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  1. So to be good with myself  and laught a little about enchant. why not?
    Since you cant see rips for tri. I found interesting to know what is going on with those silent rips.
    What kind of rips do you make guys ? share your curse ! here is my recent one
    with or without animation ?

  2. Post on Our Guild was destroyed in General

    By Xerelya, posted
    As you may have probably heard or seen from Reddit. My Guild <Sanctify> was destroyed by some troll kicked ex.Officers members. They plan to make a new Guild along with the people they left with and kicked. I am requesting for ya'll Guilds/players as the leader of Sanctify to please hunt them and declare war on them. Please & thank you! https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/6164t1/calling_all_troll_kicked_sanctify_members/
    Players like these guys doesn't deserve to be in our Community and they need to learn some lesson. Please everyone, please help us out. I really appreciate it, thank you! 
  3. Post on Dear Pearl Abyss in General

    By LadyRhapsody, posted
    @CM_Yukimura @GM_Dew
    I will never be as fancy as this guy.

  4. Post on RIP BDO 2016-2016 in General

    By Koen, posted
    I liked you so much!
    From CBT1, CBT2, Official Launch..... Until last week a few seconds before the P2W announcement


  5. 64 guilds if I counted right. That has to be breaking a record.
  6. Post on #NerfBlader in Off-Topic

    By Hazardly, posted
    Why are Blader allowed to literally 1 shot ppl? Sorc got nerfed so she doesnt hit as hard anymore and now theres this issue with Blader. I was just Grinding and a Blader wanted my spot guess what happened? I was 5 times 1 shot then i got mad and went on the Forums and no i dont have pleb gear i got 393 Gearscore and im !NO Sorc! 
    And now without Rage: Why are Bladers allowed to instagib any class whilst no other class has that possibility or got nerfed sho she fits the others?
    Pls nerf so Blader can git gud pls Kakao
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo 
  7. My problem is that after launch the game nothing appears except this error, i couldnt see the main menu at least. I don´t have bitdefender but i tried deactivating windows defender thats what i use and nothing. I tried also other options like deleting the file xhunter1 or deleting all the backgrounds programs but nothing worked on me. I need help guys i know is only a game but i´ve waiting for it years and i saved money for a pc just to can play it. HELP ME!
  8. Just got online and saw that the market min/max for BSP was severely reduced overnight, to the point where I don't believe it is possible to grind crystals for BSP and make a profit anymore. BSP formerly had a minimum allowable price of ~1350 and usually sold for somewhere around ~1650. Minimum price is now ~1100 with a MAX listable price of ~1550. I expect to see a sharp drop in the amount of Blackstone powder available on the market due to people like myself who process crystals from the market no longer doing so due to the extreme loss in value. The available amount has already sharply dropped from the usual 20k-40k to around 6k available right now.
    I guess I'm lucky that the 8k I had listed sold overnight before the price crash.
  9. Hope everyone's loved ones are ok
  10. Jouska or someone was leisurely grinding some Sausans on their day off and I came and PKed them and took their farm spot. They have since set my RNG stat to -5000. This is the only thing that explains it. 
    Please learn from my situation. Don't shed the innocent's blood. They may be a GM and take your RNG. @CM_Jouska I know you did it, dont lie.
  11. Y'all done goofed Daum/PA, giving us a copied patch from KR that was meant to balance AWAKENINGS THAT WE DON'T HAVE.  
    Now that shotgun is nerfed, we can really only spam Will of The Wind which puts us at danger risk close range CCs and grabs.  Whats the difference (other than the fact that we suck now), now we just spam another button instead of spacebar.
  12. I hope this is legit. If it is the case then I'm surprised that DAUM is not announcing, nay singing and dancing, about it all over the place.
  13. Post on Soil Ogre Ring in General

    By Colemane, posted
    The hell is the rate on this thing. 28 Rips, 3100 kills. No ring.
    Daum @Daum fix this please, this exp issue is tearing our server apart....
  15. Shard buff (q) changed from 30 ap to 20 ap buff, but mana back increased from 40 to 60 per shard.
     Pretty solid adjustment. Any qq about the "nerf"?
  16. Unfortunately, we do not compensate players for any unexpected server downtime.

    No longer supports this company anymore, for acts like these.
  17. Post on Breath meter bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Kurisu, posted
    This game hates me, the amount of money I've lost for stupid reasons lol What is life.
    Happened at western gateway, not much you can do but this helps my salt lvls posting here.
    My silver loss is probably around 5m from gems breaking now, the GVG bug was the worst and still is.
    @CM_Jouska is there any way to possibly be compensated with all these bugs because this is getting silly, I cannot do anything without a possible outcome of money loss, I don't want to come across as salty, but I well and truly am. And thank you for your time if you read this.

  18. CBT2 - was the promise of balance classes! 
    In the last patch balance Tamera. Now it's shit. :-(
    1) Buff dps is nothing compared to a loss of mobility !!!! Tamer lvl 50 PvE somehow cope with the amount of 200 pieces potions HP (lack of self-medication, lack of mobility, average AoE, avegarde DPS on one opponent) only summoned Heliang us saves;-(
    2) Tamer in PvP is like now (shit;-() shift very slow, stamina disappears quickly, a new shift + space (shit) very short, delayed 1-2 sec. No block! CBT2 on all the skills to work faster, now even warrior is faster .
    The question which gives us increased dps? if not, we will become closer to the archer or witches. A warrior or Valkiri we are not able to escape;-( just shit;-(
    F * ck you devs for my time and money (possibly after awaking adding weapons and new skils these changes make sense now ruined class)
    Dissatisfied player;-(
  19. As you see in the title.
    Someone know how to use the Character creator even tho it's closed now?