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  1. GF and I are looking for a laid back mature guild . New to BDO but quick learners , Also if possible the guild have other females so my gf not the only girl.
  2. Post on <NULL> in European Guild

    By MrPlush, posted
  3. Post on Accuracy and PVE in General

    By Leviathan_VD, posted
    Does accuracy help when fighting in pve/human targets or only pvp targets? I was told that accuracy only helps against humans by a guild mate but would like confirmation and an official source if possible. 
  4. Post on Fix Boss Loot in Suggestions

    By NiyahHan, posted
    One way to ensure that higher level players stay higher level and nobody below advances, is the loot tables for bosses, or more recently as I noticed, no loot at all. 
    For reference, I'm level 57, 150ap,152awakeningap,250dp and for the past seven or eight world bosses I've fought, I have gotten ZERO loot. 
    Is it really that difficult to make the loot table with these scores? Because at the moment I'm not finding any reason whatsoever to keep attempting world bosses only to waste a good chunk of playtime for nothing. I'm not the only one who this has happened to so I'm assuming that it's intentional. If the game is RNG based like most Korean games, why is it further divided and why is it that some players will receive nothing at all, despite fighting the entire time? If this has been answered or explained elsewhere, please direct me to it. If not, and there is no answer, I hope I can at least be told that so I won't waste any more time.
    EDIT: seriously an enhancement stone or SOMETHING would be nice for my effort
  5. As some of you are coming about, that time of year, I was curious about what we get for a reward.
    My Guild was created 03/16/2016 we are not the first however we are an Original Launch Guild
    I am wondering dear ol' staff what the game has in store as a reward for us 
    we get rewards for days online but the guild? 
    I suggest a skill reset for the Guild
    Please let me know as I know others I have asked are asking the same question
    @GM Felaxus
    @GM_Axion  @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura

  6. We have the best buffs in the business: +5ap, +5dr, +5acc, +100hp, +50% siege resist, +2 gathering, +2 fishing. We have discord, but it's discouraged (we play games because we are anti-social). Guild quests are optional (but if you do them, you will be laughed at by the rest of the guild and possibly kicked).
    If you want in... show us your rod, impress us plz!
    /w , Ducs, Alzied, Wavves, Wildface, Phuctard or SoSeoNo
  7.      We are Swagger.
    Our activity is Huge.
    Our grind is big.
    Our Swagger is legendary.
    And our loot is almost just as legendary.
    We will never be a big guild of lemmings, we will always strive to keep Swagger Lean and Mean. 
    We curse the black spirit out and laugh at the storyline together.
    If This sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.
    As a guild we offer
    5 Daily Guild Quests
    1 Daily Guild Boss(They drop livertos and other nice things)
    Weekly Awakened Scroll Parties
    Friendly Advice in PvP and PvE
    +5 Accuracy +1 AP Guild Perk(Screw Evasion. If we swing, we're hitting you)
    What we don't offer but still happens. Group farming .Group leveling.Power leveling.Friends and Frenemies. Now that you know what we Do and Don't offer, Let's talk about you. We're currently looking for maturity.Level 50 or higher is a plus but not mandatory.Being active within the guild.Discord However is mandatory.And the occasional twisted sense of humor is appreciated. Now if this has peeked you curiosity. Get in contact with us.Send a Message to me here.Private Message me on the Forums.Message Buddylove or Orihemesan in game.Or Connect to our Discord and message the Guildmaster or Admins in there.Swagger Discord  Swagger, You know what it is. Strut your stuff and join Today. 
  8. Hello BDO Community,
    so since i reached level 50 with my dark knight i was wondering what would be the beast gear to look for ?
    Currently i have :
    Krea Kriegsmesser of Crimson Flame (+10/AP 49-51)Sayer Ornamental Knot (+9)Grunil Armor Set (+7)Bares EaringJarette EaringJarette RingTalis RingI have 64 AP and 104 DPI should add that i am fairly new to BDO and that dark knight is my first class to reach level 50.
    Thanks and best regards
  9. HEY, I have been super hype for BDO release but I was slow to get playing. I a really liking everything so far but this is like one of my first MMO's since like RO 2D and I need some help getting into the community. So if you have room for a nerd like me looking for some gaming partners and hopeful to make some online friends PM and we can Party UP!! #squadgoals
  10. Hallo,
    Ich suche eine Anfängerfreundliche Gilde die bereit ist mich aufzunehmen
    Hir ein Paar Infos zu Mir
    15 Jahre jung/alt
    Erstes MMO war und ist Black Desert
    Spiele seid Beginn mit einer SEHR langen pause (pers.)
    Spiele neuerdings Aktiv und habe spaß am Spiel
    Ts habe ich auch
    Was mir wichtig ist ??
    Nettigkeit und offen für dumme Anfängerfragen
    Ich Spiele auf Windwons 7 (64bit)
    Intel core I7 6700k CPU 3.40 GHz
    NVIDIA GeForce 970
    Ich Spiele noch :
    League of Legends
    Rainbow 6
    H1z1 KOTK
    Ich hoffe ihr hattet spaß beim Lesen und Meldet euch bei mir ^^
    Lg: Soratrix

  11. Obsidian_Dragon is a group of like-minded individuals spread around the globe, founded in 2001, and active in a number of Online MMO's, and, we are currently recruiting for our PVX Black Desert Online Division.
    This clan is a family friendly environment, open to all and has lots to offer with the novice or skilled player, super friendly, helpful and group where "Everyone" has a say in day to day operations, and everyone matters. We have weekly Guild Boss Scrolls, weekly Clan Meetings, daily Guild Missions, and much more..., we also use Discord for a more relaxed and friendly experience. Node wars is on the radar and we are almost at that stage with our numbers to start to give it a serious consideration. So if you're a Fisher, Cook, or Combat is your thing, give us a whisper...We do have an awesome website in development at this time.
    We are a great group of people and if this is the kind of playing environment you desire you have come to the right place. Mergers are also welcomed from smaller groups. Our currently maxed Guild Skills are the following: Gathering and Fishing.
    Thanks for your interest!!
    P.S.  Our website is still in the redesign phase, so please contact any of the below for an invite:
    Division Lead: Family_Name: Calmalnn, Character: Rhotan
    Division Talon: Family_Name: Malister, Character: Melnar
    Division Talon: Family_Name: Kourjan, Character: Kourjai
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Aethandor, Character: Rhuarc
    Division Officer: Family_Name: DocGrizzly, Character: Doc_Pakuna
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Draconisian, Character: Sabrina_Godwell or Aimee_llana
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Gwenador, Character: Sampia
    Division Officer: Family_Name: HouseGrey, Character: MysticGlory
    Division Officer: Family_Name: MsGrizzly, Character: Flyinghawk
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Pixie_Hollow, Character: Bricia or Nimta

  12. Horizon Of Madness
    Petite guilde récemment créée par un petit groupe d'amis, ambiance et bonne humeur de rigueur. Nous recherchons de nouveaux membres afin d'accroître nos rangs et de développer de nouvelles possibilités.
    C'est une guilde où nous partageons nos connaisances et axée sur l'entraide entre les joueurs. Nous sommes portés autant sur le PvP que sur le PvE et cherchons à explorer toutes les facettes du jeu.
    Nos objectifs et activités : Leveling (au moins pour pouvoir rivaliser avec les autres joueurs en PvP et ne pas se faire litérralement OS par les boss) Farming (World Boss, Field Boss, parchemins, stuff, silver, points de compétences ...) Métiers (solo ou en groupe) PvP sauvage / Arènes Quêtes de guilde / Boss de guilde / Guerres de guilde
    Notre équipement : -Nous avons un Teamspeak à libre disposition des membres de la guilde avec différents canaux adaptés aux possibles envie de chaque personne (canaux généraux, pour farmer en petits groupes, par catégories ...). -
    Nous avons également un site sur lequel est présenté le règlement, ainsi que divers articles qui seront ajoutés au cours du temps.
    Les conditions de recrutement : Pas de pré-requis particulier, juste des gens agréables et ouverts d'esprit. Pas de niveau requis ni de temps de jeu imposé. Pour nous rejoindre ou toute question, n'hésitez pas à m'écrire en jeu ou sur ce post. Espérant vous compter parmi nos rangs.
    Vous pouvez directement mp ou ajouter en ami Hokage ou Pinkow (noms de famille). Merci
    Bon jeu

    We are looking for players -both old and new- to help us build something <Incredible>. 
    Perks: Spiffy new guild, seasoned leadership, building for Life and PVE skills, a place where your efforts are rewarded
    Great AttitudeDesire to help and learnPVE/Life mindedDiscord RequiredImportant:
    If you have a real interest in competitive PVP this is not the guild for you.  You can be our friend though Not Welcome: griefers, trolls, douchebags, discrimination, or politics 
    Ready to Be <Incredible>?
    Fill out the <Incredible> Interest Form  
    Contact (In-game /Discord)
    TrixiEE/TrixiElla / #TrixiEEEE7953BastetGoddess/ZacksSexyKitty / #Allycat88x#1269
  14. Exodius Recrute

    Recrutement = ON
    Serveur = EU
    I - La guilde, ses membres
    Exodius est un regroupement d'aventuriers et de joyeux drilles. Rares sont les soirées où les éclats de rire ne raisonnent pas dans notre forteresse. Les maîtres mots sous notre bannière sont : bonne humeur. Cette ambiance détendue ne nous empêche pas, quand la situation le nécessite, de faire preuve de sérieux. Nous utilisons Discord pour délirer en vocal, s'organiser, etc..
    II - Nos objectifs
    A court terme nous souhaitons être capables de gagner d'épiques batailles en guerre de node, dans la joie et la bonne humeur.Et ceci sans avoir besoin de recruter 90+ membres. On considère qu'à 60, on serait bien assez ^^Nous nous entraînons régulièrement dans ce but, on est tout proches !III - Events
    Nous organisons différents events pour nos membres, participe qui le souhaite:
    - Tournois
    - Entrainement en Arène
    - GvG organisées
    - Nodes wars
    - Quêtes et boss de guilde
    - Grind
    - Chasse : Baleines, monstres marins, pirates
    - Autres trucs pas forcément utiles dans BDO mais marrants !
    IV - Recrutement
    Nous recrutons en premier lieu des personnes motivées et emplies de bonne humeur !
    Nous vous demandons :
    - D'avoir 20 ans minimum
    - D'être motivé à progresser, en PvP et en Node War
    - D'utiliser notre Discord pour vous tenir informés des event
    - D'être respectueux, et de bonne humeur ^.^
    - D'avoir atteint le Lvl 56
    Intéressés par de bonnes parts de rigolade ?
    Rejoignez nous sur notre Discord : https://discord.gg/66MBQdQ
  15. Welcome dear travelers,
    It seems you have found yourselves at the GrandBasar. Why not stay for a moment and listen to what I have to tell:
    This is a new place, for people that seek their own freedom, but also a sense of community. Because, some task are more fun together.
    The Basar doesn't judge. The Basar doesn't wage wars. The Basar crafts/finds. The Basar sells.
    The Basar admires the Arts of Life, and supports them.
    You think this might be the place for you, then please come in.
    What does this mean:
    - This guild is casual and laidback. No hardcore grinding, playing. (Unless you yourself want to do that, then go right ahead. But dont expect anybody else of the guild to follow)
    - Everybody is accepted (but please be 18+). No required LvL. No required communication software (I have discord and can make a channel if demanded).
    - This is no guild for war.
    - The guild has no real goal, but if I would have to describe one it would be "becoming a somewhat known merchant guild". So yeah, find or craft stuff and sell it.
    - If you need help, ask we try to work together.
    Some stuff about me:
    Ingame Name: Fefhal Biyaemo LvL 53.5
    I am a casual player, so I play around 2 hrs a day (if I have the time). I am online in the morning or evening.
    If you are interested PM me
    ~ TS
  16. Hello my name is cat and I would like to invite you to the guild MassiveKappa. We’re a new guild and looking for new members to have fun time with. MassiveKappa is right now a PvP guild and a money making opportunity based guild. If any players are interested please whisper catpopz, Oggy, Or Stingswift within the game and we shall get to assisting you soon. discord: https://discord.gg/FVPNnEC
    our member youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_FHkVYYoF0
  17. Grund für diesen Vorschlag ist einfach die Tatsache, dass ich das Spiel grundsätzlich großartig finde. Die Grafik ist in der Branche einzigartig, die Animationen so umfangreich und detailliert wie sonst kaum in einem Spiel und der unglaubliche Realismus in dieser wundervollen Welt sucht seinesgleichen.
    Da ich zwar ein Freund des Zusammenspiels bin und daher MMOGs mag, aber PVP (auch wenn es zum Realismus gehört) nicht wirklich mein Ding ist, möchte ich nachfolgenden Vorschlag machen.
    Ein Gegenstand für mindestens 1000, aber maximal 2000 Perlen sollte es ermöglichen einen Charakter in einen PVE-Modus zu schalten. Damit wird er nicht mehr angreifbar und kann auch selbst keine anderen Spieler angreifen (Ausnahme könnte das rote Schlachtfeld sein). Dies wäre nicht mehr umkehrbar und damit dauerhaft.
    Um anderen Spielern dies optisch ersichtlich zu machen, könnte der Name anstatt blau umrandet, grün umrandet sein. Dann weiß jeder gleich woran er ist.
    Ich weiß, dass jetzt wieder die "Das ist BDOs Tod" und "Meh, das is unfair" Stimmen aufkommen, aber wenn man genau überlegt, wo wäre das "echte" Problem?
    Aus persönlicher Sicht kann ich sagen, dass ich keinem Level-Grinder irgendetwas wegnehmen würde. Ok, vielleicht würde ich mal kurz für eine Quest, die wir PVE'ler in den meisten Fällen mit Leidenschaft lösen, ein paar bestimmte Mobs benötigen, aber ich würde sicher nicht stundenlang Sausans abfarmen. Wozu auch? Für das PVE ist es nicht notwendig so schnell wie möglich den höchsten Level zu erreichen.
    Wie gesagt, ich liebe dieses Spiel grundsätzlich, aber der Gedanke mich ständig umsehen zu müssen ob sich jemand mit böser Absicht an mich heranschleicht (oder stürmt) nimmt mir persönlich den Spass und die Entspanntheit die ich in einem Spiel mit derart schöner Atmosphäre suche.
    Eure Andhariel

    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺

  19. We play primarily on the Mediah6 channel.Our goals are simple: 
    We want to enjoy our game time and help each other grow as a guild. We are PvX but are PvE focused with and want to enjoy all aspects of the game. These are just a few things that our guild does:
    QuestingFishingCraftingHorse TrainingExplorationTitle FarmingGuild BossesScroll Bosses
    But above all, we're here to assist each other through the game. We help any guild member, at any level, as much as we can. Artisans has many members who have made it a hobby and a passion to know a lot of the aspects throughout the game. But, we're all still learning while having a great time.
    You can contact use via our website  http://theartisans.shivtr.com  or on Discord https://discord.gg/SzP4p4T/
    You can also contact any of our officers in game.
  20. Hello forum, I'm a newbie currently one month in kinda non stop and love the game. 
    At the moment I tried several classes, lvl55 wizard, lvl53 tamer, lvl51 sorcerer, lvl51 Valkyrie, and lvl50 musa. To be honest I like all of them, and I'd love to get them all to 56 and go awakened. 
    Now I realize that lvl56 is just the beginning, skill points in 56 is not enough for most classes to be close to be fully fledged, I might have to grind more in the future. And it's kind of necessary to level life skills for more sources of income. 
    My questions are:
    1. Should I level all life skills on ONE character and other characters would be more like alts, or should I divide them up to make them specialize in certain professions like tamer be the cook sorc be the sailor etc etc. ? What are the pros and cons for these two directions?
    Thank you :3

    <Swift> is a relaxed and friendly PvE guild on the EU server. We aim to create a fun, mature environment where members can enjoy the game at their own pace. We do daily missions and currently have Fishing +3, Gathering +3, Accuracy +5, AP +5 and Hp +40. We also do weekly scroll runs, awakening and regular. We're a PvE focused guild looking for people who enjoy this side of the game. We don't take part in node wars or any PvP activities so if that's something that interests you we may not be the right fit for you
    Whether you're into life skills or love to grind, or both, it's all good by us, everyone is welcome.
    Age requirement is 25+, we welcome players of all levels, a lot of us have played BDO since launch so have experience/knowledge of the game and are more than happy to help newer players out. Having active members is really important to us, that being said we don't expect you to be online 24/7, we understand that RL comes first!
    So if you're up for a bit of friendly banter and don't take yourself or the game too seriously, why not give us a shout? Feel free to pm me or one of our officers anytime and we can give you all the information you need, you'll usually find us hanging about on Balenos 6. Alternatively you can go to our website at www.swiftguild.shivtr.com and fill out the application there..oh, and we have discord too
    Here's your go-to people if you want to get in touch:
    GM - Lapowinsa
    Officers - Tilia_Cordata, Pajia, Promethius
    Hope to hear from you soon!



    Visit us on tridentoutfit.com
  23. About us:
    We are a guild that was initially created just before the start of 2017, and since that time we've done a lot of playing and learning.We have a total of 8 members so far, 3 or 4 of which are active at least once a week. Each member is interested in different aspects of the game, so you won't often find us together in one place. However, you can always expect backup for a quest or advice for an obscure game mechanic if you ask!Our short term goals:
    Gaining more active members, in order to create a proper community and be able to accept guild missions without feeling a sense of dread.Our long term goals:
    Experience the game! It's as simple as that, really. We just want to have fun. Eventually we might build up to the point where we can take on world bosses or try our hand at conquest (if we ever get big enough), but there's no rush.Also, doing research into the endgame of BDO leads me to believe it involves a lot of stress. F*ck stress!What you can expect from us:
    We have a functioning discord serverWe're quite open and friendly companyWe have at least 3 players with a level 50+ character at the time of this postMost of us have had experience with other MMORPGs, and we're not complete noobsI currently only renew the contract to make sure our members' efforts count for something, but will start paying everyone properly if we can complete guild missions frequently enoughFollowing up from the previous point, we will become more organised in general once a larger member number demands itWhat we will expect from you:
    If multiple members are online, be ready to assist your guildmates if you aren't doing something important (use your judgement per situation, we're not asking you to drop a 100-mob killquest halfway through)Be nice! Some teasing and banter can be okay in the right situation, but don't be a c**t to someoneBe enthusiastic about experiencing all the game has to offer!TL;DR:
    Friendly membersWill give wages once we're capable of completing guild missionsOur main focus is enjoying any aspect of the game we're interested inHow to contact: PM or comment if you're interested (with the reasons for your interest) and I'll send my Discord tag. We can work things out from there.
  24. Hi Guys,
    as you can see I'm pretty new to the forum and also new to the game. But when doing a lot of research about what expects me I found a lot of people complaining about the leak of PVE content, dungeons and raids. There are a few approaches but all have some issues so I will just make a list of possible problems which I found. Correct me if I say something wrong or miss something.
    1. Instanced Content is not allowed - against the game philosophy
    2. Open world dungeons would be overrunned (and some other problems related to the nature of open world)
    3. Mob skipping
    When I thought about it while reading an solution came to my mind which is from another MMORPG I played some years ago. Just let me tell you how it worked there.
    The lore was extended and introduced a new kind of "ghost world" where everything was pretty much the same with some differences. You were able to enter any time by talking to an NPC and getting a buff. A blurred fog effect and different mobs appeared. The interesting thing here is that all players in the ghost world were able to see each other but not the players from the normal world. The other way around it was the same. When you removed the buff you appeared in the normal world like nothing happened - no loading times/screen so not instanced.
    If it is implemented right this could already solve Problem 1. So lets assume that it is and the people just run to the bosses and just farm them directly so lets just make the aggro range for the mobs in the ghost world significantly higher so that they will chase you through the whole dungeon when you skip them. This would solve Problem 3. This kind of dungeons/areas could be implemented in already existing and fitting areas like caves or something similar. You guys would know it better, I think this is the smallest issue.
    But now lets do something about problem 2 - lets add a twist and make it possible to enter "ghost world level 2" in which your group members get visible and you all share the same mobs. In the backend the whole thing could be handled like different levels on invisibility so it's not such a big issue. Also the game already offers channels which are already kind of against the game philosophy. Levels of invisibility are something similar but still have a way more intense feeling of still being in an open world. So this is my solution for problem 2 and there are high chances that it will work out since it already was done in a game where it worked perfectly. The only thing was that when your buff ran out you could appear between a bunch of mobs which immediately attacked you. But that would happen you only once, believe me.
    By doing my research I found a lot of complains which are just useless and can be ignored. They contributed nothing except the simple "I don't want" argument.
    Irrelevant problems:
    - I don't want any Dungeons, Raids or PVE content.
    Answer: Well, than just don't do it. If it balanced right with other content you don't really need to do them. It's in the hands of the developers.
    - Leak of Heal and Tank
    Answer: Read multiple times that so classes already could tank or heal. This skills could be extended and have additional effects in a ghost world. Not impossible since skills are reworked all the time in games. Also the balancing should fit
    The thing is that my idea probably never reaches anyone from the developer team or responsible for the game content. Also this here is only a publisher which most of the time have not much influence on the game development. So treat it like what it is guys, just an idea. Still I ask you to correct me if something is wrong because I'm still new and may understand something wrong. But I still think that the whole thing might work out as a whole thing.
  25. Pieni juuri aloittanut suomikilta nimeltään McScandivape hakee aktiivisia jäseniä jotka omaavat rennon mielen ja iloisen asenteen  
    Meitä ei vielä ole kuin 2 kaverusta mutta toiveena olisi päästä paremmin mukaan BDO:N maailmaan syvemmin ja paljon monipuolisemmin.
    Olemme avoimia ehdoituksille ja ideoille mitä tekisimme kiltana.
    jos saamme lisää jäseniä mukaan toimintaan ja haluatte niin voimme tehdä discord kanavan jotta voimme tutustua paremmin toisiimme ja on helpompaa pitää hauskaa pelatessa 
    Kiitos ja anteeksi informaation puutteesta jos heräsi lisäkysymyksiä niin kysy vaan reippaasti vastaamme parhaan tietomme mukaan!
    Small just started Finnish Guild named McScandivape is recruiting new members who have relaxed and a happy attitude
    There is just us 2 friend still but we have a dream of getting deeper in to the world of BDO.
    We are open to suggestions and ideas about what to do as a guild.
    If we get more members and you want we can make a discord channel where everyone can get to know each other better and to have more fun as we play
    Thank you and sorry for the lack of information if any questions awoke from this feel free to ask and we answer best we can!