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  1. Hi I'm looking for a guild to join on Orwen that preferably has alot of Oceanic players online (since I myself is an Oceanic player). I'm mostly interested in pvp but also enjoy the pve aspects of the game. I have hit soft cap and is looking to start doing my dailies, questing and just talking with cool and friendly peeps. I also want to learn the ropes of what I should do in Black Desert to get myself geared since I think I'm still pretty new. I also have maybe 3 or 4 friends who are also Oceanic players and are in a similar mindset as myself of what we want to do in Black Desert. Any suggestions would be nice! Thanks.

    Co Guild Masters: Solace/Zaare
    Officers: Kamada,Maryellen,Liere,Kones
    Website: http://www.solarisgaming.net
     Server: Uno
                      Channel: Calph 2 UNO
    Focus: PvX 
                                                 VoIP: Teamspeak3 - ts3.solarisgaming.net
       Timezone: All
                   Members Count: 38
    Requirement - 18+ Be active! BDO & TS3!
    Recruitment status - OPEN
    A little more information!
    Solaris is recruiting players of all levels/experiences to join its ranks. We have been on various games, as we are a multi-gaming community. We're not only a guild, we're a family. We treat each and every member the same and not like a number. Stupid/witty banter from our members is highly encouraged!! 
    Our goal
    To become the best guild we can be. Simply, A guild of the best all-round; a force to be reckoned with while keeping a strong, very tight-knit community. 
     If you have any questions feel free to add me in game - Fourtweny (Family Name)
    or if you are brave enough you can join our TS3, We dont bite hard....

  3. Aussie guild FIGJAM is looking to recruit members.
    We're a brand new guild looking to recruit mature and sociable players on the Uno server. Experience everything that Black Desert has to offer such as guild missions, wars, and learn about this incredibly complex game. Share secret fishing spots, enjoy new content together (such as naval warfare!) and keep up to date!
    Discord is being used for voice communications and while I am Australian I welcome all players from all regions to join me.

    Casuals welcome, don't let the game become your second job!
    Still looking for people!
  4. We are <Chivalry>
    We are a community of 18+ players that want to experience everything BDO has to offer! We are seeking individuals or groups that wish to enjoy the game and make new friends. We do node wars, guild bosses, arena events, grind groups and more! Participation in Node Wars and use of Discord are required.
    To build a friendly, mature community within BDO and potentially across other games as we grow.
    To participate in Node Warfare
    Our Expectations of you
    -Help with Guild Quests
    -Gear for Node Wars
    -Level 57
    -At least 140 AP when offhand is unequipped.
    What to Expect from us
    -Guild Events: PvP Events, Community events, Grind Groups, Arenas, Node Wars
    -Mature Officers
    -Friendly Community

    If you'd like to join or learn more reach out to Synith, Azarlith, Kalrie, Brunyn, Kalius, Tiahra or Reannaa in-game.

  5. Angeli Rebelli is an international guild that plays on the Alustin server. We are looking for experienced players but we are also recruiting new players with potential. We can provide you with knowledge on the beautiful world of Black Desert. Our target is to create a strong and stable community. Visit our website http://angelirebelli.enjin.com/ to find out more.
    To contact in game whisper to:
    Rivia (Rahl) - Guild Leader
    Kishii (Yamashi) - Officer
    Lisadieu (Gran) - Officer

  6. Hello everyone!
    We are Database, a guild created within the past month; not from an already existing community but through the efforts of all random players that met in-game!

    Database is an English guild focusing on PvX (PvE and PvP) with a semi-hardcore attitude. This means while we do have a focus on end-game content there are no strict rules for levels and no requirements! We want you to go at your leisure as this game should be! If you feel like being a gatherer only then so be it! We welcome everyone!
    We have daily missions for both gathering and kill, along with scroll parties and gear/XP grind groups!
    Every Sunday we do guild events such as wheelbarrow races, hide and seek and exploration in the past.
    We have a Discord which is used regularly but there is not requirement for you to chat!
    We also have a forum which is filled with knowledge dedicated to the members in the guild.
    We are based on Alustin and our home channel is SA2.

    Registration can be done through our website!

    If you have any further questions, feel free to post a reply here!

    From all of us at Database, thanks for reading!
  7. edited
    Not relevant anymore.
  8. Our guild is looking to expand to about mid sized, and with the help of recruits as yourselves looking into joining a guild we can work something out.
    We use Discord for voice chat, and are laid back with respective channels for certain activities. 

    We are looking for 18+ members who can be from casual to hardcore gamer in BDO. 
    Webshrouds believes in rewarding their active guild mates for participation with room for promotion if enough activity is met.

    Guild website is under construction!
    We are allied with major guilds such as:
    FlashMobPandemicAGETHEMPenguinKnightsWarPigsVolunWe have a mindset chasing the ultimate dream of beneficial income, pvp, node wars, drills, scroll runs and more! 
    Email us at: Webshrouds@gmail.com 
    If any of this interests you, as always thanks for checking us out and giving us consideration
  9. About Us

    We are a guild of like-minded individuals whose realistic goals include but are not limited to: GvG, Siege, PKK Justice, Arenas, Commerce, Crafting & Gathering. Okay, so basically we strive to be present in all areas of the game. Yes, every guild stakes a claim in superiority. However, the difference between us and a lot of other guilds is our collective mindset. We know who we are as a guild. FLASHMOB is NOT a multigaming community that will inevitably move on to the next big thing. We are a guild created solely for the purposes of BDO. We intend to stay and grow with BDO. We are a guild of real people. Our goal is to be a guild you call home; made up of determined individuals who know what, when, where and how to get the job done.
    We currently have a good active core who play together and have fun nightly.  If we aren't out grinding together,  we are at least in discord chatting it up and having a good time.
    Our guild's average playtime is between 5pm and 12am cst on weeknights,  and we have active members almost all hours on the weekends.  Guild kill missions are done nightly to encourage group grinding and character development,  and we do mass participation missions on Sundays and Wednesdays where we may do gathering instead of kill missions depending on the vote.  

    We have jobs, spouses, families etc. and we don't expect our members to risk losing/sacrifice those parts of their lives to play BDO. This doesn't mean we are any less serious than a guild of players with no lives. This means we will be making efficient use of our time.

    FLASHMOB is located on the Edan server; We spend most of our time in the Balenos E2 channel.


    Respect your guild mates.

    Activity (within the community(discord)  and your online presence in general)

    Represent FLASHMOB in Sieges/GvG/Planned missions and events. (We aim to plan GvG declarations in accordance with everyone's schedule)

    In regards to activity: if you are going to be Mia for an extended period please post it in the #off-the-grid Discord channel.

    How to Apply

    Visit our website: http://flashmobguild.com (work in progress)

    Sponsored by an existing member (F&F = Friends & Family)
    Post on this thread or pm me directly


    Be kind and respectful to your guildmates

    Put time & effort into the guild; result: the guild will put time & effort into you

    Don't be shy! Let us get to know you. The real you as you will get to know the real us.

    Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the game!

    Guild Alliance(s)



    We use Discord to communicate in and out of game. It is our primary source of communication, especially when it comes to events and announcements.

    Discord is required. You don't have to speak,  but we encourage you to be in the voice lobby and  check discord regularly for events and mission updates.

    Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

  10. Hello fellow gamers,
    About the Guild
    Brother In Arms (BIA) is a new guild looking to recruit new members.  We are a laid back friendly guild that caters to many different type of players. BIA exist for our members to have a place to enjoy the game, no matter what type of poison they chose; whether it is crafting, horse breeding, exploring, grinding, and/or PVP.  We want to foster a community build upon camaraderie, and with that being said we would like to stress that our members be respectful, friendly, and mature to each other; as well as the community.  We are looking to be more of a midsize guild, something that allows our members and leadership to get to know one another. We are a NA based guild that plays during the evenings and weekends (EST).
    Our goal is very simple right now; learn everything BDO has to offer; to kill and/or be killed, and have a lot of fun doing it. 
    No real requirements, we just ask that you keep the following in mind: 
    Be friendly, mature, and respectfulParticipate in guild quest/boss scrolls (when possible)What We Offer
    Discord voice chatGuild activities such as boss scrolls, PVP practice, and whatever else we can think ofA casual laid back community  How to Join
    You can PM me here or PM any of  us in game 
    We are on Mediah 1 channelFamily name: Blaquewell...Character name: TrorienFamily name: Goodknight...Character name: OreisiaFamily name: Jsquirrely...Character name: Ladylost 
  11. Band Of The Hawks
    "Didn't you say a human couldn't kill you? You're right, we are mortal and fragile. But even if we are tortured or wounded, we'll fight to survive. You should feel the pain we feel and understand. I am the messenger that will deliver you to that pain and understanding." - Guts
    Hello and welcome to the Hawks. We are a but a few, but through our brotherhood, we hope to be many. 
    Our mission objective is to grow as a team, and as individuals, and aid one another in this online endeavor. We would like to extend our hand for you to join us on this journey. We request that you be an active participant in guild events, be a mature MMO player and have the drive and experience to help us make this guild great through teamwork, dedication and most of all, fun. 
    What you can expect from us: 
    - dedicated officers and guild leaders
    - assistance with achievement of both guild and personal goals
    - upcoming weekly PvP, PvE, and siege events
    - fishing runs to the hot spots if requested/required 
    - Q&A and PvP training available
    - team building events
    - website/forums in the works!
    Must be 21 years of age or older, use teamspeak, be active and attentive, contribute to guild through missions or helping your fellow guildies, be sarcastic, willing to accept and distribute constrictive criticism to better yourself and the guild, and most of all, must like to drink and have a good time with friends!  
    How to apply: 
    Please reply with your character name, age, years of experience in MMOs, timezone and a brief summary as to why you would be a good fit for our guild.
    See you out there!
    Dryspell, GM

  12. Hello everyone!
    We are a newly formed semi-casual guild. We want to provide a learning environment for new players as well as a mean for more experienced players to hone their skills in a fun and respectful atmosphere. This is a great guild to join if you just started playing this game because we will provide you with all the help you need to level and we will be learning the game with you. An officer will be online at virtually every time of the day since we are scattered across the world and live in different time zones.
    We will be playing daily but still are taking a casual approach to the game since there is so much to do and to see. Our primary objective is to build a small but cozy guild at first to make our base. And from there, we extend to our secondary objective to expand to a larger guild to participate in GvG, battlefields, node wars and other end-game activities.
    No level requirements. We are looking for semi-active players. We want to see you at least once a week if possible! Being a close-knit guild, would mean moving forward as a whole. Important guild decisions will be made based on a democracy. Everyone has an equal say to the guild.
    We are a happy bunch and encourage you to be friendly and social in the guild chat and voice comms. (WERE ON DISCORD) VoIP is strongly encouraged and maturity is a must. We know how to take a joke, we're all here to have fun, so just make sure to not take it too far.
    Add me in game and whisper me! (ScatteredBones)
  13. We are currently recruiting new members who are active. We only have four main requirements of our members.
    1. Help each other and the guild out (missions) if you are able to at the time.
    2. Do not attack anyone from another Brotherhood guild, or start wars(that is a leadership decision).
    3. Use Mediah U1 as your channel unless its for grinding/hunting and you need to switch temporarily for that(Mediah U2 is The Brotherhood's secondary channel).
    4. TeamSpeak - Having it and using it is very important for us  to help you as a player and so that you know what is going on.
    Now that all the formal stuff is out of the way, we are a group of active players who lean on the casual side of things. We do have some very active hardcore players, and that playing style is more than welcome. <Clockwork> is a great guild to help get your foot in the door of the Brotherhood, especially if you are still lower level and learning the game. We try to do all five or our guild missions every day, and we stick to ones that even a level one player can help out on--- the vast majority of the time. Though it is not a requirement to take part in the missions due to you might be in the middle of already doing something else, or have just popped a exp scroll for example, we do expect contribution from our members. Helping out with guild missions helps everyone out due to the guild while buffs we are able to unlock.
    There is no level requirement and we do help new members learn the game.
    The Brotherhood does use Teamspeak and it is a requirement for new members
    If you would like to join please reply here and/or message Aurri or Shyblade in game.  If you can not get a hold of one of us, try contacting a members and asking them to give you the name of an officer that is on.
    If you have any questions about joining please feel free to ask.
    Also, if you are interested in joining another guild in The Brotherhood, feel free to contact Aurri and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
    - Matthew
  14. Ciao a tutti quanti, vado subito al sodo senza presentazioni inutili.
    IL CLAN/GILDA Fenix Multigaming http://fenixmultigaming.enjin.com/home cerca giocatori con cui divertirsi, uccidere, farmare, pvppare, pveare e via dicendo in questo bellissimo mmorpg.
    Canale preferito Valencia J1.
    Siamo un gruppo super aperto e le regole sono poche ma quelle che ci sono vanno rispettate, ossia abbiate rispetto verso gli altri e siate maturi.
    Questi sono i requisiti necessari per entrare nella gilda:
    1. TS3 obbligatorio.
    2. Età minima di 18 anni
    3. Iscriversi e arruolarsi al nostro sito.
    Se siete interessati mandatemi pure un messaggio privato con il nome della vostra famiglia o rispondete su questo topic.
    Grazie a tutti per l'attenzione.
    Ci si vede su BDO.
  15. <Webshrouds> Is looking for active recruits 40+ looking for a home on the Edan Server. We're growing and wanting to stay PvP focused, and keep a safe haven for our PvE'ers also. Siege, and Node wars will be a big focus, alongside scroll runs etc. We have multiple alliances, and our wanting to grow respectively.

    Requirement process:
    1. Interview via email or teamspeak (when available) - Webshrouds@gmail.com 
    2. Teamspeak downloaded, not required to socialize just for purposes of coordination during drills, runs, or grinding.
    3. Groupme app installed via smartphone to be able to converse or receive info while AFK. (optional if not able to download).
    4. 18+
    We ask alot in order to provide alot, a laid back BDO family whom aspire to make a difference on the server.
    If it's interesting contact us at Webshrouds@gmail.com
    Thank you Sincerely,

  16. Append
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Balenos U1
    Focus: Mix
    Level Req: None
    We are a LGBTQ+ and Allies Guild that is here to provide a safe space for those wanting
    to get away from the homophobia in BDO. Append is fresh out of the box so we don't have many
    members, but with your help we can make this guild great. Come join us and kick start this community!
    -Must participate in guild activities.
    -Must be mature and friendly.
    If you would like to Join Append please contact Otria in-game!
    Hey guys. Just wanted to let everyone know that today is Trans Day of Visibility so make sure to let your trans friend know how much you love them!
  17. Are you a member of a small guild?  Enjoying the game, but worried about your guild's success in the long run?  Want to participate in node/guild wars but you can't because you are too few in numbers?  This is the post for you!
    Gondor is looking for like-minded guilds who would like to merge with us in order to combine forces to take on the bigger guilds.  You can still maintain your groups daily autonomy within our guild and on the chat, all we ask is that you help participate in guild-wide functions such as guild quests, node wars, etc.  We are not one of those guilds who declares war willy-nilly on whoever so happens to be the nearest warm body.  We instead want to be able strategically conquer and defend nodes that will benefit our guild members.

    I would love to talk further with any guilds who are open to this idea.  Feel free to reach out either on this post, via private message, or in game.
    Here is a link to our guild recruitment page if you would like to learn more about us:

    All the best,
  18. Hello,
    My friends and I are looking for a guild to join. Preferably active with members level 50+ and doing current endgame PvE/PvP stuff (grinding, world bosses, GvG, etc.)
    We have a 50 Sorc, 52 Tamer, and 50 Valk, with possibly a couple other 50s that would come with us. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a post here or message Droan (Phantasma) in game.
  19. Take Notes
    About us:
    TakeNotes is our little static that existed ever since 3 years ago. We've been playing a lot of MMOs together such as Aion and Tera. We've been in several guilds together but somehow something was lacking in every guild for us... so we decided to make the big step to create our own guild. We just knew if the guild we want to exist is going to exist it's up to us. We knew it would be a big responsibility to manage a guild and get it going especially in such a great and big MMO such as Black Desert. That's why we need you guys to help us out! We are planning to have a friendly guild that sticks together and can achieve anything if they set their minds on it.
    -You are a motivated player that doesn't get too  disappointed if things don't work out the way you want them to right away.
    -You are ready to participate in guildmissions/GvG
    -You want to help others out if they need your help and are able to accept help of others if needed.
    -You are willing to listen to raidleaders and try to be organized yourself.
    If all of this appeals to you we'd be happy to welcome you in TakeNotes. 
    Please whisper our guildleader or one of our officers and we'll invite you to our teamspeak if you fit into the guild and if you want to be part of us.
    Guild leader is Choker while the officers are Curious and Shinsou.

  20. Hello!
    We are looking for people to help us develop our guild and community! we are very small at the moment so this is a great chance to help shape a guild if you arent interested in running one yourself! We will be a PKK guild so we will defend against PK grind spot hoggers, and in the future guilds that are exploiting nodes!
    We have a guild site: http://calpheondefense.shivtr.com/ 
    If interested either post here or go to the guild site and apply!
    feel free to ask any questions in a reply or a private message. 
    Thanks for your time,
    Still looking for members of all lvl and playstyle!
  21. We're looking to recruit guild members, and guild's for our alliance in BDO. 

    recruits, we are a PvX (which means both PvP/PvE) who are looking to have a good core group of players who are looking to make a difference in BDO. We use TS3 (teamspeak)/Groupme for our chats and have a great group who are relaxed, but ambitious none the less. If you're looking to be apart of this guild who remains active, do scroll runs, and more then email us at Webshrouds@gmail.com 
    Guilds! Webshrouds runs in joint with Pandemic, and Grimoire the Alliance name is TBA but we are looking for other guilds who are wanting to create a union of support when needed.
    Email at Webshrouds@gmail.com for further details.
    Interview for each process is a requirement. To all other passerbying folk's Goodluck!

  22. <Riftwalkers> is a new guild accepting anyone and everyone into our ranks. We are a PVX guild that is mature, but likes to have fun.
    Features of our guild:
    1. Twitch Stream publicity
    2. Friendly and active community
    3. *Eventually* A website
    4. A premium Discord
    What we have to offer:
    1. Help to any and all players
    2. A loving and helpful group of people
    3. PVX Action
    4. Fun times
    5. Organization
    Requirements for joining:
    1. Must be 16+ years or older
    2. Must be willing to be friendly and helpful
    3. Must not bully/abuse other guildies in a negative manner (Teasing is allowed of course)
    Please consider joining our guild, we would love to have you!
  23. Webshrouds is an active guild that has a focus on all major aspects of BDO, we use teamspeak/groupme for communication. We respect our members, stay true to the guild and our alliances. We currently have 4 guild alliances which ensures if you're more PVE oriented you can have the protection required.
    Interviews are necessary before joining, all recruits will have a 14D contract unless discussed otherwise during the interview. If this sounds too much, or uninteresting we aren't looking for you. We're looking for the ones who want to make a difference in BDO for now, and the time to come. Email: Webshrouds@gmail.com for further details. Thank you -Nao

  24. Hey thanks for reading!
    We're a group of about 10 active but casual players (most at level 50+, age 23-50), mainly Dutch/Belgian but counting Romanian, Danish and Greek members.  We're  looking to expand and make new ingame friends to play the end-game with.
     We are currently skilling and gearing up.  We have some dedicated crafters on board already.  All profiles welcome but especially people who are looking for a team to support one another in PvP (Node-GvG) etc... We're not looking for top-dog players with ego.  If you are low/medium level, we will help you level-up.  If you have questions about the game or suck at it we can get better together. :-) We're rather looking for attitude.
     Requirements:- age 18+.- Playing together and teambuilding through communication with one another.  We believe strongly in voicecomms, so should you. (we use teamspeak)
    Very nice-to-have: - You don't mind banter and the occasional bad joke.- You know lots of good jokes. ;-)- You don't mind an occasional Dutch sentence on voicecomms.- You don't necessarily believe in fair fights, epeen and honor.  Being brilliant strategists, we will gank when appropriate.  :-)- You accept that dying is part of the game (you don't have to like it), and so is being ganked.- You see that PvP is part of the game, but respect other players/people.  Beng helpful to others is cool as well.
     If you're interested please reply here or poke the aerin_sun family ingame.
     We'll give you our teamspeak details so you can drop in for a chat and find out if there's a mutual "click"!
       Cheers! bumb
  25. Hello!
    We are looking for people to help us develop our guild and community! we are a PvX guild and consider ourselves PKK. For those who dont know PKK is Anti-Pkers. We are going to strive to help out the general populace when PKers try and take over some grind spots and such. We are very small currently 5 members but we hope to grow! 
    We have a guild site: http://calpheondefense.shivtr.com/ 
    If interested either post here or go to the guild site and apply!
    feel free to ask any questions in a reply or a private message. 
    Thanks for your time,
    Still looking for members of all lvl and playstyle!