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  1. Post on What will your main be? in General

    By Viete, posted
    just out of curiosity and also for personal general census,
    I'm thinking my main will be tamer since shes so cute >.<... that and kunoichi isnt out yet lol..
  2. So I keep reading how developers won't break the gender lock classes because it is basically the same work as making a new class. So I was thinking that if they are going with that reasoning then why not make the counterpart of the female ranger have a crossbow? They have some classes with out counter parts in terms of gender. Limiting the flexibility for a player fully immerse them selves on this game. 

    I felt like making the male ranger be a crossbow user could...motivate the developers a bit more into adding a range male class to the game. I play with archer like characters in almost all my mmo's but when I saw how lacking this game was with classes... I kind off hoped they would at least put the work on changing the avatar look. I don't mind if they keep the same mechanics the present ranger has. Didn't find any issues playing with her. 

    What do you guys think? Has this been mention before? If so link me up and I will read it and take this post down.
  3. Hi all,
    Has any one notice that Armor design of conquer pack Ranger and Valkyrie looks very similar to each other?
    I have also notice on other classes to
    Because i paid 100 Euro's poor for a armor design i wish designers did a better job the Armor.
    Now there is nothing unique to distinguish us as a Ranger and Valkyrie.

  4. I've seem to have found a bug that's not affecting ALL rangers, but possibly just a few. When I use my Evasive Explosion shot, it doesn't cause any(or very little) AoE damage. The animation displayed is simply the hop, the barrage of arrows doesn't appear. About once every 30 uses, the AoE damage triggers. I'm not sure if this is just affecting me, or if it is possibly intentional? 
  5. hey guys, just a video and written guides for berserker and ranger ! hope you like. very minimalist but with good info. theres a lot of stuff to process with BDO. i wanted to lighten some of that weight for the guys just wanting to rush. ENJOY ! 
    Berserker: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11bSjgk-ZICddTIDbOLCx1yojmEMw3GoSdxDKDEmjzcs
    Ranger: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14pj3rmrs3X0RgJiSadlgoyznEfvi1WMhrJ2Bb1v3kEc

    Lvl55 PvX - 709SP: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/10234 (updated 8/22/16)
    Lvl50 PvX - 273SP: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/10257 (barebones build: P1-P2 skills)
    Lvl44 PvE - 225SP: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/10232 (barebones build: P1-P3 skills)
    Recommended Skills for Add-on and their Add-on's:
    1. Evasive Explosion Shot (EES) - 20 AP vs Monsters & Move 7% for 10s
    2. Will of the Wind (WotW) - Attack Speed 7% for 5s & Accuracy 5% for 12s
    3. Blasting Gust (Q) - PvP Attack +5 for 5s & 10% chance of Down Smash (this skill is my preference)
    3. Evasive Shot (ES) - Crit hit rate 10% for 9s & Attack Speed 7% for 5s
    (6/14 patch changes: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/93212-rangers-just-got-a-pretty-decent-buff/&do=findComment&comment=1240831)
  7. I did not get much free time to experience the beta so I'm still not sure which class I want to play yet.
    I want a class that is good at pvp and have narrowed it down between ranger and sorceress but I can't decide between the two. I don't mind that sorc is a harder class to master.
    I have heard sorc excells in 1v1 and ranger in group pvp/sieges.
    Which type of pvp is most common or more important?
  8. Before cbt2 I had heard that Ranger was an extremely popular class, so I was expecting to see them everywhere! But after a few days of keeping an eye out I felt like I hardly saw any. In fact I think the only class I saw less of was the Berserker.
    I've been keeping an eye on polls since cbt doesn't reflect what everyone will main and even made my own thread asking what people are going to be playing. And even then Ranger feels much lower in popularity than I had expected.
    But what do you guys think? Will the weaker early levels and squishiness cause them to be less popular?
    And on a side note, I love how each version of the game seems to have a different taste in classes. Or at least that's what I've gathered from different forums and sites discussing similar topics. I heard Berserker is pretty popular in RU. Ranger is really popular in KR. And NA seems to be all about the Warrior.
    But anyway I would love to hear your guys' opinions! Did you feel Ranger was pretty scarce as well? Was I just blind the entire cbt? Have I been being lied to about the popularity of classes? Do you think Ranger will increase in popularity after some time when people have a chance to see them shine at higher levels?
  9. He's been teased since the beginning trailers, and now we learn they have no plans to ever release him.  Personally, I find this disappointing.  They still have my full support, but this is one of the things I'm going to be annoyed with as I was actually really looking forward to seeing him, and he's the only class in the trailers shown that we don't have.

    Daum still has my support, but I would really like to see the Male Ranger class revisited!
    What do you all think?
  10. BLACK DESERT ONLINE RANGER CLASS Awakening Gameplay Trailer
  11. Post on Short CBT2 Review in Suggestions

    By Saskl, posted
    Right this is a review so its just my ideas of the game and what could be changed etc.
    I have been playing Black Desert for around 2 months now I started on KR so I would feel that i can say I have quite a bit of knowledge of the game now as i have played pretty much every day.  
     PVE: Now allot of people seem to feel there is not much PVE in this game, Well sorry your wrong. There is loads, might not be the most exciting in the world but there is a lot to do and explore. ATM on release we are looking at two world bosses and also the summoning bosses that drop good rewards, also these have been made a little more difficult so its not just face roll all the time. I would not say by any means its Hard but at least there is a small amount of challenge to them. I do this the developers really need to dive deep with the pve though in the game and add allot more boss like features etc, but as for mob grinding and over 10,000 quests to do. there is a lot for PVE players for sure. 
    PVP: Yes Black Desert is a very PVP game, to be honest I would not recommend this game to anyone who is wanting to do this game just for PVE, As to quite honest that wont happen, as PVP will always be around you and you will have to jump in at some point. Now there has been some changes of course from KR, but I would not say vast by any means, I'm content with the Karma system at this moment, but I will have to explore more in-depth upon release and see how it really plays out. there are 3v3 and a big battle ground, but to blatantly honest apart from the 3v3s i would not bother with the battle ground, i did it once in KR and was a bit meh about it all. the other issue i do have is the power of some classes, i'm playing Ranger upon release and even i have to admit that being able to 3 shot people is a little crazy. Yes ill admit that skill is needed for all classes in some way. but the difficultly and power of some classes is a little over whelming and makes other classes look pointless. for instance if you play a warrior and have the same gear as a wizard and you 1v1, even if the players had the same skill level. the warrior would win hands down just due to how it plays " this is just an example, I know wizards are group PvP chars" but this counts for a few classes and play styles in the game. lets see if it will change over time who knows. 
    The World: 110% best world I have played. I love being able to run around any where no lode in screens and nps that feel alive also. also the graphics make it just top notch. I have no issues with the world at all, its lovely and beautiful, and ever where feels different in its own strange way. 
    Cash Shop: Okay this is where i really am pissed off about the game. $32 for a costume is not okay, the max they should be is $20, to be honest all the cash shop needs lowering from pets to other stuff, also im not a fan of the this damn "horse re set" this just means you can get two tier 5 horses level them and then keep letting them breed to make more horses at higher levels as much as you like, this takes away so much out of the game and enjoyment that comes with horse breeding plain and simple get rid of it. By no means do I think black Desert is pay to win, but the cash shop has got to be sorted out. I might pay that sort of prices for stuff, but 80% of people wont, and no should they. if they lower it, it will bring in more revenue for sure. to be quite honest I would even go to say if they Don't lower the coasts it could kill the game after a while.  
    Customization: okay they hit this on the nail, amazing job. so much to do and make your char look unique, but i do have one problem, that dose relate back to the cash shop, The developers really need to make more different looking gear in game, its to simple and boring atm. now to some people it wont bother them but to me it dose. As said id happy pay for a costume, but prices are way to high at the moment. more items cosmetic need to be added in the game for sure, but as for anything else top notch I love it. 
    Combat: its good, very good, not great but still very good. I can grind for hours and not get bored due the way the system is so I'm very happy about that. 
    Other: its just a small thing that id personally love added, please bring out more ships and designs, like being able to customise them more. Hate to say its name "Archage" but the one thing they did right was the navel system. id like to see something like this in this game for sure. 
    Overall: great game i cant fault it in most parts, I cant wait to play with the guild im in and really see if i can shine in this game, i'm happy the developers listen also and take time to think over what we have said. if anything that needs doing now is just the cash shop needs sorting out ASAP. 
    I do apologize if some of this don't make scene or is spelled awful I'm my dyslexia is awful haha. this my not be the best view I could of done but its just some of my views that came to mind. 
    Look forward to seeing you all in game.
  12. Moin,
    ich habe einige Probleme mit dem Waldläufer..
    Dass seine Rüstung schlecht ist, damit kann ich ja noch leben (obwohl ich es so kenne, dass der Ranger immerhin besser als Zauberer gerüstet ist),
    aber seine Reichweite scheint zu gering zu sein. ich kann gefühlt keine 10m weit schießen. 
    noch dazu scheint der Damage output hinter dem der meisten anderen Klassen zu liegen.
    Ich hoffe, dass besonders an der Reichweite noch was getan wird.
  13. Post on Higher bow range please in Ranger

    By Sarynya, posted
    i would be grateful, if you could increase the range of the ranger. Its weird that i can shoot only at targets within about 8 meters i think. A bow can do a lot more.
    Also, damage seems to be weak compared to magicians.
  14. I think about two "new" classes, which could be add to the game - male sorcerer as warlock and male ranger as hunter or trooper. What others think about this idea?
  15. Ezzzz Peeezz ein Follow hinterlassen: http://www.twitch.tv/ifaided  Dort erkläre ich alles was ihr wissen könnt 
  16. Is there any way to deal with warrior/valks who just sit behind the shield and block everything? It feels kind of hopeless that they can just press q and take 0 dmg until their cc recharges, is there any way to deal with this or unblock them?
  17. Ich werde sehr aktiv streamen!!!! Best Ranger EU : http://www.twitch.tv/ifaided   Hier beantworte ich alles über den Ranger. Skills, Hidden Combos etc...
  18. I noticed that the Charging wind can only be executed when there is enemies around.
    I was testing a witch and you can charge a fire ball and send it to anywhere witouth restrictions, so... why can't do the same with Rangers?
  19. Post on US Male Archer? in Ranger

    By foamrule, posted
    So, I normally like to be ranged (aka archer) in MMO's, but i noticed that theres only a girl version of this available for at least the US servers that are opening soon...Will this be updated? Im a guy, and I dont really like playing as a girl, i feel like people will think im a perv.
  20. How much skill does a ranger actually need to be considered good/OP in PVP? For those who play/have played League of Legends, is it similar to the skillset needed to play ADC? 
  21. Alles rund um den Ranger : http://www.twitch.tv/ifaided 
  22. Hey guys,
    since the BDO template webpage for sharing creations is apparently borked for me, I thought I'd make my templates available for download elsewhere (I believe in sharing). They're all dark haired ladies whose looks are inspired by the irish myth's Morrigan, aka Morgana / Morgan le Fay which I always liked. I dig odd eyes too, soooo.
    If you enjoy any of these, they're available here: http://mmogypsy.com/2016/02/black-desert-online-my-character-templates-im-getting-better.html
    Have fun!

  23. With a character creator like this it's possible to create very beautiful and detailed characters, but it's also equally possible to ----- everything up and get lost with everything. 
    This is what my character currently looks like
    As you can see, the hair is under no control at all. Looks like she doesn't even know what a hair brush is.
    I'd be so happy if someone could help me fix this as I don't know what to do at ALL. 
    The basic format of the hair is done, i.e longest hair possible, one side behind her shoulder and 1 side over her breast with everything laying flat against her. I'd also like to not have the hair clip through her shoulder as it does in picture 3. 
    I attached the customization file in the post.
    Thank you for your time.
    EDIT: If you think something else would fit better than my original idea, feel free to try it out and send a print.
    EDIT2: Something like this would work as well.
  24. Hi guys!
    Want to hear some feedback about my Ranger
    How do you find it?
    What will you change to improve it?
    Any advices, tips or suggestion with examples?
    Please stay on Topic and make your own Thread if you want Feedbacks about your creations.
    Thank you

  25. In EU/ Rus verion there are no many guys to choose from so I decided to create some myself  . What do you think about them ? Any suggestions / opinion ?