand the game is mainly a PvP game, but what's the point of that if you have nothing else to do between PvP matches? Which leads us to the second point:
    2) Reasons for World PvP
    This is a game that prides itself in its PvP. Something that only really happens in node/siege wars because in any other scenario the only reason to fight another player is either to take their grinding spot or just being a cruel and sadistic being relishing in the fact you killed someone that probably wasn't even expecting it. All you get from World PvP is a loss of Karma, with no real gain beyond bragging rights that you murdered someone potentially in cold blood. 
    3) Group activities
    The main reason I came to BDO was my guild. They wanted to come to this game, so I followed. Shortly after entering the game world at launch we realized that there's an absolutely MASSIVE lack of any sort of true group activities. Even during guild missions, most of the time it's everyone doing their own thing, with no need to interact. This is made even worse by the fact guildmates can't even help each other in a vast amount of scenarios. The activities that require us to work together as a group are simply to list: Grinding together, doing missions (more grinding), the occasional node war, and killing our guild bosses. 
    Having listed out the problems, it's, of course, time to propose solutions.

    1) Dungeons 
    A lengthy thing to make, but even a single dungeon would revitalize the game's PvE to a point where it'd stop being the same thing over and over again. Have said dungeon divided into several tiers, each tier for a specific set of levels, to make grinding out those endgame levels a more fun and dynamic action. Have the dungeon shift around set locations so players have to search the entrance each time. This alone would break the monotony of endgame leveling and introduce a fun new mechanic.
    2) Thievery
    Become bandits, thieves that attack traders and merchants in the roads. Hijack a ship and earn money by turning it in somewhere, after which it returns to the owner's personal warf and has to be repaired. Or become bodyguards for your guild's traders, escort them down to their destinations and prevent the thieves from taking their precious cargo.
    3) Advanced Bosses
    Let's look, for example, at Dastard Bheg. Powerful foe, but honestly all you have to do is know when to block and when to dodge and keep throwing bodies at him and you'll be right as rain. Or perhaps Kzarka, Lord of Corruption. Again, as long as you stay behind him, you're a-okay.  But what if there was more to it? What if the Lord of Corruption summoned spikes of his corrupted energy that have to be destroyed or everyone inside the room dies? And you can't leave until they're destroyed? What if, in order to survive Bheg's AoE, you had to look for a stone, upturned by his rage, to hide behind? Bosses are a fun aspect to any game, but there's not much to BDO's bosses beyond throwing bodies at them until they die. 
    4) Material trading within guilds
    Allow people to trade with their guildmates. Maybe someone in the guild needs Pure Iron Crystals but can't afford them, but I can make them. It wouldn't hurt anyone in the least if I could donate them to my guildmate so they can make that Saiyer Ornamental Knot they needed.
    That's all I can think of at the moment. Thank you for your time.
  19. Disclaimer: I am aware of the block situation, however that has not been confirmed to be a bug or a ninja nerf at this moment in time, and does not discredit the information provided below.
    This post has no connection to the Block issue, and is a general response to the valkyrie player base for its relentless attempts at getting the class unwarranted buffs.
    Since the release of valkyrie's awakening in November 2016, the class has been subject to a lot of harsh remarks from it's mostly casual player base, donning nicknames such as "Lifeskill class" or "Sheep gathering class"
    The class requires high APM and good mechanical skill to be properly executed, but instead of playing the class as it was designed, the playerbase has been kicking up a storm to have their life made easier for them, when in fact they have already had it way easier than the majority of the classes in Black Desert, aside from a few obvious exceptions which still need tweaking.
    Before we get to damage, which I will be talking about later (way too much) let's talk about utility.
    Valkyrie's intended role in BDO was as a tanky support/utility role. Which was unique and made the class stand out from the crowd.
    With abilities like Breath of Ellion allowing you to heal friends, Ellions blessing allowing you to give party mates 100% resistance from all crowd control for 6 seconds and last but not least, heaven's echo giving a party-wide accuracy buff of a staggering 12% for a whopping 60 seconds.
    However, over time, valkyrie slowly became a beast in itself, becoming known to the playerbase as one of, if not the best 1v1 class in the game pre-awakening.
    With awakening however, people who were used to this lifestyle expected the same thing, tankiness, utility, mobility and damage
    And that is exactly what they got, however many of them are too lazy to achieve the levels required that give the class all of the above and want it handed to them on a platter instead.
    Utility was provided by Wave of Light, a unique skill which pulls players and monsters together, allowing for well coordinated setups to be executed with other classes such as the sorceresses black hole ability.
    Purificatione also has hidden utility, hidden behind the veil of terrible google translated skill descriptions, when an enemy is hit by the spell, allies around you will be healed.
    footage: https://my.mixtape.moe/akphid.webm
    This came with the upgraded block, blocking about 75% more damage than shield and sword, lance and shield is an intimidating force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, which is amplified by lingering super armour, which valkyries and warriors get after using their block ability, this means that if a valkyrie blocks, then stops blocking they are IMMUNE to crowd control, this means that the valkyrie is completely safe to cast any skill it wants, many valks on the forum will pretend that this is a trait exclusive to warrior, but here is footage to debunk that.
    As you can see in the links above, the valkyrie is not bound, however in the clip below, she gets bound.
    Valkyrie's Super armour block is also 360 degrees, meaning that while a valkyrie is blocking you can go behind them and attack them as much as you want, but you cannot CC them, making them incredibly overpowered when fighting against a class without a grab, proof of this can be found here: https://my.mixtape.moe/rrkbkf.webm
    Another one of valkyries (many)  strong points, is that in the hands of a capable user, valkyrie can be as fast as the more nimble "assassin" type classes in black desert, which in reality is pretty ridiculous as mobility and damage is the selling points of these classes,why would anyone play these when valkyrie provides that with extra tankiness and utility? Proof here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoHWIjyRTp4

    This is what seemed to be most underwhelming for the casual player base, their damage.  when people play an awakened class they expect something like wizard, a class where they can press 1,2,3 and see flashy effects and BIG DAMAGE with little effort or execution required.
    With abilities like Sanctitas de Enslar amplifying your own damage while Purificatione decreases your opponent's defensive capabilities, a valkyrie with good mechanical skill can exploit her kit beyond most players expectations, allowing for incredible burst potential, more than most "DPS" classes in Black Desert's roster, as you can see in the following clips, a valkyrie with very average gear (181/183) is destroying a warrior, a class that is innately tanky and takes less damage than every other class
    Valkyrie's gear:  http://i.imgur.com/U3Dd9iS.jpg
    It's not merely coincidence that 2 of the highest leveled characters on both EU and NA are valkyries, the class is a beast at not only PVP, but PVE too, with it's excellent mobility and self buffs/utility, combined with its amazing damage the class is regarded as one of the best in high end PVE spots, her only drawback being lack of 360 aoe, meaning some mobs may get behind you and you will either have to waste time killing stragglers or move to the next pack.
    Footage of high level valkyrie PVE: https://clips.twitch.tv/CovertMushyOwlNotATK
    the only drawback is, that valkyrie shines when she hits level 60, which the majority of the playerbase has yet to reach, and may make users feel like the class is lacking in departments where she is more than adequately equipped, the Valkyrie has become a frankenstein, a jack of all trades that is not just good at everything, but excellent, with the buffs EU/Na has still not recieved from korea coming soon, the class is going to become an unstoppable juggernaut, pushing out classes who were only designed to do damage out of the picture.
    TLDR:Valkyrie is borderline OP currently and with buffs just around the corner, she may very well become OP.
  20. Karma Tribe is recruiting.
    We are a casual English speaking guild looking for older (30yrs+) players to join our growing community. We are a PvE focused guild mainly and are not hardcore. We have no level requirement for joining and are more than happy to accept new and experienced players. We are a small guild but have some good knowledgeable players who are happy to answer your questions.
    We are creating a fun, family orientated group who understand that sometimes Real Life comes first. Some of us have families/significant others that can take us away from the game from time to time.
    Daily Guild Quests and weekly Guild bosses are available along with Fishing/Gathering/HP bonuses.
    We spend most of our time on EU_Velia 6. Discord channel is available too.
    If you think this is what you are looking for in a guild then leave a message below with your detail or contact me in game.
    Siaan Mythras

  21. Wir sind der Nachtsturm, ein Haufen aus chaotischen Kriegern und verstohlenen Händlern, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben dem König zu folgen und zu dienen.
    Den schwachen und hilfsbedürftigen werden wir zur Seite stehen.
    Mit unserem Schild, Schwert, Magie, sei es im Kampf oder Krieg, wir werden da sein, wir werden kämpfen und kämpfen, bis in den Tod!
    Aus dem Nichts werden wir zuschlagen, wie ein Sturm über den Feind fegen, ohne Überlebende und in der Dunkelheit der Nacht werden wir verschwinden, als hätte es uns nie gegeben.
    Fürchtet uns, fürchtet mich, den wir fürchten nichts, nicht einmal den Tod!

    Beim Handel, werden wir zur Seite stehen, unsere Händler und Waren schützen, mit unserer Flotte und Kutschen werden wir bereit stehen.

    Jeder unter meiner Führung wird Gehorsam schwören und keine meiner Befehle in Frage stellen!

    Auch Diebe, Mörder, Trickbetrüger alle sollen eine neue Chance erhalten.
    Folgt mir und dient dem König.
    Beweist Euch mir und dem König, damit Ihr Vergebung erlangen möget . . . damit Ihr es verdient, in die Geschichte einzugehen.
    * Erwachsene Spieler mit Verstand und Ehrgefühl.
    * Keine PvP-Kriegstreiber und Beleidiger.

    Zu uns:
    * Wir wollen normalen Spielern (ohne Zwang) eine Chance geben, im Spiel Spass zu haben.
    * Wir werden, sofern es uns möglich ist alles versuchen: von PvE bis PvP, wir bleiben flexibel und frei.
    * Wir haben keine Anforderung und auch ohne Erfahrung werden wir Euch zur Seite stehen.
    * Wir werden für jeden einen passenden Platz in unserem Gilde finden, ob kampferprobt,
       handelsgewitzt oder chaotisch.
    * Das Spiel und die Gemeinschaft sollen Spaß machen!
    * Als Sprachchat nutzen wir Discord.

    Solltet Ihr Euch in der Gilde beweisen, könnt Ihr aufsteigen und auch gerne Aufgaben übernehmen die Euch zusagen oder für die ihr ein Händchen habt.
    z.B.: Klassentraining, PvP, Handelquests, News usw...

    Wer Ingame mit RP unterwegs ist, ist gerne gesehen, wer nicht will muss auch nicht.

    Wir sind keine Progress Gilde aus 100 Leuten und wollen auch keine sein.
    Wir haben selbst Familie, Arbeit und vor allem RL !
    Wir wollen das Spiel wieder genießen und erforschen.
    Wir haben uns deshalb dazu entschlossen, unsere alte Gilde wiederzubeleben.
    Wir fangen von 0 an und wollen auch nicht so schnell auf 100.

    * Gildenleitung obliegt meiner Hand, meine Entscheidungen, sowie Änderungen können
       gerne in Frage gestellt und mit mir besprochen werden.
    * Entscheidungen zum Wohl der Gilde, müssen von mir nicht gerechtfertigt werden.
    * Da die Memberzahl beschränkt ist und man kein Gildenpotenzial verschenken will, gilt folgendes:
       Ist ein Spieler länger als 30 Tage "unentschuldigt" offline, wird er aus der Gilde entfernt.
       Kommt er wieder zurück, ist er natürlich sofern der Platz verfügbar ist, immer willkommen.

    Unser Ziel:
    Eine kleine bis mittlere Gilde zu bleiben, damit das Spiel nicht zum zweiten Arbeitsplatz wird.

    Solltest du Dich angesprochen fühlen, melde Dich.

    Ingame (Abends) Familie: Thoranan
    PN über das Forum
    Website des Nachtsturm
    Reclutando: siServidor: [EU]Líder/es: NeoFox, Breyja, Sorasuna.Oficiales/Reclutadores: Omega, Thailon, Killua99.Ambiente: Casual, Social.Enfoque: PvE, PvPMiembros: 26-50Página Externa: http://ojosdeldesierto.shivtr.com/
    Bienvenidos ante la renovada guild ojos del desierto.

    La guild
    Ojos del desierto nace con la ilusión de no crear solo una guild, sino también una comunidad de amigos. El objetivo del clan es lo que nosotros consideramos fundamental en un juego: divertirse. A partir de aquí,  ésta va a ser siempre nuestra prioridad. Queremos ir conociendo este maravilloso mundo que nos ofrecen y compartirlo contigo. De pequeño nos han enseñado que cuanta mas gente, más diversión  Nuestro objetivo es poder hacer todo el contenido a nivel de guild que nos ofrece el black desert. La unión hace la fuerza .
    Si sigues interesado en formar parte, sigue leyendo... Nosotros encantados 
    Dominar el mundo  Es broma !!! 
    Como ya hemos contado antes, nuestro objetivo principal es formar un buen grupo de personas, compartir las experiencias y pasárnoslo lo mejor posible creciendo como clan.
    Nos gusta mucho el PvE pero sin olvidar que éste juego es PvP, por lo tanto para poder llegar a los objetivos PvE que puedan poner más adelante en el juego tendremos que tener un mínimo conocimiento sobre el PvP pero si no los tienes no te preocupes que aprenderemos juntos 
    Los objetivos irán saliendo y haciéndose más grande con el paso del tiempo, pero no tenemos en mente exigirte horas como si de un trabajo se tratase, cada uno tiene su tiempo y si en un juego no te diviertes por culpa de las obligaciones, mal vamos ^^
    Ante todo: Respeto !! Respeto tanto para nuestro clan (y todos los jugadores que lo integran) como para todos los otros. Una mala acción de otro clan no debe hacernos perder el respeto, hay formas de arreglar los problemas y trabajaremos duro para intentar solucionarlos (Si aparecen, esperemos que no ).
    Usamos Discord y creemos que el juego cambia muchísimo de jugarlo en solitario a compartirlo por voz con otra gente y reírte junto a ell@s. Así que pedimos que entres y que participes en nuestras conversaciones e idas de olla 
    Sobre el tema PK... Tener claro que no somos una Guild PK, por lo que no está permitido el PK libre (matar a alguien solo porque pasa por delante) ni tampoco matar a los AFK (salvo en caso de guerra que entonces no es PK) pero lógicamente puedes defenderte.
    A todo esto
    Si llegado a este punto estás interesad@ en unirte, estaremos encantados de recibirte con los brazos abiertos. Nuestra comunidad ha renacido para poder ver el juego de otra forma, sin prisas ni exigencias.
    Para dirección de Discord, info sobre la guild, cualquier duda, etc... Contactad por privado o preguntad en el post, encantado de recibiros ^^
    Más info en nuestra web: http://ojosdeldesierto.shivtr.com/
    Os estaremos esperando 
    PD: Estamos abiertos a comunicarnos con cualquier otra guild Española. No somos competencia, diferentes grupos de jugadores 
  23. Thanks a bunch! <3 Took only 4 months+

  24. It's hard to come by basic guides that focus on early awakened PvE. Most guides are into advanced PvP chains or cancels needed for those last percent of extra damage. Or they go into rotations for level 57-61.
    If you have mastered this class and are able to write down a typical 30 seconds of a lvl 56 PvE-rotation I'm sure it would be of great help to those of us just starting out with the awakening. Movement skills between packs, sustain-skills and vital skill add-ons would be a nice bonus.
    So far I have this rather incomplete set:
    Moonstrike + Echo as opener on the toughest mob > Beast Rampage + Echo. Repeat.
    Use Beast Rampage as main skill and rotate all other awakening skills around it.
    Legendary Beast Power: Spam for Super Armor.
    Absorb Heilang: Use when off CD. Only skill this up when you have your basic skills set.
    30MP per hit Add-on on Flash. Use on big mob.
    Intimidation after Garuda/Black Turtle.
    W+LMB in Awakening (only as last resort, it's slow)
    Void Lightning off-CD (hold until mobs are gathered) > Fearful Trembling
    Beast Rampage (recovers 45 HP per hit)
    Add on
    Fearful Trembling - 20% Crit, 30 AP PVE
    Void Lightning - 15 DP, 10HP on hit
    Pre-awakening skills
    Tier 1: Flash, punches, Void Lightning, Grab, Trample and Fearful Trembling
    Tier 2: Scratch, Throat Burn, Surging Tide
  25. It's hard to come by basic guides that focus on early awakened PvE. Most guides are into advanced PvP chains or cancels needed for those last percent of extra damage.
    If you have mastered this class and are able to write down a typical 30 seconds of a lvl 56 PvE-rotation I'm sure it would be of great help to those of us just starting out with the awakening. Movement skills between packs, sustain-skills and vital skill add-ons would be a nice bonus.
    So far I have this from a recent post (lacking engage, cool down skills and movement between packs):
    Opener: Dash > Twister
    Rotate around mobs with Cross Cut (Strafe+LMB) and throw in Twister (Space) for front guard
    Block big attacks with Q+LMB
    Backflow can be canceled out of Fiery Angel (?)
    @lvl59: Pack 1: BTB > Chase to pack 2: Crust crusher > Foul play > Chase to pack 3: cross cut > counter assassination > Projection (clean up rest)
    Use reapers potion or draining potion for 0hp pot grinds.
    Press S, auto block and wait for pots/Nemesis Slash CD.
    For WP you want to keep twister on the 2s CD.
    Throwing in spinner when off cd will also help reduce mana drain.
    Extraction gems can be used on weapons if needed.
    Add on
    20pve damage +10% attack speed on crosscut is mandatory for pve.
    Divider maxed with the +hp and +wp addon as an emergency heal during PvE.
    LOS ranged mobs, keep them in your front arc, or focus them down early.
    Bring and drink a lot of WP-pots to keep dps up.