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  1. Alright, people have mentioned some aspects of this bug here and there in different posts, but I want to put it all together. You can't achieve 100% in certain questing progress bars (Hotkey O) such as the Black Spirit (Type), Exploration, and any questing progress bar that has a 1-time quest that only one character of your family can complete (leaving progress bars for other characters incomplete). Like I said, some people have mentioned things like this before but only in regards to certain aspects. For instance this is an example of one of the Black Spirit quests that is broken and will result in not being able to achieve 100% questing progress.

    Also, here is an example of the 1-time questing issue with characters from different families, but this aspect was brought to the attention of one of the administrators recently and now that they are aware of it, they said they would look into it.

    I would also like to point out the fact that if you explore an area on your own rather than finding that area through an exploration quest made SPECIFICALLY for that area, the exploration quest in regards to that area will no longer be available if you try and go to the NPC that is supposed to give it to you. This will affect your Exploration questing progress bar dramatically if you are like me and have explored many areas on your own without taking exploration quests for those areas. Also, besides the fact of it affecting your questing progress bar, you will not receive Contribution EXP like you normally would for completing an exploration quest. For the amount of areas that I have explored, I have already missed out on a VAST amount of contribution experience after I realized this issue.
    All in all, obviously this won't be Gamebreaking for the regular player. Maybe the majority of people who play BDO could care less if you get all the contribution points, all the knowledge, all the progress in quest progress bars. But for the players like myself, I would like to see this resolved so that we can get that missing EXP and those missing percentages on our quest progress bars and feel like the completionists we are trying to be. We will feel accomplished knowing we see that 100% in our progress bars and that, for the time being until more updates are released, we have accomplished everything we can in those certain aspects.
    To the developers/administrators, if you are already aware of these issues I apologize for wasting your time with this topic. If you are not however, I eagerly await your acknowledgement of these issues and plans to fix them. Thank you for your time Black Desert Community.
  2. I made a list of the quests that give skillpoints. I formatted it in a spreadsheet for easy viewing. I found some similar incomplete list with less info so I made my own.
    Here's the link to the reddit post. If possible please comment there with feedback I'm trying to get more familiar with Reddit and don't want to split up possible improvements for the spreadsheet too much.
    Thanks in advance and hope you guys find it useful!

  3. Hi.  I create a second character for trading runs.  But none of the node/trade manager NPC's give me the dayly trade quests...  Why is this happen?  How start the trading quests?  I did several with my main character.  My second character is tader beginner7. thx for your help!
  4. I got the quest "Lord of Keplan's Recommendation Letter" and i have finished it. But i doesn't get any more quests from him? Btw i am lvl 46 if that matters.
  5. Is anyone else having issues with particular kill quests, where you kill several ads as required yet, it doesn't register that you have for the quest?

    I've been killing orc wizards for the past hour for my black spirit quest and it simply will not complete that final part of the quest.

    (The wizards even have quest objective above their name)

    This isnt the first time this has happened


    Edit: Thanks for the replies guys. (Most of you)
  6. Hallo,
    meine letzten Tage beschränkt sich mein Spielen auf das markieren einer Route für das Pferde LVLn. Dennoch habe ich es nicht geschafft die T4 Pferde auf LVL 20 zu leveln.. (Schätzungsweise benötige ich ohne was anderes im Spiel zu machen 4-5 tage um für 2 T4 Pferde LVL 20 zu erreichen)
    Das sind meine persönlichen Vorschläge für @CM_Praballo, damit er sie weiter tragen kann oder auch nicht :), die mir als Nachzügler etwas helfen würden, unseren Gildenmembern aufzuschließen und gemeinsam mit ihnen was zu unternehmen und dennoch nicht auf das LVLn der Pferde verzichten zu müssen. Da in absehbarer Zeit keine Auto-Route Loop Funktion kommen wird hier ein paar Alternativen um das Spiel für Pferdezüchter nicht nur auf die Klicks in Abständen von 5-10 Minuten zu beschränken:
    Bufffood für Pferde implementieren, dass man durch Kochen oder Alchemie herstellen kann das bis zu 40% Pferde-EP gibt (auch Schopitems gern gesehen)Rüstungswerte für Pferde EPs implementieren, so dass jedes Pferde- Rüstungsstück zusätzlich zwischen 10-15% Pferde EP gibt beim anlegenEventuell ist es möglich bei einem NPC eine Art Pferdeschule zu implementieren die man mit einem Schein im Shop/Loiality-Shop kaufen könnte, wie bei dem Skill Schein. Das LVL könnte man auf 7 LVL pro Schein begrenzen zum Beispiel. (Ich stelle das Pferd in den Stall --> Benutze den Pferde EP Schein --> 2 Std. später ist das Pferd 7 LVL gelevelt..Reiter-Kostüme fehlen immer noch im Shop, ich hoffe die werden in den nächsten Patches implementiert werden.Die Stufe der Ausbildungsstufe sollte sich nicht nur auf Skills beziehen, sondern auch auf die Höhe der gewonnenen EXPs der Pferde (pro Stufe 10% oder so) Zudem würde ich es toll finden wenn wir ein Pferdeforum hätten... 
  7. Hello I have a great problem ! I only have very few daily quests, Florin, some kittens and but a few other across the map.
    I am lvl 50, with almost all black spirit quests done, i was doing quests along the way
    I dont have calpheon daily quests, Manysha forest quests, why is that?
    My friend is lvl 40+ and he have calpheon quests daily, but i dont? Did i miss something or is it a bug? what to do, how to repair it?
    From what I know many peoples have the same problem as me
  8. I have a question regarding the time required for Trade Quests before they are available again from a specific NPC. 
    At first I believed that Traders simply never ran out of assignments, but after doing commissions for a restricted number of them of them (Lolly, Luke, Severo, Ovidio), I noticed that they didn't give me anymore quests, so I moved onto others. The day after (IRL day), I noticed that they had quests again.
    This brought me to think that Traders have repeatable quests but, unlike the other kinds of repetitive quests (Gathering quests, for example), these NPCs accumulate quests. So if you leave them alone for a RL day, they will refresh a certain amount of trading tasks. If you leave them alone for longer, they will have even more, and it will take longer to make them run out of quests for you.
    However, I noticed the number of refreshed quests seemed to change from NPC to NPC. To make an easy example: yesterday night I went to bed leaving both Lolly and Luke without quests left.
     This morning I logged back on, and while Lolly had 4 new trading quests, Luke gave me only one and then went back into "no quests available" status.
    So the refresh timer seems to vary from NPC to NPC, in short. This is different from the Gathering quests, which all refresh at midnight and then become unavailable again without accumulating if you don't do them daily.
    I can't quite pin-point the difference in quest recovering timer between Lolly and Luke yet, but I'm curios to hear from others if they have clearer ideas on Trading Quests timers.
  9. I have been up and down all of Eastern Balenos looking for any and all quests to complete.  I have finished all the repeatables, town, black spirit, life and story quests that I can find and I am level 50.  I have raised amity with just about every single npc that gives anything as a reward for doing so and I am stuck at 38% quest completion in my quest log...  I have heard that as you level up your life skills new life quests open up in the area but I can't imagine that literally 62% of the quests in the zone are from life quests that require you to be a certain rank to recieve.  Am I missing something?  Is the quest completion percent based on all content from the korean version and there are quests unavailable to complete atm? The completionist in me is having a stroke right now.
    To add to the issue, I have just recently discovered that there are quests that are bugged and not acceptable on the first character slot you make.  Such as "Wagon Gone" from Alfredo in Velia and the potion quests from Clorince, both of which give you the rest of the knowledge for the Balenos Adventure I Journal that I was trying to finish.  This makes me wonder how many other quests are just not showing up due to some stupid reason or another.  I want to be able to get all the quests on one character and not have to create alts and level them to get quests I don't have access to on my main.  Is anyone else experiencing these issues or is it just me?
  10. Post on quests requirement in PVE

    By Rinkpalk, posted
    I don't get the requirements of some quests. I leveled up with my friends and some quests are acceptable for them, but I can't event talk to NPC to get them. When we moved to new area, it happened again. both of us characters almost got same condition, knowledge, amity, the main quests and black spirit quests. I checked the BDO database for those quest, all of them don't really have special requirements.
    I played this game since CBT1 and I know there are some quests are missed.
    Does some one has the same problem?
  11. EDIT:
    Found an explanation for that:
    Hi. I've just came across this NPC in Calpheon. "<Elionian Priest> Leona"

    Just take a look at the screenshots, the quest reward doesn't seem to be friendly either. It's a black egg with creepy red eyes and teeth.
    I don't want to accept this mission, too afraid it will bug anything else.

  12. Post on Did I miss a quest? in General

    By Uriko, posted
    Boyfriend and I are playing along together but at the moment, we are not sure if we missed any quest(s) that is part of the storyline? 
    We are at level 25 at the moment, close to 26. 
    Quests we have at the moment are: 
    Dignified Red Orcs Shadow Knight Those are both from the Black Spirit, I know these may be level 30 quests but we did plan on farming before we continue. Anyways, is there a thing we may of have missed or another story quest may not be given out till later?
    If this helps the last Awakening Quests we took on was 'Artifacts of the Naga' which was also from the Black Spirit. 
  13. Hey there i noticed that the Elonian priest Leona
    is handing out quests but when i wanted to accept them i found out they were all empty bars with no information about the 
    quest and not even a name of the quest even though there are some story mission in there could you guys check this out???

  14. Guten Tag,
    Ich habe mir Heute BDO gekauft zusammen mit einem Freund und habe mit ihm angefangen zu spielen. Er Spielt einen Zauberer und ich einen Krieger, allerdings seitdem wir im ersten Lager angekommen sind durch das "Tutorial" zeigt sich das er viel mehr Quests bekommt als ich. Nachdem wir die erste Koop Quest erledigt haben kriegt er nun die ganzen Berufe Quests an den Kopf geworfen und ich kann keine einzige davon annehmen obwohl ich das selbe gemacht habe wie er.
    Ist das wirklich so das Klassen Teilweise so extrem viele Quest Unterschiede haben?
  15. Post on Daily Quests in Guides

    By BrutusV, posted
    Yo guys,
    i dont have an option to get calpheon dailies and mansha forest ones... Dunno why.
    Any ideas?
  16. Post on Daily Quests in General

    By Greatro, posted
    Hello I have a question about daily quests.
    My main is 47 lvl witch and i dont have daily quests in calpheon. will they unlock after lvl 50/51?
    and second question I have three daily quests in Florin witch i do on my main character,but THE OTHER DAY when i made new character and went to that place to do those quests they were not available./ are they lvl based? I wanted to have a character there to do those dailies fast without having to go there with my main
  17. hellooo. i'm having issues with my consecutive quests stopping at the last step. like, say i turn in the 4th quest in the chain of 5. i can turn in the 4th quest and it gives me the 5th quest, but the quest is not in my panel and there is nothing i can do. i also cannot drop the quests. is there any work around for this?

  18. All the names above NPCs disappear, I can't see which NPCs offer quests, etc.  I have to type /reloadui each time I decline a quest.
    Please look into this Daum.
  19. After having submitted several support tickets and having received no response on them (except for the one telling me that all the tickets from pre-launch were automatically closed) and after having seen how quickly you "fixed" fishing on the Velia coast after people complained I have decided a forum post is the best place for this:
    70% of the fishing quests are bugged.  When I say bugged I mean that they have the wrong target fish, leaving people helplessly trying to figure out what fish to turn in.  This happens not only on daily fish quest and personal fishing adventure quests, but also on at least 1 guild quest.  Literally one of the first quests you can take for fishing is this way (Crio and the starfish) but instead of actually fixing the fishing that is broken it seems you have broken one of the few parts of fishing that worked.  In addition to this the fishing token system does not work in the least bit.  You are supposed to be able to turn cheap fish into the fisher NPCs for fish tokens.  You are supposed to be able to turn in fishing tokens for pastebait.  Currently neither of these things are implemented, leaving people who did fishing quests for tokens SOL with tokens clogging their storage.  But seeing as the people in power seem to frequent the forums and see what is said I am happy to post here and hope to at least get a reply as to why this game has had several betas, been released elsewhere for months, and been in open release for over a week but still has almost an entire quest tree that is bugged with a reward system that is also bugged.
  20. Hey guys, 
    so I just installed the latest patch, logged in and now my quests in ''O'' and the quest box aren't visible (text and objective)
    What's up with that?
    Help would be appreciated  thanks.

  21. Hi all, I'm having the problem of profession type of quests not poping up in Olivia, Velia, or Hidel, so as other guild members. 
    (In other versions, RU and JP, I got the crafting and gathering quests at a very early stage, lv 20-30, without leveling any professions.)
    Any suggestion on how to get these quests, or how to enable them? Or is it a bug?

  22. I can't unlock daily quests on Chalpheon capital , i can't take knoledge by Lehard Motenon 
    someone have same problem?
  23. Hi,
    ich kann erfahrungsgemäß nicht ausschließen, dass ich einfach nur dumm bin oder blind , aber ich habe bisher keinen Weg gefunden ordentlich gemeinsam zu questen. Was meine ich damit ?

    Nun, eine Freundin und ich wollten einige Male zusammen questen, aber wir können z.b. eine Quest nicht teilen - bei Quests, die einen gewissen Rang oder Vorquests erfordern ist das nachvollziehbar, wobei es hier nicht schlecht wäre dann eine Meldung zu bekommen á la "du erfüllst die Vorraussetzungen nicht". Bei einigen Quests war es so, dass wir bereits mitten in der Pampa waren und wir dann in die Stadt zurück mussten, weil ich die Quest hatte, sie jedoch nicht. Sie musste sie jedoch nur noch abholen. Sprich, in einem solchen Fall wäre es sehr hilfreich,
    wenn man die Quest innerhalb der Gruppe teilen könnte .

    Ich denke es es wäre eine große Erleichterung, wenn man das umsetzen könnte, denn aktuell ist es so, dass wir zu Beginn abgleichen welche gemeinsamen Quests wir aktuell haben und diese dann zusammen abarbeiten. Aber, vom Gefühl her, sind wir mehr damit beschäftigt das "synchronisieren" der Quests abzusprechen als zu questen. Die einzigen Hinweise darauf, dass wir gemeinsam spielen ist das Loot, die Anzeige links oben und der Gruppenchat ^^

    Ich HOFFE ich habe etwas übersehen und wäre dankbar für aufklärende Comments hierauf. Bitte keine fanatischen fanboyartigen Ergüsse darüber, dass BD eben nun mal so sei und etc. pp. Ich habe oben bereits heraus gestellt, dass mir schon bewusst ist, dass es natürlich Quests gibt, die spezifische Vorraussetzungen haben. Allerdings ist das nichts Neues in einem MMO und die meisten die ich gespielt habe ( und das sind etliche ) bieten eben eine solche Funktion an, die das Gruppenspiel eben zu dem machen was es sein soll. Das ist übrigens alles eine reine Betrachtung auf den PvE-Content.

    Danke vorab.
  24. Clarifying Amity Unlock Requirements

    Raising Amity can unlock unique quests, knowledge and buffs from certain NPCs. Some of these unlocks cannot be obtained in any other way.
    When you 'Interact' with an NPC, some of them will have something like this in the bottom-left part of screen:

    The icons ( and ) are Amity unlocks and are explained below. If no icons are shown, then the NPC has no Amity unlocks.
    **It is important to note that some of the unlocks you get from Amity have additional requirements not shown in-game. You have to use a third-party site such as:
    to obtain the specific requirement information. You can simply search the name of the quest, or the name of the knowledge entry in the Search bar at top. There is an example below under Quests.
    The Different Amity Unlocks and You!
    Keep in mind when unlocking knowledge via Amity, that you may ALREADY HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE UNLOCKED.You can verify this via the H key (by default) or by clicking the Knowledge icon  in the Main Menu.(So make sure you verify whether it is already unlocked before you burn a bunch of energy unlocking it.) 
    Here is an example of a typical Knowledge unlock:
    The NPC Incas has an Amity knowledge unlock for the Altar of Agris. The Amity unlock amount is 450, as indicated by the red triangle. What's not indicated is that it also has a level requirement of 12 (Level>12). See the entry below: Source: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/33016/________________________
    Not all quests require just a certain level to be obtained. Some require a certain Profession level, or even a combination of both profession and character level. Be aware of this requirement possibility in your travels.Profession levels can be accessed via the P key (by default) or by clicking the Profile icon  in the Main Menu.
    Quests are similar to knowledge in regard to their requirements; although my understanding is quests cannot be acquired elsewhere as knowledge sometimes can. Meaning if an NPC has a quest via Amity, it should be unique and not obtainable from another NPC or method.
    Quests Requirements may include, but are not necessarily limited to:LevelProfessionAmity________________________
    Some NPCs will offer a Buff for obtaining a certain amount of Amity. You may have been expecting more...Sorry.________________________
  25. Having noticed that most people dont realise that by default the game filters out a large part of the quests in the game and complain that they have run out of quests, i decided to make a short guide on how to turn those quests on.
    By default your questlog looks like:

    see those 6 gray icons on the top right those are quest filters and gray = don't show.
    from left to right the buttons are: All - Combat - Gathering - Fishing - Trade - Other
    click on one of the buttons and it will turn brown allowing you to accept quests of that type, if you click the all button it will allow you to acept all types and your questlog will look like

    i should mention though that if you are after combat xp grinding is alot faster than quests as those are mainly for getting contribution points