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  1. People complain about not having an efficient way to fail stack past 30.
    Heres a guide consisting of pictures only

    Easiest 5 fail stacks of my life.
  2. Okay lets get straight to it, since it is an old topic.
    Remove RNG of the following:
    Dyes: Already a horrible system, a promise of a change (still not holding my breath here), why will you bother your players with this random nonesense??
    I understand if you had a system like GuildWars2 (go try it out and see for yourself), but you have a far inferious system.
    Pet tier 2/3 -> 4: For god sake make this a sure thing. Do not screw the players up by throwing their money away, talking about two tier 3 becoming one tier 3.
    This is in my opinion bad practice.. It is frustrating and do not belong in a system where you already paid so much.
    I am fine with RNG, it is a part in the game (though it could be improved), but when we paid for it, we should be able to avoid this.. Hell why not let us buy pets at tier 4 and let us chose skills, make a pearl item to chhange these if we regret.
    And a cupoon to change it appereance. Still ræeqrning pearls, more player freedom.. Then free pets could be this random bullshit stuff we got now.
    I now this might not be change, due to PA /care,  but still think we should voice these opinions often.
  3. So after months of bidding on specific items and loosing 100% of the time I began to think to myself, "How can we fix this punishing RNG system that doesn't reward dedicated players?" My answer, the same solution that enchanting uses, fail stacks. Now, I'm not saying there is a 100% fix, and bots are always going to be a huge problem, but I think this can work.
    The way it could work is that items with a given rarity or high demand, should have a bidding fail stack associated with them for a player's family. Each time a player looses a bid, their fail stack goes up, slightly increasing their odds of winning a future bid for that item. Just like enchanting, fail stacks for bidding will zero out with a successful win, regardless of purchase.
    So all this is great, but how do we stop whales who buy to buy and bots who never stop buying? Simple, a fail stack cool down or lockout could be implemented. For example, a Liverto weapon could have a week long cool down. On the flip side, Pearl items could support a cool down that simply locks a player out once they've won a bid on that specific item.
    In the end, a system like this would reward the people who play the game and put in the time to watch the markets for the items they want. Most of us just want that one item to enchant or a single costume to make a character. This would go a long way to help make the market place fun again as a lost bid isn't a loss of time.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7kQhaHHk5c&feature=youtu.be
    plz. help.
  5. PLZ introduce an auction system and let players outbid each other instead of retarded RNG BS. Or fix the price setting(just raise the upper limit price you can set) it's absurd to have a communist economy even in a MMORPG these days.
  6. Please leave your feedback below for the developers, on how you think they can improve said features, or why you disagree with them. Please do not misunderstand this thread. Despite my low post count on the forums, I have been following this game for many years-. I have played during the betas, and for about 6 months after launch. Although I took a break, I love this game, it can just use a few really simple to fix adjustments- which I feel could make this game even better. 
    RNG Enhancing + Degrade + Gear Dependency
    Having RNG is not necessarily a bad feature. But, it's the way that the game implements the feature which ruins it. There are many ways this situation can be fixed, some better than others. Personally, I think the best way is to increase the sucess rate when enhancing gear and accesorries. As for acessories, I am sure someone has broken their keyboard over the RNG of these. If an enhancement fails, the acessory that is PRI or more should not be demolished- just the non-PRI+ acessory used for enhancing should be demolished. Another viable option for accesories can be like gear, if an enhancement fails instead of being demolished it loses a grade instead. 
    Gear dependency in this game wouldn't be as brutal and tedious as it is now, especially for PvP situations, if RNG were to be 'improved'. This is my number one dislike about the game. 
    Feeling of No Progress
    This feeling comes along with the RNG system currently in game. A player can grind for one month straight, and have X amount of millions of coins that he/she saved for enhancing or progressing. Well, because of RNG that month of work can go to absolutely no progress. As MMO players, most of us are probabaly more than a bit fine with grinding for a few hours a day to work our way towards gear and progression over time. The issue is that unlike in other MMOs, this game can give you absolutely nothing in return for the work and time you put in to try and progress forward. It's completely RNG based [Do not say a player can just save the money and buy the gear. High end enhanced gear selling on the MP is almost more rare than good RNG]. It does not matter if Player A played for 5 months, and Player B played for 1 month- if RNG is going great for one player, he/she can almost easily get ahead of the other. This leaves Player A frustrated, as they have spent 5 months trying to progress, but due to RNG they have gotten minimal or even no progress. [This game being a Korean MMO is not an excuse. We koreans do not like grinding without progress and purpose, just as similar as you guys do!!]
    Sucess rates just need to be increased for progress across multiple features in this game. There needs to be some sort of limit or boundary RNG has, so a player doesn't waste months just to potentionally get no where. RNG is fine with limitations and general progress.
    EXP & Crystal Loss
    If the servers were stable or the game was optimized, EXP and crystal loss would be fine. But, realistically that is not the state of the game. Please do not think I am bashing the game or developers, I believe they are working hard to fix and improve this game- that doesn't mean we should be further effected by these issues though. Until the servers are stable, which right now can cause players to randomly stop in motion and be slaughtered by monsters, or be one tapped by a world boss due to animation delay/lag, crystal and EXP loss should be temporarily disabaled. I do not think we should be penalized for an issue that we can not control, since it is up to the developers and company to fix. All I, and hopefully the community, ask for is a temporarily pause on crystal and EXP loss until the game is in a better state. 
    RNG World Boss Timers
    The easiest 'fix' of them all, world boss timers. I do not understand why the developers put a five hour time frame on boss spawns. The ~24 hour distance between how many times a boss can spawn is perfectly fine, but there should be a set time a boss spawns. For example, instead of Kzarka spawning between 23:20 EST - 03:50 EST it should just spawn at one specific set time- 23:20 EST. 
  7. Greetings!
    I only recently started the game, but noticed that the dye system requires either a heavy blessing by RNGesus or monthly subscription to allow you to pick a set of precise colors that you want. Given that each dye box has an enormous number of possible dye outcomes, I would like to ask if Pearl Abyss/Kakao might consider allowing a high priced way to buy the exact, desired dyes without RNG or subscription.
    Take the bright orange dye box which gives yellow dyes for instance - This includes a minimum of 84 possible dyes as outcome (textured dyes alone), but counting the basic palette, it should be 96 possible dyes or above. For this example, we will take 96 as the number of possible outcomes. If I sought a particular dye in this box (say, [Valencian Dye] Vivid Yellow), then assuming all dyes dropped with equal chance, I would have to buy 150 dyes (or 60 USD/EUR worth) to have a 79.21% chance to see the dye I want dropped. A screenshot is attached of this calculation being done in MATLAB. The results are estimated to be worse if the dyes did not drop with equal likelihood.
    If I desire, say, 5 [Valencian Dye] Vivid Yellow, and ONLY 5 of this kind of dye, then I would be spending hundreds if not thousands just to buy dyes, which would then force me to basically opt to subscribe ONLY for dyes with a Value Pack or Merv's Palette. However, I dont really find subscription to be a satisfactory option, because I do not feel like I own the dyes, just renting. One of the attractions of BDO is the B2P model - which implies no subscription!
    My suggestion therefore is to sell the dye either:
    A) individually at 8 to 20 USD/EUR for 1 dye. If you know exactly what dye you want, then satisfaction (with the product) is guaranteed!
    B) sell a 1 use version of Merv's Palette that retains it's effects permanently at 50 to 100+ USD/EUR , no subscription. Again, if you know exactly what dye you want, then satisfaction (with the product) is guaranteed!
    I understand your servers require upkeep and selling dyes individually at 200 pearls or such low price might cause financial issues, especially if the dyes/merv's/value packs are your main income. However, this suggestion is aimed at addressing people who do not want to subscribe just for a small number of specific dyes on 1 outfit, but also find the RNG dye box system outrageous.
    Pros for Pearl Abyss/Kakao:
    -players, and especially whales who know exactly what dyes they want would pay you hundreds for the dyes just to skip the RNG game and the subscription
    -players, and especially whales who will play/subscribe for less than 6 months will pay the equivalent of a 7 to 10 month subscription if B) is implemented, and if A) was implemented, you will potentially get more due to pricing!
    -player satisfaction from being able to BUY dyes (not rent them) without RNG! Less RNG will result in more people recommending the game to their friends!
    -an increase in positive business/MMORPG publishing reputation for listening to your player base! I know I am not the first one to suggest individually buyable dyes; I googled and found threads dating back months, if not a year+ ago asking for this! However, I'm probably the first to suggest this price range as a generous consideration for your company's revenue though...
    Cons for Pearl Abyss/Kakao:
    -Complaints about pricing (which you already have for costumes and if you look at my screenshot, the current RNG box system is technically worse in that its a high price tag that guarantees no satisfaction, while your subscription options don't let you buy the dye(s), but more like renting)
    -Your engineers will have work to do to code this and implement it into the cash shop (but I for one will thank them generously for this with my wallet!)
    Pros for players:
    -no RNG!
    -no subscription! it's just a 1 time payment
    -product satisfaction guaranteed! (You pick your dye, after all)
    Cons for players:
    -high pricing (but come on, 20 USD/EUR for a dye is better than 60 USD/EUR for a 79.21% chance for a dye and 100 USD/EUR for being any to use any dye you want once and permanently is a good deal if you plan to play/wear an outfit for a year or longer!)
    -no flexibility like the merv's palette/value pack so if you change your mind after, you need to pay again
    sidenote: the MATLAB program was originally written for mount farming on World of Warcraft. Just ignore the graph label saying "Alts/Trials" and think of it as only "Trials"

  8. After 1 year of playing BDO decided to make this video ~ hope it helps out the new players with enchanting
  9. Post on RNG Reduction in Suggestions

    By AGx, posted
    I understand the logic behind all the RNG; if everything is a little harder to obtain (loot, upgrades, etc) you're forced to spend more time trying to obtain it which equates to more play time. The longer we have to hang ground trying to obtain these things, the longer your game lasts. I get it and I'm not entirely opposed to it but for the love of all that is (and is not) holy can we please tone it down a little. The RNG in this game, as it is, is so severe that it's actually turning people away. The upgrade system alone requires so much luck it's insane and it's the worst for weapons. You have to be lucky to get the boss to drop the weapon, lucky to get the item that you need to upgrade it, lucky if the upgrade is successful and if it's not, lucky if your item doesn't DOWNGRADE! Fail-stacks exist but this is a terrible mechanic based on luck too since in this case, you're lucky if whatever your stacking with doesn't successfully upgrade and reset your count. It's ridiculous and I cannot fathom why anyone thought this was a good idea. It's created a "have's and have not's" system where the best geared players simply cannot be touched and those who only have so much time to play simply shouldn't be bothered. I'm not saying cater to the casuals but the longevity of the game will depend on the player-base and I"m afraid this will scare people away over time. There's very little in this game to work towards, just a lot to hope for.
  10. What if a Brand item made weapon/armor character bound (not family bound), cannot sell, and didn't generate fail stacks on failed enchantment?
    But - it did add a significant enchantment bonus (innate fail stack) to enchanting. Not a 100% success, but perhaps a MAX failstack bonus? A 25-30% success? Whatever current MAX % is for a given class of gear: Green, Blue, Yellow.
    What if the Brand+ breaks (gets used up) on a successful TET? So now you have a TET item, but you cannot use it to PEN.
    Still character bound.Durability applies.Downgrades still apply.Obtaining:
    Pearl shop. More expensive than a regular Brand item. (character or family limit, like the weight limit items? I.E. 3 of 3 remaining)Quest - create an opportunity to receive one character bound Brand+ per character slot.Thoughts?
    What are your pro/con thoughts? Two sides to everything and all. If you disagree with a Brand+ idea, express it. Also, try to find one pro where it would benefit and support the community that is dealing with RNG issues.
  11. I have played this game since launch and their is one thing this game does brilliantly.... punish hard working, grinding players that spend hours, days,weeks months accumulating silver and items for it to be all wiped away in seconds through BDO's toxic cancerous RNG system. I'm sorry but the whole game is TOO RNG and not based on true rewards based on time but into the game and hard work.
    Gear Enhancement system - what a joke - who ever thought of this was obviously drunk or on drugs or both or really hates gamer's or like's watching gamer's suffering, spend hours and hours grinding for top gear, only for it to fail with loads fail stacks, no guide as to how many fail stacks is required and even punish by reducing gear level if it fails at a higher level. I have read online about FS, looked at countless player guides and reviews as to what they think, spoken to other gamers and one thing I have found, everyone has a different opinion on this, no facts, and no facts being given by BDO, its like gambling with Russian roulette, this model might work in South Korea where gamer's spend their whole life in front of a screen but here in the west it doesn't. I spend at least 12 hours everyday on this and still nowhere near got good gear, and before anyone says it, saying "git gud" plays no part in a RNG system, its totally random so no matter how good you are you have the same chance as a new start which is ridiculous. I have a friend who got TET on just 10 FS! TEN! and he has been playing it 4 months, I have been playing it almost a year and have failed TET with over 100 FS 8 times!. How the hell is that fair? he doesn't even play it half the time I do? I feel like ive been kicked in the nuts 8 times after being so loyal and dedicated to this game, how are you rewarding me for my hard work? my dedication? how are you motivating me to continue to put money into this game, the RNG system punishes me, how is that good for you to make more money?
    Rewards boxes - fixed - don't tell me they aren't, they are, I've guess 90% accuracy with most of my boxes because the chances of getting anything good are minimal - boxes need EQUAL chances of all rewards, not heavily weighted to the crap like they are now.
    Pet breeding - again - totally RNG - needs fixing to make it more equal
    Accessory enhancement - now i know I'm not the only one thinks BDO kicks you while your own on this one. Not only is it near impossible to get anywhere with it, you fail, okay but then you take away BOTH items too? what the hell is the batter with you BDO? do u truly hate hard working gamer's? same with uniforms.
    You need to do something, there is just too many punishments in this game to get anywhere, its so frustrating, grinding for weeks only for it to be all taken away in a blink of an eye.
    The progression system needs to be based on hard work and time put into the game, or this RNG system needs to be revised with clear guides as to how it works, stating at a certain level the percentage increases, we are just left in the dark on this game.
    Your RNG gaming model only creates dissatisfied gamer's, with a very small minority liking it because the RNG luck angel has blessed them.
    Please give this some serious thought. As people approach this wall more and more gamer's are just going to stop investing since they will think there is no point.
    Your a game company, a company who wants to make money, you want gamer's to invest in you yet this RNG system gives no incentive to continue to invest if you constantly punish players like this.
    Please think about this..
    Many Thanks
    P.S - only constructive comments please, flaming, trolling, insulting and abusive comments will be reported... many thanks in advance.
  12. 188 failstacks spread on 4 characters, trying to tri grunil. what the ----- is going on ??? can some1 explain 
  13. So this has happened already six times in a row, which goes beyond RNG and I think I'm missing something here.
    I've got an Ultimate Jubre Talisman that refuses to level from DUO to TRI and always degrades back to PRI on my first attempt to enhance it (I usually try with +20 rate).
    I'm clueless as to why this keep happening, since I got both my Liverto main and my scythe to TRI on first attempt with the same enhancement rate (yeah I know - kinda got lucky there).
    Is there anything specific about secondary weapons that makes their enhancement a pain in the ass, or is it just RNG (though seriously...)?
  14. To keep track of rewards lest we get another red nose day.
  15. It's a sad story. BingBing is quitting because rng.
    Let's take a moment of silence, pray for BingBing
    God bless you BingBing.

  16. Before I get into my suggested changes I would like to state a few things to start off with to show that these suggestions aren't unrealistic. I know that there are plenty of suggestions posted daily and that not everything can even be considered due to the amount of work it would take compared to the amount of the player base that wants it and how it would affect the company's income but I hope nothing I suggest in regards to enchanting would deter GMs or Developers from at least considering what I am going to suggest. I also realize that a significant change to the enchant system would mean players would reach "max" gear faster and would mean players get bored faster and that the company would sell less artisans memories for repairs and possibly costumes to fund enchant session so with all this said I hope that my suggestions come across as fair and rewarding to both the player and the company.
    I suggest lowering the amount of Cron stones required per enchant on main pieces of gear such as weapons and armor not for accessories though. From my experience the amount of cron stones needed is usually close to the cost of the current item you are enchanting of course this isn't 100% when taking into account boss gear and accessories but generally speaking the use of cron stones is very expensive. not only that but even with the use of cron stones there is still a chance, I don't know the exact chance but I have been told its around 20%, of item loss or degradation. I have not done any research into how many players actually use cron stones but I can safely say no one in my guild or anyone I have spoken to for advice or any guides I have seen suggest using cron stones for the reasons afformentioned. I believe lowering the necessary amount of cron stones for the chance of protecting your enchant level will invite more players to use them while also keeping their frustration levels down. I also believe the more players you have enchanting then the more people you will have buying artisans memories for repairs. speaking of artisans memories I would also like to suggest changing the Loyalty Point cost of them down to 100 LP because there are similar costed items in the pearl shop, as in items that cost 50 cents,  that cost 100 LP from the loyalty store while the 50 cent artisans memory costs 400 LP. I think changing the amount of cron stones to something close to the chance of success for a specific enchant would be very fair, for example if I am enchanting a Green awakening weapon like a scythe from +16 to +17 you would subtract the price difference of a +17 scythe and a +16 scythe then divide the result by the rough chance of succeeding the enchant. so if there is roughly a 1/4 chance of success with a max fail stack for getting +17 and the difference in cost is 40 million silver then I believe the amount of cron stones required to have a chance of protecting the current enchant level should be 10 million so 10 cron stones. (70-30)/4=10. those numbers aren't exact and i am not currently in game so i can't give precise numbers but something like this will encourage the use of them while relying on the traditional risk/reward system of how most people currently enchant can still be very rewarding for those that succeed with low fail stacks and the revised cron stone system provides a slightly slower but more reliable way to enchant. of course these are just some ideas and aren't backed by any real data but i can do some more research and math behind any suggestions if needed.
    in conclusion I have been playing for awhile and have seen improvements made to the enchantment system in regards to repairing max durability but as it is currently  it can still be very frustrating for the average player, and i stress average I know there are some hardcore players that can afford to spend 8+ hours a day actively playing while also leaving their pc on 24/7 for workers to passively make money while fishing afk, to enchant his or her own gear with the current system due to the fact that it costs silver to build fail stacks and to repair your gear and to make another attempt at the enchant you are going for. But when you have to grind for your memory frags as well as enchant mats its extremely frustrating trying to get your gear to a competitive level. I appreciate any response from member of the staff and I have other ideas about fair changes to enchanting that I would love to discuss so please feel free to ask questions or to start up a discussion with me on this topic!
  17. Certain statistical tests on RNG activities like farming and gathering (due to ease of testing) revealed some anomalies.
    In simple terms, in gathering and farming you can classify everything into just two events: energy used and energy not used. Depending on skill level it can be 1/3.5 or even better.
    However the incidence of over 15 consecutive events of the same class (energy consumed) only have a less than 1% chance of happening, yet they are way over-represented (5%+).
    It seems unlikely that the developers made such clustering happen on purpose, it is both more difficult to do and would reduce fairness.
    The other option is that the PRNG implementation used is rather poor, resulting in this unfortunate clustering. Using a hardware TRNG would be most fair however I have known 'respectable' gambling services to not use them so I wouldn't expect an MMO to. Please at least use a cryptographically-secure PRNG, those are easily accessible to developers. Given that players' money is on the line it's surely not too much to ask?
    Failing such a simple test as we on our end can perform doesn't bode well at all, I shudder to think how well whatever RNG you use would actually score on standardized testing.
  18. here's the link: http://imgur.com/j4wVpUw
    fk this game. 140 usd worth skill change coupons. 
    update: finally got the s-sidewaymove on 59th try. thanks kakao.
  19. Please update quest area and adjust chance to aquire quest item to something reasonable.
  20. And the list goes on. I lost all patience
    Is it possible the item is bugged or my account is in corrupt database?
    I mean what the actual FK?

  21. Et non !!!! hahaha

  22. Post on Nerf RNG in General

    By MobyX, posted
    on my account
  23. Nothing new really, I just came back to this game after several months and forgot about it.
    Not only is it RNG, but its not ACTUALLY random; Darker shades are like 10x rarer than all the stupid blinding SNOW and SUNSHINE colors.
    Let's not even mention black, which is for some reason rare as -----. 
    There aren't even many colors on the marketplace, meaning the RNG is too shitty for whales to even try profiting.
    it's cheaper to get the clothes you want in real life.  How -----ed up is that.
    You know I'd pay like $50 for a permanent Merv's palette.  ----- it, $100.  I'd pay One Hundred of my EURODINEROS to look fabulous.
    Christ the gear is already an RNG nightmare, why did you have to taint cosmetics with it too.  Assholes.
  24. Post on RNG is killing Players in General

    By Kazaku, posted
    Since i heard you need to cry to improve your ingame experience i need to create a post aswell.
    I have been playing Black Desert since Release now and cant imagine how much bad luck i had till today. Basically all my better enchant attempts fail. Doesnt matter if its a yellow item or any Item attending to tri. I havent gotten any bossamor/weapon dropped since realise while lots of my friends got multiple drops. All my tet atempts failed up to allmost  a pen stack, while my guildies succeded tet on 50 to 60 failstacks. Even when we got the gms boxes i just got blackstones.
    Also it feels bad to see people at 56 with allmost full bossamor.
    I hope Rng will be once on my Side to get atleast a bit progression with my gear.
    Thank you!
  25. tl:dr;
    Shoveling doesnt even come close to disparities created by the casino style enhancement system. And thats when you notice that an approved feature of the game working as intended is so much worse than the worst exploit we had so far.
    And yes i still believe exploiters should be punished but we should not forget the nonsense we are being fed by the game.
    Long version: Since i have another hour of downtime i wanted to compare the recent shoveling exploit to a working game mechanic (enhancing). I have spend some time doing massive amounts of calculations for enhancements in BDO and the results are worse than what i expected. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzAeIFslcWhZ-TudUTrvt4S6ejGF8Uo5FwVqNivfHK0/edit#gid=0 )
    A few numbers:
    PEN Kzarka/Dandelion ~ 9000m
    PEN Boss Armor ~ 8000m
    TET Ogre ~ 26000m
    A while ago someone on Alustin put up a TET Ogre on the auction house, which from what i heard he got on the very first try (it isnt really relevant tho). So a person gets by pure luck (no skill/hard work other than pressing a button required) an item that can be sold for 8b on the market and would cost probably anywhere between 8b and 26b to craft yourself on average within a timespan of less than a minute.
    Now this obiously is too rare to make a big impact? Nope not really. Lets take PEN items. Based on my calculations with a stack of about 70 it will take an average of 5 tries and 6.7b worth of stones, repairs and re-upgrades and 1b worth of failstacks to get to PEN. However with a base start chance of ~13% it means that about 1 in 8 people will get their PEN on the very first try. So within less than 1 minute someone randomly (once again no skill/hard work other than pressing a button required) will save the equivalent of 6700m silver. So lets compare that to shoveling.
    I heard different numbers of shard drops but lets just do a rough estimate:
    2shards / h for 90 days = 4320 Shards @4m = 16b (this is probably higher than what they made)
    Yes that is some serious money and i want to see that addressed by Daum, but thats not the point. These people spend 3months amassing a fortune that a significant portion of the playerbase attempting PEN will get/save in a matter of minutes by being lucky. It has nothing to do with it being endgear and it should be hard and you have to work for it. No by pure chance some will get it without it being hard and without having to work for it. This is when i realized that a feature of this game is so much worse at not rewarding player skill or efford than the worst exploits we had so far.
    To be perfectly clear i do not have a problem with endgear thats hard to achieve and requires significant investments, quite the opposite. But Enhancement in BDO is like playing Roulette in a casino with everyone betting on a different number and one person gets the jackpot. This will and does create large power gaps at the top end spectrum because (unlike +15 where the investments are so low, that even the unluckiest people will eventually succeed) the amount of resources needed for PEN are so high that even top earners (and that includes exploiters) will not own enough silver to even out luck spikes and go for the long run. You may aswell roll a die and quit BDO if you dont get a 6.
    My suggestion: Do not reduce the average cost of resources required for PEN but get rid of the extreme RNG in it, which awards/takes billions on lucky/unlucky rolls.
    Edit: Highlighted the part that im not asking for things to be made easier, just more fair.