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  1. I think there should be an option to say "never show me this again" like a checkbox or something as right now for alt characters or players who know what is after lvl 50 but do not actively lvl but rather just do life skills and whatnot this box is very annoying to see pop up all the time. 
  2. Snowflake set only show your main weapon and hide the off-hand which is nice for some classes so they can hide their ugly clipping off-handed weapon (Like maehwa )
    For warrior Kibelius A set hides your shield and sword when you sheath your weapon in non-combat mode (atleast in cashshop review it does) so why couldnt that feature be applied to other kibelius A sets ?
  3. Pearl Abyss did great in hearing our Quality of Life complaints for a long time and actually worked on fixing most of it (barring the whole 1 energy/30 mins debacle, lets not go there again). Lately however, what on earth is going on?

    1) This one we all know and all hate - at least make it a toggle back to F1-F4 ok? The change serves absolutely no purpose other than making people move their hands.

    2) This one was added in the dec 28th patch, why on earth is it getting spammed this much when auto travelling places? Fix the zones so they dont criss-cross roads or disable the message altogether unless you enable the "Show Node Installation Area" button. It's just spam, again, it serves no purpose.

    3) And why on earth is this a thing for items that're less than a million? Either make us able to buy the non-cheapest item or remove bidding on these bulk items entirely, we simply can't have both, it's frustrating beyond belief.
    4) While you're at it, fix relic scrolls to be slightly more amusing than watching paint dry would you?
    5) Since we're talking about quality of life, can we please at least view the stock on imperial traders when we swap to a channel? I don't necessarily have to be able to sell instantly, but seeing if I should hang around for 10 mins would be :thumbsup:
    6) Can we please, PLEASE have modifiers for hotkeys? So we can use alt-1 or ctrl-g or whatever for hotkeys?
    And last one (for now, unless I think of more);

    Happy New Year
  4. Unlike any other Inventory, Storage is one that can get extremely buys quickly, I for one have storage almost completely full of items, and I feel the hard limit put on the player to be able to only see 64 items at once without scrolling is great for small inventories, that will mostly not grow over 100 spaces at most
    Storages, however, have the potential to grow to their maximum space quite easily and be filled equally as fast.
    It could be a great improvement to grant players the ability to set the number of items per row on their storages up to 12 (Allowing the storage inventory window to display 96 items with 8 rows, 50% of the entire storage at maximum expansion)
    This could be a toggleable option or a hard change, it would greatly increase the readibility of the storage system either way in my opinion.
    EDIT: Should have proof-read it
  5. Post on Mob Knowledge in Suggestions

    By Lily_Lotus, posted
    Anyone else think its a little weird that you can be assigned a lower grade then what you previously had from on mob knowledge. Like OOPS I guess when I spent energy to forget something and I really did the trick because 10 minutes later I know even less than what I did before. I think a system where players either can A) reset knowledge but are ensured to get equal or higher than their previous grade or B) For ever _ thousand kills on an enemy your knowledge can be upgraded via ___ NPC. It would lead to less frustration and a more logical role play factor. I mean does it not just make sense that if you kill lets say 2000 nagas you would go from a C- to a C in knowledge.
  6. In favor of NOT triggering the fraud prevention, I think it would be swell to perhaps use a cart system so you can buy multiple purchases at once? Perhaps? Just an idea, to prevent those back to back purchases that upset the system so much. It isn't players losing out so much as the company missing purchase opportunities.
  7. When creating a character, say, idk, a Giant, you have the ability to adjust their height, their torso depth/width, etc. You can even make them horrendously ugly with fine control of their facial features.


    their head, by itself, has no scaling? Tiny head syndrome is rampant among taller characters, and it's horrendous. Perhaps, maybe, we could help, sweet little Sativola here be more like his Giant kin, and have a proportional head?
  8. Post on Worker Task Queue in Suggestions

    By KyrandisX, posted
    After reading today's patch notes I would like to suggest that any worker that has their task cancelled be removed from a Repeat queue so they don't end up doing the same task again at max attempts unless manually assigned.

    Very troubling for workers that are making things like tools that take up a lot of storage space.
  9. just a few questions and suggestions
    Q)1 why cant i see others underwear
    Q)2 why is there no option to hide armor or costume and show only underwear
    my suggestion is simple there is no marriage or coupling in the game will it be future content there is a wide market for selling virtual items for this category dont see why it hasnt been implemented yet 
    also why on earth cant i go swimming on the beach with my girl friend /wife in my underwear or partying with my friends at a pool party (in my underwear ) this is an `mmorpg isnt it` isnt role play ment to be an active part of the game for those of us that like that sort of communication with our friends and family in our games 
    I feel BDO has the potential to offer greater things in the way of roleplay and general stuff to do I have a small list of things that could be fun and added to the craft system 
    deck chairs ,bicycle,bathtubs,watering can, plants & plant pots (that need watering from time to time or they wither and die) light switch for chandeliers you see where im going with this ...
    alot more interactions could be added to the housing aspects of the game also I realy like the idea of crops and being able to plant them where ever you like but having a house with a garden would be realy nice the more cp you invest the bigger the garden you could get adding this could bring alot more fetures to the crop planting system like having to turn the soil befor planting green houses could be added to crafting a whole range of different plant pots to plant seed in wall pots ,hanging pots, g----- vine fences ect ect
    DAM it  I want to make my house a nice home granted I can make it look  beautiful but what then I cant interact with much of it i cant pretend to eat from my nice looking dinner table set up
    or turn the lights of when I want to sleep or wash my disgustingly dirty body after a day of horse riding or tending crops  
    marriage,cycling,communal gathering areas in towns with mini games such as darts/pool/drinking contests and other role play activities (with a reward system) such as faster energy gain)
    there is many things that you the devs could add to the game for longer quality of life but then maby my expectations of BDO are a little to high
    its the little things that people notice and think wow i realy like this game like armor wear&tear being able to sit on a ledge lean on a wall or sleep in a bed also the seasons are brilliant 
    (ps I mentioned underwear 4 times in total so please dont get stuck on that one aspect guys there is more to BDO life than running around naked )
  10. Nice features to add:
    Source of all buffs/debuffs;Red Battlefield time tracker;Chat nicknames/family names;Guild invites without whisper;Language/Country tab in Guild Search (Europe);Red "!" for party loot bag new items;Delete tabs in friends list;Current online guild members;Guild members' AP/DP;Tamer pet skins;Time Rewards rework (after 5000 hours);Vice-Leader implementation;"Recover all" function for pets;More failstacks for failing accessory enhantment.Dance emote.Explanation:
    Provide the source of buffs/debuffs. This is useful when using a lot of EXP buffs because the icon is always the same.Give us a way to track Red Battlefield's time without having to stop our character and check the timer all the time. I've missed many Battlefields because of this.In chat, allow us to nickname our friends or display their family name. With so many different characters and alts, it's hard to know who is who.Allow Guild invites without having to wait for a whisper from the other player.In Europe especially, it would be nice to have a Language/Country tab when searching for guilds. Some players are looking for specific guilds and this would help them find it.Implement some kind of warning (!) when there's a new item on the party loot bag. Sometimes, players forget to roll and the item is sold.Please allow us to delete tabs in friends list. It's currently impossible to do so.It would be nice to have a counter to know exactly how many guild members are online at any given time.Tamer pets coud use some nice skins!The time reward system needs a rework, especially after 5000 hours. Earning a Skill Add-on Reset and some Appeareance Change Coupons (already included in Value Pack) don't seem like a proper reward for the insane amount of time required. If 5000 hours rewards the player with a pet, it's only fair that the rewards after are even better. Maybe some Pearls, a boss armor chest or something way more valuable than what's currently offered?Guilds Leaders have way to much responsibility on their hands. Guilds should be allowed to have at least one Vice-Leader who could do everything the Guild Master can do, except kick him or disband the guild."Recover all" function for pets. It's annoying to feed them one by one.Accessory enhancement should provide more failstacks. PRI = 1, DUO = 2, TRI = 3, etc.Any MMO allows its players to dance. Please implement a command that allows us to dance! @CM_Aethon, @CM_Tytyes
  11. Please enable a setting feature to stop this from happening, this is extremely infuriating trying to just look at my inventory and a random mob hits me or something. I mean hitting the I key to reclose it isn't that difficult or smashing my ESC key but getting hit or taking a heatstroke by default(which is like an invisible mob hit) closing the inventory is just frustrating and pointless. I don't even know why this was implemented to begin with. Unless there's a setting I'm missing in general please direct it to me and others else, this would greatly benefit everyone.
  12. Hey fellas, 
    When I play this game I nearly always listen some good music on youtube. You know why ? Yes, you know why : NPC are NOISY AS ----- and our characters are not better, not the least.
    I know this is a Korean game and they like characters who make a lot of noise (why ? who knows, maybe because of hentai), but it's just annoying.
    Every female character moans like crazy (WITCHES, you are the WORST ON THIS PLANET, and NPC shai little girls are... wow, I just want to empale them on a fishing rod.
    Could we ask for less talking ? Maybe like 4 times less. Because at the end some people will turn crazy !!
  13. Post on QoL for Fishing in Suggestions

    By Owly, posted
    I'd like to put a suggestion forward, concerning the grade/quality of fish we catch:
    So, we already have the option of getting rid of junky items/white fish during fishing, but why not have the ability to also get rid of green fish? This will exclude rare items like relic shards/keys however, making those who have long-lasting fishing rods much more profitable and successful at the end of their afk fishing session.
    What do you guys think?  
  14. The following suggestions will greatly benefit the game and expand upon the quality-of-life items currently in the cash shop because it will give more (and most importantly "new") players a chance to reach end-game (competitive) gear - possibly without having to deal with the frustration that comes with the enhancement system. These ideas will also aid casual players who don't have as much time to play as others due to family, work, etc.
    Jackpot Box
    This item has a chance to yield one the following items:
    4,500 pearls and 3,500 loyalty.
    Sellable Pets, Costumes and Pearl Boxes
    This will allow people who don't have money to spend on all these items a chance to have pets to help with grinding and also a chance to look fashionable. It will also allow ordinary (poor) people to purchase other cash shop items  (e.g. skill resets, mount costumes, coupons, different costumes, etc.) with these pearl boxes in case the item they want isn't on the auction house while also giving people who have money (because they're too busy being rich) to support the game and earn easy silver. All of these items should me 25 - 200 mil. silver.
    Kzarka Sealed Weapon Bundle
    An item obtainable through the loyalty and the cash shop. This item will allow players to purchase a Kzarka weapon bundle that will give a random Kzarka weapon (so not necessarily your class) that players can use or sell on the auction house. This will give everyone a chance to get the game's BiS weapon, which is completely necessary considering how Kzarka very rarely drops bundles now. The item should cost ~5,000 pearls and 6,000 loyalty.
    If you have any more ideas/suggestions/feedback please let me know.
  15. Post on Safe Zones in Suggestions

    By Hekito, posted
     I was somewhat far from the nearest safe-zone and tried to access the pearl shop but to my dismay it said I have to be in a safe-zone. 
    I'm open to other opinions of why this would or would not be a good thing to implement into the game, but would it be possible or even a good idea to make it so that inside player housing is considered a safe zone simply for a little more convenience? 
    Of course I'm realllllly lazy so I doubt this bothers many other people but it seems like a reasonable suggestion to make so I'll toss it out on the table  
  16. It doesn't make sense that things like the fishing outfit, the training clothes, the ghillie etc aren't transferable - they give no combat xp or benefits outside of life skills like the cooking outfit for example, so why can't I buy a fishing outfit, and use it on all my characters at my own will?
    Make them shared and able to be transferred between any character (Family Bound) please.
    because lets be honest... who's goona buy them multiple times
    -UPDATE- 7-6-16 Jouska Replied


  17. Daum/PA,
    Thanks for the great game so far, haven't been this in love with a game since DAoC and I've played many MMOs since.
    As a suggestion for quality of life; please allow us to view the world map when crafting, or even the cash shop too! With storage, transport, workers, buying/selling locations across towns with CP etc. It would be nice to be able to do something while I'm spending 1,000s of energy in the kitchen.
    Planned long term player, Artisan 9 Cook, Orwen Balenos 01
  18. Hello
    Please add an available energy indicator on the change character screen. This would be a very nice quality of life feature that will reduce the amount of time spent cycling through characters to check energy. I suspect that it could also help with server/database performance since loading and unloading data/objects when cycling between characters is generally more taxing on the server than pulling up a change character window to view available energy.
    Please have energy displayed much like fail stacks are currently displayed on the Change Character Window.
  19. This is a sort of small thing, not a huge deal, but something I feel would help some of the colorblind players like myself.

    I wanted to make a couple suggestions for the pre-existing colorblind modes. (If this is possible)
    Change the colors of mob names or add variation to make it easier for people, especially with deuteranopia to be able to identify mob strength.With experience you start to know over time what mobs are suitable for what level, but sometimes it can be difficult to asses the strength of a mob by the color of their name when 'greens' and 'reds' look very similar.I've been managing alright without, however a couple times I had to ask a friend for help. I feel this would be helpful for newer players who might have colorblindness. I realize it's obviously a very small percentage of players.Add a rarity tag within the item pop-up bubbles or a symbol to help colorblind players identify the rarity of items.Pretty self explanatory, just another small quality of life kind of thing that can be helpful for players with less experience in the game.Overall, again... It's a pretty minuscule thing, but I know that personally it's something I would appreciate. Thank you for any consideration!

    *edit, added picture for others to understand why this is kind of an issue.

  20. When I redeemed the eye patch for the "Yo Hoho & a Bottle of Rum" event, I noticed that this item goes into my normal inventory, not into the pearl inventory as it did for the Cherry Blossom Earring. This seems wierd and inconsistent seeing how it does equip into the pearl costume slots & it's annoying to have a cosmetic item take up inventory space, especially when it's avoided at all other times in the game.
    It's IMO not a major issue, but it's annoying and feels more like an oversight than anything else.
    Please fix this by simply making this item go into our pearl inventories when unequipped.
    Both the eye patch and bandana are named "[Event] Pirate Bandana", maybe that name should be changed to something more appropriate?
    Constructive replies are very appreciated!
  21. I'll try to keep this thread simple and to the point. I'll also try to word it so that it doesn't come off as one of those "Please make the game better," type threads. I'm no expert coder or game designer, but I believe some of these suggestions would be easy to implement since the game should already have (for some of the suggestions) variables and data these could pull from. Forgive me if some of these changes have been added for other versions of the game. Most of these suggestions are for Guild related quality-of-life features, and should be fairly easy to implement. All of these are simple suggestions through my many hours playing this game, feel free to debate or add anything to them or suggest other simple and relative easy-to-implement ideas. If this is in the wrong forum page, sorry.
           Please consider adding an <AFK> tag or something similar to the guild roster for players auto-looping or AFK fishing.This would be the easiest of my suggestions. The game already tracks something similar with the Cinematic Mode that adds filters and changes camera perspectives and is activated when you haven't touched your mouse or keyboard after a few minutes. Seeing as how it's encouraged to AFK in this game, why isn't there a way to notify your guild that you aren't actively playing? Making it only for the guild roster or friends list would also be a good way to prevent other players wanting to PK AFKers for easy luls, but wont entirely solve that problem. All that would be needed would be a simple display or String added to the guild members name displaying something like [Away] or [AFK] which could be tied into the cinematic mode timer.
            An in-game Guild Calendar (while also using/fixing the Saying of the Day)This would be a bit more time consuming because Pearl Abyss would have to design a GUI, but it wouldn't be that hard. It would be simple really, another tab for the Guild Menu that would display a calendar which could also be tied into the Guild Saying of the Day. For example, you could make a saying of the day for every day of the week, or put certain events on the calendar in-advance for the entire guild to see. This would be especially useful when Guild Sieges finally come to the game or for other guild activities.
             Add more ranks other than Member, Officer and Leader (or allow us to make our own guild ranks)A lot of guild members don't want the full responsibility of being an officer, but also want to just recruit. Maybe some people want to name their guild ranks to match their guild name. Not only would this make guilds easier to manage, but combine this with the above features and by helping guild leaders and officers manage their guilds, these suggestions (I believe) would make the game more enjoyable to be a part of... if you're in a guild of course
    Option to have family names before char names in guild chat. Suggested by ChartosHarder to Implement Ideas (But still good ideas)
    Guild based crafting of consumables/tools/outfits (Unable to sell to NPC or marketplace) Suggested by RulesBot 
  22. I lost a few fish like this.
    Item descriptions pop up on mouse over.
    But don't disappear on mouse un-over. They should. They are huge, they are annoying, they are unwanted.
    They should only persist on click.

  23. There are entirely too many of them; thinning them out may even help server performance!  Not sure why we have thousands of the damn things.  Not like there's hundreds of newbs running around fighting over them.
    They are super annoying as they clog up the roads stopping your pathing.  Also all of them in the Wale farm cow pens is just out of control.  You can barely navigate around the coral to get to a cow! 
  24. Really sucks having to waste so many inventory slots on tools.  Please add in a means of purchasing / crafting a utility belt that just holds tools.  That way we can carry around one of each tool separate from our main inventory.  Perhaps we can craft one that weighs like 10lbs our buy one that's only 1lb.  Another idea would be a tool rack for your carriage.  Same idea; a separate add-on that only holds tools.  Could do something similar with mounts as well using saddle bags to augment storage. 
  25. Right now the Guild Member Status page shows who all is online which is nice but think about all the AFK activities people are often using.  Please implement a means of figuring out if someone is not actively playing and display on this status page if a player is actually idle. 
    What happens is you are trying to see who is online but may have missed your question or request in chat.  Say you're trying to round people up for a boss scroll or gathering quest.  You look on the guild status page to see who's online and have no idea how many are actually just idle or doing some AFK activity.