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  1. hi, I messed up and made another question on the General thread, please delete this.
  2. Good day everyone,
    I decided to gear up an alternative character to kill bosses while my main cruises around pirate island.
    My question - what's my best option? Wizard with MMA spam and high sustain, or ranger? Or maybe sorc?
    Which is the most effective in obtaining loot and what is the minimum gear requirement to be effective?
    Thanks in advance and greetings!
  3. Bonjour j'ai une petit question, je suis en trin de up ma petite sorcière et j'ai demandé conseil à ma guilde sur le stuff et beaucoup me conseil : attack speed / speed cast avec de l'Agerian en armure. Seulement j'ai regardé une vidéo d'un bon bonhomme qui à tout l'air de main sorcière et qui conseil un stuff Grunil en build PV / crit / speed cast disant que la vitesse d'attaque n'es plus du tout viable sur cette classe. Je voulais savoir ce que vous en pensiez ? Je voudrais être sur avant de me lancer dans des dépenses astronomique. 
    Sa chaine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xlLy_xgU20 Lomitall
    La vidéo au moment ou il explique : https://youtu.be/8xlLy_xgU20?t=18m21s 
    Ps : J’espère que sa ne dérange pas que je link une vidéo, et que sa ne te dérange pas toi, auteur de cette vidéo, merci de ta compréhension et merci d'avance de vos réponces !
  4. Post on Warehouse Transports in General

    By Dauthus, posted
    I just want to make sure I am not missing anything here.  From what I have so far, there is no direct way to transport goods in the warehouse in Calpheon to Valencia City.  Likewise, there is no way to transport warehouse items directly to Sand Grain Bazaar or Shakatu
    If there is, I am missing something and need to figure out what it is.
    Closest I can get to Sandgrain Bazaar and Shakatu is Altinova.  The closest I can get to Valencia City is  Ancado Inner Harbor.
    EDIT:  I have all the nodes connected between these places.
  5. Post on Value Pack Expiration in General

    By Desu, posted
    After all your armor is colored in merv dye and your appearance has been merv'd and your Value Pack life expires... Do all your armor colors return to default and appearance revert to previous settings?
  6. Post on Death of PvP in General

    By Acover, posted
    Title is a little dramatic I know.
    As you can see the squared in part in KR you don't in NA/EU you do lose enchantment levels.
    I'm just going to hope this is a translation error, or something but can someone verify if this is true?
    Why would anyone ever go red in  the " Desert Areas " if they have a risk of losing enchantments ? 
    I'm sure one of the CMs will clarify this for us 
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes

  7. CM_Aethon CM_Tytyes PM_Jouska
    I was wondering if a Cm / PM could let me know if its against the rules to make a macro, I wanted to use it for a phrase that would normally take too long to type while casting or using skills in combat.
    If someone could let me know I'd really appreciate it.
  8. You really helped me out in the last post!
    But here I have some new questions:
    Is the silver/any other item in my storage available at all storage NPC in every town?Apparently not.... but is there a way for that?A friend of mine told me about the enormous costs of maintaining a high end weapon such as Liverto (i think repair and other stuff). So what are these costs and how are they?He also mentioned making the weapon "final" or "ultra" something like that and I think he said you need two weapons of a kind for said process. Can you please give me exact info/ explain me the system.I am currently level 22 sorceress (with slightly over 4mio silver). Everyone told me to get Yuria for weapon and Grunil for gear. But I found Agerian EQ recently. Isn't that better or the same level?What gear should I wear at level 50+ and where can I get it?What acessories should I get (belt, ear rings, rings, ...)? And where can I find them/how can I get them?That is maybe a verry difficult question but: What kind of stone should I put into my EQ as a sorceress (50+)?On the last post a got a verry good ranger guide linked. Does anyone have one for a sorceress?Maybe also a skill guide?Whats the best grinding area?How can I "level" the stats like movement speed?Maybe a short cooking guide? Or a list of items you can easily cook that are quite good.What horse should I get? And how?Do the effects of my second weapon also boost my 1st weapon(and vice versa)?What are the most important stats as a sorceress?What happens if an upgrade fails? Does the item get destroyed?I am currently level 20breath, 18Strength (Level22) is that okay? What level should I be at 50? 
    Note: I m going to play pvp most of the time. I am willing to put quite some effort into getting all the stuff I need if necessary.
    Again HUUUUUUGE thanks for your help! 
  9. so basicly there is to much info flying around to know whats true and whats not is it possible to get confirmation about node investment from a CM i want to know if i invest in a node if the drops for items not just grey items are improved. such as if i pump up Hexe Sanctuary will i get better chances at a witches ring? I've herd yes and i've herd no. i have also been told that pumping nodes only boost green items and below drop rates.
    @CM_Aethon please assist in clearing up the confusion.
  10. I've not found any information on this. I've not claimed the reward for [Level 45] Battle with yourself.
    With the recent change to the skill system, I'm wondering if the Combat Skill Reset (7 days) will be replaced with something else, or should I just claim it and be done with it?
  11. As the title suggests, I really would like to know if on the last day of the Valencia Event, do I still get a Seal or no and if so, should I cash-in my seals before the 20th or is it fine to do so on the day?
  12. Post on Frame Drop in General

    By Kanerex, posted
    I'm getting constant framedrops, even on medium settings running Intel I7 5960x OC to 4ghz 64 gigs DDR4 Ram SLI 1080 Asus Strix Cards OC to 2000 the game is also installed on a 128 gb SSD.
    I don't understand why these frame drops are happening and wonder if it's something everyone is experiencing or possibly incompatibility with the 1080 (as with my single 980 this didn't happen).
     I'll drop from a solid 60 fps to around 30 even while just standing still in the desert for seemingly no reason.
  13. Post on 2pc Heve? in Valkyrie

    By PandaBear, posted
    I'm thinking of switching to Valk and noticed a lot of other classes seem to be taking considerable notice to Heve armor now that it has an ultimate version and the 2pc hp bonus is unrestricted by slot to leave room for boss armors.  

    I've taken a look in a few different threads about gear but I rarely see it mentioned as an option for Valks, is this a weak set for us? Is it something I should be considering now, or should I stick to what some of the older threads are recommending?

    Thanks in advance for any input/opinions you guys can provide on the matter.
  14. Hello,
    im pretty new to the game and i´m not even sure if im posting in the right threat (sorry if not).
    Well I´m mainly following the quest of this black demon thing ^^ and my question is, if this is some kind of the tutorial missions or something. My last Quest I did for the "Demon" is something with a dragon stature. 
  15. Good day everyone,
    I decided to roll a Musa (Blader) for a change and bring some new life into this game for me. Since I got a good amount of money, need failstacks for TRI stuff on my main + dont want to switch gear all day long, I am thinking about enchanting some basic gear for the start. I would like the opinion of some more experienced Musa players since I have a few questions open. Lets start with the overview: (Keep in mind its for leveling and some basic pvp first and if I stick to it I can invest more later)
    Armor: Full Grunil vs. Taritas/Grunil vs. Rocaba/Grunil
    Question: I think Grunil Hand + Head for the 2 AP bonus is save, but I am not sure about the other 2 pieces. Its mainly for leveling up to lvl 55/56 and then testing the Pvp for now. I can still switch later, so what do you guys think would be most efficient? (Keeping up gems is no problem)
    Rings: Blue Coral Ring vs MoS
    Question: I got a lot of BCR from pirate farming, thinking about PRI them and use for now. Better options possible for the moment?
    Earring: Witch vs. Blue Coral Earring vs. Red Coral Earring
    Question: Same as the Rings (got a lot of BCR and some RCE - would PRI them)
    Belt + Neck: I could switch over the Ancient set for the increased Acc for leveling or take a DUO: Bares + PRI: Gladiator
    Question: Other options I worth thinking of?
    Weapon: Ult. Yuria vs Liverto
    Question: Can do both, but is the Liverto really that big of an upgrade for the Blader? (Outside of more AP, which would get balanced with human dmg) Biggest question - is 4 AS and 4 Crit enough for the beginning? Should I push one to 5 and leave the other at 3?
    Offhand: AP or Accuracy? - Guessing its Acc for leveling
    Thats all for now. Thanks for your help in advance. Hopefully you can bring some more light into those questions!
  16. Does anyone know where or when these accessories will be released/gotten?
    I can't find info on them anywhere! ;-;
  17. Bonjour après plusieurs mois à faire mes parchos journa et hebdo !
    Je n'est jamais vu tombé quelques chose d'intéressent, que se soit pour moi ou une personnes du groupe.
    Ma question est peut t'on avoir les armures de boss en fessant les parchemins ?
    si oui en loot direct ou en récompense de l'esprit?
    Armure de Nez rouge: LOOT avec ???
    (Récompense T1 scroll) / (Direct a la mort du Boss) / (Seulement en mode World Boss)
    Gants de Bheg: LOOT avec ??? 
    (Récompense T1 scroll "Confirmé par Mitsou") / (Direct a la mort du Boss) / (Seulement en mode World Boss)
    Casque de Giath: LOOT avec ???
     (Récompense T1 scroll) / (Direct a la mort du Boss) / (Seulement en mode World Boss)
    Chaussures de Muskan: LOOT avec ??? 
    (Récompense T2 scroll) / (Direct a la mort du Boss) / (Seulement en mode World Boss)
    Armure de Hebetate: LOOT avec ??? 
    (Récompense T2 scroll) / (Direct a la mort du Boss) / (Seulement en mode World Boss)
    Merci d'avance pour les retours 
  18. Post on Dark Elf Class? in General

    By Zetovex, posted
    Will there be a male counter part for the new dark elf class they will be getting in korea ?
    @CM_Jouska would appricate if some answears from devs
  19. Bonjour, 
    Je viens me tourner vers vous afin d'avoir une information sur le jeu, dont je n'ai pas réussi à trouver une réponse "claire" en parcourant le forum et autres sites dédiés à Black Desert Online. De plus, débutant dans le jeu, je ne connais pas encore les certaines mécaniques du jeu. J'espère d'abord me trouver dans la bonne catégorie pour poser ma question (sinon je m'en excuse par avance pour le désagrément). 
    Donc ma question est : sur la carte, il y a des points sur lesquels il y a d'indiquer "aucune guilde occupante". Je souhaitais donc savoir : comment est-il possible de les conquérir par le biais d'une guilde afin de l'occuper à posteriori ?
    Je vous remercie d'avance de votre prise de temps de lecture et votre réponse éventuelle. 
                                                                                                                                             Cordialment, Jagaimo
  20. Post on where did everyone go? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm on Edan Calp e2 and it's seems pretty quiet these days. I see way less boats. I get fishing hot spots all to myself. Where did everyone jet ta?
  21. No Enchantment Loss when you fail from +16 to +17 once the new system is added with Valencia.
    You can still lose Enchantments from +17 on when you do not use Force Enchantment
    1. If you fail trying +18 gear does it goes back to 15 or 16?
    2. KR version have an item sold by the blacksmith to prevent loss enchantment, are we getting this with Valencia?
    For those who doesnt know this item cost 1MIL and need a bunch depending what you trying to upgrade to secure your enchantment in case it fails
    3. Is there any changes(increase/decrease) with 16-20 gear enchantment chances with failstacks?
    We know they being rebalanced to a better AP/DP scaling but wanna know if the chances to enchant are the same in KR, the majority have an idea what you need for at least +16 and +17
  22. Post on Cash Show Glasses? in General

    By Zetovex, posted
    I am considering buying the cash shop glasses, since they increase your chance of obtaining knowledge, but does anyone know how much it is ?
    I mean does it doubles your chance? and is it worth the cash in general ?
    Thanks in Advance
  23. I don't know if this has been asked before, but if you buy a cash shop outfit that takes up two slots of the four armor slots, does it count as two towards the 3-piece set effect? I've tried searching for info on this, but I'm not exactly sure what to search for this, so I didn't exactly get an answer..
  24. Is there a cap to how many skills certain tiered horses can have? I have been leveling a lot of Tier 5 horses, and I always seem to get capped at 10 skills, but there are people that are insisting that T5 can go above 10 skills.
  25. If you over over you weight limit when collecting a ton of silver from the marketplace, does the money go to waste. As in you don't collect the full amount because there's technically no more room(weight) to hold all the silver?
    I recall collecting multiple relic shard sales but not receiving the correct amount of silver