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  1. My Monitor is with 4k Res and I am trying to make it to 1920 x 1080 as my laptop can't run smooth with 4k res. I was having the black border problem when I switch to 1920 x 1080 and fixed it by changing the Scaling to "Override Application Settings". Yet, just today when I boot up the game, it was stuck in 4K res again. I tried to change it back but the button just won't respond, I can change the other settings but I just can't modify the resolution in anyway. I even tried to change the game option file in Documents, but the game still boosts up as 4k in the right corner of the screen. If I try to change it to Fullscreen Window mode or just window mode, it becomes back to 4k normal and now I have no way to change the resolution back to 1920 x 1080. If I attempted to change my screens resolution, the game opens as that resolution but as soon as I open the setting, it is stuck at 4k again. Please do help. Thanks.
    TL:DR Game was working fine on my 4K monitor with res set to 1920 x 1080. Now (2 days later) the two arrows on the resolution suddenly stopped working and I am stuck in 4k.
    Tried to clean reinstall still no luck. Problem still there.
  2. Hey, I decided to start up the game again today after a long hiatus. After sitting through over 30gb of patches I finally got to play, but once I started the game things started to go wrong. I've been using a 1920x1080 resolution since I got my computer and I used to play BDO like this, nothing has changed with my computer since last time.
    However when I started up the game it resized my entire screen to a little rectangle in the middle with massive black bars around, at first I thought I just had to change the in-game resolution (the only resolution that worked was the maximum of 3840x2160, but my game ran at 4fps like that, but at a smooth 60 using 1920 (which is why I've stuck with 1920 even though my monitor can use 3840.)
    So I closed the game down and guess what, my entire desktop is now stuck in the little square BDO resized it to
    I've had to change my monitor resolution to 3840x2160 now to even have a full screen on my desktop, however this has made all my files and apps incredibly small and I do not like it, I've tried using the windows 10 resize tool but it only resizes some apps while others remain almost too tiny to read. 
    I CANNOT change my resolution back to a comfortable 1920 as my screen returns to the tiny square in the middle of the screen when I do. I'm genuinely upset about this as I can't play BDO like this, and also the entire user experience of my computer is now severely hindered due to me trying to start up the game.
    I never had this issue earlier while playing the game actively, and I don't understand what have happend.
    Does anyone know anything that could help me solve this situation, if anything I would just like to get my comfortable screen resolution back and just leave the game behind for good if that's what I have to do.

  3. I'm running this game on a 4k native laptop, and I used to be able to play it in 1080p in-game resolution.  However, for some reason now, when I load the game up and go to options, I cannot lower the resolution by pressing the arrows.  I have tried changing the resolution in the options txt file and trying different combinations of windowed, fullscreen, fullscreen windowed, but the game changes everything back to 4k resolution.  Lowering my laptop resolution to 1080p, restarting, and loading the game up kind of works, since the game loads in 1080p that way.  However, this method results in extremely blurry text and visuals, and isn't really playable.  I have also tried the recommended method of going into my intel settings and forcing applications to scale fullscreen.  Nothing is working.  Is there any way of fixing this?  I really wanted to get into this game, but it's making it pretty hard for me.
  4. Holy cow. I just don't get how this is not yet fixed.
    I cannot use full screen (dedicated or full window borderless) at anything other than my screens native resolution of 1920x1080. On Windows 8 I could at least do 1280x720 full borderless and it would fill the screen. Now that I have Windows 10, it simply shows anything other than 1920x1080 as a box with black border. It somehow even manages to do this with borderless window full screen mode, making my whole dekstop 1280x720 but within a 1920x1080 environment.
    NOT ONE other game I have exhibits this behaviour, all of them not only can go true full screen without issue, but also window borderless at any resolution I choose. I can have high details in this game on my laptop (i7-4700 + GTX760m optimus system) and run at a reasonable framerate, but not at 1920x1080. It requires me to drop to low and use "upscaling" in order to acheive a similar framerate and looks like dog doo in comparison to 1280x720 with the details up.
    The Intel GFX is set to scale up all resolutions to fill the screen and works perfectly in the 30+ other games I have installed, yet somehow BDO manages to steadfastly do it's own thing no matter what I try.
    I don't even care if I can get dedicated full screen. I just want to be able to use a lower resolution and have it fill the screen. Making the desktop resolution 1280x720 first DOES NOT FIX IT, unbelievably it still will make the screen 1920x1080 and slap a 1280x720 picture right in the middle. How is that even possible? BECAUSE something is very wrong with how resolutions are handled in this game. Fix it PLEASE or tell me how to fix it.

  5. My native resolution is 3840 x 2160, but when I lowered it to 1960 x 1080 massive black bars appeared around my screen and shrunk my display area. Then when I exited the game these bars and small display continued to appear on my screen. Is this going to be fixed, am I first person with this problem?
    (First time on any kind of forums, have no idea what im doing just really need the help)
  6. Dear developer,
    I really love it that you put work into the 4k support for the UI, but pls can you remove the limits on the scale?
    I played with 120% for one month now on a 4k resolution and getting this up to 140% is really annoying for me now.
    Yes i know that you can still bypass the 140% limit with downscaling on 1080 -> set it on 120% -> scale up to 3840 but thats really stupid to do all the time i cange an option.
  7. My vacation season has started and I am looking for a laptop to play this game on low/lowest settings/resolution, and not have the laptop be 200 degrees farenheit from that.  was looking for:
    -inexpensive laptop (under $500 would be nice, but as low as possible (can't seem to find an i3 or i5 for under 400 bucks, but i7s are 500)
    -to play on low/lowest settings/resolution and not burn the laptop up hehe.  As I will be on vacation, this will only be played 1 hour per day to fish etc.
    -I am mainly going to use this laptop for vacation travel on flights, hotels at night, to watch movies, surf with BDO being played in the manner of point 2 above (i.e. i'm not going to be grinding or anything, just fishing or maybe doing dailies, then minimizing to background fishing while i watch movies)
    1.  anyone got a laptop recommendation?
    2. Can a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4400 card play this game?
    3. any taboo with refurbished? is refurbished just opened and returned or some guy thrashed it gaming then sold it to newegg and they fixed it up and made it battle ready again?
    Further background:
    -If you are going to insult me for wanting a laptop while i travel, or wanting a laptop in general to play games on for 1 hour, or for not searching enough (i have searched extensively but do value ppl's opinions here), you can feel free to insult me but provide a laptop recommendation that is valid.  if you dont have a recommendation but want to insult me, please dont reply, just move on.
    -I did check newegg and googled the hell out of this, but most of the laptops with i7s & i5s under $500 bucks all have Intel HD graphics 4400 cards.  I've read the low end requirements, the i3 & 4 gigs are easy enough to understand, but its the graphics card that is hanging me up.
    -dont know about AMD chips but if someone has a suggestion please let me know.  
  8. Hello everyone,
    I just upgraded into a new Rig (from my old potato laptop I bought new and better PC parts) but the problem is I did not upgrade my monitor and I won't be able to do so really soon.
    Today, I found out you can't run the game with resolution lower than 1280x720. Is there a way to bypass this? I think the game is playable even at 1024x768 (which is my max resolution at the moment). You can adjust the size/position of the UI, so I don't think this is an issue.
    I don't know what to do  If there is a fix that I can apply or anything that I can implement to resolve my problem, please inform me.
    Thank you for your time.

  9. I was very underwhelmed by the texture quality in my Tier 5 black horse.
    I was even more disappointed when I saw the tier 2 Red Horses have a much higher res texture then all the other horses. In fact ALL the Red horses have  better done texture, bump map and Specular maps then all the other horses I have seen so far. The only exception to this is the paint horses seem to have a better texture than the other horses too, just not quite as good as the red horses.

    Now the black horse in the Cash shop Preview looks well done like the red one too. This horse does not appear to be available in the game yet though.
    More Pictures Hidden Below:
  10. Thanks for having a look at this thread. Here is what is going on and why I could partly fix it:
    At first I'd like to introduce my setting:
    2 screens
    - bigger screen - 16:10 (1680x1050)
    - cheap, bad side screen - 16:9 (could do 1920x1080 but still smaller)
    - GTX 770 with 4GB
    - i5
    - 8GB RAM
    - Windows 7

    I am playing on the main screen on 1680x1050. I recognized that I had bad fps getting even worse from time to time, i could not surpass the 29 frames and in fights i sometimes even go down to 15 fps and worse. I even turned down the settings to medium or low settings and it wouldnt really help, even though its the best on low settings.
    What I tried and what helped (partly):
    I tried to use 1920x1080. What happened is, that I had full 60 fps on highest settings. Wow! Now, the UI is basically -----ed up on a 16:10 screen when using 1920x1080 on it, i have to hover the mouse about 10cm next to a button to be able to klick it and the writing is even worse and unreadable. 
    Note: Fullscreen or windowed fullscreen did not change anything.
    So I tried to put it into windowed mode, put it onto my crappy side screen and back to fullscreen. There are 2 problems now: 
    1. I hate that screen, it is basically only good for a side screen for skype and stuff, it is smaller and has some colour bugs
    2. Some of you might now that if you switch fullscreen and window, it goes back to the first screen and the fps gets worse when you change graphic settings until you restart your game. Some HZ bugg, I will try to fix that with an extra problem blocking different HZ settings for screens.

    What can I do about it? 16:10 seems to be unoptimized but I basically cant really play on a 16:9 resolution. It worked on lowlevel locations but since fighting is more intensive on high levels and fps counts a lot on pvp, it really annoys me. I am actually somehow poor and can't buy a better screen. 
    I managed to find a fix only once. Had to put it on the side screen and change to 1920x1080 and ultra settings. When i tabbed out accidently and the game opened up on the main screen it had 1680x1050 again BUT 60fps on high settings! Well anyway, when I tabbed out and in again, it was screwed...

    SO Do I really have to buy a 16:9 screen from non existing money, stop playing the game and wait for a fix, or is there a chance to make it work on a 16:10 resolution?
    (btw fix damn tamer, that nerf was waaaay to hard )
    Edit: Already wrote  a ticket about it but I assume they are damn busy having a loooot of tickets. Also couldnt find a thread about 16:10 resolution problems.
  11. I Was hoping that if I messed with the Edit Ui that I would be able to fix this problem but it did nothing. I don't know how to fix this I'm running the game at 3840 X 2160 on a 55inch TV.
    Can you guys please fix this as you can see the fish are in the way to push the bargain and sell all buttons.

  12. Windowed mode doesn't function correctly. 
    Using Windows 10 with 2 displays. My desktop is at 1920x1080. Yet when using windowed mode in 1920x1080 the window is too tall. It is covered by the task bar and extends off the screen. The window can not be resized freely.In order to fit the full window on the screen the resolution must be lowered to 1440x900 which I find an unplayable state as the image is reduced to 1/3 of my screen size. It is too small. It feels horrible. 
    In windowed full screen mode I do not have access to the task bar at the bottom of the screen as I do with other similar programs. I have a need to be able to view my task bar at a glance, while playing the game. 
  13. I have a GTX 970. I am using a TV via hdmi at a resolution of 1920x1080i at 30hz.
    In the launcher settings I cannot choose a resolution, there simply isn't any in the list. It does show my graphics card under the adapters list but when I launch the game I get the error, "Failed to identify usable graphics adapters. Atleast 1280 by 720 is required."
    Not sure what could be the issue, my card is more than capable enough to run the game. 

    Any suggestions?
  14. Hello!
    I really need your help guys. When I launch the game an error pops up "Failed to identify usable graphics adapters. At least 1280x720 screen resolution is required.", after this message the game just crashes. From the launcher settings I don't have an option to choose the resolution, the space is blank. I am using an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 on my desktop PC.
    Please help! Thanks.
  15. So I just got in the game for the first time and upon reaching the main menu, I noticed the default resolution for me was 2133xWhatever Windowed. I figured that I would tinker with the resolution and graphical settings before getting in game just to get that out of the way and when I set my resolution to 2560x1440 Windowed Fullscreen, I put it into effect and all the text looked pixelated so I decided I would revert it back but when I tried clicking it, nothing registered.
    I tried restarting the game and the problem persisted and then I tried using the keyboard to navigate to the [Settings] but all I can do it just press Enter and be sent to the Family Name prompt. I really don't want to have to reinstall the entire game just to get around this 1 issue.
  16. So I was in game and switched from full-screen windowed mode to just full-screen and the screen went black. Turning off BDO and even restarting windows didn't help.
    long story short the game changed my monitors default refresh rate to 64 Hertz when only 60 Hertz is supported by my TV / Monitor and because windows 10 does not have a "safe startup mode" that you can enable from the boot menu, I couldn't see anything even when I restarted my computer.
    If you have windows 10 your out of luck and you need different monitor in order to fix this if this happens to you. 
    Boot up in safe mode -> enable Base video in the boot tab of system configuration -> restart without safe mode -> now restore your normal resolution( when i looked in advanced settings the refresh rate was set to 64 hertz) and untick Base video and reboot.
    (I think this happened to me because I was at a specific cross road of using a old(ish) TV as a monitor and for some reason my graphics driver could not catch this change (this might not happen to many other people but this fix is here if it does))
    (I tried lots of fixes including changing my graphics driver and reinstalling the driver for my monitor and this is the only fix that worked)
    p.s. the error message my monitor gave me when this happened was: Mode Not Supported    Resolution not supported. Change the resolution of the external device. I have a samsung smart TV and my graphics card is AMD R9 280x.
  17. Just for reference, I'm on a 4k system. (980 gtx ti, 32gb ddr4 ram, i7 proc, m.2 harddrives)
    But I can't play this game at 4k. The option for scaling the ui only goes to 120% and for 4k, it needs to be a lot higher, maybe closer to 200. 
    Because I can't play at 4k, I play the game at 1080p full screen resolution, but I'm having problems.
    When I switch out (ALT-TAB) it drops to a windowed version with a very low resolution, and then drops the UI scaling back to 80%. (ui scaling constantly resets)
    Which is a huge problem, because on a desktop at 4k, going back to it, the window is too small, and the scaling makes the text impossible to see, even just to change it, shouldn't it just be able to minimize? So that you can return to your resolution when you go back to the game. 
    If i wanted it windowed, I would have selected that option when setting it up. I shouldn't be forced to windowed mode.
    Also, when selecting windowed mode, at 4k, if I choose 1920x1080, it chooses some really strange resolution instead. It's not 1920x1080, its way smaller.
    Other than a few text related, coloring and language bugs, everything worked great. 
    Oh, and auto driving your cart, ends me up in the ocean 9 times out of 10 if I'm not watching. Not a cool pathing api.
    Finally, Awesome game, best beta ever, I played for 1 day 12 hours in total, and even managed to get 8th on the server for gathering. Can't wait till the release, you guys have done a killer job.
    Thanks for all the hard work, I hope these beta bugs get fixed. 
    P.S. I posted this in "CBTII technical issues" but this feels like the more appropriate place. 
  18. Hi there, I have no idea if it's an appropriate place to claim these words, but here's a suggestion.
    As the title says, I will talk here about Internal Resolution Scaler. Right now, the game already have such setting, in the graphical options, an "Upscaler" block can be check, resulting in pixelated graphics. This is the job of upscaling. What it does is it renders the game as a lower resolution than it is displayed.
    "But what's that for" you say? It reduce the compute work on your graphic cards, improving performance.
    "Then why not just lower the resolution?" Yes, why not, but then your HUD scale will be lowered too. Using an upscaler allow the interface to be displayed on a high resolution, with the benefit of lower graphical resolution. Better performance and a clean/readable interface.
    "Who do you think am I, I already know what's all this about." Alright then, I'l get to the point.
    What I am interested here, is to have a proper way to downsample the game, the current anti-aliasing method (FXAA) being way too weak, it's a complete jagg and shimer fest. If you followed 'til here, you know why I don't want to opt for AMD/Nvidia downsampling method, the UI. Right now, playing on a 27" screen at 2160p DSR with UI scale @125%, it's still way to small. To downscale the game would allow for finer graphics, reducing aliasing, greatly improving the game's image quality.
    So, if by any chance someone passed here, I would LOVE to have a "Downscaler" option somewhere in the settings, several games can do such (Battlefield, GTA V  or even WoW), and as BDO already is capable to Upscale, I believe the Engine dudes knows where to look. It being implemented either via config files or GUI, as SSAA, resolution factor (*1.2; *1.5; *2 etc...) and such would perfectly cover this suggestion.
    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who could appreciate this, thanks for reading me.
  19. Hello, sorry if it was already posted i checked the first 5 pages and used the search engine to no avail.
    the possibility to set the key binding settings account wideoption to mute the game in backgroundoption to rebind the "ENTER" key to accept (sell items) or progress in dialogues.higher resolutions and option to put the game in a secondary monitor (alt + shift + arrow isn't great for different sizes).option to resize all UI elements indivually.option for 24h clock (+ real time?)additions:
    Inventory tabs for better management.reduce the lighting effect of lanterns during the day. (it looks like walls are glowing from lighting leaks).
  20. Hello, I'm having a problem where I can't get back to my original settings after I changed it. I have 3440x1440 34 inch screen(ultrawidescreen), but I do not want to use that resolution. I want to be using the normal widescreen res(2560x1440), but once I change to this it stretches the picture out. When I first started the game and in the character creator some weeks back this worked perfectly with a black bar on each side, but I can't seem to get it back to this format, and it's driving me crazy. If I am to get decent fps maxed out I need to use this resolution, so if anybody knows how to fix this problem, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some directions to fix it back to how it was. 
  21. Hallo Leute,
    kurze Frage. Habe seit einiger Zeit einen 21:9 UltraWide Screen von LG (34 Zoll). Weiß jemand, ob Black Desert diese Auflösung unterstützt und auch optimiert, da Verzerrungen natürlich auch nicht so schön sind.
    Würde mich über eine kurze Antwort freuen. 
    Grüße Levin
    Mehr Infos und Guides für Black Desert auf  https://theblacklegion.wordpress.com/