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  1. Is there an official/unofficial roleplay server? One for Europe? What do you think about the sever? Do you know of any roleplaying guilds(heavy to light), preferably European ones that have English as first language?
    Thanks for any help!
  2. Enjoy a little M.J. ? Enjoy a little Diana? Enjoy a little Marvin?
     Then <Motown> is for you! Its also for anyone who enjoys pop and soul with with their fresh cup of black desert!
    <Motown> Is a Currently recruiting new adventurers/officers. We play on Serendia O2, We also Use Discord. (required for all communication) Expect everyone to be social. We are a Roleplaying, PvE and Life skills focus guild. Any questions or an invite pst me.
    If you have questions or concerns feel free to message me be more then happy to answer them... See you soon!
    Family name : Endlesswaltz
    Character Names: Cookiemeister , PhoenixSky, AtrumIgnus, Tennyo, LeBlank, Sojobo, Hiderigami
    Channel : Serendia O2/01
  3. Hi everyone,
    im looking for someone skilled enough to recreate this woman the best way possible ingame and upload her file. Class: Ranger. Here are 2 pictures of her (more of her attributes on google). Her name: Heo Solji. 
    To make things more interesting i thought about to give the winner a gift. The prize would be a 7d Guestkey, or if you have any specific wishes just pm me. Im open to discuss about the prize! So good luck. 

  4. Post on Roleplay Community? in General

    By Sakata, posted
    Hello, new to this game, currently downloading it as I type. I was wondering if there is any form of roleplaying community in the EU servers? If there is what server(s) do they occupy?
  5. Female Characters can do this. Male Character should be able to as well.
    Simply put.
  6. In a small MMO game (not so small) called "Swordsman Online" there were Mechanics allowing you if in the same party or guild at least, that one could share a ride upon a Horse for example, I know the new Tier Horses allow "two seater skills" which is fine -- but also Swordsman Online allowed stuff like holding hands, carrying in the arms, even piggy backs, as well as other such mechanics which gave a more "intractable" scene to most things. So more a call of support to perhaps IN time at least, add things like this?
  7. I think it would be a good addition to the game to let players be barefoot (with armour, not just underwear). When playing MMOs (or any game that will let me), I like to make my character barefoot. It adds to my characters personality, and adds any interesting facet if I want to roleplay with them. When I started playing, I was very disappointed that I couldn't do this, especially since a lot of the games advertising focused around character creation and customisation.
    I'm aware there may be a bit of an issue with most of the female classes, as they wear high heels, but even if it could be an option for the male classes, or the tamer (who wears flat shoes), it would mean a lot to some players.
  8. I really enjoy the atmosphere of the taverns but there really isn't anything to do there except buy food and talk to NPCs. I would really like to see some more interactions and make the taverns a place where your character can relax, hang out with other players, maybe have a pint (maybe has a small buff or something) and be able to sit down at a table at least. Some small minigames would be cool, like an arm wrestling game that could function similarly to the fishing minigame where you could win a small bit of silver or something.  The game is great but something like this would really go a long way to improve immersion in the world. 
  9. Looking for a friendly, english speaking active guild on croxus.
    I just started out, completely new to BDO. Things im looking for in the guild is talkative people, RP or casual RP and LGBT friendly guild.
    Let me know if there is such cool guild on Croxus

    [a notice is pinned beneath the markings]
    "What ye' may see is naught but marks on a wall. Black Ink tha's been scribbled the'e by them that vandalize an' deface. Aye, many see only wha' ye' do, a markin', van'alism, or som' form o' profan'ty. Wanna know wha' a'see? Markin's o' freedom mate, markin's fer every mother'ess feck whom dare ever lace boots 'un day an' think to 'emselves tha' today is tha' final straw ain't goin' te' take tha' govermen's dung anymore, so if ye see wha' others see? Go bout yer business, get up, go te' work, come 'ome, and cry 'erself te sleep like ye do e'ery night, bu' if ye see wha' a'do? If ye' want fer more, if ye crave a freedom thats can't be 'ad from anyone else, if ye seek a life where fancy an' respectable folk fear ye, more than ye' fear 'em? If ye seek to make yerself inte' a wealthy feck by yer own means an' hav' none claim what is yers, what ye've earnt?! Then ye' look fer these scratchin's, look fer these...profanities and scribblin's an' ye'll find a place as can offer ye freedom an' a life as te be proud o' once ye' go to yer final sleep, ain't an easy life, but nout ever is---but by feck if it ain't a free 'un."
    Guild Website.
    EU: Jordine - Serendia 2.
    The Black Claw is a Pirate Themed Roleplaying Guild that offers regular Random Roleplaying, Roleplaying Events, and Community-Based Roleplaying Events, with the Guild based primarily out of Epheria they work on the outside of the law facing it, this is to say they might not challenge that law directly, or at least all the time, but they shant be ones to ever follow it, the belief of the group is that it's high time the world started giving them what is owed for their varying lives before turning to this one had certainly not, deciding not to limit themselves to the Seas however, they operate both on land and sea in order to achieve their ends and means, from selling goods they procured for coin, setting up deals with other like-minded individuals, fencing stolen property and generally shaping the world in which they live in a piece at a time, to carve out an existence for themselves they can enjoy and are always looking for new people who feel the same to enlist to the Crew, and eventually Crews who sail under the Black Flag.
    Roleplaying & Events Within The Claw.
    Roleplaying and events within the Black Claw will of course revolve around Pirating in all forms.Whether it is within an Event or through happenstance in Random Roleplay. From 'Pirating the Highways'. to selling stolen goods at Markets for coin, to outright pick-pocketing, to raiding the waters for goods that they feel should belong to them, there will be no shortage of scenarios in which one can find something to do.
    Gameplay Within The Claw.
    Basic Game-playing within the Black Claw, which revolves around PvE or PvP wont be focused on much as an overall, as we likely wont be partaking in RP-PvP, however PvE might be used in some form in Events, so it wont be counted out, but as for a "General" vibe of things, apart from the occasional Guild Quest to keep funding up for contracts and the sort, though if assistance is needed on a particular part of PvE during your time aimlessly grinding through mobs, we're sure they'll always be someone willing to lend a hand.
    Story Arcs Vs. Events.
    The Guilds main progress shall be done in the form of Story Arcs, which will instead of being "filled" in between by Events which bide our time until the next, instead be linked to the bulk of events we do. For example; the current story arc sets us at a huge disadvantage, one night mutineers decided to take the ship, leaving the Commodore and the Crew with nothing but a longboat, but thanks to banding together, they were able to locate the vessel and take it back, however they were still without a thing, so in the following event, we set out to acquire food, drink, items to keep the Claw alive, and through this success and others we were able to procure enough to set up a Weekly Market where we would sell excess goods for coin, and this will lead to our next series of events and so on and so forth, Each event will connect the 'main story arc' chapter points, so it feels as best like a fluid continuation as possible. Random RP shall not be forgotten as it can never be, it's random, and this will somewhat probably act as the 'filler between events and story arcs' to keep things going, to develop IC relationships of all kinds with other Crew, and to possibly start your own story arcs within the story arcs!
    Guild Structure.
    This Link should bring you to the Ranking Structure upon our Website, it details all the possible positions you can have, attain or go for when within the Claw. The "Officer Rank" Roles within the Guild mostly fall to those who IC attain the rank of First Mate, Boatswain or Quartermaster, as those folk are logically the ones whom keep the ship 'ship shape' as it were, along with the good ol' Commodore, where as those with the "Member Rank" within the Guild will be any of the other ranks detailed in the list, (Of course exceptions can be made for those who would like to assist with Officer-esk duties on an OOC level, while maintaining what rank they hold IC.). As for 'Leadership' In Character, the Commodore oversee's most things, however he believes that every Man and Woman should get a stake in a voice when it comes to things of importance, and they can either raise this themselves or speak through the Quartermaster(s), as per the articles of The Code.
  11. Post on Roleplaying Server in General

    By Shugoh, posted
    Hi there guys Im quite new to the forum so I apologize if what I'm writing has been written here before.

    I started roleplaying in World of Warcraft, and has loved the playstyle ever since. At the time WoW was the best game in the genre, but a lot of things were missing for the roleplaying community. Because of this a lot of addons and UI mods were made specifically for roleplayers, to make experience more immersive.
    The reason I'm writing this is because I have seen so many MMO's release after World of Warcraft, and none have had these qualities that I'm asking for. The funny thing is that they are REALLY easy to implement. So here we go. PS: These things are for RP-Servers ONLY.

    1. Remove name tags and guild tags above the player characters(if they are not added to some kind of "know-this-person"-list, in which you can read and write notes and bind them to different players in-game. Example: I bind following notes to someone I meet in-game: "Name: Kiara, Notes: Met her in bla bla bla town and we talked for 3 hours about bla bla". This makes it easier and more immersive to follow your characters social interactions with people in game, and easier to remember peoples names and who they are to you), to make it more immersive; so that you actually have to talk to people to get their names. If you put a person in your "I-know-this-person-list" their name will show above their head when you see them in-game.
    This will make people pay more attention to guild-tabards, in-game equipment and stuff like that. Because you cant simply see if a person is EXACTLY 10 levels below you and kill his sorry ass. Of course when you engage combat you should be able to see his HP and such, but no excessive information.
    2. Make it harder to communicate directly in-game, make use of the in-game mailboxes so that you have to send letters to eachother. This will make meeting people you've met before more appreciated, because its more rare and genuine.
    3. Make some kind of bounty system for PVP, where you can put blood money on peoples heads; for example if they killed you or your friend. This option will help punish the teamkillers in addition to the karma-system and will also have a HUGE impact on RP, because it gives you another reason to confront people for different reason enables people to earn money from bountyhunting(which is a dangerous task because of pt.1 where you cant see everybodys exact level and information). This bounty information should(imo) be posted on cities noteboards in the middle of town. This will enable another dimension of roleplay, IF YOU WANT.

    4. My fourth point here is probably quite debatable and controversial. Its about making the map something you buy(or write yourself) and allowing you to make personal notes on the map(i.e "blabla village", or "this is where i met sarah"), the more expensive map you buy the more detail it will have of course. The 3d map is kind of convenient but it is not immersive at all if you are a Roleplayer. If finding directions is a little bit harder, it puts more focus on digging for information and/or taking contact with people to get their help in navigating. This will also make discovering new places more interesting, since you can always make your map better, and you dont know exactly what is waiting for you. This is a REALLY important point for me, even though some of you may disagree. 

    Please give me your opinions on these points. It would be really interesting if they put these things in this game. It looks amazing already, but it can always get better!
  12. Post on Player interactions in Suggestions

    By Udon, posted
    Really loving the lean and leg dangling off of ledges and how animated all of the NPCs are!  These kinds of touches are what can easily separate BDO from the herd of other MMOs. So, what would it take to give the player's themselves the same kinds of move sets the NPCs have?  The more we can interact with the world in different ways the more beautiful and evocative the experience is.  Also please make it so any one who bunnyhops like a moron has a 50/50 chance of breaking their ankle and having to limp for an hour . K thx! 
  13. EST player here. I am about to get started, and I've roleplayed on a few different MMOs. I am looking for a good group to possibly get started with and some people to help me get on my feet. I guess to get this rolling, which server should I get into? Thanks!
  14. The guild SilverWings is looking to recruit members!
    *This guild is more for mature players*
    Not particularly an age restriction, but it's a warning in case guild chat veers off into
    something strange that most people might find awkward or improper.
    If you're weird, don't worry... We're probably weird too. If you're extremely shy, that's fine and dandy.
    If you don't care about socializing and simply want a guild for benefits and gaming-purposes, you're 
    absolutely welcome. If you're worried about being a new player, don't be! We're here to help where we can.
    Our guildmates can be your family or can be your dungeoning buddies (or both. I like both).
    SilverWings accepts a wide variety of players varying form casual gamers, to hardcore gamers, and even those
    interested in roleplaying groups. there are two things we ask of our guildmates...
        -One thing we ask of our guildmates is to refrain from wongfully
        PKing other players. Severity of ignoring this request could result in being kicked from the guild.
        -The second thing is to be mindful of your guildmates. Keep gossip and bickering to yourself or in separate chats. 
        Any dissatisfaction with something or someone isn't the place for general guild chat. If you can't be 
        respectful to guildmates, you will be kicked.
    ...Other tidbits that should be mentioned...
    We're hoping to reach a point where we can compete in sieges, and participate in other game events. Hopefully we can 
    achieve that, but we won't force a player to participate. Although it is recommended to help out when it does happen to 
    help the guild out.
    If players ever have to leave for a while, just notify the leader or second-ranks that way you won't be kicked.

    Also! Feel free to check out our website. http://thesilverwings.enjin.com/
  15. Heya ladies and gents of the Black Desert Community! My name is Twakie and why am I called "Twakie_The_Soulless??" Well, I created a ginger Wizard and he had no soul...his name..Twakie Twakie.
    Why does this matter to you guys?? Well, my friends, I am not a ginger wizard anymore...I am now Keanua Twakie the soulless ginger warrior. And as such, I would like to introduce to you my guild...Seven Sins.
    You may be a hunter, merchant, crafter, breeder, but above all else..YOU..ARE...A...SINNER!! COME JOIN US AND SIN WITH US AND YE SHALL FIND SALVATION!
    What is my aim for seven sins?? I plan on us being an RP guild. Whether you want to Role play within the PvE realm, PvP realm, Mercantile Realm, crafting Realm, HELL!! OR EVEN ALL OF THEM... YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A PLACE IN SEVEN SINS!! Here at Seven Sins we will focus on one thing and one thing only...having fun and being in an environment where you can be yourself and even be someone you envisioned all on your own!! Here at Seven Sins fate doth not tell you what path to take, fate doth not decide whether you are a hunter, merchant, crafter, or breeder...YOU DECIDE YOUR FATE!!

    Keanua Twakie
    P.S. PM me for more info!
  16. So I have mentioned player shops as part of another topic, but that topic included a lot of other things with it as well. right now I just want to talk about player shops and their rather bleak future. 
    Running things like an in game restaurant, shop, repair station etc. seems like it won't ever be a thing in Black Desert period. due to the very strong opposition to player trading, and the games build away from it...... as far as silver in concerned. 
    Player Run shops off a variety of decent opportunities to encourage commerce and economy, player to player interactions, role playing, currency gain, resources gain, as well as possible added benefits. Few problems with using silver for this save for black desert's insistence on avoiding player trade, would be inflation and being online to run the shop. To solve these problems or find a way to allow player shops in BDO i would like to brainstorm on the idea. So any thoughts on how it should be implemented if you agree would be nice.
    However there could still be a way to implement player run shops, this is a quick draft of what i think are possible options.
    Firstly, manning the shop:
    having the player, npc workers, or other players under contract man the shop works imo. it can also work similarly to the way afk fishing is done. as for having other players work for you and run the shop, we can use a similar contract system that guilds use, but with reduced time constraints and different rules of engagement once the contract is taken up and after it expires.
    Supplying the Shop:
    The shop would have to remain supplied by trade runs by the owner, other players under contract, or npc workers gathering resources for the shop, in order to continue its service, depending on the type of shop
    Benefits of using Player shops over NPC shops:
    I honestly don't know where this one could go. it could involve small temporary buffs. a different currency or a cheaper currency use.
    Types of Player shops:
    Any involving life skills, and/or  NPC worker skills. EDIT: Player cannot own more than a certain number of shops, I'm not sure if should be limited by type, or by sheer number. (should also require proper investment into the shops level).
    going to avoid silver for obvious reasons.
    contribution points; that will work similar to houses, nodes, and so on. where you pay a set price (by the game based on shop level) to the player. from there you can freely use the shops services, given the need to keep the shop supplied there would probably be a limit on how much you can get or how often you can use the shop.
    Milage points: simply because as an alternate currency we obtain as a login reward it would provide an efficient use in a market like this, however main problem is that it completely falls out of the frame the Devs were aiming for.
    EXP crossed my mind as well, but i don't know why or how that would work,
    Energy as payment, however that would need some serious experimentation to ensure it doesn't become a runaway system. its very possible for this to work, give certain rules and limits, but it's also possible that it can be abused if not properly tested, but i guess that exists in any system.
    what do you guys think. I'm not asking if you agree and want this system for the shop or no shops at all. rather i want to know whether you think player shops can work at all and what system you think would make them work for black desert.
  17. Post on BDO Character RP Game in General

    By Max, posted
    Black Desert Online Character Roleplaying Game
    Hello everybody! So, I think I am not the only one that is feeling overwhelmed by all of the changes and stuff that are coming to EU/NA, there are also people that are a little upset over the IP blocks and PVP changes so I made this game to kind of get all your minds off of that stuff for a few hours. This game is fun and it can be a little planner for how you want your character to be like. 
    First off, a player will write a short, summary of their character that is about 1-3 sentences long, not too long, not too short. After being posted, the next player to post something has to re-make the first player's character RP summary. 
    For example:
    1st person's summary:
    "I am Aleka the great. My friends say I am 20 years old but I say I am 21 years old because I CAN. I am the most fierce huntress in the land and if you DARE come near my I will slice you open like I slice roast pig on a Saturday evening."
    Alright, Now you have a summary to make, and a summary to remix. Lets start with the steps:
    1st step:
    Write your own summary: 
    (Picture of Character)
    "My name is Mila Shintaru. I am 200 years old and I am a witch. I study the arts of magic and alchemy and I wish to someday open up my own alchemy shop and sell HP and MP potions."
    2nd step:
    Write a re-mixed version of the 1st person's summary.
    "I am Aleka the stupid. My die-hard fans say I am 69 years old but I say that I'm 68 years old because I'm stubborn. I am the most fierce person in my moms basement and if you DARE come near me, I will rekt you like I rekt my mom's internet bills on a Saturday evening.
    and then repeat.
    -NO RACISM, SEXISM, OR RUDE REMARKS ABOUT THE PERSON (aka, make the insults really stupid that have nothing to do with the actual player)
    -No swearing, keep it PG 13
    -3rd person RP summary is ACCEPTED 
    -The summary must be 1-3 sentences, please do not make them a paragraph long.
    -If the person in front of you already had their summary re-made, just edit your post.
    -Anything that has nothing to do with this post will be ignored, if it gets too out of hand I will ask an admin to delete the thread.
    -The actual summary itself has to be a serious, short description of your character
    -A picture of your character that you made from another server or CB1 would be nice, its optional so you don't have to.
    -Remember to have FUN and revenge against another player is accepted :D, but don't make it too personal because this is just for fun.
    Sounds easy enough right? I will start:

    "Her name is Kotori, She is a witch. She has been training with her master in the deep caverns of this land. She must first learn to master her powers and when she is ready, she will have to confront her master and defeat him. She will be alone when she leaves the caverns, in the rain, alone. Waiting for her next enemy. 
  18. Is it possible to have NPCs in your house? Workers or otherwise?

    If it's not, I'd like to suggest generic NPCs as a form of 'furniture' that you can place down in your house the same way you put down beds, tables etc. This would primarily be fun for roleplayers, but I'm sure others would enjoy having a 'family' bringing a little life to their home. I don't know what kind of coding would be required for this so it might just be a pipe dream, but if it's possible I think it'd be a welcome addition to the housing system.
  19. *Takes a Deep breath*
    At the bottom of this documentation is the collected works of some old, New and Semi-New suggestions and requests. All of these requests/suggestions/polls/topics will cover information pertaining the desire of additional emotes. 
    I've made this because someone made a new post regarding marriage as the last post "Request for extra Emote's poll" only housed a poll about marriage, so I figured I'd give the request it's own unbiased ....well.... request.
    I've added requests on the poll to reflect the majority of work cited.
    Links provided below.
    Feel free to comment and/or post more original topics that I might have missed.

  20. Intro:
    So while i was listing off a couple of features that could be expanded on, tweaked, adjusted, or just plain added to the game post or pre-release (post release is totally viable, understandable, and probably a better option given the current work Daum has to put into localization, but even if it's for post release expansion updates, we should talk about it now) I realize that i had a lot to say, so I've broken it down into Combat/Quests, Housing/Shops, and Aquatic exploration/Boats. You can see which it is in the title (no duh). With that said I'd also like to state that I understand this is Pearl's work of art an they have every right to do with it as they please, that said they have shown aren't totally against listening to the suggestions of their player base in different regions and would even very much like to hear this kind of feedback. So if at some point i sound like im making entitled claims as to what this game should have, remember im just making a suggestion and defending the reasoning behind it. that is all. 
    And with That out of the way, lets move one to the topic at hand:
    Housing/Player business
    First the purchase interface needs work, save for the barely visible stairs in the floor plan, it's difficult to tell if a home is multi-floored, and even if there are stairs their, they sometimes just lift to a platform, that isn't even really a different floor. please change this by having multi-floored homes (homes with multiple floors with in them, that doesn't require you to purchase the upstairs separately, and  go outside to access the upstairs, to make myself clear) clearly labeled with the number of floors as well as being able to see the floor plan for each floor within the purchase interface. something akin to flipping a page on the picture would be nice.
    Also i had heard news about player owned shops and the like, in BDOs early days, maybe that was something players said they wanted, or something that was actually promised, i'd have to double check on that. However I did not see anything of the sort, save for the auction house. I did not see any player owned blacksmith shops, or alchemy shops, and the like. it'd be nice to see them implement. 
    on the topic of player businesses, it'd also be nice if owning a restaurant, tavern, bar and/or inn was also a possibility in the game. Allowing players to serve food with buffs, offer temporary living space, that comes with a few added functions maybe storage, or a crafting table in the corner). This would also act as player ran social hubs that would have a nice impact on the community.
    Also tents as temporary impromptu living spaces when out and about, which provides benefits that sleeping in a bed provides. it's also nice to use to get out of the rain (may also give temporary buff that reduces the negative effects rain brings with it. campsites can be used for making food and crafting impromptu items while questing with friends, which would add it's own benefits.
    with that said for the above two to be a thing, housing would have to be cut back on. No more everyone can buy the same house. I'm not saying only have one on the market, that would create some serious property wars. but Having limits like only 10 people can purchase a particular place as a residence, but 15 can purchase this other place, 5 for that place and so on, based on the quality of the living space and it's location would definitely make the top two viable, and would give housing a bit more worth in the game, while also reducing the property war battles. The number would honestly need to be something that doesn't kick too many people out on the streets, and at the same time, is incapable of housing everybody, without the workings of the aforementioned tents and inns. with those aiding it, everyone should be virtually housed. the limits of how many residencies a person can buy would have to be tweaked. player run shops would have to function in purchase terms as residencies do. the other things like storage/personal crafting space that doesn't function like a shop, could very well be left as is, since a player doesn't use the space anyway, but rather their purchase is more a sign of contribution to a town by funding its infrastructure.
    this can lead to a lot of role playing possibilities, like sit downs and chats at restaurants and campfires, stargazing while camping with friends, exclusively shopping at a particular player merchant because you guys are friends and so on. that said, switch the caps lock to walk, to a toggle please, not a hold. it's not difficult to hold, but it does feel awkward.
    There are also incentives for more player communication with these, as players would definitely get more friendly in these social hubs and probably be more likely to find and form parties in such areas without having to resort to global chat. camping with friends also adds protection as you take turns sleeping in the wild, watching out for those gankers in shifts. and then there's the trading, a restaurant needs to be constantly stocked and there's many way to ensure something is done to make that happen. constant trade runs by a player, trading with player traders, sending out worker to get the materials, pay workers to serve and cook, player workers also become a thing. This breeds a healthy economy, and more player interaction in the game.
    Completely forgot to add this, totally new thing here technically speaking. Guild houses having residencies/rooms that their members can use and personal living spaces. (if they turn into shops as well have them operate specifically within the guild, or contribute to a singular guild shop). So yeah, live in your guild house, bring the guild closer together. hang out with your guild mates. store Guild War specific equipment in your room, so you don't have to carry it everywhere, and just pop into your room, grab it and head out to war. and what not. (probably not the best example of what can be done, but its something)
    For the most part i scratched the surface of this topic, and hope discussion of how to properly implement this, or whether it's a good idea in the first place can be had. After all in my mind it works, but lots of things look good on paper, doesn't mean they'd work in practice. ill edit and link the other two parts in the post, but in a few hours taking a nap first.
    side notes: Boat house, living on your boat?
    poll included to get properly referable numbers
    lastly im not asking for this to be immediately implemented for CBT2, or even release, Daum has a lot on their plate, if they take a look at this and put it in for release, awesome, if they release it later as an expansion, equally awesome. if they decide they don't want it, whatever BDO is still a fun game in my opinion.
    See other parts here:
    Aquatic exploration/Boats: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6344-features-that-may-need-tweaking-or-adjustments-aquatic-explorationboats/ 
    Combat/Quests: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6386-features-that-may-need-tweaking-or-adjusments-combatquests/ 
  21. Considering that this game's RP community seems absolutely massive in comparison to many others, and the Lore is intense and in-depth -- I would love to see subforums for us to discuss them!
  22. So, I've seen a lot of roleplayers around here.  More than I'm used to seeing, in fact!  So I'm curious as to how many there are on the forums.  I know the forums are hardly indicative of the reality of everyone in-game, but still it is pretty interesting to get some idea of what we're looking at.
  23. I would like to put forward a call for an RP channel or server for EU and NA. This would be a huge boon for roleplayers. I really can't stress enough what a positive impact this would have on the roleplaying part of the community.

    We want the opportunity to encounter other characters out in the world who we can engage with, but without a channel or server where we can congregate, this becomes very difficult. Instead, roleplay becomes an extra, something tagged onto the side, something that's disconnected from gameplay, that we have to step out of the game to find and organise through forums. Forums have their uses, but when they're all that's holding a roleplaying community together they tend to stunt the growth that we could see and eventually fall stagnant. An RP server gives us the opportunity to fully entwine our gameplay and roleplay experiences - it allows us to populate the world with more life and to fully immerse ourselves in the setting. It makes things natural, organic, and just an always-there part of logging in every day.

    Roleplayers are a dedicated and loyal fan-base once you've got them hooked, and a game like BDO has the kind of immersion that many of us have so far only dreamed about. We're also inclined to continue making purchases through the cash shop for a long time - outfits, furniture, all things customisable - we love them and are happy to pay for them. We're not usually well catered to in other games and I think that if BDO could go so far as to offer us a server of our own, a lot of roleplayers previously unsure about the game would flock to it and thrive. Roleplayers, of course, also engage in PvE, PvP and standard gameplay, but a solid roleplaying foundation can mean the difference between a few months play time to many years of dedication. Roleplayers create their own content, logging on every day just to tell stories. If you give us the tools, we'll use them, and we'll stay for them.

    So if you could give us this it'd make BDO an excellent roleplay destination. It'd be another thing to love about this already very impressive game and would again set the bar above and beyond what most MMOs offer.
    Edit 1: In addition to a server or channel, or if a server or channel isn't possible, some kind of yes-I-am-roleplaying tag for players to flag up would be very welcome. For example, as Aevireth pointed out: "Lotro has /rp on and /rp off and that changes the color of your name to white instead of a light yellow, which is a great visible and unobtrusive sign to other players that you are Roleplaying."

    Edit 2: I'd like to make clear that if BDO is splitting the community with a multiple servers approach rather than a megaserver with channels, all of the above also applies to a roleplaying server. We'd appreciate that very much too and I've added that in. It'd even be preferable.

    I've also included Maevynn's wonderful example of what we're referring to in regards to channels:

    Thanks Maevynn.

    Edit 3:
    I just wanted to say that, in regards to this post:
    Assuming you won't be labeling one of the servers for RP and may still be considering labeling channels for RP, please understand that this would be best on only one server per region, since it would negate the point of having one place for roleplayers to go if there were two destinations on different servers for it. I'm sure that's probably obvious, but I just wanted to say it anyway.
  24. The Society of Bards is a freshly new Roleplaying community hoping to branch out over several games for in game and in forum roleplaying. We are looking for new members and those that would like to help grow the community. We don't have a flashy video, cards or ads. All we have is me and hopefully you. We all have a vision, a Dream, a story to tell. Come join us(me) and tell yours. I know i'll listen. Also if anyone is good, at website editing, photo shop, drawing, and video editing. Please come help!! I have no style or design skills!! 
    The Society Of Bards Hope to see you in the Verse.