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  1. Post on Ninja PvP vid collection in Ninja

    By nclacs99, posted
    Hey all, I like watching people's PvP vids so I wanted a place to put all the ones I've seen. Feel free to add to the list. Thanks to all who share their videos.
    In no particular order:
    TamaO ChiniChi
    Alpha Uchiha
    Fei Moca
    AltPlusC (aka BG)
    EDIT: Names are either in-game, Youtube channels or forum names.
  2. Post on Declaring War in PVP

    By KillKapps, posted
    So with this new patch recently it has made declaring war on annoying people next to impossible. The patch notes said that a guild without any nodes could declare war on any guild, however that's not the case. I am the GM of my own small 3 man guild just for the purpose of being able to declare war on people interfering with my grind spots. So I should be able to declare war on any guild right? Nope, even after looking up some guilds that said aren't ready for war yet, they were larger guilds that didn't own a node and even when I don't own a node I cant declare on them.
    If there is something I'm not understanding here, please do tell. Or how about we just remove the whole restrictions on declaring shall we? You know what you sign up for when you make a guild, I know I did. This whole restriction on war is just swarming the channels with unintentional griefing. Once someone runs out of karma and they cant flag up anymore, what are they supposed to do when they cant dec? Something here has to change.
  3. Post on Reported population vs actual stats in PVP

    By Kentigem, posted
    The devs published some information on the game following their 1 year anniversary. The data clearly combines the numbers from alts, and from PVErs. I want to know how accurate it is to the pvp side of the game. For my part I highly doubt there are that many tamers doing pvp.

  4. https://youtu.be/Re2U0Irirss
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re2U0Irirss
  6. Hi there, since HP potions completely change the dynamic of PVP combat in the game, many of us like to practice both with and without them.

    It seems like a good idea to me to allow the red battlefield potions in the various arenas (Velia, Heidel, etc.) so we can freely practice with this important game mechanic included. Perhaps an NPC could be stationed at each arena which sells the battlefield potions. Would be really great. Let me know your thoughts.

    (P.S., please investigate the issue with tamer taking additional damage from witch/wiz)
  7. As some of you are coming about, that time of year, I was curious about what we get for a reward.
    My Guild was created 03/16/2016 we are not the first however we are an Original Launch Guild
    I am wondering dear ol' staff what the game has in store as a reward for us 
    we get rewards for days online but the guild? 
    I suggest a skill reset for the Guild
    Please let me know as I know others I have asked are asking the same question
    @GM Felaxus
    @GM_Axion  @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura

  8. The purpose of the "Legends of the Arena" series is to showcase entertaining footage with the toughest, most reputable players NA. If this video is received well then I will continue the series.
  9. I'm sure some if not most will agree that killing players while fishing is just plain wrong and not the way PVP should be used.
    I refuse the accept the argument of "If you don't want to get killed then stay in the safe zones" because I'm guessing the developers did not envisage PVP being used in this cowardly manner.
    I propose that while fishing you are immune to all PVP aspects please, If the continuation of of players killing innocent fishers continues to rise I can only see players being deterred from fishing altogether eventually. Its only a matter of time.
    Many Thanks in advance
    P.S - Please refrain from trolling, flaming, insulting and abusive comments please, Lets keep this civil and constructive.... Many thanks
  10. Hello Everyone
    I am creating this topic to talk to you about my new guild called 'Flare'.
    We are welcoming all players, these being newcomers and oldschoolers, We are currently just a casual couple of players looking to build up a nice group of friends.
    Currently we have no level requirement, We just hope people would participate in guild missions and be active we tend to do scrolls every week but we would like to try and do more content as a team once we have built up more members.
    We are active almost every day so if you would like to join the guild either message me on here or PM me on Balenos 2: Family name: Elandroe, Mainly played character: Kaharuu
    Our Current Perks are : +4 AP
    To Note:
    we are not a big guildwe currently do not participate in sieges, node wars due to members. We are currently very casualWe do scrolls every week generally on the weekend.We are always on teamspeak and generally a must
  11.         Facade now recruiting
    Focus of guild:
    Looking for competitive node wars, to earn our victories. Keeping tight knit guild to max payouts and focus on progression.
    Simply want mature and relaxed players just wanting to be competitive in PvP with no alliance, currently paying 1mil/daily, doing long grind sessions at pirates at specific times depending on how it suits for most in our guild.
    About us:
    We are a small group of GS450-497 Lvl57-60 simply wanting to enjoy the pvp aspect of the game with no spams of memes or causing drama that's simply nonsense.
    Requirements: None as of yet, in time we will add.
    GM Ivillis
    Officers: Deez_Nootz, Yuu_Shinoda
    If interested in this hop in discord.
  12. Got a small taste of some pvp while leveling my new Dark Knight.  Can't wait until I've practiced and learned it a lot more because it is already extremely fun!  Enjoy.
    This was a tough Giant, and a cool guy that even posed for the cover page. I don't duel Giants often so this was a nice change of pace.
  14. <Uprising> is a recent guild consisting of Kr RedFace, Incognito, Alloy and Manup members for management and our aim is to gain a small to medium active player base that thrives for PvP, to the point that they embrace being outnumbered for the challenge. We want our team to be tight knit and well coordinated to be able to out maneuver larger zerg type guilds.  Currently we have all combat guild skill points and hitting T1-T2 nodes. the guild REQ atm is 58 with 165AP without an offhand (exceptions can be made if consistently active and in comms). If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of please feel free to contact via discord Chuwi#1878 or in game Ukass
  15. As a player since beta, I have noticed the surprising amount of d-sync and lag in basic combat and PvP. I am wondering what the Kakao team plans to do to fix this and if they currently are when can we expect to see this change? I see tons of content updates which is great, but I feel a large portion of the player base participates in node wars, guild wars and territory wars and are unhappy about the amount of connection issues. I also feel that specific classes are subject to d-sync therefor making them not preferred or viable and I feel that a game which boasts a unique experience for every player who joins BDO turns players away from specific classes therefor nullifying the experience. BDO has a large selection of character each unique in their own ways that allow players to create their OWN play style, however I feel a sort of META has formed with certain classes being rather strong and others being relatively weak. Such classes are Warriors and Wizards/Witches. These 2 classes are arguably "broken" and to strong. Weaker classes are essentially Tamers, Valkries some might say Rangers are weak until higher ap. The problem is, every class is REALLY good at higher level and higher AP/DP, however certain classes are to strong at higher and lower AP. A warrior gets a +20ap buff for 10 seconds on their block, when enhancing a Liverto from PRI to TRI you only gain 16ap. While using the Warrior class, you basically get a buff greater than that of a TRI Liverto, a weapon that isn't best in slot, but 2nd best in slot. I would like to bring up some possible solutions but I understand how game balance works and how it is often trickier than most people believe because if you balance one character, another one rises and takes its place, etc. I would personally like to see balances come out similar to MOBAs where there are characters who do become better than some due to nerfs and buffs, but the current state of the game has certain classes grasping for air to survive. I also will bring up my main point of certain characters being subject to d-sync again. Classes like the newly released DK and other classes that rely on any sort of knockdown for single target damage are scammed from their damage as the d-sync allows them to get it up sooner, etc.
    TLDR: BDO needs some balance changes and servers need to be improved to increase gameplay. 
  16.      Facade now recruiting
    Focus of guild:
    Looking for competitive node wars, to earn our victories. Keeping tight knit guild to max payouts and focus on progression.
    Simply want mature and relaxed players just wanting to be competitive in PvP with no alliance, currently paying 1mil/daily and doing long grind sessions at pirates at specific time that suits the most for our guild.
    About us:
    We are a small group of GS450-497 Lvl57-60 simply wanting to enjoy the pvp aspect of the game with no spams of memes or causing drama that's simply nonsense.
    Requirements: None as of yet, in time we will add.
    GM Ivillis
    Officers: Deez_Nootz, Yuu_Shinoda
    If interested in this hop in discord.
  17.      We are Swagger.
    Our activity is Huge.
    Our grind is big.
    Our Swagger is legendary.
    And our loot is almost just as legendary.
    We will never be a big guild of lemmings, we will always strive to keep Swagger Lean and Mean. 
    We curse the black spirit out and laugh at the storyline together.
    If This sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.
    As a guild we offer
    5 Daily Guild Quests
    1 Daily Guild Boss(They drop livertos and other nice things)
    Weekly Awakened Scroll Parties
    Friendly Advice in PvP and PvE
    +5 Accuracy +1 AP Guild Perk(Screw Evasion. If we swing, we're hitting you)
    What we don't offer but still happens. Group farming .Group leveling.Power leveling.Friends and Frenemies. Now that you know what we Do and Don't offer, Let's talk about you. We're currently looking for maturity.Level 50 or higher is a plus but not mandatory.Being active within the guild.Discord However is mandatory.And the occasional twisted sense of humor is appreciated. Now if this has peeked you curiosity. Get in contact with us.Send a Message to me here.Private Message me on the Forums.Message Buddylove or Orihemesan in game.Or Connect to our Discord and message the Guildmaster or Admins in there.Swagger Discord  Swagger, You know what it is. Strut your stuff and join Today. 
  18. As stated in the title I am a 56 Ninja with 125 ap 165 dp looking for a pvp guild. I am 20 years old, male. I plan to be online most week days from 4-10ish central time and until the sun rises on weekends. I am a veteran of 14 years to MMORPGs and consider myself to be of decent skill level if not potential. My gear more specifically is as follows: 4 piece grunil almost all +15 duo liverto short +10 awakening (my current main focus) 2x red coral  rings 2x bares earings pri, bares belt pri. I am an aggressive pvper who likes teammates who communicate useful relevant information towards killing our enemies. Pm Verios in game or comment here if you think i'd be right for your guild! 
  19. Reading through the forums and various other websites, information about this topic has appeared to change. Currently, as I understand it, if you do not complete this quest, you can stay a level 49 PvE only character forever and not get attacked by PvPers. Is this correct?

    Text: You have to complete the '[To Level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe' quest to level up.


    1. If I complete this quest, does it enable PvP for all of my other family characters regardless of their level? [North America channels]
    2. Is there a way to hide the "You have to complete the" text from flashing on my screen every time I kill something?

    Thanks for any info on this.
  20. hey my name is bulwark.
    I am an experienced player with lots of pvp practice that is looking for a pvp guild preferably one that needs help (can be a new small guild aslong as pvp is strong interest of its members) or someone to organize pvp events and practice for their guild along with making strategies for node wars. 
    I want a guild that always has its members backs since i always go to help out any member in need may it be pvp or pve. Also if the guild is always active in guild wars thats a nice bonus since i enjoy getting in scraps. Please post your guild name here and a name and times of someone i can contact in game or on discord Sword Go Clang (bulwark)#9602 to discuss the guilds that are looking for someone with my interest to be a part of their guild.

  21. So this is/was supposed to be a promo for my guild BUT I'm behind the camera and most of the game play is pretty much of me on my witch in some gvgs so thought I would share it here cause.
  22. which would you rather have? extra chases for superarmour or rng resistances? lets discuss