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  1. Hi there!
    I've noticed that a lot of players here - both new and those scrolling who've returned - are coming (back) to BDO and feeling overwhelmed. I see your posts in this forum section, having trouble figuring out what to do. I want to tell you this is completely normal. With everything that BDO has to offer of the course of your playtime, it's really easy to feel like there's too much to do. There is a steep learning curve within this game, it doesn't hold your hand like most other mmos. If you can bear with it in the beginning, I can assure you this game is very fulfilling as you go along. 
    Don't give up! Use these links and tips for your own advantage. I hope these provide some support for your play experience!
    (I know this is more of a guide, and should maybe be in the guide section; but I want this to be a helpful little resource for those of you who made a bee-line to this part of the forum. )

    Edit 2/8/17: Hey! Looks like some others chipped in for this guide! Be sure to read all the comments <3

    1. Something lovely:
    This the go-to map for Black Desert in regards to all things nodes and placement information! Thanks to those below who recommended this!
    2. BD Database:
    This is a must-have on your bookmark list. It's a database that's on-going with updates, and contains information on pretty much every single item/npc in the game. 

    3. Dulfy:
    Dulfy is pretty good about being up-to-date on most if not all of KR BDO's patches, as well as information about incoming NA/EU patches. Their site includes a master guide list (you can refer to theirs instead of this, it's all helpful!) 

    4. BDO Reddit
    Self-explanatory, you can get a lot of questions answered here!

    5. BD Foundry:
    Another site similar to BDO Tome and Dulfy - it goes in-depth with explanations and guides. Very handy! http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/ 
    Helpful Silver-Making Profession Guides:

    1. Black Desert - Remixed's Complete Trade Guide
    One of the many professions in Black Desert that you may find confusing has been adequately explained in this less than 5-minute video. 
    A brief overview of trading - it's the profession that allows you to trade goods between nodes for profit. You can only sell to trade managers of connected nodes to make adequate sales, or suffer profit loss penalties. (It's also good for training horses at the same time!) 
    *You may see some players walking up and down with a large backpack. The backpacks are not usually taken for trading purposes.  This is a form of trading that players can use to train their "strength" bar! Every time the bar is leveled up, your weight limit increases. You can train this skill while you're afk, by grabbing items from a trade manager for your backpack, and setting the path to auto loop. 

    2. Fishing: 
    It's pretty self explanatory; however it ties in with the aforementioned topic. You train your fishing skill by catching fish! There are four categories: Gold, Blue, Green, and White. Gold fish are the best and are the most expensive kinds in black desert. The most expensive fish is the golden coelacanth at a whopping 5mil value (but it's actually not catchable! just a reward item, haha.) However you CAN catch regular coelacanth with a value of 200,000 silver! These are rare to get, and good to sell to traders for making profit. You can sell just about every fish for profit when timed correctly. Each fish has a freshness timer, which degrades over time and makes their values less. Make sure to have the nodes connected from where you catch the fish and where you sell them!  - Fish can also be used in crafting, processing, and cooking! In addition to fish, you can obtain ancient relic shards which sell about 700k a piece on the marketplace in the NA server. Unless you're 50+, you should go ahead and sell them for a while if obtained; they really help bring in money for gearing up. Ancient relic shards can be put together to make Ancient Weapon Summon Scrolls (a boss summon scroll for parties of levels 50+).
    *(My most lucrative personal fishing route so far has been off the coast of Port Epheria, fishing in Rameda Island waters. It takes 6 contribution points to invest in the nodes from Epheria up to Rameda, and I get about 1.8m per 30 minutes by selling at Epheria; there are probably other places that pay out more, including the imperial trader in Glish, but it's what works for me.)

    Class build guides: 
    Here are some class guides that are pretty standard from BD Foundry. Each have their breakdowns of pros and cons. Black Desert does a great job of balancing strengths and weaknesses among pre-awakened classes. It's all dependent on the play-style of your choosing. You can google other builds if you feel like tweaking these, or want to experiment. These are, admittedly, not up to date, but will get you a clear idea of your class's strengths and weaknesses. If you're worried about resetting skills in the event you've messed something up - don't! The game gives you skill reset-related items in the new player rewards, and also from a black spirit quest in the level 50s range. 




    http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/12/28/plum-class-guide/ (Also known as Maehwa)

    http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/12/28/blader-class-guide/ (Also known as Musa)