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  1. Hey Leute,
    ich habe gestern angefangen meine maximale Energie mit Bücherregalen aufzustocken (also twinks lesen lassen) und festgestellt das es da einen "bug" bzw ein Problem gibt...wenn man auf einem bestimmten channel die twinks lesen lässt kann man beim erneuten einloggen auch nur genau diesen wieder betreten. Ich hab gestern so oft channels aufgrund von worldbossen gewechselt und keine ahnung mehr auf welchem ich letztendlich meine twinks habe.
    Meine Frage ist also kann man irgendwie nachschauen (gibt es vielleicht eine Datei oder so) auf welchem Channel ich war bevor ich das spiel geschlossen habe? oder komm ich nicht drum herum das per ticket von einem Gm fixen zu lassen?
    PS: Nein man sieht keine gesperrten channel und nur der eine ist offen wie normalerweise bei den 15min sperre da meine twinks ja quasi noch ingame sind und ich herausfinden muss wo
    danke im vorraus an alle die sich die zeit nehmen mir zu antworten

    EDIT/FIXED: Hab nun einfach in der zwischenzeit alle channel durch probiert bist der richtige dabei war, andere lösungen habe ich hier im Forum bisher noch nicht gelesen scheinbar gibts da keine alternative. Dauert nur sehr lange da man nach jedem versuch neu starten muss. Naja kann den thread nun nicht mehr löschen falls jemand doch noch was dazu weiß gerne bescheid sagen
    Ambesten schreibt euch den Channel auf damit das nicht noch mehr leuten passiert!
  2. this is madness, i cant join any channels. servers have this crazy bug. i went to sleep, wake up 5 hours later, still cant join anything cause of "restrictions".     i bing searched and found lots of people with this problem all year.
  3. Of all the referral systems I have engaged in, this one has to be the least rewarding with those being referred or gifted accounts being unable to receive any benefit whatsoever from bringing in their friends.  The game is fantastic, but a Gifted account should either come with something special like more inventory or whatever - or be able to "upgrade" their account status to one of the higher premium packages that come with extra goodies which would otherwise cost considerable more if purchased individually from the shop.

    And how this appears to new accounts which were gifted :

    And how this appears to new accounts which were referral's whether they buy the package or are gifted :

  4. Seem to be getting this issue only when trying to log in Orwen. I can log in Uno and Edan fine.... Please help.
    If it helps, the last thing I did before logging off for maintenance was put all my characters to read books. If this triggered it please reset my characters. @CM_Jouska @GM Huego please help. My ticket is 127917 Family name is Jotunheim in Orwen.
    Nevermind, I was able to verify the issue. I had to log back into the last channel I was in before reading books. THIS IS INDEED A BUG. I will be submitting a ticket.
  5. Currently the underwear and swimwear sold in the cash shop are heavily restricted to safe zones only and prevent you from using a mount while they're shown. On top of this no one else can even see them.
    The fact that no one else can even see them makes the restriction to safe zones and prevention from using a mount extremely baffling. They can't interrupt anyone else's "immersion" since they're invisible to them and at a whopping 700 pearls it doesn't really make much sense that we can't enjoy them as a costume at our discretion.
    Likewise I personally am not bothered by skimpy outfits on male or female characters. I like seeing them. So I'd also like to see an option added that allows those of us who are fine with it to be able to see other characters who have it turned on.
    We deserve a choice. The people who don't want to see it don't have to, but those of us who paid money to see it have no real choices in the matter which is completely unjust.
    Just to put it in perspective: Underwear is heavily restricted yet when making a female character her chest, thighs, and behind jiggle like a water bed. Really?
    Please seriously consider removing the restrictions. There are far worse things in game that no one is remotely bothered by. Like giants who sound mentally challenged being berated/humiliated by adults the size of children. We're paying good money for the undies, they're not hurting anyone, they don't even know they're there.
    Scandalous pictures below, hide your children, shield your eyes.

    Super scary stuff poor innocent adults playing a game full of blood and electrocution finishing moves can't handle.
  6. Firstly I would like to address some thoughts that I know many others share and which has been posted about before but it cannot be stressed enough so I'll mention it here again. The most important of the changes I will suggest and really hope get through, as a warrior I know the pain all to well and that is the ridiculously exaggerated warrior running animation. The normal run animation is absolutely hideous to the eye.  When playing it feels like you cant relax playing a warrior and or any other class who uses the same animation simply because he doesnt run. The animation is not a running animation, it's a sprinting animation and it looks bad simply due to the fact that the guy never slows down or takes it even slightly easy, it puts you in the mindset of how exhausting it looks to constantly see it. It would be much better to simply have a fairly neutral running animation for the run and just simply keep the sprinting animations for the actual sprint. 
    Secondly I will address the problem with the capes. It's sad to see when a game has so fantastic and beautiful capes like these in black desert online and they get ruined by the fact that Daum hasn't made it work together with actually having weapons. Seriously if we're going to get to have cloaks make it right so that the cloak doesn't just magically pop out of existence as soon as you sheathe the weapons, it should keep showing even when the weapons are sheathed on the back, not disappear. I think I'm not the only one when I say I would like to see this changed. Archeage had the same incredibly annoying issue and these small details may seem small but it is the small details that matter most. Something like this is incredibly bothersome and earns a game quite a few minus points.
    Thirdly I want to address the fact that we cannot actually undress into our undies wherever we want. This is just ridiculous, while such a function holds little actual value for any real purpose it's still a freedom players want. It's especially hypocritical to have this feature locked/restricted when they actually sell underwear in the cash shop. People pay real money for these, and then they cant even show them when they want. That's not right. It's also an unnecessary restriction for a game that is for those of ages 16+. So the game should then be adjusted for that crowd and I can assure you there are next to no sixteen year old that hasn't seen or cant handle or even often sees women/men in underwear. If the game was for audiences around 13 or otherwise early teens then it would be more understandable but since it isn't then it should not have restrictions that are suited to crowds of those ages either. It's a bit insulting that we're being treated like children like that and quite annoying that we're robbed of such a simple freedom. 
    Being able to take your armor on only in your own home is not good enough, and it's not only for the sake of the freedom of choise but also for the roleplayers. There are no doubt numerous roleplaying situations which could call for that the armor needs to come off (and it is not erp activities that I'm talking about). Someone might want to take a swim, or otherwise wounded and armor needs to be removed, or simply hang their clothes up for drying after a downpour. There are numerous events in which this function would be needed. And having it restricted like this simply ruins all of that. A normal sit animation would be nice too as sitting shouldn't be limited to ledges and chairs.
    Fourthly I want to address the walk function. Many thanks for implementing it as I know it wasn't in the game to begin with, but there are a vital change that needs to be made to this function. Walk should not be a press and hold function, it should be a toggle feature so you can walk and type. This is very essential. 
    And lastly I want to suggest making the amount of text you can type into the general chat a lot longer. Being able to only squeeze out 1 - 4 lines is way to small, this also cannot be stressed enough, it needs to be tremendously improved. Speaking to anyone as it is now turns into a spam fest and it's hurting our eyes. Please ease up on this restriction. I understand that the reason it is placed is to prevent gold sellers from spamming long commercial posts but to be honest, it's good that you take measures to make it hard for gold sellers to get through, but doing it like this punishes us players more than them and it ruins the game. Please ease it up and find another way.
  7. Hi everyone, feel free to rage or chop my head off as this is my first post. I am really excited for BDO! But like most people who like to know what they're getting into I try to see what there is to know about the game before I buy. It's time to start asking questions. First, I would like to start out by saying imo that the game looks like a real triumph, a true experience envisioned and designed by some of the best out there, and I don't think there's anything about the game that would make me regret anything about it's playable content, but something concerns me about the lack of official/stable info about the game for it's release and the restrictions that there might be.
    My concerns, on the announcements page there are very few posts made to officially state info about anything, the only thing that is really mentioned is something vague about ip blocks and territory restrictions for Europe and North America, my problem with that is it makes it sound like I won't be able to play with my best friend who lives in Japan simply because of his nation IP jurisdiction, I'm hoping that's not the case. Another important concern is dropping 99$ on a Conquerors package when the bulk of the package beyond the Explorer's package is 2,500 pearls for in game currency cosmetics, an additional day of CBT and the rest of the incentive is simply for an increased amount of items also received under the Explorer's package and a higher Tier horse mount for an additional 50$ price increase. To me that's fine so far as the "In Game Title" reflects my dedication as a supporter, but this is not clear to me if it is or not. With out a official release date I feel like it's dangerous to consider purchase at this time simply because of the lack of info there seems to be for the release of this game. A lot of what is generally known also just seems to be hearsay so I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on this one, I'm not that lucky when it comes to gambling, lol.
    Are my concerns valid or am I just being a worry wart? Anybody else feel the same?