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  1. Some already montioned it, but still what about romance with NPCs. This is rather enjoyable in other MMOs, proposing a full imersion in the game. Rp is not always the best way for shy people. Anyway this could be a good point for many gamers in BDO.
  2. Post pictures of your couples and Rate the one above from a scale of 1-10!
    Let love blossom!
    Lucian + Ashellia


  3. Post pictures of your couples and Rate the one above from a scale of 1-10!
    Let love blossom!
    Lucian + Ashellia

  4. Well, I think as the game invites us to roleplay, what better way to enhance that experience by adding, if possible, a system of romances, where you can interact with other players way more ... intimate.
    The serious idea, the need to add a player to your friends list, and it appeared a new option which could have a relationship, adding a new group, after this, it would appear another option which could have an appointment based on creating an exclusive group for two, which should be together until the end of the event, this could be 15 or 30 minutes.
    In this way, you can take your companion to the inn, a field, a river, a park or your own home if you want more privacy.
    At one point, you might have the option to move to the next level, in which would spend to be boyfriends / girlfriends and receive boosts as an extra gold, objects, and experience for killing together in the same group.
    In a final stage of the system, we would be able to marry the other person, improve gold, items and experience boost, live together in the same house, the wedding and even the option to have children or adopt them. (idea extracted from neverwinters and TES 5 Skyrim)
    What do you think community?
    And devs?
  5. It'd make Black Desert much more realistic if characters could kiss and hug other characters, romance and friendship. Also if characters could carry other characters when they're badly injured and that would restore their health or just carry them for the sake of romance, holding hands would be realistic too...it's a good way to get the characters to walk together instead of one behind the other or keeping distance.  
    The more romance/friendship physical interactions between players the better but I'll be happy with at least a kiss. I want to kiss my boyfriend there, he'll be my boyfriend inside the game too.  We might all need this one day, so single people support me too, or at least support me for the friendship interactions or for your future romance, or just to kiss beautiful avatars. ^^
    The interactions should be mutually agreed upon by both players to avoid inconvenience.
    Does it sound like a great idea? ^^ Who votes for "yes"?