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  1.          I'm certain that I'm not the only person to have thought of implementing gambling in a game that essentially, completely about it. I love a good duel in the arena and am always seeking to better myself. However, I love to watch others fight as well. Aside from being just enjoyable, it's another way to learn. So why not have a way to make silver while doing so? Imagine sitting on the sidelines at the Red Battlefield screaming for the team you've chosen to get you the money you desperately need for the TET Dandelion you've longed for. You've placed a wager of hundred of millions and you're biting your nails as the blood spills below and the points grow higher. Imagine the finish to that battle and the utter joy you'd experience from a massive payout and finally purchasing your prize or the nightmare of having to amass the amount you've lost on that bet. Or you could place small wagers to make it more interesting while you watched..I'm sorry. I had a bit of fun painting that picture lol.
            Now, here's why I believe this would be great for the game. Aside from the obvious part that is "more content", this would provide far more depth to The Red Battlefield and overall interest in combat. Bets could be placed within an allotted time before the battle ensued through the use of Gold Ingots. There could even be different odds that betters could take "Red Army by one hundred points" would see a greater return than "Red Army wins". The entire pot would be subject to a hefty but static tax (Perhaps, the thirty-five percent like the market? I'm sure there's very specific numbers that would be needed to make this viable and that could be decided by developers.) before the winning bets were given out. What happens with that tax? It's split among the combatants, both winners and losers. The winners would receive a greater sum than losers, as they should.  
            The fact is that The Red Battlefield is very stagnant. I personally went just one time  before deciding I didn't enjoy it and that there wasn't really any point in my going again. (Yes, I was terrible lol.) The Adamantine Crystals that are arguably the only "profitable" reason for going aren't very useful and are easily purchased. Currently, it only appeals to those that want larger scale battles and that's okay...but I would love to watch them fight and make silver on those battles. Even more, I'd love to take part in those battles and earn that silver. I think this would draw a great many to the Battlefield and improve the allure of the arena. There are also many other ways to improve the appeal of The Red Battlefield such as using the given marks to purchase unique armor and weapon skins, pet appearances (not actual pets although, that'd be amazing), horse armors, animations, and different arenas.  We have the potential for an incredible blood sport if just a few changes are made to broaden its appeal. 
    Gambling could be implemented with Horse Racing. However, to prevent cheating, racers would be assigned random numbers, unable to speak to those outside of races, and unable to see what numbers they are. This should block attempts to rig races through outside sources of communication like Discord. The bets would work just as traditional race tracks would with the tax being split among the racers. Some of us have amazing horses and there would be no better way to show the world our mounts than through incredible high stakes races. While I do like some of the rewards for racing already, they could be further improved by using the given seals for unique to Racing akin to those I've mentioned for Red Battlefield. What do you think of my take on spectator sports? I'd love to hear your opinion  
  2. So the time is almost upon us! Horse racing is just around the corner and I know of at least a few breeders who are aiming to breed themselves a winner. So share your best and be sure to add your server so we can all keep an eye on the competition  Don't forget to strip off the armour + costume as it will modify the base stats!
    Family Name: Konn0
    Server: EU / Alustin
    Current Favourite: Tier 6 H (Eir)
    Stats: 141.2/139.2/138.0/140.7

    Months worth of RNG and still no white racing car, but I like the stats mix I got here! I realise he has only 12 skills, but he has the ones which count 
  3. Post on Horse Racing? in General

    By The Black Heron, posted
    I haven't heard anything about horse racing coming with valencia. Does anyone know if the feature came after valencia in KR or with it? 
    The only thing I've been looking forward to is going against other people who've put in too much time running horses, and I was hoping pvt wiggles would ask about racing in his recent Q&A  with the team, but alas there was no mention.
  4. Hello, let me introduce myself. My I'm a level 55 tamer who plays on the EU server Alustin.  A while back I got interested in training, I had dreams of training horses, breeding them, selling them, having all my stables full of horses and pockets full of money. So I set off on an adventure, to become a great horse trainer! Weeks later, here I am I spend 8-12 hours a day full speed horse riding for max experience, and 6-8 hours a night while I sleep. I've probably spent roughly 800 hours on the back of a horse, as I type this, I'm riding a horse. I'm proud to say, about a week and a half back, I bred my first T7 red horse. I spent about 70-100 hours on the back of the horse, getting him to level 30. What glee I felt when he reached level 30. I swapped a few skills and can say I have my perfect horse, apart from really wanting the white one. He has drift, instant accel, sprint, charge, even roar! I'm so proud of him, so protective, I never let him get near war. Out of curiosity, I checked how much he was worth on the market.

    41 million silver. The pinnacle of my achievement, an approximate 600 hours of riding to get to that point, and my games greatest accomplishment is worth 41m... For the highest tier horse with the best skills, zero deaths, two breeds and a reset? Something that even my guildies with ogre rings, maxed out ultimate grunil and kzarka's fawn over is 41m. That may sound like a lot to some, but 1-2m an hour is entirely possible fishing or grinding monsters. I checked some of my other horses, 3 million for a fresh level 1 T6 horse. A breed from two level 29 T5 parents got me. T5 level 29's that at a minimum, assuming I was at my computer making them run the whole time, would have taken 65 hours to level up to that point. That effort is worth 3 million silver. Maybe I spend 6 dollars, breed twice and exchange the parents. Have three horses, for a combined total of 9 million, assuming I get lucky and get all T6 horses. Well, split up that would make just under 22 hours for 3 million silver a piece.
    So, the only reason most of us breeders and trainers are doing this now is for higher tier horses with awesome skills so we can have stables full of amazing horses. That's what a lot of us wanted. Just to have one or a few really amazing horses. Not making any money from it means we don't sell as often and get to keep them all to ourselves and the non breeders can fight over what they can snipe from the market or possibly try to buy from their friends. 

    Well, breeders and non breeders alike, with Mediah Part 2 quickly coming our way we can look forward to horse racing! We get to test our skills on horse back instead of with swords and bows, really exciting stuff. We get to earn tokens to buy stuff from a vendor like horse gear and... (In the Korean version) Tier 6, 7 and 8 horses...? Wait what? To get this amazing horse I spent 600 hours of my life on, I can instead have the chance at a better one by winning 10 5 minute races?  So anyone with a T2 horse can go ahead and trot his way to victory, get lucky and open a T6-7-8. The only thing breeders and trainers have been trying tirelessly to accomplish with hundreds of hours of their time. 
    What then would be the point of training? It doesn't make money, you may as well fish or cook or trade or.. Anything else! To get an awesome horse, you say? Well, go get a participation award in 50 horse races and now you too, can compete with the people who have spent hundreds to thousands of hours trying to do what you just did. 
    Let me make one thing clear, the random horse box for 50 tokens may not be the same as Korea. After all, they do have wild T5 horses and things like that. However, it's a huge concern of mine that something like this may make it into the game. Imagine, all you level 56's, everyone getting a free level 57 for the next update. Imagine, all you fishers that everyone got a free boat, a pair of fishers clothes, the best rod and artisan fishing. Imagine, people who spent 6 weeks getting an ogre ring, there's an easy to kill boss that drops a PRI ogre now. Your accomplishment isn't tarnished. You still put the work in and got it before everyone else and you should feel proud, but sorry everyone gets one now!
    If someone told me a month ago, you can have 400m in your bank from fishing or you can have a T7 horse, I might be riding on a donkey today. That being said, when I have the little horse badge above my head, it always makes me smile.
    This topic should put fear in the hearts of all trainers and breeders and you should strive for a better horse market. Thanks for reading.

    Tldr: Spending 600 hours to get a T7 horse with perfect skills for a gain of 41,000,000 coins is absurd.

    Even if you magically gained a T7 horse, with no breeding; spending 100 hours riding it to level 30 for a gain of 25-41m, assuming imperfect skills is still low. Spend 100 hours group grinding Sausans with special deals and gain 150-200m with today's update. Spend 100 hours fishing to gain 80-120m.

    Training doesn't have the benefits of worthwhile monetary gain, so players are doing it just to own the best horses. If the horse racing is brought in exactly like it is in Korea, with the ability to get Tier 6, 7 or 8 horses, the skill isn't worth anything.
  5. Post on Horse Racing ETA in Suggestions

    By Lobselvith, posted
    Like the title says, when could we expect to have horse racing in game?
    do we have a ruff ETA please.

  6. Post on Horse Racing in Suggestions

    By Tachiras, posted
    Hello everyone.
    I know this idea cannot be easily brought to life but I just wanted to share it. Firstly, I would like to mention it is not a request, just some sudden eureka idea while playing the game ( at this particular moment manually riding a horse aka "no auto pathing"). I believe publishers cannot do anything about it, maybe just let devs know if they can see potential in it, if players might show interest in it. There are a lot of stuff to do in BDO and that is why I like it. One of the activities is horse taming/breeding which helps us to get beautiful horses for daily casual usage, other people might do that because of the income, even though people are not happy about higher tier prices. I thought there could be MORE what is related to horses and as you probably already guessed from the title, I think horse racing can be really possible in this game... if well presented. I believe there are many approaches how to implement it. It has a vast range of possibilities: betting, some weekly entertainment, horse rankings and much more. Probably some fields controlled by NPC should be created it but that would be decision of Dev team. Anyways, probably everyone could add something extra to this idea if they find it interesting and I believe the game can make it real with some time. Many people wanted naval battles, it is coming, if there would be desire for some PvE fun activities, horse racing could be live too.
    Thanks for hearing me out. I would love to hear what other players (maybe even administration) think about it. Would it be viable aspect of the game? Or you think it wouldn't be popular and it is just a waste of time.
  7. Post on Horse Race in Suggestions

    By Dausae, posted
    I think everyone would love Horse Racing in this game. A person should be able to purchase a Horse Racing Permit and enter there Horses to race or bet on other player Horses. Hire a jockey to race your Horse and many factors to determine the outcome for the horse to win. Race for fun when ever and maybe have a weekly event to race for competition/money. Would encourage people to breed more horses and to go out and catch. There should be a Horse Arena in one of the towns where everyone can go and gather to watch.   Different races for different skills. Jumps, sprints and ect...
  8. I have a few questions regarding horses, wagons, and PvP. I considered putting this in the PvP forum, but since this is really about horses being killed by players, I felt it'd be more appropriate here.
    So, here are the questions:
    - Can a player kill a horse owned by another player?
    - Can a player kill a wagon owned by another player?
    I am assuming the answer to the above is "yes", but I've never heard of either actually happening.
    - If you can indeed kill another player's horse, will the horse be penalized; i.e., will it have a death added to its death counter? I've read here that it doesn't count, but I'd like a confirmation, as I don't really trust information from January.
    - If a wagon is destroyed by another player, will the wagon suffer any real penalties; i.e., will it have its lifespan shortened? Also, what happens to any attached horses?
    Horse racing is a unique and fun feature in Black Desert. Horse races occur once every hour on each channel. The start times do differ depending on which channel you are in so you may need to move channels a few times to find a race you can enter. In this guide I’m going to quickly explain how to register for a race, what happens during the race, disqualifications, and prizes.
    For more information on mounts and how to get horse equipment, click here.
    Anyone can enter a race, there are no level requirements on your character and all horse tiers are split into different catagories so you can enter your tier 1 horse, or your tier 5 horse. You also do not need to have any horse equipment to join a race. The only requirement is that you have 0 deaths on the mount you are going to use.
    To register for a race you will need to make sure the horse you plan to use is out of the stables. You also need to make sure you are in channel 1 or you will receive an error message. Underneath the horse icon, just below your level and stats, there will be a button with the label “10000 shares information”, click this to open the register window.

    If you see a window similar to the one on the left, where the text is red, it means that you need to wait until registration starts. It will also give you the message “Horse racing coming soon”. If the text is blue, similar to the window on the right, the race is currently in the registration stage and you can sign up to join. This is shown with the message “Horse racing registration in progress”.
    To refresh this window you will need to keep closing it and reopening it by pressing the button again.
    The statistics shown in these images give you some information about the next race. Starting from the top, the first statistic is how many people are currently registered for this race. A maximum of 20 people can sign up for a race. Underneath, the time until registration, the time until race starts, or the time until the next race, is shown in minutes. In the window on the left we can see that registration isn’t going to start for another 38 minutes. In the window on the right we are told that the race is going to start in 6 minutes. Finally, the bottom statistic is the tier category. It is quite hard to read but in the image on the left the category is “1” and the right is category number “4”. You can only enter races that match the same category number as your horse tier. For example: I would like to enter my tier 5 horse so I have to wait for a race with “Generation: 5”.
    If you try to enter your horse into the wrong category you will receive the error message shown below.

    Now that we know all the information about the next race, how do we enter? During the registration time you simply open the window and press the button on the left. The button on the right will cancel your registration.

    When it’s time for the race to start, you will automatically be moved to the start position.
    When the race starts you will be guided along a route using pathfinder. You don’t have to follow the pathfinder completely, you can go off-road and take shortcuts as long as you go to each waypoint along the route. A timer will be shown at the top of your screen showing how long you taken so far. During the race you cannot talk to NPCs, PVP, or be in a party.

    This screenshot below shows the finish line. 

    After you’ve crossed the finish line you receive your ranking, time and prize. In the screenshot below you can see that earned 3 “Tension” items. Check out the Prizes section below for more information on what these are used for! To close the rankings press the black and gold cross underneath. You will automatically be teleported back to your original position shortly after the race has finished.

    You will be disqualified from the race if:
    You move out of the starting position before the race starts.You take over 10 minutes to go from one waypoint to another.You dismount your horse.PRIZES
    Depending on your ranking in the race you will earn a certain amount of “Tension” items. These can be traded at a Stable Hand NPC in Media named “Arugula”. The node that this NPC is located at is called “Dolinia Pasture”.

    The Tension items can be exchanged at this NPC for these prizes:
    Tension x2: Blackstone (Armor)Tension x3: Blackstone (weapon)Tension x5: Light, saddlery equipment for combat (helm, bard, saddles, stirrups, horseshoes) – Random selectionTension x8: Light, saddlery equipment for combat (helm, bard, saddles, stirrups, horseshoes) – Pick oneTension x20: Flurry of cure, fighting spirit harness equipment (helm, bard, saddles, stirrups, horseshoes)- Random selectionTension x25: Flurry of cure, fighting spirit harness equipment (helm, bard, saddles, stirrups, horseshoes) – Pick oneTension x50: Horses races lottery boxTension x80:  Two-seater horse skill (6th tier skill which will allow a passenger to sit on your horse)Tension x100: Flurry of cure, fighting spirit harness equipment (+1 to +5 enchantment) – Random selectionThis guide is by Black Desert Foundry. Check out our website for more guides!