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Found 10 results


  1. I am getting consistent drops in frame rate since the new update. I wonder if it's a memory leak or something. A lot of other people seem to be getting the same thing. I used to get 30fps at bosses and now I get 1-5fps. Thanks for reading, hope y'all figure it out!

    edit: Forgot to mention that the marketplace is extremely laggy. Purchasing items kills frame rate. Like it murders the ever living poopsmere out of it.
  2. Exactly like 'Rate The Character Above You!' except we rate the image of it's entirety.
    Watermarks are fine because it's all love here.
    Rate: *x/10*
    Comment: *Insert Comment Here*
    *Insert Screenshot Here*
    I shall begin.

  3. Post on Ancient Pearls drop rate in General

    By B.D.O, posted
    With the Kama drop rate buff 7d, I cannot seem to get one ancient pearl and i've done it all from cooking to trading, fishing and grinding.  In fact not a single person in my guild has found one.  Some grind all day and some fish all day.  While some claim to collect hundreds there is no proof to back what anybody has said with video or picture evidence.
    So i ask you staff, what is the drop rate and was this an over sight?  
    Thanks for reading!
  4. Post on Drop rate decreased ? in General

    By Zealo, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I've played around 10 hours since the last patch and i don't drop any mark of shadows / witch earrings.
    I get lvl 5 in each node, 4 luck and S/S+.
    I don't read any drops annoucements in game of others players too from the patch.
  5. Hey all,
    With allot of different things that energy uses now and when people are starting to use specific characters to gather, fish, process, ----- etc it would be nice if energy recharged faster overnight or when we are on a different character so we could continue leveling up our stuff the next day.
    What do u guys think?
    P.S Please refrain from insulting, rude and abusive comments. It serves no purpose. Only polite constructive comments please.
    Many Thanks
    Would love to see more of a turn out here. 
    Please post your replies as to why you don't think it's a good idea, would love to know your reasons. 👍
    Many thanks. 
  6. Post on [POLL] Cash Shop rating in General

    By Vix, posted
    I wanted to see how would you rate the CS in its current state.
    This is not a discussion, just a raw, honest, straight forward rate.
    You can add "why" in the comments.
    Please keep it civilized.
  7. Dear Daum Games Team,
    every simple downloader has a Setting for bandwidth / data transfer rate limitation nowadays. Except of the Black Desert Online Launcher.
    It would be great if you could implement such a setting for download bandwidth limitation.

    It is very annoying, if the Internet connection while downloading is at full capacity and you can hardly do anything on the Internet for the duration of patches, or game download.

    Thank you.
  8. Post on Energy Recovery in General

    By Moba, posted
    At the moment we have different rates of energy recovery:
    Online:             1 Energy / 3 MinutesOffline:              I don't know the rate, but it goes down significantlyResting in bed: 2 Energy / 3 Minutes (double recovery rate, but not sure though)My question is: Can I rest in bed and log out to recover energy faster when I am offline?
  9. I missed my chance to ask the devs a question directly so I will ask here.
    In some other MMO's there has been access online to their drop tables, is this something that would be considered?
    I find it keeps people interested because instead of just killing bosses hoping for a random item that may or may not help them, they can concentrate on which mob's would actually benefit them most. 
  10. Hello ! 
    After playing today for the first time I've noticed that some things requires Energy. 
    While that isn't a bad idea in theory, in practice it is a whole other dilemma, seeing as every single alchemy, cooking or processing action and maybe other things i'm not aware of all require Energy.
    I am not sure as to the reason why this system is in place to start with, except maybe prevent in-game items from becoming too common? 
    All it really does though is make us play and  wait  longer by waiting to initiate the next actions.
    I use those minutes to make this change of suggestion to maybe increase the items required for the processes,
    or rise the Energy Recharge Rate (1 Energy every 3 Minutes currently) to something like 1 (One) Energy per Minute, and/or remove the processing/cooking/alchemy actions NPC limitations.
    TL;DR : Remove Energy limitations on processing, cooking, alchemy, raise items required for crafting and/or raise Energy/Minute rate.
    EDIT : It has been brought to my attention that Energy is only used on NPCs to raise friendship, and therefore take back (and edited) what I said on the NPC matter.
    However the issue of it being required during processing/cooking/alchemy actions is still very much present, thus was edited accordingly.
    Thank you for reading.
    Please make sure to LIKE this post if you agree with this suggestion.