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  1. JusticarKnights is recruiting anyone looking for a new place to call home. We are a PvX guild looking for laidback people to join our family.
    | Weekly Scrolls | PvE grind groups | PvP sparring | LifeSkill advise |
    We are noob friendly and welcoming to returning players. If you're looking for a guild that doesn't require you to treat BDO as a second job look no further!
    We have discord available for those that want to use it.
    PM Zakashinx, Zalon, Zakashin, or add Ryuzani to friends for an invite or any questions.
  2. Post on (NA) Lovecraft in US Guild

    By AliviaEdge, posted
    <Lovecraft> is openly recruiting players with at least one 50+ character. We are a casual guild focused on having fun and working towards getting ready for end game together. Discord is strongly encouraged to participate in guild activities. If interested, whisper me, AliviaEdge, Laureleigh, Bebelina, or Jeonshin.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/ZEWf76g
  3. Hey new guild looking to recruit. We are mostly PVE but do some PVP for fun. Mostly just a laid back guild just trying to enjoy the game to its fullest. Have a discord server but its not required. If you'd like to join or have questions post here or message Zakashinx / Zalon in game.

  4. Post on [NA] <Ascendants> in US Guild

    By Sansmercy, posted
    Guild Information
    Ascendants is a PvP focused guild that started since the North American launch. Our roster consists of a chill witty group, sassy sarcasm is encouraged. We're aiming increase our numbers with fun and active individuals. We offer you a place where you can enjoy Black Desert together with our members!
    Our current focus is 2 to 3 node wars a week, with line of sight towards participating in siege.
    20% Combat EXP buffs during night cycleCommand to Gather for Trading5 AP / 5 Accuracy / 100 HP / 5 Damage Reduction / +3 Gathering / +3 FishingElephantsGuild GalleySupport group for TET failsGuild Red Battlefield nightsGeneral Rules
    Be helpful to one anotherDedication and willingness to push forwardBe active in the guild chat, feel free to ask anything!Competitive aspects and participate in all guild events.No mandatory guild mission participationPayouts based on node war activityJoin us in Discord. Voice chat is necessary to PvP.Always have funRecruiting Status: Currently OPEN
    Recruit Requirements: We're looking for applicants who have made it to at least level 58 with a bare minimum of 420 gear score. Group applications will be considered on a case by case basis after deliberation. Overall we'd like to see everyone at 59+ with a gear score of 450+ gear score.
    Also open to smaller guilds merging into ours.
    PM Erissia, Lickasikle/Holylicious, Bzaw, Turtles, Dr_Death, and Black_Swordzman/RaijinHime, in-game for inquiries.
  5. <Morphine> is a small NA Guild looking for a few more active players of any class and level to fill it's ranks. We are a small casual, play your way, all that we ask is that you are active, respectful, help out other Guildies and have Discord (mic not required). We do Guild Missions, boss scrolls and grind parties. We have a few slots available and looking for players at level 50+. We have yet to do any node wars at this time. We do dab in pvp and gvg. We are not ragers, we are unfiltered and no censor so thick skin is a must. We are always active one way or another. 

    We at Morphine got tired of having to play BDO on others terms and restrictions, we just wanted a Guild to call home, build up and get Guild perks and play BDO the way we want to, not be told how to play or when to play certain aspects of the game by other ppl. Have fun with BDO, play how you want to play, we don't make it a competition like most Guilds. 
    If Morphine sounds like the type of laid back, play your way type Guild you're looking for than don't hesitate to PM me here or in game. Family name Noaeu Character Name OxyOverdose. You can find me on discord at <Morphine>OxyOverdose#6367 
    Discord is a must, no mic is okay.
    Guild Perks so far:
    Level 3 Accuracy
    Level 3 All AP
    Level 3 Damage Reduction
    Level 2 Gathering
    Level 2 Fishing

  6.   The Last Watch, a progressive PVX guild is now open for membership. We are New and seek the best for our ranks, only mature, social and non-political people need apply.
       Tired of being hounded to be available to Node wars? Being hounded to Grind Grind Grind? Of having Guild Officers who could care less if you stay or go? Of the Guild Politics?
                                                                                                        BE HOUNDED NO MORE!!!!!!!!!
       To many Guilds have to much Drama and Hidden agendas, they push and push for you to grind and grind and grind, NO US! hopefully we can eliminate a great deal of that by insuring compatibility at all levels of membership.  Everyone has a voice. No pressure to Grind Grind Grind, play at your own pace, when the time comes for PVP we will have things in place without any pushing of skills etc on the membership or our Lifers! Actually this guilds PVP focus will be more of a Guild Wars focus and a Protection base for our Lifers!!!
        Requirements are Social Maturity with good Common sense and a desire to see this new project succeed to it's maximum potential. I believe starting at this level 1st will go a very long way in allowing the guild to grow in a positive manner where everyone will have a voice in a fun, relaxed environment where our Lifers will be just as important as our PVP'ers. A good clean sense of Humor will also go a long way in this group. Progression is at your own speed and help is available IF it is needed, we believe that discovery is the best way to go. Stay at 49.99% if you wish
     SO if your a novice, casual, returning player or Pro lets see if we fit and drop us a line, any questions please feel free to ask. So drop in and Kick the tires.
        All the Normal Guild Events, such as Guild Missions, Guild Boss scrolls, guided tours upon request and up Coming summer events with Pearl Rewards!!!!!
    Presently at Guild Skills >>  level 2 in Gathering and Fishing!
       Officer positions will be available as we progress.
       If you feel like you wish to be part of this New Guild we would love to hear from you, Please send a PM via this  forum for more info or an Invite
    Discord is a requirement
    Looking Forward to hearing from you. PM on Home Channel Calp 6
    Family name Sassie
    In Game main Belindamay (GM)
    2nd Officer and mission specialist :-)
    Family Name  Iejir
    in Game Main Xaraith


    If you have any questions, or inquiries whisper "Akihiko" in-game, or join the Discord and bring your questions there!


    Hope to see you soon!

    Akihiko Kayaba
    GM of TBO Community
  8. <SwordArtOnline> Looking for a small/med guild to merge WITH US. We offer full pvp buffs, siege buffs, guild elephant,guild gally, +3 fishing and upto 1 million pay a day.Chilled environment and dank memes. PM for info, we're also looking for witch/wiz to join us!ლ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ლ) https://youtu.be/oQmN9jnZDwc



    P.S We're pvp happy guild with atleast 12 wars a day so if open world pvp is not your cup of tea then gg
  9. ChosenOnes are recruiting. We are a smallish guild with currently room for a total of 35 members. In the near future we will start node wars and weekly guild bosses. Weekly we do some scroll runs together and we love to grind together. We have a guildship that we sometimes takes to Port Ratt. Discord is mandatory since we almost never use the ingame guild chat. For mor information, contact me on Dovahkiir (family name Dovkiin). 
  10. <Tacita_Mortese> is a casual guild freshly created for those who want to experience the game but don't want to go hardcore into everything. My hope as the guild master is to expand enough to accomplish group content and use the knowledge of our members to help those in need. If you have any questions or wish to join up feel free to ask away in this post or message Naturum in game.
    No real requirements to join
    Not looking for any trouble.
  11. <QuickSilver> seeks active players to fill our ranks. No gear score required. Casual RPers/non-RPers/likeskillers/new and veteran players of all levels welcomed. A newly formed laid back guild focused on making new friends and having fun. Hassle free and drama free. Interested parties please send a PM. Thank you!
  12. 55 DK/56 Sorc  and 38 DK/55 Warrior looking for a new home as ours has died.
    Active Daily ingame, we are mature and use Discord and have Mics. looking for all Content this game has to offer. we have been playing for a little while and know enough to get into trouble
    If we sound like 2 members you want to have in your guild let us know and we'll chat with you.
  13. Hello! Thank you so much for reading this! I wish to talk to you about the guild I lead and I hope I can convince you to join <Entheons>
    We're very understanding that people have personal lives. Your life has to come first but that doesn't mean your voice won't carry weight. We function under a democratic style of leadership so everyone gets a say! You should always feel valued and it's very important to us that you do. Your gear score and level aren't as important as the type of person you are and respect is more important than strength. We have both casual and hardcore members and welcome those whom are new and veterans. We're a PvX guild that's going to venture further into Node Wars in the future as our Family grows together! Our current list of perks are +5 Accuracy, +4 AP, +40 Health, +2 Damage Reduction, and two ranks of Gathering, Fishing, and Siege Defense.The only true requirements we have would be respectfulness and the use of Discord for planning purposes. You'll never have to speak if you don't wish to. Of course, Activity is greatly appreciated as well  We're always trying some new, silly, and fun Guild Events as well. If this sounds nice to you and you're a respectful person then, We would love to meet you and more importantly, I would love for you to meet the most amazing people I've ever met in a game before. Please, whisper Celensra or Kuposra for additional details and information. That's me  

    We are Swagger.
    Our activity is Huge.
    Our grind is big.
    Our Swagger is legendary.
    And our loot is almost just as legendary.
    We will never be a big guild of lemmings, we will always strive to keep Swagger Lean and Mean. 
    We curse the black spirit out and laugh at the storyline together.
    If This sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.
    As a guild we offer
    5 Daily Guild Quests
    1 Daily Guild Boss(They drop livertos and other nice things)
    Friendly Advice in PvP and PvE
    +5 Accuracy +3 AP Guild Perk +1 Fishing +1 Gathering And we're working on our guild galley at the moment.
    PvP and Lifeskilling Training.
    What we don't offer but still happens. 
    Group farming .
    Group leveling.
    Power leveling.
    Friends and Frenemies.
    Now that you know what we Do and Don't offer, Let's talk about you. 
    We're currently looking for maturity.
    Level 50 or higher is a plus but not mandatory.
    Being active within the guild.
    Discord However is mandatory.
    And the occasional twisted sense of humor is appreciated.
    Now if this has peeked you curiosity. 
    Get in contact with us.
    Send a Message to me here.
    Private Message me on the Forums.
    Message MoarAxes, Stella_Black, Cheshire_Tiger, or Remerix in game.
    Or Connect to our Discord and message the Guildmaster or Admins in there.
    Swagger, You know what it is. 
    Strut your stuff and join Now.

  15. <Morphine> is a small NA Guild looking for a few more active players of any class and level to fill it's ranks. We are a small casual, play your way Guild with no dumb Guild requirements like gear score, level etc. etc. that most other Guilds require, all that we ask is that you are active, respectful, help out other Guildies and have Discord (mic not required). We do Guild Missions, boss scrolls and grind parties. Play the game your way, not how others expect you to just in order to be in there Guild. If you just want to life skill, that's fine. Into just grinding mobs, that's fine to. We have yet to do any node wars. We do dab in pvp. We are not ragers, we are unfiltered and no censor so thick skin is a must. We are always active one way or another. 

    We at Morphine got tired of having to play BDO on others terms and restrictions, we just wanted a Guild to call home, build up and get Guild perks and play BDO the way we want to, not be told how to play or when to play certain aspects of the game by other ppl. Have fun with BDO, play how you want to play, we don't make it a competition like most Guilds. 
    If Morphine sounds like the type of laid back, play your way type Guild you're looking for than don't hesitate to PM me here or in game. Family name Noaeu Character Name OxyOverdose. You can find me on discord at <Morphine>OxyOverdose#6367 
    Discord is a must, no mic is okay.
    Guild Perks so far:
    Level 3 Accuracy
    Level 3 All AP
    Level 2 Damage Reduction
    Level 2 Gathering
    Level 2 Fishing

  16. Although it will be faster for you to contact us in-game or through discord we will be actively looking out for replies in the forum!
    Thanks for reading!!

    To all those haters - We hunt down everyone and anyone in any guild if you start shit on us first; it's just retaliation.

  17. Although it will be faster for you to contact us in-game or through discord we will be actively looking out for replies in the forum!
    Thanks for reading!
  18. Hello Everyone~
    Recently my friend had started playing BDO which ended up pulling me back in. We had decided to create a guild and try to do some fun PvE based things like guild missions and summoning bosses to hunt. However, a lot of the things require more than 3 people and it has been somewhat hard making any friends in game. People have not been as talkative as I've seen in other MMO's.
    We are still somewhat new to things seeing as to I had left the game for a while and am getting back into it, and he is brand new.
    It would be great if there were any players that want to join our guild to hunt with us and also teach us a bit more about the game and how some things work.
    As long as you are active and friendly, that's all that matters. All levels are welcome.
    For those who enjoy PvP, we do like dueling daily to make sure we are slightly prepared in case we get attacked anywhere and to try out our skills.
    Thank you all for your time and I hope to get a chance to meet new people. ^^
    Guild: Madrigal
    Server: North America
    Character Name: Mikiru
    Family Name: Kyrialis
  19. We have 4 AP, 3 ACC, 40HP, and Guild Elephant Nursery Buffs Activated. There are ALWAYS ATLEAST 30 players on at all times. Guild missions are done daily, we have a master of each lifeskill, an active discord, and all of us are Mature, and MMO vets. (I've been leading guilds for over 15 years) If you are active, mature, and teachable... join us. We would love to help you grow with us. 
    Message Chroness, Makamar, FlyingTurd, or Rhomay for invite!

  20. The Revenant
    We are a guild primarily consisting of veterans of various armed forces around the globe, We strive for excellence not only in ourselves but on the battlefield. We build comradery through vulgar banter and rude endeavors.
    We have the following available to our members:
    Max Ap, +3 Accuracy, +3 Damage Reduction, +20 Hp and +1 Fishing Skill
    Daily guild Missions
    Weekly Guild Bosses
    Weekly Arena Tournaments
    Active Discord with plenty of people to interact with during all time zones
    Requirements And General Info
    We Require the following to be Eligible for entrance within the guild:
    Active Discord Use
    Age 18+
    Level 40+
    Ability to actively contribute within the guild
    What is our Structure?
    We have different structuring for pvp that is gained and lost through our arena tournaments, the more prowess and activity you show along with a willingness to lead and train others will scale you up those ranks.
    Our Ranks Include:
    Private - Initial rank requires agreement to clan rules and logging in once a week.
    Private First Class - Requires minimum participation of logging in once a week. Strives to be part of clan events.
    Corporal - Requires participation in clan events and weekly login. Helps to train new players.

    Sergeant - Leads small groups in PVP/PVE and events for the clan, upholds clan rules, and knowledgeable in their class.

    Staff Sergeant - Enforces Clan rules, knowledgeable in many classes and PVP/PVE tactics, holds training for enlisted personnel.

    Sergeant First Class - Performs the duties of Staff Sergeant and Sergeant when none available, acts as officer if no higher rank is present.
    First Sergeant - Highest Enlisted rank, advises Officers, knowledgeable in all fields, acts as officer if no higher rank is present.
  21. <TheRind>
    The Rind also known as Melonmancy is a small gaming community that started up about 5 years ago and has played games like Guild Wars 2 and Warframe since. Our main goal in any game is to have a good time and enjoy all of the content the game has to offer. We plan on doing everything from node wars to world boss hunting with a semi casual approach. We understand if you can't play 10 hours a day 6 days a week like some of us do but that's alright, some of us have jobs too.
    Looking for players that are -
    Active Social and (somewhat) matureCommitted to progressing your character and the guild's interests through missions and node wars.Willing to use Discord (Not required but prefered (you don't need a mic)).THE GOLDEN RULE
    -Don't be a B*tch (also the only rule)
    Message me on the forums or the following people in game for an invite to the Discord/Guild or if you have any questions!
    IGN- Degeneran
    - Spelltheorey
    - Astaylon
    - Kisari_Ishi
    - Cara_Odessa
  22. Havoc Corps is a multi gaming community that is actively recruiting new/veterans members to our gaming community.  We hope to have friendly and helpful gamers in alot of games.  Helping one anther with aid or advice.  We are also seeking officers and guild leaders too to lead teams or large groups for the games that we play.
    Discord required.  Please come visit and stay at our discord server.  At the moment we don't have many members in many games but hoping to slowly grow in each game over time.  Please feel free to contact Havoc if you have further questions.      
    Games we can play:
    Guild Wars 2 (Seas of Sorrws)
    Black Desert Online (Velia 1)
    CounterStrike: GO
    World of Warcraft (Emerald Dreams) (Alliance)
    Elder Scrolls Online (aldmeri dominion)
    Star Trek Online
    Heroes of the Storm
    Diablo 3 RoS
    Starcraft II LotV
    Tom Clancy The Division
    League of Legends
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/RwRrV43
    Website: Under Construction
    Havoc - Guild Leader
    Battletag: Havoc#6889
    Character Name: Valkyrie_Lauren
  23. We're a small guild that is eager to grow and do big guild things that is part of a larger 100+ member community. Players of all levels welcome, but we're looking for good fighters with an eagerness to progress. We're friendly and helpful; we  have a TeamSpeak and website. Our guild buffs are +3AP, +3 accuracy and +1 gathering; we have 5 slots available at the moment.
    Welcome to Destruction Gaming. We are a relaxed community that enjoys playing a wide range of games together. We have a huge base in World of Warcraft, but our hands are in a bit of everything and we’re always looking to expand. We aim to change the way people see gaming communities by offering a sense of community outside of the games as well. We are friends, we are family, we are Destruction Gaming.
    Website Link
    TeamSpeak Info: destructiongaming.net     NO PASSWORD (you will be moved, please make sure you put BDO in your username in TeamSpeak so you can be moved to the appropriate channel)
    If you would like more information, please join the TeamSpeak or send a private message.
  24. Post on Join Doomguards ! PvX in US Guild

    By Einzig, posted
    Welcome to Doomguards
    We are a small guild looking to grow in Black Desert.
    We understand that real life comes first and we are okay with you taking time away from the game if you need to.
    We provide Discord for Voice and text communication.
    Take care of your drama on the battle field, not channel chat, that being said we do joke around with each other a lot, if something someone says offends you just tell them and i'm sure they will stop bothering you with it
    Casual talk is one thing, but being intentionally offensive is another.
    The rules are simple, if two people have a disagreement pvp it out, winner wins the argument that the topic ends there.
    Join when we do guild missions, you don't have to join it every day, but try to participate.

    We have an expanded list on the discord chat, but these are the main ones to pay attention to.

    How Do I Apply?
    Simply post below
    Be sure to put some effort into your responses or no effort will be put into accepting your application.
    or, Simply Private Message one of our officers in game! magicbeans, salthya, bearadorer, tsunoke
    You could also hop onto discord and apply over that.
    Still Not Sure?
    Stop by our Discord server to chat and/or ask questions! 

  25. The Silver Kestrels


    Founded: May 13, 2016
    GM: Oria_Lynn
    Officers: Tennin, Sofia_Drakon, Frugi, Xuong, Genesis, and Halbjorn
    The Silver Kestrels is a Rp/Pvp guild that provides a very open and diverse experience. Do you wish to meme and become one with the memelords? We have personal memelords that spout memes 24/7.
    Do you enjoy a more open environment where we have individuals who are easy going and laid back but focus on objectives and missions when needed with a mindset that is semi-competitive?
    Do you want to have a bird theme that is associated with memelords? Our guild is open to both roleplayers who wishes to rp and pvp as well as players that enjoy pvp who are rp friendly. We do Node wars, Mercenary work, Monster hunting, GvG and more! Why get tired of doing just one thing? DO ALL THE THINGS! We don't really discriminate, we just focus on having fun.
    350+ GS: The GS reqs for JOINING are subject to change as we grow and develop. It is important for members to continue to put forth some amount of effort into further progression even after they join.
    Active participation, everyone contributes. No Lone Wolves.
    No Niches. We want to keep a unified guild.
    Discord and enjin are REQUIRED, but using a microphone is not. These tools are how we send out notifications for upcoming events, node wars, and other announcements as well.
    Be kind, laid back, respectful, thick skinned, easy going. Ability to not rage.
    Be age 18+. Our guild is comprised from young adults to people in their 40’s.
    Don’t be rude to other players. No trash talking. No bad mouthing.
    No trolling role players/role play.
    No Karma Bombing.
    No Drama. Keep it at the door.
    It all boils down to using common sense.
    As far as Mergers go. We are open to mergers of smaller groups of similar minded individuals into us. We have no plans to merge into anyone else.
    To all those interested, please message us via discord: Sofia_Drakon#7067 or The Magical Space Papa#3017. You will receive a prompt response. If you are unable to reach us via discord, leave a message here on this thread. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. We are more than happy to answer all as best as we can.
    Once messaged we will ask a few questions as well as give you a link to a brief application through our enjin. Afterwards, we will give you a link to our discord and interview you as well as fill you in on all that you need to know.