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  1. This is a very basic OOC bio on Rosabella, I might do a more In character one later but first I need to practice speaking as her and get an idea of what she sounds like in my head, gonna use CBT2 for that.

    ╰╮♢╭╯The Calpheon Imperial Syndicate╰╮♢╭╯
    Greetings all!
    Adding an RP guild to the list,
    The Calpheon Imperial Syndicate will be a Role Play guild that will focus on all elements of game play. 

    The Calpheon Imperial Syndicate is a very selective and close community of players who push themselves to the edge of their capabilities alongside like-minded individuals in an environment that does not strangle them to do better, but nurtures their ambitions and potential with fun-loving and talented people who make gameplay entertaining and engaging. We strongly believe that you play your best among people you genuinely like and respect. People who you can crack jokes and screw around with yet also coordinate and collaborate with to progress through content efficiently and effectively. People you are proud to call your guildmates.
    The purpose of this guild is also to give a home to those who are looking for a role-play environment around the current storyline of the world. We are constantly obtaining merchants, crafters, traders, and mercenaries as we set our sights on the coming dawn of Black Desert.
    If these ideals resonate within you, then your journey begins here:
    ╰╮♢╭╯The Calpheon Imperial Syndicate╰╮♢╭╯

  3. Name: Astralhaven
    Overview: 18+ RP guild dedicated to player-driven interaction.
    Organization: The guild exists solely as a means to find and interact with other like-minded roleplayers. This means that we are not a group of mercenaries, a military order, or any in-lore entity.
    Our RP characters can be anyone--heroes, adventurers, vagrants, or merchants. They should be loosely affiliated people who form friendships and help each other out. Each character should have a backstory and potential story arcs. Over time, their individual storylines can and ideally should overlap.
    Arik is searching for a family heirloom lost during the war. While roaming, he runs into Katryn fighting a troll. After defeating it, they hit it off and start adventuring together. Eventually Arik confides in Katryn about the heirloom, and she agrees to help.
    Katryn later asks Arik to return the favor, and a third person joins then on another player-created quest line.
    This is just one example. You can go anywhere your creativity will take you. You can even take on the role of a standard “quest-giver” for others in the guild if you so choose.
    What this means is guild leaders will NOT force-feed scripted RP events to the guild. However, they will join with the rest of the players in creating backstories, quests and storylines to contribute to RP and overall guild interaction. While level of contribution will likely vary from person to person based on personal interest and their story arcs, if you're interested in joining, we assume you're interested in contributing on some level.
    While we're a guild of adults, hate speech will not be tolerated. This means jokes about race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation. It also includes the word “retard”. These are simple rules--be respectful, or be gone.
    All guild members should actively attempt to create plot arcs for RP. While you do NOT need to be roleplaying with other guild members at all times, if you're not contributing, you're out. As it says above, there are many ways to contribute.
    While we are an 18+ guild, we do not condone or encourage ERP.
    If you're interested in joining, or if you have questions and ideas, post below or message me privately!
  4. (Hello everyone. I'm not sure how to start of an RP in these forums but hey, only way to figure it out is to try... Keep in mind I'm just an aspiring writer. I'm not that good and am also unfamiliar with the forum layouts. Please join in though if you like~ )
    On a stormy night in a small inn located inside the city of Hidel, a cloaked figure steps through the doors soaked to the brim. The cloaked newcomer gazed around the room before locating the inn-keeper, and makes themselves known to them.  After introductions and negotiating payment for a room, the figure walk over to a fire that had already been made beforehand. Slowly raising their arms, the figure tugs off their dripping cloak and finally the mysterious person's appearance is revealed. A young woman, looking somewhere between nineteen to twenty years of age. She sets her cloak next to a chair (the closest one by the fire)  and sits down.
    She begins to run her fingers through the side of her long waved natural ombre hair, pulling it away from her face while her hazel eyes gazed over the warm fire. She seemed at peace. Perhaps she had been traveling through the storm and just now finally was able to rest? At the moment she looked like she was alone. At any rate she was enjoying the warmth of the fire while It illuminated off her slightly moist skin.
    Making slight adjustments to her sitting posture she crossed her legs, rests an elbow on the chair and basks in the ambiance of the lively inn quietly to herself.
  5. Post on [OOC] RP Events in Roleplay

    By Nesato, posted
    If you're planning a Roleplay Event please post it here with all the details. Don't forget to designate: NAME, REGION, PLACE, DATE and then INFO (OOC or IC).
     Start Date:
    The parliment of Calpheon has summoned The House of Festivities to materialize the annual ‘Spring Festival’. The masses come to visit the city in this time of the year.
    The Festival is a yearly event that calls for all traders, merchants, entertainers, marketers, adventurers, common folk and guilds alike. The event brings coin to all citizens and Festival workers. Guilds gather to recruit new and old. Merchants sell their goods; stalls are full of richness. The entartainers fill the streets. Guards keep the streets safe so all men can enjoy pacifically - for this, the assistance from The Calpheon Order was requested. Tournments are organized by various guilds.
    And at the end of the day, there is the Spring Dance Ball, filled with lovers, friends and enemies that give each other flowers and dance until morning comes.

     Market Stalls | Guild Stalls | Entertainment Shows | Tournments | Spring Dance Ball 
    The Event is now OVER. See you all next year! 



    Guild Summary!
    The Calpheon Order is considered an elite specialist force within the Calpheon military, consisting of a variety of individuals with varying skills and talents that wish to serve Calpheon with complete loyalty and pride.
    The purpose of the Order is to achieve those tasks that the other sections of military cannot or are not suitable to undertake. The Order is sent wherever it is required, be it to assist in the takeover of a resisting village or settlement and utilize some unique 'enticements', fight alongside the military against Calpheon's foes, secure a supply of black stones that are to be secretly transported or gather information on a strong opponent that would dare seek to oppose the glorious rule of Calpheon. The Calpheon Order is the right hand of the state and will perform any task no matter the bloody toll to ensure that its interests are maintained. There can be no room for disobedience, treachery or morality, for the Calpheon Order must be the speartip that pierces the heart of its foes and ensures that those who do not bow to the rule of Calpheon will break.
    We are an EU Guild on the NA server, meaning event times will begin at 8pm GMT |  3pm EST and run for approx 2 hours, but our social roleplay shall expand over the NA peak times!
    Our key focus is character development along side creating an immersive and realistic roleplay environment that's enjoyable for all members

    What are we looking for?
    Characters that are loyal to Calpheon are simply a must, and we don't only accept the typical soldiers! We have room for a verity of characters, so long as they have a valid reason for being among our ranks and have a use. Here's some sought after examples:
    Hardened Soldiers
    Combat Wizards
    City Guards
    Criminal Investigators
    Spies loyal to Calpheon
    And so on!

    The Events & Roleplay Focus!
    Our events shall be story focused, with the intention of character development and freedom of reaction and response. You'll never be told you ''can't do something''. If your character would attempt to kill the person we're saving, go for it, emote it, the DM wont stop you! But you'll have to face whatever the IC consequence may be. It has absolute freedom for your character with no roll system involved, the DM will simply write out the situation and you can then emote your little heart out with what your character does, which will then be responded to. It  shall also be explained during the event in case this is an unfamiliar style to anyone, but it's really easy to learn and provides the most freedom in roleplay events!
    Our focus in roleplay shall include:
    Catching Criminals
    Filing reports (yawn)
    Events and Campaigns that let us experience the world
    Taking down the rebel network
    Aiding the core military in its fights throughout Calpheon territory
    Protecting settlements and ending any threats
    City Patrols
    (And more!)


    Joining Process!
    The process is simple, you send an application to the website! And then an IC interview shall be set up!
    We accept all characters from the conscripted to the volunteers, so long as you can think of a reason for their joining! Even a farmer could be trained into becoming a hardened soldier of Calpheon. The only restriction is on Sorceresses due to the lore, but we are willing to make exceptions and this shall come up in the application process.
    Due to the time difference we accept members that would be un-able to make the event times if they wish to engage in the non event based roelplay within the guild and catch those criminals along with the social roleplay!
    Please read our guild rules!
    Understand that our primary belief is that roleplay is meant to be -fun- and not about power plays or drama. (Drama llamas will be kicked)
    If you're interested in joining please apply here!


  7. Faction/Server : Orwen Focus:RP/Mature/PvE/Casual PvP Timezone:Central standard/Eastern Standard Age requirements: 18+ Crude and very adult themed humor To be expected Requirements to enter: No level requirement, Social skills needed                                                                                                                                                              

       PrimeSins is a new aspiring guild. We hope to have a large group of sociable people, and for PrimeSins to become a guild everyone wants to join. The guild will be focused on Role play and PvE with a dash of PvP when we are feeling especially naughty. The guild is for mature players only as the chat has a potential to get quite crazy,or at least we hope it will!You do not have to RP to join although it is encouraged and accepted in all its glory. Players are expected to be sociable and helpful to their other guild members.
    The guilds focus will be mainly on PvE, and we will do our best to master all of its many facets. PvP can also be done however its not the main focus of the guild and we would prefer it only to be done in good taste. As in no specifically griefing a single player just cause you can.
    Role Play
    Black Desert is a great game for RP with its extensive character creation and in depth world there are endless possibilities. All forms of RP will be accepted, Whether your new to RP or not,or if you want to get a little freaky in Guild Chat go right ahead we don't care. those of you that join I warn you that it can get freaky in the guild chat and is accepted. RP groups can be made within the guild but please try to include you fellow guild-mates so as everyone can join the fun!
    Players that wish to join should Pm me with the reason you wish to join and why they think they will fit well in Prime sins. Officers are needed as well, though this will take a bit more work and a mandatory Trail period will be carried out beforehand. If you prove up to the task liked by the other guild members there's a good chance you will remain an officer.
    Our rules are fairly straight forward and simple, Mostly dont do anything that will impede the guild or the enjoyment of play of other members.
    1. We really dont care for drama so don't cause any, I will not stress this enough. I understand that not everyone will get along, however if I notice and identifiable problem we will not hesitate to kick you from the guild.
    2. All members will respect each other. Do your best to get along with all types of people any large specific problems should be reported to an officer.
    3. There will be no PKing of guild members or of allied guild members.
    4. Please be active and social, grace periods will be given for inactivity however any period of time longer than two weeks and we will kick you unless you've already spoken to an officer.
    1. ImADumpling

    2. Leo

    3. Phaeton

    4. Yuri

    Officer Recruitment
    There is currently one (Pride) officer positions left open if you are seriously interested Pm me about it.
    Just remember Pm me with any questions or applications and I will answer them ASAP. We welcome anyone who meets the few requirements we have and I hope many of you will come to join us.


  8. Homepage  ♦  Forums  ♦  Recruitment  ♦  Application
    Server: TBD [NA-RP]

    They came after dark, while you and your loved ones slept. With greed powering their every move, they entered our city like thieves in the night, taking our land as if they had every claim to it.

    That was the night our home was taken from us, and we won't stand for it any longer.
    But what can be done? How do you change history? How do you turn back an invasion of your homeland?

    Well you don't ask for permission. You don't listen to the voice in your head that says change can't happen and there's nothing you can do.
    Instead, the voice you choose to listen to is one of defiance. A voice that's says there was a reason you woke up today. A reason you survived in a world of plagues, war and famine.
    So sit up, put your feet on the floor, and don't look back, because we've got work to do.

    Welcome to the Order, Samaritan, you are among friends.

    We are merchants, and farmers, and soldiers—the very citizens of Heidel—who demand better. Better for ourselves, our families and our once great city.
    We won't be enslaved by the whims of mad men and gluttons in Calpheon. We're Al's Hands.

    And when you make that choice, when you decide to turn your back on what's comfortable, what's safe, well that's only day one. From there it only gets tougher.
    But the easy way out will always be there, ready to wash you away. All you have to do is lift up your feet.

    So decide now because destiny waits for no one. And when your time comes and a thousand different voices are telling you, "You're not ready for it," listen instead for that lone voice of dissent, the one that says, "You are ready, you are prepared, it's all up to you now.

    So rise and shine, Samaritan.

    So, who are you?

    We are a Heavy Roleplaying guild playing Black Desert Online, building a place for new and experienced roleplayers to call home. We provide an atmosphere where roleplay thrives naturally among like-minded individuals and our members can choose how they immerse themselves in the incredible world BDO offers--whether it's PvP, Crafting, PvE or all of the above.

    It is our goal to build a member base of clever and mature individuals who are willing to invest in the Order of Alsands’ future, and in order to allow for a healthy balance of in-character and out-of-character activity we do not require our members to be 100% in-character every time they log into the game. However, we do plan on providing multiple avenues for our members to grow their character and tell their stories in-character.

    Guild organized events, including personal story progression for players, are just one of the Order of Alsands' concentrations. We also plan to lead public server-wide events of various different themes and styles. And although the leaders of Alsands will be providing organized events for our members to participate in, we highly encourage members take the initiative to supplement the larger story arcs provided by creating your own story through personal relationships and smaller group roleplay. If there is a desire for a higher or more intense immersion from our members we will gladly accommodate it!
    What's your story?

    The purpose of the Order is to uphold the values and ideals of our missing "peasant King," Alundi, who was imprisoned, tortured and banished by the Calpheon King occupying our home city of Heidel. We began as a relatively unknown band of merchants and traders living and working in Heidel before the war with Calpheon. After the war began, these commoners began to take measures into their own hands in order to learn how to protect themselves from the external threats to their city, and own meager livelihood. After the capture of their King in a nighttime ambush, and the subsequent crippling demands placed upon the city by its captors, the first official meetings between these concerned merchants and common citizens were held.

    Because the enemy King restricted Heidel's ability to form an army, trade with any city other than Calpheon, and hand over possession of all Black Stones, a representative of the common citizens, Alundi, was elected to speak on the city's behalf. His followers loved him and believed in him so much that he became a kind of Peasant King of the city. His followers began to call themselves "Al's Hands" as a nickname to show their good faith in promoting Alundi's cause and doing whatever they could to support him. The enemy King promptly imprisoned, tortured and abandoned Alundi somewhere in neutral territory and after this horrific act the citizens banded together to create the Order of Al's Hands--which over time would be known as the Order of Alsands.

    Under this new name the simple trade guild grew into something deeper and more powerful. On the surface the Order of Alsands remains a simple merchant guild to any strangers, but the leadership has entered into an agreement with the political and religious leaders of Calpheon to "continue research" into the mysteries of the Black Stones. This is, of course, an elaborate ruse to keep the prying eyes of Calpheon away from the other activities of the guild. The mission of our Order is to act as a protective force for its citizens, create an underground black market to bring profitable trade back to Heidel, and find out the magical properties and alchemical secrets of the Black Stones for the purposes of obtaining independence for our home city and its people.

    What's up with the hand?

    Members and supporters of Alundi began organizing in secret and referring to themselves as "Al's Hands" after his rise in political power, imprisonment, torture and banishment.

    As a demonstration of this support, members began leaving their mark around the city and region: cryptic words, tags and logos. As these images crept up and became publicly acknowledged, one symbol rose above all others to become the unofficial symbol of Al's Hands: the open palm hand stencil.
    Using anything, including: black soot, ink, dirt and even baking flour--a supporter of Al's Hands would place their open palm against the wall of a noble's house, carriage or ship and throw the dark material onto their hand and the wall, leaving a clean space where their hand was, surrounded by an ominous dark shadow--same as the dark cloud of corruption that has fallen over their beloved city.

    Just as these symbols began to spread across the land, the term "Samaritan" seemed to make a sudden resurgence back into public vernacular. This was no coincidence, however, as Al's Hands supporters used the seemingly innocuous term to refer to one another whenever subtlety and discretion was vital. This was often done in the presence of any strangers, public officials or suspected spies and used as both an "innocent" greeting and important confirmation of friend or foe. While this is not the only method used to keep their secrets held and members identified, it has become as widespread as their hand symbol.

    As more and more people joined their ranks, members of Al's Hands needed to become more organized and deliberate in their efforts. Thus, a formal guild was designed and created by prominent leaders of the community, dubbed the Order of Alsands, to take them further into the future and bring their dreams to fruition.

    What is the Guild's Leadership Structure?

    We plan on implementing a checks-and-balances system among the Guild's Leadership. Its highest position being held by Neviana Lyrathel as the Order’s Matriarch and Guild Leader. Below her will be an even number of officers who will aid her in overall decision making and plotting the course of the guild's progress into the future. Every topic will be discussed and evaluated by the entire leadership body; with the leader acting as the swaying vote if the Officers are split evenly.

    How can I join the Order of Alsands?

    If after reading this brief overview you are interested in joining our ranks we encourage you to read through our forums, especially the Code of Conduct, and submit an application to join the Order! We hope that you decide to join up with us to help develop something we believe will be truly unique within the world of Black Desert Online! And as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the leadership!

    With the information you provide us in our application we'll be able to determine whether the Order is the right guild for you, while also getting to know both you and your character a bit better.

    If you get stuck or have any questions, please feel free to double-check our guild's Code of Conduct to learn the responsibilities and expectations of our fellow guild members, or post your question in a thread on our community Recruitment and Applications forum.

    Thanks again for thinking of us here at the Order. We wish you all the best with both your application and your travels throughout the world of Black Desert Online!

  9. Open RP, join in whenever you feel it's appropriate!
    Just to make it easier on new readers, here's what's happened so far:
    Once upon a time there was group of adventurers sitting at a campfire just on the outskirts of town. More and more came to sit at the fire and share their company and a laugh. It was a peaceful gathering full of weary travelers who either didn't want to go into town, or couldn't get a bed at the inn. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to share tales from around the world, when suddenly...
    A PIRATE jumped into the group, giving a cheerful introduction before running off, being pursued by a couple of navy soldiers. A bit stunned, the group looked after them as they ran off, when the red headed woman of the group got up and chased after them. A couple more decided it would do well to follow along. Both soldiers were brought down quickly enough and the group returned to the fire, the pirate joining them. They shared a couple laughs and a few more exchanges of words before suddenly....
    A wild BEAR had appeared! Aghast in shock, they had to act fast! A arrow struck one of it's shoulders - it was super effective! With a second shot, and a little help from some magic, the bear was struck down. Once it was dead it became apparent that it was sick. Mange matting it's fur and some froth coming from it's mouth. It must have attacked them in desperation.
    The group once again settled down and a few more joined them. The night was once again peaceful and everyone could relax once more.
    Or could they?
    Going to destroy my backspace button, had to rewrite this three times!
    ((( Yes, I know Gr apes is split, because if I spell it G-----s it has a whole bunch of dashes in it. >.> ))
    A group of people sat around a campfire set on the outskirts of town. The night was dark and chilly, but the warm fire was inviting - as well as the smell of stew that sat boiling on the coals.
    A woman was leaned toward the others, in the midst of telling a story. Her hair was a fiery red and a bit damp as if she'd gotten drenched somewhere earlier that day. She wore a long green cloak that was wrapped around her, though it did little to keep the chill away as it too was damp.
    "So there he was, the Cap'n," she began. "Clad in his navy blue coat, boots thumping loudly on the hard ground. Darkness closed in as the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Every step seemed to grow louder as he ventured closer and closer.
    He could hear his ship, Patricia, rocking in the waves behind him. As long as a certain elf didn't pull the sails open, he knew it would remain there on the grey shore. He continued forward. Closer, closer. He paused, thinking he had heard something.
    He looked left.
    He looked right...
    He continued forward, the trees and bushes were thickening, it was getting ever so hard to keep his boots silent amongst the twigs and foliage. Still, he had gone too far to turn back now. They were nearly there, in his sights.... within his grasp...
    The Gr apes.
    Quick as a flash he began picking the purple fruits, bursting with over ripeness and stuffing them into his pockets. There was no time to lose, he had to get as many gr apes as he could before being caught. His heart pounded inside his chest, sweat beaded upon his brow. He cleared one bush, now onto the next. He picked gr apes as fast as he could, every other one popping into his mouth and bursting in pure sweetness as his teeth tore into it's delicate flesh.
    His pockets were full, bursting. The Cap'n, his job done, began to turn and leave the way he came, when he saw it.
    The largest gr apes vine he's ever seen in his time! It was so beautiful, tears tried to form up in his eyes, attempting to smear the dark eyeliner that shielded his eyes from the ocean sun. He couldn't leave so many beautiful, succulent gr apes there... someone else would pick them, someone undeserving. He pulled off his coat and put it aside. He tore his shirt off over his head and tied the sleeves together. He put his coat back on, and began picking, and picking as if his life depended on it! ...It did depend on it. He must have those gr apes. They were his. His. His! HIS!
    Once every last gr ape had been picked, he threw his shirt-sack over his shoulder, and began stalking out the way he came.
    Those gr apes were never seen again."
    She paused and looked at those around her's reactions.
  10. As we creep closer and closer to naming reservations and the ultimate release of Black Desert Online, I know many roleplayers have concerns about how to navigate the naming restrictions currently in place. As seen in this image I swiped from Reddit, the lines are as follows from top to bottom: Guild, Title, Family, Character.

    Family Name
    When you enter Black Desert, the first thing you might notice is that every character has two lines of name. In the KR and JP versions, this top name is your Family Name. This exists to identify your account to the other players and prevent you from dodging consequences of your actions (such as PK and bounties) that could normally be avoided by switching characters. It CAN be considered IC if all of your characters are related, but if they are not, this could be a potential roadblock in your immersion.
    Short Term Solution: If your characters do not share the same surname, utilize the Family Name as a forum identifier. Example: I am called Vyce both here and on BDRP. My Family Name will then be Vyce to make it easy for those who have interest in my characters to contact me in game. An additional option is to put "RP" in your Family Name. That would make me RPVyce.
    Long Term Solution: As far as changes, one of the biggest requests is for the ability to toggle view of Family Names. This means having an option in the game settings that allows one to choose whether Family Name is displayed on other characters. This would be a wonderful fix.
    Character Name
    As seen in the other releases of the game, character name is very short (likely not much more than 10 characters) single word name. There are no spaces. This could be potentially problematic for RP in that,
    1. The most aesthetically pleasing thing is to put a first name only.
    2. Despite Family Names identifying characters already, no Character name may be repeated. This means that once "John" is taken, no other Johns can be made. There are a million names out there, but it's only so long before all of the "good" names are gone and we start having to dip into "Gertrude", "Belinda", and "Shanaynay".
    Short Term Solution: The best thing to do if possible is for you to bunch your first and last name together (JohnCena)(CaraDelevigne)(WendyWilliams) rather than claim an entire first name on it's own. Why? Because even if you control that singular first name, other names with surnames will come up. You may be (John), but now there's (JohnCena)(JohnHenry) and (JohnMcCain). Suddenly people have no idea who you are, especially if you have a desired name. They will not be able to identify you so easily in game. Exceptions are unique names that can hold their own weight (Madonna)(Beyoncé)(Sting)(Gandalf). While it is nice to reserve a popular first name, you may find yourself lost among the ones that found betters ways of identifying their characters.
    Long Term Solutions: The first and foremost solution would be to separate First and Surnames either by allowing the use of a Space like GuildWars2, or by inputting them separately like FinalFantasy14ARR.
    Next would be the extension of the character limit. Western names are much longer that Asian names as we do not have characters that account for entire syllables.
    Last and potentially the most difficult possible solution would be for character names to not be repeatable by the same family. This would mean RPVyce can have a "John", and RPFrodo can have a "John". This would be an enormous change, but ultimately null the territorial sneaking around many of us are doing to protect the names we've chosen. Most RPers are not revealing their character names in the fear that other RPers and even griefers will take them.
    These are pretty much what we can do at this time. If you have any other questions or concerns on how to name your character, feel free to comment here. If you are in favor of any of the changes mentioned, be sure to show your support. Changes don't come unless the players ask for them.
  11. This is technically a prologue to what I am going to do in black desert, not a backstory or bio so there wont be as much personality in this one.
    Also I'm not a professional writer, sorry if this sucks
  12. The earliest memory I still possess was with my family in Rune. I can remember it as clearly as I see you now, Warm sunshine and Blue sky cast down on murder and suffering few will ever come to know. Again and again the man that held me by my nine year old head slammed me into the wall. Pleas to stop dripped from my mouth from the moment I saw him bury his blade in my father's eye. These were not men who feared any god nor cared to hear any desire of the people. They seemed only to crave blood and death and suffering; The sweet smell of my mother's fresh bread mingled on my tongue with iron, with the warm thick red that now all but blinded me as it raced to find my open and broken jaw.

    I remember the feeling as the blade parted flesh and muscle as he pressed it into my back, It would be perhaps a better story to tell you that I struggled on and refused to be defeated but that was the very nature of my soul. My eyesight was clouded with drying blood, my ears were filled with sand. I would describe the man who killed my family... That killed me that day but when he took my by the throat my will for anything had already passed away. My consciousness faded from me and when I woke pain surged through me only long enough to be blanketed with fear; Fear of the rotting corpses that pressed against me and buried me among the dead. I tried to push my way out, to crawl from beneath them but one arm refused to respond; For hours that felt like years I struggled beneath the bodies, constantly pressed back down as the corpses above shifted for my having moved and all without my eyes. My hand finally grasped at something other than faces and limbs, fingers sank into grass and dirt rather than holes filled with squirming things and caked blood. I should of felt relief I should of felt fear or desperation, I should of felt something but I lay upon the grass in silence, equally mute of emotion.
    (( I have most of this written on paper but let me know with some likes if you guys enjoy what I've written so far :3 Will update with more very soon. ))
  13. Post on [OOC] IC Profile List in Roleplay

    By Nesato, posted
    Hello again everyone!  Another list, I thought it needed to be done.
    In this thread you can add your list of your own IC Profile - links.
    I'll start with my own :
    (Reserved space) - You'll probably only want to post the character links after launch, for name reservation purposes
  14. Yo everyone! Our RP area is finally here!
    It might make it easier for roleplayers to find the right Guild they're looking for.
    Decided to make this thread, where the community members can post a link to their Roleplay guilds thread and website!
    Here is our own:
    NA Guild

  15. Post on Blackdesert-RP.de in Rollenspiel

    By Kaluga, posted
    - Nicht mehr aktuell -
  16. Closed, people should make their own threads instead, please do not post here.
  17. Hallo Freunde des gepflegten Rollenspiels,
    wir freuen uns sehr, neue Foren für die Rollenspielergemeinschaft präsentieren zu können. Genau wie Black Desert Online an sich, sind die RP Foren neu und wir werden sicher basierend auf eurem Feedback Anpassungen vornehmen. Wir haben hier ein paar Regeln und Richtlinien zusammengefasst, welche helfen sollen, das Miteinander im RP Forum so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten. Euer Meinung dazu ist ausdrücklich erwünscht, also lasst uns bitte wissen was ihr davon haltet.

    Wir hoffen in Zukunft weitere Funktionen einbauen zu können (Stichwort OOC tags vergleichbar mit Spoiler tags, etc.) aber solche Änderungen sind mit größerem Aufwand verbunden und wir wollten euch nicht länger warten lassen.
    Hier nochmal alle Links:
    Role Play Forums - EnglishRole Play Forums - GermanRole Play Forums - French
  18. Heya ladies and gents of the Black Desert Community! My name is Twakie and why am I called "Twakie_The_Soulless??" Well, I created a ginger Wizard and he had no soul...his name..Twakie Twakie.
    Why does this matter to you guys?? Well, my friends, I am not a ginger wizard anymore...I am now Keanua Twakie the soulless ginger warrior. And as such, I would like to introduce to you my guild...Seven Sins.
    You may be a hunter, merchant, crafter, breeder, but above all else..YOU..ARE...A...SINNER!! COME JOIN US AND SIN WITH US AND YE SHALL FIND SALVATION!
    What is my aim for seven sins?? I plan on us being an RP guild. Whether you want to Role play within the PvE realm, PvP realm, Mercantile Realm, crafting Realm, HELL!! OR EVEN ALL OF THEM... YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A PLACE IN SEVEN SINS!! Here at Seven Sins we will focus on one thing and one thing only...having fun and being in an environment where you can be yourself and even be someone you envisioned all on your own!! Here at Seven Sins fate doth not tell you what path to take, fate doth not decide whether you are a hunter, merchant, crafter, or breeder...YOU DECIDE YOUR FATE!!

    Keanua Twakie
    P.S. PM me for more info!
  19. so as a complete newbie im not looking for a hardcore pvp guild i know id just drag them down i haven't been a part of this community long but i do know i dont want to start off CBT2 off alone id rather a fun group of people to play with
  20. I have gamed hopped around, excited for games to come out and then either get disappointed by the game itself or how closed off the RP community is.
    My first exposure to RP ever was in World of Warcraft, and I was just out questing when I saw a guild out near where I was fighting imaginary Pirates! I was engaged and watched them for a time, and even though I didn't know how to RP I saw how they were doing it and ran up to them and engaged with them, and they engaged with me! That wasn't the first time I randomly encountered people RPing out in the world outside of cities and taverns.
    Until I finally left WoW and went to other games. Ever since, I have not once randomly encountered any RP outside of City and Tavern settings... This really bothers me and I'd like to see people expanding out into this beautiful world of Black Desert.
  21. Hello everyone we are Dark Elegy!

    We are happy to announce that a small group of players decided to create a new Guild. We are also happy to be with you all and be part of this great game and community.
    This small group of players decided to be back!
    (after adventuring for a long time in irl problems and trying ingame stuff)   
    Who we are.
    We are players who have played every major or minor MMO that we encountered, in some of them we had Clans and Guilds, in other we did not. What we saw in most of them was that amongst some great Guild/Clans there were some with HUGE potential but they were lacking the proper leadership. We saw established guilds failing to create a strong and fearful name of themselves, guilds with tenths of players, failing to contribute to a greater cause. We saw leader and officers minding just their own bussiness, not consulting their player base and thus failing in the long run. We are quite experienced with the game as we have played for quite some time now and seen a lot about the game, but that doesn't make us "pros". We are open to suggestions as we will do whatever to support and help each and every member so we can create a strong Guild by creating strong, right minded and well informed individuals who enjoy playing the game as they wish and not as demanded.
    Our Goal.
    Our focus and goal is to create a sturdy and solid guild, even if this means that the Guild is going to have a low count of members. We are focusing on organising our Guild as well as possible and on creating the best environment for our members, for us. 
    We won't promise you big things, we won't promise that out plan is going to work 100% as it is not tested extensively in BDO. The only thing we can say is that we dare to do, test and create new things, where others have failed because of their closed mindedness we will suffice. We are tired of coward leaders not taking responsibilities and daring incentives.
    Where we see ourselves after some time in the game.
    We see ourselves in a solid guild of about 15 players, participating in guild events (Arena Tourneys, Guild Missions, Exploration, being a pain in the ass etc. ) and achieve goals by having real FUN. We expect our Guild to reach 25-30 players once our core is ready to proceed to the next big step, the 30+ Guild size but we won't do that unless all 25-30 of us are really commited to our cause. We want and we expect to be known in the game for our solid plays and strong core of players.
    It's time for the daring ones to be leaders, it's time for you to become leaders.
    !Fun and Freedom! 
    Whisper: Ashuji
  22. Post on Can't wait! in PVE

    By Barrial, posted
    Personally can't wait for the game! Really excited! Bought the Conqueror's Package so I can start my second life as soon as possible. lol. Seriously though, being an adult, and everything that entails, it's great to be able to log in to a game that has such a beautiful and lively world to get involved with.
    Can't wait to get involved with the Roleplay community and other like minded PVE players. Don't care for PVP, but I'll protect my hide when I have to. I'm a fan of Log Horizon and SAO and having an open world where anything is possible and one as vibrant as BDO will really help stave off the stress from work. 
    Anywho, don't normally post stuff on the forums but figured I'd throw my love for the game out there.See ya guys in the game!
  23. Is it possible to have NPCs in your house? Workers or otherwise?

    If it's not, I'd like to suggest generic NPCs as a form of 'furniture' that you can place down in your house the same way you put down beds, tables etc. This would primarily be fun for roleplayers, but I'm sure others would enjoy having a 'family' bringing a little life to their home. I don't know what kind of coding would be required for this so it might just be a pipe dream, but if it's possible I think it'd be a welcome addition to the housing system.
  24. WEBSITE LINKhttp://rpconnection.enjin.com We are proud to launch this brainchild of several veteran MMO roleplayers, in humble servitude to roleplayers and their communities.
     These days there are so many MMOs roleplayers can call home. The choices are various and exciting. Many roleplayers play more than one game and take part in many RP Communities. We created a social hub to relax, discuss pressing issues, and meet roleplayers from all over the globe, spanning many MMOs. The event you see announced on the site could be the game and community you wish join tomorrow. We will also keep you informed of MMO news and RP community developments.

    If your RP community website or game is not featured and you wish to add it, let us know and we will get it up promptly.

    Additionally we have a few spots open for moderators, and writers. Please let us know via "Contact Staff" tab on the page.
     We humbly thank you for letting us serve the role-players and their communities of MMOs. Register today!  
  25. WEBSITE LINKhttp://rpconnection.enjin.com 
    We are proud to launch this brainchild of several veteran MMO roleplayers, in humble servitude to roleplayers and their communities.

    These days there are so many MMOs roleplayers can call home. The choices are various and exciting. Many roleplayers play more than one game and take part in many RP Communities. We created a social hub to relax, discuss pressing issues, and meet roleplayers from all over the globe, spanning many MMOs. The event you see announced on the site could be the game and community you wish join tomorrow. We will also keep you informed of MMO news and RP community developments.

    If your RP community website or game is not featured and you wish to add it, let us know and we will get it up promptly.

    Additionally we have a few spots open for moderators, and writers. Please let us know via "Contact Staff" tab on the page.
    We humbly thank you for letting us serve the role-players and their communities of MMOs. Register today!