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Found 199 results


  1. Post on What to spend my SP on in Ranger

    By xCroz, posted
    Hi guys! I was wondering where is should spend my SP on  currently a lvl 41 ranger but going to reset my skill as soon as i hit lvl 45. I currently doin alot of PvE and want to start focusing on PvP at level 50, could you do some good suggestions?
    Thanks in regard. (Note my english is not that great xD)
  2. Hey guys, I'm levelling Ranger as my main and after looking at many youtube guides I can't get a good handle if I'm doing optimal DPS at my level as a Ranger.
    I'm currently grinding it out in the Orc camps just before i hit Khuruto Caverns and it's taking me quite some time to get it done.  About 40-50 minutes per level.  I'm spamming evasive explosive shot like every guide has told me to and it's taking probably 10-12 of them to take out mobs.  Did anyone else have this issue leveling a ranger?  I have my ultimate basteer weapon which has 22-26 damage plus a +1 AP crystal.  
    Also if anyone could answer this question as well, how much did they invest into Evasive Explosive shot?  Guide's told me to only invest 1 point while Hakurai's video on youtube on ranger told me to keep investing until i get ride the wind.  I have it invested at one point though.
  3. So, I was leveling at Chimeras when I fell from a high cliff and my backwards Evasive Explosion Shot stopped working as it is supposed to do. 
    This bug could maybe have something with the almost passive mobs bug, I am saying it could. But i have no idea how it would.
    The link is a video of the bug in action.
    Please fix:)
    Edit: I tried to see if I could trigger the bug consistently, and I was able to.
    The link is to a video of me triggering the bug.
  4. Post on Wall breaker problem in Ranger

    By Yahix, posted
    Hi, i have a problem with the ranger skill wall breaker... After crescent kick I use S+RMB to trigger wall breaker, but it only triggers evasive explosion shot. My character can't use the wall breaker because everytime i try to trigger it, she uses just the evasive explosion shot. Is there a fix or any way for me to use the skill i wanted because both skills have the same triggering controls: S+RMB.
  5. Post on no mana regen in In-Game Bugs

    By Datura, posted
    Wild of the Wind no mana regen on hit! fix it

  6. Post on Post 56 Mana Sustain in Ranger

    By Walpurga, posted
    Of course we're talking pvp here; anything and everything can be made to work in pve
    I think at this point this guy is basically senpai to the entire NA Ranger community
    But there is a problem that seems to surface: 130+ 3sec XL MP pots in inventory in the Kamasilva PK segment, 848 base MP yet those MP pots are basically nonstop chugging.
    We don't even have XL normal MP pots. How are we going to play Awakening with MP-consuming dash and the vastly more aggressive, front-line playstyle it brings?
  7. I would be really happy if someone would be able to help out if they can!
    I am looking for a specific template for my ranger, Though having no joy in finding it :'(.
    She's just so pretty *3* I have tried making her myself, but i can't get it right T-T.

  8. Was lurking around the internet and found this:

    Does anyone knows what armor set is she using?
  9. Hello forums! I'm currently at level 37 with a +7 Yuria's Longbow and a Bronze Dagger and my idea was to buy a Steel one from Heidel and start enhancing it. But then I had a conversation with a ranger in channel who actually suggested me to switch to Krea/Krea for Accuracy purposes and I've read somewhere that PVE priority should be Liverto>Bares>others and now I really have no idea of what to do 
    From what I've understood, Yuria is pure damage and can be viable in PvP too, Krea provides more reliability for the Accuracy buff even though the AP lost from dagger seems pretty high to me and I have zero clue about Bares, so I'm still more inclined to Yuria/Steel.. Could anyone please enlighten me in the most understandable possible way? Thanks 
  10. Hello,
    I'm a ranger currently, I have used my explosive shot or D+Q + LMB and even tho i move about 5-8 meters away from where the projectiles of mobs or players are supposed to hit, i am still getting damage/thrown down on the ground? How exactly do you dodge in this game? (I've noticed sorcs spam blink, and they are almost immune to all my attacks while blinking...Do rangers also have iframes?) I'll be doing some more tests when i get home from work....For some reason i've thought that you CAN'T actually dodge....but now i've seen lots of people comparing the game combat system to Vindictus....( Not even close so far in my opinion )
    Being hit by a projectile through walls or that miss you by 10+ meters is just purely stupid...
    Any thoughts on this? Am i doing it wrong? Should i just use double tap D , E ?
  11. Post on Thanks in Ranger

    By Datura, posted
    Thanks for this useless nerf on this class , at this moment is the worse class i'll ever played , squishy with no damage..
    it's possible to add a REAL EVASION like a sorcer???
    we lose the unique damage skills on this class 
    if first i can kill a player in 2 skills now i need 4-5 (with high level equip)
    a disappointed player 
  12. 1. Melee grabs are shit right now, good luck catching anyone.
    2. 10% ignore grapple + 60% grapple resistance. Kay.
    3. Rangers and Wizards/Witch are going to be OP as fudge, because they will scale on AP
    4. AP > DP
    5. There is no such thing as tank in this game, you will notice this when Valencia hits.
    6. Have fun being kited by a tier 6 running ranger and a constant teleporting wizard
    7. Have i mentioned the knockdown/iframe teleports of sorceress as well?
    After 200-250 DP, you will get diminishing returns against AP.
    FOR EXAMPLE, this archer has 200 AP, and this guy has 360 DP and see how hard he gets rekt
    8. Beserkers got a buff, how about warriors, valks, tamers? are there future buffs or nah?
  13. Post on Grunil or hexe sets? in Ranger

    By Egoist_, posted
    So guys, I saw a few ranger guides said that Hexe armor, gloves + zereth helmet, shoes are considering the best gears for rangers before Mediah patch.
    Now Grunil sets are coming out. They provide additional ap, health and more importantly, they have two sockets.
    What do you guys think? Is Grunil a better choice for ranger?   
  14. Post on Help me decide!!! in Classes

    By Sixx, posted
    Totally in a bind and its keeping me from gearing up. I have a Ranger as a fresh 50 and a Sorceress at 40 and can't decide between the two of them to save my life. I don't want to play both as I don't have the time to commit to really gear one up to be competitive.
    What I like -
    Strong at solo farming (at higher gear levels, I don't care what the leveling process is like)Decent at 1v1 PvPStrong role in group PvPInteresting combatCompetitive late game without having the best of the best gearI feel like I have a good feel for how they both play at my current levels - does either scale better than the other with how Mediah plays out or Awakening? The sorcs awakening looks 9x cooler but I don't know anything about it really.
  15. Hey,

    While I am sure a lot of you are out in the new area or checking what exactly the term “slightly” means with regards to the patch notes, I thought it would be an opportunity to relive & retell of some of your glory moment, or moments you decided to be a scumbag.

    I think it would be great to hear about some of your PvP experiences with the range, your best kills, fun ways to be “that guy” and other similar entertaining stories.

    I am fairly new to the Ranger love the class & I’m sure there are many other people that enjoy retelling and hearing these stories, so please fire away.


  16. Ranger
    Fixed the issue where left-click aerial shots did not work after using Wall Breaker I and II when Bow Skill was Lv. 6 or higher.
    The damage amount for Will of Wind slightly increased.
    The damage amount for Charging Wind I, II, III, and IV increased.
    The damage amount for Dagger of Protection dramatically increased.
    The damage amount for the aerial shots after Evasive Shot slightly decreased.
    The damage amount for S:/EX: Charging Wind slightly DECREASED.
    The damage amount for EX: Descending Current slightly DECREASED.
    On a Side note to all non Ranger Players: The nerfed skills are the ones you always complain about for being OP (Shotgun+Rapidfire)
    They slightly increased the dmg of the lowAP skills to Balance it, whilst nerfing the insane burstdamage-spamtowin-skills.
    Why buff Warrior tough? Class seems totally fine to me. Good thing they buffed the Zerk tough!
  17. Rly? Daum are staff are you completely lost your mind? Buff class what is already OP to the absurd point?
  18. I've just realized how photogenic my little ranger princess has become, and decided to make a little sideline story for her, as well as capturing some of the beautiful in game environments.
    Lets Start!
    ~ So the Elf Princess woke up one day among the heavenly flower beds of Florin~

    ~ And a few snapshots before she gets changed XDDDD!! ~

    Ok... I better stop here ...
    ~ The Princess got changed and spotted a very cute kitty on her neighbor's door step ~
    Her heart melted and wanted me to take a photo of her and the fluffy friend

    ~ Then... kitty cuteness has gotten all over the Princess ~
    Zero cuteness resistance
    And she asked to take the kitties home with begging eyes 

    "No. we will wait for the release of penguins pets your highness."
    But ... she didn't want to give up, and spotted another pair of fluffy neighbors

    After I stated NO for the second time... My lady, overwhelmed by cuddly cuteness, lost her composure
    Dark energy gathered around her ... she was ganna use Ult on me -_-|||
    ( She even more beautiful when she's angry >///< )

    When she finally realized that she can't use Ult on her very own creator in this MMO ...
    She decided to go on THE RUN  = = ... Oh lord...

    Princess.. Bad time of the day to be on the road ...
    I'm warning you, it's not too late to reconsider your decision... 

    (Sighs...) She took off, and it has to be a rainy night too !!
    Anything will be able to gobble up this fragile piece of cupcake T_T
    I'm a little worried now ... You know, the usual story line of a beautiful run away Princess 

    Nothing out of expectation, not long into her journey the Princess encountered a humongous & faceless Jelly Blob of Horror !!
    -_-||| What did I tell you?!
    There will be no Prince on pure white horse to rescue you,
    Hurry up get on Potato (name of our dark grey horse) and come home! -_-#

    See, just stay home, be safe and play some sand castle with fellow servants!

    Well technically you get to play with magical sparkling blue sand castle here in Florin :SS
    Good enough
    Thanks for reading guys ... It's always good to take a break from hardcore grind  
    Hope you enjoyed it.
    (Here's a bonus photo of me and my bf's character XDD, [ Angel and the Devil ], hahahah)
    From: US Server - EDAN 
    Character name: Lusilia / Family Name: Totoro

    [Default Character Image]

  19. Uno Server
    Family name: Kaboodle
    Character name: Breakfast
    Class: Ranger

  20. I'm thinking of maining my ranger and I'm not too sure what gear I should be shooting for. I plan on doing both PVE and PVP, and I also have no idea what weapon I should be using. Help?
  21. Hey!
    I feel like it's hard to grasp and structure all my ranger abilities, it seems like there is much information that isn't explained about them in game.
    I have two questions right now:
    1. Blasting Gust and other AoE abilities, why do they regenerate so much mana and why isn't it mentioned somewhere? Razor Wind explicitly says it regenerates mana in its tooltip, but many abilities doesn't. 
    2. Evasive Explosive shot, why is there a hidden ability in this skill that isn't mentioned anywhere afaik, when you're in the air after doing the EES you press LMB and the character does an AoE bombardment similar to Will of the Wind. What is this ability called and what damage does it do?
  22. Post on Night Elf Templates in Art & Media

    By Maxe, posted
    My night elf templates 


  23. Post on Ranger Build in Ranger

    By Meshpy, posted
    Hello guys. Just 1 question - Will this build somehow work ? If no why. Or tell me what to change please. Thx   
  24. Post on Ranger Basteer Bow Help in General

    By Yopple, posted
    I have the Ultimate Basteer and I started the quest line to get weapon stones if I extract the stones I currently have in my Ultimate Basteer will I not be able to get the weapon blackstones from the quest line even though I already started it? Help much appreciated!
  25. Hey,
    ich wollte mal Fragen welche Rüstung, welche Waffen und was für Schmuck man sich mit Level 50 und höher holen sollte. (Speziell auf PvP) bezogen!) Es gibt ja auch verschiedene Farbige Rüstungsteile und Waffen. Gelbe sind beispielsweise sehr selten.. von wo bekommt man die? durch Bosse? Sind die Unterschiede von einer Grünen und einer Gelben Waffe sehr verschieden? 
    Freue mich über jede Antwort!