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  1. I have been trying to find any kind of Ranger content in YouTube and it is neigh impossible without speaking Korean.
    Someone knows some videos / channels that upload content from Korean version?
  2. Hi, i got my hands on bheg gloves recently and i wanted to ask what armor combination you think would be the best?
    I was thinking about Heve helmet+Chest and Zereth boots or 3 piece Zereth to get more DP and Ultimate, since Heve doesnt have an Ultimate form (yet). Especially with the recent update i´ feel like the extra  stamina from the Zereth set effect is really nice to have. Also how strong is the +5 dmg to all species from the 3 part zereth set.
    Thanks for any input
  3. Click HERE for the guide!
    Newer Forum Thread
  4. Post on Ouh boiii in Ranger

    By Tiempo, posted
    Guys, i think i've fallen in love... this class has so much potential and so much fun to offer... i wish i hadn't been so stupid and gave this class a try a long time ago. Grinding is fun just as it was in the other class i love, warrior. However in this case, i can actually grind more efficiently and at a higher pace, making grinding as a whole, a lot more enjoyable. I haven't pvped yet with the class or done any gvg, but i just wanna say: rangers, the nerf is not even a thing when you compare the class to pretty much any other. <3 love ranger, go ham guyz
  5. Post on Pre-Patch Ranger PvP in Ranger

    By Ayl, posted
    Fond memories? 
  6. With one patch ranger has become utterly useless. Seriously. The worst CC in the game. The worst survivability in the game. And now, the worst pvp damage in the game. I have played a lot of mmorpg's, and I have never seen a class in a worse state. There simply is no point to ranger at the moment. Sure you can sit in melee range as the squishiest class in the game and wotw spam a target that someone else has cc'd for you. But really, why not just replace every ranger with a witch/wiz- better damage, better cc, better survivability, group buffs, and group heals. In a game where there are classes that excel at everything, ranger has been reduced to complete shit in all facets of pvp. 
    Daum, what the ----- were you thinking?
  7. Well, if SP: Charging Wind not applying awakening anymore, now Ultimate does not apply them ?!
    On top of that, what's up with the crappy damage not mentioned in the patchnote ?
    I want all my character bound Pearl items transferred to my witch.
    This doesn't make any sense, any class can facetank rangers now.
    You've dun goofed duam, dun goofed...
    EDIT : Oh and what about Penetrating Wind not CC'ing anymore ? CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING IN THE PATCHNOTE RIGHT ?!
    17th June 2016 marks the day on which Ranger Desert Online turned into Witch Wizard Online
  8. I'm not much of an expert, just a level 51 that switched over to Ranger recently. Any big changes that we should consider for respecing builds?
  9. There seems to be a common belief that dp isnt scaling. Videos like this are meant to perpetuate that myth, but they prove the opposite.
    In this video posted you see a valkyrie with 359 dp die in 5 seconds even while chugging pots. We are told that the ranger has 200 ap. Notice a few things.
    The Valkyrie has 2652 health.They are are hit by 5 attacks (that are technically composed of multiple arrows)3 arrows from a will of the wind. [(308% of 200)*3 then * 1.5 because at least half of those crit ]= 2772 damage4 shotguns (ultimate charging wind) [((243% of 200)*(32 assuming only 80% of the small arrows hit))+((735% of 200)*(6 assuming 80% of big arrows hit))]*1.5 assuming half of the arrows crit = 36558/2 (cause its pvp) = 18279 damagethe vakyrie uses pots to heal for 550 making her EHP 3202the total  damage is 21051based on the the damage we see earlier in the video, it looks like each shotgun does around 800 damage, and the will of the wind did 500 damageso say (800*4) +(500 for WotW)-(550 for the two pots)= 3150, close enough to 3202 to make me things most things hit.100-[(3202/21051)*100] = 84.78932117% ~85 damage reductionThe valkyrie is wearing a kite shield that gives damage reduction. They also have higher grade armor that may also add damage reduction.The 359 dp performed beautifully, as 85 percent of a large number is still a large number. The issue at hand is that damage modifiers are too high on many classes.
    But fortunately for everyone an AP of 359 isnt possible.According to more build editor explorations, the highest AP from gear is 328. With a sorc  you can pop it to 348 but still shy of the 350 mark. Food may help but there are as many uncertainties around +attack damage as there are about +damage reduction.In additon, the number of people to have penta on all their trinkets is extremely unlikely. While with the DP example we could reduce all the trinkets down to Pri and still have more than 350 dp.It has nothing to do with dp scaling. It scales fine. The problem is high modifiers that produce insane bursts that even 85% reduction cant mitigate.However this is NOT the problem people are making it out to be.
    the Valkyrie in the video is not using any of their damage mitigation, and relying solely on health.the Valkyrie is not engaing the enemy, which would mitigate some the damagethe Valkyrie would have allies, to peel and heal for them.the blocks in this game scale with dp.However this is still a lot of damage.
    tldr; people die from bursts not because their dp doesn't scale. They die because their additional sources of damage mitigation aren't compensating. By tweaking the damage of the attacks themselves, and altering stats like health, this can be balanced. However, the result will most likely further cement the class roles, and it will be harder for tanks to tanks.
  10. I noticed my character "Guen" ranger class is not smiling like it was used to when idling. I had already reported this bug back in May but after 2-3 new patches, I've yet to see it fixed. Did no one notice it? 
    The glitch happened after the fix of ranger blinking issue.

  11. Post on Kzarka gear Crystals in Ranger

    By victorsc4, posted
    Hi I have been blessed by RNGesus and got Kzarka Longbow, however I dont know which crystals I can use until I get AP weapon crystals. Any recommended build towards Kzarka Longbow?
  12. Does anyone have any clue whet the actual differences are between the Green, Yellow (ultimate) and Blue (i.e. Agility etc) Zereth pieces?
    They don't have more DP when Blue or Yellow, so I assume there are hidden stats. Gonna guess that my +15 Zereth Boots or Agilty have Movement Speed maybe? But what does Ultimate give and is it worth getting? I have a +15 Ultimate Zereth Helmet that I bought so the question is should i sink silver into the RNG hell that is an ultimate set of boots or just sit with one ultimate and one Agility?
    Let me know if you have questions.
    Sorry for the bad accent & video quality :'( 
    List of "skills":
    - AoE Shot
    - Will of Wind Cancel
    - Call from Sky with Charging Kick & Hidden Commands
    - Evasive Explosion Shot (EES)
    - Kick Cancel Shot
    - Continuous Razor Wind
    - Blasting Gust Cancel
    - Camera Locking & Forward / Backward Gust Cancel
    - Shotgun: Activation, Sustain & Delay Cancellation
    - Railgun: Razor Wind & Tearing Arrow
    - Continuous Penetrating Wind
    - Penetrating Still-Shot
  14. Evasive Explosion Shot states that it dose not apply bound on successful hit in PVP, this is incorrect as it dose provide bound on hit provided the ability is not on cooldown. On cooldown it will not apply this bound effect.  For thous that dont know many rangers ability can be used while on cooldown but will not apply any CC status effects.
    Tool tip is here: http://i.imgur.com/5MmSSEK.jpg
    the tool tip either needs updating or the ability needs to work as intended, the ability currently allows rangers to interrupt all (non super armor) abilities being used on them and apply a 25% movement penalty for 10 seconds, This allows rangers to immediately and very effectively get out of almost any situation (provided EES is off cooldown). note: bound resist dose work to counter it, however you must resist all 3 hits that apply the effect; assuming a 50% resist rating you have a 12.5% ((1/2)^3)) chance to actually resist the effect. 
    this single ability makes rangers one of the hardest classes to shutdown despite well played flanking or ability use, multiple rangers using this ability in GvG can have devastating effects and entirely negate the efforts of a coordinated CC attack. this ability is also on 5 second cool down, allowing the rangers to chain evade/shut down other classes. 
    FYI this also applies to the knockback effect of the rangers kick (this also says it dose not apply Knockback in pvp but dose infact inflict when off cooldown)

    personally i suspect that without this bound effect rangers would potentially make too easy a target and in fact be unable to get away from other classes at all, as such for balancing purposes it may be deemed necessary that rather than remove this effect altogether simply extend the cooldown timer. this would likely make engagements with rangers more interesting and more skill based on both the ranger and attacker.  
  15. Hey guys, solo player here. So I just reached level 50 as a ranger, but I realize that my AP/DP is not very good. My AP is 73 and my DP is 69. So I was wondering how do I get better gear?
    Atm, my gear is currently:
    Kalis Longbow +10
    Steel dagger +7
    Grunil Armor +9
    Heve Helm +5
    Heve Gloves +5
    Grunil Shoes +5
    2 Bares Rings
    2 Bares Earrings
    Kalis Necklace
    Kalis Belt
    17 million silver
    I understand that apparently I am supposed to get some of these items instead because they are stronger in the long run.
    Liverto or Kzarka Longbow
    Witches Earring
    Mark of Shadows
    Ogre Ring
    and a few others that I don't really remember atm. So I was wondering, how do I get this gear? Which enemies drop it or what vendors sell it?(I just now finally figured out how the amity game works lol)
    Also, I understand that some world bosses like Kzarka drop gear occasionally. However, I've never done a world boss before (I'm coming from PSO2 which handles raids quite differently). So my question is do I just show up and wait with everyone else until the boss appears? Is it actually necessary to be in a party or can I actually fight without joining one?
    One more question, are scroll bosses soloable? I mean the ones you get from the Black Spirit daily. Thanks a lot to anyone who is willing to help. :3
  16. Moin Moin,
    ich bin kein Freund von langen Texten und komme deshalb direkt zur Sache.
    Ich kompletter MMO Anfänger suche eine lockere Gilde in der man in lustiger runde den ein oder anderen Monat seiner Lebenszeit verzocken kann.
    Ich bin 23Jahre alt und recht aktiv das heißt wenn es mir dort gefällt wo ich bin wäre ich keine Karteileiche. Suche aber keine Hardcore tryhard Gilde.
    Charakter: Waldläuferin Level 41 auf dem Jordine Server.
    So das wars auch schon wieder von mir
  17. Hello, I recently leveled ranger to level 50+ and the MP potion spam is REAL.... I'm wondering is there any class similar to ranger (mobility=survivality + damage) that have so good damage to mobs like ranger or at least close one without Potion SPAM ? I'm guessing that Kunoichi/ninja will be similar, but for now is there something good as ranger for grinding PvE without potion spam ?
  18. 3 months after the release, the Ranger class still has the starting point of the skills behind the character.
    I don't know the reason of this decision during the development, it might be to avoid shooting through walls idk, having the starting point in the middle of the body would still fix that.
    If a ranger has his back close to a wall, the wall will eat the skill, i lost count of the number of times i died because of this. Even if you are not close to the wall, the recoil of our skills will push us back to a wall if we are in cqb, just in case we were not enough useless in cqb in close enviroments.
    Please fix this already, don't know the reason why this is like it is atm, but there's for sure an easy fix.
  19. How come tamers got the outfit at launch, while other classes have to wait? Any ETA?

  20. There's this thing about the current Kyrill outfit for the Ranger that bothers me.. There's a huge sheath on the left side of the hip that runs half the length of the leg that serves no purpose.. It's completely empty. It takes away from the rest of the outfit. Is there any way that you amazing people could look into re-texturing the Kyrill Outfit for the Ranger to not have that gaudy and unnecessary sheath?


    Is bumping allowed every 24 hours or so?
  21. I mained a Valkyrie once, easy, good, and boring. Got bored at lv 54 and switched to a Ranger, enjoyed the change a lot and the challenge of mastering all those anim cancels.
    Now i simply don't know what to do against valks. I simply don't do anything to them even jumping above them and landing two shotguns in the back i get what, 10% of their life? The same 10% they regenerate with their skill.
    I have almost 290 combined ap/dp and lv 54, i'm in one fot the top 20 guilds of EU, and when i ask my Ranger officers what to do against them they just tell me to run, that i have nothing to do against any decent valk and it's true. Some of them are even going to switch class until the balance the classes.
    With warriors idk, last time i fought a warrior was a friend a few weeks ago in an arena i was 52, he was 53 with like 180 dp and jumping above him and landing shotguns in his back lasted me like 2 minutes. But i suppose now must be the same pain that a valk idk.
    But yesterday a valk came in direct pk when i was grinding, i was simply not doing anything to him, the little damage i managed to do to him was insta regenerated with the skill. One week ago in one of our wars a valk and a ranger came to attack us a blader and a ranger. The ranger was easy, but even 2v1 against the valk we had a hard time, it was like adamantium to penetrate.
    Can someone bring me some light about this? Is it really impossible in the current state of the game?
  22. I hope you guys Enjoy my "Pixelmix" Finally
    >>> www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdDarNUH5tk&feature=youtu.be <<<
    If you have some Points how i can improve my Videos, type it in the comment´s!
  23. Hi I wanted to know what was everyone upgrading their grunil chest piece too? Agility, Iron Wall, Intimidation??
  24. Hello fellow Adventurers!
    (English is not my first language so please do not hate me for my spelling or grammar mistakes  )
    I know it is already too late for a thread like this BUT I just wanted to make a suggestion that could balance the ods in PVP for all classes. We all know awekenings for each of the classes now, however if the awekenings would be changed they could be a great way to balance pvp, both in small and big scale PVP. Below I will explain how small/big scale pvp is at this moment and my suggestion on how it could be fixed:

    So many people hate that, for example, in Red Battlefield after more than 30 ppl participate it is a range AoE fest. Usually it seems like two sets of groups standing and AoEing each other to death form afar (that's why melee clases are a bit shit in big scale pvp - that's because they die before they can reach group of their enemies). 

    So the question is: 'How to make melee classes able to fight in large scale pvp?' or 'How to make a range class able to defend itself properly when focus in melee range?' The solution would be simple:
    GIVE ranged classes melee awekenings - GIVE melee classes range awekenings.
    Perfect Example would be classes like: Giant, Sorc, Ranger.
    1. Giant (melee class) got a cannon which he can use in large scale pvp without closing to the enemy - BRILLIANT!
    2. Sorc (mid-range) - A Scythe <3 I think everybody loves it :3
    3. Ranger (Range) - Rapier (sword or wahtever) - GREAT good range skills with your bow while having that sword you can always change to just to CC - slow or defend yourself against melee. 

    So why Musa shouldn't get a range awekening? Or Warrior? Ninja? etc. I love all the classes in Black desert (I hate the gender lock while I would love to play with male ranger "hunter" class) but some of them are just underpowered because of the weapons they use. 
    For example I love Ninja awekening, but 5-6 swords and heavy-armor (refering to new costumes added in the KR version :P) is not much silent killer style as ninja class was supposed to be, ninja awekening would suit blader a bit more  Secondly why not give ninja long range weapon like a "kusarigama" (knife on a chain). 

    Same thing for Warriors (Tamers,Musas,Maehwa, etc.), I love the greatsword, but it doesn't change the way you play so much, as range awekening would. You guys could make entirely different and new class weilding a greatsword for its main weapon.
    If all classes would be able to range attack and fight in melee range at the same time then it would fix the problem where Wizards and Rangers exceed so much in large scale pvp. Everytime you see someone with a high number above their head in Red Battlefield 90% its Wizards, rangers or sorcs. 

    There is much ramble in this but I had a lot of things I wanted to talk about and I didn't list them all yet. Probably gona add more later on.