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  1. For the most part I have enjoyed BDO and what it brought. It's desire to be unique and create a player driven world where the players create the world and Dynamics around them. It's delivered in some aspects for sure. Our markets are pretty stable, the guild interaction and wars are lively. But aside from those few things where players are actively changing or influencing, what about the rest of the game? 
    Have you ever asked yourself "what's the world BDO resides in"?  "Where's the history"? "Where's the quests that delve further into the lore"? "Does BDO have mythical items"? Things like this are far and few. While we may have our boss gear which we get through RNG, perhaps we're getting too much RNG? I log into BDO and don't feel like I'm playing the genre I fell in love with as a kid. Forget WoW, I'm talking about my first, RuneScape. You know where you paid a subscription if you wanted, but regardless of P2P or f2p there was always something to do and look forward to?
    Quests that were interesting, hidden areas that gave special equipment (also RNG based) but had a massive story and interesting interactions behind them? Barrows catacombs,y first green dragon kill, monkey madness questline, etc. There was so much, I barely remember all the specifics but vividly recall the experience, the emotions and the relevance of it all as it connected to my play everyday.
    In BDO I don't have that same connection or experience. I feel as if my high in BDO doesn't come from exploration, questing or even playing the game, but from finally overcoming the massive money sink that is enhancements rng. It's so bad I budget my monthly income around upgrades due to the cash shop being so necessary to competitive upgrades/progression. I never felt that way in RuneScape. Different business models but does the model impact the genre that much?
    I remember the early reviews of the game and even my own expectations. Everyone knew the game lacked a true "end game". No raids, no dungeons. However we hoped that with time they would start to add things a more typical MMORPG would have, to round out thier game and really become an idealized version of an MMORPG we wanted. Great combat, decent PvP If you're into that and an immersive world to explore, role play and enjoy. Instead we get more things to mindlessly grind, balance changes that are ignited by demand of popular belief, and items/new areas that are hardly upgrades of previous places or things with little to no incentive to do them. Not even from a story standpoint. 
    So I guess what I'm saying is, I know why BDO is starting to really bore me and alot of others. Why the thought of even logging in feels like a massive burnout, why life Skilling or participating in events feels like at best a chore and usually an inconvenient time waster. It's because the game isn't trying to immerse us into a developed world, it's trying it's best to distract us from the glaring issues. BDO for as much as I've enjoyed the few things they got right, is massively incomplete. It's missing alot of the basics and the only way to find meaningful enjoyment is to settle for an incomplete product that honestly requires a hefty amount of money after the initial purchase to even enjoy.
    You don't even have to be wanting to PvP competitively, the only consistent new things in game come by way of microtransaction. 
  2. When inventory is full or you're over the weight limit, then trading and quests and item exchange (conversation) options become disabled. This forces you into an unnecessarily tedious task of moving things into/out of storage just to be able to get rid of items in your inventory or accept quest lines. I'm not sure why these restrictions exist, but they shouldn't.
    This should be changed so that unless you are actually adding items to inventory, you should not need to have one slot open to trade or accept quests or exchange items for silver. Same with weight - unless you're adding more weight, being over-weight should not restrict trading/exchanging/quest options.
  3. Hello,
    When you need to talk to an NPC about a quest we currently have several different colors:
    Red for a completion
    Blue for talking to them when you complete, or need to hand them something
    Yellow when they have a quest for you
    Green for when they have a lifeskill quest for you.
    My suggestion is that repeatable quests should show up as orange rather than yellow.  
    I like quests.  I like to complete them, and this game sometimes has new quests appear in areas you thought were complete because of something else that you've done - I like that.   But I'd really it if the repeatable quests were a different color to the normal yellow, so I don't stop and check them all the time.
    Thanks in advance!
  4. My suggestion is simple: I'd like an option somewhere to enable the replaying of cutscenes when doing quests, even if those cutscenes were already played by the first or main character or whatever. If I enable this option, doing quests will feel like I'm doing them for the first time. If I disable the option, doing quests on alt characters would be like it is now.
    Thank you.
  5. I can't hide some quests, even though I unchecked them in the Quest Menu.
    Not sure if it's just me or a generel bug. I played almost a year ago with the same issue, so I hope someone's finally taking note of this.
    Fixing this shouldn't be that hard I guess..

  6. I'm a quest grinder. I do a lot of those generic one-time quests to get it out of the way and also for contribution exp. These quests never provide anything useful.
    Often times I spam "r" just to complete it but quests with optional rewards make it annoying forcing me to pick health or mana potions, rough stone or fishing rod etc.
    If there was an option where for certain quest types, we could have the 1st option auto selected that would be nice.
  7. The problem is very simple. For mistake, i drop the "concentrated magical dagger" a quest item and i can't procced to the next quest until i will hand over concentrated magic dagger to Sayena, to recive Sealed magical dagger.
    What i must to do in this case? the dagger is gone, Sayena is wating me for give him the concentrated magical dagger...
    Guys, please make item quests not able to drop or sell them. 
    I want to procced and hope to fix this problem. 
    these should be the item i need http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10345/
  8. Hello, i have big problem with quest chan from hervano Tito in Eastern Gateway. I finish http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/659/2/
    and havent got other quest. Can please help ?
  9. Before you provide a response read the whole thing please. I have extensively googled this AND ticketed a GM.
    Received Magic Armor Exchange I from the black spirit, never got the Dim Magic Armor to turn the quest in... so I started googling, came upon the information to ticket a GM and they will handle it, so I did! They provided the response I attached below. Followed everything it says only to find out Tokens of Promise DO NOT turn in for the armor NOR is the information even correct. I went to BOTH Becker and Bacho, neither provide the quests for Tokens of promise and to top it of Ronatz does not offer the turn in even IF I had them. Quest in a whole seems to be broken and bugged, or well beyond my comprehension. Neither google nor a GM can seem to solve this for me so I figured I would ask you guys.

    Also discovered that Tokens of Promise do not even trade in for the Dim Magic Armor.... zzzzz. Guess I'll file another ticket?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  10. I was working on my level 20ish berserker and got to a black spirit summon boss that would not let me me summon the damn thing. The summoning scroll did not seem to be in my inventory at all, so I tried abandoning the quest hoping to just reactivate it and get the scroll but now it says I do not meet the requirements for the quest. Help?
  11. first off, I know I've done these quests on this character already, I've had countless bugs pop up after deleting toons.. I've opened a GM ticket and it seems most of them don't have the brain power to read the post before replying. If anybody has had this problem and actually fixed it let me know what you did, thank you!
    p.s I've already tried deleting my cache which allowed me to move my characters that weren't able to be moved after I deleted a few toons to free up spaces.
    p.s.s Black spirit does NOT have any quests to be picked up, I can't navigate to these 2 quest locations and when I click to pick them up black spirit comes up with no quests.

    @GM Creat0r @GM Creator @GM Kaiji @GM Moose @GM MWallace @GM Neevachu @GM_Anon @GM_Axion @GM_BBrilliant @GM_Bytesize
  12. Was leveling my kuno today and i realized how frustrating it is to redo all the black spirit quests again. With the exp boosts, costumes and exp events leveling goes so fast that it is impossible to keep up with the black spirit quests. Wouldn't it be better if the quests were account wide? Like the ones we get for reaching a certain number of energy points or CP.
  13. Post on Garnier Huitar in Guides

    By Noble_Spirit, posted
    Okay so I have tried multiple times already, The Garnier Guitar I have went to calpheon and talked to Rubin the small child NPC to start the quest. He had nothing. So I ventured forth and talked to the NPC Robert Kempff and turned up nothing. The name of the quest is "Ever-Joyful Garnier Nomad Troupe" ~ This is the link to the quest info http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/3048/1/
    I cannot seem to find the guitar D:
    While I am typing this also where is the tambourines Idk D:<
    Give me Music BDO.

  14. So a buddy of mine and I play this every so often but I've found it frustrating that me and him can't party up and do the quest together. Perhaps I missed that option, can you do it? How do you do it?
  15. Hi, so i'm currently lvl 56 and stuck at the quests in the picture. I can't forfeit or press any buttons related to the two quests. How can i finish them? Please anyone who already had that bug?.. Thanks.

  16. Ok just getting into he guild thing and have run into an issue which is throwing up a major red flag for me.
    Looking at some of the gathering quests and there are no details. The only things mentioned are vague on-specific terms such as "this village" and "enough supplies"?
    Enough supplies? What is that? 10,000 logs and that's it? or something impossible such as 5,000,000 logs, 30,000,000 stone, 800,000 lead ingots, 890,000 iron ingots? Maybe enough supplies is 500,000 wool shirts? Or how about 900,000 diamonds and 300,000 logs?
    And must gather "enough supplies" in 2 hours?
    "Enough Supplies" is a rather subjective and very broad ranging term for a quest. No quest should ever use such non-specific terms in its completion requirements. That's easily a setup for guaranteed failure through hidden requirements that are impossible to accomplish.
    Which brings up the question of what happens to the 30k deposit for the quest? Do we loose it if we fail? Another red flag for impossible requirements. A quest we can not complete no matter how big we are with a guaranteed loss of funds.
    Guild Supply mission with an objective to have a certain amount of resources in the town warehouse to complete, BUT no idea what resources are needed or in what quantity.
    Am I missing something?
  17. I'd like to be able to turn on and off independently the Daily quests all over the map. It's fine to be (yellow) color indicator for the first time ever doing it, but I believe it should be able to be turned on and off. This would make it easier running back across the map looking for missed quests and not confusing them with the dailies that have the same signifying color as a new quests does. We can turn on and off other types, why not make it for the daily quests as well as their "own" signifying color for their category of quest.
  18. After only accepting and completing 1 guild mission today, for some reason it won't let me accept any additional missions. It's been about 45 minutes since the last mission was completed. It was working fine before the merge. Anyone else having this issue? If so, are the GMs aware of this issue and will it be resolved soon? They gave a nice buff to mission rewards, and we cannot participate at all. It's not just me either. My officers can't accept missions either. (I only have 2 officers and none of us have started any missions besides that 1 so we should still have 4 left for the day).
  19. Hey, 
    So to my knowledge, The Halloween event goes to the 9th of November, and all the other event quests work just fine. However Ficy wont give me the quest 'Workshop's Bestseller' for the [sweet cone hat]. I see people with the item, but that was all before today's patch. I got 2 other people who haven't done the quest either to come check and they don't get any dialog option for it either. Which leads me to believe its bugged. This really sucks cause I want that hat but since I cant get a quest for it.
    A fix to this, before the 9th would be quite nice!
    Thanks for the time.
  20. Hey, 
    So to my knowledge, The Halloween event goes to the 9th of November, and all the other event quests work just fine. However Ficy wont give me the quest 'Workshop's Bestseller' for the [sweet cone hat]. I see people with the item, but that was all before today's patch. I got 2 other people who haven't done the quest either to come check and they don't get any dialog option for it either. Which leads me to believe its bugged. This really sucks cause I want that hat but since I cant get a quest for it.
    A fix to this, before the 9th would be quite nice!
    Thanks for the time.
    Please remove one of this thread! Forums was telling me it was having an issue and could not post... >_>
    Please remove one of this thread! Forums was telling me it was having an issue and could not post... >_>
  21. I had intended to post this with information on the new Fishing skill Advancement quests introduced in 12 Oct 2016 Patch Notes;

    But felt it would probably help more fishers if it is available as they progress them now. They have been cross checked with the (great) BDDatabase pages for these quests.
    Do double check all quests as you get them on that site especially under the Quest Complete Conditions drop down list, which identifies the correct species and quantities required.

    BDO - Fishing Advancement Quests - Introduced in 12 Oct 2016 Patch Notes
    Name in brackets are from the quest text. Actual species required given first with no brackets.Harpoon species indicted by (h).Fish caught from fish spawns indicated by (s).Some species marked as spawn species (s) can also be caught in open water, such as Leather Carp, Piranha, Porgy, Sea Bass, Coelacanth (rarely).Fish required for all quests in quest order;
    Grayling 03
    Terrapin 03
    Mandarin Fish 05
    Leather Carp (s) 05
    Arowana 10
    Freshwater Eel 10
    Porgy (Sea Bream) 10
    Maomao (Pink Maomao) 20
    John Dory 20
    Galeocerdo Cuvier (h) (Tiger Shark) 02
    Whale Shark (h) 02
    Sea Bass (s) 15
    Eyespot Puffer (s) (Tiger Puffer) 15
    Leather Carp (s) 05
    Piranha (s) 10
    Yellow-Head Catfish (Bullhead) 15
    Sweetfish 15
    Smelt 20
    Black Porgy (s) 50
    Eyespot Puffer (s) (Tiger Puffer) 50
    Spotted Sea Bass (s) 50
    Giant Octopus (s) (King Octopus) 50
    Blue Grouper (s) 50
    Coelacanth (s) 06
    Sperm Whale (h) 01

    They are time consuming due to the low drop rates in freshwater locations and the sheer numbers and travel required for the sea area ones.
    Good luck with the quests.
  22. As someone who hates things left undone, notifications for the "Earring of Magical Power" and "Ring of Magical Power' quests from the Black Spirit drive me up the wall.
    As it stands now I pick them up whenever they pop, so I'm not being pestered by the Black Spirit, and dropping them whenever I need the quest space.
    I think the most reasonable method of eliminating these notifications, while keeping the quest accessories an option in game, would be to give the quests a completion dialogue through the Black Spirit and then only be available from the quest givers on a daily basis.
  23. I don't have the quests to accept the elephant nor the camel? I would be grateful if someone could help :c Below is just what I did to get the quests, but it didn't work. Am I missing a step? Also, I went with a friend for the camel one, and we thought it was the quest line I was missing, but he had done none for Valencia or Mediah. Any suggests or is this a bug of some sort? 
    Elephant Quest; 
    So, I am a level 56 Witch. I did everything the elephant guide has told me; Head to Shakatu’s Villa, buy the pass, bring 3x 100g gold bars, and go in and talk to Serazad to receive a quest. The only problem was, she didn't have a quest and I have done everything I was suppose to? 
    Camel Quest;
    Again, I am a level 56 Witch. Me and my friend decided to do the quest line together, so we went to talk to Bochlo so we could accept his quest, but I didn't have it. I went with my friend, whom had the quest, and he was level 55.  
  24. Hi, I just recently got the game and have started on mt first character a Valk, I've been enjoying it and now that I hit level 30 I decided to look up some guides. I found out that I should have an ability called Righteous Charge that I learn from the NPC in Heidel, yet this never happened. I went so far as to go back to Velia and Olvia and the camps along the way but no one has offered a new quest for this.
    Can anyone tell me who I need to interact with to learn this ability?
  25. Hallo liebe Community,
    ich habe folgendes Problem und vielleicht könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen. Ich bin neu und habe angefangen meinen Beruf kochen zu leveln. Die Datenbank http://bddatabase.net/ biete so einige Quests die man während des leveln durchlaufen kann.
    Anbei der Auszug:
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 10] Arbeiter mit Bierdurst 
    [Kochen – St. 11] Köstlicher Fisch
    [Kochen – St. 12] Schmackhaftes Fleisch 
    [Kochen – St. 13] Eine ausgewogene Mahlzeit 
    [Kochen – St. 14] Süßspeise 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 15] Kukuvogel statt Hühnchen 
    [Kochen – St. 16] Frische Meeresfrüchtepfanne 
    [Kochen – St. 17] Ich will Fleisch essen 
    [Kochen – St. 18] Alle Macht den Arbeitern! 
    [Kochen – St. 19] Einlegen und haltbar machen 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 20] Exotischer Kräuterwein 
    [Kochen – St. 21] Grundlagen des Kochens 
    [Kochen – St. 22] So muss Fleisch schmecken 
    [Kochen – St. 23] Kräftigende Nahrung aus dem Meer
    [Kochen – St. 24] Vogelfleisch und Likör
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 25] Die ultimative Zutat II 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 25] Die ultimative Zutat I 
    [Kochen – St. 26] Ein unvergesslicher Geschmack 
    [Kochen – St. 27] Kein Fisch, aber Fleisch 
    [Kochen – St. 28] Gesunde Kost für die Arbeiter 
    [Kochen – St. 29] Der Geschmack des Meeres 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 30] Hilfe für die Armen 
    [Kochen – St. 31] Geflügeltes Gericht 
    [Kochen – St. 32] Das Essen teilen 
    [Kochen – St. 33] Ein einfaches Gericht 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 34] Der Ruf eines Kochs 
    [Kochen – St. 35] Ich will einen Käsekuchen 
    [Kochen – St. 36] Nach getaner Arbeit
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 37] Mädchen unter sich 
    [Kochen – St. 38] Echsenfutter 
    [Kochen – St. 39] Für die Abgänger 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 40] Serendia-Spezialität 
    [Kochen – St. 41] Nahrung zur Stärkung 
    [Kochen – St. 42] Köstlich aussehendes Essen 
    [Kochen – St. 43] Wie konserviert man Fisch 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 44] Die Esskultur Mediahs
    [Kochen – St. 45] Likör aus Altinova I 
    [Kochen – St. 46] Likör aus Altinova II 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 47] Alles über die mediahnische Küche 
    [Kochen – St. 48] Essen für die Gäste 
    [Kochen – St. 49] Ein Geschenk für Edman
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 50] Voller Mut!
    Ich habe es geschafft bis zur Quests 26 voranzuschreiten. Der besagte NPC "Gemüsehändler in der Nördlichen Getreideplantage" hat aber keine Quest wie in der Datenbank beschrieben.
    Mein Kochlevel beträgt aktuell Kenner2 44%. Hat jemand eine Lösung für mich?