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  1. Hello everyone

    I would be glad if it would be possible to shoulder harpoons and muskets on land, especially because you could surely use it for roleplay.
    If one falls into the water with one of these objects, this happens automatically, which makes me hope that it would not be a big effort to integrate this in the game.

    Once caught here, when my character goes out of the water:
  2. Rollenspiel in Black Desert Online ?

    Hallo liebe Community. Ich selber bin momentan dabei das Spiel herunterzuladen. Ich habe leider ein sehr langsames Internet deshalb wird das locker einen Tag dauern. 46 Gigabyte sind kein Zuckerschlecken mit langsamen Internet von 5mbit. Doch über mein Internet, welches durch Hamsterräder generierten Strom der durch halb vertrocknete Äste geleitet wird und nur deshalb überhaupt existiert, kann ich mich noch ein anderes Mal aufregen. Dies ist nicht der Thread für langweiliges reales Leben.
    Rollenspiel, ja. Rollenspiel. Der einzige Grund warum ich mir dieses Spiel überhaupt kaufen würde. Momentan habe ich die sieben Tage Testphase. Also die fünf Tage Testphase, weil es nicht über das erste Login im Spiel die Zeit abrechnet und nicht, wie es sinnvoll wäre, ab Erstellen des ersten Charakters des Accounts. Egal. Beim Thema bleiben. Fokussieren.
    Verzeiht mir, liebe Community, denn ich bin aufgeregt über diese neue Möglichkeit des Rollenspiels. Wenn man schon mindestens zehn Euro zahlen muss um das Spiel langfristig zu spielen müssen die Spieler das RP hier doch ernst nehmen, oder? Mich schmerzt es oft zu sehen, dass Rollenspiel so herabgesetzt wird. Keinen Funken Ernst bei der Sache, kein Funken Liebe bei der Sache. Ist es hier in Black Desert anders? Wie Funktioniert das Rollenspiel hier? Wieviel wird durchschnittlich geschrieben? Ich persönlich habe mich so auf 200 bis 250 Wörter per Post eingeschossen. Wie detailreich ist das Rollenspiel? Wie stark ist die Community dahinter? Wie weitrechend ist die Lore und wie Penibel wird sie durchgesetzt?
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn diese Fragen beantwortet werden könnten. Wie gesagt. Rollenspiel wäre der primäre Ansatz weshalb ich dieses Spiel überhaupt spielen würde. Lohnt es dich dennoch die zehn Euro auszugeben? Ich wäre mehr als bereit zehn Euro zu zahlen um wieder gutes Rollenspiel zu haben.

  3. Hi everyone! I've found myself playing willing to do some RolePlay, but with anyone to do it with. I would like to use this post as a meeting point to call the most of roleplayers I can, and keep a talk about some roleplay and also make some in game friends. 
    Please, leave your answer below, and maybe we could roleplay sometime!!
    Thanks for reading!!!
  4. Looking for some founding members that would like to start up a guild!
    No requirements!
    Just have a good attitude, and drive to make a community that thrives.
    https://discord.gg/PUY2DVY discord link!

    Das Team der deutschsprachigen Rollenspiel-Plattform www.bdo-rollenspiel.de hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, das Rollenspiel auf Black Desert Online zu fördern und zu unterstützen. Es wird eine Plattform offeriert, auf der deutschsprachige Rollenspieler miteinander interagieren und sich austauschen können.

    Was können wir euch bieten?

    Unter anderem folgendes:
    Eine vom Tätigkeitsfeld klar getrennte Administration und Moderation.Eine neutrale und strukturierte Moderation.Eine Bibliothek für die Lore von Black Desert OnlineEinen Vorstellungsbereich für eure CharaktereEinen Ankündigungsbereich für Events und aktuell stattfindendem Rollenspiel.Einen Gallerie für Handmade-Kunst sowie Screenshots.Die Möglichkeit Unterforen für deine Gilde oder dein RP-Projekt zu beantragen…Und vieles, vieles mehr.

    Schaut einfach vorbei und unterstützt uns bei der Tätigkeit die deutschsprachigen Rollenspieler zusammenzuhalten und somit unter einem Banner zu vereinen.

    Euer www.bdo-rollenspiel.de -Team

  6. About us:
    So far we are a pair of brothers (Whitecurse & Whitecurses) in search of members to join our small Family and find the hidden secrets of Black Desert Online. We are a PVX guild that mainly focuses on Gathering and Trading, so we could slowly bring ourselves to enter into the PVP Node wars. Profit to the guild always works wonders, especially for the node wars. We welcome any new players and veteran players to our small Family, and always willing to learn more about the game. To the new players we are always there to help our with small tips an advice about Black Desert online. My brother and I has had our Whitecurse Shadows Clan / Guild  for about 4 years and continuing on. We used to have plenty of more members, but as an understanding they had to leave our small family to carry on to their IRL responsibilities.

    Guild Requirements
    There is no level requirement, we are always welcoming every level to our Guild.Be active, if you cannot be active within our guild please let us know within our guild information comments. So we don't end up giving you the boot by accident.Must speak English. Since we are in the North American server, but my brother and I do speak Romanian as well.Good Vibes! No drama is permitted within our tranquil guild. I do not like using the Ban HammaIf you are interested in joining our fun little family, you can contact me through forums, Post a comment , and contact any one of our characters in game.
    Contact information
    Whitecurse - Maiingan
    Whitecurses - Muzumi
    We are usually online the NA_Mediah 6 server, but are always active. Feel free to add any one of us as well. Hope to see you in game.
    We do not own a Discord channel or TS3 channel, but if we get more members and have good quality officers willing to join us we will look into getting some channels made. We do have skype at the moment.

  7. Guild Status: Seeking New Members
    We are a currently seeking members; also Officers and Quart Masters.
    About us:
    So far we are a pair of brothers (Whitecurse & Whitecurses) in search of members to join our small Family and find the hidden secrets of Black Desert Online. We are a PVX guild that mainly focuses on Gathering and Trading, so we could slowly bring ourselves to enter into the PVP Node wars. Profit to the guild always works wonders, especially for the node wars. We welcome any new players and veteran players to our small Family, and always willing to learn more about the game. To the new players we are always there to help our with small tips an advice about Black Desert online. My brother and I has had our Whitecurse Shadows Clan / Guild  for about 4 years and continuing on. We used to have plenty of more members, but as an understanding they had to leave our small family to carry on to their IRL responsibilities.
    Guild Requirements
    There is no level requirement, we are always welcoming every level to our Guild.Be active, if you cannot be active within our guild please let us know within our guild information comments. So we don't end up giving you the boot by accident.Must speak English. Since we are in the North American server, but my brother and I do speak Romanian as well.Good Vibes! No drama is permitted within our tranquil guild. I do not like using the Ban Hamma 
    If you are interested in joining our fun little family, you can contact me through forums, Post a comment , and contact any one of our characters in game.
    Contact information
    Whitecurse - Maiingan
    Whitecurses - Muzumi
    We are usually online the NA_Mediah 6 server, but are always active. Feel free to add any one of us as well. Hope to see you in game.
  8. Post on LF Roleplay partner in Roleplay

    By markru, posted
    I am looking for someone who is willing to begin a roleplay storyline between my character and their's. Character must be female as my character is a heterosexual male, but player can be male or female. Hoping to create an intriguing and enjoyable story/experience, serious replies only please. 
    Considering 18+, mature, and interested people only.

    The purpose behind 'The Wolves' is as shown. We are a Role Playing, PvE, PvP focused guild. All in the means of casual fun and enjoyment of the game.
    Role Play...
    Contact Information
    To contact me for any purpose
    Discord: MrReverence#9486
    InGame: Reverent(SnowMitarius); in case you can not locate me... Castlefort(Rainnell)
    Home Channel: NA_Calpheon2
  10. Post on This type of RP.. in General

    By leatul, posted
    Heidel's RP at its finest

  11. Hey folks,
    Let's get right to it! BDO has lot's of content... Hiding somewhere behind lot's and lot's of boring NPC talk.  And everybody knows there is lore and story behind the setting of BDO but it just doesn't show, you have to actively search for it.
    And as most of us will agree upon, long searching for the lore and story in an MMORPG-sandbox doesn't actually help players to bond with the world.  The motto of "The New World" is quiet cynical: "A world every player can call it's home" but what does that "home" mean, when you don't have a clue on what's going on in the world?  I value the efforts of the devs for updating this game in an insane fast way, I do, but they should focus on more than just new area's and awakenings...
    The feeling I have amongst many other players is that you can do like a lot of things in BDO but there is no point in doing them unless you want to be the best crafter, do endless pvp, grinding mobs, have the best gear, reach way beyond your awakening.... A lot of those listed things you can do in other games, games that are too superficial.
    I have some ideas/concepts that might make players bond more with the BDO world:
    A lot of NPC's are too stationairy is one of the first problems I want to tackle. I know it is quiet demanding of pc's but please make NPC's do more than just wave or some emote, let them walk around, carry out their jobs, "talk to other NPC's. I know there are NPC's who already travel and do other "tasks" but not quiet enough. Look at skyrim, for example that maid at the forge, in the noon she was forgeing weapons, at another point in the day she was in her shop, at night in her bed,.... Or the witcher for example, with it's breathing world, NPC's do stuff, they have emotions  and interesting conversations with other NPC's,...A second improvement would be more and better cut-scenes, even for side quests. In the beginning of the game there should be more explanation about the black desert (I didn't know why this game was called black desert until the valencia update came out... And still it's a weird name but that's off topic). Cut-scenes help the players to understand why they must do there quests, what's going on in the world, what bad guys there are or wich wars there are spreading across the land. In side-quests it would be nice since some NPC's their stories will capture you and you know why you do that stuff, instead of reading every (boring) dialogue or book to get a grasp of what's going on. Cut-scenes would clarify why goblins are at a certain location and attacking those villages and cities, why you have a blackspirit folowing you what it's purpose is and if has a secret agenda or not, is that spirit evil or good for you who knows.... And yes there are people who will know the explanation for these questions, but frankly, as a player you shouldn't have to search for everything you want to know aka knowledge system...More and better dynamic events, look at Guild Wars 2 (and for some aspects to WoW and Diablo III) not the greatest game(s) in my opinion but what I did like about the game(s) is the fact that there were dynamic events on a massive scale. Not just some world bosses spawning twice a day or some whale ready to be hunted. But actually mobs attacking  villages, dosens of raids through high level area's, mob elite hunting parties on the road that "terrorize" the lands and you had to kill them to "free" the NPC's of the danger.MOST IMPORTANT: Tell a better story and make it more visible/highligted. Entice players in the BDO world to become the hero or villain what they want to be, help them to create their own story with unique expierences but try to maintain a red line in the story. The story should tell what the "black" desert is, the danger of the black spirits, where your class comes from, why your soul is linked with a black spirit, what goals you should try to achieve  (like killing a bad guys, evil mobs,...). The BDO devs will bring the players new domains/realms/area's but what is going on there, what is the story behind those new landmasse's, are there new bad guys (like sorcerers, necromancers, dragons) players need to kill to "complete" the story of those new area's? That being said, I hope the devs will notice this post and take their time to think about what's being said here. If they do, and they implement it in the game in a right way => then I am certain that players will bond more with the world; there will come a massive amount of new players to BDO because then there is finnaly an MMO who really differentiates itself from others by creating a gameworld where players can dive into and lose themselves, following a good story line instead of what other MMO's do ( => killing mobs = the entire game).
    ~ Peace Bcit out
  12. Hello! My name is Slider and im starting a new Roleplaying guild with a few of my friends. We are on the European servers and we are trying to make a RWBY like academy guild, if you are interested then please PM me. Our roleplay is mostly for beginners who want to make learning the game fun and Enjoyable
    * Discord
    * (not really a requirment but appreciated) Low leveled or completely new characters
    * Know English

  13. Post couple photos here! I want to see more couple photos! These photos were a bomb from spring is in the air!

                                                                                                             Sadly this guy is lonely 

                                                                                                        So I took this random photo lmao  

  14. Hallo werte Abenteurer der Schwarzwüste
    Als großer Fan von Rollenspielen in Black Desert Online oder allgemein MMO's, wollte ich eine Idee verwirklichen. Es soll nichts großes sein, nur ein Ort Gleichgesinnter die sich nach so etwas sehnen, eine Gemeinschaft halt.
    Also habe ich mir überlegt, eben genau das zu machen und dabei kam der Discord raus. Lasst uns versuchen etwas aufzubauen.
    Ich darf euch vorstellen: 
    Edan's Freudenhaus
    die deutsche BDO Roleplay Community
    Falls ihr Lust habt, einfach mal dem Discord joinen : https://discord.gg/EFWM4Nx
  15. Hello,
    I just started playing this game a couple of weeks ago. I'm still a huge newbie.
    I got a level 34 Wizzard, in Eu servers (Croxus), named "Eruke".
    I am looking for roleplaying partners.
  16. I'm fairly new to the game, and was slightly interested in RP....but there doesnt seem to actually be any RP??
  17. It makes me want to go to deep space and scream into my own ass.
    A lot of the characters I've personally seen are like;
    I brought this up with a pretty strong writer who finally got tired of wasting their efforts just to get tuned out by incoherent fishing for ERP and attention.
    He said and I quote;
    "These people have no standards. Well--You can't have standards if you don't even know what they should be to begin with. Let alone think about them, because all that consumes you are survival instincts and the next chance you have to choke your own -----, or feel important. Most of these people actually disgust me on a physical level." -Adam.
    Anyway, that's all I really have energy to share. I can feel the salt coming, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  18. Bienvenue dans la guilde Arda !
    Les arbres ont parlé. Un murmure à parcouru le souffle des eaux annonçant notre naissance. Ce monde n'a que trop longtemps été dirigé par de vieux fou sans scrupule. Nous devons changer les choses pour un monde meilleur. Notre guilde est faite de sage, nous avons vue cette terre naître et mourir maintes fois. Nous sommes les enfants de la nature. Nous avons été envoyé par elle pour purifier ce qui a été corrompue.
    Rejoignez Arda et prenez part à la construction de ce monde. Faites flotter notre étendard au vent.
    Apportez puissance et paix à notre vert royaume !

    Cette superbe image a été crée par EmmyvanRuijven : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Triskel-runes-286019114
    Nous avons juste apposé le nom de la guilde dessus (non utilisé à des fins commercial)
    Qu'est ce que Arda ?
     Black Desert Online est un vaste univers en perpétuel mouvement. C'est un monde vivant. Que ce sois dans les vastes plaines, les désert rougeoyant ou les montagnes solitaire, la nature y a établit ses règles. Nous en sommes les gardiens. Dans un monde d'abus constant, nous nous proposant de rétablir les valeurs de force, respect et honneur sur tout ce qui vit et de préserver le cycle naturel de la vie et de la mort. Notre ordre a vue le jour depuis des temps immémoriaux. Mais même les sages les plus anciens ont du mal a savoir l'époque exacte de la fondation de l'ordre étant donné le nombre de fois où le monde a subit des destructions. Nos textes étaient écris dans la mémoire des arbres et de leurs destruction un appel à été lancé depuis leurs racines dans les profondeurs de la terre. Notre esprit à répondu en nous forgeant tel une œuvre au noir alchimique, nous avons dépouillé notre ancienne enveloppe charnel et avons ouvert notre conscience a ce nouveau monde qui nous tendait les bras.
    Nous venons rétablir l'équilibre !
    A quel type de joueurs ou joueuses la guilde Arda s'adresse t'elle ? Sur quel serveurs êtes-vous ?
    Nous sommes sur le serveur Croxus, Channel : Balenos C2
    Arda se propose de réunir des passionnés On ne joue pas seulement a un jeu, on plonge entièrement dans un univers avec son histoire. Notre guilde souhaite découvrir tout les secrets que le monde de Black Desert Online recèle. Découvrir des sentiers perdus inconnus de tous, menant vers des horizons enchanteur ou au contraire, des lieux de perditions là ou règne les maléfices et la noirceur. Ce confronter a d'autre guilde dans des batailles pour le contrôle d'une zone (guerre de géopoint). Nous venons pour restaurer l'ordre, nous devons avoir le contrôle des différentes régions. Mais après la guerre il faut savoir faire une place pour la paix. Arda se propose de développer une activité florissante, que l'on sois commerçant(e), fabricant(e) de meuble, pêcheur ou versé dans l'agriculture, notre guilde souhaite vraiment se développer dans tout les secteurs économique du jeu. Le but n'était pas de faire du rendement, mais de progresser ensemble et développer une réelle économie de guilde. PVP/ PVE en tout genre sont donc prévu !
    Être dans Arda, cela signifie "partir de rien", créer les fondement même de la guilde et participer à la vie de la guilde à la hauteur de ses moyens.
    On recherche des gens détendu, prenant la vie du bon côté, aimant rigoler et se faire plaisir !
    La guilde à t'elle des spécificités quelconque ?
    La Nature a cependant des règles et bien que toute forme de vies soient interconnectées, elle ne se côtoient pas au quotidien. Chaque forme de vie à son royaume et sa zone d'influence. Arda n'échappe pas à cela. Bien que notre guilde sois une seule communauté soudé, participant au même événement ce rendant service les uns aux autres, nous sommes la nature sous toute ses expressions. Certain(e)s personne aimeront la chasse, la pêche à la baleine ect et d'autre seront plus dans une démarche d'agriculture, de travail du bois et d'élevage d'animaux sans chercher à se nourrir de leurs chairs. Arda propose au joueurs et joueuses de se regrouper selon leurs traits de métier par région. Il est important de comprendre que dans l'Histoire de l'Humanité, il y a eu des regroupement culturelles et de tout les pans d'une civilisation par ses coutumes qui était proche ou au contraire totalement éloigné d'autre civilisation. Arda ne souhaite pas créer un clivage au sein même de sa guilde, mais simplement de respecter la volonté de chaque joueur sous une bannière commune. Après il sera tout à fait possible de voir des régions avec des personnes ayant des métiers de toutes sorte vivant en communauté. Nous sommes toutes les expressions de la Nature. Personne n'est laissé de côté, sous aucun prétexte !
    PS : Cette idée de possibilité est encore au stade d'étude, elle peut être modifié au fil du temps et lui apporté des subtilités supplémentaires sans pour autant rentre contraignant le jeu. Le but est de s'amuser, pas que cela deviennent une corvée ou un rush au statistiques. BDO a une trame historique énorme et ile me semble possible de mettre tout cela en place.
    Est-ce qu'il y a une obligation de jouertant d'heure par jour ou semaine ? A partir de quel niveau puis-je être recruté ?
    Arda privilégie avant tout le plaisir de jouer, car jouer à un jeu vidéo doit rester un plaisir. Du moins nous voyons les choses comme cela. Rien n'empêche par la suite de se poser de réel défis et d'apprécier de prendre le temps de relever les challenges ensemble. Il n'y a aucune obligation de présence tout les jours de la semaine. Tant que les membres sont régulièrement connecté ne serait-ce que 3 fois par semaine est suffisant. Si vous souhaitez jouer plus, vous le pouvez ! L'humble créateur que je suis de cette guilde qui vous salut bien bas, a aussi un travail, a aussi une vie de famille, et ne peux malheureusement pas passer 15h a jouer tout les jours non-stop. Nous comprenons que nos membres aient aussi des obligations. Nous ne souhaitons cependant pas de "membre fantôme", du genre connecté 3 fois par mois.
    Concernant les niveaux, nous recrutons tout les niveaux dans le jeu et toutes les classes. A savoir que si vous êtes niveau 56 et que la plupart des membres sont 30 (c'est un exemple) pour le moment ne les forcez pas a rusher les niveaux pour qu'ils ou elles vous accompagnent dans votre prochaine quête parce qu'il faut a tout prix avoir le dernier objet du jeu. Le but est d'accompagner tout nos membres à travers leurs expérience de jeu et leurs prodiguer conseils et aide sans exception.
    Est-ce qu'un logiciel de chat vocal est disponible pour la guilde ? Et est-ce obligatoire de l'avoir ? Comment puis-je contacter la guilde ?
    Nous utilisons comme beaucoup Discord, qui est un excellent logiciel de discussion à tout point de vue. Obligatoire oui et non. Si vous n'avez pas de micro chez vous, eh bien tant pis, vous pourrez toujours installer le logiciel et entendre les autres parler et leurs répondre à l'écrit. Après on trouve de très bon micro pour pas cher maintenant. Et pour ceux qui on un micro il est fortement conseillé d'utiliser le discord afin de permettre une meilleure communication entre les membres et d'apprendre à ce connaître au fur et à mesure.
    Pour nous contacter rien de plus simple : Sois en répondant ici en vous présentant très brièvement. Sois me contacter directement en jeu. Mon pseudo Famille : Bersekir . Prénom  du personnage principal : Myrklagar
    Un dernier mot pour clôturer cette présentation de Guilde ?
    Vous savez absolument tout sur Arda. On vous attends de pied ferme moussaillon ! Ah vous êtes un Soldat ? Chevalier ? Quoi Roi ?! Non ???!! Oh et puis zut hein même si vous êtes fermier on vous prends avec nous !
    On va terminer sur une note musicale qui m'a accompagné pendant la rédaction du topic . Bon jeu à tous !
  19. Post on New Rp guild on croxus in Roleplay

    By Nivali, posted
    Have you been looking for a RP guild? (I know a lot of players have)
    Couldn't you find any? (well i couldn't)
    Fear not my fellow roleplayer!
    I got tired of waiting for someone else to make a guild for roleplayers on croxus so i made one myself.
    Anyone that's interested is welcome to join <Elemia>!! <3
    Just Pm if you are interested :3

    Home channel: balenos C2 (might change in the future)
    Family name: Sonora
    Character name: Liarnoca
  20. - NOW OFFICIALLY IN FULL EFFECT --Family Name: "CAPTAlN"Player Name: "JackSparrow"   Whale hunting is 'ere n' we've got the Pirate ships!  | Lvl 51-55+ ( anything lower will be arr cabin boys) | NODE WARS | Voice Chat | LF> 3 ship pilots | LF > 1 Chef |  Hardcore PK /player looting |  Light RP | Boss Scrolls |Elephant taming | OUTLAW CITY! |Free Rum Fridays |  We are not a Guild, but a Crew...potentially a crew built on fear and notoreighty.  we'll teach you how to manage your karma, or how to survive with none of it  how to loot from players you kill (Fishers > AFK fishers > How to board enemy ships and destroy them efficiently > How to identify Lootable wagons > How to play dirty.     how to avoid penalties and jailinghttp://imgur.com/pVOD4v5(is at -1,000,000 karma in this gif)  how to properly pirate & profit and be a happy pirate.  Tricks/Tips/Secrets to the outlaw system.including looting packages from player in valencia desert ranging about "1mil per trade pack"  how to sail a boat and efficient naval strategies. -----------(edited) We plan to monopolize whale hunting and overwhelm altinova and velia seas with aggression and unrelenting numbers.   Though we may be pirates we also find ourselves allying with various guilds during Node war for our own personal gain.  You'll Never Find<PIRATES> traveling alone. Every Captain & Crew General here has a "First Mate". ( if it aint fair, you're doin' it right mate.)  Find us in Valencia in outlaw town, scouting the desert. or pm one of our members for an' invite to the crew. ... Or join the Discord! : https://discord.gg/VEZnKng -> (You will not be able to join the official channels without being a member, however.)(edited)    " Always Be yourself..unless ye' can be a Pirate mate...then always be a pirate."           Sidenote... Pirates shall always wear boots, except in the case of a peg leg. Then one boot is acceptable. Flip-flops are right out!      --
  21. As the title says. Have there been any new residential housing areas implemented (not the guild housing) with this update?
  22. I would like to be able to get a Sensei title some how in the game, i know its a small and silly thing, but hey its here where you can make suggestions right..
    Q: why? A: because i want one/ also i'm not the only one, im sure some naruto fan boy would love that..(myself) aaaaaand it would fit perfect for one of my ninja roleplay when ninjas FINALLY COMES OUT! but anyway...
    Q: Okay? how should you get it? A: Well i don't know maybe kill 10 000 ninja's in some temple on top off an mountain sounds good?
    Q: what kind of player would like this the most? A: Roleplayers and something between
    Thansk for reading my post
    you may like and share for people to see thx
  23. Hi
    habe bestmöglich meine real life Muse ins Spiel kopiert. Möchte von Euch der Community mal wissen was ihr vom Ergebnis hält. Alle Verbesserungsvorschläge sind sehr willkommen! Danke 
    PS: Jaja  diese verflixten Haare  


    How long? 
    How long are we, as a people, going to be robbed?  I don’t mean our possessions, our things or homes.  I’m talking about our culture!  Our soul as a people!  For too long have we been robbed of our past by those seeking to profit from it.  To use it to exploit others and deny us a piece of ourselves, and possibly the answers we seek.  Not just what we want to know, but we need to know! 
        Our past helps to shape our future, and I ask you, what sort of future do we have if we don’t even know that past? 
        My organization seeks to conduct archeological investigations.  The difference being what we find will be shared.  We will not look to profit and the dangers we face will not befall others.  Wherever it takes us.
        We swear allegiance to no country or religion, we operate without borders and while we’ll respect the territory we’re in we are independent of them.
        I’m looking for people to join us in our work.  Researchers, archeologists, protectors and workers.  You’ll be paid and if you desire an education in some field or another we can provide, we will teach you.  No matter how basic or advanced if it’s within our power to do so.  Your station in life doesn’t matter and determines nothing, it’s your abilities and your character that are important. 
    Seek me out or leave a message in Heidal at my office, street nine, house three.  
    Together, let us take back what we’ve lost.
    Mission Statement
    Study ruins of the ancients, decode their languages.Learn the origins of the Black Spirits and their purpose, if any.Discover the correlation between them and the black stone, and possibly black magic if any.How did the ancients deal with the above?
    Sub Goals
    Investigate occurrences of possession and magical corruption.Develop more efficient ways to combat creatures such as undead and safely exorcising the possessed.
         We are not an order of inquisitors or knights, nor swear allegiance to any specific nation or faith.  This is an independent organization.  Any like-minded person will be welcome with the intention of developing a wide skill base within the organization.   One must be willing to work with others of various backgrounds and skill sets.


    Hey everybody,
    This guild is about having fun and stretching your creative legs!  We want people to be comfortable, get everyone involved (no matter how shy or loud you may be), and to grow together. Its one thing to roleplay together, but as you probably know, its even better when you feel like you can talk freely and goof off in guild chat.  We'll be exploring serious themes and have regular serious plots going, but don't make the mistake of thinking we're as serious as all of that.  We are 18+ though, just incase. 
    Things we'll do:
    Weekly GM'd plots where we paint images, play npcs, narrate and work with whatever our people's characters throw at us to see where those plots go!Run plots and mini plots involving relics and other (roleplaying) resourcesHorse races (Crawl races too?)Run a plot involving your character's background (which is best if you agree to play an npc for someone else's plot)Group up and do pve challenges (like no armor or use unenchanted weapons or box an elite troll to death)We have experience with:
    Decades of roleplaying experience, both from tabletop game systems and from mmosRunning RP, PvE, and PvP guilds in mmos from EQ 1+2, to Warcraft, Aion, to GW2 (and many more)Community management - we're level headed and can handle conflictEating tacos and sharing cookies (that second one is pretty hard, but we made it)Art and artists: we love art, both making and exploring, and we're totally onboard to do commissions for events or occasional rewardsWriting and literature - We're roleplayers, duh! We do a lot of writing and some editing outside of our RP
     We're looking for potential members who are or want to get creative, are easy-going, respectful of all people, and people who want to build a community and interact with others.  If this fits you and you want to offer yourself and your roleplaying to a group of people who will gladly welcome you, come on!
    PM me here or on Enjin at Ravrohan, or my in game character name Basir, family name Kinsaeda  or Einkasur (family name) for any questions, meetings or sign ups!