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  1. As a Ranger I notice that I need to repair my weapons (main and secondary) every ~hour while grinding.  Yet when playing Berserker or Kuno I can easily go 2 hours or more without having to repair.  
    Everyone knows that Ranger is fairly high on the OP Ranking list.  Is this an attempt by Kakao/PA to balance the class's ability to grind XP? 
  2. I'm interested in playing this game though i was sad to hear that the ranger, my favorite class in pretty much everything, is gender locked to female and doesnt have a male counter part. I would most certainly play this game had there been a male ranger/ counter part. Ive looked at fourms all over the place saying that it might happen but no date on when. So could some one update me on when that might happen if at all.
  3. Hey people. Im new to Black desert online and im really enjoying the combat system so far..
    Im level 54 ranger at the momment. and i usualy level with friends. whenever i try to farm alone, i seem to struggle alot..
    Its not unusual for me to fight 1 "big" monster for 1 min.? it leaves me out of "mana?" and i feel like i cant do a whole lot. i spend my health pots faster than i can buy them >.<
    Im level 54. 104/72 AP/DP 
    i have zereth Gloves/shoes/helmet and a heve chest armor.
    I use a +15 Yuria with +9 steel dagger. 
    i have 366 skill points to spend. and this is where im confused. Im not sure i spend them right.
    I find it hard to find the right skill point tree for farming.. All guides out there is for pvp.
    Is there any abilities that is a MUST HAVE to farm with? 
    Thanks in advance.
    EDIT: My armor items is +5 atm. need more stones to upgrade them further.
  4. Post on Underwear missing top in In-Game Bugs

    By Wyn, posted
    Got couple of people to check confirmed bug.  Bug is on classes in tags.
    -pictures removed-
  5. i just wanted to see if anyone here on the forums has any idea if they are gonna be releasing the other awakening costume from the concept art for ranger awakening
  6. Post on Rangers need Buff badly in General

    By veckans, posted
    Rangers are one of the weakest PvE classes, we need less mana consumption and stronger PvE damage. Buff plzzzz
  7. Post on Awakened skill addons in Ranger

    By victorsc4, posted
    Hi, dont know if someone asked this before but here it goes.
    What ranger awakening skills are better for skill addons? And what addons should I use?
    All answers all welcome
  8. So I have a more or less quick question idk if it's my playstyle with the ranger and its awakening but when im grinding I find that my offhand and my awakening weapon drains it's durability WAY faster than my main weapon and my armor set. My Awakening weapon's max durability is 80 but and my off hand is 100 at pri, but while my main weapon goes down by like 5 durability after 30min my awakening weapon goes down by at least 20 and my offhand by about 30 while every other piece of gear goes down by like 2 to 5.... Is this a bug or just my playstyle or something? (I tend to play bow 40% with awakening weapon 60%)
  9. Hi everyone, I've look everywhere but couldn't find the name of this armour or cosmetic item but more likely to be an armour set. If anyone knows or like to share your thoughts please do.

  10. Dear explorers, farmers, cucks and/or weebs!
    Look no further, you have arrived to your future home!
    MoreThanFriends is now recruiting new members! We have a strong community which has been going on for over 2 and a half years! Like any other guild we are going to focus on Node Wars and GvG, however that does not mean that we require you to have 600 gearscore and be able to play 24/7, our main requirement is that YOU fit in with US. Therefore if you are interested please come and have a chat in our discord and we will take it from there, our aim is to recruit players that will stay and play with us for a long time rather than being dirty guild jumpers.
    Node Wars (2 times a week)GvGLots of guild Miss... nah, none of that bsWish you had friends? We could be your friends!Fear not, even if we have had a long history playing together it is easy to enter our small community, however we have a decent amount of Australians in the guild so you have to be able to take an emotional punch and throw one back sometimes!
    Cheers! Come and join us on discord for some more fun or contact Itheril in game!
    DISCORD = https://discord.gg/v5pderu
  11. Bonjour à tous, je me pose la question suivante :
    Entre arc liverto et arc kzarka qui ont tout deux la même valeur d'attaque et dont seul les bonus change ( +3 critiques vs +3 vitesse d'attaque) qu'est ce qui vous fait choisir plutôt l'un que l'autre ?
    A savoir que via les cristaux on peux pour chacun des deux armes ce rapprocher du bonus global de l'autre.
    Enfin vous voyez l'idée.
  12. Post on Awakening Skills in Ranger

    By Vanya, posted
    Hey there guys! With Ranger awakening coming out soon, I was wondering which ones are the most important to drop SP into? Are there any that are unnecessary?
    If you happen to know, please reply! If no one knows, I'm sure we'll figure it out in a week or two! :)!
  13. Post on best PVE dagger in Ranger

    By claesr, posted
    what dagger is best for a 55+ ranger? is it steel or bronze or something else? i have a steel daggar now because it has more AP but i may need more acc now?
  14. Horse Skill Change RNG (Random Number Generation) Modification
    I am proposing that the RNG on the horse skill change coupons be changed/modified in the following ways to enhance the overall experience of the Black Desert community patrons, and furthermore reduce/remove the phenomenon of "gambling" with one's real money.
    Idea 1 - Creating a threshold when making attempts to change horse skills at which RNG would no longer play a role, and a guarantee would be granted as a result of reaching said threshold. 
    Ex. * A player is purchasing [Horse Skill Change Coupon] in an attempt to change Forechop to Instant Accel. They purchase one, "Darn! No such luck." and  they try again, same result, they now have two stacks of "Hope". This continues on until it reaches 5 stacks, Little Johnny Gamerson does not have Lady Luck on his side tonight, but behold! By his sixth attempt he has spent well enough money, got his heart rate pumping, but has thankfully reached a fail-safe, or threshold that our friendly Black Desert staff members have thoughtfully added to the most recent patch, assuring that on his 6th attempt he is guaranteed to get the skill of his choice! Now, RNG still plays a role in this scenarios in following way: Prior to attempt #6 a lucky dude or dudette may be able to achieve this goal in less tries than 6, in which case we praise RNGsus and the Black Desert Staff for being totally rad! 
    Idea 2 - Remake the [Horse Skill Change Coupon] completely. Hold on content developers, don't click off the page just yet! 
    Ex. * The underlying system is absolutely fine in the sense that the coupon is exchanged for a skill change, even the name stays the same, however what changes is the price of the coupon and the RNG factor , being realized for the cruel mistress she is, is kicked to the curb a.k.a removed! I would suggest placing the [Horse Skill Change Coupon] at a higher price, perhaps 1000 pearls or somewhere in that general area, and making it a one time deal, you buy the coupon, exchange it in the stables and your desired skill is instantaneously granted to you! 
    It is my opinion that changes such as these would increase the satisfaction of the people who choose to contribute in excess of base-cost to Black Desert, and increase the likelihood that people will choose to purchase this item, therefore generating modest to potentially significant revenue for the game and it's future developments. I also believe that choosing to modify something in this way, that reaches the mutual satisfaction of both ends of the spectrum can help solidify bonds between the BDO Team and the community at large, which is always a great thing! 
    * I totally want feedback from anyone who can add ideas, change ideas, etc, so please comment! *
    A most pleasant day to you all! ( Imagine that in a really posh English accent.. don't you feel classy? )
  15. Post on How to fight a ranger in Maehwa

    By RageFilled, posted
    Maybe I am just trash at this game or lack too much pvp experience, I just can't kill a ranger. While I am out of range they spam their side attacks and while I am in melee range they spam explosive shots and my cc barely ever connects. The best way I've managed to catch a ranger is if I land a stub arrow and just CC chain them from that and if that doesnt kill them then I'll have to wait 15 more seconds. Is the class overpowered against maehwa or Is there some playstyle I should use against them?
  16. Post on AP vs. Accuracy? in Ranger

    By HuggyBear, posted
    I have a 55 Ranger with ~120 AP. The question is do I lose AP to get Accuracy? For example, Red Coral Earrings and Ring of Good Deeds (PRI+) vs the higher AP jewelry? Also is the Ancient belt/necklace set the best we can do prior to boss/end-game gear?
  17. Hi there fellow Rangers, I just wanted to know or rather get opinions of my current progress on my class, and which to take top priority first.
    I added a screen shot to see which items I have along with stats/CC resistance,
    Now its really not just the items but skills with add-ons as well, I've been testing add-ons and just don't feel comfortable with them as I feel like there can be far more useful ones out there, any suggestions if possible would be appreciate it
    Currently use
    Wotw- Attk Spd- +7%, 10% chance of down smash
    EES- All Def+15, movement+7%
    BlastingGust- Acc+3% Inflict pain 45 per 3sec for 12sec
    Now I know most suggest 20+ atk on monsters but I rarely even use it since I got decent AP as it is for sausans, not to mention just spamming wotw just wipes them all in seconds, and barely did I notice any difference when I even had it on
    As for what skills being used would you guys recommend any changes on this one? I've so far done a fair amount of PvP with it and had no issues killing unless they were far more geared than I was or cced me to death due to the lack of cc Rangers have.
    Sorry if its a bother to some in advance but I just want opinions of others to see if I've done any mistakes or if there's other goods things that I'm not aware of on items/skills

  18. Hallo zusammen,
    seit heute habe ich das Problem, dass ich meinen Bogen vom Ranger nicht mehr ziehen kann uns somit keine Kämpfe auf dem Pferd machen kann. Gestern sowie heute ging alles noch gut. Es ging erst nicht mehr nachdem ich das Aussehen meines Pferdes mit einem der neuen Anpassungscheine geändert hatte. Ich weiß nicht ob das dieses Problem ausgelöst hat. Falls jemand Ideen hat wie man das fixen kann wäre ich sehr dankbar.
    EDIT: Problem gefixt. Hatte keine Steigbügel dran
  19. Post on Steel vs Bronze in Ranger

    By Robbo, posted
    Hey guys, really torn between using Bronze dagger or Steel dagger. Now I've read multiple threads on this topic where a lot say Bronze until Bheg's gloves, however some do choose to go with the Steel dagger beforehand. Not completely sure which is the way to go yet, I would like to hear your choices against similar levelled and geared players as well. 
    Basically, looking to hear everyone's experience with this choice and advice. 
  20. Post on Show me your ranger! in Off-Topic

    By Miwr, posted
    Show me your ranger!

  21. 168 AP/ 217 DP
    Hi all, my first post here on the forums. My question here is regarding a 1v1 considering a tamer and a ranger, I seem to struggle against them since it's extremely difficult to lure them into void lightning since (I dont know if it was patched or I just need to l2p) void traveling isn't an option. Shift+Q seems like it has a very small PB-AOE and that tends to miss alot too. I tend to avoid grappling until i've already landed a stun to keep the stun chain going. 
    My question to you all is how do you deal with rangers? from what I know we don't have any ranged stuns to actually close the gap on them.
    If you all feel like it would help i could record some footage of me fighting one and i could post it here for constructive criticism.
  22. Hey,
    The issue started last night for me. My friend tried the same thing on his ranger and saw the same thing. Seems to me rangers thigh physics got borked somewhere. Looking from the side when you run your thigh compresses in on itself and bends backwards, and this also occurs when you stop, your thigh bends forwards; before rubbering backwards and settling into place... I only noticed this recently (last night, July 19th at around 11:00pm -7GMT) and only after I got disconnected, upon coming back my thighs were clipping through my armor and blubbering about abnormally. While before I got disconnect there was no jello, nor clipping through armor.
    I repaired my game, seeing if that would fix it, it hasn't. Then my friend tested it out for me and streamed it. His legs were doing the same thing as mine, so I know its not my client. I love my ranger, and this is almost a game breaking bug for me, because I play for appearances and my god is that leg jello notice-able.
    PS. I tried going into appearance change and fiddle with them, that didn't work. went to default, same issue.
  23. Hi,

    I'm having a lot of trouble trying to up the HP amount on my ranger which is a big problem both because of survivability and damage output on certain abilities.
    My current HP is at 1687. There is a lvl 54 in my guild with 2khp.
    II have 123 AP/200 DP and a level 56 with full pri ultimate grunil and a duo grunil chest. Using grunil for the extra AP bonus as well as ability to swap with my other classes. I tried adding HP gems with minimal effect.
    I tried the half grunil/half heve pre Valencia (which my health was averaging around 1500) and with the heve I only ended up at 1650 ish.
    I have maxed out my available infinite mastery skill and leveled my health up to level 25 (yeah I've slacked on this but does it really effect health so much?)

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is this a normal HP amount for this level and gear set? Am I missing any abilities?

  24. After 17 june patch i feel like it's not fun to play ranger anymore, what do you think?
    Edit : if you vote in this pool, make sure to post your thoughts regarding what you feel