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  1. Hey guys, great game you have there and id like to ask why has it been a year since the games release yet we still cant play it in south east asia?
    i would understand if the game had anti religion themes of some sort but it does not have that and it does not have anything that would really offend anyone here
    which really begs the question why is there no south east asia release yet? 
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvRYkYx3Rwo at 6:00 min
    What exactly does that mean? Shouldn't it be released just after Valencia I, in July?
  3. Post on Release ninja in General

    By Sergio, posted
    Hi, release ninja broken and fix later. Thank you.
  4. I have been waiting a while for this class like many others and with no idea whatsoever when it was going to be released. Finally saw a post by the GM stating the class to be released in July. It seems we have a sort of conformation but seriously far from expected.
    Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/85931-valencia-part-1-is-coming-to-bdo/&page=10
  5. Greetings CM_Jouska

    This is not a QQ and begging for Ninja's release, Just so you know, Im just here to ask a question, your answer could be "Soon" or "Very soon" (Please don't let it be that :D)

    Now I know ninja's been delayed and stuff like that and I'm not looking for an exact date, just wanna know one thing
    Question: Can we expect the classes Before Valencia hits? or after? or with the Valencia Update?
    Thank you and Also I love the game and What you guys do to deal with the problems (Hackers). Keep up the good work
  6. Give us regular game update information through 'state of the game' type newsletters.
    It's a pretty basic thing to expect game update news and information about what the developers plan to do with the game in the future. Most games do some sort of 'state of the game' content usually weekly. This content is essential to keeping a good relation between publisher/developer and player base and keeps up hype for the game. With the EU and NA servers being young and still being developed I think a lot of people myself included would like to have a state of the game newsletter posted on the website or at least the forums on a regular basis. It would also help in showing us that you listen to our suggestions and that you are working towards implementing them.
  7. Many PPL in BDO are waiting for Ninja/Kunoichi....
    Ninja/Kunoichi won't released in May !Because of Balancing?? REALLY?!. I'm waiting since/before Game release for this class(my main class). Those classes are the REASON why i started this Game ... . I mean why do they release them that late, balancing?first?,well No BLANCE for SORCERESS, No BALANCE for TAMER, RANGER got Nerfed, No BLANCE for NEW CLASSES(MUSA/Maehwa) but NINJA/Kunoichi needs a BALANCE ??FIRST!? before RELEASE?!. Korea handled this problem too, that's the main reason?... .  Too many Players will be LVL 58+++++ and it will be VERY HARD to reach the same LVL and Gear with those new classes, this WILL be Unbalanced. And its not funny to play other classes just for the release.
    Well New Content is nice and thanks for that, but i CAN'T even enjoy the new content with the Ninja/Kunoichi, so we are forced to play other classes for not being the worst player since release... .
    Please tell me that this is a Late April JOKE please ... .
    And please share this Post, if you're in the same opinion like me.
  8. I bought the game but i cant find download i watched some youtube videos but where they have the download button i dont when i bought the game i just got the numbers for the purchase i even have it in my history what can i do i rly want to play it but now im just thinking did i throw the money away
  9. When do you think Blader/Plum will release?

    Blader release date will be announced tommorow 15:00 CET self.blackdesertonline
    submitted 3 hours ago by Sythes
  10. Hab es zwar schon wo anders gepostet, aber dachte mir das ein extra Thread dafür wohl doch besser ist
    also kleine Info, für die die sich unsicher sind ob sie einen Slot frei machen müssen oder dazu buchen 
    Jetzt gibt es wohl doch einen extra Slot bei Erscheinung der neuen Klassen
  11. When I go to "order now", it says it's a pre-order.  Is the game currently out?  If I purchase it, will I be able to play it (pending download)?
  12. I really think they should bring out the Dark Elf race/class at the same time in N.A. and European Server as they will in Korea.  Too many times game companies want to say everyone in the game is a part of the same Game family and tie us all together, but will treat one regions servers as the favorite and their hand me downs get given to the other servers.  Yes I understand it get's developed in one region before the other, but an unprecedented show of actual "FAMILY" treatment would be to release something brand spanking new in the Korean servers as well as in the Other Region Servers.  It wouldn't have to be Dark Elf, for Hade's sake it could be Female Brawler Giants with Kazoo instruments.  Personally as much as I would rather have the Kunoichi and Ninja out now, The whole Dark Elf Race/Class thing would be probably the best one to do this with as it hasn't come out in Korea yet or any other servers.
    So there's the suggestion, BDO it's up  to you, but everyone I play with always feels like we are the redheaded step children specifically because we are always on the delay end of the Content release.  It would be something that no other game really has done which is to show that kind of international love for the whole BDO family, I don't think anyone is going to stop playing if this favoritism keeps being the Status Quot, but I bet you will gain more players and a lot of great publicity for the grand gesture.
  13. Source
    The MMO, Black Desert Online, gets a free update today that increases the size of the game world by 30 percent.
    The Mediah Expansion adds over a thousand new missions, new guild missions, new weapons and armor too. There is also a new boss, Kzarka which hundreds of players can fight simultaneously. Players can also make Alchemy Stones, for which they get bonuses to Attack, Defense or Life.
    Gamer.nl has also heard from a source at publisher Daum that the 2 new classes, Blader and Plum, will be added mid April. However, this date is still not final.
    Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO where players can create their own characters and can include fish, exchange and may use a craft system. The game is not released as free-to-play title. Players can pay once for the game and choose for themselves whether they want to spend extra money on so-called "boosters". The game has been available since March 3.
  14. So do we have any idea when they'll be released? I plan on maining one or the other, but don't want to wait 4+ months just to play the class I've been wanting to play since seeing it.
    I understand not releasing the class due to translation problems etc, but what could possibly stop them from releasing them right now? Do translations take that long?
    Does anyone have any dates they know of for release or are we just sitting ducks with 0 clue on when it will be released, if ever?
  15. This thread is about the release of the new class in the game,
    Would like to suggest waiting longer instead of releasing 1 class at a time.
    Releasing all classes together would share every class around the servers instead of having a huge rush with 50% minimum of all player creating a ''ninja'' at the same time, giving all new class all together would let people choose around multiple class and share the class equally instead of in a big rush full of the same class. like it look right now with the archer and wizard. You can see zergs of them everywhere.
  16. Post on Blader in Classes

    By Xorrozz, posted
    Who else is desperately waiting for the Blader to be released? The Blader is planned to be my main character and I'm sure others are in the same boat as me waiting for a announcement. Anyone?
  17. So, I have 3 Tier 1 male horses that I tamed which are all in Olvia stable on NA Uno Server, Calpheon U2 channel. It would be awesome if I could butcher them or sell them for glue, but apparently I can't. When I click on them in the stables, I don't get the option to release the horse from the stables. So, I moved one of them to the stables in Velia and noticed I was able to release the horse from that stables. Not sure if this is intended or a bug, but figured I'd report it anyway.
    EDIT: I realized my second screenshot shows me selecting a different horse, but rather than inserting a new screenshot, I just decided to verify that the horse did indeed have the Release Button option available and simply state my findings here.
    Olvia stable missing the Release Button...

    Velia stable showing the Release Button...

  18. We need a confirmation button for this.
  19. Bonjour à toutes et tous,
    Je suis désolé d’ouvrir un post pour des questions personnelles mais j’ai pas mal d’interrogations (très variées) sur le jeu et n’ayant pas joué beaucoup sur les CBT de peur de me spoiler, certains points sont flous.
    1)      Existe-t-il un coffre partagé avec le compte ? Ou dois-je m’envoyer ce que je souhaite par courrier entre mes différents personnages ?
    2)      Il existe un marché par région et tous les marchés sont indépendants les uns des autres. Est-ce exact ? (Il faut retourner dans chaque région pour récolter les fonds de ce qui a été vendu ?)
    3)      Les montures peuvent-elles être liées à tous nos personnages ? Est-ce que les niveaux que nous gagnons restent sur les différents personnages ?
    4)      Même question pour les familiers J
    5)      Lorsque l’on parle sur le canal « Général » j’ai cru voir que ça prenait un point d’action. Ça parait adhérent mais est-ce le cas ?
    6)      Existe-t-il des avantages de guildes ?
    7)      Les teintures sont-elles liées au compte ? Sont-elles utilisables à souhait une fois consommées (comme dans Guild Wars 2) ou est-ce une teinture pour une pièce d’armure et elle est détruite ?
    8)      Peut-on apprendre plusieurs métiers d’artisanat à la fois ? (J’ai cru voir qu’il n’y avait qu’un outil que l’on peut porter à la fois…)
    9)      Existe-t-il un moyen de voyager rapidement (téléportation ?)
    10)   Est-ce que le fait d’avoir une habitation fait perdre de l’argent si nous ne nous en occupons pas ? (Impôts,…)
    11)   Le JcJ (capture de forteresses etc.) est disponible à compter du niveau maximum (50) ?
    12)   Est-ce que tous les points de compétences (sorts) sont déblocables via la progression ? Ou faut-il faire une sélection lorsque l’on apprend les sorts si tout ne pas être débloqué au niveau 50 ?
    13)   Savez-vous s’il existe un moyen de conserver le familier de la Dompteuse sans limite de temps ?
    D'avance merci à ceux qui prendront le temps de répondre à tout ou partie de mes questions.
    À bientôt ici ou en jeu,
    Merci !
  20. Take a vote guys as i really think this is a feature that should be implemented. 
    (No it's not gonna be sims. It's gonna be a feature that fits really much in this kind of a game.)
  21. Tout est dans le titre, voici l'actu en provenance de Twitter 

  22. Post on Playable Areas in General

    By BeringBane, posted
    I'm kinda confused about the playable areas at launch. From what i read (maybe misread) we will be playing only with the Calpheon / Balenos / Serendia regions? What about Mediah (you know Tariff, Altinova, mobs, quests, horses, lore) and the first part of Valencia? We'll have them with the first updates? ITW with the Devs kinda says Valencia won't be at launch, and CBT2 made me doubt about Mediah. Is there a release schedule already? Can anyone clarify this please? Huge Thanks
  23. Now that CBT-2 is complete the next question is, will we be required to download the client again before release, or will the client we downloaded for CBT-2 be patched for release?
    If the former, will the client download be available prior to release (or before 02/28 for founders?)
  24. Post on Release time on 28th? in General

    By Tyx, posted
    I was wondering if there is any indication on the time BDO will go live on the 28th? Will it be litterly the 28th at 00:00? 
    If anyone could shed some light on this, that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  25. Um mal den allgemeinen Gemütszustand meiner Community offen zu legen will ich mal nen Thread eröffnen zum Thema: "Seid ihr genauso bekloppt wie wir?"
    Beispiel: Man steht auf und die WhatsApp Gruppe hat 80 Beiträge zu BDO, man loggt sich kurz ein und findet im Forum ein gutes Dutzend neue Beiträge im Gildenforum. Es ist Mittag und das Handy hat beinahe keinen Akku mehr weil ständig iwas zum Thema BDO passiert ist oder irgendjemand neue News hat. Man legt das Handy in dem Fall ja nur ungern weg Man kommt Heim und da sitzen scho die ersten im TS und labern über was wohl BDO. Dann kommen die ersten für Kennenlern/Bewerbungsgespräche. Dann folgt die allabendliche BDO Planungs- und Diskussionsrunde. Die mindestens eine Stunde dauert. Nach der Runde hockt man dann noch ein Weilchen im TS, versucht ein anderes Thema anzuschneiden oder zockt irgend ein Game aber nach 10 Minuten geht's immer wieder um BDO.
    Ich spar mit jetzt mal weitere Einzelheiten und würde jetzt gerne mal den Ball einfach in die Community werfen. Geht es euch genauso? Hypt eure Gilde das Game auch so?
    Ich persönlich kann den Headstart kaum noch erwarten. 1. Weil ich BDO/EU endlich wieder zocken will. 2. Weil dieser positive "Wahnsinn" einen echt wahnsinnig machen kann!
    VG Riok