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  1. Hello, MazeAngel here. I'm still getting all the ropes down and waiting for the download to complete on my computer. Looking forward to playing this game but first while I waited I wanted to hear back about some of the active rping groups out there!
  2. Hello all.  Long time lurker, first time poster.  Every so often I come across a game that reminds me of the love and passion that I had for Ultima Online.  I wrote fanfiction, I made crappy .bmp art and I even volunteered to help out a part of the game when I could.  No greater has that impact been more well-known in longstanding RP communities than Ultima Online, and it's Seer Volunteers alongside Interest Game Masters through the Seer System.

    Yeah, it's a roleplay post primarily.  But there might be a little bit of something for everyone, I'd think.

    Though to properly explain, a little bit of history is needed.  Back when Origin owned the rights to UO in the Renaissance Expansion days, Roleplayers and K3wl d00ds alike could join together in dynamic events brought about by volunteers known as Seers.  Seers were players that volunteered their time to providing dynamic experiences to the Ultima Online community.  Imagine you're in town doing your thing when all of the sudden the chat goes wild after a GM announces that there seems to be an intelligent dragon making it's way for a key city.  Players run in droves to discover that it is indeed true! A massive dragon has been spawned and is slow walking towards a town.  But it's not hurting anyone.  It's actually flagged as friendly and even talks!  In actuality this dragon is a player, whose avatar has been changed to an in game dragon monster by the Interest Game Master.  The two, while working in conjunction with one another, gave their server and channel roughly 3-4 hours of fresh, original content just by walking around and randomly talking to people.
    There are no prizes.  There is no loot or gold to be won.  There's no story, no enemy grind, no nothing.  It's just an interaction for the players to give their world more life.  The dragon of course was kept in character and would only respond to someone every so often when something interesting was spoken, and when it was bored it emoted flying away and vanished, never to be heard from again.  People trying to grief immediately realized their mistake when the dragon would just one-shot them after that person continued to spam chat or just generally violate ToS for the sake of irritating people, and in the UO days when you died you dropped everything you had on you all the way down to your shoes.

    And people got killed for having the wrong color shoes.

    Now these events weren't simply limited to just chance roleplay opportunities either.  Sometimes dynamic events came in multiple different flavors.  A city being invaded by a raiding party of monster types with only one hit point.  Players get to feel important and needed while not having to worry about whether or not their gear is up to par, or if they've played the game enough.  At some points events with loot were given out, however items were given off of a randomly generated treasure chest with nothing being of superb value.  Seers would come seeking adventurers to go on an epic quest in groups of 4-5 or more, and the players would then spend hours globetrotting to find other Seers that have been stationed, in order to get the next clue.  This would go on for some time until finally you'd solve the riddle, and take home your reward.  Sometimes it was dyes, sometimes it was gold.  Sometimes it was your name placed on a plaque for all the in game world to marvel and be envious over.  It could be trivial or grandiose, depending on the situation.

    But the biggest aspect of the Seer System?  Roleplay; and two prominent guilds come to mind:  The Shadowclan Orcs, and the Undead Necropolis. (if anything at this point I'm dating myself with these links)  These two guilds which were strictly player run, did so well that the game devs actually made persistent parts of the land specifically for them to use because of the impact they had through interacting with the entire server player base through the Seer System and storylines developed through them.  I would love to see this system here in Black Desert, as it would breathe even more life into the roleplayer community.  I know most gamers like to advocate on the PvP, and PvE aspects and while they can have some entertainment value from the seer system (I can imagine a literal God of Battle spawning outside of Heidel Arena and challenging players to a one on one face off for the right to call themselves a God of Battle) but I come here on behalf of the roleplaying community.

    I know that the Seer program ended back in the EQ days where some player threatened to sue the company for their Volunteer work and it has since put an immediate damper on that idea for the longest time.  However with today's technology and this game's platform I'd like to believe that this system can make a massive comeback and help increase your interactivity with your player base.  A direct feedback line where you can immediately gauge reactions and check on your populace while making note of what major adjustments can be made in the future.  Should this idea even be entertained, you can protect yourself legally so that the past need not repeat itself.

    One, outline clearly and concisely that any players that want to participate in the Seer Program are strictly there on a Volunteer Basis.  Their ability to use a Seer Character is a privilege, not a right nor means of employment.  Clearly point out what is expected of the player that is put into that position, but also ensure that they have the tools in order to meet that expectation.  Allow Volunteers a small amount of command access. Perhaps their account is given access to a tool or useable item that allows for the spawning of level one 1hp Shadow Knights that will move to a fixed location or will just aggressively menace (though not attack) any player that comes near it, or maybe they can teleport another player short distances.  There's a lot of different varying ideas that can be applied as to how much leeway a Volunteer is given.

    Two, ensure that the selection process is in open writing.  You'll want creative and energetic people to fulfill the role of Seers, so a multiple choice quiz would be useless.  Instead, ask essay questions for those who'd really like to participate.  If they really want to give their time to the community, they'll undergo the tasks needed to do so.  Volunteers also need to be instructed that they must be fair and impartial.  Simply because they are a roleplayer, does not mean that they can only create roleplay friendly events, and that goes even further to favoritism amongst friends.  The position does not exist so you can just give your guild the best storyline ever, or the most exciting event for some group.  The Seer System is for all players to have access to in order to encourage a living and breathing world.  As a part of the interview process, ask Volunteers in detail on different scenarios.  Ask for a scenario for PvE, PvP, Roleplay, and General.  Finally use an NDA clause to ensure that your Volunteers keep their interactions with Daum/PA confidential.  Granted that nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical is happening, but as I'm not a legal genius, I am quite sure there are some loopholes that could be found and exploited if not properly contained, as it would be in any sort of arrangement with Volunteers.
    Third and most important, make absolutely sure that Volunteers are told in explicit, bolded, italicized, fourty-two font, times new roman, that they are NOT an employee of Daum/Pearl Abyss (Or any other parent company involved) and DO NOT represent you.  They are not entitled to any sort of pay of any sort, be it in or out of game.  Their time is strictly on a volunteer basis and that their access to the Seer Program can be terminated without any prior notice.  Note that violating any part of the agreement can lead to the termination of the Volunteer's account should they be found guilty of abusing any of the privileges afforded to them and stress that point as much as you can during the interview process.

    Now as for staffing, this project wouldn't be a massive undertaking, save the proper coding for the Seer System should it be implemented but beyond that it's continued running can be overseen by a few people. Give a few interns something to do by staying in contact with Volunteers on a weekly basis for data collection, with one Head Interest Game Master per server (Being a lead tech or game dev), With three or so lower tier employees (or even interns actually cause their job will literally to be sit there out of the way and use their imagination) as Acting IGMs (The Acting IGM Role being the official part of the agreement that maintains a background role, ensuring that the Volunteers' activities are logged and going over data collection to submit on higher) and I'd say no more then 2-3 acting Volunteers per Channel or per server if you prefer.

    Please don't misunderstand, I love the game for what it is and it's been a very long time since any game has made me feel that way about it.  I know that it takes a lot more than happy thoughts and wishful thinking for ideas and suggestions to be realized, but this is more of a "Hey do you think it's possible" suggestion.  I'm happy that we have timely events as we have, I'd just like to see even more options available to us in this game.  (Though if I had to make any from the hip suggestions, it'd be to add some original NA/EU content to the Cash Shop instead of just following the trail left by the KR version.  We can be relevant without being completely up to patch I'd think)

    In any event, this is the rough and unshaped version of the idea that was the Seer System.  I'd love to see something like it again but it doesn't need to be.  Thank you for reading my long winded post.  I look forward to hearing (if any) feedback that anyone may have.
  3. Post on La présence du RP in Roleplay

    By Rasleur, posted
    Bonjour à tous.
    Alors moi je suis nouveau sur le jeu et je me posais tout de même des questions. Mon style de jeu à moi c'est le RP et ce jeu a toutes les qualités requises pour offrir un univers à RP magnifique. Mais en regardant le forum, en lisant et tout je me suis aperçut que la plupart des gens étaient pour le PVP puisque, en plus, il y a le système de karma et le PK 'sauvage'. (C'est ce qui avait un peu tué le RP dans le précédent jeux MMORPG auquel je jouais à savoir Age of Wulin)
    J'aimerais savoir si il y a des guildes spécialement faites pour le RP et un serveur ou la plupart des roleplayer résidaient. Voila voila ^^
    Bon jeu à tous
  4. Hi all,
    I was just wondering what my options for RP on Uno are? I made a character, and don't want to jump ship to Orwen to make a brand new character to level. What channel also, I find some people forget to mention the channel information.
    Thanks a whole bunch!
  5. For this that do not know here is the site that the meat of the RP community operate off of. On it you can find the unofficial servers majority of the RP community rolled on. 
        REQUIEM NOIR    

    All you need is a little bit of
    Wine, Lust, and just a pinch of Darkness…
    GM: Amyra Featherstone (in game), Aya Ohime-sama (forums)
        Officers: to be announced
    Who are we?
            [RequiemNoir] is a newly formed guild in Black Desert Online. We strive for a laid-back community who wish to experience the game in a fun, serious, and friendly atmosphere while juggling a busy life outside of the game. At the moment, there is only me (the guild master) who is in the game, but the officer will be online shortly.
    What are our Goals?
            We are striving towards a roleplaying community, but we may also get involved with guild wars and such if the demand is high. We are extremely new, so if you want a casual roleplaying guild to be a part of, but you also want to experience the game on your own time without any rush of leveling up, we support that!
    The Roleplaying Setting
            [RequiemNoir] is a mysterious organization that involves itself in underworld matters. Seeking out information and connections is the organizations goals, and if need be eliminating obstacles along the way is a small sacrifice in the quest for knowledge. It has been whispered that the organization occasionally accepts requests from the common folk to look into missing person’s cases, as well as cases that are on a more political matter. However, to get in touch with the organization is hard to do. You don’t find RequiemNoir, RequiemNoir finds you.
    If interested?
            If you are interested with helping build this guild up, we welcome you! Just make a reply to this topic, or even send a message to either one of my accounts! We are fairly new, so be patient.
    At the moment, the only spots open at the moment are 10.
    Feel free to ask any questions! See you in game!
  7. I know weapon is good and all but I think it would be extremely neat to have a better system of unarmed combat. Nothing fancy, just enough to think that you dont always have to rely on your weapons.
    I know its not productive but I just want to throw it out there because I think it could be cool.
    I think something got lost in translation regarding the Pearl Abyss answer that they couldn't make a "toggle." That's probably our mistake for using that word and not putting it in terms more familiar to the game. We're not looking for an "on / off" switch; we're looking for a movement ability similar to that of crouch and crawl. In fact, if hitting "Q" plus another key (Q+space is crouch, Q + backspace? could be walk) would be perfect and simple to implement since it already exists -- this Q function already cycles through movements.
    Simple macros won't work because not only do players not want to rely on third party extensions, they interrupt the /say feature. They force users to stop moving in order to write. That's not a solution, that's a bandaid. We already have that with the caps lock push button. Relying on it doesn't help anyone.
    I've tested this in game. I can put myself on an auto-run path, hit Q, and my character still moves like normal. It still works without the auto-run path selected, too.
    I can type on an automated or non-automated path in crouch and it still works.
    We're not asking that they go back and change the push down button. If that's too much work, it can stay as is. We're asking you to potentially explore a solution that would put the "walk" animation as an extension of the "Q" hotkey movement. If Q = Crouch, and Q + Space = Crawl, why can't Q + Backspace = walk? Please, @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo 
    @CM_Tytyes , give this some fair consideration. Thank you for your time.
  9. Jordine RP channel revote ahoy!
    Hi everyone. Just to let you know, the EU RP community on blackdesertroleplayers.com has called for a revote on which channel we use. While channel hopping is a simple thing, it's good to have a default go-to channel for our community. So far this channel has been Serendia J1, but due to roleplayers of other languages sharing the same space, it's been suggested that we move to Serendia J2 so that we don't get in each others' way.

    Come and share your vote in the EU General forum of blackdesertroleplayers.com, over here: http://www.blackdesertroleplayers.com/forum/m/33755660/viewthread/26730389-eu-roleplay-channel-revote
    This poll will close on Friday the 8th of April.
    Who is this vote for?
    Any roleplayer on the EU Jordine server!

    Why are you holding this vote on a fan-run site rather than here on the official forums?
    When we previously held a vote for which server we were going to go to on the official forums, we found out that the results were being manipulated by non-rolepalyers and had to start over. While I think it's unlikely it'd happen again, I'd rather avoid a potential repeat of that mess. On blackdesertroleplayers.com, it's easier for us to make sure that everyone who is voting should be voting.

    So I have to join your site to vote?
    Yes, you do. It's not ideal, I know, but for the reasons stated above, it's what we have to go with. Joining is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons and having your application approved though. You won't need to do anything beyond that.

    Why are you only considering Serendia J1 and J2?
    I haven't seen enough support for other channels. However, if you strongly feel we should be considering another channel, please feel free to make your case on the poll thread. Should enough people agree with you, then perhaps we'll hold another vote on this.

  10. Le Circuit du Devin
    Il y a bien longtemps, vivait un vieux devin. Il allait par monts et par vaux des côtes ensoleillées jusqu'au cœur des plus vastes forêts occidentales. S'appuyant sur un simple bâton d'érable et tenant ses sandales à la main, on racontait qu'il pouvait prédire les humeurs du ciel aussi bien que celles des hommes. Bien que son nom fut perdu, les hommes et les femmes cheminant aujourd'hui sur les routes se souviennent des sentiers qu'il empruntait et des nombreux abris naturels qu'il cartographia autrefois. Les voyageurs l'appellent « Le Circuit du Devin ».
    I. Présentation générale.
    Le Circuit du Devin n'est ni une guilde, ni un clan, ni même une organisation au sens stricte du terme. Il s'agit avant tout d'un système imaginé par la communauté RP de Black Desert Online ( http://desertnoir.fr/forums/ ) ayant pour but de favoriser le jeux de rôle en pleine nature et dans des atmosphères plutôt bucoliques. Le système des relais de voyageurs s'adresse principalement aux joueurs ayant choisis de s'investir dans un roleplay itinérant, mais encourage également les guildes, clans et personnages sédentarisés à utiliser les relais de manière occasionnelle au grès de leurs jeux et de leurs histoires. Ouvert à tous et à toutes, les relais voyageurs proposent un vaste panel de lieux dépaysants, collectés directement IG par un bon nombre de volontaires et offrent ainsi la possibilité à quiconque de trouver "chaussure à son pieds".  Une carte a été crée afin de recenser tous les points de RP liés aux relais de voyageurs. Le lien disponible à la fin de cette présentation vous conduira à un descriptif plus détaillé des lieux en question. 

    II. Marchands itinérants.
    Chaque mois, seront organisés sur les relais majeurs, un ou deux événements rotatifs sur le thème du commerce et de l'échange. Avec la participation de personnages marchands et itinérants, ces événements s'adresseront à quiconque se trouvera dans le secteur et désirant échanger des produits contre d'autres ( à voir avec les méthodes de fonctionnement de chaque commerçant ) ou encore d'acheter pour quelques pièces des biens divers et variés. Les relais majeurs sont donc logiquement faciles d'accès, proche des axes routiers et permettent ainsi aux chariots de se mouvoir sans trop de difficultés ( Attention cependant au relais B. Il a été gardé parce qu'il offre beaucoup d'avantages mais les salamandres dans la petite rivière peuvent être agressives ).
    III. Calendrier des voyageurs.
    Un système de calendrier a également été mis en place sur quatre semaines pour faciliter la localisation des autres joueurs. Bien que cette fonctionnalité demeure purement HRP, sa simplicité d'accès permet également de savoir dans quel relais de voyageurs se trouvent les rôllistes en fonction des jours de la semaine. N'ayez pas peur, même si vous n'êtes pas membres de la communauté de Désert Noir, de venir vous joindre à nous pour rencontrer d'autres rôllistes et partager quelques moments avec notre communauté ( Serveur Jordine, canal Serendia 1). Vous êtes les bienvenus ! Pour plus de visibilité, seront affichés chaque semaines à la suite de ce poste le planning des voyageurs.
    IV. Conclusion.
    Sachant qu'il n'y a ni Maître, ni Grand Gourou, le Circuit du Devin appartient à la communauté. Vous êtes donc libres d'y faire ce que vous voulez et d'y organiser ce que vous souhaitez ( dans la limite du raisonnable, évidemment ), sans demander la permission à qui de droit. Je compte d'ailleurs sur la participation d'un maximum de gens qui contribueront, grâce à leurs jeux et à leurs imaginations fertiles, à étoffer le système. 
    Lien de présentation forum du Circuit du Devin : http://desertnoir.fr/forums/index.php?/gc/29-le-circuit-du-devin-relais-voyageurs/
    Planning des voyageurs du 04/04/2016 au 10/04/2016
    • Lundi : La Passe des Vents ( 1 )
    • Mardi : Le Pont des Veuves ( 2 )
    • Mercredi : Les Champs Verts ( 3 )
    • Jeudi : La Grotte des Lames ( 4 )
    • Vendredi : La Cascade de Cron ( 5 )
    • Samedi : La Tour Brisée ( A )
    • Dimanche : La Colline Bleue ( 6 )
  11. I've noticed that this game does something a bit unusual with its naming system that I believe to be unnecessarily limiting- especially for roleplayers like myself. Given that players are required to have a unique Family name and Character name, it seems like it would be a doable and beneficial choice to change this system to resemble something like the newly released Tree of Savior.
    The short version of the change I'm proposing would be that you could make your character name whatever you want, whilst being identified by your family name for the game's friend systems and such. This game is going to attract a huge roleplayer community- especially when there is more class variety- and this system is in my opinion the ideal for them and, I'd imagine just about anyone else.
    It's not a small adjustment, I suppose, but it's something that I believe could be reasonably bundled with a patch, along with free character name changes, if you want to be really pro-consumer about it.
  12. Hi,
    just noticed that you can't show your bikini to other players in safe-zones. This should be changed!
    Maybe its too sexist for some folks and maybe they feel offended. I don't share this opinion, therefore a solution to please all sides:
    Solution: Implement an additional switch to show/hide other players underwear in equipment window OR game settings.
    Velia beach party only allows bikinis or any other bathing clothes (that means no armor!)
    Summer is coming.
    The Knight's of Delphe require your services for the good of Calpheon and Her people. The royal Senate has decreed that the Knight's of Delphe must hold steadfast against any that would threaten the Republic and her people, as well as Elion. The call falls upon you, citizens and denizen's of Calpheon, to keep faith, tradition, and honor alive by serving the Republic. The brave Knight's of Delphe require your immediate assistance in any that may attempt to plight our prowess and might. Seek recruitment immediately by letter, or by Outpost.
    For Elion, the Republic, and Her People,
    Jayvrekk Condar,
    Noble and Soldier of Calpheon, Knight-Lieutenant of Delphe.

  14.   SERVER: Orwen | CHANNEL: Calpheon2 About Us:Our objective is making an active community for BDO. We'll create markets and festivities where any player can participate.Our events will be scheduled.

    IC - related info:
    Be sure to fit in atleast one of the Guild Branches:
    Mercenaries & GuardsTrader & Marketers & Merchants & CraftsmanEntertainers & MusiciansPatricians & Diplomats (majority of the Guild Leaders job)Healers & Enginners
    OOC - related info:
    We are by no means a Hardcore guild. Half of our Guild is contituted by EU side players and the other by NA players.
    As a guild we a friendly, small, fun community that appreciates all new players. We will have various moments of travel, trade, roleplay, PvE and PvP (if possible) with the support of eachother and our alliances. Our community is organized in orders/branches and gives also place to smaller groups that decide to create their own clans/parties/familys with closer playmates.
    The House of Festivities gives a lot of freedom to our members and their IC characters but also has RP group objectives: making events for the community and keep adventuring forward as a Guild.
    Recruitment information: 
    History of the Order:
    The Median merchant guild was full of riches and valuable goods. Both Calpheon and Valencias' gold were theirs. Media was at its' richest moment. Still, a bunch of merchants from the guild weren't happy. They never joined the Guild expecting it to be opportunist enough to take unique chances from war. Media's children and elderly were happy and fed, but the cities at war weren't.
    This bunch of a dozen merchants came together towards Calpheon. Right after they left, the natural disasters deteriorated, losing themselves in desert landscape. For every village they saw during the way to Calpheon they gave their best regards to the people, helped them find provisions or even traded with them worth the little they had remaining.
    Many times, long after the money and the goods were gone, they gave entertainment to the sick children and the oldies they met. When the group arrived at Serendia they could only feel happy: they were able to shower, to eat fish and boar, to sleep in warm beds, to be surrounded by living people. They saw opportunity. They could get resources in the wild here. They planned shows all across the lands to help people enjoy life; to help them forget wars and chaos for some time. They weren't affiliated to any nation. They traveled freely enjoying the goods they collected from the towns and people they visited and their smiles. Soon after they arrived at Calpheon they could see that war followed them wherever they went. Calpheon wasn't as peaceful as they thought, neither was Heidel or Serendia. They were prepared to make war for the sake of the black stones. The kingdom of Calpheon bestowed the traveling merchants with the title "The House of Festivities" . The merchants were paid to encourage and liven up Calpheon folk. At the same time, in 273, the war between Calpheon and Serendia was starting, and news from Media went around saying that the city of Altinova was constructed. The merchants fled from Calpheon, living the order ruined. The merchants of Media were never found again after the attack of Ilezra and the death of Variz the II.
    At 281, Calpheon parliament establishes the recreation of the House of Festivities; the people are in low-spirits after all the wars and constant instability, there's a need for happiness to be promoted before a rebellion arises. The merchants that present themselves are mostly mercenaries out of hand, not entertainers. The parliament closes the case of overture of the House of Festivities.
    In 283 a group of merchants and entertainers arrive at Calpheon. The group makes a proposal to the parliament of Calpheon, asking to be given the title of House of Festivities to themselves, pledging to schedule markets all around, and compromising on performing activities for Calpheon.
    The parliament didn't agree, but since a diplomacy was in effect an assembly with a judge had to be made. The group confronted the government laying proof of testimonies, saying that the original merchants of the House of Festivities were not deprived from other cities and nations, they traveled around every country, giving diversion to the population.

    The court gave reason to the group and the title was bestow on them. The House of Festivities is from now on a worldwide order!
     Notices:IC Notices
    Code of Conduct: 
    HeadQuarters Location:
    The House of Festivities has its Head-Quarters based on the central city of Hidel, in the Serendia Kingdom. The city thrives with recently arrived travelers and adventurers, commoners and merchants, bringing new trade opportunities and a place where diverse people cross paths.
    Some days the Guild building is abandoned to the poor that take refugee on it's walls. Some other days the guild members reach the city after their long journeys and spend the night drinking hale and the day selling the richnesses they have collected along the way to noble heads or trade with the farmers and other folk. The mercenaries lay around or secretly avail some of the nobles to get good coin on their bags. Musicians play for the children and visit noble houses in exchange for silver.
    Later they depart: pairwise or solo, to fill their own pockets. After a few days they allways come back, together on new journeys they depart, only to be back again, weeks later, months, a season. But always with smiles to share to the people of the land.

  15. Post on [OOC] Getting Started in Roleplay

    By Sanarith, posted
    Hello everyone!
    I've discovered this little beauty and it's just captured me. I feel like it really has potential.
    I've roleplayed before, but never in an MMO. I have experience with both tabletop and written Roleplay, but that's where my questions stem from regarding the community. I'm also extremely new in BDO, so I'm not really sure what I am doing yet with the game, but I know that roleplay is something that interests me a lot, and will probably be my main focus in the game.
    Anyway, I had a few questions regarding the roleplay in BDO and I was hoping some of you all could help me out.
    1. What is the roleplay community like? Will I just bump into others that are interested in roleplaying? Does there tend to be a lot of romance based roleplay, and will I have trouble finding people to just talk to and adventure with? I understand that there are no real 'dungeons' or raids in BDO, but are there players that will go out and kill bosses/monsters as small adventuring groups?
    2. What are family names? I've seen talk about this and it just confused me! Can somebody explain what it is and how I would use it?
    3. How is roleplay initiated? Do players tend to approach in game? Do you just walk up to somebody and ask? Or would I need to join a guild? Is there a specific server I need to go on? (I'm on NA even though I'm from England) Is it begun on a thread like this one and continued in game? Is it typically one or two people, or are there larger groups? 
    4. Is there anyone who would like to roleplay with me? I admit - I've had a character visualised for a little while now, and I would love to get stuck right in and just go. I'd love a smaller group at first, people I could just go adventuring with and mess around with. Of course, I'll get a character up and get a hang of the game first. Would anyone be up for it?
    Thanks so much for your help in advance, I really appreciate it!
  16. Post on Lack of RP community? in Roleplay

    By ghaz, posted
    So I've been doing RP since Ultima Online, and have done it in various mmo's between then and now. However the community in this seems to be rather lacking. Is it me or am I looking in the wrong place? I play on Orwen, as well as use the Calpheon 2 channel (as that was designated as the RP hotspot according to various posts) and I am struggling beyond measure to find good recruits for my guild. Thoughts? 
  17. Post on What is your story? in Roleplay

    By Meij, posted
    If anyone has a backstory with their character I would like to give you the opportunity to place them here for everyone to read it!
    I think it can create a nice dynamic for roleplaying in-game.
    Please post your story and the following information so that I know who I can hook up with in-game ^-^:
    Character name: Meij
    Family name: Nobels
    Server: Croxus
    Class: Sorcerer
    Read by story below:

    Calpheon is the largest and most famous city in all the nation. So with that said it has to have a noble guild to represent it's fierce respected name! We believe in keeping the reputation of our great city well. Thus the reason of our creation. It's time to take on all those who dare to challenge the will of the people! This guild is not for the faint of heart. There will be many great battles ahead of us as we forge a path for ourselves and TAKE the Calpheon guild house. Courage cannot exist without fear. Fear gives us the strength we need to stand STRONG in the face of our opponents as we must protect what is precious to us! Join us on our conquest for GREATNESS!

    Server: Edan 
    Focus: Balanced PvP/PvE, Balanced Professions 
    VoIP: Discord
    Be a residence of Calpheon.Be level 35 or above.Be active in guild activities.Be mature (For the most part.)Be social.Be COURAGES! 
  19. ....wie der Titel sagt, bin ich NICHT!
    So, aber nun erstmal ein herzliches Hallo, Servus, Grüß Gott, Moin Moin oder wie auch immer *lacht*
    Ich bin auf der Suche...*sich nachdenklich am Kopf kratzt* ...ja, wonach eigentlich? Ach ja, nach einer super netten Gemeinschaft, welche sich nicht als Hardcore und/oder Progress Gilde sieht. Eine Gemeinschaft, die sich aufgrund kleiner(er) Mitgliederzahl noch wirklich kennt bzw. kennenlernt und nicht nicht nur die Worte Hallo und Tschüss beim Kommen und Gehen in den Chat schreibt. Freundliche Mitglieder, die respektvoll und herzlich miteinander umzugehen wissen und älteren Jahrgangs (ü.30 + ) sind. Eine kleine, familiäre Gilde halt, die gerne auch mal ins Roleplay geht, mit denen man sich austauschen kann und die vor allem aber auch wissen, dass RealLife immer Vorrang hat.
    So *lächelt* und nun mal zu meiner "Wenigkeit":
    Ich bin eine Lady reiferen Jahrgangs (47 Jahre alt) aber im Kopf immer noch ein "Spielkind".  Ich bin im kleinen aber feinen Land Österreich zu Hause, bin beruflich selbständig und in meiner Freizeit ein absoluter "Nerd". Seit fast 10 Jahren spiele ich nun schon diverse Games (World of Warcraft, HDRO, SWTOR, GW2 uvm.) und seit ich Black Desert angefangen habe, bin ich kaum noch vom PC weg zu kriegen *lacht vergnügt* ABER: auch wenn es jetzt vielleicht anders klingt, ich bin kein Hardcore und/oder Progress Gamer. Auch wenn ich mir in jedem Game Ziele setze und diese bislang auch immer erreicht habe, so spiele ich in erster Linie just for fun und ganz gemütlich. Games sollen, meiner Meinung nach, der Entspannung vom Alltag dienen und nicht zum Stress werden. 
    Apropos Stress bzw. entspanntem Gameplay: Ich bin KEIN Freund von TS und das aus zwei guten Gründen: 
    1) Ich bin eine "alte Häsin" *schmunzelt über diese Wortwahl* in Sachen Rollenspiel, ein echter Fan des geschriebenen Wortes und genieße die Atmosphäre des Games ohne ständiges "Gebrabbel" *grinst vor sich hin*
    2) Da ich Familie im Hintergrund habe, möchte ich nicht in meinem Headset versinken...
    Ich liebe Black Desert Online mit all seinen Facetten seit der ersten Stunde und verbringe so viel Zeit wie möglich in dieser wunderschönen Welt. Mein Haupt Augenmerk liegt im Crafting, Trading/TradeRuns etc. und natürlich im ausgiebigen Erkunden der Spiele Welt. Und ja, ich gebe es gleich mal zu: Ich bin nicht so der super tolle PVP Spieler, aber ich gehe dem natürlich beizeiten auch nicht aus dem Weg *lacht*. Sollte ich dabei (und auch im PVE Content) öfter mal die Radieschen von unten sehen, nun tja, Schicksal bzw. vielleicht finde ich im Boden ja mal gute Samen, die ich dann wieder in meinem Garten anbauen kann
    So, zu guter Letzt noch eine Sache: Ich habe zwar einen Main Char, aber dieser ist (noch) genauso klein wie meine Twinks.  Ich ziehe parallel 4 Chars hoch um an das Max. Level an Beitragspunkte etc. zu kommen sowie natürlich auch ein sinnvolles Energie Management für meine Berufe nutzen zu können. Wenn sich also eine nette Gemeinschaft für meine "Wenigkeit" interessiert, dann reise ich gleich mit "meiner ganzen Familie" an *schmunzelt*
    Puh *leise seufzt* , das soll es erstmal gewesen sein. Ich hoffe, ich habe Euch (die Leser) nicht überfordert *lacht* und mal sehen, ob sich der eine oder andere nette Kontakt ergibt. 
    In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Euch eine schöne Zeit ingame als auch in RealLife!  *winkt fröhlich in die Runde*
    P.S. Ich bin auch ein "Seppi Deppi" *lacht vor sich hin* Server ganz vergessen - Alustin  Familienname: VonFalkenau
  20. Hey there, I'm a level 32 Valkyrie named Lux, and I've been pretty much solo since the game has been launched.  I mostly play on ORWEN's Serendia 01 or 02 servers.
    I do not belong to any guilds/groups yet, but willing to join the right group.
    I'd very much like to make some roleplaying friends.  
    I've been roleplaying for several years, and I am a very active player in the world of BDO.  Currently, I have no friends to rp with, not even play with to grind.  
    Message me or whisper me if your interested

  21. Full On Roleplay Servers/Channals With Level Requirement/or gametime And some sort of verifying. just a thought. Log Horizon is Close My Friends!
    Some Server Rules Should be Set Up. and maybe some Moderators from players Whom have played 500 houers and beyond
  22. Hi everybody. I was just thinking, whether it would be cool to have like a /me emote like a lot of different MMO's have. What it does it, it allows you to make your own un-animated emote to create a more vivid RP'ing experience.
    (ie. "/me draws his battleaxe and steps foward. He exclaims 'I will do it.'" -> would become "[name] draws his battleaxe and steps foward. He exclaims 'I will do it'"
    Just a friendly suggestion.
  23. We all encounter decent RP on daily basis. But sometimes RP is especially memorable.
    This is a thread to let people know that the work they put into the character is noticed and appreciated.

    Last night I had a great time roleplaying with Chi and Naxugon. They have an interesting dynamic, and the entire Misadventurers clan is very engaging and has that "I wish I was in their gang" feel. Chi specifically had great style and pacing, and the level of maturity was in sync with my own.
    Later (earlier) the next day's morning, I very much enjoyed a bit of RP with Lunaer. There's an un-ploughed field of character depth there, which I can only hope my character gets insightful enough to unlock, though more like will just stumble over by serendipity.
    Other honorable mentions this week: Odelia Blackgrave, Maeldes, Fiain, Adeline.

    Got someone you want to commend for exceptional RP today? Go for it!
  24. Hi desert buddies!
    Simple suggestion... like in many games I´ve played, there are softcore-roleplaying servers (not as strict as i am use to). Wouldn´t be great to have an exclusive channel for roleplaying?
    I know servers are very crowded lately, but it be a huge step forward in the RP community to have a place to gather.

    Why is that? BDO is, in my opinion, the most inmersive MMO i have played...and when you roleplay, people crowding in front of a merchant, running in the city with heavy armor, spamming in the chat, or jumping around really gets you out of the mood.
    So, there is my suggestion to be considered. Nice work on developing such a huge realistic world, maybe we can turn it a bit more inmersive.
  25. Title says all! Too many bratwurst in the chat!
    Please add the option to select english for roleplay & server(megaphone) chat.
    Feels more like I'm playing on a german server than an international one.

    p.s. sorry if this has been suggested already i wasn't bothered to look.