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  1. Hi und willkommen
    Ich möchte heute unsere kleine mittelgroße Gilde vorstellen. Alle Infos zu uns findet ihr im Anhang unter dieser Zeile.^^ ▼
    ¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸
    ¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸
    Wer keine Lust hat sich den ganzen Schmarrn durchzulesen, kann sich auch gern ohne Umwege ingame bei der Gilden-Meisterin: Rising, oder den Offis: XblackhandX, Latschman, LeKakBraze oder Ferio melden.^^
    Wir freuen uns auf dich!   ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  2. Post on Imperium <NA Edan> in US Guild

    By gholder, posted
    We're recruiting all classes any levels as long as you're active for PVX.  Currently 30 members.  Guild missions are not required but help appreciated.  Quite a few of us active during the daytime play hours and a good core group that plays nightly as well.  
    Guild points are in the following:
    +3 AP
    +3 Accuracy
    +1 DR
    +1 Fishing
    +1 Gathering
    With next set of points we'll add +2 fishing.
    We have a TS and Discord server, check out our forums here: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/ .
    If interested PM me here or in game.

    The Order of Marr is yet again reqruiting and looking for new active members as an addition to our community.
    We're searching from Calpheon to Valencia, from beginners to pros all over europe and all we ask of you is your activity, contribution and respect for the rest of our members on Serendia J2. We want to create a sense of family there everyone can feel right at home no matter age, nationality, your sexual preference, man or woman, as long as you can contribute to the friendly feeling and the guild, you're all welcome! That's right. We are not looking to create an army there the members are pawns and their leaders is their king. Here we are all equals. 
    Order of Marr is an allround guild maining Serendia J2 looking to provide a little bit of everyting such as daily missions, PvP events, guild wars, guild bosses and even RP with more. The guild have an ongoing allience with the guild Red Illusion which we ocationally arrange friendly guild wars with for practice, completely optional. In this guild we reward activity and follow a payment plan all based on the player's activity in the guild. To read more please follow this link: oomarr.shivtr.com/pages/rulesandterms

    As a member you will be given access to our Teamspeak 3 server, a membership on our website and an invite to our closed Facebook group.
    Joining teamspeak is optional but we highly recommend it since we always look forward to get to know a new member, having a chat and share a laugh. During guild bosses our more experienced members will also warn about incoming AoE and discuss strategy during PvP events and wars.
    Our website is where we store necessary information regarding the game, post events, pictures, art, character rp info and more. It can be find on www.oomarr.shivtr.com and finally our closed facebook group is as well for events, pictures, art, game updates or anything you have in mind... like bad memes. Membership is optional as well.
    So how do you join?
    All you have to do is simply to whisper one of our three guild leaders. Our head Serenya, me Vittra or Kristabela when online.  If you wish you may also message me Vittra directly on the forum but you may have to wait longer for reply. We will also advise you if you wish to leave your current guild to join ours which will put you on a 24h cooldown due to ingame mechanic. Oomarr does not have a ap/dp or level limit to join, all welcome. However lvl 50+ players are extremely welcome.


  4. [Edan (NA) | Valencia E2] [TS3] [PvX - Equal Focus on PvP, PvE, and Life Skills]
    [21/30 Members | Rank 135]
    We Offer:
    +2 Gathering, +2 FishingDamage Reduction +2, All AP/Accuracy +3, Max HP +60Twice weekly boss scrolls (Wednesday, Saturday- additional times as needed)Weekly Ancient Relic scrollsWeekly guild bossA small, fun (+funny!), and friendly community of players with a variety of interests, including open-world PvP, arena PvP, alchemy, cooking, horse training, and fishing.Requirements:
    Active players. You are not expected to no life the game, but do at least log on 5+ days a week.No level requirement. We have members who are more than happy to help you level (or learn how to work with life skills if that's your thing!).Use of TS3. You are not required to speak. It's okay if you just want to type. Our guild uses TS3 primarily, and guild messages are easily lost depending on how chat boxes are set up.Application Instructions:
    Please fill out the application form (link is below). We will get in contact with you as soon as possible, or you can contact one of our recruiting officers (Shamshir [Family Name: Raem], VioletLyn [Family Name: SilverWings]).Form: http://goo.gl/forms/vIuy2U6tF0768dHo2Questions or comments can be directed to Shamshir [Family Name: Raem], SapphireLen [Family Name: SilverWings], and SageLeaf [Family: Leaves].
  5. <Sunsworn>
    EU-Croxus | PvX Guild
    What is Sunsworn and who are we looking for?
    Sunsworn is a softcore-dedicated guild, stationed at Croxus.
    We are looking for people interested in a relaxed, friendly environment - yet with a positive attitude towards progress and growing as a Guild. We value the game's progression but completely understand that Real-Life can sometimes get in the way and will then take priority over the game.
    We are beginner friendly, not having any requirements regarding level, or even personal skill - and we'll do our best to guide you in any questions or necessities you might bump into as you explore BDO.
    One of our goals is participating in the upcoming Node-Wars so, while we do not demand the best and most enthusiastic Player-vs-Player type of players, an interest in this feature is certainly a good thing to have. We'll figure out the rest as we go.
    What can you expect of us
    Medium sized guild; An healthy portion of these active on a daily basis;We focus on all activities that BDO has to offer. We tend to lean slightly towards the PvE side, but there is interest in PvP;Regular Scroll runs - from the daily&weekly scroll run, to guild Relic Scroll groups and even the occasional Guild-Boss Scroll;Occasional Leveling\Item farming Guild Grinding groups;We got a Discord server available and, while voice isn't a requirement, members' presence on it can certainly be beneficial for both the player and the guild, during certain events. 
    For more information, please visit our Website at http://www.sunsworn.eu/
    Have a nice day and hope to hear from you soon~

    Attention Adventurers!  Gondor is actively seeking new members.  We welcome players with a non-competitive mindset, those who want to engage in all aspects of BDO.
    I have been playing BDO since CBT1 and instantly fell in love with this game.    Gondor is under new management!  We had a splitting of directions - some members found that they wanted to be more actively involved in the upcoming seiges and node wares. Being a PvX guild, we did not have the numbers nor the interest, so they chose to part ways.  Right now the guild consists of a small handful of players who are still interested in all aspects of BDO, and we are looking to recruit other players with similar interests.
    Focus:   Balanced PvE/PvP, Economy & Crafting
    Maintaining the core idea that this is a GAME - we want it to be fun!We primarily enjoy PvE content such as group monster grinding, life skills/professions, boss scrolls, knowledge seeking, and exploration. PvP obviously happens in this game, but we are a guild of honor.  We fight to defend ourselves, defend our grind spots, and defend our fellow guild members. We do not go around picking fights for the sake of fighting, and we especially do not attack those who are unable to defend themselves, such a horse trainers who are AFK.We are on Discord, actively working together to grow as both individual players and as a guild.  It is by no means a requirement, but we find a useful for coordinating and communicating in bigger groups, such as boss scrolls or large guild quests.  As long as you keep in communication one way or another, that's what matters. 
    Think you have what it takes to join the Ithilien and serve the great kingdom of Gondor?  PM me through these forums or whisper me in game.  We'll have a quick chat and see if this guild is a good fit for what you are looking for.  Feel free to also reach out to any of our officers you run into while playing the game.

  7. Greetings readers,
    Allow me to introduce <Proud>,
    We are a fairly new PvX guild, which we have been building from scratch. We are looking for members that are fairly active (5K Activity a week minimum), level 54 or up, interested in competing in the upcoming Node Wars (THIS FRIDAY OMG!), Guild Quests , Grind Parties, World Bosses and scroll hunts. Our main focus will be controlling nodes.
    We are a Semi-Hardcore guild, we play for fun but we do hope that our guild members will join frequently so we stand a chance against other guilds. We use the regular standards for communicating, which involves no racism, no hate speech, respectful, yet also we want to be able to have some fun and not lay too many restrictions. We hope for our members to be involved on the Discord Channel we use, so we can easily communicate but also have some fun together, however  we don't insist or expect you to be there literally 100% of the time. 
    As for PvP vs PvE, we participate in both, which means if you like to have a diverse playtime you should definitely contact us. As of this moment, when this thread is posted we are a fairly small guild, but we hope to recruit a lot of new members soon! (:  
    <Proud> History:
    - 1,5 to 2 months, after release <Proud> was created as a PvX guild
    - We grew up to over 60 members in 1 month!
    - We reached top 100 Guilds within 6 weeks!
    - We have fought and won wars with some really fierce guilds
    - We have been winning a lot of GvG organized fights
    Join us if:
    - You are searching for a guild that is active in guild activities (such as quests, hunts and wars)
              - We strive to do guild quests about 2/3 times a day, start a grinding group, scroll hunt every few days, have some PvP fun every once in a while ; )
    - You are level 54 or higher
    - You are active on the Jordine server in EU
    - You are looking for a guild that does both PvE and PvP (In the future our main focus will be PvP, however we will never stop PvE)
    - You are 18 years old or up (We try to maintain an age standard to avoid ''childish'' behavior)
    - You speak English/like international guilds (So far we have Dutch,  French, Spanish, Swedish, Slovenian, German, Finish and UK members, probably even forgot a few nationalities)
    - You are looking for a guild with a voice chat > We have our own Discord Channel, with a music bot
    - You seem enthusiastic after reading these points 
    If you are interested after reading this contact me via Personal Message on this forum, by placing a reacting under this message with your username or Artemiz via whisper in game. Also for any other questions feel free to contact us
    Enjoy your time in Black Desert Online and become <Proud>
    And yes I used Comic Sans on purpose
  8. Unforsaken is a small group of people that have come to know eachother as friends and wuld love to make new friends and grow our guild, we are currently looking for lvl 45+ for our pvp team and any levels for pve and life skill. we have no problem helping you lvl and gear, we have some knowledge in just about every part of the game since we are very mixed with personal goals in the game and have no problem helping others reach their personal goal in the game. only requierment to join is to be 18+ of age because of drama and boring stuff like that, discord cuz its alot easier to communicate and we get a voice/face to x person so you get to be a person and not just a name. we got a website that we will be using so it wuld be highly recommended to sign up and boring stuff like every guild has but we got cookies so we are obviusly the better choise. either answer to this post, send pm or pm ingame to ChefTeddy for invite or more information.

  9. Post on [Jordine] <SHINE> in European Guild

    By Raise, posted
    We are looking for 56/57+ members with 325+ Gear and a hardcore mentality to play under the same name who no longer wish to be in a big guild. Let me clarify, that this is not your average "guild". Within SHINE everyone is a stranger, there is no family type bullshit. Personal gains are to be prioritized over everything else. The only time we are known as a group/team is when working together to achieve the same objective or fighting the same enemy, other than that; we are just a bunch of strangers who are working towards their own personal gains. However, there is a discord for those who want to keep in contact or be in the know.
    I am looking for around 20-30 members max, who can all make a name for themselves individually rather than rely on using the guilds name, whatever reputation SHINE achieves will be formed by the individuals that play within it, SHINE will never be known and considered as a strong guild; it will be the members withing SHINE that will be known as the strong ones. SHINE is just the name we work under. I am looking to specifically gather a group of 'elite' like players who are able to take on multiple people alone but achieve even greater goods when working together. However, ALWAYS prioritizing their own goals and benefits before everything else. Let me make this clear; I want the people within this guild to act like a nobody, not boast about themselves using the guild name or gear. Your actions and strength will show who you are not your talk.
    In SHINE there are no rules, you can do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't stop others from achieving their own goals. We do not look into your past or care about your previous history/achievements. I don't care if you are a salty mother-----er, you rage, whatever; those personalities will only add to your own character.
    If you match this description and wish to join or enquire for more details you can contact Miyuo in-game or hit me up on the forums.
  10.              JackOfAllTrades Is Recruiting  
    About us-
    We're a EST - PST PVX guild looking to have fun, we're a friendly bunch looking to progress through the game mixing a little PVE with PVP.  We also understand that people have a life if you have to go somewhere just let us know we'll write it down, and you'll still have place when you return. We also play other games. 
    Looking for-
    Active, mature, and social players Lvl 50+ looking to PVE and PVP while progressing, enjoying the game, have fun, and watch each other's back. We will also take in new players.
    What we do-
    Guild Quest
    Scrolls and Relic Scrolls
    Node wars
    Cliff Dive
    Horse Train
    Ask about the meaning of life, and pizza
    And more miscellaneous things
    Be Active 
    Be Social
    Show up for Node Wars 
    Teamspeak is required a mic isn't (pretty much don't be a loner) 
    We also have discord if needed but teamspeak is mostly used
    Help out with guild activities
    Who to contact in game-
    Chaosmasta, BoutFiftyFatties
    Ginzo (Ivyor), Cic, Furi_hime
    It's dangerous to go alone take a contract and be one of us.
  11. <DropBears> All rounded PvX guild on UNO is seeking active members to join the family! We do regular boss scrolls, guild missions, scroll groups, grinding parties and other activities. Prefer level 40+ as most of our members are already 50+ but all levels will be considered. Discord is also required for siege/node wars. 
    Message one of our officers in game for more info or an invite.
    You can find us on the Calpheon U1 channel
    Look up, stay alive.
  12. The Civil Rebels [RiOT] on Jordine EU Server
    If you're looking for a mixture of fun and focus, then RiOT is your choice!
    RiOT is more than a guild, it's more like a family. We care about each other and we try to help whenever possible. We've been around since Guild Wars 1 and we've been having a blast ever since!
    As a guild, we are PVX with strong interest In PvP, For black desert we will focus more on PvP when Node Wars / Siege wars are introduced.
    Our activities list usually include:
    - Daily Guild missions, Officially scheduled twice a week
    - Weekly Boss Scrolls
    - 1 day a week official PvP night, Arena/War's with other guilds or 2 teams in battlefield
    - Regular Grinding Party's
    - Scroll Party's
    - Duel's in Arena

    We're very social, most of us enjoy each other's presence as well as the game itself. We use TeamSpeak 3 and have our own private server.
    We have a lot of players playing from daytime to very late hours as well.
    And here is what we require of you:
    - be active on TS for Guild Boss/ PvP events
    - participate in Guild missions if possible (we understand people have real life)
    - respect our guild rules
    - be open minded for gear and build suggestion/discussion
    -be level 50+ with AP/DP of 240+ and always strive to obtain better gear/levels.
    - 10k Activity fortnightly.
    You can apply @‌ www.thecivilrebels.com  or contact any RiOT member. Cheers!

  13. Proxima is a Guild that was forged in the birth of Uno.
    We have been around since the server breathed life and are now a full fledged community uniting like-minded gamers, tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, and streamers under one roof. We are a community of gritty, mature individuals whom have played games and entertained one another for as long as 10 years. We invite you to join us for our first official foray into the conundrum that is "Black Desert Online."
    Our play styles differ internally but we cover almost all realms of gameplay. Most importantly Player vs. Player. 
    Why should you join Proxima?
    We (Proxima) aren't your ordinary guild, nor do we strive to be. At this present juncture we are a mid major guild striving to participate in high end content, strong pvp, and an even stronger willed member base. We have many in game goals for ourselves but our goals extend past the virtual and into the real world. If you're looking for not just a guild in Black Desert but a community of people whom you will develop friendships, strong bonds, lasting relationships, plentiful laughter, a sense of achievement, and still be able to play other games... you've come to the right place. Many of us have families, children, jobs, and existing commitments. We won't ask you to break those vow's. We understand priority.
    Our accomplishments will be just that - accomplished through our teamwork and through our community.
    We are all this and more.
    ~The specifics~
    Server: Uno
    Guild Skills:
    92 Guild Points
    +3 Accuracy
    +3 AP
    +60 HP
    +3 Damage Reduction
    +1 Gathering Level
    +1 Pledge of Determination
    Requirements: (Subject to Change)
    18+ Level 52+240 AP/DPDiscord Use EncouragedProxima.GG Forum Account Registration & Introduction Post (No Guild Invite w/o Introducing Yourself)Contact: Leuie (Ithalia), Torero (Pobre), Dusteh (Ellanoria), Omni (Scient), Starrkiller (Death_Ruin), Traheaern (monkeymattb)
    I want to thank you for your time, and to all potential interested.. Salute!

    - Leu

    Home: http://www.proxima.gg
    Forums: http://forums.proxima.gg
  14. Check us out, and if you don't think we're a good fit we hope you find it! 
    A guild that is a family, active, supportive, and determined! <Webshrouds> 
    To all who view have a nice day! 

  15. Hello, this guild is a small guild focused on lifeskills, PvE, and small scale PvP (not GvGs, Nodewars, and sieges)
    The guild is mainly to accommodate players looking for people to either help each other via Boss scroll parties, grinding parties, and ingame advise regarding help with gear progression/ game info/ general info/ and just anything that you might have a question about.
     I will not consider merging the guild with a bigger guild. That defeats the purpose of wanting to make a small guild in the first place.
    But if smaller guilds wish to cooperate and overall help each other, then im not against that idea.
    At the Moment, I do not consider a gear score requirement or a level requirement because we're not a Hardcore/No-Life Guild.
    If you want get more info about the guild my info is down below.
    Family Name: Overlord
    Main IGN: Valeon
  16. Siamo una gilda da 60 giocatori che vogliono giocare senza stress in un ambiente amichevole e divertente, ci piace occuparci dei vari jobs e grindare, senza dimenticarci della parte pvp proprio come il nome di gilda suggerisce.
    Cerchiamo Player attivi lvl 50+ ts obbligatorio solo per guild war boss di gilda e giri scrolls, la presenza costante in ts sarà premiata.
    Sito http://lowkarma.shivtr.red/
    Contatti in game: 
    Master: Hestar
    Officers: YenneferIII, Wolphilar, Gladiu, Demetria, RedByson, Larok, Zephyraz, Elendyl91.
    p.s. se sei sotto il lvl 50 e cerchi gilda, puoi lo stesso richiedere di entrare se sei attivo e usi ts.
  17. The Civil Rebels [RiOT] on  EU Server
    If you're looking for a mixture of fun and focus, then RiOT is your choice!
    RiOT is more than a guild, it's more like a family. We care about each other and we try to help whenever possible. We've been around since Guild Wars 1 and we've been having a blast ever since!
    As a guild, we are PVX with strong interest In PvP.
    Our activities list usually include:
    - Daily Guild missions
    - Weekly Guild Boss Scrolls
    - 1 day a week official PvP night, Arena/War's with other guilds or 2 teams in battlefield
    - Regular Grinding Party's
    - Scroll Party's
    - Duel's in Arena

    We're very social, most of us enjoy each other's presence as well as the game itself. We use Discord and have our own private server.
    We have a lot of players playing from daytime to very late hours as well.
    And here is what we require of you:
    - be active on Discord for Guild Boss/ PvP events
    - participate in Guild missions if possible (we understand people have real life)
    - respect our guild rules
    - be open minded for gear and build suggestion/discussion
    -be level 50+ with AP/DP of 300+ and always strive to obtain better gear/levels.
    You can apply @‌ www.thecivilrebels.com  or contact any RiOT member. Cheers

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT NOTICE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    5/30/16 - We are currently recruiting members of all levels.
    Bored of playing alone on the Orwen Server? Want to meet new people or just having a fresh start? Look no further, StormBlessed might just be the place for you.

    "StormBlessed is a guild formed just before Black Desert Online went live by a group who wanted to experience every aspect of BDO in a relaxed, mature and fun way. Our founding members are gamers who have been playing MMOs for over a decade, and we are eager to share our knowledge and experience with our guild, whether they be as experienced as we are, or new to gaming altogether".

    Now we are under a new structure, holding the old ideals of our mentors before us, to make this guild back to what it was meant to be and more, slowly but surely.
    The guild itself is very welcoming and if you wish to be part of the core of the guild, there are many ways to fit straight into it.
    We are looking for players that can act mature and not take everything personally. We really don't ask much of our members. So long as you stay respectful, we'll get along well and stay cheerful! Of course we would rather have active members, however we do understand that life can kick in and cut down your playtime by a lot, so no worries if you are a busy person.

    What we aim for is to make a great community out of this guild so that Black Desert Online may be as awesome as it can possibly be. The point of an Massively Multiplayer Online Game is to make a fun social experience and this is exactly what we are striving to do!
    [More info to come]

    We are looking for dedicated, loyal and friendly members. This goes inline with what the goal of the is: to provide a fun and familial environment for our members. The guild itself will be promoting community events in the near future to help bonding with the different members. Helping one another and sharing great time together is key to maintain a good chemistry between our members. We also use Discord as a mean of communication. Some people are called by their IRL name and others by their in-game name; whichever you prefer, just let us know!

    We care greatly for our members. We also believe it is in our best interest to help our members grow, be it in strength, life skills or whatever other aspect the said person would love to do. Growing also means there needs to be means of recognition for such growth. So this also means that ranks are earned within the guild and could be a reward for someone who've had a considerable growth in any aspect.
    While right now this is not our utmost priority, it is definitely something we are excited about the possibility of doing this in the future. However one needs to get ready before jumping in this PvP mess, either by developing strategies, squads or simply increasing everyone's strength. We believe there is hardly any better test of teamwork and trust than a group fight. Fighting alongside someone with your survival depending on them usually also deepens bonding within the guild.
    We are a guild that promotes bonding, respect and growth. We are a PvX guild, currently leaning more to PvE.  We use Discord for Voice Chat primarily.
    If you wish to join StormBlessed, feel free to post below about your intentions and yourself briefly. We would like to hear your reasons for choosing our guild!
    Feel Free to also message to message one of our officers or guild leader Ingame [Primarily Balenos O1]
    We will get back to you as soon as we can!
    [Ingame Character Name]  \  [Username on Forums]
     Guild Leader : EggYoLk (dezspinz)
  19. We operate as a loose republic and a tight group of friends. We create an environment for members to freely pursue their own goals, While still maintaining unity through frequent guild events. Members start on a 7 day contract then move to a 30 day after those 7 days are up. Our current buffs are ACC+5 and AP+3
    We do regular guild quests, scrolls, guild bosses. We mainly do PvE but do PvP if we need to and once we are a big enough guild will probably start GvG. Message me in game (Drisky Pantaloons) or reply to this thread if you are interested in joining us or want to know more.

  20. Affliction is a thriving PvX guild with 35+ very active members. We are recruiting PvP enthusiasts and others for node wars and No matter what your interests, there are groups within Affliction that will welcome you! We have avid traders and craftsmen, altaholics and bloodthirsty pvp’ers. We have folks who love to grind and those who prefer hanging out fishing and drinking beer. We are part of the Digital Affliction gaming community and have a core group of players who bring decades of MMO experience to BDO. We are a welcoming, helpful community that supports all facets of the game. We are currently expanding our ranks to build toward competitive PVP, Node Wars and Sieges.
    Requirements: Be mature, have a sense of humor, don’t be an asshole! We don’t have an age requirement but most of our members are age 28+
    VOIP: Discord
    Typical Playtimes: We have members active in all NA/OCE time zones.
    Activity: We run multiple guild missions, gathering, trading, fishing and leveling groups, boss scrolls & more throughout the day. We reward significant participation but understand some members have limited playtime.
    Apply: Apply at our website https://digitalafflictiongaming.com and hop in Discord or message on of the following people in game:
    GM - Kerosin
    Officer - Kynkii_Toy (Recruitment & Events officer)
    Officer - Keidii (Recruitment & member management officer)
    Officer - Dallas_Korbin (General prime-time officer)
    Officer - Shinoshi (General graveyard officer)
  21. Post on Group of 9 lfg on Orwen in US Guild

    By Jesuki, posted
    Hello! Our guild <Nudies> on Orwen is looking to merge with an active PvX guild.
    What we offer:
    A few casual players of the levels 20, 45, 46, and 48.
    A few more hardcore players of the levels 51, 51, 52, 53, and 54.
    All over the age of 30.
    We have about 3 that love to PvP, but all of us are looking forward to node wars.
    We all have useful life skills (does channel rank #10 fishing count?).
    We are all different types of players, but we are social above all and know each other's deepest darkest secrets.
    We are all perverts (hence the former guild name).

    What we are looking for:
    More than 40 members.
    Experienced leadership.
    A guild that has researched and getting ready for node wars.
    A guild that schedules events, but does not make them mandatory.
    New friends that we can share our deepest darkest secrets with.
    Helpful players.
    People who can joke and take sarcasm
    No meanies or elitists.
    A guild who can get things done.

    Contact Jorrikk or Jessuki ingame, or leave a message here!

  22. <Lazarus>
    I wish everyone a warm welcome to this thread. Lazarus is currently recruiting, we are semi-hardcore PvX guild (soon to be PvP oriented mostly) and we are on lookout for skilled and dedicated players to join our crew. We are currently trying to make our name and become more skilled and geared both PvP and PvE wise.
    About Lazarus
    Lazarus has been founded 3rd March 2016. Since then we've had our ups and downs and currently we are rising and hella quickly! Our playstyle is kind of peacfull for now, as we are in process of training our members to become better in each aspect of the game, however we do quite often fight wars (we might not be ready yet for) to gain more knowledge PvP wise.
    We enjoy spending time on discord and being social as well as grinding and heavily waging wars! If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to apply today!
    Age restriction: 18+Level restriction: 51+Stats combined: 220+Have and use Discord actively during : Guild Bosses, Guild Missions, GvG wars.Do not bring drama to guild chat. If you have any problems with members, sort it out with guild officer or leader and that member, everything can be sorted peacfully as long as individuals involved are willing.Be able to join and show up for Guild Missions, GvG and various guild activities like PvP trainings in arenas where everyone is trained to master their classes.Play on Mediah Ch2 our home channel, whilst afking you can go any channel you want. 
    Socialy active people willing to participate in guild activities daily and alot!Few classes we are in need of : Wizards, Rangers, Berzerkers (PvP active)So thats about that from our recruitment thread, i'd love to add that both me and my mate are social and diplomatic folks and we can sort alot of our wrong doings once we realised what we've done so do understand that if we made a wrong move, we will fix it.
    Contact info
    Website (applications done through website further questionare done ingame and if needed combat trial in Heidel Arena)Discord  
    Bumping this thread up a bit.
  23. Hallo und willkommen zu unserer Gildenvorstellung:
    Critical Error wurde zum Launch des Spiels gegründet mit dem ziel eine familiäre Gilde zu bleiben. Es kamen alte Bekannte und neue Bekannte dazu und verließen uns (das Spiel) wieder.
    Nun wollen wir den Neuaufbau wagen und unsere Reihen wieder aufstocken.
    Gesucht werden Spieler die vorhaben Black Desert noch einige Zeit zu Spielen und bereit sind etwas in die Gilde zu investieren. Dazu zählen wir Teilnahme an Gildenmissionen, Gildenbossen und Gildenkriegen, sowie ein gewisse Aktivität im Spiel und Teamspeak.
    Lootgeier, Egos und Flamer können sich gern woanders bewerben.
    Wir wollen möglichst alle Aspekte des Spiels abdecken (soweit es die Gildengröße zulässt) und suchen demnach Leute die bereit sind alles mitzumachen. Lvl 50-55 vorhanden.
    Warnung: wir sind zum Großteil abends aktiv, da Familie nun mal vorgeht!
    Wenn ihr 25 Jahre oder älter seid und Lust habt was aufzubauen meldet euch doch hier im Forum oder Ingame:

    Also dann Schöne Grüße

    Critical Error
  24. Clockwork is recruiting members!
    We are PvX with an active group of core members lvl 50+.
    We accept all levels and will help new players.
    Our main focus is on building up our members so that they have better gear and become stronger players.
    We are part of the Brotherhood Alliance and one you meet the requirements for other guilds in the Brotherhood, you can move to them if there are openings.
    Players already looking to join other guilds in the alliance that do not meet the requirements, talk to that  guilds leader and mention joining us until you meet their requirements.
    We are currently trying to recruit more level 45+ players that are active in order to do more guild boss scrolls.
    We do boss scrolls, world bosses, relic shard groups, and guild bosses.
    We do a lot of relic shard groups for gear and exp!
    Our main requirements are that you use Teamspeak for voice(if you don't have a mic you can sit in and listen, and we can also know if you are actually afk or not because of the afk channel.), use Discord for texting/forums(we are using it to replace our guild site and will store info there, Its also a great way to keep in touch outside of the game when you can not be logged on but need something.), and help with guild missions(if you are in the middle of popping an exp scroll or relic scroll group for example, we don't expect you to just drop it and run off.)
    We are more than happy to help out new players and players that have been in the game since day one, but we do not accept leeches in our guild. Our home channel is Mediah U1 and unless its for farming or world bosses we expect you to be on the same channel. It is where we do all of our guild missions and it is the only channel we will renew contracts on. This is the help the guild over all so that people are not just on for the guild buffs.
    All of that being said, we are a laid back group of players who do not throw salt(taunting and being a smartass are ok), and have a lot of fun playing the game.
    Whisper me on Aurri in the game if you are interested in joining. If I am afk, I have a window just for whispers I check every I come back form afk. You can also message our officers Rookio and Grenton for invites.
    If you are a small-med size guilds who are having trouble expanding or are just looking to merge with another guild feel free to message me as well.
    - Matthew
    Aurri(Warclaw) - Guild Leader of Clockwork