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  1. <Astalder> We are the Valiant Ones
    We are a North American guild focused on creating a casual but fun environment for players of all types to enjoy the game and have fun together. We don't have any pesky requirements that force you to be online everyday at a certain time, and we don't force anyone to play when they don't want to. If you're looking for helpful hints on how to get started in BDO we have members that can help you figure out what it is you want to do, whether its Life-skilling, PvP, or something else entirely. If you're a veteran player like the leader and co-founder who's grown tired of all the politics of the major guilds, or who's tired of this game being your second job then you'll love it here. 
    Our founding principals are:
    Real life comes first. Black Desert Online after all is just a game, and as much as we enjoy having all our members be active we understand that jobs, family, friends, etc come first and will never fault/punish you for having something else to do.Black Desert Online is a GAME not a job. As such there are no leveling quotas and no gear requirements.Our guild name is elvish for "Valiant One(s)", and as such we expect our members to behave as such. We're not anti-pk, if someone is taking your spot and you've asked them to leave we have no problems with you flagging, but we are anti-griefing so our members are not to go around pking for no reason.Don't forget to have fun. 
    If you're interested in joining our guild, or have more questions feel free to leave your reply to this thread or PM Masyaf in game. (I do my best to respond to any PMs I get in a timely manner)
  2. <Morphine> is a small NA Guild looking for a few more active players of any class and level to fill it's ranks. We are a small casual, play your way Guild with no dumb Guild requirements like gear score, level etc. etc. that most other Guilds require, all that we ask is that you are active, respectful, help out other Guildies and have Discord (mic not required). We do Guild Missions, boss scrolls and grind parties. Play the game your way, not how others expect you to just in order to be in there Guild. If you just want to life skill, that's fine. Into just grinding mobs, that's fine to. We have yet to do any node wars. We do dab in pvp. We are not ragers, we are unfiltered and no censor so thick skin is a must. We are always active one way or another. 

    We at Morphine got tired of having to play BDO on others terms and restrictions, we just wanted a Guild to call home, build up and get Guild perks and play BDO the way we want to, not be told how to play or when to play certain aspects of the game by other ppl. Have fun with BDO, play how you want to play, we don't make it a competition like most Guilds. 
    If Morphine sounds like the type of laid back, play your way type Guild you're looking for than don't hesitate to PM me here or in game. Family name Noaeu Character Name OxyOverdose. You can find me on discord at <Morphine>OxyOverdose#6367 
    Discord is a must, no mic is okay.
    Guild Perks so far:
    Level 3 Accuracy
    Level 3 All AP
    Level 2 Damage Reduction
    Level 2 Gathering
    Level 2 Fishing
  3. hey my name is bulwark.
    I am an experienced player with lots of pvp practice that is looking for a pvp guild preferably one that needs help (can be a new small guild aslong as pvp is strong interest of its members) or someone to organize pvp events and practice for their guild along with making strategies for node wars. 
    I want a guild that always has its members backs since i always go to help out any member in need may it be pvp or pve. Also if the guild is always active in guild wars thats a nice bonus since i enjoy getting in scraps. Please post your guild name here and a name and times of someone i can contact in game or on discord Sword Go Clang (bulwark)#9602 to discuss the guilds that are looking for someone with my interest to be a part of their guild.
  4. XPIRE is a chill friendly PvX guild and we are looking for new members, We only have 1 requirment and thats to be level 55 or above ! We are on the Mediah 6 channel  We are close knit and more laid back but we are incredibly active! Message me if interested  
    Discord code : gZ2C7Zx

  5. Obsidian_Dragon is a group of like-minded individuals spread around the globe, founded in 2001, and active in a number of Online MMO's, and, we are currently recruiting for our PVX Black Desert Online Division.

    This clan is a family friendly environment, open to all and has lots to offer with the novice or skilled player, super friendly, helpful and group where "Everyone" has a say in day to day operations, and everyone matters. We have weekly Guild Boss Scrolls, weekly Guild Meetings, daily Guild Missions, and much more..., we also use Discord for a more relaxed and friendly experience. Node wars is on the radar and we are almost at that stage with our numbers to start to give it a serious consideration. So if you're a Fisher, Cook, or Combat is your thing, give us a whisper...Check out our newly updated community website at: http://obsidiandragon.net/

    We are a great group of people and if this is the kind of playing environment you desire you have come to the right place. Mergers are also welcomed from smaller groups. Our currently maxed Guild Skills are the following: Gathering - +3, Fishing - +3, Accuracy - +5, AP - +3, Max HP - +2, Damage Reduction - +4, Siege Weapon Damage Resistance - +1, 2 guild galleys and 2 guild elephants.

    Thanks for your interest!!


    P.S. Our website is still in the redesign phase, so please contact any of the below for an invite:

    Division Lead: Family_Name: Malister, Character: Melnar
    Division Talon: Family_Name: Aethandor, Character: Rhuarc
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Calmalnn, Character: Rhotan
    Division Officer: Family_Name: DocGrizzly, Character: Doc_Pakuna
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Draconisian, Character: Sabrina_Godwell or Aimee_llana
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Elvenrune, Character: Chaint
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Gwenador, Character: Sampia
    Division Officer: Family_Name: MsGrizzly, Character: Flyinghawk
    Division Officer: Family_Name: Pixie_Hollow, Character: Bricia or Nimta
  6. Eldrid is a PvX guild with veteran and new players. We are a longstanding PvE guild that used to go by the name of Flames. We have since then move forward into the PvX guild now known as Eldrid. We are looking for PvX minded people to bolster our ranks and community!. We do a lot together and you can expect a firm and fair leadership. We do a lot of guild missions, Margoria Hunting, GvG, Small Scale Node Wars, Scroll Groups, grinding parties and Guild Bosses.
    Here at Eldrid we have few rules but we take them very seriously.

    These rules are:
    10k activity per week.
    7 days offline at most without giving a notice results in your removal from the guild.
    No griefing other players.
    Be respectful and polite towards players and guildies.
    Show up for Node wars if you are online.
    Help other members if they are in need.
  7. [RELIC] PVX Adult Gaming Guild - Player Progression Focused
    About Us:
    What is Relic? Quid est Vinculum Quid Nos. It is that which binds us together. History, Community and Friendship. We are a mature community that has been around since 2009. As adult gamers who understand the nuances of adult life we strive to keep things family friendly and positive in our group. We game to have fun and relax with friends, not to stress out.
    Many of our players play more than one game together and have been gaming together for several years. Our history, the highs and the lows, has brought us together as a community and has let many of us form lifelong friendships. We support each other in-game in all aspects of game-play. This community is what we invite new players to be a part of.
    Joining Relic you join an established community of gamers. We will ask that you have respect toward the community and the game. We expect our members to act in a manner that speaks well of our group. You will be asked to act in accord with this spirit of good play and be reasonably active to maintain a spot on our in-game roster. (inactive players may be temporarily expelled in game if we ever run into roster constraints).

    What we provide:
    Regular Guild MissionsWeekly Guild Boss Runs (weekend event)Weekly Node Wars (weekend event)PVP Training OpportunitiesWeekly Magoria Sea Monster Hunting (weekend event)Weekly Whale Hunting OpportunitiesRegular Consistent Scroll GroupsA Stable and Mature CommunityWhat we Expect:
    Players Must be Active - You should be active on your character and participate in the community.Players Must Contribute to the Guild - You will be required to earn Guild Contribution and participate in at least one of our weekend events on a regular basis.Players Must Progress Their Characters- Life skills or combat. We expect you to always be improving some aspect of your character.Players Must Progress Toward a Node War Ready Character. Currently we consider that 400 GS and Level 58 minimum.Contact Us!:
    If you think community when someone says guild then we might be the guild for you. Let's see if we fit together. For more info contact Sass or Meaghs here on the forums or in game [ Relic_Princess (Sassi) / MrM (Meaghs / Meagh)]. You can also contact Meaghs directly via  discord (Meaghs #4352) for more info or an invite. Alternatively post here!
    Guildlaunch: http://relicgaming.guildlaunch.com     /     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/relic.gaming     /     Discord: https://discord.me/relic
    Check out our activities on imgur!
    About us:
                                                           Our focus: Balanced PvP/PvE/NodeWars, Economy & Crafting
                                                             Be Active (inactive 9+days gets boot)
                                                                                                  Be Sociable (Talk to one another in guild)
                                                             Help out with Guild activities (guild missions, Etc.)
                                                             Show up for Node war when needed (sorta already tells u  )
                                                             Join Discord (Required)( Link be given upon joining guild) 
    No arguing what so ever, any arguing will be an instant ban, unless everyone understand its just playing around.
                        WHO to contact in-game:
                    Misa_Torie , XeeXeeD , 
    About us:
                                                           Our focus: Balanced PvP/PvE/NodeWars, Economy & Crafting
                                                             Be Active (inactive 9+days gets boot)
                                                                                                  Be Sociable (Talk to one another in guild)
                                                             Help out with Guild activities (guild missions, Etc.)
                                                             Show up for Node war when needed (sorta already tells u )
                                                             Join Discord (Required)( Link be given apon joining guild) 
    No arguing what so ever, any arguing will be an instant ban, unless everyone understand its just playing around.
                        WHO to contact in-game:
                    Misa_Torie , XeeXeeD , 
  10. Equinox is recruiting! Looking for players to help with guild quests and prepare for endgame PvP. Paying max daily wage and we have guild discord. Leave a comment here and I will invite you asap

  11. Community
    Flux is a Gaming Community that was founded in 2013. Since then Flux has been constantly growing and changing. At our core, we are a multi-gaming community currently serving PC gamers across various titles. Our group consists of casual, semi and hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build a name for ourselves! Each of us has a passion for gaming. We work together to make experiences enjoyable for all and radiate a positive vibe to players outside of the community. We are always looking to expand into other games to build and maintain solid teams which will intertwine itself in the gaming world. 
    Black Desert Online
    Within Black Desert Online, we originated out of Orwen server with no ties to any particular channel. We are a PvX guild with a much more heavy emphasis on player vs. player combat. Our members have competitive attitudes within our relaxed atmosphere which simply means we like to have fun and kill people along the way. Currently, we participate in node wars twice a week and maintain a healthy, competitive environment for our members. Our members are active on discord daily and happy to set up grind groups/answer questions that new BDO players could have.
    We typically ask our members to be 57+ with an awakened gearscore of 415+, and commit to at least three of the eight node wars we participate in per month. However, with the new surge of returning and new players, we are willing to accept anyone that is below the level/gearscore requirement as long as they are social, committed to leveling/gearing up, and meet our node war minimum requirements. Discord is obviously mandatory for all node wars.
    Information on how to join can be located on our website: Here  - OR -  You can contact any of our officers below in-game for more information!
    Guild Master: House_Osiris / TheodoraMember Management: DivineSpark / Valkyrior
    Recruitment/Relations: RedTape / FearsomeTyrantPvP Event Coordinator: Reynx / Reynz
    PvP Officer: Fire_Fist / Florrin
    PvP Officer: Neee / Tokiii
    PvP Officer: Vren / SuperEdgyElf
     Thank you for your interest in joining Flux and we look forward to seeing you in Black Desert!
    Website: www.fluxcommunity.org  -  Discord: discord.gg/flux
  12.  JackOfAllTrades Is Recruiting  
    About us-
    We're a EST - PST PVX PVP oriented guild looking to have fun, we're a friendly bunch looking to progress through the game mixing a little PVE with PVP.  We also understand that people have a life if you have to go somewhere just let us know we'll write it down, and you'll still have place when you return. We also play other games. 
    Looking for-
    Active, mature, and social players Lvl 50+ looking to PVE AND PVP while progressing, enjoying the game, have fun, and watch each other's back. We will also take in new players if they will meet us half way.
    What we do-
    Guild Quest
    Scrolls and Relic Scrolls
    Node wars
    Cliff Dive
    Make Movies
    Ask about the meaning of life, and pizza
    And more miscellaneous things
    Be Active 
    Be Social
    Show up for Node Wars 
    Teamspeak is required a mic isn't (pretty much don't be a loner) 
    We also have discord if needed but teamspeak is mostly used
    Help out with guild activities
    Be part of a guild
    Who to contact in game-
    BoutFiftyFatties, Ivyor, Cic, Xuani
    Be a JackOfAllTrades! Join us Today also check out our video down below
  13. Post on ΩOLYMPUSΩ in US Guild

    By HeroUnknown, posted
    *Disclaimer* I created a new thread because I've changed the name of the guild and some of the rules and wasn't sure how to close the other posting. Old post can be found here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/121729-onus-newly-formed-guild-on-na-server/ *End Disclaimer*

    Hello everyone, OLYMPUS (formerly Onus) is currently recruiting and searching for new gods. We offer ambrosia for all qualifying mortals (=P) 

    Seriously though, we are currently growing, only being a few months old and experiencing those growing pains but all in all we are moving forward together. 
    Currently, we have the following guild skills: +5AP. +5Acc, +5 Dam Reduc +1 Fishing
    Acceptance to the guild is based on quality and desire to progress. No, we have no gear or level reqs atm, as those things can always be worked on, personality, however, is usually pretty set, so thats the most important trait. Any and all members incoming are screened and interviewed, most times this process works to ensure we're getting quality people. We are PvX with plans to compete for nodes and are moving faster towards this direction. GvG’s, pvp,  Boss scrolls, grind groups etc are all things we take part in. We teach, share/adventure with and take care of each other and have a wealth of knowledge to offer about the game. 
    The environment of the guild and the discord is one where any one can feel comfortable to be whoever it is they are (so long as you're not harming/negatively influencing anyone else). 
    The guild is structured, we have a calendar of events and a schedule and we do expect members to be active (no that doesn't mean you have you play every single day, just that I shouldn't ever get to the point to where I'm like "wait, who is that again"). If you'd like to know more, please visit us in Discord @ https://discord.gg/qv2wSf4
    Update 2/10/17: New Forum posting with current name. Still working towards guild skills, focusing on +HP next. Having first "practice" node war today to familiarize newer members on node war mechanics etc. Also, considering new guild emblem and revising guild documents.

  14. Guild Status: Seeking New Members
    We are a currently seeking members; also Officers and Quart Masters.
    About us:
    So far we are a pair of brothers (Whitecurse & Whitecurses) in search of members to join our small Family and find the hidden secrets of Black Desert Online. We are a PVX guild that mainly focuses on Gathering and Trading, so we could slowly bring ourselves to enter into the PVP Node wars. Profit to the guild always works wonders, especially for the node wars. We welcome any new players and veteran players to our small Family, and always willing to learn more about the game. To the new players we are always there to help our with small tips an advice about Black Desert online. My brother and I has had our Whitecurse Shadows Clan / Guild  for about 4 years and continuing on. We used to have plenty of more members, but as an understanding they had to leave our small family to carry on to their IRL responsibilities.
    Guild Requirements
    There is no level requirement, we are always welcoming every level to our Guild.Be active, if you cannot be active within our guild please let us know within our guild information comments. So we don't end up giving you the boot by accident.Must speak English. Since we are in the North American server, but my brother and I do speak Romanian as well.Good Vibes! No drama is permitted within our tranquil guild. I do not like using the Ban Hamma 
    If you are interested in joining our fun little family, you can contact me through forums, Post a comment , and contact any one of our characters in game.
    Contact information
    Whitecurse - Maiingan
    Whitecurses - Muzumi
    We are usually online the NA_Mediah 6 server, but are always active. Feel free to add any one of us as well. Hope to see you in game.
  15. Rocinante is a semi-casual, social, PvX guild from the Jordine headstart, as such we are currently in the top 25 and have most guild skills unlocked.
    Who do we look for? Mature, social and cool people; the experience, level and gear don't matter as long as you're willing to contribute to the guild's growth.
    What do we offer? All of the combat and life skill buffs, 2 or more small scale wars every week, 3 daily exp buffs, Valencian CtG for your trading needs, Margoria monster hunting groups, a rewarding salary for those willing to put effort in their activity and payouts when possible. Discord server full of waifu pics helpful guides and totally normal adults.
    What do we ask for? Participation to 2 node wars or 1 hunting trip a month. People working on their quest activity instead will be able to skip those after a certain threshold.
    For more information, contact us at:

    We are a PvX guild that mostly focuses on PvP, and power leveling/grinding for silver. 
    We are a new guild, and looking to grow as quickly as possible.
    Most of us starting this guild up have been playing together for years in various MMO's 
    We're looking to experience every part of the game together.

    If Life Skilling is all you do, this might not be the guild for you.
    We need people who are willing to pick up their weapons and do the best they can, and learn.
    You are of course allowed to life skill as much as you want, we're not going to control that, but it would be greatly appreciated, and asked of you to pull your weight in wars and grinding(unless you are purposely being speed leveled)

    Discord is very active and full of good laughs~

    Guild Points have gone in to so far;
    Level 3 Accuracy
    Level 4 AP
    Level 3 DMG reduction
    Level 2 HP
    40 Member Cap
    GM; EIchulus (the first L is really a capital i) - Family name; Strega

    Be willing to participate in guild missions
    Be willing to learn and train PvP
    Be willing to focus on gear progression
    Be willing to join Discord
    Be able to follow in organized groups

    #1 No hacking, if we catch anything of the sort you will be banned with no way back.

    #2 Don't be toxic, if you refuse to listen to a warning you'll be dropped.

    #3 Let us know if you're taking a break from the game, real life comes first. Letting us know on the discord is the best way for record.

    #4 Red players are free game.

    #5 Be respectful in the field of battle. Trash talking will only make the guild look bad.

    #6 Before you try to flag, know who you are attacking, and what guild. Avoid needless drama. 
  17. Fatum is a new EU guild looking for other members.
    We currently have 2 members including me so a lot of positions are still open.
    The guild skill tree is also still empty and open to suggestions as what the members actually want.
    I personally don't care about how foul mouthed people are, I do it myself too. But I don't want any drama against other members, chill.
    We are just looking to build a family of people to rant with about the game and try to endure the grinding while hanging out in the Discord server.
    Recruiting is pretty simple, either PM me in game, or join our discord and contact me there.
    In game name: Alementum
    Discord link: Click me for discord
  18.   Obsidian Dragon  is a group of Like Minded Individuals spread around the globe, founded in 2001, and active in a number of Online MMO’s, and, we are currently recruiting for our PVX Black Desert Division.
        This clan is family friendly, open to all and has lots to offer either the novice or skilled player, super friendly, helpful and a group where “Everyone” has a say in day to day operations, and Everyone matters, Weekly Boss scrolls and weekly Clan meetings, Daily Guild Missions, and much more, we also use Discord for a more relaxed and friendly experience. Node wars is on the radar and we are almost at that stage with our numbers to start to give it serious consideration. So if you’re a Fisher, Cook, or combat is your thing, give us a whisper.. We do have an awesome web page in development at this time.. 
      We are a great group and if this is the kind of playing environment you desire you have come to the right place.
       Mergers are also welcomed from smaller groups.
    Maxed Guild Skills as of this date Gathering, Fishing
    Thanks for your interest
    P.S. Web Page is still in the design Phase so please contact any of the below for a Invite’
    Docgrizzly (Family Name)
    Sassie (Family Name)
    Pixie_Hollow (Family Name)
    Draconisian (Family Name)
  19. A torn piece of yellowed parchment, edges curled and tattered, impaled to a wooden post by a single rusted nail flutters in the breeze. If you want to read it, by all means do so. If you ignore it your day continues as it always has…
    The printed words are somewhat smudged, the style rather gothic. The ink used was probably of quality although the printing press likely dubious with missing 's' s replaced by 'f's in some cases. There are areas where weather and minor nicks by daggers, and so on, have made words impossible to read…
    “Heigh-ho, and all that…in short Greetings and, of course, salutations.
    We, the members of the adventurers Company <MoonRise>, are pleased to present ourselves as we look for new members to join our pursuits throughout Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah and beyond…….Despite our former lives as Brigands, Mercenaries and HighwayMen, Farmers, Tinkerers and….we are…still able to take up the sword and Stave as needed. Our ranks include… some of the very best skilled Tradespeople. If seeking gainful employment, pleased be you to contact any of the sisters Leafsilver.”
    OOC- in short, <MoonRise> was reformed from the cadre of the Uno server guild Skeleton Crewe after a bit of faffing about as a clan (Nebulous Gods). We’re simply a purposely small casual players’ guild supporting both martial and life-skilling players. Currently we have 17 of 20 slots filled. Some of the members are avid role-players too. Role-play runs the gamut from RP-Lite to hardcore and mostly just happens. We keep guild chat as just chat, not for RP. We operate MoonRise on the premise that life happens so guild events (such as scroll runs, guild missions, guild hunts) are never mandatory. We have no gear/skill minimums, nor level expectations, no play-hour minimums and no voice chat requirements. MoonRise welcomes new/returning players too. We simply expect members to support, honor and respect each other and members of the community at large. No drammah.
     If interested in being an integral part of a small but vibrant guild, please contact one of us listed below or any MoonRise Officer, and thanks for reading! 
    Server: North America
    Channel: usually Serendia 6, but may be found on others too (e.g., Mediah 5)
    GM: Radiant_JenLi (family name Leafsilver)
    Co-Leader: Keltyn (family name Silvernacht)
    Officer: Ezuri (family name Ooroo)
    Officer: LeiannaFabs (family name Fabbrication)
  20. Welcome to Lucidia!
    NA | Casual/Semi-Hardcore | PvX
    Lucidia is a new guild founded by two mmo veterans who have traveled across many mmos. We are a judgement free zone and we are here to welcome everyone!
    Lucidia is a PvX guild that will lean towards PvP.
    Communication is key so here is a link to our discord!
    Try to be as active as you can. Activity is what will keep this guild alive!Please be mature and respectful to othersABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA!If you are going to be away for a period of time, please let a Leader or Officer know. If you are inactive for 35 days without prior warning (or warning while gone) then you will be kicked.Relax and Have Fun! Lets build this guild together!

    Attention Adventurers!  Gondor is actively seeking new members.  We welcome players with a non-competitive mindset, those who want to engage in all aspects of BDO.
    I have been playing BDO since CBT1 and instantly fell in love with this game.    Gondor is under new management!  We had a splitting of directions - some members found that they wanted to be more actively involved in the upcoming seiges and node wares. Being a PvX guild, we did not have the numbers nor the interest, so they chose to part ways.  Right now the guild consists of a small handful of players who are still interested in all aspects of BDO, and we are looking to recruit other players with similar interests.
    Focus:   Balanced PvE/PvP, Economy & Crafting
    Maintaining the core idea that this is a GAME - we want it to be fun!We primarily enjoy PvE content such as group monster grinding, life skills/professions, boss scrolls, knowledge seeking, and exploration. PvP obviously happens in this game, but we are a guild of honor.  We fight to defend ourselves, defend our grind spots, and defend our fellow guild members. We do not go around picking fights for the sake of fighting, and we especially do not attack those who are unable to defend themselves, such a horse trainers who are AFK.We are on Discord, actively working together to grow as both individual players and as a guild.  It is by no means a requirement, but we find a useful for coordinating and communicating in bigger groups, such as boss scrolls or large guild quests.  As long as you keep in communication one way or another, that's what matters. 
    Think you have what it takes to join the Ithilien and serve the great kingdom of Gondor?  PM me through these forums or whisper me in game.  We'll have a quick chat and see if this guild is a good fit for what you are looking for.  Feel free to also reach out to any of our officers you run into while playing the game.


  22. Immortals_Rising is a small international English speaking casual guild that I have built from the ground up, and will be focusing on looking to expand the guild with active/semi-active members. Immortals_Rising was created it for fun, the guilds focus is mainly on a mixture of being a PvX and Life skilling.
    We currently have 25+ active players in guild and we still looking to expand the guild.We currently offering Gathering +2 and later on PvP buffs and the rest of Life skill buffs after increasing the guild size and will be doing guild boss summons 2/3 times a week.We offer support and help to those who are new and returning players.I will be doing everyday payout once we are large enough for those who like's passive in-come.What does Immortals_Rising demand of me as a player?
    We're not demanding at all. We're not pushing you to do PVE missions/Life skilling nor do we want to heavily push the guild into it but a mixture of both kinds.
    But all we really demand is that you are somewhat active, able to help out the guild in wars and your future fellow members that are in need of help.
    Only requirement is to only join our Discord to keep in touch with our players: https://discord.me/immortals_rising
    I am currently looking for 3 Officers with the requirement of having past experience within the role that would like to be willing to recruit and manage the guild.
    If we are the kind of guild that you'd be interested in joining, please contact Kiri_Suna in-game or Message me in Discord.

    BladeandArrow is a PvX guild on the NA server of Black Desert Online
    We are a chilled group of OCE/NA players, who are just looking to enjoy the game at our own pace, while still participating in all aspects of the game and we are actively recruiting
    We have discord available and is REQUIRED to be used and to join, as we use it to post guides, guild news, and events, and as our main source of communication
    We will always accept active players, and you can apply today :)!!!!
    Nothing to crazy in terms of rules, but basically just be active in guild and game and use discord, as all this helps build the community of BladeAndArrow

    300+ GS preferred but exceptions can be made for new, returning or even current players below this as long as you plan to be active and gear/level. New members are placed on a 7day trial period where if use of discord or guild activity isn't satisfied, we reserve the right to kick when the entry level 7day contract ends

    Seeing as we are a PvX guild we participate in a wide variety of activities which basically covers a bit of everything

    These include and aren't limited too

    Guild Wars, Node Wars,  Red Battlefield, Arena PvP and general PvP
    Grind Groups, and leveling parties for lower level members
    Sea Monster Hunting using our guild ship
    Hunting Groups as well as other life skill activities

    A dedicated team of Horse Trainers and a guild horse market via our discord 
    Guild Quests, Bosses and Events
    And a weekend roster to organise parties for any of the activities listed above
    And overall creating a fun and exciting place to enjoy all Black Desert has to offer
    If you are interested in joining send our GuildMaster Oliviah, from the Rayyyzor Family, a whisper, PM or reply here and its as simple as that

  24. Guild Goals:
    Get to 60 members.
    Get Maxed out HP, Acc, and AP buffs.
    Get all members to level 57/58.
    Win and maintain 1-2 nodes weekly once numbers stabilize.

    Guild Requirements:
    150AP+ or 300 GS total. (Lower gear scores will be considered just not guaranteed entry)
    Level 55 or higher.
    Play at least 10 Hour a week.
    4k Contribution Per week.
    Must be at least 87% Human.

    Guild Activities:
    Group World Bosses.
    Group Gathering.
    Group Grinding/Leveling.
    Group PvP Training/Practice.
    Node Wars in the Near Future.
    Water Monsters/World Bosses.

    Guild Overview:
    We are a semi-casual PvX multi-activity guild. We do a bit of everything and have room in the guild for anyone who is willing to grow stronger with us. We are currently looking to take in new and returning players to try to teach them more about the game while building the foundation for a solid community of friends and acquaintances. We are also looking for older more experienced players to help guide newer players and share and help fellow veterans improve their overall experience in game.

    Right now we are 11 members strong out of our 40 member roster and are looking for more members so we can continue to grow. We eventually want to participate in node wars and control a few nodes, this however is a future aspiration until we increase our numbers.

    This is not a hardcore guild, however we do all of the guild quests we can daily and expect members to participate when able. Our 4k guild contribution per week is loosely enforced but not iron clad so long as we continue to improve our guild level/funds at a constant rate. Payment is based strictly on contribution and the funds available in the guild bank. So long as you are contributing and we can afford to pay you we will pay as much as we are capable.

    If you have any interest in joining or would like more information please whisper Regret, Blindness, or Caitln in game. You can also alternatively contact me via discord at Regret#9620. 

  25. Disposable Heroes
    Disposable Heroes first and foremost is a gaming community that values its' players as individuals rather than their gear score. Our first objective as a guild is to find players who enjoy each others company as well as providing a fun environment taking advantage of all the different aspects BDO has to offer. Here at DH we like to say that we are all a--holes but we aren't bad people. We use teamspeak as our primary VOIP and use discord as a forum hub for information and posts. Our teamspeak when not being used for node wars is more geared towards a mature audience while guild chat will have more casual conversation.
    Code of Conduct
    Teamspeak is not required on an everyday basis however it is highly recommendedWhen handling open world PvP we urge our players to defend themselves whenever necessary, if contesting a grind spot or being contested upon attempt communication first before flagging.We do not trash talk, if another guild wishes to talk trash then we laugh it off.If you have a problem with another player we are all adults, handle it respectfully. If the action does not change contact an officer before carrying the issue further.Be an active member within the community. At DH we don't have strict requirements of playtime or contribution, we do require that our players be active within the guild in one form or another. If long absences are known before hand contact an officer and a course of action will be determined at that juncture.Have fun and enjoy the community.History of DH
    Creation and background: Disposable Heroes was founded in 1999 by a family that resided in Texas while playing EQ. That family created the DH Community and carried its name through other games such as counter strike and World of Warcraft where they had many server firsts. From there it went on to become a community that branched from different steam games as well as Minecraft [Google HeroCraft]. DH continued on to Archage where it held it's ground against some of the top guilds on their server.
    Black Desert Online: Disposable Heroes came over to Black Desert from Archage with a handful of dedicated players to get the ball rolling. With quick growth and a great community Disposable Heroes was a formidable opponent on the Orwen server with many great allies such as Sarcasm and Acolytes. Once node wars became live DH was one of 3 guilds left standing at the battle for Elders' Bridge, a 9 guild node war debut. We learned and shared a plethora of knowledge with top tier guilds educating them and ourselves on all things node wars. We were quick to put that knowledge to use gaining ourselves the ability to fight out manned/out geared wars and win tier 2/3 nodes. Before long Sarcasm merged into DH allowing us to solidify our standing in the tier 2/3 fights. Coming into the server merge we made the decision along with Acolytes to merge creating a mega guild. After some castle/tier 3 sieges we decided to go our separate ways returning back to DH to get back to our original goal as a guild, to create a community of gamers that just enjoy playing together.
    Screen Shots
    Peak Hours
    While we have many players from all over that play throughout all hours of the day our peak hours are
    7pm-12am cst Mon-Sun
    Ps. We also have ocx players.
    GM: Keltzer
    Officers: Mr_Bread, FuryofRage, Merlina, Rylinn, Matrim_Cauth, Iounn
    These are character names not family names so whisper them in game or comment below for more information.
    Please leave your family name and character name in your post IE: (Family Name) Character Name.