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  1. Post on Here we go again. in New Adventurers

    By abra, posted
    So i havent played since launch, suffering from WOW/SWTOR Burn out i wanted to see how the game was going, Was wondering if there are any Starter Guides for new players and returning players.
    Any help is appreciated , also like to know any tips you can offer to get me on the right path..
    Lot of views, no replies LOL , anyways i did some digging hopefully some one in a similar situation will find this of use (i did) 8tips <- Found this useful, also while i was waiting for my download i found the "Guide" on the left side of the launcher helpful.
  2. I played for maybe few weeks around launch and didn't get too attached to it, didn't feel the appeal it had.
    After about couple months I returned and played it for two or three months straight and genuinely enjoyed it although I did not get too far in the game.
    I mostly liked combat and how gardening, nodes, horse taming/breeding and fishing was implemented.
    I felt compelled to complete nearly everything in a zone before moving onto the next one.
    I'd like to get my MMO itch scratched and thought of getting back to BDO.
    How is the game doing, generally speaking, currently?Do servers still feel active or little dead (e.g. compared to ESO/GW2/LotRO/SWTOR/WildStar)Few expansion since I last played have been released; are they all noteworthy in their own right?Is the game (EU/NA) still in active development or do we eventually only get content from Korean version once it's localized?
  3. The issue: I would like to return but I know I will not have much time in next 1-2 months. So I wanted to just afk fish/craft/process to make some money until then, BUT also I would like to benefit from 30 days of acces to xp channels and make atleast 59 if not 60 from my 58 witch. 
    Current state: Those 30 days starts running when I first log into game after atleast 30 day break and it doesnt matter on what channel I log into.
    Reason: Now player(me) is not going to return because he knows he wont have time to actually use and benefit from xp channels.
    Suggestion: Make those 30 days to start running form the first time player logs into xp channel, not first time he logs on whatever channel. 
  4. So, Im returning to the game coming from Guild Wars 2 (GW2). In GW2 the armor and choice of what you typically want is based on your build, where things are pretty conventional and simplified. When I came back I was entirely confused on what to do. Im about 51 and im still using the gear I got from the black spirit quests, thinking that was a good idea. But as im trying to grind on some Sausans im getting kicked from parties because my AP and gear arent really up to par I guess. How do you chose which gear set or sets and weapon that you use? Im not really sure what im looking for. 

  5. Disposable Heroes
    Disposable Heroes first and foremost is a gaming community that values its' players as individuals rather than their gear score. Our first objective as a guild is to find players who enjoy each others company as well as providing a fun environment taking advantage of all the different aspects BDO has to offer. Here at DH we like to say that we are all a--holes but we aren't bad people. We use teamspeak as our primary VOIP and use discord as a forum hub for information and posts. Our teamspeak when not being used for node wars is more geared towards a mature audience while guild chat will have more casual conversation.
    Code of Conduct
    Teamspeak is not required on an everyday basis however it is highly recommendedWhen handling open world PvP we urge our players to defend themselves whenever necessary, if contesting a grind spot or being contested upon attempt communication first before flagging.We do not trash talk, if another guild wishes to talk trash then we laugh it off.If you have a problem with another player we are all adults, handle it respectfully. If the action does not change contact an officer before carrying the issue further.Be an active member within the community. At DH we don't have strict requirements of playtime or contribution, we do require that our players be active within the guild in one form or another. If long absences are known before hand contact an officer and a course of action will be determined at that juncture.Have fun and enjoy the community.History of DH
    Creation and background: Disposable Heroes was founded in 1999 by a family that resided in Texas while playing EQ. That family created the DH Community and carried its name through other games such as counter strike and World of Warcraft where they had many server firsts. From there it went on to become a community that branched from different steam games as well as Minecraft [Google HeroCraft]. DH continued on to Archage where it held it's ground against some of the top guilds on their server.
    Black Desert Online: Disposable Heroes came over to Black Desert from Archage with a handful of dedicated players to get the ball rolling. With quick growth and a great community Disposable Heroes was a formidable opponent on the Orwen server with many great allies such as Sarcasm and Acolytes. Once node wars became live DH was one of 3 guilds left standing at the battle for Elders' Bridge, a 9 guild node war debut. We learned and shared a plethora of knowledge with top tier guilds educating them and ourselves on all things node wars. We were quick to put that knowledge to use gaining ourselves the ability to fight out manned/out geared wars and win tier 2/3 nodes. Before long Sarcasm merged into DH allowing us to solidify our standing in the tier 2/3 fights. Coming into the server merge we made the decision along with Acolytes to merge creating a mega guild. After some castle/tier 3 sieges we decided to go our separate ways returning back to DH to get back to our original goal as a guild, to create a community of gamers that just enjoy playing together.
    Screen Shots
    Peak Hours
    While we have many players from all over that play throughout all hours of the day our peak hours are
    7pm-12am cst Mon-Sun
    Ps. We also have ocx players.
    GM: Keltzer
    Officers: Mr_Bread, FuryofRage, Merlina, Rylinn, Matrim_Cauth, Iounn
    These are character names not family names so whisper them in game or comment below for more information.
    Please leave your family name and character name in your post IE: (Family Name) Character Name.
  6. Hello folks,
    I am in the market for a new MMO to play, and I played BDO for a bit during the NA launch (seems like a year ago). I got my wizard up to 50, and a few other classes between 10-20, however I got burned out and had to take a break.
    I came back yesterday and played a bit, and was loving the game, however my concern is that I am not a pvp player, and BDO is clearly a PVP centric game. Now there is a lot to do in BDO, but my concern is if I want to go out and just smash some heads, I have to worry about getting jumped as I have no option to turn off pvp.
    Im willing to give Pvp a try as far as siege battles and stuff goes, but one of the things that bothers me the absolute most is open world FFA pvp. I do NOT want to be bothered when im just minding my own business grinding stuff and having fun, it takes away any fun I was having and instantly ruins my play session. Due to this I think that BDO isnt for me, but the graphics and pretty much everything else about the game is great!
    Should I just work on leveling classes to 50, and once ive done all the classes I want to 50 call it the end?
    I hate this feeling of wanting to play a game but not being able to due to the games design. Im really burned out on all other MMO's and maybe I jsut have to delve into the pvp game and not worry about it so much. I dont know.
    I am unguilded atm since I just started playing again, and maybe that will solve my problem, however I dont want to commit to a guild until ive decided to commit to the game, so that kinda puts me in a vicious circle.
    Any suggestions?
  7. So I am a returning player, I haven't played for over 6 months. I have just started playing again, and I have to say I am a bit confused.
    Could someone give me their complete build, like everything they do, and maybe their rotation. Atm I think I picked too much, because I have been trying to look at what different people said. But because they only talked about partial things I think I might have messed up..
    Thank you in advanced.
  8. Post on What have I missed? in General

    By Owly, posted
    Hey guys,
    So I decided to go on hiatus sometime during February and now seeing that a lot of updates have been introduced, I would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful if someone could give me a run down on the most important stuff that has changed/been added. The last thing I remember is the introduction of Mediah (but I had already taken a hiatus when it was released.) 
    Yes, I know some of you will ramble something along the lines of ''use the search tool, noob''. Trust me, I have. There is way too much information to consolidate into my small brain, so if someone that has been playing for a long time and is pretty comfortable with what has happened with the game so far, feel free to tell me what I have missed!
    Thank you <3