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  1. <Nerd>
    An individual persecuted for his superior skills or intellect, most often by people who fear and envy him.
    Are you a basement dwelling casual?
    Don’t travel the lands of BDO solo!
    We believe in gaming with everyone and working together to achieve our goals.
    What we are currently focused on weekly:  Farming, Leveling, Guild Missions and Boss Scrolls, gearing.
    (There will be scheduled guild activity nights so you don’t have to stress about how often you are participating.)
    We will be participating in all aspects of PvP! Node Wars, Territory Wars, GvG, arenas and more!
    We provide forms of communication: Facebook, website, TS3.
    Who are we in search for?
    We are looking for active and mature players that strive to win while having fun steam rolling enemy nerds.  To achieve this our members must be the age of 18 and over, represent our guild with integrity and use the forms of communications that we provide.  It is very important to us that every member participate on Team Speak 3 while in game and have a working headset/mic.
    *** Also welcoming other small guilds with merger opportunities. ***
    Interested in joining?
    If you are interested in meeting new people, completing PvE content, becoming competitive in PvP while being able to play at your own pace we may be the guild for you!  In game PM SirAntisocial / Qales  or you can apply at the Nerd’s Website under recruitment.
  2. The title says it all.  I am looking for a guild.  I took a break from the game and just came back.  I left my guild today because it's completely dead so I have a twenty-four hour cool down on joining another guild.  I prefer using TeamSpeak (TS3) since all other VoIPs are terrible.  The server I play on is Edan.  My main character is a Sorceress and she is level 52.  I am looking for a guild that is PvE focused but occasionally dabbles with the PvP aspect of the game.  My main character's name is Ciccina.  My family name is Ragnola.
  3. Hey Guys my guild Work In Progress <WIP> is Recruiting! We are a Casual MultiGame Group of pretty friendly people focusing in BDO currently and looking to build up and expand within the game. We Are on NA/Edan & mainly hang out on Mediah E2 but move around occasionally.  We welcome any and all players that are interested in joining to talk to us, our main goal here is to have fun and do everything the game has to offer. We have Organized Boss/Scroll farms and Guild missions. We are also  getting some Guild Events and Meetings Going again like we have done in our other games, as well as do ALL Things PVE/PVP/Crafting (really excited for node wars here on NA). We are all happy to help out with anything IG you need and pay you guys pretty well ;D. We have a nice TS and a site (that’s currently being renovated) and are just eager to have some more fun active players.
    ALSO ! 
    Its almost Node War time so if there are any small or medium guilds looking to merge we have the points and the slots if need be to accommodate them!  Just shoot me a message &  I'll be happy to talk it out ! 
    So!  If you have any questions, need info or if you are interested in joining feel free to comment here, shoot me a message or find me in game. My name is Kasara_CH of the Orndeir Family and I am the guild leader. Happy To answer anything !  

    Glad to see you here, before we begin let us introduce ourselves.
    Ominous is a EU/International clan started at Europpean release of Blade and Soul, but it's story begins a lot earlier as it's build upon the remnants of The Crimson Eye and Proximity clans which have been successful and acknowledged clans started in the beta of APB, on Obeya server.
    We are a clan which prides ourselves in skill on individual and team level, and connecting teamwork with high individual skill of each player is one of our greatest aspects.
    Our goal as community is to create the place where skilled players can walk alongside the others alike. As games are not made to be played casually alone, but to be challenged as a group.
    We are recruting members whose interest lies within small/medium scale PvP battles and hours of grinding.
    What do we want from you? Well, there's few things. One is to take the game seriously... Yeah, we get it, you've got life, job, girlfriend, dog, whatever... It'd great if you could get rid of all that, but if you can't it's still alright because "hardcore" is mindset not the time you spend in game.
    So do not fret, we do not expect you to abandon your life, but instead of playing start Gaming.
    Our requirements:
    -Age 18+
    -Teamspeak 3 (For guild events and fun factor)
    -Not being offended by everything and everyone
    *Temporarily we do not place gear requirements as everyone needs time to gear up*
    If it sounds like what you're searching for, to apply fill up application

  5. Hello everyone,
    My IGN is Kildohr (Family Name Kild). I'm the leader of the guild <Guardian> on the Orwen server. I have been an MMORPG player since the first Everquest expansion when I was still in elementary school. I have led many guilds in many different games and our officers have similar experience. We are NOT immature or mean people. We are the friendliest group of people you will meet, honestly. If you join us, you  will never get -----ed at, period. We do troll each other, but all in good fun...  
    Our guild has been here since the first couple days of launch and we are about 45 ACTIVE members strong, and growing with experienced and mature gamers. Many of us have years (10+) of MMO experience and are thrilled to explore what BDO has to offer. To me personally, it's the best game I've played in 15 years. 
    We are a guild that is focused on helping each other progress and get the most out of the game. We group up EVERY day for activities such as grinding in Mediah (Sausans/Elrics/Mediah 2 Dungeons and Pirate Island occasionally), Daily & Weekly Scrolls/World Bosses, 5x5 Relics/Books, Guild Missions, Guild Bosses every Saturday evening, and small-scale PvP/Arena PvP.
    Our current goal is to get stronger and recruit more members like us, to get better at PvP, and eventually to compete with other guilds for nodes. But, most of all our goal is to have fun with each other.
    Some of our features/rules include:
    Level 45+ is strongly recommended but we will make exceptions if you are very active and strive to level up.PLEASE be active if you plan on joining us! Ten days inactivity without notification will result in a guild kick until you return.+4 AP / +4 Accuracy / +80 Max HP / +1 Damage Reduction / +1 Gathering (MANY more bonuses to come soon - 76 total guild pts and growing rapidly).Knowledgeable guildmates that can help and provide insight in many areas of the game.Discord Server (voice-chat not required but you must be able to at least listen. our Discord is a very active place as well).Rewards for participation (higher daily salary).Ten days inactivity without notification will result in a guild kick until you return.VERY fun group of guys/gals. We joke, we troll each other to an extent, and we just have fun. Wide variety of ages, 18-40+ (mature attitude req.)Our main group of members play pretty much EVERY day and night to an extent and we would hope that you would like to do the same
    since grouping with guildmates makes the game that much better!If you're interested in joining or you have any questions feel free to message us here or in game on Valencia O1 (our main channel, but we sometimes swap). 
    Our normal playing times are every day around 6pm and sometimes go as late as 4am Eastern (We have members from many time zones). Some of us play for most of the day, however. Below is a list of names you can try to contact in game. (Though some of us might be AFK fishing!)
    OFFICERS Able to Invite You! Message the TOP PEOPLE FIRST, PLEASE do not use the chat in the Friend window because we may not see it!
    (Family Name) - Character Names(Kild) - Kildohr  (Guild Leader)(Eaglewood) - Braya(Connelly) - Cenmi(Rileyy) - Danisaur(Coin) - Aparou / Apara / Kugime(Gooshy) - Gooshy / GooshThank you guys very much for taking the time to read! Looking forward to having you!
  6. Firstly, Grace is a social guild. More than just a place to get perks and find groups, we're about building a guild where you can really get to know people and develop real friendships that last years. We're not some huge established community spanning multiple games: we intend to stay medium sized, so that you won't get lost in a sea of names. We focus on quality over quantity.
    In-universe, we are interested in all aspects of the game but with a focus on GvG/Node War competition. Our aim is not to fight for the top spots on the leaderboards, but to relevant and able to meaningfully compete. To the extent that it becomes plausible, we intend to develop a naval focus in war: ships, islands and so on. We don't require that every member be focused on PvP, but we do expect members to participate, since organized PvP is for the long term benefit of the guild. We currently do all the standard guild stuff (missions, paychecks, guild bosses, and so on), and we also organize a ranked dueling ladder and practice wars with other guilds.
    In terms of commitment, we consider the guild to be part casual, part serious. We want to do everything the game has to offer, and that means being strong enough to compete. At the same time, we respect the fact that people have lives and priorities. We do have requirements in gear, levels, and personal skill, but we believe in helping people develop those things instead of setting them as an entrance requirement.
    There are a couple points that set us apart from most other guilds:
    We don't emphasize voice chat. While we do use Discord where it is truly important (Primarily, large scale PvP), but we avoid it for day to day chatting. We feel that voice chat, even when "optional", inevitably gives those who chose not to use it a poor experience as they tend to get left out of things. Our leadership has experience in organizing successful groups over text, doing things most people think can't be done without voice chat.We care a lot about welcoming new players: both new to the guild and new to the game. Though we have gear/level requirements, we admit newer players so long as they can progress and catch up to the standard. This doesn't just mean that we take in low level players, though: it means we focus on helping them grow and meet those requirements. We also focus on getting new players involved in the guild and everything it does: we don't want to be an entrenched circle of old friends where you'll always be "the new one". That means you can participate in every level of competition we enter, you can help decide policy, and, if you're interested, you can become a leader.We promote a culture of respect. This doesn't just mean that we don't mean respect each other- it means we behave in a in a respectful and dignified manner with people outside the guild, as well. In short, we intend to live up to our name. Though this should not need to be said, it also means we do not discriminate and do not tolerate persecution or harassment of marginalized groups. 
    If you're interested, I'd like to talk. We do currently ask for level 50 and 220 AP + DP, but we admit people not meeting those requirements so long as they make enough progress to catch up in a reasonable time (we can give more details on the expected progression if you're interested). If you'd like to join, please contact one of us:
    Family name "IzzyBelle", main character names "Cienne", "Amaranthy"
    Family name "Kingrad", main character names "Arbitrator", "Evileon"
    Family name "Hydro", main character name "Astra"
    Family name "Miyamoto", main character name "Auron"

    Sorry! We've decided to merge with MalumFactum Gaming Community. Feel free to find us having blast there!


    Hello, fellow players!
    We are the Nakama, a currently growing and upcoming guild.
    A few things about us:
           Guild Master:     Enedia of the Shadowmist family
      Guild Officers:     LoLaBee of the Wolfy family
                                      Sakuzeku of the Vagoir family
                                     Equilor of the VinCrew family
    Guild Chat Language:              English
                   Server:              Jordine
                     Orientation:              PVP, PVE
           Required lvl:              -  
                              Voice Chat:              Yes (Discord)

    Our Name:  "Nakama", is the Japanese word for "Comrade", a friend in battle that you can rely on.

    Since an mmorpg is more fun to be played with company, we are inviting you to join our guild.
    We are casual and friendly. We don't mind your age, lvl, or the time you can invest in the guild. We just ask you to be active, nice to others and fair.

    We will be happy to have you! Feel free to whisper any of us in game for more info!
  9. ==== Omnipotence is now recruiting ====
    - We are a friendly and competitive PvX guild and strive to be the top in all aspects of the game, whether it be topping the leaderboards or dominating guild wars and taking over castles.
    About Omnipotence
    We are a community of friends that like to play competitively in BDO. We strive to do the best, reaching higher and higher. This includes leaderboard pushing, leveling, farming, life skills etc. We enjoy all parts of the video game.
    We are not strictly "pvp" or "pve" but we do want to be competitive in most parts of the game. While we might be open to all aspect, we still expect attendance to each event. We like our members to be constantly headed towards higher levels and very good gear. We would like our members to be reaching +15 gear and getting accessories up in the next month or so, as we prepare for guild wars.
    We are a pretty active guild, and as such we expect our members to be on a decent amount. We are a friendly competitive guild, meaning we are not total assholes who expect the most hardcore; But we are still competitive and want to have fun by competing in the higher end brackets of the game.
    Recruitment Requirements
    Server: Uno
    Age:*18+ (We do accept younger people on occasion, as long as that does not infringe on maturity, or activity)
    Must have TS3 + Working headset for talking
    Must be active enough to participate in events and keeping up with gearing, activity etc.
    We are currently open to all classes and levels. We will be progressing upwards to 55 and maxing gear
    in the following weeks, in preparation for guild wars.
    If you would like to apply for an interview please fill out the application on our website.
    Omnipotence Gaming
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by PM, or on TS3.

  10. <Steel Dragoons> Is Recruiting level 40+ active players! (age 18+) We are a diverse and friendly guild full of passionate and knowledgeable players. We are a PvX guild focused on working with all aspects of the game to prepare ourselves for Mass PvP. If you are a dedicated BDO player looking for a guild to call home that offers a welcoming atmosphere, while also being goal oriented and focused check us out! Website registration, Discord, and Guild Contribution (missions) are a must. www.steeldragoons.com

  11. Shadow Vanguard
    Status: Recruiting
    Server: Orwen
    Channel: Serendia 1
    Level Requirement: 40+
    Region: International
    Timezone: AEST, PST, EST.
    Member Style: Casual, Semi-hardcore, friendly
    Playstyle: PvX, Organized Events
    VOIP: Teamspeak - Discord is shit
    Forum: http://shadow-vanguard.shivtr.com/

    About us
    Shadow Vanguard is a newly formed guild started by experienced players. We are a very organized guild that strives to get end-game gear and participate in some node wars; however that is not to say we are a militaristic guild. Instead we are a friendly, community like guild that help each other via information, scroll groups, guild bosses and practice! We love to joke around and mess around in Discord. We certainly welcome active lower levels that are dedicated to progress in the game but would prefer those who are already level 40. Remember we are here to have fun and assist each other in gearing

    Why join us?  
    Fun and FriendlyNon toxic communityOceanic and North American basedGear and Character ProgressionA good time General Rules
    Don't be a shit -----
    participate in guild missions
    be respectful to other guild members
    PK is allow but only if absolutely necessary  
    Apply now!
    Family Name:
    Character Name:
    Current Level:
    Or Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/oHQ3shV39D

  12. WolvesofWar.org - Hardcore PvP Gaming Community
    "Strength and Honor"
    <Wolves of War> Guild Requirements (PvP)
    1. Teamspeak & Guild Missions Mandatory
    2. Min level req. is 52+ and will change.
    3. Min gear req. AP+DP = 200+
    4. Guild Rules: http://wolvesofwar.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6
    || Guild Recruit Officer: ZeroGravitySE, GambitSE ||

    <WolvesofWarII> Guild Requirements (PvX)
    1. Teamspeak & Guild Missions Mandatory
    2. No min lvl, no min gear requirements
    3. Guild Rules: http://wolvesofwar.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7
    || Guild Recruit Officer: TigerUppercut, Cuddles, PawsToAdmire ||

    Both guilds are important to us and we take what happens in them and to them seriously.
    We respect those who have respect for themselves.
    We have over 100+ active users and everyone who can is on teamspeak helping us stay organized.

    Wolves of War Guild Information
    Wolves of War is a hardcore PvP gaming community that has been established for the past 7+ years.
    Our goals for BDO is to establish a long lasting community of like minded PvP players who are willing to work together and play as a team.
    We're not a multi-gaming community spread out among other games, we focus on one flagship and go all in.
    Our non-toxic environment is going to last and hold strong for a very long time in this game.
    We promote competitive spirit! we fight for the fun/love of the game!

  13. Angeli Rebelli is an international guild looking for new and experienced members, we are a small scale pvp/pve guild. Our goal is to create a small group of people who can achieve our goals. In the future we will participate in node wars and naval combat. Whisper me in game if you want to join the family. C: 
    Family name: Yamashi
    Player name: Myst

    Old Thread Here
    One of the best ways to improve your Black Desert Online experience is by finding a group of people that share your love of the game. At Collective of Strangers, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and friendly guild, full of tight knit connections both in-game and out.
    Collective of Strangers if made up of primarily Oceanic based players, but we welcome members from all time zones. Having a large amount of players on during Oceanic time zones is important to us so that we are always able to log in and play with mates.
    We’re constantly seeking mature, respectful, active individuals to add to our membership. We stand by a code of conduct that we hold our members to, ensuring everyone enjoys their gaming time.
    For voice communication we use Discord and it is populated with folks having a great time every night

    Our home server is Edan

    About Collective of Strangers
    Collective of Strangers was founded in 2014. A group where people can hang out, make new friends and work as a team in many different games.
    Guild Stats
    Members: 39/70
    Skills: Accuracy - Maxed, Gathering +2, Fishing +1
    Inactive Kick Period: 10 Days without prior notice

    Weekly Guild Events
    We often add new events based on what our guild members are interested in! We do guild fishing trips on our beautifully handcrafted fishing boats. We also do guild leveling as well as exploration events, Weekly Scroll runs are done for daily scrolls and we are organizing fortnightly boss scroll runs, While we wait for GvG and other BDO PvP mechanics we have and will be having internal 1v1, 2v2 and group matches complete with an internal ladder system and points
    Daily Guild Missions
    In order to make the most of your salary in the guild we encourage all members to complete guild missions when they are activated. The more members participating, the less energy we each spend completing them. Help us, help you!

    Guild Requirements
    We DO NOT require a certain level of time commitment. Many of our members have families and careers that prevent them from being online 8 hours a day.
    We DO NOT require you to participate in guild missions, although members participating in these missions will be rewarded with pay rises and other benefits
    We DO NOT require a specific level, class, experience, or event attendance. We have many new players and want you to have fun when you play.
    We DO require you to use Discord as much as possible to enjoy the social aspects of our guild.
    We DO require you to be a kind, helpful, respectful, and positive contributor to our community.

    How to Join the Guild
    Simply message one of the guild officers (Family names: MrLinderman, Martejj, Minx, Feyfair) or post here.
    Other Games
    CoS is a gaming community and as such we enjoy playing other games with our members, we understand people burn out and need a release so instead of loosing players we allow and even encourage playing other games with CoS in addition to BDO

    In Closing
    Thanks for taking the time to visit our thread. Regardless of your decision, we hope that you can check us out on Discord and have a chat. Guests are always welcome to join us in most events. Happy hunting folks!
    Thank you very much to @DangerousTed for creating our guild emblem. He has done a fantastic job and I highly recommend him if anyone is in need of artwork!
    New Thread
    A new thread was created as some of our older long term players have taken a leave of absence while they wait for the game to be updated with significant PvP content, we envisage there return upon such updates but until such time the current officers will be taking charge of recruitment and keeping the guild in top form

  15. Kujiratori
    - Growing community with a stable core
    - Currently in Top 10 on Alustin
    - Run by a council and officers
    - High attention for the members voices
    - Allianced
    - Prevail in Region and Node wars, large scale PvP
    - Rank 5 and onwards
    - Eke out with like-minded adventurers
    - Everlasting BDO community
    We offer
    - Guild Bosses
    - Events multiple times a week
    - A home for respectful, mature and active players
    - Potential friends
    - Advanced methods for progression and grouping
    - A high grade of sceptiscism toward cheap excuses
    - Vast knowledge, gathered in the original KR version
    - www.kujiratori.com
    - Mature attitude, drama free
    - Competitive mindset
    - Team player
    - Time to play
    - Discord usage 
    - Guild activity interest
    - PvP ready
    - +275 combined AP/DP
    - Min. level 55
    - Correct application on the site
    Kujiratori staff *
  16. <Striken> |PVX| Growing guild looking for active members to start getting ready for Node Wars & Sieges. Daily missions, scrolls, and grind groups. Discord for comms. Our main focus is PVP.
    Also if you would like to merge just contact.
    Contact in-game:
    Thy Darkness 
    (Feel free to leave a post here and I will contact you)
  17. Hello everyone! We're a new guild looking for recruits. BlueMoon is oriented towards PvE, and perhaps PvP later on in the future. We want to create a relaxed, friendly environment where new and experienced players alike can feel at home.

    We are rather small so we are looking to become close-knit community, where we are open to whatever our members would like to do. We will be talking in-game and not over voice chat. Our primary focus will be making the game enjoyable and fun with a community of friends, whether this be crafting, taming, exploring, grinding, pvp or rping.

    Members will be seen as representatives of the guild, so we are expect members to be mature and creating a positive environment where everyone can feel welcome in the guild. Besides this, we only ask members to stay active and log in once a week when possible. (If you will be busy and not able to log in for a while, let the officers know.) If someone is bothering you, in the guild or outside of it, feel free to message the Guild master or an officer.
    You can also check us out at our website and sign up there to join us.
    Characters of all levels are welcome to join.
    Comment, or Pm ingame Hattie_Wolfrider, Neike, Eirinth or Wolfbeast if you have any questions!
  18. We're looking for active players who enjoy a focus on PvE and Life Skills. We do plan on eventually tackling end game content as it comes. Some of us are a group from other games that have fallen in love with this game.We have no level requirement. We use Discord. Message Kagenoshi in game!
  19. Sentient  - EU [Jordine] [PvX]

    We are looking for Small guilds or groups of people, who have left guilds due to inactivity to join our medium sized PvX Guild.

    If you are part of a small group or a guild that would benefit from merging into a more active guild, whisper/pm for more information about the Guild.You can contact either ingame with the contacts below, pm on the fourm or reply to this thread.

    Shappy - Guild leader
    Devona - Officer 
    Hexon - Officer

    Recruitment link for our guild:



  20. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for checking out our guild recruitment thread.
    First of all, who are we? Exile is an international community of friends who have come together with one goal in mind; node wars.
    We engage in all aspects of the games from guild wars to fishing, so have something for everyone.
    However this is supported by a strong core of PVPers which features an angry berserker, a Valkyrie who specialises in block and even a pew pew ranger.
    We all take the game seriously, but as you can probably tell, not too seriously. We like to have fun, socialise and enjoy what we do.
    We regularly run events, chat in Discord, undertake guild missions and boss scroll runs.
    So if you are above level 50 with +13 gear and a +15 weapon, then perhaps we could be the next home for you.
    If you like the sound of this, then please get in touch with me through the forums (Andraca ingame)  or Wokwar (Khagaan) in game.
    We are often found in the arena near Heidel, Calpheon A1.

    May Rngesus forever shine in your favour!
  21. Auf der suche nach einer Gilde was?.. mhh jaa... kennen wir doch alle irgendwoher....
    Oh.. keine gefunden bis jetzt?.. Doch?!... aber nicht genau DAS was du wirklich wolltest...
    Die Gilden sind dir entweder zu Groß oder zu "Anonym"? Keine Atmosphäre?.. mhmm.. aber wenn doch, dann nicht genug Progress verbunden?... 
    Tjaaa... aber HEY! Ich hätte da vielleicht etwas für dich, nach all der Zeitlosen suche, nach all den:,, Ohje.. Na Hoffentlich ist es diesmal das wonach ich gesucht habe, hoffentlich bleiben sie ihren Prinzipien Treu. Hoffentlich artet es nicht in einem Masseninvite aus nur um die Gilde am Leben zuhalten!"..
    Mein Angebot 
    Folge deinem "INSTINKT"! und zwar zu INSTINCT! 
    Wir Bieten:
    voranschreitende Spielerfahrung mit klaren Zielen (Progress)
     eine kleine, Freundschaftlich & Familiäre GEMEINSCHAFT. Genau richtig gelesen. Nicht nur eine Gilde, eine Gemeinschaft. Wir finden es gehört zu einer funktionsfähigen Gilde etwas mehr als nur das "Gildenleben & in der Gilde Online sein". Im Vordergrund stehen: Ich kenne diese Menschen die dieses Spiel mit mir spielen. Ich verbringe gerne Zeit mit diesen Menschen, sei es im Spiel oder im Teamspeak. Suche nicht nur "Playmate's"Ich will ein Teil von etwas sein, Ich will mich auf andere verlassen können und das andere sich auf mich verlassen können.Ich suche Leute die nicht nur Quatschen, sondern auch was können.Ich werde nicht wegen jedem Fehler angemeckert. Im Vordergrund stehen immer noch der Grund wieso ich das Spiel gekauft habe, Spaß haben und abschalten.
     KEIN Hardcore Gaming! Jeder hat sein Privates Leben welches immer im Vordergrund stehen sollte, Wir alle müssen Arbeiten, uns um unsere Kinder kümmern, oder sogar vielleicht anderen Hobbys nachgehen von Zeit zu Zeit. Deswegen was Online zeit anbetrifft verlangen wir keine 5 Std. am Tag oder ähnliches am Stück Präsent sein. Und irgendwie muss man sich ja Finanzieren um sich all das Sündhaft teure zeug im Pearlshop kaufen zu können. *seufz*
     Eigenes 50 Slot+ Teamspeak: Wir sind jeden Tag im Teamspeak (sofern das Privatleben es zulässt, Studium, Kinder, Arbeit). Wir nutzen Unser TS eher als Telefonkonferenz als nur zum Spielen. Es sind alle auch dann im TS wenn man vielleicht gerade nicht spielt. Einfach um mit den Leuten zu reden und zu quatschen.
    Wieso Teamspeak und nicht Discord? Weil... um ehrlich zu sein wir haben unseren TS Server nun schon solange da lohnt sich kein Umstieg.
     Spieler mit Erfahrung: Wir haben ein beträchtliches Wissen um Black Desert Online (BDO). Die hälfte von uns Spielt MMO lastige spiele nun seid mehr als 12 Jahren. von WoW, Guildwars 1 & 2, AION, TERA ist alles vertreten aber auch andere spiele die weniger ruhmreich waren. 
     Wir wollen Wachsen.. aber nicht zuviel: Wir haben uns ein Ziel von Maximal 30 Mitgliedern gesteckt und werden dieses auch einhalten. Aus der erfahrung heraus bilden sich in großen Gilden ab 30+ einfach viel schneller Splittergruppen und es wird unübersichtlich. 
    Wir Suchen:
    Spieler ab Level 50+: Wir suchen bereits etwas Fortgeschrittene Spieler die zumindest Level 50 abgeschlossen haben. (ausnahmen nach einem Gespräch evtl)
     Teamspeak Aktivität: Klar im Vordergrund! Wir wollen niemanden haben der mit uns an sich nichts zu tun haben will außerhalb des Spiels, Punkt. Kommunikation und Zusammenhalt sind A & O für ein ordentliches füreinander.
     Weltoffen & Charakter: Wichtig! Wir haben einen derben Humor.... wirklich.. wirklich derb, welches du auch haben solltest optimaler weise *lach*. Aber Nichts desto trotz sind wir Tolerant und Weltoffen. Jeder darf das sein was er will und sich auch äußern aber letzteres in maßen nicht in Massen! Diskriminierung wird nicht geduldet. Und ein Passiver Spieler von dem man nichts Hört und sieht ist auch nicht das wir wir suchen.
     Erfolgsorientiert: Der Punkt erklärt sich von selbst. Man will nicht stehen bleiben auf Level 50 oder 55, gibt sich auch nicht zufrieden mit seiner Ultimate Yuria sonder will eine Liverto/Kzarka Waffe. Schlachtzüge mitmachen. Im PvE oder im PvP erfolgreich sein. 
    Na? Interesse geweckt? oder Fragen? Dann schreib uns doch mal! Ansprechpartner sind:
    Charakter: Akarius, Santes, Tyndir
    Familienname: Grimmorta, Aufstand, Novak
     oder besuch uns auf unserem Teamspeak: instinct.teamspeak.de


  22. “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
    - G. K. Chesterton

    Lionsgate is a PVP guild based in North America, interested in all aspects of the game with a high emphasis on node wars, our progression as a guild, and just generally having fun together. We are looking for competitive players who want to become a part of a positive, dedicated, yet easy-going community. Applicants must be willing to come to wars and participate in other guild activities.
    Lionsgate formed in May 2016 as a 20-member group who wanted to create a guild of mature, like-minded individuals who not only knew how to set goals and accomplish them, but also how to have fun together. We learned how to fight alongside each other, establishing clear communications in war and fostering our synergy and organization. We have formed a cohesive group of loyal members who are here because they believe in the guild, its mission, and genuinely enjoy the company of the guild. We slowly and carefully built our guild with members who share our same attitude and values and are motivated to push the guild forward.

    From the start, we knew that we were taking a very long road by choosing to build the guild this way. We were starting from scratch to be a strong, positive, independent guild free of politics in a game full of drama and negativity . We have created a close-knit group that promotes positivity and open-mindedness. No drama. No power hungry staff members. No toxicity. Just hard work, fun, and lasting friendships.  We have created a strong network of players that also recognizes the importance of having good interactions with the rest of the BDO community. With that said, we have a high standard of behavior. We aim to be competitive while displaying respect, courtesy, and sportsmanship.
    Currently, we are mainly focused on building a strong team for T2/T3 Node Wars. We have no interest in joining the politics of alliances, nor do we have any interest in being "fed" nodes for the sake of money. We aim to challenge ourselves each and every step of the way and believe that we can only improve by fighting tougher battles. We aim to be an independent entity that builds its guild beyond numbers on a spreadsheet. We build our guild for the primary purpose that any guild should - to have fun.
    We believe in a community where all members are equal regardless of rank or status. As staff members, we view ourselves merely as members who have additional responsibility to keep the guild going. Members are to be judged fairly by their character and decisions are to be made in the best interests of the guild. We know who we are and we're here to stay. We aim to go as far as our dedication will take us. We're a group of positive, hardworking individuals who never forget to laugh and have fun along our journey.
    Fair and attentive leadership team460+ GS PVP Core2-3 Node Wars per week / Occasional Siege 5 AP / 5 ACCURACY / 100 HP / 5 Damage Reduction Command to Gather / Weekly Crate Valencia SummonsElephants / Guild GalleyNode War Participation based payout systemUp to 1 million silver contract dailyActive DiscordMember organized grind groups,boss scroll groups, etc.RBF / Movie NightsA solid group with a cheeky sense of humor. REQUIREMENTS
    Level 58+, 400+ Gearscore: We are looking for decently geared players who will strive to reach that sweet 460+ GS alongside our core.
    Level 58+, 420+ Gearscore: Due to very limited guild spots, we are strictly looking for players with 420+ GS who are AIMING to go for 59-60+. If interested, please send in your application after meeting these requirements. 
    Experienced, Active, and Motivated: We are looking for players who are ready for battle and are motivated to keep improving.
    Positive & Respectful: The guild is something that requires teamwork so we are looking for players with a positive mindset who are able to work well in a team. Also, members are expected to be mature and respectful in the open-world.
    Join Discord & Mic Up: Discord is our prime communication channel for announcements, war notifications, and everyday coordination. Applicants must be willing to participate in the community. We are looking for motivated players who FIT IN and share our mindset.
    Interest in contributing to the guild: We are HEAVILY node war focused and are looking for people who can participate in those alongside the occasional mission/guild events.
    We have very simple rules in the guild. Play honestly and treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't cause drama and don't troll or bully others. If you like to cause trouble, this is probably not the right guild for you. Everyone in the guild gets along and are very chill / easygoing. If you feel that you might not be able to uphold all of our policies, then no hard feelings. We do not want to keep others from playing the way they want to just because we choose to play a certain way. 
    No hacking or partying with a hacker
    No exploiting
    No scamming / lying
    No random, unjustified PK-ing
    No harassment/discrimination of other players
    No trash talking
    No karma bombing
    **More information on our policies will be found on our Google Doc upon joining in #guild-info. These are rules that our leadership expects and that the BDO community should expect our members to follow. If there is any problem with a member, our leadership invites you to speak to us about it to resolve any issues.**
    Apply Here and tell us about yourself
    Join Discord for the interview
    Interact with our community to see if it will be a good fit. Chat/Join Grind Groups/Scroll Groups etc (Applicant Permissions Required)
    If Staff sees that you are fitting in and participating in the community, your application will be approved and you will be sent an invitation.
    DISCLAIMER: This guild has a lot of shenanigans. Members may develop abs.

    Many thanks to the following Lionsgate staff members for all their hard work!
    Jason, Ostrich, DJ, Ronin, Dae, Bleu, Blac, Vorf, Weplo
    Also credits to Fiare for making us our awesome banner!

                        Wer sind wir?
                          Wir sind eine Semi-Progress PvX Gilde auf dem Server Jordine.
                        Gegründet wurde die Gilde am Headstart von Bdo mit einer Memberzahl von 8 Membern.
                        Seit unserem Start sind wir Woche für Woche gewachsen und weisen heute eine Memberzahl von 60 auf.
                          Was bieten wir?
                        Wir bieten eine aktive und starke Gemeinschaft für jede Spielweise,
                        darunter gemeinsames Grinden, GvG sowie Gildenbosse.

                        Leitung - Demokratisch   
                        PvP - Hierarchie

                        Unser gemeinsames Ziel ist, die Konkurrenzfähigkeit mit allen anderen Gilden beizubehalten,
                        wobei wir die Ziele jedes Einzelnen mit der Gemeinschaft berücksichtigen und unterstützen.
                        Trotz unserer Größe legen wir viel Wert darauf, eine familiäre und starke Gemeinschaft zu bleiben. 

                        Was suchen wir?
                        Wir suchen weitere engagierte Member für jede Spielweise.
                        Vorraussetzungen sind: Ts3 Aktivität, 18J+ sowie Teamfähigkeit.

                        Erreichen könnt ihr uns über Ts3:
                        Oder schreibt uns Ingame (Alicious, Tanju, TarjaMagus)
  24. Greetings all!
    My name is Mike, family name is Alexandrose (after the female princess from FF9 lol). I am here seeking to partner up with any person or persons to create and found a brand new PvX (thats PvE and PvP) guild on the Orwen server thats family friendly and believes in contribution, being active and teamwork. I ran a guild before but had no partner(s) and when I went away for 3 days for the birth of my niece, came back to half the guild missing.... So yeah....
    Anyways, I have years of experience starting from Everquest to several other MMOs to BDO. I am very hardworking and 1000% guild oriented. The thought of having a awesome group of people to play with, a nice website, good voicechat and communication is my favorite thing in the world. About myself: I'm currently a computer network/cyber security student, 28 yrs old and engaged so yes I have a life lol.
    The Ideal Partner(s):
    Someone who understand what it means and takes to operate a good, cohesive guildDoesn't mind coming together to discuss different ways to engage with the membersHas ideas and isn't shyGood with communicationLoves Voicechat (because I do lol)Believes in setting rules, policy, structure and proper organizationNon-elitist and is fun loving, down to earthWouldn't mind us having a facebook or website for the guild* I list these things because this is what you'll get from me. I believe in a strong staff system. Good leaders and officers are what make guilds work. *
    I am available to meet and talk just about every day. We can meet and discuss ideas and workout the logistics. Im not looking to make the most hardcore guild, just a guild that is serious about getting things done and doing whats needed to achieve success without stress or drama.
    Interested? Got questions? Reply below, inbox me or locate me on the game @ Grezlore Alexandrose (Orwen server).
  25. Clockwork is currently recruiting new members that are active players. We are a casual PvX guild that is part of the Brotherhood. We will help and build up new players to the game, but we also help with players that are in their 50's who might not be up to spec to join other guilds in the Brotherhood, that have higher requirements.
    Teamspeak is a requirement to join the guild, you are not required to talk if you do not have a mic or some other reason prevents you from being able too. The important thing is being able to listen in so that you know what is going on within the guild.
    Discord is another requirement, we use Discord for texting chat, we have the voice channels turned off. The reason we use it is so that we can use it to store important links and also have it so that we can communicate through text chat from anywhere.
    You are required as a new member to help do guild missions so that it is not just the guild as a whole helping you, but you helping the guild(it is especially important for players who plan to move onto other Brotherhood guilds). Obviously you are not required to do every guild mission, especially if you are in the middle of doing something important while it was started, but will be looked at case by case so that members do not abuse our laid back style.
    Clockwork is a casual guild, but we do have very active members that are on every day. We are currently hoping to start doing guild boss scrolls as soon as we have a strong enough force to do them without having to worry about the time limit. We are also pretty active in doing relic scrolls and other boss scrolls.
    Groups join us - we do accept larger groups of players wanting to join us, or smaller guilds wanting to merge into our guild. If you feel that this would be a good option for you and your friends or your smaller guild. We will do an interview to make sure that we fit well together of if another guild in the Brotherhood might be a better fit for you.
    If you are interesting in joining Clockwork please contact me in game on Aurri or Eodiin (one in a blue moon on Deviie). If I am not on feel free to contact any member and they will get you with an officer.
    Thank you,