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  1. Post on Rework Fluffy Puppy in General

    By SrHype, posted
    This pet needs an important rework. (Graphics)
  2. Quite a lot of topics were made about karma and I have not seen a single poll, but maybe I missed it

    So short introduction... a lot of people is being mad about karma system - it punishes only winners by losing karma and not those who lose the fight -> that allows losers to take over spot (winner does not want negative karma and then being killed by PEN scrub)

    Easy way to rework it would be:
    -1% of xp like it used to be if player dies BUT only if he respawns on node
    -0% of xp when player respawns in town or uses loyalities or pearl items to respawn instantly
    of course not present in node and siege wars
    I know this would be rly painfull for spots like pirates to respawn in town... atleast it would bring some need of being polite and ask the party for spot before starting to kill mobs
    and honestly I would much rather respawn in town when someone beats my ass than to lose karma and spot on karma griefers

    and please keep reasonable arguments
  3. Please rework The Ninja Class They have such a hard time clearing monsters even with high level AP/DP they don't even Seem like a Real class anyone should play to get good at the game, Understand this Mr. GM you as well Mr.Korean GM's 
    We all Love us Ninja Movies and Assassin Movies, Yet this class that everyone holds to high standards as being the Burst Damage Pk'er is not doing the Damage that it idealistically should.  
    All I'm upset about is that they cannot Clear Mobs fast on their own, 
    The Tamers BowStaff is also very weak 
    I'm tired of Taking all the Kills in my party even when We are at an equal in AP.
    I hate watching them fight with me doing nothing but be a Ward for me to help clear mobs around.  As they pretty much are not needed in a group party, when farming mobs. Its sad my Friends get Jealous and wanna switch classes but they worked so hard to almost reach lvl57 with +200ap/+200dp  I want them to be The Ninja class i like it please HELP my Friends Class
  4. Hello, I don't know much for other classes, but as a Warrior, for PVP and PVE, I use my Awakening skills 95% of the time, and the other 5% for grabs. As a fan of BDO and an avid player, I am sad that my preawakening skills dont do nearly as much damage as they should compare to my awakened skills. It would be very nice to be able to deal damage with my preawakening skills so that I could change up my play styles - I feel I am forced to only use my awakened skills which are very limited to a few moves which are getting very manotaness.
    If you guys could balance the preawakened skills damage after 56+ that would be great. Maybe add more skill tiers or balance % by level. I miss my old sword and shield.
  5.    Hello,
    First of all forgive me if I make some mistakes, english isn't my mother tongue but I wanted to post this in the english forum so more people can see it.
    So here are my suggestions. As you can see it is about the general trading/market/economy system of BDO.
       I'll begin with the market. I think that you should allow more liberty to the economy. What that means is that, in my opinion, you should:
    remove the minimum/maximum price of itemsdrastically decrease the tax, like not more than 5% (I know that it would then be useless to have a territory control for guilds, so maybe work on another thing to replace that)The reason for that is that it would add way more liberty (which is kind of a must have in a sandbox mmo). BDO is a great game but the economy is just boring and useless in the game, even as a sandox game. I mean with those taxes and minimum/maximum prices you can't do speculation, you can't earn money by crafting etc... Look for example at EVE online, the market is a great part in the game, people make money by speculating, producing and selling etc... In BDO you can't do that, and I think it's a shame. Also that would bring more people to the game, the ones who like all this economy thing in games.
       The second point is on the trading system. I know trading isn't available to avoid gold selling, and I agree with that, but the problem is that it removes a large part of interaction between players (which is again a shame in a MMO). So what I would propose is that you allow at least trading between guild members. To avoid exploit of this system you could add some restrictions, like being in the guild for at least 2 weeks (or more), or to have participated in guild projects like quests etc... That would be great to allow people helping each other and the newbies of the guild.
       Finally I had another idea, also about trading, but through the NPC trading, not the player one. I think it would be cool if you could add a place in the game (an island or something like that) where trading goods would be much more rewarding than trading goods between the basic trade managers. I know that there is something like that coming, imperial trading I believe, but I think you could do even better. I imagine you could add a trading boat for guilds, so they can try to sell goods to some sort of NPC on an island for high rewards, but at the risk of being killed by other players and guilds! Or you could even do that on the ground with big carts, well I think you know what I mean^^. The point of doing that is to allow even more interactions/alliances between guilds, with possibly treason etc... to add excitement while trading. Moreover that would add a lot more open world PvP.
    That was all I wanted to say, thank you for considering it, even if I think you've already covered a lot of those ideas in meetings with the developers .
    EDIT: I forgot the moneysink problem, but to be fair only 5% taxes would add up really quick, plus there is stuff reparations/rng while enhancing/ in a few weeks night vendors with expensive items... I think you can find other moneysink mechanics than just putting 35% taxes and so to make a boring economy.
  6. Alright, I think its time to talk about the atrocious, single player trade system that shouldnt have a place in an MMO. The interaction between players is limited to price developments, there is no incentive to attack wagons apart from -----ing with people. There are multiple solutions to this: Either force people to interact or give them incentive to do so.
    The graphic shows a bunch of them. Another problem is the current level of progression. Reaching professional, guru or whatever level only increaes bargaining points and gives access to more goods. The absolute high point is the noble wagon, which many people build week 1, and illegal trading, which has ok payoffs but still not good enough for it to actually be enough. Risks also are heavily limited.

    Additional ideas are appreciated since I'd like to add a bunch of things but I personally would love somethign to make it more interesting and force or incentivice player interactions. This is a goddman MMO for christs sake, not a SP game.

  7. First of all some facts:
    -Shield of Darkness (SoD) is a skill you want to have up pretty much 24/7 whenever you fight
    -It's duration is 5 minutes
    -It's cooldown is 5 minutes
    Now here come a few problems:
    Let's say we're grinding and just finished a group of enemys. Our SoD has 8 sec of duration left. Now we wait those 8 sec so we can recast SoD, cause the cooldown beeing the same as the duration prevents us from simply refreshing the buff. So we either have to wait till we can cast it again, or jump into the next group and recast it while we're surrounded by mobs potentially getting us hit.
    In a PVE situation this might not be a Problem, but in PVP it is. If SoD duration runs low, I have to decide to stop for half a second to cast SoD and risk to get hit/stunned, or fight on without an essential buff and try to get to safety to refresh the buf... Every 5 minutes.
    Now what could be done to improve this skill? I have 3 suggestions, 2 would be quite easy to implement and may be combined, the other would be a bit more interessting.
    -The simple ones:
    Just shorten the cooldown of SoD so we can recast before the buf runs out. This way we have time to figure out when it's safe to refresh the buf.
    Also, maybe increase the duration to something ~15 minutes with a 10 min cooldown.
    -The interessting one:
    Make it toggleable and let it drain some MP.
    This way we could have it up while we're fighting and don't have to worry about forgetting about the cooldown. The MP drain would pretty much not affect you in fights as you regain MP pretty easily by hitting mobs but it would punish you for leaving it on 24/7 outside of fights and force you to consume Shards of Darkness or a pot whenever you forget to turn SoD of.
    Of course, if this gets implemented the amount of MP drained would have to be balanced to the point where it's barely noticeable during fights but still beeing noticeable whenever you're not recovering MP from hitting enemys. Something in the range of a few MP every 5 seconds or so, just enough to let you think "Damn, I didn't turn of my shield."
    I hope some of you feel the same way I do about this skill or maybe some other classes have similar problems that could be adressed this way.
    Let me know what you guys think of this.
  8. Currently in the game drinking a potion is instant and then it is put on a cooldown.Suggest changing it to have no cooldown, but instead have a cast time and animation that can be interrupted by something that would stagger or stun or something. Examples of games using this type of system are many From Software RPGs (Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1&2, Bloodborne, etc.) and most, if not all, Monster Hunter games.
    This seems like a pretty realistic approach that makes healing a tactical decision. Balances could be made to accommodate such a system. Giving it an easily recognizable animation would be ideal. Whether it roots you or not would be up to the developers, although it seems likely that it would. There could even be skills that interact with potting. Maybe a class can pot while dodging. Just ideas though. Mainly I think something like this can vastly improve both the PvP and PvE of this game. Making it something that stands out especially seems like a boon to gameplay.