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  1. Als Rückkehrer ist mir aufgefallen das gewisse Items sich nur über "Pearl Gifts" ersteigern lassen oder besser gesagt man die Chance bekommt auf Item X-Y zu bieten. Ist dies ein klarer Regelbruch oder nicht? Da ich auf Reddit und hier im DE Forum nichts hilfreiches gefunden habe wäre es doch mal ganz interessant herauszufinden wie so etwas gehandhabt wird oder gar die Reaktionen sind.

    Gerade hatte ich eine doch Interessantes Gespräch innerhalb der Gilde wo sich folgende Fragen stellten

    Situation : 
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Ist das erlaubt bzw. ein Regelbruch welches sich auf RMT zurückführen lässt?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B gibt Perlen(Gift,Gegenstand)+Ingame Währung
    Spieler A erhält Perlen(Gift, Gegenstand) aber stellt Item nicht zum verkauf und zieht Spieler B die Perlen ab. 
    Kann Spieler B die Perlen einfach zurück erstatten vom Support sofern er sich im 48 Stunden fenster meldet weil er sich "vertan" hat?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Spieler B bekommt seinen Gegenstand X und meldet im Support das er einen Refund möchte da er die Falsche Person "Beschenkt" hat. Auch hier im normalen 48h Meldefenster für Refunds.
    Kann Spieler A dies dann beim Support melden sofern es Legitim/nicht Legitim ist und wird er dafür entschädigt oder sogar beide gebannt?
  2. seriously kakao, get your finger out and stop promoting and protecting RMT bullshit...
    the gifting idiocy and selling ingame items for RL money through it is becomming a freaking parody on how RMT is fcking up games... 
    ffs you are the worst publisher, company and people to ever set foot on this earth... 
    Seriously you make trump look like a saint, sane and intelligent person  
  3. On the surface, the prohibition of trade seems like a good option to prevent RMT. It's cheap, because it's hands-off for Daum but it hurts the social, interactive nature of this MMO.
    People play these kind of games with friends and like to help each other and work together, this is why Clans and Guilds exist. I (and many others) believe that the 'cure' here is worse than the disease in some ways.
    It's a complicated issue. We all know that. The reality is though, that if you apply a simple, sweeping solution to a complicated problem, you end up missing the mark to some extent.
    My suggested adjustments to trading are as follows:
    1) Allow Clan/Guildmates to trade with each other w/o restriction once they've been a member for over 24 hours.(Some have suggested much longer, such as 2 weeks to a month)
    2) Apply a 24 hour cooldown on clan/guild joining/leaving for each player. (Minor Code Change [Probate debuff?])
    3) Log all clan/guild membership changes. (New DB probably, not a crazy amount of work)
    4) Log all trades (Another DB, again, not too hard with this level of operation and one would hope is already happening.)
    5) Flag all accounts for investigation who: Join a clan/guild AND immediately trade for goods/coin in excess of 100,000s AND leave that guild immediately.
    6) Have a few actual human beings investigate all flagged accounts, at least initially until the bugs are worked out. 
    7) Ban anyone verified as knowingly participating in RMT. Daum already has their $30+ if they wanna come back they can ante up again.
    This is just an example, I'm a SysAdmin, not a DBA but I know this is not only possible, but relatively easy and cheap. Note that the steps through 5 are automated and once the flags are refined a bit would result in a very robust detection system.
  4. Many services these days, email in particular, use simple neural network learning algorithms to filter out spam from their services.
    It should be a relatively simple matter to train a simple NN based on past GM activity of chat banning gold sellers (and exonerating the innocent) to select spam from chat.
    This could then be sent to a moderation queue (like a assume the current chat ban flags go to), for GM review.
    Once the NN was trained to a sufficiently high accuracy level, it could even bypass the queue (if desired).
  5. I am a new player, never heard of BDO before March and just got it on the normal release date. I like the complexity of the game and the energy system to encourage diversity in activities. However, the current server I play on is pretty overrun with currency-selling spam bots, and I found out that reporting them costs 30 energy. I am not sure how much energy you get at higher levels, but I am capped at 37 right now. I assume the stated reason for spending so much of an in-game resource to report spam is to discourage vindictive reports for getting PK'd, talking about Alienware graphics cards, or disagreeing about single-payer health insurance, but I fear that this severe cost to reporting does a few harmful things:
    First and most obvious, it greatly discourages legitimate reports. Many players will opt to block the spammers (costs no energy) rather than help the GM team clean up the servers. This will eventually create a system where the veteran players have most of the spammers blocked, but there will be this almost alternate dimension for new players where the chat is filled with spam that has gone unnoticed and unreported.The energy cost allows the GMs or other enforcement mechanism to assume that the report carries a great degree of weight and legitimacy, as a lot of self-interested players would surely not spend 90 minutes worth of passive regeneration to report someone else. This assumption I fear could lead to a blind trust in a largely automated system that is built around the principle of 'if the accuser invested so much in this accusation, it will be assumed true,' leading to the DOTA 2 scenario where X number of individual reports leads to an automatic ban, and groups or guilds abusing this system to the detriment of non-spammers.I personally prefer that the cost of reporting be lowered or eliminated, or changed to a percentage of total energy such that the report is not regressively costly to lower-level players (30 energy is a much larger chunk when you are low level), and assurances that even players who are ban-requested dozens of times still receive a manual review by GMs at some level before a ban is instituted.
    Another option is that, if a player is actually found to be justifiably banned from a GM review, anyone who expended energy to request the justified ban will have the 30 energy cost refunded to them.
    What does the community think about the energy cost of requesting a chat ban, given the volume of actual spam bots we are seeing?