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  1. Hey!

    Just looking for some pvp guides that you guys would recommend for a new maewha!

  2. Hello all,
    So, there have been some discussion regarding AP, staff and Orbs after awakening.
    A lot of Wizards, in PvE, end up using, exclusively, awakened skills, so, without entering on a discussion regarding if that is a good idea or not, I would like to know if the base AP of the staff would matter in terms of damage output.
    I know the hidden stats of the staff would matter, but what about the base AP?
    It's been said that the hidden stats increase with the level of the weapon, and I also would like to know if this is confirmed.
    Because, if the base AP wouldn't matter, then the need to upgrade the staff would almost stop after lvl 56...
  3. If my friend and I are in a party at Pirates and it's set to party leader loot meaning only I can loot the drops, will the scroll still be in full effect?
  4. After maintenance when dk AWK comes out how much do you guys think youll need to preorder to get a dande? Also, do you think there'll be many dandes going up on MP?
  5. Post on Future Events in General

    By Crozbozy, posted
    How do we check the future events that are going to be held in NA, and does anyone know when the seal of Shakatu will be held?
  6. Hello,
    I've got an Artisan Human Worker in Altinova from my "returner reward" . I never used Worker but now Im interested!
    What should I do to get the most profit out of my worker? He got refinery work speed +5.
  7. Hi, as the title says i'd like to know if someone here is using a laptop to play bdo, and if yes, what laptop?
    A friend of mine doesn't have the space to buy a desktop so he's asking me for advice!
    I saw that HP omen 17 and the top version of it seems really good.. 
  8. Hello,
    I got Blade Waltz +7% as for 5 sec. And on Breezy Blade I got also +7% as for 5 sec.
    Instead of gaining 2 Stacks of buffs the one is only refreshing. It should stack normally or?
    Or am I just stupid
  9. As the title says, does pre-ordering on the marketplace work?
    Does it work when you're logged off?
    Been trying to buy something that has a price of 2.5m (shown price), I pre-orded at 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m and no luck...
    Does it work? Or is someone bidding over 4.0m on it?
  10. Post on reroll to sorc? in Sorceress

    By Nathalia, posted
    atm i am playing ranger, got to level 57 my question now is I read that ranger suxx and if i should reroll to sorc? Or another class maybe?
    How is sorc grinding etc. is she strong? How is the feel of her combat etc / combos? How gear depended is she?
  11. Hello,
    I just returned to BDO and my Ranger (was 51 4 days ago).
    I hit 56 yesterday and did my Awakening Quest. ATM I am Saving Silver for a DUO Kzarka bow (should have it till Saturday if I can Grind Sausan like the last few days)
    My Stats are: 121 AP (bow) 71 AP (Awakening) 172 DP. I am Using Liverto +13 ATM becasue I planned to buy a DUO Kzarka. Awakening weapon is still +0 (just got it)
    I have 2 witches earrings (non enchanted) Wearing green +15 hebe set (I have the yellow Armor from Magical Exchange Armor Quest).
    My rings are the blue ones which drops in this Moutain Spot (cant remember name atm) also non enchanted.
    And my belt is the tree belt also non enchanted. Should I upgrade my Bow to Kzarka and then focus on something else?
    And on what should I focus after the bow? Or is it completly wrong and I should focus on other things first before I get a Kzarka bow. (I have heard Kzarka is a big big must have because of the high acc it will give)
  12. Hey guys,
    I am still a noob with less than a month playtime in BDO. I am trying to get to master 2 trading level to start doing calph crates. I already installed the required nodes and workers required for calph trades and started manufacturing (nothing fancy like the +4 adv packing).
    I always thought that I could start trading these crates without the maximum profit and gain exp to level trade for master 2. what I am asking is that is this the best time now to start the manufacturing of calph trades and gain exp or is there a faster way to gain exp to master 2. if there is any, would you be so kind as to tell me?
    oh and btw I am currently at 150 CP and still rising and at skilled 1 trading level.
  13. Question, anyone know if you can turn the cape off for the Dark Knights rosa Cassius outfit? pictures if possible.
    thanks much!
    A Kind person in game told me yes the cape can be disabled.
    adding screenshot. Its night time in game so adjusted lighting in Photoshop, hence the rough look. but gives idea.

  14. Hi all,
    I am a new player. I created a character when the game was released, but haven't really touched the game until now. I have come back to find about 90mil silver sitting in my mail.
    Now, I'm wondering what would be the optimal gear to spend this on? Should I go all out and buy the most powerful weapon I can afford, and how does consideration of an awakening weapon factor in? Assuming I plan to use my awakening weapon 90% of the time as soon as I reach level 56. Would I want to instead get the best awakening weapon I can afford, or would I want some kind of middle ground? (I'm not sure exactly how far my 90mil will take me here)
    Or, should I spend the money on a combination of +10/+15 armor and weapons?
    Looking for any suggestions as to what would be the best idea. Thanks!
  15. Post on Breeding Question in General

    By LotusInugami, posted
    I currently have a Tier 1 Male and a Tier 3 Female both with no breeding attempts. I'm wondering what is a good level to train them to to have a chance at breeding a Tier 4 horse, any input is appreciated. Thank You! ^-^
  16. Post on Double attendence in General

    By Zozi, posted
    So unless I'm mistaking(I might) but didn't the double attendence start for the last attendence event this weekend? If so I have not receieved anything in my mail from the last one(was missing a lauren box). Is this only me? If that's the case i'll open a ticket, was just wondering

    Thanks in advanced 
  17. Like the title states:

    1) On March 1st, when i open the Liverto Box with the Dak Knight, will it contain the Liverto - "Kriegsmesser" (horrible name btw; Warknife)? (same for Kzarka Box)
    2) I have turned in some Flashbangs and got the Delphe Knight Certificate, but there is no turn in option for Dark Knight class - Costume yet. Will it be added at release?

  18. Is having a good staff still important once you're awakened?
    I mean once awakened I find myself hardly even using my non-awaken skills at all...maybe an occasional Mana drain or one of my 2 heal abilities.
    The staff doesn't have any effect on awaken-abilities, does it?
  19. Post on Outfit bidding in General

    By Zachiru, posted
    I've been trying to get an outfit for little over a week now, with no success. Well over 100 bids, and nothing. Is there really no fail-stack or any other factors to this than pure luck? Do people shit and lie when they say they have sniped 3+ costumes a day when I cant get a single one in a week. And I have literally camped at the market for hours every day and when ever someone has listed the item I have instantly bid on it. 
  20. Is there any way to see my personal guild history, I played at launch, recently started playing again

  21. I was an avid poster in the early days of BDO. I even made a goodbye post in the forum when the games are finally out to finally no-life the game.
    A veteran forum poster, I am now lurking the forum again for my lunch break as I am finally back to a 9-5 office job.

    My question is,
    What are the memes and who are the memers in this forum chat now?
  22. Post on Thunder Trumpet in General

    By Ephymera, posted
    Anyone knows if this instrument is available in game?
    I can't find anything about how to get it
  23. Hi, new player here so be forewarned this might be a stupid question.
    Saw some guides around reddit and the forums here showing how to get sharp and hard black crystal shards from farming (more specifically pruning plants/ killing bugs). So far I have 4 large farms full of sun flowers in a humid area set up and I just play farming simulator all day.... so far, no luck but is it because my farming level is simply too low? (Apprentive 6). Or is it because its no longer possible to get shards this way?
  24. Post on Guest past in General

    By BIank_, posted
    So my friend sent me a pass for 7 days and im enjoying the game and planning on getting it but i was wondering cuz it says "trial" will my char be deleted after or will i be able to resume where i left off after the 7 days is up. Thanks!
  25. Hi all!!
    I was looking for this question at google, but all info that I find its old.
    Some sites say: white > green > blue > yellow and other sites add "orange".
    My question is: What is the max color quality at armor / weapons? yellow or orange?