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  1. I didnt quest pls help me

  2. Guten Tag allerseits,
    ich habe ein Problem mit dem Quest [Tausch] Bessere Rüstung von Dobart/Schwarzgeist. Ich weiß einfach nicht wie ich diese Quests abschließen soll....bin übrigens neu im Spiel.
    Kann mir jemand paar Tipps geben bei dem Quest ?
    Danke Danke 
  3. Hallo ihr Lieben ..
    Habe vergangenen Abend mit meinem Twink ein bisschen leveln wollen, jedoch wurde mir nicht eine Quest mehr angezeigt, außer die Siedlerunterstützung vom Schwarzgeist. Alles andere war weg. Ich hatte zwar im Questfenster noch eine Hauptquest vom Schwarzgeist aktiv - eine BOSS Quest - und auch die Schriftrolle noch im Inventar .. Aber sie wurde mir nicht mehr wie sonst unter der Mini-Map angezeigt .. Als ich dann nach vielem Herumprobieren wieder auf meinen Hauptchar gewechselt bin, hatte ich dort plötzlich genau das selbe Problem. Mir wurden zwar die ganzen Verarbeitungs- und Sammelquests noch angezeigt, aber keine Hauptquest mehr, obwohl diese noch aktiv ist. Gestern Morgen war alles noch normal und selbst nach Neustart des Spiels, hat sich nichts getan.
    Hat noch jemand dieses Problem oder damit schon Erfahrung gemacht und evtl. eine Lösung dafür ?!
    Wäre dankbar für jeden Lösungsvorschlag !!
    Liebe Grüße,
  4. So I may have discarded the Horn Bow of Concentrated Magical Power that i need for the quest. So my question is what can I do to get  another one cause i cant complete it without that bow.
  5. I been stuck on Moving Ahead Quest given by Zobadi for months now. I wasted to much energy, it's impossible to have a count on. I keep thinking it's a spefic location... I dont know where to dig, and what I read online didnt help me at all. It seemed the circle for the quest was larger than it's now. It looks like this now:

  6. I cannot find this quest due to the fact I cannot find the quest previousd to it "Are You Alive, Friend?". I completed the pre-requisite quests all the way up to it (last being "For the Remaining Soldiers.."
    Quest NPC is "Bandit Punitive Force Soldier". On that location I have no more quests as I have finished them all, save for the gathering quests..
    Steps I have taken
    - Turned on Prefer- All quests
    - Attempted on another alt in an even number slot
    - -----ed around for an inordinate amount of time in the area whilst googling, only hits on search terms are the generic bddatabase links that show the name and description of the quest, nothing more.
    Would love clarification. Thanks.
  7. Post on Dim Magical Armor in In-Game Bugs

    By Knuxchan, posted
    I've searched through these forums, Google, Reddit, and everywhere else trying to find a solution. I also submitted a support ticket. Everyone (including support) said to get the 2 tokens of promise and turn them in to Ronatz the armor dealer in Calpheon in order to get the Dim Magical Armor. However, when I talk to Ronatz, I am not given the option to turn in the tokens. I clearly have 2 tokens of promise. It seems that I can only turn them in to Bacho Ladericco in the Monastery. However, I will only get the Ring and Earrings in exchange, and not the armor. I need the armor to complete the quest. I have not done this quest before on any of my alts. Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do to solve it?
    By the way, I also have some SEALS OF PROMISE, but I can only turn those in to the goblin in Calpheon (near the furniture guy). He will only exchange the seals for earrings and necklaces, as well. Not the armor...
    What do I do?

  8. Schornstein reinigen ging nicht. Erst nach Neustart des Spiels.
  9. So my problem is that I can't seem to find the start for the compass quest. They say it starts with Martha Kiyen the Capotia node manager, but she does not have a quest on her even the first time I've arrived there. I've finished all possible quest pre-desert including Basilisk, Bashims, Centaurs, Shutaku town, Bandits, Kutum node and those people before Martha Kiyen.
  10. Post on Guild Quest limit in General

    By Hyperblast, posted
    Is it possible to increase the guild quest limit from 5 to 10? its pretty easy to burn through 5 quests a day so having it set to 10 would be great.
  11. Post on Welcome to Ratt. in General

    By Ahryeun, posted
    I am trying to start the Port Ratt questline to get the Vanabin Diving Mask and I don't see the quest for Welcome to Ratt from Gintabam. Any help?
  12. Ich hoffe, ihr könnt mir helfen. Ich suche den NPS für diese Quest: http://bddatabase.net/de/quest/5654/1/
    Screenshot wäre super, denn den Sandkornbasar habe ich durch, ebenso die große Valencia-Questreihe, aber das Wissen fehlt und das Folgewissen auch.
    Danke im Voraus für eure Hilfe!
  13. Quest "The First Sailboat Bound to Magoria" Can not be done without the pearl shop suit.
  14. I just started A Bit of Mercy quest to help the people in the slums, but now it's asking me to kill the protestors! I don't want to do that, I want to HELP them. Is there a way I can do that? I know I can just forfeit the quest but I want to actually help them. Is there an option to join them? And kill the rulers or something?
  15. Hello all, 
        I've been working on making a youtube channel for Black Desert News. It's just starting out so let me know what you think!
  16. Post on No PvP option in Suggestions

    By finnishcoffee, posted
    As a casual player with very few hours per week to play, I find it very annoying that other players can attack and murder me at any given time even tho I have no interest what so ever in PvP.
    All I want to do is mind my own business, team up with a friend or two and go spelunking, exploring. 
    We do not have the gear for PvP, we don't want to PvP at all even if we did. We just want to have some fun doing our own thing and enjoy the beautiful scenery in this game in peace and quiet.
    All games have one purpose and one purpose only, to entertain. But it should never be on other players expense. Being ganked randomly when trying to complete a daily or just chopping wood, even in conversations with NPC's or looking at the big map dealing with transports and similar, is NOT fun. Not in the slightest. On the contrary. It's incredibly frustrating.

    With so many channels/servers available already, there is no reason to not give us a couple where PvP without consent is not possible.
    Or even better, a ckeckbox in options/gameplay that only allows other players to attack if I have my own PvP flag activated as well.

    Considering that classes are not well balanced for PvP anyway, this should be a no-brainer option. Lots of us love the game but hate PvP.
  17. Post on EXP fürs Questen? in Vorschläge

    By Strycer, posted
    Wie der Titel schon sagt...
    was haltet Ihr davon, fürs questen Exp zu bekommen?
    Natürlich im richtigen Verhältnis, soll jetzt also nicht das Grinden abschaffen oder die Möglichkeit bekommen nur durchs questen lvl 60 zu werden.
    Was meint Ihr? YAY oder NEIJ?
  18. I can't hide some quests, even though I unchecked them in the Quest Menu.
    Not sure if it's just me or a generel bug. I played almost a year ago with the same issue, so I hope someone's finally taking note of this.
    Fixing this shouldn't be that hard I guess..

  19. Post on Need Help with Quest in General

    By AppleCake, posted
    Anyone have a problem with the quest "Timid Revenge"? its the pre-requisite for "The Punitive Force and Rescue Party" Quest. I did all the quest chain that is required but on that "Timid Revenge" Quest, the fat villager next to a broken wagon just east of Delphe Knights castle should give me the quest but somehow its not. Any solution?
  20. So, I can't seem to get to this soldier I'm supposed to find? The marker looks like it's on top of or in this tower thingy, but I can't seem to get up there. Any help?
  21. Today i went to give the combined item (powder + paper) after complete the related quest ending on Martha Kiyen. I give the item to the source of water inside the Glutoni cave and then nothing happens. My item was removed but nothing else. After that i went to kill some gigants and there was no gigants and no enemys at all. Then i saw that the server was going bad so i change the channel and all the enemies appear normally. But my item was gone and there is no chain or trace on the quest. I came back to Martha (on the top of the "tower") and Orwen (Inside the house in Florin) but nothing. Thats all: i lose my MAIN quest chain. Thats a huge problem because i cant continue THE MAIN QUEST. Please give me a solution. Sorry if there are writting mistakes but im spanish.
    PD: My horse (t4 female) died while writting this very post heading back to the ruins.
  22. Post on - in In-Game Bugs

    By Maelnor, posted
  23. First Irritating Thing:  Some mobs are invincible to me
    Situation: new player with low damage output in any mob campProblem: some mobs are invincible to me or regenerate their health faster than I can do damage.Explanation: 6 mobs are chasing me that I don't want to kill and they are "way back there". The mob I want to kill for the quest is right in front of me  and I cant even touch it. Nowhere is this more noticeable than at Hexes. If you just hit 50 something and are new to the game and new to hexes there is a good change you are not "over-geared" for this area. The skeletons are very slow, there is all this crap in the way so you cant see where they are but there is like 20 prime mobs right near you that are invincible because their health raises like a regenerating troll with health pots every time I hit it! As a new player many times a mob will just stand there and his health bar barely move when I am nailing him with everything I have. and then I see why,  5-6 really slow mobs are chasing me. those are the ones I have to wait for to kill first. I am sorry but this make little sense to me, because in the real world my arrow/ sword/ magic should hit flesh no matter what not just bounce off.  But people with op damage don't have this problem. I am saying this mechanic hurts newer players more than it affects veterans. Nothing is more irritating then lighting off your big number 1 AOE and almost none take any damage.My workaround. wait for the mobs chasing me to catch up - or try to clean the map (both solutions take a lot of time) Irritating Solution: make it so the one that you attack gives agro to you, and the one farthest away releases his agro and stops following. (like other games do)  
    Irritating Thing Number Two: Follower NPC's that stop following during quest.
    Situation:  examples at anti troll fortification quests . Quest, you are supposed to lead the follower to another npc.Problem: when the NPC catches you he stops for too long. you turn round he isn't there, and he is way back there and now you have to turn around and go back! My workaround: when he gets too close I try to sprint so he can't catch me.Solution: have NPC follower stop for less time 
    Thanks for reading RamJamm"s  Two Irritating things.
  24. Moin,

    ich spiele erst seit wenigen Wochen BDO, habe mich nun doch für die Dunkelklinge als Main entschieden.Bin jetzt Lvl 37 und stehe vor einem großen, nervigem Problem.
    Ich habe nun die Quest "Verwalter der Fördermühle" angenommen.Sobald ich aber mit Darius, im englischen wohl Dawson sprechen will, verweist mich dieser weiter zu Jordine (Großhofmeister in Heidel).Ok, gesagt getan, zurückgelatscht zu Mr. Perfect....der nichts als Standardsätze für mich hat, gehe ich nun wieder zu Darius sagt der mir erneut, dass ich nicht seine tollen Vorraussetzungen erfülle und doch mit Jordine reden soll -.-. Ich will doch einfach nur spielen und das stört gerade meinen Spielfluss doch deutlich.Bei Jordine steht auch, dass ich für ein Gespräch noch 3mal Wissen in Politik I brauche....die meisten NPCs dazu befinden sich aber wohl in Calpheon und ich habe wirklich keinen Bock drauf mich mit jedem davon zu befreunden, Regale im AH seh ich dazu momentan auch nicht, falls man darüber überhaupt wirklich Wissen aufbauen kann....ich muss doch nicht ernsthaft in der Weltgeschichte rumgurken, nur um mit dem Hochwohlgeborenem Herrn reden zu können, oder ? Ich meine Gespräche waren doch nur notwendig, um eine Freundschaft aufzubauen...die sind hoffentlich nicht (Haupt-)questrelevant ?

    Hab auch schon versucht die Quest nochmal neu anzunehmen, passiert dasselbe.Den Client dürfte ich jetzt auch mindestens 5mal bemüht haben.
    Ich frage mich ob es ein Bug ist oder ich etwas sehr Wichtiges übersehen habe.
    Hat sich nun doch fix gelöst...habe Jordine todgegrüßt und bin dann hoffnungsvoll doch noch mal zu Darius, hatte Jordine wohl mal bestohlen und deswegen -100 Freundschaft bei ihm. ^^ Aber interessant, dass es anscheinend Quest blockieren kann, wenn man jemanden hat, der einen nicht mag....Asiaten und ihre Beziehungsspiele.
  25. Is it possible to have Icons (optionaly with numbers if more than 1 request) above people that are suggesting Quest (farm, fish, recursive etc)
    For example, for me I'm not doing recursive quests even if it's helpful when you need some additional stuff or XP, but to find a Quest I need to talk to everybody and click R to show what kind of quest the person suggest....... it's boring...
    I could suggest to have icon + code color above each people that are suggesting a Quest (fish = cyan, farm = red, recursive = yellow, life = green, other = gray, and  etc.)
    Please let us now if we could have a patch. It could be very interesting for a better experience on the game! And today it's not intuitive
    Thank you BDO! And thank you for the game!