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  1. Hey all,
    After leveling 5 characters to awakened and playing warrior as main for a month, I've finally settled into wizard as my main. Level 58 with 177/183/223 gear. 
    I've been playing about 6 weeks. I've mostly just done total PvE grinding and lifeskilling for money and leveling up characters to figure out what I want to main. 
    I really have no idea how to PvP with my class and it is kinda frustrating. I've looked for good starter wizard PvP tutorials/guides but all I can find are "show off" videos that don't explain anything (and usually just have some loud butt-rock soundtrack going) where someone is blowing people up. I have no idea what they are actually doing, if they are actually skilled or if they are just nuking scrubs with way worse gear.
    The only actual guides or videos with explainations are like 1+ year old and pre-awakened.
    Does anyone know of any good guides/videos/video-series/etc. that talk about PvP as a wizard post-awakening?
    I know it will take practice and experimentation in game, which is totally cool - I get that. But I like to do research/study in advance so I have a place to start.
  2. Wir, die Gilde Spotted, suchen nach neuen Membern. Wir sind eine Gilde bestehend aus ein paar Freunden, die es leid waren in Gilden zu verharren die Member unfair behandeln oder keinerlei Interesse am Gildengeschehen hatten.
    Unser Fokus liegt auf einem gutem Miteinander und viel Zusammenarbeit. Sarkasmus und Ironie sind jedoch Voraussetzung.
    Unser Ziel als Gilde ist es ein Node einzunehmen. Wir sind keine Profis und spielen um Spaß zu haben. PvP wird geübt und auch oft im Duell mit Membern verbessert.
    Wir setzen keine Voraussetzung was das Spielen an sich angeht. PvX, PvP, PvE oder einfach nur Lifeskills...das ist euch überlassen.

    Wir stellen die Skills zur Verfügung und es wird dann gemeinschaftlich entschieden welche Skills als nächstes kommen.

    Falls das euer Interesse geweckt hat.
    Bin meist mit meinem Main online: Yuganuto. Familienname BandOfTheDragon
    Sonst könnt ihr mich adden oder auf die Gildenseite schreiben.

    Good Loot and Have Fun.
  3. Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament
    5/4/2017 @9:00 PM EST
    Calpheon Castle
    Winners earn the GRAND PRIZE of 2250 pearls each.
    Vertex is hosting an open pvp tournament that will allow anyone to join. The Tournament will take place in the Calpheon Castle courtyard.  The tournament will be a 2 versus 2. Each pair must sign up together. To sign up you will need to join a discord server that I have set up for this tournament. The instant invite link can be found here : https://discord.gg/qp94Hp8 . Join the discord and send a message to me, ATallStalker, on discord with the in game names of both the participants and a picture of each of their gear sheets. The tournament will be a best of 5 rounds. The rules are simple and are as follows : No duplicate classes on a team (for this witch/wizard count as the same class), If a match is interrupted then that round will be restarted fresh. Before each of the rounds of all the matches starts the players from both teams will be killed and have their black spirit's rage siphoned. There will be a spectator placed in each teams party to ensure that there is no foul play. The winners of the tournament win the prize of 2250 pearls to each participant.

  4. Blacklist is a home for PvPers. We're ambitious, we thrive in competition and we aim to be at the top.
    Lead by Flow, Blacklist is looking to be a strong competitor in Black Desert despite being a new face to the scene.
    Originating in Tera, Blacklist was a top PvP guild on the Mount Tyrannas server during the active era. Tera had a variety of PvP gamemodes and we assured to hold dominance in all of them whether it was large scale GvG or Champion Skyring (3v3).
    We carried that same competitive excellence and PvP skill into Blade & Soul, a game where Solo Arena PVP was the main scene.
    We adapted despite the differences of Tera's and Blade & Soul's PvP format, and revealed our capabilities by being the guild with the most players to hold a Top 5 spot amongst the individual Class Rankings.
    Regardless of the format or game, Blacklist has a history of being the best.
    Our main focus is Endgame PvP though Blacklist welcomes players who are PvX. With Black Desert being a gear based PvP game, we will do whatever it takes to acquire or enhance our equipment whether its grinding or lifeskilling.

    For Blacklist, our goal as a guild is very simple. We're looking to enter every form of PvP on BDO. This includes GvG, Red Battlefield & Nodewar/Siege.
    We are looking to excel at our classes through PvP Practice while simultaneously improving our gear.
    As we have history being an Arena-based guild we are looking to hit up Arena Content once that releases on NA.
    Though these are mere stepping stones, eventually we would like to be a consistent node war guild and host our very own PvP Tournaments like in the past.

    Blacklist isn't just looking for players who are "geared'. We are looking for people with a winning mindset. We don't expect people to be the best right off the bat either. What's more important is that you have the determination to improve, evolve, and excel. We are looking for new players who are just as ambitious and driven as we are, while taking part in our fun and trolly community.
    Level 58 + // 400+ GS Active Discord Activity Required (Mic Preferred) Preferred Classes:  All are welcome Whisper Flowroro#1851 or any other Blacklist members on https://discord.gg/blacklist for more details  

  5. Hi! So i started playing a game some days ago, i got maehwa to lvl 50, and i'd like to know what gear i should get? Mostly for pvp. I guess i still need to get to 56 to get awakening and all that, and i think ill buy gear at market, but which one? Thanks

    Who we are
    Blacklist is a home for PvPers. We're ambitious, we thrive in competition and we aim to be at the top.
    Lead by Flow, Blacklist is looking to be a strong competitor in Black Desert despite being a new face to the scene.
    Originating in Tera, Blacklist was a top PvP guild on the Mount Tyrannas server during the active era. Tera had a variety of PvP gamemodes and we assured to hold dominance in all of them whether it was large scale GvG or Champion Skyring (3v3).
    We carried that same competitive excellence and PvP skill into Blade & Soul, a game where Solo Arena PVP was the main scene.
    We adapted despite the differences of Tera's and Blade & Soul's PvP format, and revealed our capabilities by being the guild with the most players to hold a Top 5 spot amongst the individual Class Rankings.
    Regardless of the format or game, Blacklist has a history of being the best.
    Our main focus is Endgame PvP though Blacklist welcomes players who are PvX. With Black Desert being a gear based PvP game, we will do whatever it takes to acquire or enhance our equipment whether its grinding or lifeskilling.
    Our Goals
    For Blacklist, our goal as a guild is very simple. We're looking to enter every form of PvP on BDO. This includes GvG, Red Battlefield & Nodewar/Siege.
    We are looking to excel at our classes through PvP Practice while simultaneously improving our gear.
    As we have history being an Arena-based guild we are looking to hit up Arena Content once that releases on NA.
    Though these are mere stepping stones, eventually we would like to be a consistent node war guild and host our very own PvP Tournaments like in the past.
    Recruitment and Requirements
    Blacklist isn't just looking for players who are "geared'. We are looking for people with a winning mindset. We don't expect people to be the best right off the bat either. What's more important is that you have the determination to improve, evolve, and excel. We are looking for new players who are just as ambitious and driven as we are, while taking part in our fun and trolly community.
    Level 58 + // 400+ GS Active Discord Activity Required (Mic Preferred) Preferred Classes:  All are welcome Whisper Flowroro#1851 or any other Blacklist members on https://discord.gg/blacklist for more details  
    Past Achievements/History
  7. Gear linked below

  8. Gear linked below

  9. Most new rangers might not know how to use our kit defensively to win fights so maybe this video will help.
  10. The purpose of the "Legends of the Arena" series is to showcase entertaining footage with the toughest, most reputable players NA. If this video is received well then I will continue the series with a Part 3. in the future, I plan to start streaming everyday for at 5 to 7 hours (some times all day). Come hang out and ask what ever you like https://www.twitch.tv/lethalskill
  11. Post on Fang BDO montage 2 in Kunoichi

    By RemRam, posted
  12. [NA] <Eviscerate> Now has open recruiting! We are a newer guild putting our efforts into helping our members become gods. We focus a lot on PvP but have many who excel at other aspects of the game. We believe that knowledge is power and support our community through the gathering of knowledge to improve your play. For those who wish to join us an aura of fun loving self improvement is required. We actively grind, duel, and occasionally life skill in the attempt to be the best non try hard guild BDO has to offer. All of that being said, there are no iLvl requirements for joining, there are no level requirements, and we will never force you to play the game in a way that isn't fun for you. We do however, require one thing, and that is that you put forth your best in an effort to become better as a player. We have weekly Node Wars that you aren't required to come to but it is encouraged, we are a newer guild currently at 40 members. We do daily guild missions and grind parties we have a lot of knowledge on the game but could use more so come and lets become better together.You wont regret it!
    Useful Information:
    We currently own 1 tier-1 node.
    Requirements: Aim to become better, the will to become more knowledgeable and progress yourself and have guild activity!
    Goal: We aim to better ourselves and hold 2 nodes a week, and compete in high-end PvP, we hope to help players grow and achieve good gear, a high level, and class knowledge.
    Most active time for players in the guild: 5pm-12am EST, we have normally always have people on but that is the most active time to find people.
    PvX: focus on PvP slightly more but we grind a lot and do life skilling.
    Communication: Discord is the main use of communication for the guild, a lot of information posted there and good laughs.
    Officers you can whisper: Kagemand, Jimmychoo, Ninja_Gyn - Add us in-game and send a whisper.
    Contact me in-game for information or the other officers.
  13. Wir, die Shadow_Hunter, wollen nach oben.
    Mitstreiter werden gesucht! Level, Gear und Erfahrung spielen bei uns keine Rolle.
    Was wir bieten? Wir bieten nette, aufgeweckte und hilfsbereite Member, die gerne ihre Hilfe anbieten und mit denen man viel Spaß am Spiel haben wird. Bei uns sind sowohl Anfänger als auch erfahrene Spieler, Grinder und Lifeskiller, PvP und PvE Spieler vertreten. 
    Discord ist bei uns vorhanden, ist aber keine Pflicht, jedoch empfehlen wir ihn zumindest zum Informationsaustausch zu nutzen. Außerdem würden wir uns auch über die ein oder andere neue Stimme freuen. Noch können wir leider nicht an Postenkriegen teilnehmen, würden uns aber für die Zukunft wünschen im PvP aktiver werden zu können, weshalb wir uns auch gerne Zeit für PvP-Training nehmen. Zusätzlich bieten wir täglich gemeinsame Gildenquests.
     Was wir suchen? Wir suchen interessierte Member ab 18 Jahren, die gerne ihren Spaß am Spiel mit uns teilen würden und bereit sind mit uns gemeinsam stärker zu werden, um höhere Ziele zu erreichen.________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Bei Intersse Pn hier oder Ingame an die Offiziere:
    Nachnamen: Hisara und Kyotsuki
    oder an den Leader:
    Nachname: Ludes
  14. This new topic I created it only to know if the players would like to return to make balanced pvp like when we were all with +15, but with the difference that we all go full Penta.
    The idea that I bring is very simple, it still has rng but does not create as much inequality of equipment as it does today. My idea is that once we get tri of weapon or armor it never goes down, unless we die for a monster with negative karma.
    To know the opinion of the other players I would like you to click on this link that will take you to a vote. https://strawpoll.com/bf3xd8d
    Please share with more people to know the opinion of as many players as possible.
    Thank you for reading this message and for participating in the vote or for comment.
  15. These need to go when Arena PVP comes to BDO NA/EU
    add in a combo break/panic skill every class gets one on a X minute cooldown. so you can't spam that sht like a p00si
    CC immunity/resistance need to go, if u get initiated with a stun or knockdown you deserve to get knocked down/stun if you couldnt dodge it/guard it
    accuracy/evasion need to disappear from this setting, if im right in front of your face smacking the heck out of you i dont wanna see "MISS" allowing you to break free from my combo string
    now once these are finally in you can see how unbalanced skills are, if you couldn't already. Skills with a ton of super armor or CC skills that have low cooldowns should be reworked.

  16. Bonjour à tous,
              Avec ma guilde Mystral, nous avons un jeu qui s’appelle Chasse à l'homme. Le but est de mettre des primes sur des joueurs fr. Ceci n'est pas une prime de vengeance ou de méchanceté, car le but est d’interagir avec d'autre guilde Fr pour s'amuser; il faut faire duel dans les bonnes règles, mode pk activé (que seul nos membres activeront) pour avoir la preuve du kill, car le mode duel de BDO n'affiche pas le résultat du duel. Le pk sauvage est interdit pour ramasser la prime.
             Mes membres vous contacteront pour faire un duel. Vous pouvez refuser car il n'y a pas d'obligation. Il ne faut pas que ce jeu gène votre expérience de jeu. Le but est de faire un peut de PvP AMICAL entre guilde Fr. Si vous êtes partant pour participer à notre jeu, il me faudra un screenshot de votre perso, pour que je puisse créer l'affiche, ainsi que le AP/DP. Car en fonction de ce seuil, la prime peut être plus ou moins élevé.
    Exemples de nos Wanted: 

    J'espère que cela vous motive, je vous remercie d'avance et bonne journée
    A+ Dans le jeu

  17. Post on PvP Flag On/Off in Suggestions

    By KCCOJL, posted
    I am not posting to grief about open world PvP but rather a way to fix what may be a simple balance issue. When I run out into open world and a griefer jumps out of the bushes to tickle my fanny I am not phased. This person may even drop me in an instant if they saved all their best abilities. This is not the issue. The issue is I spend an Elion's Tear to get right back up and take the fight back only to find the person has FLAGGED OFF!!!!!
    Then as time progresses I run into actual griefers who sit just outside a major hub location and FLAG ON - Hunting Rifle Snipe You - FLAG OFF!!!!! This is likely because the impact of their gun only knocks me off but does not kill me and they cannot switch to their proper weapon faster than I can get to them and show them the shine of my blade up close.
    What is broken and SIMPLE TO FIX is to add a 2 minute delay timer to the PvP Flag on button so they cannot Flag off until then... OR that when they Flag off they are locked into PvP until the timer runs down and flag's them off. This is a simple way to make sure a griefer has chosen well when they flag on to snipe or attack any passer by.
    I appreciate constructive feedback and additions/subtractions to this thought.
  18. Langsam nervt es man ist unterwegs mit seinem Handelswagen und wird gekillt man ist unterwegs Holz hacken oder andere mats sammeln man wird einfach wieder von Leuten gekillt die es witzig finden hilflose leute ohne gear zu töten genauso beim Angeln dabei hab ich nie PvP an oder so ich bin ein reiner Pve Spieler und will kein PvP da müssen die was dran ändern das man nicht einfach so gekillt werden darf man steckt soviel geld in das Spiel damit man vernünftig spielen kann und dann gehen ein noch solche leute auf den Sack
  19. Post on Karma Bombing Prob? in PVP

    By Doon, posted
    I feel as if this problem is not too hard to fix really. 
    A.) Have the victim of a PK respawn at the nearest town or appropriate location with relevant distance. 
    B.) Diminishing returns on losing Karma 
    I'm personally more in favor of solution (A) but at the same time there are counter arguments for both systems. 
    For (A) its either what happens if I lose my farming spot, because I dont like pvp, or what if someone mindlessly PK's the people farming. So far I have not been a victim of this problem YET but I feel as if I will be subject to it eventually. I guess my awnser to those two questions would be first unless they add a pve server PK'ing is just a core part of this game, I get that it might not be appealing but thats just where it's at right now(Honestly IMO it adds a realism to the game that I don't mind). Second if someone PK's senselessly they'll still lose karma at the normal rate and as long as you keep returning although it may be tedious he'll eventually have to stop.
    Then there's (B) which could help but, then there's the counter argument that putting diminishing returns on karma isnt harsh enough for PK'ers. To that, I gotta say I got nothing(Although from what I hear going red in karma holds some pretty harsh penalty's in retrospect to any other game IMO). Plus this also lets people who have outrageous negative karma on some character actually play the game again. 
    These are just my biased opinions, I know they are not wanted or perfect, but I thought I could at least shed some light and coax out some constuctive criticism from you guys. I would like to know some of your thoughts or idea's on how to approach this problem?
    (Also just a quick note)Both of these options could be enhanced if they incentivised group farming as it doesn't seem to be popular to group up.
  20. Sorry for poor and rusty english in advance.
    As suggested by the helpdesk I’m here writing my suggestion (and my first forum post) for a problem that (IMHO) is growing too much.
    My characters don't have a good gear and level and I find every day more difficult getting better gear and level up them.
    One of the problem is that the grinding field wich can give me a sufficient increase EXP to level UP before the next century is full of high-level players with powerful gear that grind me so easy like I grind weasel, so no EXP no level up... and I can't even do the related quest in these areas.
    But this is a minor trouble, the question I've sent to the helpdesk was relative at PvP without control that can damage the game experience (and also waste money and time) of other players.
    Few days ago, fighting field boss Red Nose (that I just barely fought without dying every hit) a player, maybe bored or just simply psychopathic, start killing me (around 10 times + 2 or 3 red nose after the player hits) and some other players without a reason just because he could.
    Dying when you have invested time to fight a boss for the related hoped and needed drops, leave you only one choice, revive with elion's tears, to me, are not enough loyalty if I die so much, so I had to use pearls for not waste all the fight with Red Nose.
    How is it possible that the choice of another player can cost to me money and time?
    The answer "is part of the game... find in game solution" doesn't apply: everyone who bought the game like me and monthly invest money trusting the cover of the game and advertisement (the site and the game description) can't find a single advice about it on the official documentation, so this can't be part of the game.
    I love this game and I like very much every single aspect, but this only problem is ruining all the rest, wich is very good.
    IMHO the solution is very simple, like every online application or service involving a massive number of people, the users should be able to choose with who interact and who not, so (except the parts wich naturally are PvP like wars and battlefields) if everyone could have a blacklist for not interacting with specific people, could avoid losing time and money because some socio/psycopathic choose to pass his time creating trouble to you.
    In other hand who make trouble against too much people will be left alone just like he deserves and he looked for. 
    Can this solution improve the game experience?
  21. Willkommen auf der Gildenrekrutierungsseite der <SadisticCookies>!
    Wir sind eine tiefen-entspannte PvX-Gilde die neue Member sucht und natürlich auch einiges zu bieten hat...
    Was genau wir zu bieten haben, fragst du?
    -- Entspannung Pur --
    Du hast keine Lust nach der Arbeit heim zu kommen, dich ins Spiel einzuloggen und direkt wieder mit Pflichten und Leistungsdruck geplagt zu werden?
    Kein Problem! Die Teilnahme an Gildenquests und Postenkriegen ist freiwillig, und die Gildenbosse beschwören wir einmal pro Woche. Kein Druck, kein Stress, keine Pflichten. Nur entspanntes zocken!
    -- Gildentalente --
    Wir bieten euch eine ganze Fülle an Talenten!
    +5 Präzision, Angriffskraft, Schadensreduktion | +40 Leben | +3 auf deine Fischerstufe | +1 auf deine Sammelstufe | -50% Schaden durch Belagerungswaffen
    -- Teamspeak und Discord --
    Wenn du dich am Abend nett mit anderen unterhalten möchtest, Hilfe brauchst, oder Fragen zum Spiel und anderem hast, versorgen wir dich auch hierbei mit allem, was das Gamerherz begehrt! Wir haben einen Discord-Server für Terminabsprachen, Organisation, Guides, Info-Bots und zum chatten, natürlich aber auch einen eigenen Teamspeak-Server zum Quatschen!
    -- Erfahrung --
    Viele unserer Mitglieder sind alteingesessene Veteranen und spielen schon seid Release! 
    Wir wissen also (meistens), was wir tun und helfen gern jedem der sich mit seinen Fragen an uns wendet. Es ist schließlich noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen! 
    -- Geld --
    Je mehr du dich in der Gilde einbringst, desto höher fällt dein tägliches Gehalt aus. Deine Aktivität spiegelt also 1:1 deinen Lohn wieder. Ganz einfach, und fair.
    Was uns von anderen Gilden unterscheidet, willst du wissen? 
    -- Progress-Zwang --
    Uns ist ein entspanntes und spaßiges Miteinander wichtig. Wir schauen dir nicht auf die Finger wie aktiv du levelst, oder fragen dich wöchentlich nach deinem Gear-Score. Eine wöchentliche Aktivität von +10.000 sollte Pflicht sein? Bei allen anderen Gilden mag das so sein, nicht bei uns! Bei uns bringt sich jeder so viel ein, wie er kann und will.
    -- Drama --
    Hast du auch kein Bock auf dieses ständige Gezicke oder das dich jemand anmotzt, weil dir dein echtes Leben wichtiger ist? Nervt es dich auch, wenn dir irgendein dahergelaufener Spinner vorschreiben will, wie du deinen Abend und deine Spielzeit verbringen sollst? Uns auch! Darum überlassen wir Drama und Streit gern den anderen Gilden.
    Das Ganze klingt schon ziemlich gut findest du? Aber da muss doch irgendein Haken sein!
    Natürlich erwarten wir auch ein bisschen was von dir.
    -- Umgangston --
    Wir sind keine aggressiven Spieler und das soll auch so bleiben!
    Egal ob es sich innerhalb unserer Gilde, oder auch außerhalb mit befreundeten oder auch völlig fremden Gilden, abspielt - Geflame, Trollen und Griefen wird bei uns nicht toleriert.
    -- Erwachsenes Verhalten --
    Du solltest über 18 Jahre alt sein! Falls du es nicht auf dem Papier bist, dann wenigstens im Kopf. Wir machen nach einem kleinen Gespräch im Teamspeak gern auch eine Ausnahme. Alter ist zwar nicht alles, da man sich auch mit 60 noch vollkommen daneben benehmen kann, aber eine gewisse Reife sollte da sein, wenn es drauf ankommt. Grundsätzlich albernes, verrücktes, beklopptes und sinnloses Rumalbern im Teamspeak und Chat ist natürlich mehr als nur erlaubt!
    Wann sind die <SadisticCookies> also genau das richtige für dich? 
    Wenn du tolerant gegenüber deinen Mitmenschen bist, Spaß haben willst, eine nette Gilde suchst, aber kein Bock auf Pflichten hast.Wenn du noch recht neu im Spiel bist und dir alles in Ruhe anschauen willst, ohne dass dir der Leistungsdruck nachhängt - oder auch wenn du Anschluss an eine aktive Gemeinschaft suchst.Wenn du ein alter Hase im Spiel bist oder nach einer langen Pause wieder angefangen hast.Wenn du Postenkriege bestreiten willst, aber das in spaßiger und entspannter Atmosphäre tun möchtest - oder dich mit Freunden gemeinsam in der Arena oder an Spots prügeln möchtest.Wenn du nette oder manchmal albern und blödsinnige Gespräche im Teamspeak führen willst.Wenn du bei den Feld- und Weltbossen nicht mehr allein kämpfen möchtest sondern in der Gemeinschaft stark sein willst.Trifft etwas davon auf dich zu? Dann könnten wir genau das richtige für dich sein!
    Du kannst dich gern hier im Forum an uns wenden oder dich Ingame an unsere Offiziere Rianari (Familie Loucao), Kurenai_Chai (Flauga) oder KawaChee (Familie KawaChee) per Whisper oder PN melden. Auch unser Chef Selents (Familie Hillebrand) steht dir gern zur Verfügung.
    Falls du uns ingame anflüsterst denk aber dran, dass wir mit diesen Charakteren nachts und tags zwar erreichbar, aber evtl. afk sein könnten. Schließlich ruft auch manchmal das echte Leben.

  22. As you can see on this graph based on 250 attacks with skills that have 100% accuracy and 100% crit, Blue line showing the damage with TRI:Ruby manos neck it clearly outperforms TRI:Ogre ring AKA the red line. 
    Tests were run against every single class in the game with similar results which means the ruby accesories probably have the hidden human dmg similary to Manos rings. 
    There is only 2 tri manos necks on the market currently and I imagine after this new meta is posted they will be gonne in seconds  Have fun with the new best neck hunting.
    pls buy my red ruby its siting there for over a month :  (

    ¿Buscas un Clan casual?, ¿Eso existe en este juego?, existe, pero por si quedan dudas, con nosotros desde ya, si, aquí tienes la oportunidad de jugar a tu ritmo, sin tensiones, estrés o compromisos, entendemos que es un juego y que no es una prioridad en la vida de nadie o así debería ser al menos. Pero descuida si lo que buscas es darle al PVP a tu ritmo y sin estrés, no nos descartes, también puede ser tu clan.
    Comenzamos esta nueva andadura en estos parajes del mundo de Black Desert, pero no en solitario, contamos con tu compañía para explorar, explotar y exprimir este nuevo mundo.
    El perfil de jugador que buscamos es el de aquella persona que sea decidida a usar su preciado tiempo de ocio en rodearse de buena compañía con la que divertirse y a la par quiera sentirse parte de este, que sus esfuerzos contribuyan a la evolución para hacer crecer el clan, si los miembros son leales al clan, el clan sera fiel a sus integrantes.
    Estamos deseando comenzar en vuestra compañía un sin fin de nuevas aventuras por este nuevo mundo aun por explorar, en el que esperamos forjéis y consolidéis  grandes amistades, en el que hagáis de Descendientes de Gea un clan en el que encontraros a gusto y del que sentirse orgulloso para tomarlo por bandera, deseamos como el que mas al igual que ya hicimos en otros mmorpg's formar un clan fuerte, estable y del gusto para una mayoría, para ello ya nos valemos de la experiencia adquirida en anteriores juegos, pero por supuesto sin perder en el camino del aprendizaje para organizar y gestionar el clan, con el fin de hacer de Descendientes de Gea tu Clan para disfrutar entre todos de lo obtenido con esfuerzo por igual  como en las mejores familias.
    Para evitar el compromiso y obligación de los integrantes con el clan obtenidos al acordar y aceptar las condiciones del contrato al ingreso en el clan, hemos determinado tomar la política de no mantener continuamente un contrato con los mismos, para no empujar a ningún jugador a tener que verse en la obligación por y para el clan de mantener su salario de dicho contrato teniendo que cumplir con un mínimo de una misión de clan diaria sin excepciones. Por esto al ingreso en el clan se hace contrato de un día, sin compromisos tediosos, molestos y poco realistas, pero por contra si que se hará uso de contratos, debido a que estos son requeridos en algunos aspectos del juego, pero solo se hará uso de los contratos en dichos casos necesarios he imprescindibles para cumplir con los objetivos del clan, evitando de esta manera que el clan se tenga que ver en la tesitura de exigir a los miembros con el cumplimiento del contrato y estos de tener que cumplir con las exigencias de este.
    Debido a esto ultimo sobre el contrato, para evitar que los jugadores se duerman en los laureles requerimos un mínimo que a todas luces es básico, el de hacer dos misiones en todo el mes, no para que el clan se beneficie de ello, si no de saber que los integrantes no han muerto en el intento y siguen vivos y jugando aun, por tanto tenemos un requisito minimamente básico que no es para nada descabellado de cumplir, necesariamente para el mantenimiento del propio clan.
    El PVP que practicamos en el clan queremos que básicamente sea un ejercicio sano, sin prejuicios, donde haya un alto grado de tolerancia, paciencia y sobre todo respeto, este hasta la fecha se compone de hacer arenas entre los miembros con el fin de mejorar el manejo de los personajes, con la posterior idea de usar lo aprendido en combate en las progresivas guerras de nodos, para de esta manera no solo conseguir tener un progreso individual, si no también un crecimiento homogéneo de grupo, con el que poder conseguir los objetivos que pacientemente queramos alcanzar. Abras de tener en cuenta que en el clan has de convivir con jugadores que tienen el concepto del pvp diferente y hay precisamente es donde no solo se advierte al jugador interesado a la hora del acceso al clan, si no también es donde se pide mas paciencia, respeto, educación y comprensión
    PK son las siglas en ingles de "Player Killer", es la opción en determinados juegos que se otorga a los jugadores, para poder matar a otros jugadores, pero no como desafió de 1v1 o en unas arenas PVP, si no en mundo abierto sin tener un motivo aparente, ni justificado por el que tener beneficio o recompensa en el juego.
    Somos plenamente conscientes de que el PK es una modalidad de juego que puede resultar muy llamativa y divertida para determinadas personas, que esta forma de jugar es diferente al resto de roles que se tienen habitualmente por una gran parte de los jugadores y que ser PK en un juego es otra muy distinta aventura, que por supuesto tenemos muy en cuenta en Descendientes de Gea de evitar siempre y cuando no sea de forma honorable, puesto que repercute directa e indirectamente a los miembros como al clan en si, pensamos que la mejor manera de hacer uso del PK en el clan ha de ser por motivos justificados, siempre en defensa del honor del Descendiente mancillado por otro jugador y no por mera diversión, en defensa de otro Descendiente en apuros o en nombre del propio clan. No aremos uso de la fuerza, pero tampoco dudaremos en hacer uso de ella si esta en juego nuestro honor.
    No somos un clan que se quiera cerrar en banda y es por ello que escuchamos propuestas para formar alianzas o planificar actividades en conjunto, somos conscientes de que en este mundo tendremos que trazar rumbos para nuestros objetivos como clan muy similares a muchos otros gremios en Black Desert, por tanto estamos dispuestos a compartir la carga por encontrar y conseguir un objetivo en común en cada descanso del camino con otros compañeros de aventuras.
    Somos un clan procedente de Guild Wars y Guild Wars 2, donde nos hemos mantenido como clan activo todo este tiempo y en el que hemos defendido desde el primer dia que jugamos con el fin natural de divertirnos, sin hacer perder el objetivo principal de que todo esto no deja de ser mas que un hobby. Con esa premisa hemos conseguido mantenernos desde el lanzamiento de GW hasta la fecha y así lo mantendremos por mucho tiempo, no por que funcione, si no por que nos lo creemos.
    Por tanto si como clan tenéis interés en forjar una alianza con nosotros, tener en cuenta nuestra premisa y no dudéis en contarnos cual o cuales son las vuestras para comenzar a entendernos, con el fin de encontrar los puntos en común del que beneficiarse ambas partes de manera igualitaria.
    No dudaremos en poner a disposición de nuestros Aliados las armas, pero muchas menos dudas tendremos de pasar por el cuchillo a nuestros enemigos.
    Así que no os lo penséis mas si estáis de acuerdo con la política y filosofía o queréis ampliar la información de Descendientes de Gea, acceder al foro en dgea.es, para presentaros, daros a conocer y comenzar esta nueva aventura en compañía de Descendientes de Gea, en la que colaborando entre todos conseguirás hacer de este, tu clan o tu aliado.
    Nos vemos en Serendia 5
    Buenas Venturas
  24. how 2 play
  25. Post on Ninja or Kuno ? in General

    By Maxi_Moot, posted
    So ... A few times ago , i do a post to know betwen Musa and Maehwa wich one who's the best for me,
    But Musa is boring af...
    I dont try Maehwa, but i'm gonna creat one,
    But now, i would like to know betwen ninja and kuno,
    I want a good PvPvE, ( i have a gear 165/165/220 for Kuno or Ninja) so ... I dont know if i can defend my spot with that, at 56,
    PK some people, defend my spot,
    Grind solo and duo ... and ... That's All ^^
    Ty so much guys for advise and all, have a good game and sorry for my english, i do my best !