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  1. Greetings!

    I realize these are small things on the grand scale of everything that needs fixing, but I wanted to put this here as well, because I know many others (roleplayers or not) are looking for these to be changed. If you agree at all, maybe add a little +1 so that maybe the devs will take note!

    1. Please change the walking to an actual toggle. It can be annoying to have to hold down the key to do it, and it makes it impossible to walk and type (again, coming from the perspective of a roleplayer). Also, I could be wrong (please correct me if so), but it seems like something easy to code, and I was told that Korea already has a toggle, so I'm not sure what the design decision is here, by making it a key that has to be held down!

    2. Please consider increasing the chat limit size. As it stands, we can only say a very little bit before the message is cut off.. I understand the reasoning behind it being so short, but I am sure some sort of compromise could be made here?

    3. From what I understand, if you invite people into your house, your guests cannot look out your window! This might be something to consider changing in the future when time and resources allow.

    4. Preview option for armour! There really isn't an excuse for this, and even though the armor often looks like its little icon, sometimes it doesn't.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment, but I'll update this as we go along. Thanks for reading!


    Roleplayers are a dedicated and loyal fan-base once you've got them hooked and a game like BDO has the kind of immersion many of us have so far only dreamed about. We're also inclined to continue making purchases through the cash shop for a long time - outfits, furniture, all things customisable - we love them. We're not usually well catered to in other games and I think that if BDO could go so far as to offer us the things on this list, a lot of roleplayers previously unsure about the game would flock to it and thrive. Roleplayers, of course, also engage in PvE, PvP and standard gameplay, but a solid roleplaying foundation can mean the difference between a few months play time to many years of dedication. Roleplayers create their own content, logging on every day just to tell stories. If you give us the tools, we'll use them and we'll stay for them.

    I've seen a lot of these issues being brought up by myself and by my fellow roleplayers, so I thought I'd try and compile one long list of requests with an explanation as to why each thing matters. Some are more important than others and some of these might also be applicable to those who don't roleplay as well, so if that's the case, please feel free to support what's relevant to you if you want to. We're not an exclusive club.

    If any roleplayers have additional suggestions to make, feel free to post them here and if enough people agree, I'll add them to the OP. Similarly, if enough roleplayers hate an idea I've already posted, I'll remove it. If you have a thread already discussing one of these points and would like it linked to in the OP, I'm also happy to do so if you just let me know.

    Thanks everyone.

    1. A roleplaying server (or channel, if a server is not possible).
    As seen over here, a roleplay server would be hugely appreciated. This would send out a clear message that roleplayers are welcome and it'd encourage more roleplayers from other games to check it out. It'd give us one clear place to go without the struggle of trying to arrange an 'unofficial roleplaying server'. We'd have the opportunity to fully entwine our gameplay and roleplay experiences instead of having to rely on forums and it'd allow us to populate the world with more life, to fully immerse ourselves in the setting. Furthermore, we'd be out of the way of those who don't appreciate roleplayers. Win/win for everyone except those who want to troll and nobody likes them anyway, right? Right.
    Since the game is out now and servers have been decided, I've removed this from the list. However, a channel might still be nice. If Daum is willing to do this though, I'd request that they discuss it with the roleplaying community first since it could cause more confusion than it helps. Similarly, in the unlikely case that Daum should decide to belatedly label a server as an RP server, please reach out to the roleplay community first to discuss this since we have already decided on 'unofficial' servers and channels for EU and NA at this point. Labeling the wrong server as an RP server and failing to provide transfers would be disastrous for us. 

    2. A walk toggle.
    While we're very grateful that the hold-down-capslock-to-walk was added to the game after our requests for a walk option, it would really be better as a toggle. The reason for this is that roleplayers like to have conversations while they're walking IC; this isn't really possible while holding down capslock and having it also TURN ALL DIALOGUE TO SHOUTING. Even if we bind the hold-down to a different key, we'd still have a lot of trouble roleplaying while on the move. It's a simple thing, but a walk toggle with the ability to auto-walk would make a huge difference to the roleplaying community.

    3. Custom emotes: /e. 
    Custom emotes let you describe your character performing an action of some sort. For example, the player would type: "/e takes a seat in one of the nearby chairs." This would then come out as: "Player takes a seat in one of the nearby chairs." and would not appear in the speech bubble, only in the chatbox. Emotes are often in a different colour than your regular chat which helps distinguish them as well. Most MMOs have this and, while it might seem like a minor thing again, I can't stress enough how important it is to help a roleplaying community thrive.

    Example image borrowed from Leandir.

    4. Improved chatbox length.
    Quite simply, the limit put on the chatbox right now is far too short. I'm assuming this is due to Korea having a much more compact alphabet, but with the game coming to the west now, this is something that really needs to be looked at. It's impossible to type anything longer than a short line or two and this is incredibly frustrating, both for roleplay and for every day chatter. I would say it needs to be at least five times longer than it is presently, which might sound like a lot, but it'd make roleplay much more comfortable.
    Thank you for the improved chatbox length! This has helped enormously!

    5. Improved character and guild name limits.
    Again, probably because of the Korean alphabet I'm guessing, but the limits on these are much too short. Please increase them to at least 20, and while we're at it, would it be possible to allow more than one underscore? And to have those underscores look like spaces even if they must be underscores in the coding? The latter is quite petty, I know, but it'd be much more visually appealing. The rest is more important, however. People are going to have a very hard time coming up with unique character and guild names with the limits currently in place. This is especially so with the guilds, many of which tend to have long names such as 'The Order Of....' What I just typed there wouldn't even fit within the 10 character limit right now, let alone have enough underscores available. Whether you roleplay or not, this is a problem.

    6. Custom chat channels or social circles.
    Roleplayers typically have several characters, usually differently themed. For example, one person might have both a knight character and also a thief character. The knight would not fit into a thief-themed guild or clan and vice versa. In other games, people are usually able to join multiple guilds or social circles to get around this problem, but that is not the case with BDO. While I understand why we are limited to just one guild and wouldn't propose changing that, I wonder if it would be possible to enable custom chat channels so that people can main one guild but have a social group or two on the side for their other characters? These social groups or channels would effectively just be clan-like in nature so that no game balance would be disrupted with conflicting guild interests.

    7. Campfires and tents brought back!
    It used to be possible to place tents and campfires down in the open world. There's not much to say on this except: please bring this back! It's a lovely feature and would make for some great camp roleplay when travelling. In fact, any small things we could place down in the open world like that would be warmly welcomed. This sort of thing makes roleplayers very happy.

    8. Dyes that aren't random.
    Customisation is very important to roleplayers. We enjoy getting just the right look for our characters but with dyes from the cash shop currently being RNG (even with the vague colour categories they currently have) this is a bit... well, rubbish. It's very off-putting. When we buy a dye, we want to know what we're buying. I think roleplayers would be much more inclined to fork out the money for these things if they were confident that they'd get what they're looking for and if they could preview these colours in the shop. I assume that the RNG nature of it is to make people buy more, but honestly, people are regularly going to want them all anyway, especially with them being one-use. 

    9. A more affordable cash shop.
    As previously mentioned, customisation is very important to roleplayers. We're probably among the people who will spend the most on cosmetic items. However, it has to be said that the prices currently being toted are really quite steep. Considering outfits and the like are character bound and not account bound, this is all the more so. Other B2P models have much more affordable outfits available with the prime example being GW2 - and there the outfits are account bound to boot! Please reconsider your pricing, BDO. Roleplayers are very happy to spend away but only when they feel the prices are fair. I really think you're likely to profit more, both from roleplayers and other players, if you make things cheaper so that people can buy regularly and en masse rather than having only the elite few being catered to.

    10. Improvements to character creation.
    As I keep saying, customisation is really important to roleplayers. The character creator is great, probably one of the best out there, but there are a few things lacking which I'm going to list here:
    A lot of hairstyles available to one class are not available to others. It'd be nice to see these options available to all classes.Again, a lot of tattoos and make up options available to one class are not available to others. Please make them available to all.Things don't scale terribly well and you can end up with glorious pin-heads like this one. Not only is it slightly horrifying, it's also rather limiting when it comes to how much you can adjust a character's body without them looking like they crawled out of your nightmares. Unless there are lore reasons specifically locking a class's age or gender, please allow full customisation of these aspects and gender counterparts for each class. This has been a major, major turn off for a lot of players and roleplayers alike.


    11. Language filter extended to more chats than just channel chat.
    As discussed on blackdesertoleplayers.com, many roleplayers would appreciate a language filter for the General-Chat and especially the Roleplay-Chat. When roleplaying, the language clutter can get quite difficult to manage and channel-hopping isn't always convenient when you're trying to find people in your own language for walk-up roleplay. Additionally, the Non-English communities are struggling to use the Roleplay-Chat because it's dominated so much by English speakers. It would be to everyone's benefit to give us the option to filter what we send and receive.

    Thanks to Daum for:
    A big thank you again to Daum for listening so far and for the official roleplaying forums!Thank you for the improved chatbox length! This has helped enormously!Thank you for the addition of the roleplaying channel!