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  1. Twice now I have invested into a node in order to have a better drop rate at fishing from that node. First it was Luivano Island and I took that to five. Before the investment I had a MUCH better drop rate than after I spent all the energy to reach the new level of competency. Now more recently, I have invested into Coastal Cliff node and am receiving a much worse drop rate as well. Am I to gather that by investing into a node that there is only detriment instead of reward? Hopefully this can be answered or resolved. At this point I am just going to reset until there is some form of change for the current system.
    Thank you and have a nice day
  2. I don't know if someone already covered it in detail somewhere within a forum post (I don't feel like scrubbing every fishing post for someones reply). But, do Fishing Resources ever recover or reset back to abundant? If so, at what times do they do that? I'm tired of only being able to find certain fish to complete a quest in an area that is depleted of it's resources. Any info would be helpful thanks. (Also, if I am in the wrong area for this topic please direct me to the appropriate sub-forum to post)
  3. Please consider adding Rough Stone as a byproduct from workers who work at mining nodes.  Also consider adding logs as a byproduct of workers at lumber camps. 
    If not then can we have AFK mining and lumberjacking like we do fishing?  Go to some mine or lumber camp with the right tool equipped and do hard labor AFK. 
  4. Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I think map markers should be added to highlight resources we can gather.
    Similarly to map markers for mobs and quest objectives, we should be able to see collectible resources.
    Currently, we bumble around from tree to tree and rock to rock, trying to find gatherable resources.
  5. Post on [Cooking] Cinnamon? in PVE

    By Crowleyz, posted
    I see a lot of recipes on various website mention "Cinnamon" as in ingredient, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it or if it's even in the game? Tried searching every tab on the marketplace and been looking for specific nodes for it as well, can't seem to find it anywhere?
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AQ-iqhRKuGi0qouGuM3eK1ccEyw5wkdB66-8PQRtuUk/edit?usp=sharing
    Guide Trading Resources and Housing more to come as I progress throughout the game your personal experience may vary.... if you are coming here to hate or say that I am wrong I will not acknowledge you, if you provide useful information I will consider adding
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wOPcdu_FmA   my in game characters feelings.....
  7. Post on Player Trading in Off-Topic

    By Final_Fart, posted
    For the closed beta test 2 / launch will we finally have access to better trading?
    i ask this as in the first test there was a very small handful of items that were possible to trade and we would like to start up a in game business, but would not be able to due to the lack of not being able to trade simple items.
  8. I like games with non-linear crafting systems.  By which I mean systems for one type of crafting don't all come from the same type of gathering activity.  I think it's pretty boring when, say, all ingredients for Alchemy come from Herbs or all the ingredients gained from Mining are metals and gemstones.  Black Desert already has some nice variety but I'm sure there are lots of things which could be added in later versions to add to this overall variety and richness of the crafting system.
    What resources would you like to see in game?
    Source: Simply found as a lump
    Location: Coastal shorelines
    Gathering tool: None
    Resources gathered: Ambergris
    Uses: Trade Good; (possible) Processed with other goods to form perfume Trade Packs
    Ambergris is a highly value substance used in perfumery that is basically the sperm whale equivalent of a fur ball.  It's found very rarely and looks basically like a small grey rock; but is highly valuable. So it could be made to appear very rarely in game.  Making it unproductive to actively search for but something that could be found by accident when doing something else and turn out to be highly valuable: a very rare "lucky find" in the environment.Cinnamon
    Source: Cinnamon Tree
    Location: Tropical forests
    Gathering Tool: Logging axe
    Resources gathered: Cinnamon bark
    Uses: Processed to produce Cinnamon (used in cooking); Processed into Trade Packs
    Just slightly different from common in game tree products.  A tree that has a primary resource used in cooking.Possibly the tree itself could be rare or have a slower than normal respawn timer to give it status as a rare or luxury productAdds some new cooking recipes for variety.Incense
    Source: Frankincense
    Location: Desert scrublands
    Gathering tool: Sapping tool
    Resources gathered: Frankincense (resin)
    Uses: Processed into Trade Packs and/or processed into a new type of consumable "Incense" used to provide in game buffs.
    One of the most important high value traded goods of ancient and medieval period.  Primarily because cities were smelly places prior to the introduction of sanitation and sewerage systems.  Incense was used as a perfume as well as in religious services.Gives the opportunity to create new consumable/buff items.Potentially could have multiple types such as Frankincense and Myrrh (resins from desert climates) and Sandlewood (wood from trees).Lac
    Source: Various "host" trees
    Location: Subtropical forests
    Gathering tool: Logging axe
    Resources gathered: Sticklac; Lumber
    Uses: Processed to form Lacquer; Lacquer used to produce luxury furniture items (and/or processed into Trade Packs).
    Lac is a sort of resin produced by insects that is processed to make lacquer used in furniture and other products.Allows addition of some luxury black and red Lacquer furniture items which would add some nice decor items for housing.Parchment/Vellum
    Source: Goats, Sheep, Calves
    Location: Various
    Gathering tool: Skinning knife
    Resources gathered: A new form of raw hide gathered from specific animals, perhaps "Supple Hide" (with a unique version "Calfskin" from calves)
    Uses: Processed with other ingredients such as lime, chalk and eggshells to make "Parchment" or "Vellum" used for medieval documents.
    Key source of writing material in medieval period.Vellum could be a higher value 'premium' version (produced from calfskin only and with more difficult processing)Could be used as a resource for crafting other items like magical Scrolls.Gives use for skinning products not directly related to traditional leatherworking items.(Possibly) Allow the creation of "Palimpsest" which is a form of recycled parchment made by scraping the text from a used document.Pearls
    Source: Oysters
    Location: Oyster beds found in specific underwater locations in the sea, or some lakes and rivers.
    Gathering tool: None or Butchering knife
    Resources gathered: Pearl, Freshwater Pearl, Black Pearl, Mother of Pearl (common byproduct); Oyster (meat) byproduct
    Uses: Crafting Accessories (Various Pearls); Process into tradepacks (Mother of Pearl); Alchemy (Possible)
    Found underwater typically at moderately depths of 5-10 meters so they encourage exploration of new part of the game world.Gathering could present a nice in game challenge and be genuinely dangerous due to the risk of drowning.Resource could provide a mixture of resources with different purposes (food, lower value mother of pearl for tradepacks and rarer higher value jewels).Oysters as a food could be simple to prepare (since they don't require cooking) but could have a fast decay time.Salt
    Source: Salt pan; Rock salt (new mining nodes); Seawater
    Location: Salt pans found in dried lake beds in deserts; Rock salt found as nodes in caves/mines.
    Gathering tool: Mining pick; Empty bottle for Seawater
    Resources gathered: Salt; Rock Salt; Seawater (for Sea Salt)
    Uses: Cooking; (possibly) Rock Salt could have to be processed to produce Salt for cooking; Sea water is heated to produce Sea Salt; (possibly) Further processed into Trade Packs)
    Adds an in game method for gathering salt currently purchased from vendors.Key trade resource in the ancient and medieval world.Gives a resource from mining that is notably different to most mining resources (metals and gems)(possible) Since Seawater so abundant "Sea Salt" it could be treated separately from regular Salt and used only for processing into Trade Packs. 
  9. The only justification I've heard for restricting trade between players is to "prevent RMT". The best way to prevent RMT is to adjust the variables of your game economy and reduce incentive to do so as much as you can without literally removing trade between players. 
    Trading commodity X to another player doesn't incentivize RMT. It simply makes it less profitable to be a producer of any type and makes that part of the game effectively single player.
  10. Player to Player trading: 
    During the beta I tested and was able to trade potions. Other than that, i did not appear to be able to trade anything i saw with other players. Working under that assumption, do we have no trading of gear/items?
    If so:
    I would like to see raw resources of all types be trade-able between players. To restrict RMT, all resources should have a '42 hour' cool-down where they cannot be traded to another player after gathering. This will not restrict players gathering for their own needs. It will be annoying, but its better than having NO capability to share resources. 
    I would like to see crafted items be trade-able between players. Again to restrict RMT you can add a 42 hour cool-down. after creation before you can trade the armor/weaponry. Otherwise, the crafted economy is going to suffer. I want to be able to craft for my guild-mates but if we can't that really renders the crafting as something less enjoyable. 
    Can we trade horses/pets? Again, i want to be able to trade what i breed with other players.