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  1. “In the final days, shadows will move into the light, and from darkness a plague will be carried to the ends of the world by the four winds.”

    Tome of Whispers and Echoes - Chapter 13: The Unseen Prophecy

    Today started out like any other day you've had over the past year. You still look at your left palm every morning when you wake out of habit. You don't even notice you doing it these days. You get up and get ready to go about your day as you're now accustomed to.
    Then, in the middle of the day your worst fears (or joys) are realized.  Your hand tingles. You slowly turn your hand to see The Brand: an invisible, mana-infused tattoo only visible when The Unseen Hand has need of you. Its design and the hue it gives off are connected to members of The Unseen Hand you must answer to.
    You look up and around, trying to catch a glimpse of them. You know they are watching you. 
    They're always watching….

    Eternus is a roleplay guild unlike any other. More than just roleplay, we consider ourselves a storytelling guild. We have rich and engaging characters and stories that make up our roster. We're one community united like a family! Under the leadership of our Community Leader ((OOC)) and The Shadō ((IC)) we have a flourishing narrative that weaves in the characters of our members. From merchants to criminals, soldiers to mercenaries, powerful leaders to regular citizens, nothing is beyond the reach of The Unseen Hand. Our goal is to tell epic and everyday tales of an ensemble cast made up by our members. 
    Come, join the story!

    To join Eternus, one must submit their character to the will of The Unseen Hand. Each character carries with them a brand on their left palm. This provides both a source of communication and a level of control. Be sure to check out our website and read our Code of Conduct before applying to the guild.
    Community Manager: Toxa
    Black Desert Branch Leader: Zason
    Black Desert Officers: Aeternita, Laukus, and Aelwyn 

    The Unseen Hand
    The Shadō - The enigmatic leader(s) and final decision maker(s). ((BDO Branch Leader))
    Anemoi - An extension of the will of The Shadō. They enact The Shadō’s plans while having freedom on how they do it. They are able to have their own projects so long as they do not conflict with one another. ((Officers))
    Faceless - Trusted by the Anemoi, they deliver orders or missions to The Branded and act as a general go-between. ((Veteran Members))
    The Branded - Those tied to The Unseen Hand are marked with a brand and have submitted themselves (willingly or unwillingly) to the will of The Shadō. ((Veteran Members)) 
    Associates - Those just coming into contact with The Unseen Hand and not yet branded. Characters become Associates usually by coming into regular contact with The Branded. They have yet to prove themselves to become truly weaved into the ongoing narrative… for now. ((New Members))

    A Storytelling Guild?
    The concept came out of the idea of having a dynamic "Storytelling" guild that has a place for all kinds of character types. Peasants and Warriors. Merchants and Criminals. The glue that connects these various types and compels the story forward is The Unseen Hand (think Dungeon Master). As the story unfolds, any character could rise or fall, even the Anemoi could be exposed and The Unseen Hand destroyed. Major shifts such as this would be highly unlikely but not impossible. So, the version of Eternus you may join today might evolve into something completely different in the future with what the characters bring to the story.
    So, there’s a difference between a “Storytelling Guild” and an “RP Guild”?
    Absolutely! Your standard RP guild provides a theme and basic story and usually lets the characters do what they please. The members usually focus on their individual stories or small group tales. These are great, but we wanted to try something different. As a storytelling guild we focus on an overarching narrative that is told through an ensemble of characters. Based on how the characters are connected, they may be placed in situations they would not normally put themselves in. The Unseen Hand may send them on a mission or compel them to do something that they disagree with. How they complete said task is still up to them but they must obey. With that said, our goal is not to ruin the fun for anyone and to offer a variety of RP opportunities connected to an ongoing story. Any seriously dark or permanent consequences are usually brought up beforehand and there are consequences for IC actions.
    What’s this about a brand?
    The Brand is a way to mark those who belong to The Unseen Hand. It’s a magically infused tattoo on the left palm, invisible to the naked eye. When magic is focused through the circuits, it appears with the color associated with which Anemoi they are bound to. These brands can be activated by anyone who is marked with a controlling brand (The Anemoi and The Shadō). The brand will tingle when near other branded individuals. Those branded are strongly compelled to obey and keep anything they know about The Unseen Hand to themselves.
    What kind of theme is the guild?
    Eternus is a mature (18+) guild. Our theme in BDO is dark but not specifically evil. We will exist more in the morally gray area. Goody two shoes and evil bastards are more fringe than the norm.
    How do I increase my rank?
    To go from Associate ((New Member)) to The Branded ((Veteran Member)) you must show that you are invested in Eternus and the ongoing narrative by being active and contributing to roleplay on a regular basis. While we understand that RL takes priority we do expect activity. Other ranks will be hand chosen and as needed. To say it another way, advancement requires both IC and OOC involvement and activity.
    What is this “Tome”?
    The Tome of Whispers and Echoes is a large book containing all of the secrets of The Unseen Hand. Its pages are inscribed with the same ink used in The Brand, and its pages have been scattered across the continent. This will play as a basis for guild missions (to give IC reasons for OOC tasks), and gradually reveal more in-depth information about The Unseen Hand and guild lore.
    What if I don’t wanna obey?
    In Character actions have In Character consequences. Disobeying The Unseen Hand is not to be taken lightly and punishments can be severe. Since we are focused on weaving an exciting narrative, we expect all members to understand and agree that they must contribute to the overall narrative. Basically, if you are always trying to disobey, you’re ruining the story and experience for everyone else. You will be warned but if negative actions continue, there may be serious IC and OOC consequences. That said, we want to create an environment where all member, characters and their personal stories can flow into each other and allow for exciting adventures and fun.
    Can I be a part of RP events or do content with Eternus without joining?
    From time to time we will do events with other guilds and definitely seek to roleplay with others in the community however when we do content or storytelling it will primarily be with guild members only. It isn’t a matter of elitism, more of an issue of putting our members first and focusing our time and resources to advance the guild and weave an epic tale with a regular cast of characters.
    This all sounds interesting.  How do I know if it’s something for me?
    If you’ve ever enjoyed playing D&D with a Dungeon Master, love having your characters challenged in unexpected ways, thrilled with the “gray areas” of a character’s life and decisions, excited about participating in an ensemble cast in an epic ongoing narrative, bringing YOUR character’s story together with others’ to create a unique story, then we have a place for you!

    Website   |   Code of Conduct   |   Join Us
    Any questions? Please reply to this thread or contact me directly.
    Hello there everyone!
      First off, thank you for your interest in The Thirsty Maiden.
    We are not a guild, but an exclusive membership only role playing tavern in the world of BDO.

    I am Mistress Aviana, the proprietor of The Thirsty Maiden. I am a 38 year old female to those of you it matters to. It is my goal to create a mature and exciting atmosphere for the would be merchants, fighters, tradesmen/women, explorers and whoever else should be in need of rest, relaxation and entertainment.
    This "tavern" will be a live action sort of thing, meaning...you will actually have to be there with your character in order to participate in the several themed chat rooms/text channels. It is exclusive and invite only. If you are not a member of THE THIRSTY MAIDEN Enjin web site,  http://www.thethirstymaiden.enjin.com/,  you will not have access to the "tavern". It is our goal to cater to the needs of the realm. We will have a live Stage room where people will be able to perform their talents, singing, playing guitar(lute) reciting poetry or story telling. Any and all performances must be based on lore as much as possible. However songs from a medieval era can be sang or played live. There will be two Game rooms/channels, one for 5 card draw and one for Hold`em. These rooms are reservation only and will require a download (pokerstars) to use. There will also be two ERP private rooms which will also need reservation. These rooms are "rentable".... Boudoir A and Boudoir B. Game and Boudoir rooms will cost bottled Energy (small amount) so you have the feeling of purchased right. As I said it is my goal to cater to ALL aspects of the realm!  Each voice "room/space/channel" will have a corresponding text channel for those who perfer to text or who do not have the ability to use voice chat, and also for those who just prefer to listen.
    A door charge will be implemented in the form of  health/mana/stamina? pots.  It will be the form of currency along with energy pots (once/if energy bottling is implemented) as we are not able to exchange silver.

    Heavy ERP will be allowed only in the reserved channel/room/ (Boudoir Rooms a/b text and voice). flirting and the like will be allowed everywhere, however once someone expresses any form of uncomfortability with said flirting it must cease at once with that person. General rule of thumb....if you think it would be insulting or offensive to general public, DON`T DO IT.

    The Thirsty Maiden will be an adult/mature 18+ oriented atmosphere that you would expect to see in any medieval tavern. The main channel/space, "Under The Roof" will have background atmosphere sound of men and women laughing and talking with medieval music playing. The amount or level of "atmosphere" will change depending upon the amount of actual people in the tavern.  This will be at a proper volume controlled by me so as to create the atmosphere but not hinder it. An example of this is played on the Enjin site linked above. For those who perfer a voice only space the "Lounge" is a your room!

    I am looking for mature, fun loving role players who can help make this idea into an reality!
    If your only interest is to be a member, that is awesome and appreciated. If you are skilled in any talent such as; musician, singer, reciter, etc...and are looking for somewhere to show off your talents,(within the lore of the game ) than please let me know in the application. I plan to incorporate a wage type system for any who are under the employ of the house. This will be in the form of health pots and/or energy (if available).

    I am also looking for role players who are interested in more mature themes. If this is you, please email me so we can talk about how we could implement you.
    The goal for me, once again, is to cater to the many tastes and desires of the realm. A stop over for the nobility and common alike.

    Obviously, the tavern is not open, but as soon as BDO launches we will be hunting for the perfect building with the space I require to bring this idea to life!
    If you would like to talk more about these ideas and goals or would like to be part of the staff please let me know in the application at the website linked above. 

    May the wind be always at your back.

    Mistress Aviana
    I'm very sorry but I am cancelling this poll.

    I've reason to believe that non-roleplayers are attempting to influence this poll.
    This has become a mess and we can't take these results seriously anymore.

    A NEW POLL WILL TAKE PLACE OVER ON BLACKDESERTROLEPLAYERS.COM for the international roleplaying community.
    This will guarantee all votes are made by roleplayers, especially those interested in roleplaying with the English speaking community.

    This will be a yes or no poll for Jordine. I'm basing this on the previous beta vote, and on where roleplayers have primarily expressed interest in this thread. I'm sorry to any genuine roleplayers who still want to go to Alustin. If that's the case, take your vote to blackdesertroleplayers.com. It will still be listened to!

    Thank you and I'm sorry to anyone this inconveniences.

    The EN-EU community will be trying to make Jordine our roleplaying home and we invite anyone who wishes to roleplay with us to join us.

    Sorry again for all of the confusion.

    Channels have not been decided yet, but I will update this post when we know more.
  4. Firstly I would like to address some thoughts that I know many others share and which has been posted about before but it cannot be stressed enough so I'll mention it here again. The most important of the changes I will suggest and really hope get through, as a warrior I know the pain all to well and that is the ridiculously exaggerated warrior running animation. The normal run animation is absolutely hideous to the eye.  When playing it feels like you cant relax playing a warrior and or any other class who uses the same animation simply because he doesnt run. The animation is not a running animation, it's a sprinting animation and it looks bad simply due to the fact that the guy never slows down or takes it even slightly easy, it puts you in the mindset of how exhausting it looks to constantly see it. It would be much better to simply have a fairly neutral running animation for the run and just simply keep the sprinting animations for the actual sprint. 
    Secondly I will address the problem with the capes. It's sad to see when a game has so fantastic and beautiful capes like these in black desert online and they get ruined by the fact that Daum hasn't made it work together with actually having weapons. Seriously if we're going to get to have cloaks make it right so that the cloak doesn't just magically pop out of existence as soon as you sheathe the weapons, it should keep showing even when the weapons are sheathed on the back, not disappear. I think I'm not the only one when I say I would like to see this changed. Archeage had the same incredibly annoying issue and these small details may seem small but it is the small details that matter most. Something like this is incredibly bothersome and earns a game quite a few minus points.
    Thirdly I want to address the fact that we cannot actually undress into our undies wherever we want. This is just ridiculous, while such a function holds little actual value for any real purpose it's still a freedom players want. It's especially hypocritical to have this feature locked/restricted when they actually sell underwear in the cash shop. People pay real money for these, and then they cant even show them when they want. That's not right. It's also an unnecessary restriction for a game that is for those of ages 16+. So the game should then be adjusted for that crowd and I can assure you there are next to no sixteen year old that hasn't seen or cant handle or even often sees women/men in underwear. If the game was for audiences around 13 or otherwise early teens then it would be more understandable but since it isn't then it should not have restrictions that are suited to crowds of those ages either. It's a bit insulting that we're being treated like children like that and quite annoying that we're robbed of such a simple freedom. 
    Being able to take your armor on only in your own home is not good enough, and it's not only for the sake of the freedom of choise but also for the roleplayers. There are no doubt numerous roleplaying situations which could call for that the armor needs to come off (and it is not erp activities that I'm talking about). Someone might want to take a swim, or otherwise wounded and armor needs to be removed, or simply hang their clothes up for drying after a downpour. There are numerous events in which this function would be needed. And having it restricted like this simply ruins all of that. A normal sit animation would be nice too as sitting shouldn't be limited to ledges and chairs.
    Fourthly I want to address the walk function. Many thanks for implementing it as I know it wasn't in the game to begin with, but there are a vital change that needs to be made to this function. Walk should not be a press and hold function, it should be a toggle feature so you can walk and type. This is very essential. 
    And lastly I want to suggest making the amount of text you can type into the general chat a lot longer. Being able to only squeeze out 1 - 4 lines is way to small, this also cannot be stressed enough, it needs to be tremendously improved. Speaking to anyone as it is now turns into a spam fest and it's hurting our eyes. Please ease up on this restriction. I understand that the reason it is placed is to prevent gold sellers from spamming long commercial posts but to be honest, it's good that you take measures to make it hard for gold sellers to get through, but doing it like this punishes us players more than them and it ruins the game. Please ease it up and find another way.
  5. I wanted to share the BDORP wiki I got up and running. I welcome anyone and everyone to use it, make templates, and more. As you make templates for people to use please just let me know so I can add it to the main page.
  6. Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to draw some attention to another thread I made in the suggestions forum. I decided to put together one long list of requests that roleplayers typically seem to want in the hopes of drawing attention to them all.

    If people could head over there and lend their opinions, likes and support, it might help to make some of those requests a reality.


    Roleplayers are a dedicated and loyal fan-base once you've got them hooked and a game like BDO has the kind of immersion many of us have so far only dreamed about. We're also inclined to continue making purchases through the cash shop for a long time - outfits, furniture, all things customisable - we love them. We're not usually well catered to in other games and I think that if BDO could go so far as to offer us the things on this list, a lot of roleplayers previously unsure about the game would flock to it and thrive. Roleplayers, of course, also engage in PvE, PvP and standard gameplay, but a solid roleplaying foundation can mean the difference between a few months play time to many years of dedication. Roleplayers create their own content, logging on every day just to tell stories. If you give us the tools, we'll use them and we'll stay for them.

    I've seen a lot of these issues being brought up by myself and by my fellow roleplayers, so I thought I'd try and compile one long list of requests with an explanation as to why each thing matters. Some are more important than others and some of these might also be applicable to those who don't roleplay as well, so if that's the case, please feel free to support what's relevant to you if you want to. We're not an exclusive club.

    If any roleplayers have additional suggestions to make, feel free to post them here and if enough people agree, I'll add them to the OP. Similarly, if enough roleplayers hate an idea I've already posted, I'll remove it. If you have a thread already discussing one of these points and would like it linked to in the OP, I'm also happy to do so if you just let me know.

    Thanks everyone.

    1. A roleplaying server (or channel, if a server is not possible).
    As seen over here, a roleplay server would be hugely appreciated. This would send out a clear message that roleplayers are welcome and it'd encourage more roleplayers from other games to check it out. It'd give us one clear place to go without the struggle of trying to arrange an 'unofficial roleplaying server'. We'd have the opportunity to fully entwine our gameplay and roleplay experiences instead of having to rely on forums and it'd allow us to populate the world with more life, to fully immerse ourselves in the setting. Furthermore, we'd be out of the way of those who don't appreciate roleplayers. Win/win for everyone except those who want to troll and nobody likes them anyway, right? Right.
    Since the game is out now and servers have been decided, I've removed this from the list. However, a channel might still be nice. If Daum is willing to do this though, I'd request that they discuss it with the roleplaying community first since it could cause more confusion than it helps. Similarly, in the unlikely case that Daum should decide to belatedly label a server as an RP server, please reach out to the roleplay community first to discuss this since we have already decided on 'unofficial' servers and channels for EU and NA at this point. Labeling the wrong server as an RP server and failing to provide transfers would be disastrous for us. 

    2. A walk toggle.
    While we're very grateful that the hold-down-capslock-to-walk was added to the game after our requests for a walk option, it would really be better as a toggle. The reason for this is that roleplayers like to have conversations while they're walking IC; this isn't really possible while holding down capslock and having it also TURN ALL DIALOGUE TO SHOUTING. Even if we bind the hold-down to a different key, we'd still have a lot of trouble roleplaying while on the move. It's a simple thing, but a walk toggle with the ability to auto-walk would make a huge difference to the roleplaying community.

    3. Custom emotes: /e. 
    Custom emotes let you describe your character performing an action of some sort. For example, the player would type: "/e takes a seat in one of the nearby chairs." This would then come out as: "Player takes a seat in one of the nearby chairs." and would not appear in the speech bubble, only in the chatbox. Emotes are often in a different colour than your regular chat which helps distinguish them as well. Most MMOs have this and, while it might seem like a minor thing again, I can't stress enough how important it is to help a roleplaying community thrive.

    Example image borrowed from Leandir.

    4. Improved chatbox length.
    Quite simply, the limit put on the chatbox right now is far too short. I'm assuming this is due to Korea having a much more compact alphabet, but with the game coming to the west now, this is something that really needs to be looked at. It's impossible to type anything longer than a short line or two and this is incredibly frustrating, both for roleplay and for every day chatter. I would say it needs to be at least five times longer than it is presently, which might sound like a lot, but it'd make roleplay much more comfortable.
    Thank you for the improved chatbox length! This has helped enormously!

    5. Improved character and guild name limits.
    Again, probably because of the Korean alphabet I'm guessing, but the limits on these are much too short. Please increase them to at least 20, and while we're at it, would it be possible to allow more than one underscore? And to have those underscores look like spaces even if they must be underscores in the coding? The latter is quite petty, I know, but it'd be much more visually appealing. The rest is more important, however. People are going to have a very hard time coming up with unique character and guild names with the limits currently in place. This is especially so with the guilds, many of which tend to have long names such as 'The Order Of....' What I just typed there wouldn't even fit within the 10 character limit right now, let alone have enough underscores available. Whether you roleplay or not, this is a problem.

    6. Custom chat channels or social circles.
    Roleplayers typically have several characters, usually differently themed. For example, one person might have both a knight character and also a thief character. The knight would not fit into a thief-themed guild or clan and vice versa. In other games, people are usually able to join multiple guilds or social circles to get around this problem, but that is not the case with BDO. While I understand why we are limited to just one guild and wouldn't propose changing that, I wonder if it would be possible to enable custom chat channels so that people can main one guild but have a social group or two on the side for their other characters? These social groups or channels would effectively just be clan-like in nature so that no game balance would be disrupted with conflicting guild interests.

    7. Campfires and tents brought back!
    It used to be possible to place tents and campfires down in the open world. There's not much to say on this except: please bring this back! It's a lovely feature and would make for some great camp roleplay when travelling. In fact, any small things we could place down in the open world like that would be warmly welcomed. This sort of thing makes roleplayers very happy.

    8. Dyes that aren't random.
    Customisation is very important to roleplayers. We enjoy getting just the right look for our characters but with dyes from the cash shop currently being RNG (even with the vague colour categories they currently have) this is a bit... well, rubbish. It's very off-putting. When we buy a dye, we want to know what we're buying. I think roleplayers would be much more inclined to fork out the money for these things if they were confident that they'd get what they're looking for and if they could preview these colours in the shop. I assume that the RNG nature of it is to make people buy more, but honestly, people are regularly going to want them all anyway, especially with them being one-use. 

    9. A more affordable cash shop.
    As previously mentioned, customisation is very important to roleplayers. We're probably among the people who will spend the most on cosmetic items. However, it has to be said that the prices currently being toted are really quite steep. Considering outfits and the like are character bound and not account bound, this is all the more so. Other B2P models have much more affordable outfits available with the prime example being GW2 - and there the outfits are account bound to boot! Please reconsider your pricing, BDO. Roleplayers are very happy to spend away but only when they feel the prices are fair. I really think you're likely to profit more, both from roleplayers and other players, if you make things cheaper so that people can buy regularly and en masse rather than having only the elite few being catered to.

    10. Improvements to character creation.
    As I keep saying, customisation is really important to roleplayers. The character creator is great, probably one of the best out there, but there are a few things lacking which I'm going to list here:
    A lot of hairstyles available to one class are not available to others. It'd be nice to see these options available to all classes.Again, a lot of tattoos and make up options available to one class are not available to others. Please make them available to all.Things don't scale terribly well and you can end up with glorious pin-heads like this one. Not only is it slightly horrifying, it's also rather limiting when it comes to how much you can adjust a character's body without them looking like they crawled out of your nightmares. Unless there are lore reasons specifically locking a class's age or gender, please allow full customisation of these aspects and gender counterparts for each class. This has been a major, major turn off for a lot of players and roleplayers alike.


    11. Language filter extended to more chats than just channel chat.
    As discussed on blackdesertoleplayers.com, many roleplayers would appreciate a language filter for the General-Chat and especially the Roleplay-Chat. When roleplaying, the language clutter can get quite difficult to manage and channel-hopping isn't always convenient when you're trying to find people in your own language for walk-up roleplay. Additionally, the Non-English communities are struggling to use the Roleplay-Chat because it's dominated so much by English speakers. It would be to everyone's benefit to give us the option to filter what we send and receive.

    Thanks to Daum for:
    A big thank you again to Daum for listening so far and for the official roleplaying forums!Thank you for the improved chatbox length! This has helped enormously!Thank you for the addition of the roleplaying channel! 
  8. Roleplayers are going to have a very difficult time roleplaying if they are unable to write more than 17-20 words into the chat box before they're cut off. I'm hoping that by the time the actual game is released this might be fixed, because personally, it's a game killer for me. I wouldn't have even considered spending $30-$100 on any game, no matter how good the gameplay was, if I knew that it's chat box was practically unusable to roleplay with. I've been playing the CBT2 for two days now, having put at least 16 hours into it to familiarize myself with the game, and learn it's features. The aesthetics are beautiful, the combat is filthy fun, and I've seen so many unique features in this game that I've not seen in any other MMO...BUT...that's all meaningless if I can't RP! My suggestion would be to extend the character limit per entry to maybe 300-400, which would be around 50-60 words or so. Maybe. That's still even too short for my own tastes, but it's do-able. Instead of having such a short limit per entry, perhaps add a spam filter. If someone posts too frequently, then suppress them from posting again for a certain amount of time. At least that would put some limit on trade spammers? Either way, something has to change, or else an entire community is going to be turned off to the game by something so easily remedied.
    Edit: I counted! The character input limit into the chat is 100 characters. That's so low. 400 would be perfect. We'd still have to do multiple posts if you're a para-poster, but it'd be comfortable for RP.
  9. With over 60 years of cumulative experience, and countless short stories, the Carrendar Dynasty RP group provides a clean website, roleplay archiving, tutoring, and events for Black Desert Online. We support all levels of roleplay, from light to Novella. The Carrendar Dynasty will be supporting an out-of-client chat program (TBD) for our members to use, free of charge.
    About Us:
    The Carrendar Dynasty for Black Desert Online is an extension of a larger group that originally started in a 3D chat program. This group was founded by CharlotteCarrendar, Darksied, and Captain. (Their screen names) The group consisted of a lot of great minds in roleplay and writing, and used the T-1 style of RP. Seeing as the group was all based on text roleplay with visual aids, the Carrendar Dynasty became very popular, and reached out to people new to text based roleplay. Many wonderful "novella" style writers were born from this group, and exist as a part of the Carrendar Chronicles today.
    Server Information: The Carrendar Dynasty is currently operating in the Orwen Server, in the Balenos #1 channel. This position is finalized, and will be our main base of operations.
    What is our mission?
    CD is going to be a normal guild, with a GuildMaster, GuildMemebers, and a Job board. Our specialty will be treasure hunting for rare objects, and trade. However, since this will be a guild operating on a lot of smaller areas, all are welcome. You can find jobs for Mercenaries, Escorts, Healers, Wizards, Diplomats, etc. Apply to be a member today!
    What we are bringing to the table:
    We understand that BDO is going to give us a lot of "toys" to use such as furniture, housing, costumes, etc. As the Carrendar Dynasty grows, we hope to give our best effort in providing a comfortable atmosphere for roleplay with superb and appropriate visual aids.
    We will be hosting events throughout the BDO Beta test, and Launch. This will consist of Meet & Greets, and Rush Recruitment. After the Launch, we will be hosting LIVE scheduled RP sessions in-game, and enjoying PvE/PvP gameplay together in balance.
    Does your Guild have a Designer?
    YES! We have a Designer like most streamlined Guilds have. Our Designer is Gorya Designs. They create assets and IP for our group that we license and purchase. When 3D content created by players is supported, WE WILL BE READY!
    I am only interested in light RP, do you support that?
    Yes we do! We do not force heavy RP on gamers who wish to keep things simple and light. We will be supporting a segment for light RPers. The Carrendar Dynasty ALSO provides tutoring in text roleplay techniques, rules, regulations, and styles at no charge.
    I am a heavy/Novella Roleplayer, can you keep up with me?
    Challenge Accepted! The Carrendar Dynasty is founded by numerous Novella writers, and true-to-life authors. If a detailed and lengthy roleplay is what you desire, you have come to the right place.
    What about these "Rules and Regulations?"
    As always, a streamlined and successful RP is supported with a very solid foundation of Rules and Regulations. Our R&R are not demanding, or restrictive. Most all styles and RP types are supported. As an example, our most basic rules are: No metagaming (Using OOC knowledge about a situation in your IC roleplay, when your character would otherwise have no knowledge), Keeping OOC and IC separate, Absolutely ZERO Tolerance for OOC drama, no auto-handling other player's characters without permission, and absolutely NO god-moding (we keep things fair for everyone!)
    Do you keep track of Roleplay?
    Most certainly we do! We have an archive vault called the "Carrendar Chronicles" on wordpress. If an officiated moderator is present during the RP, he/she will take the text, clean it up for grammar, spelling, and clarity, and submit it to a special page in our vault that is dedicated to the Black Desert Online RP. If you do an RP session with some friends without a moderator, you can copy your RP, submit it to the group, and after review, we will add it to the vault.
    What if I want to do a side RP separate from the group?
    Feel free to do a side RP with other members, or even others outside the group. You can even do a solo RP [monologue, soliloquy, etc.]. If you so desire, we will create a separate page in our "Carrendar Chronilces" vault for your side RP.
    Character Bio page and IC presentation of this group is COMING SOON
    We are now recruiting for our Black Desert Online branch of the Carrendar Dynasty. Joining is easy! Click this link, and check out our website (Under Construction). The Carrendar Dynasty RP Group
    Please contact me via email if you have any questions or comments: carrendar.dynasty@gmail.com
    You can also send me a Friend Request in-game and meet up with me anytime I am online!
    Name: Razuken
    Family Name: Carrendar
    Group: <Carrendar Dynasty>

  10. Hey there, I only managed to play for an hour or so this morning before I had to jet to work-but several of my guild mates have expressed great disappointment at how limited text was for RP'ers. So far they haven't been able to make a 'custom' emote, and the character limit is much, much shorter than expected. The world itself is absolutely breathtaking and ridiculously immersive. I love the little details and touches-like being able to just..lean up against a wall! It feels like it was just made for roleplay and creating stories together. The chat channels also seemed to be a little clunky and disorganized, but that's just my opinion. If custom emotes were added, it would be nice if they stood out as a different color or maybe even in italics to set it apart from other NPC and PC text floating around out there. 200 characters seems to be a  good number to reach and I feel would be more than enough (even for those who love walls of text!) to express themselves.

    We could all just be extremely new to the game and process, so if anyone else has actually seen a way to make custom emotes or has found an easier system for roleplaying, please let me know! Thanks so much, and I really hope this is something that you guys consider. There is huge roleplay community out there that has been looking forward to this game, and I know a better RP text system would just be icing on the cake!
  11. So, the choice for our server is here! what server is gonna be the RP server for EU?
    Take your pick!
    Remember It's but a game, so the largest vote is props where you are gonna find the most RP on the EU Servers.
  12. Post on [OOC] Lore ressources in Roleplay

    By Xene, posted
    Good day fellow roleplayers!

    I am in dire need of help regarding the lore of Black Desert. I have not been able to participate in any Beta as of yet, though I am looking forward to trying out the CBT2, and to be honest the official site is somewhat lacking in the actual lore depertment. In order to even pick a name for my character, I would like to know more about the story of the world, as well as to figure out a backstory that makes sense.

    Would any of you know of a place where I might find more information on the lore of the game? Thanks
  13. Post on ~~~~ in US Guild

    By Musetta, posted
    Focus: Roleplaying and GvG
    Age Requirement: 16+
    I am happy to present you the guild "LUST". This guild's main focus is GVG, RP, PVP and exploration. Before we get to other main information about this "upcoming guild", I want to inform you about few things before you considering joining it. If you are a highly experienced BDO Player who can help us around with the guild, you will be ranked as a high class. Once we get to know our guild members, we'll start ranking as soon as possible (MAINLY THE HEAD COMMANDERS). We will also be having a "roleplay" theme, which will be the heart of the guild.This guild is roleplay oriented.
    We accept any starter, once they start to get experienced and active in the guild, they will have a "promotion". We will have trainings held and different "events" that will be fun to do for the guild. This isn't going to be a "military guild" or one of those typical guilds, instead it's going to be a unique RP mixed with mystery, GvG and exploration. Our guild members will always be there to help you with anything, so consider joining!
    If you're an experienced player and are planning to join, we will go on high-level missions together that "starters" cannot join us in, which won't be done rarely. We will also offer HRS to those who are planning to be active.

    To apply, fill out the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms
    Things we expect from you:
    Active, Kind, Respectful.Mature, wanting to improve 
    Things you should expect from this guild:
    RP'ing, castle siege, trainings.Exploration, GvG, PvP.PvE, Ceremonies, Events.Competitions, Fishing.Here is something you would be expecting from this guild's (ROLEPLAY SYSTEM)
  15. Hello, I haven't bought a copy yet - but I'm very glad to see the RP popping up here!! Played on a 3d Chat Environment for many years and RP'd on AOL and MUDs before that. So my question is, has anyone decided or know if there will be some BDSM allowed RPing groups in here? I don't mean that is their main focus but it is something that can happen in a story and I would like to be around others who may do it in BDO. If this is offensive to you, I don't mean it that way. Please have a lovely day and rest and be kind to me

    Ravens of War
    Mercenary Company

    Open for business


    Welcome to Year 2 of Black Desert Online NA !
    I am Konrad Knox, captain of the Ravens, and it's time to update our guild introduction post!

    The Ravens of War Mercenary Company has built its 1st year of rich and epic BDO history! Having played since Closed Beta, we are one of the very few guilds who did not disband or merged, and has kept the original leader. We have built a reputation as a reliable mercenary strike force, a guild of Tier 1 - Tier 2 small scale PvP professionals for hire and semi-pro roleplayers.
    We are presently well on target with our goals for the past year.
    Goal 1. Stay in business.  This goal was well achieved, we have a dozen of satisfied customers, who have employed our services for a fee and came out with winnings. Cheers to loyal clients!
    Goal 2. Become the most powerful RP-PVP guild.  This goal was achieved. There is no RP-supportive guild in the casual/semi-casual tier who can match us in combat force.
    Goal 3. Hold nodes. This goal has been achieved since Node Wars came out. Back on Orwen we were a solid performer who held 2 level 2 nodes per week. Now on NA with greater competition we operate within T1-T2 nodes, with occasional castle contracts for our customers.
    Current Goals for the future:

    Goal 4. Expand the roster to 100 players. 50 PvPers, 30 Casuals, 20 RPers - That's the goal for the charter.
    Goal 5. Become the first roleplayer guild to hold a region. This goal is still a work in progress!

    We want 100 people ideally, and currently have 80. So I look for 20 more, spots are open. No game hopping, this guild starts in BDO and stays in BDO. We're here for good.

    If you are a soldier of fortune, a bounty hunter, or a professional worth your salt, our guild is for you.
    If you are on the run, down on your luck, you feel too small to matter in the big game against brutal odds, our guild is for you.
    If you're a maiden who simply enjoys making and serving drinks and telling stories, in character, getting to know people, while also being under protection of strong PvPers, our guild is for you.
    If you're a rogue at heart, always ready to grab a sneaky profit, or pull off a cheeky win, our guild is for you.

    We offer to create a group that focuses on PvP and RP both, whichever you prefer is up to you, because this guild is primarily for you. For you to achieve success, for you to tell your story and carve yourself a piece of this map. That is a guild I want to make. I want your trust, and your opinion, and I will do my best and hardest to lead you to victory, because I have a plan.

    I am Konrad Knox, a Drigani knight errant on the move after losing a war, his lord, and his regiment, former banner men to an incompetent side, too big for their own good.
    Life taught me that there is no future in the army, unless you're free to act upon opportunity. So here I am, looking for fortune, pulling off odd jobs, working for whoever hires me.
    And I say, it's time to take fate back into my own hands, time to turn the tables around.

    We seek brethren souls, who feel the same way, true rogues and outcasts, ready to work together to get back a bit of what life has taken.
    We want you to follow us. Work with us.
    What we guarantee you:

    1. Fierce loyalty. If by life or death we can defend you, we will. Once you're in, you're family.
    2. Opportunity. We will look at your craft and help you perfect it, and profit from its use. I'll urge you to snatch every chance there is, to make a good deal or pull a sneaky win.
    3. Voice. We will listen to your opinion, take in your contribution, and make decisions with your input in mind. You have a voice.
    4. Fairness. Loot will be equally divided. We will pay you what is due, and help you resolve conflicts.
    5. PvP. As mercenaries, PvP is our bread and main source of income. Frequent arena drills and practice PvP are natural part of the process.
    6. Roleplay opportunities. If you want it, we got it in plenty. If you don't, we won't force you into it.
    7. Flexible guild mission schedule, teams ready to earn guild points to keep the buffs solid without making it feel like a chore.
    8. Knowledge base: We have guides and expert players in the guild who can help you improve in Life skills and PvP skills of the game.
    9. Friendship. We ride as one.
    10. Redemption. Whatever shadows you run from, I'll help you turn the tables in your favor.

    What we want from you:

    1. Long term potency. You're here because you want to play this game, to be a part of this world, to have fun.
    2. Continuously getting better. Improving yourself. If you're a fighter, max your level. If you're a crafter, max your craft.
    3. Flexibility, innovation, and creativity. Sometimes an obvious plan is to go take the castle, but the more beneficial plan is to go sack a windmill to earn some bread. Be ready to switch it up.
    4. Voice chat for OOC combat coordination. We use a program called Discord. Install it and I will give you an invitation.
    5. Personality, humor, loyalty.
    6. Schedule - you get to set your own attendance, but we ask you to adhere to it in a more or less stable manner. More or less.
    7. Willingness to practice and improve - look through the guides we have collected, learn your combat combos, don't stop improving.
    8. Ambition. It's easy to give up and join a massive zerg, to be just another number on a big roster. We want a person ready to shock everyone by what they achieve with smaller means.
    9. Trust. Trust us, go with us, and we will see your needs met. On the other hand, if you see something wrong, stay my hand and share your thoughts. And we will trust you.

    Sure, we won't win them all. Sure we'll be beaten plenty. Broken lips and bloody noses are a fate for all hard people of the world. But to pick yourself back up, to press on, to pick your fights, and stay under the radar, to strike at the most unexpected moment, to come where you are least anticipated - that is the talent of an underdog.

    In comes a raven.

    I watch these curious birds as I travel and rest in the field.
    As I lay out my cloak among the rocks and sit down to rest, I look a raven in the eye, and he looks back at me. What I see in his glance is a simple, naked, cold truth. He is waiting for me to die, and will outlive me, lest I become his brethren.

    Nature's apex survivors, wise, careful. What they lack in might, they more than make up for in insight and perception.

    A raven has an excellent sense of smell, knowing his food, be it dead carrion or live prey, from far apart. A raven is smart with excellent memory, he never strikes when he knows that the enemy is superior and chances are low. He has no talons, unlike a hawk, a falcon, or an eagle, but in the end, he meets them all. In death. Everything dies, and the raven's sharp beak is there to eat it.

    I've learned this on the battlefield, as I stared into the sky, my own heart my enemy, bleeding out. To survive against all odds, to cheat death, is to see the ravens and the fate they bring to all mortal men.
    With these values, I have imparted the lore of the raven upon my brave and esteemed comrades. Now we stand together, and it is no longer my story, but theirs. Now they carry on and continue, and stand with me, each unique in their talents, united as one. This is no longer my story, but ours. No more "I", but "we".

    Black harbingers of death, always the last ones on the battlefield in any warfare, escorting our souls to the afterlife. To become a raven - means to outlast death itself. To ride on its wings and evade oblivion.

    These values we embrace. The raven is our crest.

    Join me, join us, and we will help you survive and prosper. Together.
    Mission Statement

    In practice, Ravens of War strives to maintain the following end-game goals:

    1. Run a functional friendly and relaxed community of coexisting players:
    Roleplayers (to bring in story plots), PvPers (to kill), Casual players (to help build and create social atmosphere).

    2. Hold at least one node on the map (level does not matter)

    3. Leave one node slot open for contract work.

    4. Get hired by customer guilds to assist in node wars, guild wars, support operations, or bounties, for pay on contract.

    Ravens of War


    The band's sovereign leader, the captain forms the band's direction. Holds the deciding vote in even disputes.

    In captain's absence, the lieutenants act in captain's stead as judges and overlords. Revered advisors and chief officers.
    Knowledgeable and dedicated. Serve as warlords in combat.

    Man-at-Arms / Mercenary
    Soldiers, sellswords, mercenaries, the core of the band.
    Any recruit who has shown staying power, loyalty, and dedication to getting better at combat, is promoted to man-at-arms. The primary fighting core force of the band.
    Men-at-arms may recommend potential recruits and distinguished recruits for promotion.
    A member of the band who has proven themselves dedicated, but does not wish to partake in combat, instead contributing their workers and resources to construction of node forts. Builders can be crafters or researchers, or simply civilians under the band's protection.
    The starting rank or any man or woman who shows interest and is accepted in. Recruits strive to prove themselves in their field, and, unless they screw up too badly, get promoted to either Specialists or Men-at-arms.

    Current Guild Buffs

    190 Guild Points

    AP +5, Accuracy +5, Damage Reduction +5, HP + 100, Siege Resistance 50%, +1 Gathering,  +1 Fishing, Level 2 Elephant, Command To Gather.
    Application Format

    1. Talk about yourself as a gamer, what games you played, what experience you have with PvP, PvE, and RP.
    2. Give an overview of a medieval character you want to play in Black Desert Online. (Please have a normal name)
    3. A short paragraph describing your character story. (3 sentences minimum)
    Private Forum
    Ravens' Nest

    Orwen: Calpheon 02
  17. Greetings Black Deserters, 
    We're a group of MMORPG veterans (been around since UO days) and we want to settle in Black Desert. We don't have one of those long manifests (at least not anymore) so I am going to do a quick write up of what we are and what we ain't. 
    - We think a good gamer is like a good wine, gets better with age. 
    - We don't run guilds, we run communities. 
    - We don't recruit a lot of people, less is more. 
    - We like to make friends, not playmates. 
    - Lots of our activities revolve around roleplaying. 
    - Female friendly community!
    You can say we are casual now. We prefer to make good relationships and enjoy the game. If you're interested drop an app @The Enclave Community (I have just assembled some sort of a website, it'll get better <3)
    Avissa Roc
  18. I have been inspired by another forum member, @Grimmonsoon, to make this thread.

    The gender-locked classes are not ideal. Everyone knows that. I sincerely hope, in the future, that the developers address this and there is a gender option for EVERY class. However, in the time honoured tradition of RPers (check the roleplay forum for more brilliance) life has found a way.

    By manipulating the character creation options available to us a Witch can become a boy-wizard. A Warrior can become a plate-covered girl. A Sorceror can become a...well...a male Sorceror (I'm sure the word Sorceress exists).

    Let us know what you think or have a go yourselves and see what you can come up with. 

  19. Hey everyone... I wanted to ask about role play and how it functions in games. I've never role played before in a game or in real life for that matter. I'm not sure on what it means to be in character. I'm seeing people post backstories of characters and creating this wonderful imagery for a person. It's like I've read a book and got to see a main character and now i live out that tale... Is that what RP'ing is about? I know this thread might seem stupid but it looks interesting.
    If you want to PM me or reply feel free. I'd like to chat.
  20. Hallo zusammen,
    an alle Rollenspieler, die von Beginn an in eine Gilde wollen und bis jetzt noch keine Gilde gefunden haben:
    Bitte tragt Euch hier ein. Bisher sind wir eine gaaaanz kleine Gruppe von Leuten, die die Welt von Black Desert IC erkunden wollen. Wir wollen nicht nur die ganze Zeit rumhängen und RP betreiben, sondern auch etwas action erleben. Am besten alles IC mit wenigen OOC Kommentaren dazwischen.
    Gerne können sich hier auch rekrutierende Gilden melden, sofern sie auch am PVE interessiert sind.
    Wer sonst Interesse hat, einfach reinposten. Zur Not können wir ja auch was eigenes auf die Beine stellen. Gerne auch absolute BDO Neulinge, also ohne Beta- oder Korea-Server Erfahrung.
    Hier ein paar Fakten, auf die es uns ankommt und mit denen sich der ein oder andere vielleicht identifizieren kann:
    - Kein Teamspeak - es zerstört das RP-feeling
    - Hauptsächlich IC PVE mit gelegentlichen "normalen" RP-Treffen (eventuell auch mal etwas lockerer mit OOC)
    - starkes, freundschaftliches Verhältnis zueinander, Zusammenarbeit, Respekt und Vertrauen
    - irgendwann vielleicht mal einen gemeinsamen youtube kanal mit unseren Erlebnissen und RPs.
    - absoluter Fokus auf BDO (keine Nebenprojekte in anderen MMOs - somit kein: Was zocken wir eigentlich heute? Was? Das Spiel hab ich nicht!)
    - Gerne auch Spieler über 30 und über 40 (somit kein Drama und keine Kindereien)
    - Wenn sich alles gut entwickelt, könnte man auch mal eine frei gestaltbare Innovativ-storyline entfesseln. Jeder darf seine Ideen einbringen, egal welches Level.
    - Die "fetten" IC PVE Events wären natürlich am Wochenende. Freitag Nacht, evtl. Sonntag Nachmittag.
    - Rangaufstiege innerhalb der Gilde werden durch soziale Aktionen erreicht, nicht durch das Level!
    - Kommunikation hier im Forum
    Bin gespannt wieviele wir zusammen bekommen.
    Hier noch ein paar Ideen, die mir heute gekommen sind (11.02.2016)
    - Man könnte sagen wir werden eine spezielle Gilde, die nur aus Händlern und Bücherwürmern besteht
    - Schwerpunkt Sicherheit. Wir begleiten Händler auf ihren Reisen und bieten ihnen Schutz
    - Handwerker Gilde, die gut ausgecraftete Leute hat und ihre Waren verkaufen kann
    - Pazifistische Saufkumpane: den ganzen Tag am Saufen, in der Lieblingstaverne versteht sich
    - Farmer (nicht das farming, was man sonst im Zusammenhang mit MMOs kennt) sondern eine große, vielleicht nebeneinanderliegende Farm(en) führen, so als Zusammenschluß
    Ach, BDO bietet so viel, da kann man sich gar nicht entscheiden...
  21. Building EU connections.
    Main EU Server: Jordine, Serendia J1 and sometimes Serendia J2.

    I think it's known by most roleplayers that, when a game splits based on region, the NA roleplay community tends to be larger than the English-EU one. This leads to many forum posts being assumed NA by default and it can be a little overwhelming for EU people trying to find their footing. With that in mind, I thought it'd be a good idea to start up a thread specifically for EU roleplayers to congregate, to introduce themselves and to start making connections. I've seen a lot of lost EU roleplayers around, so hopefully this will help bring people together. 
    We have an EU community forming over on blackdesertroleplayers.com as well, for those who are interested.
    It's small right now, but it can grow with your input.
    So uh, to introduce myself, I'm Faine and I'm an EU moderator for blackdesertroleplayers.com. I've been roleplaying for about ten years now, first in forum and tabletop sessions and now in MMOs as well in more recent years. I'm originally from the UK but I'm currently living with my Dutch fiancé in the Netherlands (who, incidentally, I met through roleplay eight years ago). I spend more time writing, reading and roleplaying in my free time than anything else so you could say I'm pretty passionate about the hobby... oooorrrrr a complete and utter nerd. You could say that too.
    Anyway, I've been watching Black Desert for a long time now and I'm eager to see it do well. With the exception of a few missing tools (lack of /e I'm looking at you) it's a wonderfully immersive game for roleplay. I've got a variety of characters in the works at the moment and I look forward to meeting you all.
    Please note: this is not a thread to discuss the pros and cons of EU people playing on an NA server. Between bad ping, timezones and other reasons, many EU roleplayers will be playing on the EU server and this is a thread to help them connect with others doing the same thing. That's all. Please be nice. Thank you.
  22. As an avid roleplayer, I am interested in how many are out there and what region you belong to. I have also become increasingly concerned that the lion's share of RP might be happening in NA. Please take part in the poll, post your thoughts and encourage others to do the same.
  23. RP Prompt: A traveling trade caravan is greatly delayed in its travels as a series of unfortunate events slow their progress. Spooked by superstition and ill omens the caravans moral has plummeted and all are weary for what might happen next. Settling down for the night in an untamed stretch of wilderness the members of the caravan huddle about fires retreating from the unnaturally deep darkness of the night. Something was going to happen this night.
    There was an ominous darkness to the night. Something almost supernatural and it spread weary whispers and hushed concerns among the men of the waylaid trade caravan. It was yet another ill omen among many. The caravan seeming doomed to misfortune, causing many to wonder what foul treachery they had committed to bring such misfortune into their lives.
    Their trek meant to be no more then a weeks errand had now elapsed the deadline and many days still lay between them and their destination. A broken wagon axle, a felled tree in the road, sickness among the men, and even the horse and mules growing inexplicably spooked driving the carts and supplies off the road.
    This day was no different with their progress stunted by mishap and misfortune. The wilderness that surrounded their circled wagons untamed and unwelcoming. It was far from an ideal location to set camp for the nigh, but with the cloud thick and heavy in the sky blocking out light of the moon, it was impossible to go on.
    Men huddled about camp fires crowded together as much for warmth as the soothing comfort of light. Most were civilians, porters and peasants. Only a few among the caravan, like Sinfa, were trained in combat and assumed the role of escorting the caravan across the untamed wilderness. Some were passengers, others sell swords, or in the case of Sinfa... had a stake in one of the caravan carts and was here protecting their investment.
    "I have not seen a night as black as this... what unspeakable foulness has befallen upon?" Gregor a weathered caravan driver questioned direly while warmed his hands upon the glowing fire. He was aged and not well. His skin hanging off his bones like rough dyed leather, to skinny to be healthy, but just as able-bodied as any younger man among their group.
    "..." Sinfa remained silent as the drivers thoughts where echoed by others. Choosing instead cast her gaze upon those who sat about her fire. She was a young woman of few words, speaking only when she felt it necessary to do so. An air of nobility surrounded her, both her manner and speech reflecting a privileged upbringing. There was however a harsh intensity about her, like one who looked upon others expecting to be betrayed... ever ready to parry aside a dagger aimed at her back.
  24. Post on [OOC] Everyone Happy? in Roleplay

    By Obosi, posted
    I'm glad that the madness of name reservation is over. For me, the name that I managed to get would have most definitely guided both my choice of character and their storyline. I had a few backup names but I got lucky.
    More than any group, Roleplayers regard their choice of name as very important. So my question is:

    Did everyone else here fair okay and has the name choice you got influenced your roleplay, moving forward? Also were you waiting until your nme choice to develop your character/storyline?
  25. I've set up a thread on the Suggestions forum requesting a roleplaying channel or server.

    I just wanted to bring this to the attention to those who might not have seen it yet but who'd be interested in chipping in with their opinions and/or support. I don't know if Daum will be willing to do this, but the more comments and likes the better! Thanks.
    Thanks for all of the support, guys. 
    Those of you who haven't posted and/or liked the thread linked in the OP, would you mind doing so there too? I don't know how much attention Daum will pay to requests voiced outside of the suggestions forum.