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  1. Hallo Zusammen,
    Bin verzweifelt auf der Suche nach den genauen Beschreibungen der einzelnen Gildenränge:
    Was für Rechte hat ein Rüstmeister hab bis jetzt nirgendwo eine Antwort finden können, vielleicht könnt ihr mir ja weiter helfen
    lg Shiro
  2. I don't see a lot of people mentioned about this [or more like didn't see any - if there is a topic on this already, please direct me to it since i did try to search for it] 
    I think this game need to revamp the party system - especially the party range [the wifi signal]
    Currently the range is "too small" and is only good if you're trying to power level someone. 
    I play this game with my 2 other friends and we don't really understand what the point of party when the range is too small.
    There are a lot of grind spot and when you can clear them fast enough, it's no point to stand next you your friend to get the party benefit since there is no mobs for you to clear.
    I don't need you guy to increase any party benefit, but at least raise the range of party up - at least 2, 3 times more so that people can actually split up in the grind spot and still earn the benefit of party.
    Right now there is no incentive to party since the range is again ... "too small" - we only use the party system to ... see each other on the map  and that is it
    @CM_Aethon don't know who to tag in but just want to tag at least 1 CM so you guy can looks at this
  3. It would be REALLY nice if you could sell to a trader from farther away, it is really hard sometimes to get your wagon into the spot where a trader is when there are multiple other people in there already.
  4. Ich wollte mal vorschlagen das man im Battlefield vielleicht assist Punkte bekommen könnte. Warum? Als Warrior, Tamer, Berserker ( vllt auch noch andere ) ist es in meinen Augen "fast" nicht möglich so viele Punkte wie ein Ranger oder Sorc zu bekommen. Ranger sehe ich mit mehr als 200-400 Punkte  und die Warriors höchstens mit 50-80 Punkte und das ist schon sehr selten. Das liegt sicher nicht nur am Equip oder am Skill. Ich finde das durch das Graben bzw den CC vieler Klassen - Heals und Buffs, die wahren DDs wie Sorcs und Ranger erst richtig los legen können und deshalb wäre das in meinen Augen Punkte wert.
  5. Hello all,
    I am new to BDO. I just started testing out the game this week. I have noticed something in-game that I am wanting some clarification on. 
    I like to play ranged classes, specifically Wizard. However, in this game I have noticed that the distance you can cast spells (or shoot arrows for ranger) is very limited and you must get close enough for the reticle to turn red before you can actually hit a target. I can't shoot the birds flying overhead, or anything more then maybe 10m away. 
    So my question is this: Does the distance for ranged attacks increase with character progression or is that just how it is in BDO? 
  6. 1. World boss, you have to deal with HUGE lag and 5234523462346 bodies to get through, if you aren't in the front you probably can't even reach him with your attacks, while you wait there till the front row dies, so it'll be your turn.
    2. Oh speaking of world boss. MELEE HAVE THE LOWEST AP. Due to vangertz shield, unless you got axion, but even then, you won't out DPS a wizard/witch, ranger, sorc.
    3. Oh, is sorc considered a melee? Sure, she can be a hybrid of both melee and range, but guess what, she gets an AP Boost + 3463346546 iframes.
    4. Oh, you want to grab someone without them rubber banding? And a sorc able to teleport your grab/knockdown? Have fun
    5.  1vs1, sure, you'll do ok, but compare to ranger/sorc/witch/wizard, 1vs10. Those 3 class have a fighting chance, but a melee doesn't even stand a chance with all the CC, while the other classes have a small or great chance of at least killing MORE than a melee.
    6. DP Scales?! Sike ~ Some forums in korea suggest that the ratio of AP and DP is 1AP to 2.4 DP. This is not including accuracy and crit. But the thing is, good luck killing anyone as a full DP melee, because SOME REASON, archer/wiz/witch/sorc will have the same DP as you, awesome!
    There is a lot more, if you guys want to add, melee doesn't even have iframes, other than sorc,
    OH VALK AND WARRIOR HAS A SHIELD, well so do wiz/witch and sorc, 
    Guess what archer scales up in damage by? HP!
    WHICH SHOULD BE MELEE scale, yet the archer gets a HP Scaling skills, Awesome!
    So, if you are a tamer,warrior, or valk, have fun regretting it ~
    (Oh how about beserker, they can go range on awakening so lucky them)
    Please don't put your opinions of ANY class unless you have played them up to AT LEAST level 50+ and have been in red battle field or in a GVG.
  7. So the mobs in this game seem very tame compared to the usual rabble I fight in different games. Most of the time I can walk up to creatures like goblins, wolves and imps and they would only attack if I was in swinging range of them. I feel their aggression range should be increased from what it currently is, and adding on to that, should be doubled at night time.
    Of course, this does not apply to neutral creatures like weasels.

    It won't let me choose an option in my own poll for some reason...but I'm 23.