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  1. Wir, die Gilde Spotted, suchen nach neuen Membern. Wir sind eine Gilde bestehend aus ein paar Freunden, die es leid waren in Gilden zu verharren die Member unfair behandeln oder keinerlei Interesse am Gildengeschehen hatten.
    Unser Fokus liegt auf einem gutem Miteinander und viel Zusammenarbeit. Sarkasmus und Ironie sind jedoch Voraussetzung.
    Unser Ziel als Gilde ist es ein Node einzunehmen. Wir sind keine Profis und spielen um Spaß zu haben. PvP wird geübt und auch oft im Duell mit Membern verbessert.
    Wir setzen keine Voraussetzung was das Spielen an sich angeht. PvX, PvP, PvE oder einfach nur Lifeskills...das ist euch überlassen.

    Wir stellen die Skills zur Verfügung und es wird dann gemeinschaftlich entschieden welche Skills als nächstes kommen.

    Falls das euer Interesse geweckt hat.
    Bin meist mit meinem Main online: Yuganuto. Familienname BandOfTheDragon
    Sonst könnt ihr mich adden oder auf die Gildenseite schreiben.

    Good Loot and Have Fun.

    Click link for discord https://discord.gg/kReRpdU
    (Currently being used in the NA SERVER)
    What we are about: Templarius Is a balanced PvE/PvP guild on Orwens server in Black Desert Online. We are currently a small guild. My goal is to have 10 members by the end of this month and hopefully 50 before all the awakenings are released. I have an urge to do more with node wars so if that is your thing then you can come aboard and help us all get up to speed. Who we are looking for: People that have just started playing to people that bought the conqueror package on day 1! We are pleased to have the people that enjoy the game and can get a long with another gamer. Voice chat is enabled through discord.Rules: The number one rule is NO DRAMATIZATION If you have a problem with a person settle it in a PM or email or whatever. After the issue is resolved you both will feel better. If this issue cant be resolved then one of the leaders can help. If you are into pvp and want to do that as a play style then that is fine! Please be courteous to the requests of other guild mates and their requests.Ranks: We are currently looking for officers! This is one huge plus of joining our guild today!Requirements:  Do you enjoy Black Desert Online? Do you have a will to play at least one day a week? Do you enjoy talking with people in game?(If you answered yes to all three then you can join now!)
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    SERVER: North America
    FAMILY: Woodstock
    MAIN: Duarte
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackdesertonlineguild
  3. <HelloMyNameIs> or HMNI
    Steadily growing PVX guild recruiting members, Minimum Requirements [Level 50+ , Active In Game, Don't be an Ass] Be willing to contribute to guild missions, activity required. Discord Available [Discord Req. for Announcements, Mic Isnt]. We do world bosses, plan on end game PVP, +5 AP +3 Accuracy Guild Pts. Comment for Invite or Whisper Buttoni/Scyphin in game.
    Heres a run down of how we do things. We will contest grinding spots, if you arent a fan of defending or fighting for a spot to grind then we aren't the guild for you. We like going on adventures a lot so we tend to visit the desert and explore the sea in our free time. (And by explore the desert I mean get lost for an hour.)
    We are new, and there a lot of new guilds popping up in BDO recently so we do appreciate activity for guild missions to grow our guild. We are NOT going to merge with other guilds, we WILL accept merges from smaller guilds.

    Like doing bosses? Cool so do we and we have a lot of members with two-seater that can just take you there whether you want to or not! Dying to Karanda is much more fun when you die with guildies
    There will always be an officer online that you can ask questions to, and our discord has A LOT of references that should cover any basic questions you have about the game.
    We will be probably going into fishing after maxing out accuracy and health points.

    If you wish to contact Buttoni through discord. - Blasian#1340
    Deus_Vult ✪Leader
    Evoside ★Co-Leader
    Buttoni ✰Recruitment Officer
    Deadzo ✰Officer
    Gigaleon ⋆ Resource Manager

    [Now Allied with NES]~
  4. Starting out, ap/1 fish/1 so far, looking for VERY low key players. NO time/gear requirements. We do require you be 21+ in age, have a thick skin, don't whine, complain, one-up, brag, or be a jerk in general. We do require that you be decent to one another, try and have fun, and RELAX. It's a game, not serious business. We prefer good people to good players. Life skills, new players, ect most welcome. Please whisper Ahnahj in game. I play EST times. Thanks!
  5. <Tacita_Mortese> is a casual guild freshly created for those who want to experience the game but don't want to go hardcore into everything. My hope as the guild master is to expand enough to accomplish group content and use the knowledge of our members to help those in need. If you have any questions or wish to join up feel free to ask away in this post or message Naturum in game.
    No real requirements to join
    Not looking for any trouble.

    We are Swagger.
    Our activity is Huge.
    Our grind is big.
    Our Swagger is legendary.
    And our loot is almost just as legendary.
    We will never be a big guild of lemmings, we will always strive to keep Swagger Lean and Mean. 
    We curse the black spirit out and laugh at the storyline together.
    If This sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.
    As a guild we offer
    5 Daily Guild Quests
    1 Daily Guild Boss(They drop livertos and other nice things)
    Friendly Advice in PvP and PvE
    +5 Accuracy +3 AP Guild Perk +1 Fishing +1 Gathering And we're working on our guild galley at the moment.
    PvP and Lifeskilling Training.
    What we don't offer but still happens. 
    Group farming .
    Group leveling.
    Power leveling.
    Friends and Frenemies.
    Now that you know what we Do and Don't offer, Let's talk about you. 
    We're currently looking for maturity.
    Level 50 or higher is a plus but not mandatory.
    Being active within the guild.
    Discord However is mandatory.
    And the occasional twisted sense of humor is appreciated.
    Now if this has peeked you curiosity. 
    Get in contact with us.
    Send a Message to me here.
    Private Message me on the Forums.
    Message MoarAxes, Stella_Black, Cheshire_Tiger, or Remerix in game.
    Or Connect to our Discord and message the Guildmaster or Admins in there.
    Swagger, You know what it is. 
    Strut your stuff and join Now.

  7.      Hello everyone, my names Liger. I have returned to the game after being on hiatus for a couple months. 
    My previous guild has since apparently broken up \ disbanded so I am now looking for a new one. 
    Im a very laid back person looking for a very informative group of people to just talk with while playing the game.
    Huge into crafting as I almost have 4 artisan professions....  (Profession 8 Gathering, Artisan 9 Processing, Artisan 2 cooking, Artisan 1 alchemy)
    I really love crafting and also dont mind doing some PVE and PVP once in a while, so please let me know what your guilds like and if you'd be interested in having me in your community.
    I am very wealthy (1 billion in gold\supplies) but I have no idea how to get started up on this game again lol.....Thanks for the help and input for your guilds.
    North America.
  8. Eldrid is a PvX guild with veteran and new players. We are a longstanding PvE guild that used to go by the name of Flames. We have since then move forward into the PvX guild now known as Eldrid. We are looking for PvX minded people to bolster our ranks and community!. We do a lot together and you can expect a firm and fair leadership. We do a lot of guild missions, Margoria Hunting, GvG, Small Scale Node Wars, Scroll Groups, grinding parties and Guild Bosses.
    Here at Eldrid we have few rules but we take them very seriously.

    These rules are:
    10k activity per week.
    7 days offline at most without giving a notice results in your removal from the guild.
    No griefing other players.
    Be respectful and polite towards players and guildies.
    Show up for Node wars if you are online.
    Help other members if they are in need.

    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺
  10. Hey guys,
    We are an international guild called Desert Pirates and are currently looking for new members to help us grow and improve.
    The guild was founded on the 17th of January 2017 and a lot of progress has been made since then!

    We make sure to complete all our guild missions daily to secure our funds and skill points and often engage in some guild activities whether it's a guild boss, exp grinding or PvP Deathmatches in the arena and of course who could forget Guild Wars.

    Hence is the reason for me writing this - we are looking for active 56+ players to help us grow into a [medium guild].
    At the moment there is 19 of us and we would like to see more new faces, which would help us move on to our next stage of progress and that is Node Wars. 

    We are a really friendly bunch and have a Discord channel where we always hang out together. Additionally we have a website and our own forum where we keep our more formal communication such as announcements, news, voting and applications. 

    If you're interested, please fill out this questionnaire below:

    Your character/family name: 
    Character level: 
    How long have you been playing BDO?
    Where are you from?
    How many hours a day do you usually play?
    Do you have a microphone and are able to use Discord? 

    Keep in mind we are an international guild, but do only communicate in English. 
    I look forward to your replies! 
    Kindly Yours, Officer of Desert Pirates - Clarainette
  11. I just checked some guild descriptions  and almost any guild in the top 20-30 don't prefer shortsword classes (or won't even recruit them)
    Can someone explain why? Are they this bad in sieges?
  12. Valencia 

    Valencia, the guild, once held a many of explorers.  It was a place called home to a league of veterans.  With sails set in the direction of prosperity, they set forth on the journey of remembering.  Adventuring out into the surrounding world, they cast out their ambitions; cultivating their skills, dealing in the arts of trade, and vanquishing those who proclaim enemy.  Valencia shaped into many forms of identity, to eventually become a ruin.  
    A light in the dark, shone through, igniting into what is known as-  

    Birthing into its second life, 'Valencia's four' is now gathering to rebuild a guild where many can call to home and expedition.  We are looking for those with a thirst for exploration, a niche for crafting, and hunger to destroy enemies.  We offer a guild to grow with fellow adventurers, building amongst one another in all respects.  We are here to seek entirely out into the open world and build a guild of many strengths. 
    Valencia is a casual and progressive open world guild. 
    We are rebuilding a Large 60 - scale guild shell We looking to go in any direction with our game play with the main focus on a foundation of friendly players who enjoy doing whatever it is they like in-game Valencia offers a Discord server that is optional.
    Current Member Scale: Medium (41/60)
    Accuracy +1 All AP +5 Max HP +60 Damage Reduction +5 Gathering +1 Fishing +1 

    Level 50+  
    active play (few days a week minimum)

    Alexina (Low) - whisperCute (Sky) - whisper Philosopher (Light) - forum message, whisperGarbage (Idiot) - whisper  

  13. Not sure if a post like this is allowed on the NA forum, but I'd like to know if there are any players that speak English that know of any guilds on the TW server that will be hard core and look to be competitive that also have SOME English speakers in the guild. 
  14. Info:
    TeamSolo is looking for more friends interested in a guild that doesn't have any requirements. If you can't play often, do AFK activities often, play by yourself most of the time, or just want to find a home with helpful leadership, TeamSolo is the place for you! There are no rules, so you can play however you please
    How to get invite:
    Send a PM to LhieyaRhi or Ciel_Phantomhive for instant invite
    Can't reach us? Leave a message on our guestbook and we'll get back to you
    <DixOutForHarambe> was created on October 07th, 2016. We currently have 17 members with at least 10 of us who put up awesome fights during GvG and node wars. We lean more towards PvP, GvG, and node wars, but we do have experienced/skilled life skillers who answer all our life skill questions! We enjoy being toxic, demeaning, making people flag, but we dem boys (and girls) and we look out for each other, defend each other, fight with and for each other. We do group PvP in the arena to learn our classes, learn our skills, and to learn how to counter other classes. YOU WILL GROW WITH US.

    This is a close knit guild and we want to grow. Our main priority for recruitment: warriors, valkyries, and berserkers, although all classes are welcome.

    /w Nurichu for consideration, questions, etc.

  16. Hi everyone, we are a new guild that wants to appreciate every activity of this game, from pvp (Node wars and Red Battlefield) to pve ( hunting party, party exp, world boss, scrolls guild quests and more).
    We do not care about elvel or experience, we will help any new player to grow up and enjoy his journey toward Black Desert. If you have any questions ask to:
    Guild Master EloraLandithas
    Guild Officer Akemi90
    Guild Officer Metaldavid
    PS. We are on Alustin.
  17. Kitsune guild - recruiting now
    Welcome to everyone interested
    We are a casual guild and are recruiting more members to be part of our family. We offer weekly scroll runs, guild boss runs and are preparing for node wars/sieges.
    Black Desert Online offers various activities such as: pvp, siege, map exploration, gear progression, and much more. If you are interested in a close, friendly and welcoming community then we would like to have you.
    Further more:
    There is NO GEAR REQUIREMENT as everyone should be given the chance to participate.
    If you are the talkative type of person join us in our Discord group and if not there is always the guild chat in case you need something :3
    In game contacts:
    Everyone is welcome and we hope you will make Kitsune an even more exciting guild ^^

    THIS IS A RECRUITMENT! I am hosting a scroll party for people in or not in a guild! Bring your scrolls and lets meet and greet! I am hosting it at 8pm EST on ORWEN and channel will be Velia1. The event details are at this location http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    A little about what is going on here: I just started a new guild in the North America Orwen Server. This is a very fresh guild and I am the only one in it. A plus is that anyone who joins today will be a ranked member and will have more control over the fun with creating an awesome guild. The website is new too but here it is http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/ CHECK IT OUT! leave a comment in the forum so I can get back with you. Thanks!


    Blade and Arrow is a new social/casual guild on the Edan server of Black Desert NA, channel Balenos 2
    We are a small and laidback group, who are just looking to enjoy the game at our own pace, while still participating in all aspects of the game and we are actively recruiting
    We also have a discord available for use, and while not required to have to join, it is recommended, as we use it to post guides, guild news, and events.
    While we arent looking to have the biggest guild, we will always accept active players of any level and gear, and you can apply today :)!!!!
    Well to be honest we don't really have any requirements 
    All we ask is that you be active and participate in any actives the guild might be doing whether that is:
    a chilled out grind session (no 12 hour stints cos lets face it they are just a bore)  
    a guild mission we have active at the time (with no requirement to do all 5 per day of course, who wants to kill or chop that many things anyways)
    or even just general chat/hilarity in the guild chat 
    The only current rule we have is 10day inactive kick rule, but this can be extended as long as guild officers are notified
    As we are a new and small guild, its easy to join there are no level requirements or gear AP/DP requirements either, All we want is the have fun with the game without the chore of a gear grind taking away everyones fun.
    However we are also actively looking for officers as well so if thats something you are interested in there is also a spot for you here as well, the only thing officers are required to help out with is recruitment, and activating and completing guild quests
    If you are interested in joining send our Guild Master Oliviah, from the Rayyyzor Family a whisper or PM and its as simple as that

  20. [English]
    <Get Out> is recruiting! 

    <Get Out> Guild is a PvP oriented guild. We aren't hardcore or casual players..we are what we like to call "casual serious" players. What do I mean by it? I mean that we try to evolve the max we can to do great in the wars we fight with the few hours we play daily while conciliating with family, job, college, etc(I confess some of us get pretty hardcore on the weekends!). Besides that, we are a group of about 20-30 active players creating a relaxed atmosphere for all of us to enjoy the game in every way. We use Team Speak 3 (, feel free to come over for a chat whenever you want!). You are not obliged to interact with someone if you aren't in the mood, but we ask you to stay around for possible warnings ^.^ .
    Our goal:
    We aim to be the best guild among those guilds who fights for Nodes Tier 2 and 3. Right now we won't engage in wars for main territories. To do so, we weekly complete some Guild Quests weekly and help each other to level up, be it grinding together or with info.
    We mainly ask for 4 things.
    First: have the will to play and grow with the Guild.
    Second: Be nice and talkative.
    Third: Be able to attend at least to 50% of the Node Wars we battle weekly.
    Fourth: attend at least to 2 Guild Quests Weekly.
    Age: 18+
    Level: 50.
    AP/DP: Any.
    Class: Any.
    Be able to understand portuguese.

    If you attend to all of this, I'm sure you will love your stay <3
    <Get Out> está recrutando!
    <Get Out> é uma guild PvP e é a maior e mais forte guilda brasileira do servidor Orwen. Nós não somos hardcore nem jogadores causais, mas somos o que gostamos de chamar de jogadores "casuais sérios". O que quero dizer com isso? Quero dizer que nós damos nosso máximo para evoluirmos nas horas que jogamos diariamente para evoluir e brilharmos na guerra! Todos nós temos trabalho, família, faculdade..mas confesso que alguns são bem hardcore aos finais de semana! Além disso somos mais ou menos 20 a 30 jogadores ativos responsáveis por uma atmosfera relaxada para aproveitarmos o jogo! Nós usamos Team Speak 3 (, sinta-se livre pra entrar quando quiser!). Não é obrigatório interagir com alguém caso não esteja no clima, mas pedimos que fique logado no TS para possíveis avisos ^.^ .

    Nosso objetivo:
    Nós temos como objetivo ser a guilda mais forte dentre as guildas medianas que lutam por Notes Tier 2 e 3. No momento não vamos lutar por territórios grandes. Para isso nós fazemos Guild Quests semanalmente e ajudamos uns aos outros, seja upando jundos ou com informação
    Nós pedimos principalmente 4 coisas.
    Primeiro: ter a vontade de jogar e crescer com a Guilda.
    Segundo: ser agradável e conversativo.
    Terceiro: atender a pelo menos 50% das Node Wars da semana.
    Quarto: atender a pelo menos 2 Guild Quests semanalmente.
    Idade: 18+
    Level: 50.
    AP/DP: Qualquer.
    Classe: Qualquer

    Se você pode atender a tudo, tenho certeza que adorará sua estadia <3
    Our first Elephant! Nosso primeiro Elefante!

  21. First  a  note  here  that  I  have  been  appointed  GM  of <XRP>
    enquiries re  applications  here. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8475-prx-the-professionalssince-1999/
    and  herehttp://www.prx-guild.com/home
    The  map  of  Balenos  looks  somewhat  prettier  today; wouldn't  you  agree?
  22. Silent_Force is a PVX growing medium sized guild on the UNO server. Our main focus is to enjoy every aspect the game has to offer in a friendly, stress-free, & coop environment. We are actively recruiting like-minded players. We are doing guild quests (gathering & subjugation), scroll runs a few times a week, arena duels, Node Wars, & more. Website & Discord available (use is optional). We do not have any class or level requirements - all are welcome! We only ask that you bring a friendly & coop attitude. If you would like to join us or to know more about us feel free to contact me on the forums, or contact (Mythaera or Lunaessa) in-game (Serendia U2), or register to our guild website at http://silentforcebdo.clanwebsite.com
    Hope to meet you soon!
  23. Are you looking for a daily active guild to participate in node/siege wars, PvP content, and group guild bosses with? Are you a new player looking to learn, or a high level player looking to game with people your speed? Trinity of Shadows is currently accepting recruits of all ages and skill levels. The only requirements are as follows:
    - You must be willing to use voice comms (we currently use a VoIP server for all communications)
    - You must be an active member. We are looking for people who will be on every day, or at least multiple times a week, to keep up with our current goals.
    - You must be respectful of your fellow guild mates. We have many female members, as well as people of all races and backgrounds, and we aim to keep our community an enjoyable one for everyone. 
    - You must be level 50 in combat OR you must be aiming for a high combat level and actively grinding toward it. If you aren't there yet, we have groups that will help you grind your combat levels more efficiently. But if you are a low-level character who is happy just to craft and farm, this is probably not the guild for you. 

    Trinity of Shadows has a wide array of specialists in every area of the game, from PvP teachers to Node/Siege war specialists to crafting/cooking/alchemy gurus. We keep all of our members constantly updated on all of the news and changes in the game. If you are looking for a fun place to play and a group of people who will assist you with your growth in Black Desert, then we are the guild for you! We are also looking to absorb smaller guilds to grow our ranks. Please reach out to me here or whisper one of our leaders in game. 

    Our leaders can be reached via whisper on either Mediah E1 or Mediah E2. Just message one of the following players for more info:
    - Gilley
    - Oleg
    - Kalibur
    - Athios
    - SpinnyMcGrabFace
    - Dionarah
    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  24. PureLuck Recruiting For Endgame GvG & Node Wars
    Are you interested in having some of the most entertaining and fun PvP in Black Desert you've ever had? Want to be at the top of the node wars fighting at castles? Want to be in a guild where you make a boat load of money from regional tax money? Then PureLuck is the place for you!
    While all of that above stuff sounds nice, the hard line is, we want good PvPers, we are one of the Top 3 PvP guilds on Uno, and we WILL take a castle for node wars. We are almost constantly war dec'd against other guilds and large scale PvP is an everyday occurrence for us. We are however not slaves to anything, if you can show up and PvP that's great, but at the end of the day we want people that are active and fun, we are not militaristic or a zerg, we are just a group of tryhards that like to win.
    If you are interested in joining us, please make sure you meet the following requirements and them message either the GM or one of the officers below and we will give you an interview and see if you fit in with us. We may also test you in PvP to see where your baseline skill is at, you don't need to be god tier at PvP but you need to have a solid base and we can show you the ropes.
    Active mostly in evenings, and available for at least 1 node wars nights, Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    Well geared and level 56+
    Love of PvP, you don't get discouraged when its 20v100, you get excited instead
    Constant strive to always improve and wanting to stay at the top
    GM & Officers
    GM: Vindicta
    Officers: VincentXXVII, Meralux, Liza, Ozs, Devilhealer
    Here is a taste of what you can expect on a daily basis when you join us

  25. Hey Black Desert Online Players are you looking for a fun, friendly, and active community?
    We have a variety of different people and channels for hanging out/playing games! You can come to just hang out and meet new people!
    We Also Offer Daily inhouses and events on the server for a multitude of games.
    If this sounds like the community you'd like to be apart of then join us on our TeamSpeak: ts.absgaming.net.
    We have specialized rooms for guilds and other in game factors as well, even specific staff members to coach/teach other players!
    Come and be with people who enjoy doing the same things as you!
    - PrincepsAeternus : Absolute Gaming Staff