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  1. Post on Ranger or Tamer in Classes

    By Delacroix, posted
    I can't decide between Ranger or Tamer to play first. I want to pick a class that can farm really well with minimal upkeep. I know that Tamers have fantastic AoE and are great farmers, but Rangers have high accuracy, high mobility and decent AoE. Which means that they can probably fight higher level mobs than a Tamer on average(and thus gain experience faster?).
    Also, since Tamers are melee; do they end up eating a lot of potions during AoE? I know at least one of their skills guards during its animation. 

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    Laughing Coffin is a gaming community that spans across multiple gaming frontiers. From FPS shooters, to MMORPGS, and even to games such as Hentai Online; the Laughing Coffin universe knows no bounds. As a top end PvP gaming community, our focus and drive is to bring the people of the oppressed world freedom. We do this through hostile takeovers, waging war, propaganda campaigns, and sometimes through peaceful talks. We will not stop until the gaming world as a whole is brought under the Laughing Coffin banner. LC will prevail!
    BDO Goals:
    Provide a community experience for like minded PvPers who are interested in Node/Siege wars, as well as guild wars, in Black Desert Online. To win as much as we can, while gaining a learning experience from our losses (Yes, we do lose from time to time, it's a shock to some). To expand upon a already built foundation in the game that has already formed us into one of the most competitive PvP guilds on the server. The continuation of excellence on the field through increasing guild requirements and standards, making sure everyone is playing with other players of equal level and commitment. Most of all though, kicking ass wherever we go.
    Level 60+450 GS (Combined AP+DP)DiscordA PvP and Community oriented mindset 
    Apply Here!
    Apply Here!
  3. I love the direction the game is going and I believe mostly everyone else can attest to this same idea. But When looking at the character roster, I understand having some exclusivity to the class selection. It is at an even state gender wise of having three options for males and three for females with a duel option of witch/wizard. But I think it would be really awesome if ranger could share this duel gender feature as well. I know there will be dlc that allows more options for male and female characters, but I see rangers as a unisex class. There are plenty of male archers and female archers out there. The move pool that is presented looks neither more feminine nor masculine ( I don't think any attacks have more female or male qualities to them anyway, rather more aggression or less aggression), I just think it would be really neat to have the option of choosing male or female in this class. It would still keep the genders equal being 4 instead of three available genders for classes. Just a little suggestion to maybe make the game a little bit better.  
  4. Hey guys not really sure where to put this so i started a new post.
    I have already tried out the Ranger on the Korean Version of the Game and I personally really liked the way it worked. With the Awakening Weapon being melee I was wondering how this does effect the way you are going to skill the Ranger. I mean, my build did not inclue any melee Skills at all, but this probably does not work when you are focusing on melee with the Awakening weapon. 
    I am aware of the fact that you dont have to use it at all, but I consider that not too smart.
    So did any of you guys reach the Awakening on the Korean Server and can help me out with the order of skills/ the changes in the Ranger Build caused by the Awakening?
    Thanks already!
  5. as stated above, let the bloodbath begin.

  6. Post on Character Creator in Art & Media

    By meganias, posted
    Hi guys!
    This is my first post ~ I'm more of a reader than a replier... (stalk much.)
    Anyways... was just playing around with the Character Creator and made a Ranger.
    She looks similar to the Ranger I played during CBT1.  First picture is of my CBT1 Ranger, Second + is of my new Ranger from the Character Creator.

    * edit *
    Made another character: Witch
    Couldn't decide on a hair color x)




    Probably will create a different Sorceress because I'm not really satisfied with this one xP
    Tamer (another)

    Sorceress (another)

    Tamer (yet another)

    Tamer; Last Creation before CBT2:

    Finally settled on a tamer look~ I think ;3

    See you guys in CBT2 & Launch!! ^^
  7. For some reason Ranger face types seem to have quite a lot of small issues and some can be rather annoying (ranging from what I would say quality inconsistencies between face types to clear bugs like this: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/4849-ranger-head-mesh-glitch-spike-through-the-hair/&do=findComment&comment=192505 ).
    In this case I'm using the highlighted face type as example:

    So, about consistency... This face type happens to have different skull shape for some reason when all other types have same shape. For that reason there's a gap between the hair and the skull.

    So about quality issues... This is the same face type as highlighted above. The nose clearly lacks some polygons which makes the nose look really sharp and unnatural (you can kinda see the problem in the above gif too). Also there appears to be some kind of problem with the are between the nose and lips. Once you make some extreme changes the issues become really obvious. Even without those extreme changes things can look rather distracting (those issues become obvious when you play around with nose and lip size i.e. nose length).

    So yeah... It would be nice if this face type would receive a quick quality control pass. It's a real shame that two of my favourite ranger face types have some quite obvious issues (although the fifth face type has rather serious issue - like gigantic spike appearing on the back of the skull). I do admit that I'm a pixel peeper who aims for perfections so these issues annoy me more than they probably would other people but still. But I do have to say that Ranger seems to have way more quality issues than other classes.
    Oh, one more thing. Rangers have neck seam issue (the higher the resolution, the more obvious it is):

  8. Post on New Characters in Art & Media

    By Tazmin, posted
    Saw some awesome characters so thought I would add two I just made, first time using the creator.

  9. As the title stated , buff melee classes and nerf one-ability spamming Rangers .
    melee classes will always be in disadvantage due to the repair costs and potions but more importantly when fighting (20+ Men) world bosses .so nerfing a melee class and buffing a range class (what happened in Korean version) was just a bad idea.You would see 300 archers and mages but 15 or 20 melee classes. In addition , Range classes like Mages and archers are also preferred in GvG and other activities .
    I play a lot of mmorpg games including black desert ,and through experience, don't nerf a melee class!! They have to be in the middle of the mess to fight, so they do deserve a little damage increase as well as little more defense than those who just kite and fight from further away.
    For example I heard people saying nerf the warrior and Giants !! Do you know the rating of these two classes in PvP or GvG ? It's about 3/5 ! How in hell do you still think they need a nerf? 
    In my opinion the warrior is not OP in anyway. Yes he has a powerful attack ability (scar of dust ) but in order to get it of he needs to knock you down or grab you for maximum damage . So as long as you kite him you are just fine ,knowing that the warriors and giants are relatively slow comparing to other classes and kiting them is like a piece of cake. 
    I have lvl56 archer on the Korean version and I could say that they became boringly OP .spamming 2 abilities will guarantee you a win even in 1vx situations if you have good weapon and build.
    Again , nerf Rangers spamming abilities to get players to find better challenging ways and combos to fight ,and buff melee classes (because they earned it) to allow variety of different classes in the battle field instead of just range classes shooting at each other from miles away.
    here is a link of MAX defense Valkyrie vs an archer spamming abilities damage. Valkyrie felt like no armor were worn at all lol.

    Enfin !
    Nous l'attendions depuis un moment, le Trailer de l'Awakening du Ranger est enfin dévoilé !
    Sortie jeudi prochain !
    Edit :  Lien de preview Offiel : http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/gm/read?bbsId=BDN003&articleId=101
  11. Let me know what you think
    I appreciate all likes, subscribes and dislikes. If you dislike tho please let me know why that is.
    PS. I'll do more such videos in the futures
    Next ones are for tomorrow and 2. january (ranger guides)
    Since this game is so heavily dependent on complex skill combos it seems appropriate that KR/RU players start compiling lists of common/useful key combos for newer players and people that don't research. It would also help to start standardizing nomenclature. I myself haven't had the time to get too deep into the game (Google Translate client notwithstanding) and only know some of the basics, but I suppose I will start. It'd also be good if everyone followed a standard format of:
    Skills Required (separate by commas):
    Key Sequence (->s indicate progression of keys, ,'s indicate keys that must be pressed simultaneously, <key 1/key 2> indicate option between the 2, -H- indicates a key that can/should be held down):
    Effect (verbal description; please keep it simple):
    Hope people will contribute and help make this into a usable encyclopedia for new Rangers
  13. To the experienced who have seen end game pvp. How effective is Ranger in wpvp and 1v1 situations? How is damage output? Any particular class that ranger is weak against? Would you choose berserker over Ranger for overall better performance?
  14. Après avoir un peu testé toutes les classes (un peu = lvl 30 environ hein, et 40 en Tamer)
    J'ai eu envie de refaire une Ranger (que j'avais déjà testé à la beta) mais avec un défi en plus : ne combattre qu'à cheval.

    Ma conclusion rapide : WTF ? le Wizard passe pour une tapette en farm oO

    C'est peut être même un poil OP actuellement, après j'ai pas pu dépasser le level 25 avec, mais la difficulté ne changeant pas vraiment ensuite... J'ai un doute sur le fait que ça s'équilibre vraiment à haut niveau.

    Des joueurs de la coréenne ont peut être un commentaire à faire sur l'interêt en PvP de jouer de cette façon ?

    Ah, et une vidéo du leveling 20 à 25 :
    vidéo à l'état brut, pas de commentaire ni d'édition.

  15. Post on Quest bug? in General

    By Jibz, posted
    Can someone tell me if this is a bug or not?
    I got those 2 missions (The Path of a Ranger + Awakening) since day CBT day 1. THe thing is I can not remove them, it says data not found or something like that.
    And everytime I finish/add more quests those 2 quests change.....

  16. So wich character would those of you that have already playd this game recommend  to a player whos mainly intrested in pvp? Also about the playstyles do you think either one is more fun to play? Any other pointers?
    Thanks alot for any help!
  17. Hello everyone. Im Chiago. I play the Japanese server of BDO, Today im going to be talking about Costumes or "Cosmetic Gear" as some ppl call it. I think this is really important. One thing Ive learned since i started playing mmos' in 2002 is, MMORPG players really like to look good . So i decided to make this post to give players the opportunity to see some of the gear that is offered by BDO, for every class! The info gathered is based off the Japanese server of BDO. Costumes and their released dates may vary by region.
    Allow me to start by saying Cosmetic Gear comes in several pieces. There is a headgear, body gear, shoes( sometimes two different shoes are offered for the same outfit), and weapons skin always offered when a costume is released. Sometimes a sleeve is offered in the form of an arm guard or bracelet etc. Sometimes wings are offered. and also sometimes underclothes are made just to go under specific gear as a finishing touch to compliment the gear, you can however chose to wear these underclothes under a different kind of gear.
    Lets start with my favorite and main class tamer. As you can see demonstrated on Chiago, the clothing option is often offered twice in a row. That is because one of the bundles includes weapon skin and the other does not.

    Here is the under clothes >.<

    Finally accessories. Please not that most earrings appear on both sides of a character, including gauges. that goes for males and females.

    This last picture is of the pieces of s costume. You can buy the parts of a costume one at a time, separately, You can also mix and match costume parts, as well as wear some cosmetic items and regular armor at the same time.

    Next up is Warrior.

    Underclothes (im kind of disturbed there barely a bulge there but ok)

    Accessoriesl i think its necessary to note you can wear more then one accessory at a time in some cases.

    Ok moving onto Ranger i think she has the best outfits she has alot of class specific ones. And a tonf of undies!



    So this post wound up being longer then i anticipated so i will finish uploading the remaining character classes and there gear tomorrow in two new threads!
    Thanks so much for reading! don't forget to vote, and if you think there is anything i can do to improve the post or help you, feel free to leave a comment below! Critiques and suggestions are appreciated!
  18. Since Male Ranger (or whatever his class name will be!) was in some of the first trailers, we can only assume he'll eventually show up.  Which is wonderful.
    However, male elves rarely get facial hair in games, which is less wonderful.  I'm not asking for huge beards or anything, just some stubble or even a short beard would do.  It'd just be a nice change from the norm of beardless male elves and I think a lot of players would enjoy the option, too!  It'd make BDO elves that much more unique if they can have fuzzy faces.
    Half of my reason of suggesting this is because of the inherent disappointment I have every time I make a male elf and he's always got to be baby smooth.  It isn't even that I have a fixation or anything, it's just annoying to never have the option to -- y'know?  What if I want mine to be older/rugged?  What if someone else does?
    It's not a major or important suggestion, but one I'd throw out there in the hopes that it'll be seen and at the very least considered.
  19. After playing most of the available classes to at least ~45 I wondered if I was the only one who felt like the class difficulty ratings were off by a wide margin. Even if we exclude PVP and make it exclusively about PVE, I still dont feel that they are accurate.
    Sorceress for example receives a hard to very hard rating. Daum therefore considers her the hardest class in the game. However, neither her PVE farming capabilities are bad, let alone hard to utilize, nor her ridiculous level of potential PVP burst. She also has enough movement skills to avoid being hit, thanks to crows and down.sa3. Yes, she might be squishy, but by that logic the Ranger class should probably top the charts. She has plenty of CC, effective ways to get it and slow targets while harassing them with DoT and almost unavoidable AoE.
    At the other end of the spectrum are Tamers and Wizards. Both are considered easy, something I dont really understand.
    Wizards movement options are heavily limited, rely on a lot of channeling abilities and spells with long ass cast times. Yes, they have some support abilities that help them sustain themselves. However, due to the nature of the character these are required or else it would be borderline impossible to survive in a PVP environment. That doesnt make it easy, simply different. So instead of shift.left you activate mana shield.
    Tamers kinda lack effective movement options as well, but in their case it seems even worse due to being melee. Dash is only good if you can afford small delays and shift.m1 is easily blocked by obstacles as small as pebbles and only really good for chasing, not getting away due to the lack of invulnerability frames, something teleports always have. On top of that the class lacks ranged abilities, relies heavily on grabs/kicks and a pet that suffers from the very common 'I am retarded, please kill me' MMO pet AI (which also is ridiculously sluggish and simply ignores attack or follow commands instead of immediately doing what its being told).
    Looking at PVE exclusively doesnt really change a lot. Roar is so much worse than Sorceress' AoE that it blew my mind when I first used it. Sorceress' wave skill clears at least twice as efficient, costs significantly less resources (in terms of % of mana pool) and holds enemies back on top of it. Combo'ed with m1.m2 its a ridiculously efficient farming tool.
    Rangers are probably the only class with a matching difficulty rating. Her skill set is ridiculously easy to utilize even though dealing loads of damage. However, shes only the most squishy character in the game. So I guess Easy + 'Hard' results in mediocre.
    So tell me: are the ratings just off or am I missing something essential?
  20. Dear people,
    While I myself am in doubt of what class to play / main, I'm opening this topic. Under this post I would like to see some of your reasoning behind why you would main a ranger. I'm interested in hearing all of your reasons on why you would main the ranger class, may it be the movements, the attacks, looks or any other reasons. 
    Looking forward to your reactions!
  21. Post on Class choice advices in Classes

    By Kraved, posted
    Hi, for us new to BDO. I figured we could use this thread to get advices from people who actually have played the game - to pick a class. (atleast I like to have a plan upon a newly released game) 

    So, for me then. If you're familiar to Tera, I mained Slayer and I was darn good at it, is there any class in BDO which is similar to that? If you're not familiar to Tera, it is a class that's semi-dodgeable, have medium armor & two handed sword. A heavy dps that was semi fast paced, or even fast paced if you were good. 

    Was checking out warrior for the awakening weapon (2h sword) but I dno when I could get it. Checked out Blader that kinda matched my style but got totally blowed off since it wont be released at launch. I'd also love ranger but I'm not a fan as playing as a girl when I'm not one irl. So any advice? 

    Stuff to think about in general?
  22. Assuming that you'll be able to play any class, which one will you play first, or if you already know, what will be your main?
    BDO Tome has nice summaries of each class on their wiki.
  23. Post on Class difficulty in Classes

    By Amenra, posted
    Hey there,
    ever since I got hooked on BDO I've been trying to convince the people around me to join the game together. I know though that for some of them it may be challenging to play specific classes well, as they seem to require quick reactions. Most of them prefer ranged classes and support classes, so l pointed them mainly to sorceress, tamer, ranger and witch.
    Now from some reviews and videos l understood that sorceress is one of the hardest classes to control. How about the difficulty of the other ranged classes? Which would you recommend as being fun to play but not too much requiring skillwise?
    Some of them are girls and they are not so much interested in being a professional player, they just want to enjoy the game and the scenery with friends
    Thank you in advance!