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  1. This is a petition to have Blader released in CBT2 or on release.

    Reasoning behind this petition:
    1. This class was huge on your other servers, why wouldn't it be here?
    2. There's a lot of people looking and waiting for this class. Some barely want to play the game without it.
    3.  Most of NA enjoys the Eastern style characters, you can see this in other MMO's. Characters with eastern fighting styles/sword styles become very popular.
    4. Out of all the male classes, his play style is what's lacking. Warrior is the hide behind a shield and attack, you have the berserker which is beat it into the ground, Wizard gives you the magic ranged class. You don't have the fast paced class. Female classes, thanks to the release of tamer, now have that, however male classes do not.
    I am happy to be a part of the beta test and I can see so much potential, I will provide more feedback on the game as it progresses, but I truly believe having Blader on your CBT2/release will allow you to keep as many of your player base that you've already gathered. 
    [[Will add more info from those who comment!  ]]
    Additional Feedback per extra comments:
    MikeHeel: [pg. 2]
    1. "... two other classes have already been confirmed for launch, Witch as well as Valkyrie, both female classes. Meaning that the ratio is now turned from three and three, to five and three."
    2. "...So while all five of the female classes are young so women and men that enjoy playing good looking female characters have -plenty- of options to choose from, men whom just want to look like an average, young adult male are forced to play warrior."
    3. "...Roleplayers -will- come to this game for it's absolute beauty, it's graphics, and it's vivid near living world, and in doing so absolutely will that in game store get a LOT of buys, I've personally spent over $300 alone in GW2 on just -dye- packs. But something like an extremely limited male selection -will- turn away a good chunk of RP'ers"
    TLDR: "...Adding Blader for release makes you money, in more ways then one..."
    Futanari: [pg. 5]
    4. "...Western players appreciate Eastern culture just as much as they appreciate ours. Launching BDO with barely any classes with 'asian flair' isn't really a smart move..."
    Noth: [pg. 5]
    5. "Blader..Was released before The Valkyrie, Wizard/Witch which we are getting..."
    KhaiDan: [pg. 11]
    6. "...One another note I'm not sure if it was mentioned or not is that NA/EU version are b2p unlike every other models in other regions....so it's natural folks want their main class to be there at the beginning."
    {will update as we get more}
    Thanks for your support!