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  1. Post on please delete in Suggestions

    By Zayrot, posted
    EDIT: I guess, I just did this for the old forums. It's early, I can't think straight, please delete this. T_T
  2. Hello, I am undergoing a project and am need of original female characters. If you think you did well in your creations I'd highly enjoy seeing screenshots and seeing if they are able to be worked into the shoot. It is a lot of fun and it's also free content of your characters I will give you as well. I can also pay with in-game food if you're low or want meals. The reason why I need other people is because of the way I am creating the content, also I don't want beauty album models. I enjoy unique looks and original work. 
    Please contact me on discord if you are interested. I really look forward to seeing all your creations and making great content with them.    EDIT: Server is NA
    Remember adding in discord is case sensitive! "O"
    Discord name: Opulex23#9287
  3. A was soll das seit neuesten Patch ist ein Black Desert Logo Rechts unten im screenshot, kann man den irgendwie deaktivieren ?!?
    a super anscheinend nicht gibt einen englischen Thread dazu "Wasserzeichen" ... uncool wirklich uncool

  4. Exactly like 'Rate The Character Above You!' except we rate the image of it's entirety.
    Watermarks are fine because it's all love here.
    Rate: *x/10*
    Comment: *Insert Comment Here*
    *Insert Screenshot Here*
    I shall begin.

  5. I really enjoyed the screenshot contest for the new ocean content. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see all the screenies that were sent in. Or some ppl just didn't make it in time for the contest.
    Therefore, share your favourite pics here. Epic ones, funny or scary ones... ^^

  6. I went looking through a few pages to see if there was a thread for this sorta thing, but there didn't seem to be so I figured I'd start one myself!  Not sure how many others are into this sort of thing but I often love hopping into Photoshop and Sai to manipulate screenshots to look a bit more fancy. Figured I'd give people a place to share if they made any! ♥
    Here's my most recent of my ranger, Paprika_Pascal

  7. I know this is super late, but I've just recently become active again on this forum site. so heres a screenshot i took made into a christmas-y postcard.
    Gretings from South Calpheon

  8. Salut à tous  !
    Je m'amuse beaucoup à prendre plein de screenshots à la nuit tombée avec toutes ces jolies lanternes apportées par l'event, et j'aimerais beaucoup voir vos screens à tous ! 
    Aller je me lance :
    D'autres suivront sans aucun doute avec mes autres persos également 
  9. Hey guys
    Can anyone suggest a good/beautiful spot in the game to take screenshot to make wallpapers?
  10. Post on The Snow Page in Art & Media

    By Reverence, posted
    Over the time since release of BDO I have collected well over a thousand screenshots I've taken on my "Adventures" so to speak. Primarily of my character Snow Mitarius, so I assumed why not open up a page showing off these shots that normally aren't seen. Will post a new set of screenshots each day. Numbers can vary!

    ~ Set 2 ~

  11.                            It's Christmas!!                           
    I am making this thread in hope to spread the Christmas cheer, and to
    share our winter moments with each other.
    Please keep this thread polite and cheerful, thank you.
    Happy Holidays!

  12. So, the day before yesterday, everything was fine and dandy.  I was taking screenshots as per normal.  Fast forward to yesterday and all of a sudden, at the same settings, my screenshots have turned into a blurry, artifact filled mess with any sort of movement.  I tried updating my graphics card driver -after- it happened to no avail.  
    I've narrowed it down to changing the graphic quality to anything higher than Medium and it only affects the screenshot when there is movement.  I have tried clearing caches and repairing files to no avail.  The only thing I can think of that might have affected me was that I created a character on a different server and set the graphics to default during the tutorial.  But I can't see why it destroys screenshots only while there is movement after changing the settings back to what it once was.  However, I enjoy taking screenshots that aren't static and this is absolutely saddening for me as it's a part of the game I enjoy doing.    Anyone else coming across this issue?

  13. I adore the way you can play around with everything when taking screenshots *-* 
    I'd love to see more of you peeps' screenworks! 

  14. Since the Valkyrie get's her awakening on November 9th lets show some love by sending screenshots of your Valkyrie.

  15. :))) Let's get some spooky themed screenshot or maybe some mischievous tricks being played :))))

  16. Abend alle zusammen,
    Ich dachte mir, das kennen wir alle.
    Diese momente Ingame die wirklich Hammer dargestellt sind, ob es die Landschaft ist oder im Kampf.
    So wolte ich einen Moment mit euch teilen, wie ich alles manchmal sehe und habe das auf einem Screenshot festgehalten =)
    Wie schauts bei euch aus? =D 
    "Zeig her was dein perfekter Moment war und teilt ihn ! "

  17. So there is a weird bug with reflections on low graphic settings.
    The image in the waterfall is definitely not a reflection of my location.
    I'm curious does anyone recognise the reflection in the mini-waterfalls?

  18. Post on Free event underwear in General

    By Lilinith, posted
    I'm wondering what underwear all ppl get from [Event] Underwear Box. Let's share some screenshots in free underwear
    I still dunno for which of my characters should I open it.
  19. Is this what i think it is, or am i taking this out of context?
  20. Never seen this happen before, but it was pretty funny. The bottom ladder to climb out of the Abandoned Monastery was broken and laying on the ground when I was trying to leave. I want to think it was a GM having some fun.

  21. Making the perfect summoning!
  22. Welcome to our 2016 Postcards & Pigeons event!
    The short version of this event: Submit screenshots in the specific categories for fame and have usable/collectible cardstock postcards mailed to you (for free!). Also additional prizes to come as we get them sorted out, including gift cards and did I mention eternal fame?
    Tl;dr: Win a collectible set of these (click here), with (your) screenshots on them! (Or do it to have your screenshots professionally printed.)
    What am I talking about?
    While it’s a bit of an archaic thing, sending a postcard is still a common way of correspondence and a cheap (and fun) way of commemorating places you’ve seen or things you’ve done. Personally, I’ve collected them for years, and, with the recent National Postcard Week, I’ve decided to put together a small community event, and I hope you’ll celebrate with me!
    In that, go into Black Desert Online and take screenshots of your favorite things. There are several categories to participate in, and we all know how great this game is for screenshots, so if you already do this on the regular, there’s no reason not to participate. We’ll have a panel of judges from our guild [POW] that rank each in the categories.
    How many postcards are you giving away?
    1st place in any category gets all 4 sets (12 postcards).2nd place in any category gets 3 of 4 sets (9 postcards).3rd place in any category gets 2 of 4 sets (6 postcards).4th place in any category gets 1 of 4 sets (3 postcards).30 additional participants will be randomly chosen to have one set each mailed to them.
    What are the categories for the BDO section?
    Landscape - The world is beautiful, and we’re just a small part of it. Take a screenshot where the focus is the world, not yourself. (Aim to minimize your character ratio, or go in first person.)Selfies - Smile for the camera! Show off your character - whether it be scary, pretty or interesting.Scene - Find an interesting group of otters curled up? A strange view of the hippies in Florin? Capture the moment.Action - Get that epic shot of you wrestling a bear? Fighting ogres to save that little kitten?Please note that more in-depth descriptions of these categories are found on POW’s forums.
    How long do I have?
    The submission period will go from today (May 14th) until Monday, May 30th, at 3PM EST (or noon PST). We won’t be accepting anything after this time ~~ unless you bribe us with really adorable cat pictures ~~ I mean, what?
    Some more additional rules:
    The UI must be hidden. Do this with CTRL + U.The screenshots can only be of BDO (or GW2 - see details).The higher quality the better. We're printing at 300 dpi. Standard screenshot at high is sufficient.SweetFX, Photoshop or any other standard graphical manipulation is allowed; however adding content to images that is not natively in the game is not.Original work only - don’t steal!One entry per category.Anyone can enter this contest!Make sure you follow all (four) of the short submission guidelines.How do I submit?
    There are two ways to submit your entries. Note: Just do one of the following.
    Post it in this forum thread! Upload an image to Imgur, Photobucket or any supporting image service, and post it with a link in an entry post containing your other information (see below).
    Email entries to pow.zorav@gmail.com.
    Make sure to include the image and the information requested below:
    The image(s) itself.What category you're going for with each image.Character name / Account NameAre you interested in receiving postcards? (If yes, and your name is drawn, we’ll contact you for details later.)Optional: Name the image!What quality are these postcards / how will I get my postcards?
    The postcards are printed on white 60lb paper, with standard postcard framing dimensions within 4x6 in. It will include the creator’s name, and the title if they provided one.
    Once the contest is done, we will contact all those who have been chosen / won and request information. At any point, you can tell us to bugger off.
    That said, it’s an internet world, and, of course, I could be some crazy person looking for an address to send all the internet kittens to. On one hand, you don’t have to get postcards, and you can just bask in the fame of being an awesome screenshot enthusiast. On the other hand, we (POW, my gaming community) have done these events before, and still regularly send out birthday cards andholiday cards. So, it’s your choice.
    Additional notes:
    We are also running this in GW2, so if you’re interested in submitting photos for that, please feel free. You are allowed to enter in both versions.
    The back template is subject to change - we're currently in contact with some CMs to confirm the layout.
    The full thread information is located here: I like kittens.
    Shortlink for the forum thread is: bit.ly/BDOPostcards. Share it about!
    -- ScyllaJanssen, of the Bothersome Rabbits of POW.
  23. So as the title say i didn't get the title "We are familly" even if i had sent the screenshot with every classes.
    And also i can't find the title in the title section IG.
    Is another player in the same situation ? Did you got your title ?
  24. Just a thread to show off your Maehwa characters!
    Heres mine~

    Original template here~