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  1. As an older Gamer who has played everything from Paid to Private servers, I see change all the time, I see free to cash shop, or donation shops on free private servers.
    Things cost money, on a daily basis we all experience it, from that morning coffee to lunch. We buy gas for our cars, which was built in a factory and sold by a sales man.
    The game was paid for and yes they made some nice coin, but that 1x payment will not last forever. I paid my rent 4 days ago and have to pay it again in 27 days. Life cost money.
    The game is hosted and designed by people, people who get paid to work there, in a building where they pay rent, as well travel fees to usa from overseas.
    Since joining I have heard so many rants of things for change or change without asking.
    I also see 1000's of -10 posts ranting they paid 100 1000 or more into the game who cares, I paid to win i have 3 t3 pets. and costumes, shit changes people.
    Many new accounts who say 100 Days wasted I quit blah blah blah, ok?
    you are not the only person online more will come.
    People will scream, and rage, tell me my head is in my ass or carebears or freepers or pvpers who cares.
    we all know we will go home after work or school grumble and find a way to make this work in our favor and how to move on.
    I love the game and well will continue. 
    If you leave, sad as it was alot of work you entered. I hope you find a game as cool as this one.
    well be well and remember to breathe life is too short to rage that much.
    if this message makes any sense ok if not well  I don't care. 

  2. I have always wondered that why rent items are so high priced. 10CP for one item and the items doesn't even have a good stats.
    Best rent item what I have found in game is 4AP necklace from Longleaf Tree Sentry Post (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/23303/)
    Rent Items: very heavy gear, cannot be enchanted, cannot be dyed and costs lots of CP.
    Also BDO's "most expensive" items are rent items. Items are called Kaia set (Kaia armor set can be bought from Dobart), these items (armor, helmet, hands, boots, weapons) costs 50CP per piece. That is insane price for gear which has about same stats as +13 gear. So why these items are in game when NO ONE is using them?
    Rent items indeed needs some buffing or remaking, since they are totally useless right now. 
    Full Kaia set    -VS-  Full (+13) Taritas set:
    requires +44lvl    -    no lvl requirements
    Price 200 CP       -   about 45million silver
    98.5 LT               -    79.5LT
    151DP                -    148DP
    +120HP              -   +120MP/WP +7accuracy
  3. Post on Guild Horse Stable in Suggestions

    By Frimber, posted
    I would like to suggest a Guild Horse stable, where members of the guild can donate a horse of their choice to a Guild Stable.
    This stable will be able to house at least 20 or 30 horses. (Upgrade-able if part of a guild house, like a normal stable)These horses can be accepted, culled, or rejected by the guild leader. (Or designated Officers) Once donated the horses cannot be reclaimed, only deleted.Horses must be level 30 to be donated.When rented the horses come pre-saddled with basic shabby tack that cannot be removed. Inventory and saddlebags inaccessible.The guild is paid a small lease fee, that is ordained by the guild leader depending on the value of the horse. The fee could be a gold sink or a way to earn money for the guild.Horses on lease do not incur a death count, but the resurrection must be paid as usual unless the horse is returned to the Guild Stable.Any additive ideas are appreciated. 
  4. i really dont remember when what and how much contribution points i spend to rent something 

    it says me i have 18 contribution points spend to rent smth 
    i only spend points to rent a farm for 6 points 
    now where are the others and how can i find this out?
    or are those points gone?
  5. I wonder if the Dev's would consider allowing people to "rent" out the additional storage slots in the warehouses around the game world.  Perhaps they could be be sold on the market as a voucher which would be redeemable in the city of it's issue.  They would have to be for like 15 days, 30 days or 60 days at a time?  They could start at a ridiculous amount say 1,000,000 for 30 days.  List it and every hour it doesn't sell it drops 1% per hour until they are purchased.  The Dev's would have a sure fire method of controlling inflation.  This would give carrots for people who absolutely want to have slots but don't want to pay cash.
    apparently this is an idea that everyone detests.
  6. Hi, whenever I am trying to get a new house, it says :" You cannot rent the residence anymore. " 
    I have no idea why though. I only have 2 workers with my level 22 and I would like to hire more. And therefor I need more residences. Any ideas?
    Is there a max number of workers I can have?
  7. HI 
    When I look at my contribution bar it tells me that I invested 2 points in rental items, but I have no clue where these items are, or wich char of mine has them, or where I need to return them to.
    So is there a way to figure this out? This really bugs me, I can't figure out how I could get these 2 points back,