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  1. Hi, so im a player of a 2-4 months player. I have spend quite alot of money in the long run. However the game is becoming more and more unable to play for me. I have tried, changing and Doing Everything you could mention including new comp, internet provider DNS etc and so on. So if i cant play the game and its not my problem here, just wondering if
    is it possible to refund All my money back? i feel like quitting the game, its not worth all my money if i cant even Log in without getting DC every 2 minute 20 times a day.
    I paid and spend for a game, but not an unplayable game. so can i? is there a way? possible to call up my bank and get back ALL my money? i dont care if i get BAN btw( shitty as server )
  2. I'm not sure if this is feasible or not, but I think this idea could not only give us users more control over this situation, but probably free up tickets as well. As we all know, we get something like 48 hours to send in a ticket to be refunded our pearls for something in the pearl store. What if we had the option to "sell it back" to the pearl store and get our pearls back ? Perhaps the item could have an internal 48 hour clock before it could be sold back to the store, then you would have to keep it permanently. This way, this frees up tickets for customer support and gives us users an easier time to deal with this situation ourselves.
    Edit: Also, if the item is used in any way, such as equipping or opening any of the boxes, then its automatically void and can't be refunded.
  3. As an older Gamer who has played everything from Paid to Private servers, I see change all the time, I see free to cash shop, or donation shops on free private servers.
    Things cost money, on a daily basis we all experience it, from that morning coffee to lunch. We buy gas for our cars, which was built in a factory and sold by a sales man.
    The game was paid for and yes they made some nice coin, but that 1x payment will not last forever. I paid my rent 4 days ago and have to pay it again in 27 days. Life cost money.
    The game is hosted and designed by people, people who get paid to work there, in a building where they pay rent, as well travel fees to usa from overseas.
    Since joining I have heard so many rants of things for change or change without asking.
    I also see 1000's of -10 posts ranting they paid 100 1000 or more into the game who cares, I paid to win i have 3 t3 pets. and costumes, shit changes people.
    Many new accounts who say 100 Days wasted I quit blah blah blah, ok?
    you are not the only person online more will come.
    People will scream, and rage, tell me my head is in my ass or carebears or freepers or pvpers who cares.
    we all know we will go home after work or school grumble and find a way to make this work in our favor and how to move on.
    I love the game and well will continue. 
    If you leave, sad as it was alot of work you entered. I hope you find a game as cool as this one.
    well be well and remember to breathe life is too short to rage that much.
    if this message makes any sense ok if not well  I don't care. 

  4. if youre expecting some cool idle animation prepare to be disappointed, if youre not then rejoice
    it also changes hairstyle
    Pathetic costume especially since its limited.

    refunds within 72hours of purchase go go.
  5. The other day I opened a ticket to request a refund of over 5000 pearls that were spent on dyes. These dyes were purchased at a time when NA players had no idea the Merv pallet was coming within several weeks, & the cash shop listed beauty items for half price.
    ** Edit CM_Aethon
    Posting the contents of a ticket on the forums is not permitted and as such has been removed from this post, in the event you believe your ticket was handled in an incorrect fashion please contact our senior team that reviews these cases at this email: csreview@daumgames-eu.com
  6. I just installed the game and went through 2 hours worth of character creation.
    When I login to the world, it errors on the map/loading screen consistently at the same spot. I tried deleting the files suggested and running the repair. I tried to re-install the game completely. Added Windows Firewall exceptions for Outbound and Inbound traffic. Allowed all .exe files associated to BDO through the firewall. Ran as admin during the install, and after the install. Rebooted my computer countless times. I've changed my system locale a couple of times too thinking it might impact the way the files are perceived.
    I'm a new user, just paid $50 for a game I can't play. I haven't even spoke to my first NPC, or even gotten a chance to control my character in the game world. In fact, I haven't seen my character outside of the character creation screen. I'm going to refund this in a heartbeat if someone can't give me some constructive troubleshooting.
    I've attached the log files to this post. It'd be nice if a GM could evaluate it further. There seems to be alot of Errors on it.
    I have consistently been seeing this error too, from the same PAZ file:
    " (3749371554) Error!=>패키지 압축해제시 오류 발생했습니다: c:/program files (x86)/mmorpg games/black desert/Paz/PAD02803.PAZ(c:/program files (x86)/mmorpg games/black desert/object/00_common/exterior/ex_timber_set01_02.pam), (0/17076)"
    Created an incident ticket for Support, but got generic crap about RAM and HDD errors.
    If every other game known to mankind can run smooth on my PC, then there's no reason BDO can't. 
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Nvidia Titan X x2 SLI
    Nvidia GTX 780
    Intel I7 Sandybridge 6 core processor
    32 GB RAM DDR3
    Let me know if there's anything else you need to know.
    Client_20160723060231 PART 1.log
    Client_20160723060231 PART 2.log
  7. I had seen some rant\rave threads about Daum "ripping" people off, etc. etc.  However, I brushed it off until it happened to me.
    All I have to say is that I made a mistake with two items that I had purchased.
    The first was a pet:  I had no clue you couldn't breed a macaw with a normal hawk.  I bought it thinking "Oh shiny....Hmmm, I wonder how that'll turn out".  I tried to breed, and was told I couldn't..."Doh!".  Well, apparently, the very moment you open\name a pet it is yours for life.  "NO REFUNDS --- BAM!  The policy will not bend to your foolish ways!"
    The other was I had over-purchased some city storage expansion...opps, mistake on my part.  The moment you wrap your greasy paws around that item, it is yours forever.
    Anyhow, I admitted my faults to Daum, asked for help, and was met with the policy police.  No understanding or thought of me as a long term customer, but robotic responses and telling me to move along.
    Sadly, I really did feel like I was contributing to future content \ supporting these companies. 
    Thoughts for Daum:
    Does the digital item have an expiration date on it? NO
    Has it depreciated in value? NO
    Have I gained an unfair advantage by having a tier 1 , lvl 1 pet I have never used and simply bought for breeding purposes? NO
    Was\is your policy good for residual business? NO
    Will this encourage me to want to buy more times, or spend more money? NO
    Is this "policy" really worth the cost of losing a long term customer?  NO
    The good outcome is I do feel ripped off.  I have spent TONS of time\money\effort\energy in this game, and am upset to the point of not giving this company another dollar of my hard earned money.  That's the good outcome of this.  Thanks Daum\ Kaka, w\e your name is.
    Are there any others with a similar story?  What are my options besides crying all over a forum?
    P.S. -- Yes, I know the value of the pet is minor, but that truly is not the point.  I could have spent 3 pennies on this game, and if I had an issue, it should be refunded\credit.
  8. So, its been a while since many players havnt been able to afk train horses. What kind of compensation are you guys going to provide us with all that missing downtime for training? What is the point for you guys to selling players trainer costumes or horse costumes when some of us cant even bloody afk train our horses without the risk of it dying. Is this how you guys do business? Is this how you guys treat your paying customers? If that is the case i would like to get a refund for all my horse training gear i bought. Its like i paid for a product i cant even use. Some sort of response from you guys would be appreciated, 
  9. I got a message today about an hr and a half ago saying...
    "After investigation, I could see that your purchase is eligible and have performed a refund accordingly."
    But I received no refund in any form. Not pearls, daum cash, another suit, a voucher, or cash funds going back into my account. I messaged the GM back 16min later but no replies. Support normally takes about a week to get to me, so maybe there is something you guys know?
  10. "After consideration we have decided to offer a refund to anyone who purchased the Ghillie suit between the 18th of May and 14th of June. To do so simply contact our support team. "
    I cannot understand why there's no refund for everyone that bought the Ghilie suit.
    Is there a discrimination here DAUM between players ???
    I demand a refund for the product i paid for, since it's already applied to other players as well.
  11. Post on Quick Refund Process in Suggestions

    By Slen, posted
    I would like there to be a quick refund process(pearls at the least and even possibly game cost if you knew about this prior to beta and never mentioned it) in response to the 06/01/2016 patch that removed the xp loss on death for players over 0 karma. I played in beta and aside from the very nice battle system, the xp loss on death was the biggest reason(50%) why I choose to invest my time and money into this game. I am and was not a fan of the end game but gambled on you making that better in the future. The xp loss was not a gamble, it was there, it was implemented, it was a non issue in everything I read, it was Black Desert Online. Karma 2.0 (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8044-updated-v20-bounty-hunters-karma-and-flagging-discussion/&page=1) was also proposed and that is what we were led to believe was the path this game was heading. Instead this game flipped a 180 from strong front runner, who's proposed goals were to make the pvp system even better with Karma 2.0(again xp loss was not even an issue that was shown being removed), and create a very fun exciting sandbox style game where everyone could find something they loved, to this,, this.. anti open world pvp game one sided completely against any form of pvp what so ever. The only thing someone who feels like getting in skirmish achieves is karma loss, the other guy loses absolutely nothing at all, NOTHING. Those who claim exp loss wasn't a core of this game need to look at the enacted system as a whole. The way it was advertised and was prior to June 01 was nearly perfect imo, it did restrict open world pvp very much as well, giving you a total of 5 initial kills before you were open to be murdered and have very high death penalties. Then, to get karma back up from 0-300k again it took 2 hours of constant grinding. So that gives you 2 kills per hour, now.. how can, as in "official response" from Daum, people be killed over and over and over if the act was a griefing unrelated to guild wars?! The fact is it could not. It is mathematically impossible even if the victim refused to change servers and kept letting the guy kill him. If you turn red you are dead, everyone kills red players on sight. Point is the response was lies. Someone got a hold of the pvp game(it is a pve too, it is everything in one, that is what made it awesome) and decided they want to get rid of the pvp aspect post launch. That is fine, but those of us who bought into the wonderful idea you presented at launch should be reimbursed for everything we invested into this game, and there should be a quick and painless process for it. You choose to change the game completely, fine, that is your choice. But it is our right to receive our money back because you decided to go a different route than what you were pushing since pre beta. AKA in USA we call that the old the bait and switch. I would like a link in my Account if possible for this to happen, where I can put in my reason for the refund, why I am leaving, click click done.
    Thank you.
    No troll responses please, this is to Daum and is a serious post. If they want us out that is fine, but as the players in their new game we should also suffer no pvp penalties of money loss.
    Edit Update: DAUM has denied my refund with a generic email response with no way to speak to anyone about this matter. I for one will NEVER play anything that has DAUM on it ever again. America needs to move back to boycotting bad customer service businesses so they all fail and reward those ones that do care about their customers. And just so you are aware DAUM, I was looking forward to all the cash shop items coming out and would have dropped another $400 into that. It's what you lost from me at least as a customer for ruining this game. So me as your customer base would have been $700/game minimum. Good bye, good riddance to this heap of trash, server crashing, no end pve, no challenge game. They made it to work with the old system, it has nothing else.
  12.  give me refund of 3000 loyal points coze im spend it on Kamasilva blessing for energy regen, now you nerf drop rates.  Before 25/05 im get crystal evry 50 energy + - 20 per day..... right after 25.05 im  get 1 crystal evry 280 Energy - 1-3 per day thy.
  13. Hello GM. So I had accidentally bought a permanent horse flute on the wrong character and had submitted a ticket for refund. All of this was 2 days ago. I understand that you guys can get busy, but does it usually take this long to resolve small issue? My ticket number is 115879. Would greatly appreciate it if i could get some help.
  14. Post on Refund Fail ty CS in General

    By Valkyrie, posted
    Okie Dokie I have a question for all you lovely people. Do I have a leg to stand on here?
    My situation is this, I bought for what I THOUGHT WAS 120 pearls each two of those 8 packs of warehouse storage. I got these from going through the promotion tab and clicking on the sale which then brings up the list with the 8 pack for 120 and others for 50 each. So I thought woo cheap stuffs and then realize it has taken 720 pearls per pack. I now see that when you go to checkout the price magically changes from 120 to 720 which I obviously missed, my bad fine. But I think I am fair enough in saying thats a bit of a bait and switch. Had I seen on the cash shop page 720 for the pack I wouldn't have bought them, so in other words it was a mistake me buying these packs.  Thought it was one price turns out it wasn't. So, I sent a ticket in asking for a pearl refund. I get a reply saying
    "I have looked into your account and found the correct pearl balance of 720 charged for your items. 
    Only one package costs 120 pearls, the other two costing 300."
    I waited 18 days for that, Wasn't best pleased so I have sent in another to dispute it.
    Their own terms say 
    A player has 48 hours to submit a ticket on such issues otherwise the claim will be rejected.
    Customer Support can remove the cash shop item purchased by mistake or purchased on the wrong character and replace it with it value in Pearls. Please specify in your ticket:
    the item you want to see removedthe character name and server on which the item was purchasedI sent the ticket within hours this was clearly a mistake, whether this is your fault daum is up for debate given that you are putting the wrong price on things in you cash shop. 
    This to me seems they won't even keep to their own terms of service...but what do you guys think?

    Ticket no 110666
  15. Notwithstanding the above, Daum Games Europe will provide compensation for Pearls in the following event:
    - loss of Pearls or expiration of Virtual Items resulting from an attributable hardware or software failure on Daum Games Europe’s side, provided that the User is not involved in any way in the events that lead to the loss;
    Since this is a valid and confirmed bug, as I posted before in regards to a refund for purchases made with the Musa and Maewha.....I believe all players who purchased items in regards to this class if they choice to should be able to request and recieve a refund based on the above listed policy of the EUA. Software failure includes confirmed bugs that make a class unplayable. Please allow people the option to request a refund of pearls since I personally am not asking for a refund of Daum Cash but a refund on the pearls I purchased with them. You folks at Daum still keep the money but only adjust the online currency to be fair. This failure has be confirmed numerous times via the post http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/78005-musa-maehwa-dp-ap-bugged-other-issues-pvepvp-main-thread/ as reference. I look forward to having this issue resolved.
  16. Is there anything else I can do, or someone I can contact. 
    Patiance, I get it but over a month is a little ridiculous.
  17. Berserker's have become a dead an broken class. I have talked to a lot of players that started on Berserker spent real money to use on pearls to buy the in game costumes, weight limit increases, an other character specific items. Then once they discovered the problems with the class compared to playing an different class they switched.
  18. Hello! I apologize if we aren't supposed to make forum threads about this sort of thing, but given that the last time I submitted a Support Ticket through the Help Desk about an in-game issue it took a full 20 days for me to finally receive a response, I figured this might help my case at the risk of coming off as mildly annoying.
    With that being said: I have submitted a report ticket within 48 hours of the incorrect item being purchased. Has anyone else successfully had an item exchanged for the correct item, and if so, what was the rough time window of this issue being taken care of? I'm really hoping I don't have to wait quite so long for any sort of GM response.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice!
  19. Dear GM's,
    On 10 March I buyed this game, but I did not receive it. So I started a ticket.
    (Your request (54124) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff)
    But now 1,5 months later. I Still did not receive the game. I did not get my money back (as stated in the ticket). Also I did not even get a response to my ticket.
    This is starting to look like 1 big scam to me. Please reply to my ticket within 14 day's or legal steps will be taken.
  20. Post on Conq Pack Dispute in General

    By Xherra, posted
    To all those whom attempted chargebacks due to the fraud of selling that was not as advertised, did anybody get a refund on every purchase they made with daum? Did you do just the hundred bucks or all of the hundreds you spent?
  21. Hi guys!
    About 10 days ago i made a purchase to get some pearls, the thing was that i actually bought the wrong amount.. 
    So i used BD's own support system to try and find how to get a refund and i found this site: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207266989-Daum-cash-Pearls-refund-requests
    As i understand it, as long as i don't buy pearls for the cash coins that i've got to my account, i should be able to get a refund? 
    So when i go to this page of the site: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206159411-Refund-Policy  - And then click on the  "contacting customer support"
    I get back to the beginning of everything, so i later found how to submit a ticket by clicking that i want to report a bug and then changing the "topic" of the request... Now that's bad site building for a support system. 
    Anyways, the MAIN ISSUE why i'm writing here is because i still have NOT gotten any answer from the support team and it's been over 10 days, and i wanted to check with other people if they are having the same problems with getting in contact with the support-team? I also twittered them and wroten a message to their facebook page, but have not gotten any response.. 
    I have made several updates on the actual ticket on their support page.. 
    Damn... This is annoying, specially when it's a bit of money, in my case it 60€. 
    // TheLaStrife
  22. @GM_Tokaji 
    There's a ton of purple dyes inside the blue box bundles and I wasted a bunch of pearls on boxes because of it.  Had I known someone who was color blind packaged them up, I wouldn't have bought them.  I sent a ticket in and asked for pearl refund (only for those bundle boxes) and for some reason @GM_Felaxus told me to ask other players for help.
    Either he/she doesn't care to read what we write or he/she is being lazy and trying to pass off an issue to players to resolve.  So how exactly do other players refund my pearls?
    Here are pictures of the "blue" dyes.  The one purple piece that is different is the test piece and you'll notice none of them are blue.  This needs to be fixed!!  Remove the purple dyes from the blue box bundle.

  23. So on April 4th i sent in a refund ticket, how long should it take to hear back from them? Im worried that the 2 weeks will be over by the time they see it. 
  24. Ive placed a refund since the 30 of March and when I search for the ticket its gone now I created a new ticket https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/81111  haven't gotten a peep from Support they are just waiting for the 14 days to pass by so Ill just open a dispute since they dont care.
  25. Im Quite fed up with this to the Admin/Mod that reads this if you could help me out somehow i would be greatly appreactied cause atm this is stupid i need my money
    my ticket number is #75683 all the infomation you need is there