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  1. So normally when his little icon goes off he has a quest for you, or is allowing you to turn a quest in to him, right?

    For me hes just showing his smug little icon off weather he has a quest for me or not.
    More often than not, he has absolutely nothing for me which is problematic because I have no way of telling when he does or doesnt actually have something new for me.
    And as you probably know, some quests only become available in certain areas. (ex. Calpheon Necklace daily quest that gives you free contribution only becomes available whilst in the city of Calpheon.)

    On a side note, it does seem like some quests are either not activating and becoming available after prerequisites are met; although i could just simply be doing something incorrectly.

    I am half way through level 50, with every black spirit quest I could find completed.

  2. I have enough conversation (or amnisty?) points for the npc, but it won't activate  the quest. I am wondering if there are "hidden" requirements for quests and where I can locate them?
  3. So I did the quests at the Delphe Castle to get the blue Basteer Weapon, got it. I enchanted the black stone that is exclusive to that weapon. The quest gave me another weapon black stone so I used it on my other weapon which is better. And now the black spirit isn't giving me any more quests (lvl 32 Wizard btw). He just tells me to go kill harpies (which I did). I know this is a very important quest. Did I miss something or mess something up? Please help, any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    I was using my other weapon to Kill Harpies (not blue Basteer weapon) also my blue Basteer weapon is not enhanced anymore since I used the non exclusive Basteer weapon stone on my other weapon. Does this effect anything?
  4. After the maintenance and patch of March the 3rd, daily quests do not appear anymore, beside the kill 100 mobs and mediah exiled forces from black spirit. This includes all the contribution XP dailies in Calpheon, the ring/earring/necklace of dim magical power quests, the contribution quests for mansha/rhutum, etc...
    I already posted this in the bugs section, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this? It is most likely related to the new Black Spirit notification glitch, where it says BS wants to talk to you but when you do he has no quests (relogging does not fix).
  5. After the maintenance and patch of March the 3rd, daily quests do not appear anymore, beside the kill 100 mobs and mediah exiled forces from black spirit. This includes all the contribution XP dailies in Calpheon, the ring/earring/necklace of dim magical power quests, the contribution quests for mansha/rhutum, etc...
    This is pretty much locking me out from progressing properly. Anyone else experiencing this? It is most likely related to the new Black Spirit notification glitch, where it says BS wants to talk to you but when you do he has no quests (relogging does not fix).
  6. Back in CBT2, the materials vendor in velia would trigger intro quests to crafting and other profession work. She doesn't seem to trigger it anymore. The boy at the docks didn't seem to trigger the fishing quests either, though my quest progression was the same when I first triggered them. They still exist, right?
    Edit: Okay, it was the "prefer" bit of the quest window. I needed to click "all" again. Seems I did it unwittingly during the CBT.
  7. Post on Guild Trade Quests in General

    By Valedrel, posted
    So twice now i have initiated a guild quest to do trades. sounds easy, grab stuff from one town bring it to a specific npc. However, i cant figure out how to turn any of the items in. I fill a wagon with the item i need, i got to the guard camp for example. I am supposed to give them to feinia at the guard camp. But i get no prompt to deliver, i tried selling them to her, i tried selling them to the trade manager. nothing happens. What am i supposed to do?
  8. This would make questing with a friend so much easier if there was an option to just hit a button so all party members get the quests you pick up.
  9. Been leveling with my boyfriend this morning and we follow quests together to a T. Both acquiring from the same NPC etc.  Not sure if it's cause we're both different classes or what but doesn't make sense that he's not able to pick up the same quests I am.  As every time I would tell him to go get a quest he'd say "It's not appearing for me." I went on his account later on and yeah, he was right. So.... guessing quests need to be fixed.
  10. The quest filter (the window on right side  of screen) seems to be set to filter out life/trade quest by default. This would be kinda ok, IF it wouldn't mean also that the life/trade quests wont be offered to you by NPC's either if you have the filter off. This has caused a lot of confusion/frustration to people (myself included) as this is not logical.
    Since the filter also affects the NPC's offering you the quests, it should be BY DEFAULT to be set at "ALL", meaning that initially ALL quests are shown and then if someone doesn't want something, they can filter them out. Now lot of people have missed the quests all together since they have not noticed this.
    Secondly: it seems that every time I log off, the settings are reverted to default, meaning that when I next time log back in game, I need to remember to activate and set the filters as I liked, or I will be missing (or offered) quests that I (don't) want. Settings should be saved.... 
    - Finuc -
  11. Fixed
  12. Hello!
      I would like to inform new players, or members just looking for a home; the guild Godfathers is accepting everyone.
    * We have a huge focus on territory warfare as we plan on reaping benefits from the nodes.        ***PVP!!!**
    * We do group farming. - A safe way to level up and gain silver/ items.   --- This would include our hunt for world bosses.
    * Interested in crafting? - We provide support for that. We have many recipes we can share with you too!
    * lost? We have a friendly group of core players that were in both Closed beta 1 and 2. We are willing to share some information such as help with quests, taming, cooking/ crafting. Got questions on classes and specs? we got some experience with that too such as pve specs/ pvp spec... maybe your a soloist? we got ideas for that too.
    ** Community! -- We like to have group projects, so this includes doing guild missions together; along with making a adventure out of the day!
    Come find us on the server Edan!!
    ** Godfathers** The best team oriented guild your going to find!
    You can also follow the team on twitch!  Twitch.tv/enthaupten           ** We hope to see you as part of the team!
  13. Post on Contribution points in General

    By ChiefRandom, posted
    question about contribution points,
    is there a maximum ammount u can get or does it keep increasing as long as u do the quests for them?
    since its needed for nodes and i want to trade fish from one town to a far one, i would imagine u'd need quite a few of them.
  14. Hey I was wondering if I only quested up to 13-15 to get donkey and after that I just grinded all the way, will I miss out on some level locked quests from the black spirit and such later on, or will I be fine to remember where I left off and go do those after a bit thanks for help.
  15. Post on Questing and builds in General

    By Ave, posted
    Hey guys I'm a new player, played in beta 2...I was a little curious how you would recommend one goes about questing? Should I do every single quest and side quest or only the main ones? I heard I should also do inventory expansion quests? Also, I'm playing a valkrie and I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to be choosing my skills....is it bad if I just pick random skills for now and then later reset them all when I know what I'm doing?
  16. Post on My Feedback in Suggestions

    By Dali, posted
    I was not able to play in CBT2 nearly as much as I did in CBT1.  But these my thoughts/suggestions.
    Character creation:
    1.  Remove the gender/race locks.  It is ridiculous to think that ONLY an elf can be an archer, or that elves can only be archers.  What if I want an elven wizard? Or an elven warrior?  Only a female sorcerer?  I understand the lore says females are more magically inclined, but these limitations are simply irritating, and as I cannot see any real difference between the functions of the classes that share the same traits for different genders, what is the point other than to make things more difficult for the developers, as well as to frustrate your player base?
    2.  More base options on the creator.  Not the customization controls (I like those the way they are, with only the exceptions noted below), but the base options.  I am hoping this part is as basic as it is simply because this is Beta, and at launch it will be better... but just in case, I am throwing my 2cp out here.
               A.  The hair styles for each class are all pretty much the same thing, with only a few variations (like the braids on the Valkyrie).  But for the most part, I personally do not like any of the current female options.  French braid?  Great.. if it didn't poof around my face like some 1980's hairdo!  More long hair options!  There are only a couple long hair options, and if they are pulled to the side or anything, then most of the customization controls do not work!  (The one long one that pulls around front.. you can change how far it goes down the chest , and the length of the few strands left dangling on the "pulled around side"... and that's it!)
               B.  All of the base presets are the exact same face with only slight texture variations.  It takes A LOT of time and effort to make them look like something else, and while I enjoy that part of the process, I do not want it to FEEL LIKE WORK!  The presets should actually be different faces, not slight (almost unnoticeable) variations of the same thing.  Change the facial structure, the ethnic group, the hair, whether it looks "cartoony", "anime", "realistic" etc.  
               C.  Remove the age/body restrictions from the Tamer.  I have no desire to play as a pubescent teen character.  Too many games are catering to this for whatever reason, and I wont play those races in other games either, no matter how much I want the class (same reason I would not play the Reaper in Tera, although I REALLY REALLY wanted to).  There are enough customization options already built into this game that players can choose to make their toons as young and small as they want.  But let those of us that want them have mature characters regardless of what race/class we choose.
    Game play:
    1.  The cursor misalignment that others have mentioned.  I do not play in full screen...ever.. so that option really isn't a solution for me.  I experienced this as well, so that's all I will say on it.  
    2.  Amity quests with the NPC's, I noticed when I was building Amity, none of them would give me the quests, even when I met the Amity level noted in the tooltip.  I even tried logging out and back in, as well as leaving the area and returning... nothing would induce them to give up the goods!
    3.  Quests vs. contribution points.  I know in CBT1 I had to return to the beginning area to do a bunch of quests, but as I went through it again in CBT2, I noticed that there are almost no quests in the beginning other than ones given by the black thing (who REALLY needs a changed voice-over...).  His quests do nothing for contribution points to an area, and so it is impossible to actually start building our links to other places, without having to run all the way back when we get higher level!  I ran all over the beginning area with 3 different toons, got all of the people except the lazy chicken expert... never did find him... and still... no quests.  The only ones I saw were the Amity ones, and as I mentioned... they weren't sharing.  
    4.  Gathering and Crafting.  I did not get into this much in CBT1 or 2.  (No crafting in CBT2 at all, but I have been gathering) But I have been playing BnS, which operates on a "have someone else do the crafting" basis... and I have to say... I do NOT like it.  The gathering in this game is MUCH better than in BnS, so I'll leave that alone... but I want the individual crafting, or even some mix of the two.  The feeling of accomplishment when you have been working to master a craft, and create new exciting armors, weapons, etc. will just not be there with this method, since there is no "mastering" of a craft.  And getting anything done this way takes FOREVER!  Hopefully it wont be as outrageously demanding to craft something as simple as a key if its needed in this game,...  
    5.  I have to own 15 different houses to run different trade-skills and have more space in my vault to hold all the mats?!?!  I love having my own place, but this game takes that and turns us into land barons to get anything done!
              The houses for vault space should be replaced with in-game items (not cash shop items) to expand that space, as many other games do it. 
              I think instanced housing works better, but I liked the Archeage method of combining tradeskills, farming, and a house into a single, or few places (just not their taxes...).  Particularly given this game's lack of quick transport, having this many houses  all over the map is not practical, even for someone that ONLY does crafting/trading... that wont be me BTW... I like to PLAY, not WORK.
    I know I am forgetting some things, but I will stop...
  17. It might be good to enable all quests types by default.
    I missed some of the profession quests when I first began.
  18. Hello there! This thread will be a W.I.P because I'm still experiencing the beta, like many of you. I'll add comments about editing the original post with new suggestions, if I come up with any. For now, there are a few things I'd like to suggest based off my own and my guild's personal experience with the game thus far. Also, if these suggestions have been mentioned already, allow me to apologize! I looked through topic names and hadn't seen anything like this before.

    So, let's begin.

    I - Minimap Customization:

    Besides being able to change the scale and zoom of the minimap, I haven't seen any in-depth customization for the minimap. Something that has really bothered me about the minimap is how small the icons tend to be, as myself and my friends find it difficult to find quest markers sometimes. Also, it's very distracting and I find that the amount of player icons running around the minimap to be more of a problem than something beneficial. The markers that I care about can be hidden by multiple player icons, which I find frustrating.

    There should be options to turn off certain icons, and even scale icons smaller or larger than others; that would be nice to have.

    II - Quest Filter:

    Something that came off very confusing to my friends and I as we jumped into the beta as a leveling group of three was the inability to match all of our quests to one another. The minute we got to a town, there was a lot of confusion about what quests we should all have and the direction to go next. After some research, one of us found out that the game AUTOMATICALLY filters your quests to only find combat-related quests, instead of viewing all available quests. While I don't mind the idea of a filter, why is it that you're automatically filtered to only be accepting combat quests in the beginning of the game?

    If there's a quest available, I personally want to take the task and complete it.

    III - Chat Tab Customization:

    Something very small is that I'd like to be able to name my tab windows for my chat instead of just "Chat 1," "Chat 2," etc. My preferred layout for chat tabs would look something like "1 - General", "2 - Channel", "3 - Messages", "4 - Guild & Group". This would just be a small and nice thing to have, but my life isn't going to be over if I can't have it.

    IV - The Challenge of PvE Combat:

    Regardless of the classes that I've played thus far on the beta, I've found that the combat in PvE is way too easy. I know that a lot of people have mentioned this so far, but I'd like to highlight that a game needs challenge. By my lonesome, I find that the challenge in this beta so far is just challenging other players for the mob kill. Killing the mobs themselves don't require any form of effort other than a few spam-clicks of my mouse. Now, in a group? Playing with my two friends, we annihilated everything in our path, and I could grab my phone and text someone while auto-running somewhere, because I knew my friends would be ahead of me anyways clicking 1-2 times and I knew we'd progress together easily anyways.

    This game has A LOT of potential to be very immersive, I find that it already is in a lot of elements. I'm also well aware that PvP is the main focus of the game, but I don't think it's too difficult to increase the difficulty of killing mobs and creating a challenge. Even if it's small, I'd like to be proud of progressing my character, rather than feeling bored because the combat is a piece of cake.

    Not to mention, the fantastic action and combos you can utilize in this game are wasted when creatures fall to their deaths so quickly.


    Let me know what you think, and if you agree or disagree. Thanks. :-)
  19. Hello all, so today i've tried the beta , leveled to lvl 10 pretty fast with that black ghost.
     After that i got in the velia town and made around 10 quests , and im still level 10 made maybe 5 % , quests that were introducing me in crafting sysyem/house.
    But still, im done with those quests stucked at that level with no more quests or question marks in velia town, im supposed to grind till the black ghost wakes up and gimme new quests or?
  20. Post on Silver Quests Missing? in General

    By Chiago, posted
    I'm probably the only person who noticed this, but are silver drops turned off? They were available in CBT1, and they are available in every other playable server. Why have they been taken out of the game? and have they been taken out permanently?
    If your not familiar with silver turn in quests, they are items dropped by mobs. Gather enough of them and you can turn them into your local NPC for some silver in bulk. This is a great and easy method to earn money while grinding. Its also an alternative for those of us that aren't that into trading, and running trade routes etc. For a visual example see the picture below of a goblins token, it is typically trade-able in Veila to a NPC 40 for 5k silver.

  21. Some general questions I can't find solid answers to.  
    1)  Solidified my name reservation, however I'm curious to how long the reservation lasts. The name was intended for the Ninja class which I know won't be available for awhile.  Is there a time limit to how long you can reserve a name?
    2)  I've read that there might be some XP adjustments to all quests,  making it more important to actually finish all the quests earlier on instead of the grinding method.  Is this true,  unconfirmed rumor or false?  
    3)  I've also read that the grinding method is arguably the best way to level with the idea being that you want to take time to do the black spirit quests and do only the quests that give bag space but NOT bag space and skill points.  The idea being that the skill points become more difficult to come by post lvl 50 and by doing the quests later, you save yourself time.  An idea I don't fully understand as I thought skill points were earned ONLY by leveling up and select quests.  Why should skill point quests be done at 50+ instead?  As I've read different opinions on this,  I'd like to know which is true in order to save me hours worth of trying to progress less efficiently.  
    4)  I've found information on hit boxes of objects in the world and NPCs - but no information on hit boxes for player characters.   Does the size of your character such as Berserker vs Tamer matter to the extent of hitting your target?  Does it effect your reach of your attacks and how easy you can get hit? The only other thing I was able to find was that it changes what you can duck through and what you can jump on.  Taller characters can't duck under some things but they can apparently jump higher. 
    Thanks for reading this over and giving me your time.
    Edit - added question number 4 which I forgot to mention.
  22. Post on Quests limit in General

    By greymatter00, posted
    Does anyone happen to know if there is a set limit on the amount of quests you can pick up in game?
    I am tired of not having an unlimited amount on that. Think it's kinda like all the other MMO's where they have 10-25 quests and thats it you have to complete the others before you get any more.
    Well enough babbling.

  23. Post on Area completion in General

    By Mabo, posted
    I know many players at launch will start sprinting around the world in order to power level their character as fast as possible.

    I'm interested how many people are planning to complete most of the things to do in one area/city/region before moving on to the next?
    A farmer might still need help with herb gathering, an archaeologist might still be perplexed by ancient runes. I myself like to finish off main and side quests before venturing into higher zones. Usually that means you don't optimize your XP gain and may end up being "overleveled" for a few hours. But I find it soothing to look back at the map and see no new quests popping up (except for repeatables of course).

    That doesn't mean I will move through the world like a turtle (unless encumbered), I'll still do my best to hurry the heck up and keep up with the majority
  24. Post on Pets. in Suggestions

    By Kittyman343, posted
      So i was reading the Dev PM Diary, at my candle lit dinner with my cat Mr. Fluker. As I was reading deeper and deeper into the very interesting Dev PM Diary... I noticed pets can be bought on the Cash shop. I've bought a pet on KR before, 4 total to be exact. But i was wondering will pets be a cash shop item only? Or will i be able to earn a pet, through looting mobs, or doing a few  quests or getting it from the 100hr reward thing. I feel like pets should be something you earn by grinding/doing quests. So as you progress through the Black Desert World it would be one less thing you gotta worry about it while grinding out lvls. I mean I would rather have my own little goblin named bruce that follows me around and picks up my loot,and puts it in his own backpack, but that ain't happening.
      Anyways back on topic. Pets do more then just pick up loot, some help you find water in the desert, fish, etc. With that being said they have a role in the game, kinda like how your mount has a role. On other mmo's i have played i always enjoyed collecting the pets, gives that sense of "I have my own pet/minion" but on other mmo's pets were pointless did nothing, besides try and act like pokemon. In BDO they do stuff, they help you out. I'm okay with being able to buy pets on the Cash shop, but i also think you should be able to earn atleast 2 without having to pay for them with real money in game.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Your Friends:
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr.Fluker, and Kittyman343
    Kittyman343 goes into discussion about how he thinks pets should be able to be earned ingame, and not only a cashshop item you can get.
    He also explains how pets helps in your journeys to becoming the very best, and are more than a cosmetic item.
  25. Hallo liebe Antwortsuchende,
    nachstehend ein paar Fragen, deren Antworten euch hoffentlich bei eurem Weg zu Black Desert hilfreich sein werden. Grundlegend geht es um das Thema, wo liegen die Vorteile in den verschiedenen Vorgehensweisen, was gibt es für Aufgaben (Quests) und wie sehen deren Belohnungen aus.
    Wie level ich schneller, mit Quests oder mit simplem "Grinding"?
    Der schnellste Weg ins PvP führt eindeutig über das "Grinding", also das simple Metzeln möglichst vieler Gegner in möglichst schneller Zeit. Quests geben in Black Desert bei der Belohnung keine Erfahrungspunkte für die Charakterstufe und kosten durch die Wegstrecken zuviel Zeit.
    Wo grinde ich denn am Besten?
    Einen kleinen Guide dazu seht ihr im zweiten Posting dieses Threades. 
    Also sollte ich einfach grinden? Wo sind die Vor- und Nachteile?
    Der Vorteil ist sicherlich, dass man schneller levelt als andere, sodass man sich im Vergleich früher ins PvP stürzen kann, oder seine Ausrüstung früher ausbauen kann. Auch kann man möglicherweise, falls genügend andere Gildenmitglieder ebenfalls grinden, die Tötungsaufträge bei den Gildenaufgaben angehen. Klare Nachteile hat man bei den Arbeits- und den Ausbaupunkten, je nachdem auch bei den Titelboni und den Skillpunkten. Diesen Nachteil kann man später wieder aufholen. 
    Kurz gesagt: Grinding lohnt sich für jene, welche nicht von Beginn weg einen Beruf ergreifen wollen und möglichst schnell Charakterstufen erklimmen wollen.
    Warum sollte ich denn questen? Wo sind da die Vor- und Nachteile?
    Wer den Aufträgen in Black Desert nachgeht, dem wird nicht so schnell langweilig werden. Es gibt unglaublich viele Dinge, die nur darauf warten angepackt und erledigt zu werden. Lohn der Mühe hängt von der Auftragsart ab, zu den verschiedenen Questarten und deren Belohnungen komme ich weiter unten. Kurz gesagt, bei den Quests sammelt man vor allem Ausbaupunkte, je nachdem Titel, Berufsmateralien, Wissen, Lebens- und Manatränke, Regeneration von Arbeitspunkten und Ausrüstungsgegenständen. Der grösste Nachteil im Vergleich zum Grinden ist die Verlangsamung beim Leveln ansich. 
    Ok, ich habe mich für das Questen entschieden, wo fange ich an?
    Als Allererstes? Sofort "O" für das Aufgabenbuch drücken und kontrollieren, ob auch wirklich alle Questarten angezeigt werden (oben im Untermenü, einfach "Alle" auf grün umstellen). Danach je nach Preferenz den verschiedenen Questarten nachgehen.
    Es gibt verschiedene Questarten?
    In Black Desert gibt es nachfolgende Questeinteilungen:
    Geist-Aufgaben: werden durch Betreten von Gebieten, Entdecken von NPCs, Stufenaufstiegen, Fortschritten in den Haupt- und Nebenaufgaben, Zurücksetzen der täglichen Aufgaben und mehr ausgelöstHauptaufgaben: bei NPCs in gelber Farbe angezeigt, erkennbar durch ein gelbes Ausrufezeichen im Aufgabenverzeichnis. So etwas wie der rote Faden durch die Welt und die Geschichte. Teilweise fortlaufend, was heisst die vorherigen Schritte müssen gelöst werden, um weitere Quests zu erhaltenStadt- bzw. Gebietsaufgaben: ebenfalls bei den NPCs in gelb angezeigt, werden durch ein Häusersymbol im Questlog angezeigtGegenstandsaufgaben: werden oft durch Gegner fallen gelassen und haben eine StufenanforderungLieferaufgaben: haben ebenso den gelben Rahmen bei NPCs, aber bekommen ein Kistensymbol spendiertHandwerksaufgaben: haben mehrheitlich bei den NPCs einen grünen Rahmen, plus ein Fisch mit Spitzhacke. Auch im Aufgabenbuch mit dem selben Symbol gekennzeichnetEntdeckungsaufgaben: geniessen einen weissen Rahmen bei NPCs, mit abgesteckter roter FahneTägliche/Wöchentlche Aufgaben (Dailies/Weeklies): können sowohl als Handwerks- wie auch Gebietsaufgaben bei den NPCs angezeigt werden. Haben als Symbol zwei Pfeile, welche einen Kreis bilden 

    Das sind mir zu viele Questarten! Ich will einfach nur Arbeitspunkte bekommen, was muss ich machen?!
    Falls es um die maximale Menge an Arbeitspunkte geht, welche die Charaktere bekommen können, ist das Questen mehrheitlich der falsche Weg. Man bekommt zwar durch einige Aufgaben Wissenseinträge, aber diese Belohnungen sind eher selten. Die maximale Menge an Arbeitspunkte lassen sich durch die Wissenseinträge erhöhen ("H"), was vor allem Entdecken von Ortschaften und Bewohner (auch Gegner) beinhaltet.
    Wollt ihr bereits benutzte Arbeitspunkte wieder aufladen, dann bieten sich die Stadt-/Gebietsaufgaben an. Ihre Erfüllung kosten selten ihrerseits Arbeitspunkte, dafür bekommt man als Belohnung oftmals Regeneration von den gewünschten Punkten. Ausserdem lohnend und "gratis" sind die Fischeraufgaben, solltet ihr euch für das Fischen begeistern können. Die Handwerksaufgaben geben auch mehrheitlich Punkte zurück, doch für die Erfüllung der Quest braucht es meistens mehr Punkte als man zurückbekommt. 
    Ich brauche unbedingt mehr Ausbaupunkte, welche Quests müsste ich denn dafür machen?
    Hier wird das Spektrum schon breiter. Man kann fast sagen, alle Quests geben Ausbauerfahrungspunkte. Doch besonders lohnend sind die täglichen Aufgaben ("Dailies"), welche sich je nach Art schnell erledigen lassen. Auch die Stadt-/Gebietsaufgaben geben gerne Ausbaupunkte. Theoretisch würden sich auch die Entdeckungsaufgaben anbieten, doch die dort geschenkte Erfahrung ist fast keiner Rede wert. Nebenbei, ab 300 Ausbaupunkten wird der Erhalt von weiteren Punkten stark verlangsamt.
    Ich bin ein Trunkenbold, ich brauche Lebens- und/oder Manatränke!
    Haltet euch an die Städte-/Gebietsaufgaben. Ihr werdet regelrecht mit Lebens-/Manatränke bombardiert...
    Was ist denn mit den Entdeckungsaufgaben?
    Ganz ehrlich? Sie lohnen sich nur, falls man noch Platz in seinem Aufgabenbuch hat, oder möglichst eine hohe Prozentangabe in der Aufgabenstatistik erreichen möchte. Die Entdeckungsaufgaben werden ausschliesslich für Orte vergeben, welche ihr noch nicht entdeckt habt. Was grosse Wegstrecken bedeuten kann, für sehr wenige Ausbauerfahrungspunkte. 
    Und die Berufsaufgaben, warum sollte ich die machen?
    Mehrheitlich bekommt man einen Zuwachs zur Berufserfahrung. Oftmals locken auch Erfahrungspunkte für die Ausdauer, Materialien für die Berufe, teilweise Ausbaupunkte usw.

    Über die Lieferaufgaben haben wir auch noch nicht gesprochen!
    Auch hier ist der Lohn (Ausbauerfahrungspunkte), verglichen mit dem Zeitaufwand, eher gering. Die Münzen, welche man bei einigen Aufgaben bekommt, machen es aber wieder wett. Lieferaufgaben scheint es nebenbei endlos zu geben. Habt ihr einen Auftrag erledigt, wartet schon der nächste. Habt ihr ein Interesse am Handel, kann man sie gerne mitnehmen.

    Geld regiert die Welt, wie sieht es denn damit aus?
    Wie meinen? Ist denn die Dankbarkeit der Bittsteller nicht bereits genug? Durch das Questen werdet ihr nicht reich, wobei ihr einige Questbelohnungen im Auktionshaus verkaufen könnt. Bei den Quests geht es eher um den Nebeneffekt, dass ihr bei fast allen Ausbauerfahrungspunkte bekommt. Ausserdem sind einige Titel und Wissenseinträge nur durch Quests erreichbar.
    Es gibt doch noch "versteckte" Aufgaben bei NPCs über das Befreundungssystem?
    Richtig, manche Bewohner geben euch erst eine Aufgabe, so ihr euch mit ihnen genug angefreundet habt, oder ihre Unterordneten genug gut kennt. Ihr seht solche "versteckten" Aufgaben in ihrem Aurenkreis, sobald ihr genug nahe an dem NPC steht, oder im Gespräch mit ihm unten links bei der Befreundungsstufe, in Form eines Fragezeichens. Leider war das System während der Beta noch nicht ausgereift. Manche NPCs zeigen zwar an, dass sie erst ab einer gewissen Sympathiestufe eine "versteckte" Aufgabe für einen haben, doch geben sie teilweise die Aufgabe auch von sich aus ohne jegliches Zutun eurerseits, während der Status sich im Befreundungskreis nicht ändert. Es kann also passieren, dass ihr euch umsonst mit jemandem befreundet habt, da ihr die Aufgabe schon davor erledigt habt und damit die selbe nicht nochmal erhalten könnt. Bei manchen "versteckten" Aufgaben handelt es sich aber auch um eine tägliche Aufgabe.