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  1. I guess this game calculates our durability loss for each arrow that fires (?), and most of our skills shoots +8 arrows.
    Feels we're at a disadvantage when a ranger need to go repair when other's has +70 durability remaining on thier weapons.
    Logically a bow doesn't endure that much compare to a shield, a "magical staff" or an iron sword.
  2. Got really happy with this screenshot!!

  3. Post on Ranger CC's in Ranger

    By Feverila, posted
    So i was wondering, what skills or combos do we have that Stagger/knockdown/stun or guardbreak in pvp?
  4. Is the only i-frame we have our call from the sky skill? 
  5. Hello Black Desert Online Forums I had an idea to start a suggestion megathread that will be updated every 2-3 day with some of the most popular suggestions! Each suggestion will be separated by category, and suggestions that are popular from the comment section will be added every 2-3 days with the person who suggested it tagged in the post! To start off the Thread I will add my few suggestions to the game  Hope everyone enjoys this!
    Life Skills
    FishingAllow us to use Pearl Shop and Map while fishing.Make fish knowledge tell us where you can find certain fish.GatheringProcessingCookAlchemyTrainingHuntingTradeFarmingPearl Shop
    PricingUser InterfaceAllow the use of the Pearl Shop when not idle.Other 
    MapPersonal notes on map. (BigPun)OtherAbility to mute the game if it is running in the background. (BunjiKugashira)Ability to turn off other players models including their mounts.Ability to Ctrl+Click links to go to the webpage from ingame.Toggle able walking. (BunjiKugashira)Make reporting have no energy cost. (BunjiKungashira)(Korriander)Make deletion of characters below lvl 15 instant. (BunjiKungashira)Housing
  6. Hey,
    today i used my skill reset wich i got at lvl 45...
    And after that and reskilling i cant use my shotgun combo except if i have no stamina...
    and yes i skilled Ultimate:Evasive Shot and Ultimate:Charging Wind
    if i press space now after Evasive shot i do a jump if i have stamina left, if not i finally do my shotgun
    any1 can help me or know what to do?
  7. Hey, ich suche eine Gilde oder vllt erstmal ein Teamspeak mit Leuten, die auf Jordine (Velia J1) spielen.
    Bin derzeit noch lvl 15 und rushe nicht so gerne, aber würde mich gerne mit anderen Spielern unterhalten und ab und an blöde Fragen stellen können ^^
    LG NarwaAinu
  8. Post on MALE RANGER! in Ranger

    By Phirewulf, posted
    In a town south of Calpheon there are Male human NPC's with bows and arrows on their backs that would make GREAT Ranger class! lets get the ball rolling on breaking FREE of the Gender locked class system and give the player more choice!
  9. Going into the cash shop for the first time was amazing, seeing all the shiny outfits and awesome armors; Especially on warrior. But as a huge fan of HEMA and ren fairs, I was saddened when my Valkyrie wasn't able to get anything close to resembling real armor. While I'm not against eye candy armor, it would be awesome if the females got actual for at least 1 option of their cash shop outfits, something like the Warrior's Behr armor would be wonderful for Valkyrie.
  10. Ended up taking selfies LOL

    Also met someone up on the hill top, *Hi Kingaby(Senai) It's me LilBub*

  11. What is the best bow in game for this levels. I made +1 Kalis Longbow dont have idea to push it to the +15
  12. I want to grind catfish with 1 - 2 more players so we can pk anyone trying to bully the grindspots at night :).
    Family: Imagawa
    Character: Eshima
  13. Hey guys! Just wanted to stop by and share my Ranger timelapse video! Took about 2+ hours overall (about an hour of it I forgot to record >.<)
    Anyway, check it out and hope you like it!
  14. Does anybody know how to combo evasive shot to be able to use it in quick succession? I thought you just needed level 5 casting & attack speed to be able to pull it off that quickly but there are videos where it's just stupid fast. 
    i.e https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMpkxhYifoA @ 0:30 seconds.
  15. Hello All, 
    I have seen some opinions on overall what to get on awakening skills, but not a guide or opinion on what to get first once you hit 50. Any suggestions?
  16. Hello,
    I'm reaching out on behalf of myself and a small group of friends, we are looking for a solid Guild. 
    Currently we are...
    2x level 50 Sorcs
    1x level 50 Ranger
    1x level 30~ Wizard (Will be 50 soon.)
    We are looking for a chill group of people with serious intentions. (Serious PVP/Sieges)
    We are PVP oriented people but have a fine understanding of the PVE elements needed for success. 
    So if you like to fight for your goals and have a laugh while doing it let me know! My in game name is also Mumblez. 
    PS: We are all adults with careers but extremely active and dedicated to BDO. Also, if you have an issue with us PKing who we feel we need to and when we need to do not reply to this post ;). 
    Thank you very much,
  17. Post on Is ranger fun? in Ranger

    By isux, posted
    Hello, Im rly causal and noob player and im looking for some easy and fun class. I like playstyle of warrior and ranger, and I dont know what to pick. I have both lvl 15 and I just cant decide. 
    Can you help me?
  18. So I have claimed my Explorer pack on the website which then took about 24 hours for the items to be available in game for me to claim. The items showed up in my mailbox and I was then able to claim them in game but once I clicked retrieve the items do not show in my inventory and I'm not sure where my items went, the mail is still in my mailbox but the items are no longer in the mailbox or my inventory. Any ideas on how to fix this or receive my items?
  19. No i'm not trying to flame the class, i really like the potential of my ranger at 50+
    That being said, it was a poor decision on my part to level a ranger as my first character. Perhaps the #1 reason is the monster-knowledge system. At level 25(?) i spent the entirety of the day grinding the Monastery. After about 3 hours i FINALLY learned the knowledge for the Giant Cutlist Warrior, it was a C nonetheless. 
    Last night at level 45 spent 2 hours in a group of 5 grinding Giants map, still have zero knowledge of the mobs there.
    Whys this a bad thing and how does it effect rangers?
    Well for starters, you don't do dmg to monsters you have no knowledge.
    When you can't do dmg, you spend 2-3 minutes, even more for tankier mobs to actually die.
    Meaning you're -----ing kiting for a long ass time to kill maybe 1 or 2 monsters.
    Worst of all your resource will regenerate at an extremely slow rate because you do no dmg to the monsters.
    A lot of this is to blame the npc knowledge system, which imo needs a rework - but that's for another thread.
    Keep in mind i had leveled to 50 multiple times on KR. First character (Tamer) hit 50 under 8 hours. Then got a warrior to 50 in about 6 hours of play time.
  20. I've played the KR version up until early 50's on both a Blader and a Ranger. i know a fair amount about the game, but there is always lots of room to learn. currently i've been playing every day for at least 3-4 hours and i've been grinding mainly solo so i'm only lvl 45.
    i do have a working mic and even a webcam(not the best quality webcam).  my gear isn't the best as i'm at only about 50/50 AP and DP. 

    i am looking for a guild that is active, laid back yet can be serious, interested in PvE but mainly into PvP, and uses a voice program of some sort. as far as PK'ing goes, i only PK if i'm being harassed or if someone is being a ----- to me. also, of course, defending myself.

    i myself am a laid back pretty helpful and quiet guy, but can be vocal and serious when needed. 

    my main is and always will be a Ranger, but somewhere down the line i plan on leveling up a Blader and maybe a Wizard. 
  21. I see a lot of people asking questions about the optimal gear for ranger very frequently. While what's best for you is pretty subjective, I thought I'd provide people with a bit of objective (some opinions may be tossed in on occasion) information and a couple of resources on the topic. 
    Click on the item images to view the item's information on BD Database!

    Click to Enlarge
    The image between the resource links is a chart outlining your assumed chances to succeed an enhancement with the assumed optimal number of failstacks. 
    I'd also recommend people read through this ranger class guide from BDO Foundry. It's got good advice and accurate information. I'd suggest you take it as a reference and not as a "You must do this" command.
    Now to provide some info on where to get a few of these pieces! It's worth noting that items with an orange name are items I consider to be BiS.

    If I've missed anything that you'd like to see some information about, please let me know in a response or a private message and I'll update you on what I know or what I'm able to find out.I hope this is able to help out a few people. Other Guides:Hakurai and Aons Gaming Youtube Channels!li3to's Pre-Mediah Ranger GuideVipeR's Ranger Skill GuideCrit's Complete Guide to All Ranger CombosBaguette Guide for LevelingKys' Mediah Ranger GuideReddit Post on Mediah Dropsgewd's Grunil Amity Minigame GuideMy Ogre Spawn MapDSdavidDS' Ultimate Ranger Guide
    Viper's Beginning Player's Guide
    Check here to find more information: Link!
  22. Is this a bug? I've posted it on another part of the forum before making my way here. I don't mean to double post.
    (The Path of a Ranger & Awakening of the Black Spirit)
  23. Hello everyone,
    I hope you are enjoying your in game time as much as I am. Two of my quests "The Path of a Ranger" and "Awakening of the Black Spirit" show as 1/3 and 1/4 complete (respectively) with no way of moving them forward. They were Black Spirit quests, and I have no way of quitting them to restart... I'm just stumped and it is driving me crazy that I can't complete them. Can anyone help? I've included a screen grab of everything I can see for the quest at the moment.
    Thanks to anyone who may be able to help

  24. Hello,
    I just received a quest, when I need to learn Razor Wind from Cruhorn, but this skill is not available. Tried to forfeir and retake, but that doesnt helped.

    Already figured it out. Please close the topic.
    Already figured it out. Please close the topic.
    Already figured it out. Please close the topic.
  25. Hello guys,
    Here is my short guide to pre-Mediah ranger, hopefully some of you will find it useful.
    The information below is considered to be true on Ru servers among most good rangers. We are behind KR in patches but this is probably a good thing for you because you are likely to have similar stuff on EU/NA although some of it may be different. I consider myself a min maxer, so hopefully you will find the guide useful. It's certainly not the most complete guide but it should get you rolling.
    Why ranger?
    To sum it up: not much cc, squishy, scales insanely well with damage, relatively mobile and easy to get started with. In fact as the damage numbers go up being the one who can deal the damage from distance becomes more valuable. You are less prone to ping and lag issues since you kind of do damage in a huge cone in front of you, so it's harder to miss. That warrior might be able to one shot you but if you can one shot him as well you will do it before he will get to you. It’s not amazing pre-mediah but it’s fine, just expect to die a bit 1v1 vs skilled and geared opponents, you ll have your revenge in Mediah. Playing ranger at high level isn't about pressing the fanciest combinations of buttons (other classes get more of that sht) but rather having good positioning, knowing your limits and farming 24/7 to get insane ATP.
    Pre-mediah BiS is: Chest + Gloves from Hebe set (2x socket, non craft able) and Helm + Boots from Zareth set (the one that gives you +stamina on boots). If you will look into it closely you will probably understand why. Having 2 sockets on gloves and chest is absolutely vital because chest gets +200hp and gloves get +4 attack speed from gems which is the only way to go. Literally. You add Zareth because stamina is vital for ranger, it might not look as such but it's your best choice nevertheless. Agery is a decent starter alternative but it's not as good.
    Other parts are pretty straightforward — get stuff with more +attack and possibly some +hit. As a freshly dinged 50 get Bares +1 asap (you can afford it), and then work on BiS: witch earrings, blue cultist rings, ogre neck, tree spirit belt.
    Steel offhand vs Bronze. Bronze is better in pvp when unbuffed, steel is better when buffed and in PVE. Also steel becomes the only choice once boss set is available.. Overall i recommend going steel. Having both wouldn't be terrible if you are rich. Having just bronze is probably a bad idea because it will cripple your farming  (and that's what you are going to do 95% of your time in the game)
    Weapon: Liverto >>>>> Yuria > Aswoll >>>>>>>> everything else.
    BIS are: Chest (2x 100hp), Helm (+50hp), Gloves (2x +2atspeed), boots (+25% knockdown resist), weapon (+1ats +1crit or/and infinity extraction). Attack speed is the most vital part. Get those asap, it’s next level.
    First of, there is no "skill build". 50 is hardly a soft cap since you ll get to 51 in roughly 25-30 hours of grinding and that will get you massive amount of SP. There are some priorities though, you might not be able to take it all right away but it's not a big deal, just keep working towards it. Evasive explosion shot rank 1 > (personal preference) Bow mastery max > Blasting gust max > Will of wind max > max evasive shot at 41 > Ultimate charging wind max > Spirit healing max. Around level 53 max feather or razor wind or both and consider maxing explosive shot for pvp. By that time you will figure out what to pick next (don’t forget to get Call from Sky and Flow: Kiss of wind when you have SP for it)
    As a fresh 50 consider something similar to this: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/ranger/7906#
    Skills awakening:
    5% of hp damage on will of win, 10% slow on blasting gust, everything else i d go attack speed or slow (up to you), having crit or +attack isn't the end of the world as well. Same goes for minus enemy attack speed (it's nice to have it on something). To change skill awakening you will need a thing that looks like yellow cookie and should be called "memory fragment" and drops from relic bosses spheres. Basically you use it to get an extra roll. Potentially you might spend a lot of those before you get perfect awakenings. It's might not be your first priority but make sure you do at some point past level 51 or so.
    Level explosive shot to rank 1 on level 20, max bow mastery when you have spare points. Afterwards find a bunch of mobs, hold A (D or S), RMB and keep clicking LMB. You will spend days doing just that. Go to catfish on level 46 and stay there till 53. If you have gem of infinity extraction in your weapon and explosion shot rank 1 and maxed spirit healing your farming should be sustainable (no mana pots required). At 53 you have a choice — max razor wind and go to tree spirits or max feather and stay at catfish. Catfish gives you twice or trice more exp while tree spirits might get you x1.5-x2 more money.
    Note: some people do use will of wind for farming cultists — that's legit, but catfish doesn't really need Will of wind.
    All purpose sustainable farm, groups of mobs: explosive shot rank 1
    Single target sustainable farm: razor wind
    Post level 53 weak groups fast eradication: feather
    Post level 53 strong groups farm: will of wind + explosive shot
    Important: One thing that would increase your farming time DRAMATICALLY is getting high grade knowledge of the mobs you are killing, aim for at least A+. You can drop the knowledge at Calpheon library for 10 labour points, keep doing it till you roll A+ or S, the difference is massive, mobs go from being tough to being paper.
    Daily PVP:
    This topic is covered in many video guides so here are few basics. There are three skills that you will use: Q (Blasting gust), F (Will of wind), Space (Ultimate charging wind). You unlock your combos at level 41 with learning ultimate evasive shot so make sure to learn it. Both Q and F combos into Space which is your main source of insane-wtf damage (Space is). It looks something like: Hold left/right, hold Q, hold LMB, release Q, hold Space…. drink mana pots. Same with F. Learn to do Blasting gust strafe both to the sides and forward/backwards (hold Q+side+LMB). Learn to use Call from Sky — it’s the only thing that makes you immune to damage (for half a second) while you are in the sky.
    Note: damage from Q is shared among everyone who is hit so you won’t do much damage with mobs around. Space and F damage do get somewhat reduced but not that much. So your typical encounter on spot would look like Q knockdown - A-F-LMB-Space-Hold until target dies. You got the idea. If you maxed evasive shot (which you should at some point) it will stun enemies around you for a brief moment so whenever something charges into your melee do evasive shot flip + F + LMB + Space while it’s stunned. A more fancy move would be to get close to your target (jump on it's head) with call from sky and as you move forward attack it from the back with the same combo which would do more damage.
    Mass PVP:
    It’s all about picking the right time and right place to go all in (and being full buffed with alchemy). You do most damage with "space" which is relatively low range. So during most encounters you try to flank your enemies, unload your mana, hide your weapon and shift + run away to recover lost hp and mana. Some would do feather, but pre-median it’s relatively inefficient unless 10 archers are doing it back to back. Use Q to chase or run away, use explosive shot backwards to run away (since it stuns those around you). Use Call from Sky to avoid damage. Assist your team mates by using Q for a knockdown and Flow kiss of wind (or kill everyone). Some would say that you need to defend archers, personally i feel better when i am alone. In any case archer should only be exposed for a very brief moment of time: between he goes all in up till the point when he runs out of mana (3 seconds) so i d rather not have giant running around the woods with me to protect me.
    Note: remember that your damage will be somewhat split among those who are hit with it, so the more people you hit the less damage they will take. You aim to kill rather than "deal damage" so make sure you engage 1-3 enemies at a time and kill them.
    Keep as much of those as you can at the same time. Serendian treat is a must for any kind of offensive activity. Calpheon is a good defensive option and consider drinking tea (hehe) as it helps with levelling. Alchemy should be pretty self explanatory. For PVE consider putting experience, health regen on hit and whatever cheap ones you can get your hands on, faster clearing time won't hurt. For PVP absolutely nr.1 "o'sht its PVP time" is +critical damage, it's rather expensive but with this baby your power can double. Overall there are lots of good alchemy options, consider buffing it all when it's time.
    Spending labour points
    First priorities: trying to get liverto weapon from night trader, rolling high knowledge grades on the catfish and levelling the Kaya lake catfish node to at least 5-6. Then spend some to level alchemy, then spend leftover to afk-gather water and process it into purified water which is handy for alchemy. Then look for better ways to spend it yourself: there are plenty.
    Depending on your market you might actually earn something with crafting but what you absolutely must do as soon as you have time / having a break from farming is getting at least few human workers in each town and sending them to get wood/ore from nearby nodes. Stay online 24/7 so that they never stop working. Selling whatever they gather is a good source of passive income and you will use some of those to craft things for yourself. It might not look like much but after a week or two when your workers level up you might notice that you are actually richer than you were before. 
    Later when you have a lot of wood you might want to start making packs which probably needs a guide on its own. To cover it briefly — you process (chop) the wood through pressing "L", and then use it to do packs through lumber processing facilities in your town. Packs are trade goods so you just carry those to the furthest connected city and sell it.
    Random stuff:
    Consider switching Q and E on your keyboard and assigning middle mouse button to right mouse button and right mouse button to side mouse button (for easier forward strafing) — forward strafing requires you to turn your camera to the side then press middle button and turn camera back forward and hold it that way as you Q strafe. It's not very easy to pull out holding the fiddly mouse wheel.
    Lastly, there are Diminishing returns on your control so keep track of that (it's shown next to your character)
    Enjoy your ranger.
    p.s. i did create an account on EU but i am not playing here actively. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.