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  1. Post on Need Help with Quest in General

    By AppleCake, posted
    Anyone have a problem with the quest "Timid Revenge"? its the pre-requisite for "The Punitive Force and Rescue Party" Quest. I did all the quest chain that is required but on that "Timid Revenge" Quest, the fat villager next to a broken wagon just east of Delphe Knights castle should give me the quest but somehow its not. Any solution?
  2. So, I can't seem to get to this soldier I'm supposed to find? The marker looks like it's on top of or in this tower thingy, but I can't seem to get up there. Any help?
  3. Today i went to give the combined item (powder + paper) after complete the related quest ending on Martha Kiyen. I give the item to the source of water inside the Glutoni cave and then nothing happens. My item was removed but nothing else. After that i went to kill some gigants and there was no gigants and no enemys at all. Then i saw that the server was going bad so i change the channel and all the enemies appear normally. But my item was gone and there is no chain or trace on the quest. I came back to Martha (on the top of the "tower") and Orwen (Inside the house in Florin) but nothing. Thats all: i lose my MAIN quest chain. Thats a huge problem because i cant continue THE MAIN QUEST. Please give me a solution. Sorry if there are writting mistakes but im spanish.
    PD: My horse (t4 female) died while writting this very post heading back to the ruins.
  4. Post on - in In-Game Bugs

    By Maelnor, posted
  5. First Irritating Thing:  Some mobs are invincible to me
    Situation: new player with low damage output in any mob campProblem: some mobs are invincible to me or regenerate their health faster than I can do damage.Explanation: 6 mobs are chasing me that I don't want to kill and they are "way back there". The mob I want to kill for the quest is right in front of me  and I cant even touch it. Nowhere is this more noticeable than at Hexes. If you just hit 50 something and are new to the game and new to hexes there is a good change you are not "over-geared" for this area. The skeletons are very slow, there is all this crap in the way so you cant see where they are but there is like 20 prime mobs right near you that are invincible because their health raises like a regenerating troll with health pots every time I hit it! As a new player many times a mob will just stand there and his health bar barely move when I am nailing him with everything I have. and then I see why,  5-6 really slow mobs are chasing me. those are the ones I have to wait for to kill first. I am sorry but this make little sense to me, because in the real world my arrow/ sword/ magic should hit flesh no matter what not just bounce off.  But people with op damage don't have this problem. I am saying this mechanic hurts newer players more than it affects veterans. Nothing is more irritating then lighting off your big number 1 AOE and almost none take any damage.My workaround. wait for the mobs chasing me to catch up - or try to clean the map (both solutions take a lot of time) Irritating Solution: make it so the one that you attack gives agro to you, and the one farthest away releases his agro and stops following. (like other games do)  
    Irritating Thing Number Two: Follower NPC's that stop following during quest.
    Situation:  examples at anti troll fortification quests . Quest, you are supposed to lead the follower to another npc.Problem: when the NPC catches you he stops for too long. you turn round he isn't there, and he is way back there and now you have to turn around and go back! My workaround: when he gets too close I try to sprint so he can't catch me.Solution: have NPC follower stop for less time 
    Thanks for reading RamJamm"s  Two Irritating things.
  6. Moin,

    ich spiele erst seit wenigen Wochen BDO, habe mich nun doch für die Dunkelklinge als Main entschieden.Bin jetzt Lvl 37 und stehe vor einem großen, nervigem Problem.
    Ich habe nun die Quest "Verwalter der Fördermühle" angenommen.Sobald ich aber mit Darius, im englischen wohl Dawson sprechen will, verweist mich dieser weiter zu Jordine (Großhofmeister in Heidel).Ok, gesagt getan, zurückgelatscht zu Mr. Perfect....der nichts als Standardsätze für mich hat, gehe ich nun wieder zu Darius sagt der mir erneut, dass ich nicht seine tollen Vorraussetzungen erfülle und doch mit Jordine reden soll -.-. Ich will doch einfach nur spielen und das stört gerade meinen Spielfluss doch deutlich.Bei Jordine steht auch, dass ich für ein Gespräch noch 3mal Wissen in Politik I brauche....die meisten NPCs dazu befinden sich aber wohl in Calpheon und ich habe wirklich keinen Bock drauf mich mit jedem davon zu befreunden, Regale im AH seh ich dazu momentan auch nicht, falls man darüber überhaupt wirklich Wissen aufbauen kann....ich muss doch nicht ernsthaft in der Weltgeschichte rumgurken, nur um mit dem Hochwohlgeborenem Herrn reden zu können, oder ? Ich meine Gespräche waren doch nur notwendig, um eine Freundschaft aufzubauen...die sind hoffentlich nicht (Haupt-)questrelevant ?

    Hab auch schon versucht die Quest nochmal neu anzunehmen, passiert dasselbe.Den Client dürfte ich jetzt auch mindestens 5mal bemüht haben.
    Ich frage mich ob es ein Bug ist oder ich etwas sehr Wichtiges übersehen habe.
    Hat sich nun doch fix gelöst...habe Jordine todgegrüßt und bin dann hoffnungsvoll doch noch mal zu Darius, hatte Jordine wohl mal bestohlen und deswegen -100 Freundschaft bei ihm. ^^ Aber interessant, dass es anscheinend Quest blockieren kann, wenn man jemanden hat, der einen nicht mag....Asiaten und ihre Beziehungsspiele.
  7. Is it possible to have Icons (optionaly with numbers if more than 1 request) above people that are suggesting Quest (farm, fish, recursive etc)
    For example, for me I'm not doing recursive quests even if it's helpful when you need some additional stuff or XP, but to find a Quest I need to talk to everybody and click R to show what kind of quest the person suggest....... it's boring...
    I could suggest to have icon + code color above each people that are suggesting a Quest (fish = cyan, farm = red, recursive = yellow, life = green, other = gray, and  etc.)
    Please let us now if we could have a patch. It could be very interesting for a better experience on the game! And today it's not intuitive
    Thank you BDO! And thank you for the game!

  8. Hi, Guys! 
    Here are four musical instruments u can find in BDO (i just try in Calpheon ^ _ ^) 
               Cymbals is the hardest one for me, so I listed the whole process
    Fluet: Capital of Calpheon - Herald Rubin (1 contribution)Drum: Capital of Calpheon - Choir Leader (2 contributions)Garnier Guitar: Capital of Calpheon - Herald Rubin [complete whole group quest of "Preparing for the Festival"]Scream Ent Cymbals: Capital of Calpheon - [conditional quest: calpheon workshop(7/8)] [ First quest from Choir Leader (I forgot that quest's name, after chat with him. you can see a villager with quest behind him) Get that quest called a worried friend]
    [What happened to larua(you will see her beside a big fall near Calpheon)]
    [order a choir uniform] [Bright Smile]
    I hope you enjoy that and find your band >_<
  9. Post on Quest: Lost lamb in PVE

    By KairosProject, posted
    I'm looking for some daily quests on Serendia and saw this one on bddatabase http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2001/4/
    the requirements are: 10 amity on the NPC and this quest: A Punitive Operation in Serendia, got both, but still i can't see the quest
    any idea?
  10. Kann man die Kampfbeförderung quest nur 3 mal machen?
    weil bin grad mit meinem 4. Char 55 und kann keine Quest annehmen 
  11. Post on Daily Color Quest Icon in Suggestions

    By Sey, posted
    Please, could you change the daily Color Icon Quest to Violet or something else, so that it is easier to know what are the town quest and what are daily.
    Because at this time: Daily and town quest have the same color.
    It would help to save time when doing new char.
  12. Post on Siege Workshop Help in General

    By Zelveris, posted
    Hey all, so I have run into a bit of an issue that im not sure I can solve on my own. 
    So I am doing a quest called "Supplying the Delphe Knights" and it requires me to give them 5 flashbangs. Now this seems quick and easy, which is great as I need the item it gives for an outfit I want. But it seems every time I go to buy a siege workshop It tells me its invalid. Im not sure what this means at all and I can find ANY info on this on the internet or forums really. If their are any more knowledgeable people out there that could tell me what im doing wrong, that would be fantastic.
  13. This quest asks me to level up to level 50, I haven't played for 6 months ish so I have no clue if this is a new quest or something but all my characters are level 50 so what do I do?
    Cancel the quest?
  14. Post on Dim Magical Armour/Weapon in General

    By nty, posted
    Could someone please let me know how you get these? I've been told they're a Black Spirit quest reward (I randomly had them in my inventory after the update), but I have no clue which one. Also is it a repeatable quest?
  15. Suggestion to have NPC take all my shields, swords, shoes, flippers, toes, ect., ect.. If it has a monetary compensation yes please... so if 150 flippers give me 150,000 silver ,, well then 1 should give me 1000 silver, simple math.
  16. First of, i don't know if this is the right place to post my issue, if it's not just move this post.
    I was about to finish all the old black spirit quests that i skipped long ago (im 56 now), but there is one consecutive quest chain i'm stuck at: "unaccepted: fight in the neutral zone 5/5"
    It seems like i don't have the quest accepted or received yet, if i press move to location or show location black spirit appears and the quest is not even there (and yeah, i turned all the quest types on), and if i try to cancel the quest it says: "cannot find quest data" or something like that.
    I already searched about the Issue and the quest chain, all i found was this: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4w4ibq/fight_in_the_neutral_zone_55_stuck_help/ 
    I tried talking to npc's and finishing other quests near the neutral zone but nothing triggered the quest, i wouldn't care much if this was just a random side quest, but this quest is needed to unlock all those boss scroll co op quests which give like 25 Skill points in total
    Sorry for my bad english and i hope there is a solution in 2017.
  17. Hi 
    Ich hab ein Problem mit einigen Schwarzgeistquests.
    Ich krieg keine Quests mehr vom Schwarzgeist, obwohl ich mitten in der Questreihe bin. In meiner Questliste steht, dass ich die jeweiligen Qustes gar nicht angennommen habe, doch wenn ich dann die Questdetails anklicke steht rechts neben dem Questnamen. "(aktiv)".  Wenn ich dann auf die Schaltfläche fürs "weg suchen" klicke (geschwungener Pfeil), erscheint der Schwarzgeist ohne Quest und ohne Dialog, der auf eine Quest hinweisen würde.
    Einige Quests z.B die Harpien-Quest funktionierten einwandfrei auch nach dem "bug" weshalb ich vermute dass nur die paar Quests die ich bereits hatte betroffen sind.
    Ich habe dann versucht die verschiedenen Quests abzubrechen, dies funktionierte aber nicht, es kam nur die meldung "Questinformationen können nicht gefunden werden." (screenshot)
    Ich vermute es ist nicht der bug mit der Daily-Quest (keine Daily quest betroffen), es liegt nicht an zu tiefem lvl (bei meinem anderen charakter konnte ich diese quest bereits früher machen) und es liegt nicht daran, dass ich zu viele aktive Quests habe (nur 2 werden als aktiv angezeigt).
    Ich habe gelesen, dass einige User "zu wenig Freundschaft" zum Schwarzgeist hatten. Könnte es bei mir daran liegen? (Wenn ja wie steigere ich diese Freundschaft?)
    Ich hoffe auf eine baldige Lösung
    MFG Shlnigami  
    Add.: -Screenshots


  18. So its been 3 days since we have had the Margoria part given to us. and i have been stuck on a hook, i was wondering if anyone has completed the quest for Katio. i need to catch 2 more fish out of the 4. Sailfish and skate are the fish that i need to catch and i am still yet to find out where i can fish for them.
    is someone able to make a guide on where they have a chance to be caught from.
  19. Halli hallo,

    Es geht in diesem Thread ausschließlich um die Quest: Frische Meeresfrüchte Quiek!
    Hier sollen Schrimps und Hummer zu Movio gebracht werden.
    Schrimps findet man in massen bei den Korallen unter wasser aber ich sammle hier jetzt seid schon über 30 minuten und finde keine Hummer.
    Würde mich freuen wenn mir da jemand weiter helfen kann.

    Okay anscheinend heißen die Hummer Lobster, wurden also nicht übersetzt, habe mehrere davon gefunden aber kann sie nicht abgeben?
    Ein bugg in der deutschen ausgabe?
  20. Hey, 

    also eigentlich melde ich mich nie im Forum und dieses Spiel ist an sich auch das beste mmo was ich kenne, aber jetzt bin ich wirklich sauer! bei der neuen Quest - Reihe ab der Quest "Grotesker Graben" kommt man OHNE das neue Kostum nicht weiter. D.h. Man wird dazu gezwungen Geld auszugeben um im spiel vorwärts zu kommen. -.- 

    trotz der beiden steine a 15 längerer Atem und 15 sec Trank schafft man es nicht. Während andere mit ihren Kostum was zudem einfach dumm auszieht, easy an einen vorbeiziehen und gemütlich weiter machen können...
  21. Hey guys,
    With Margoria added there's also a quest line named: [Lv. 55 Ocean] The uncharted sea, History of Margoria..
    Now, soon enough you'll need to gather 10 oysters. It took me over 1h20m just to find and gather the oysters. I've only found 2 spots to collect them. I asked other players near me but most of them didn't even found a spot. 
    Just recently there's 1 spot added to the bddatabase but I've found a second one. 
    This is the place you'll find them on your map. 
    Here is the view from the spot to the quest giver.
    This is where you can find 2 spots. Both inside the red circle.
    Hopefully you'll find use in it and don't waste over an hour looking for them. 
  22. I actually have 2 quest chains that are stuck -- can't be completed, can't be deleted.  The first is Refugee Camp Endeavor (2/3) - Unaccepted Florin the Herb Town.  The second is The Weakness of the Khurutos (4/4) - Unaccepted Khurutos Getting Drunk.  I had accepted both quests, decided I didn't want to do them and attempted to delete.  Now they are just sitting in my quest log taking up 2 of my 30 quest spots and they won't go away. Can somebody please help?
  23. Bonjour, 
    voulant un éléphant pour me balader dans le désert, je me suis hâté pour faire la série de quête, j'ai donc pris 35 M sur moi en lingot pour payer le droit à la villa et pour acheter l'éléphant, j'ai donc pris le pass pour la villa à Shakatu et je suis allé voir le majordome Serazad qui est censé me donner la première quête. Mais celle-ci ne me donne pas de quêtes ....
    Est ce qu'il y a une étape intermédiaire ou une condition que je dois remplir ???
    Merci d'avance
  24. Hallo an Alle ,
    ich hoffe, dass mir wer meine Frage beantworten kann.
    Ich habe in Calpheon eine Kochquest erhalten und zwar soll ich beim Koch Suppe aus dem Topf schöpfen und in der Küche Zutaten sammeln.
    Ich habe alles gesammelt und in die Suppe geschmissen, klappt aber nicht .
    Kann mir wer sagen, welche Zutaten ich verwenden soll?
  25. Hey I've been playing for some time and started making new characters, im wondering is there some way to Only show the quests of a certain character? On my lower lvl character its really hard to see what quests i have yet to complete on that specific character.