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  1. The Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll should have its sumon animation decreased. 
    Standing there somewhere between 1 - 2 hrs as a 5 man party just to kill 10 of these scrolls each takes too long considdering that they die between 5 - 10 second after they are spawned. 
    That makes (say 10 seconds of DPSing on each mob, tho this is rather slow) 25 minutes of total time DPSing and rest of the time is spent waiting for the bosses to finish its animation. 
    For those whom is unsure of my calculation; (10 x 3) x 50 = 1500 seconds / 60 = 25 minutes. 
    Optionally, there could be an option to combine 5 scrolls into an Awakened scroll similar to the Awakened daily / weekly bosses we have today. 
    I know this is the lowest boss of them all and you can go for the other 2 types that does indeed spawn faster, and yield more Memory fragments, but this is a boss you always get when you fish, and most people need the memory fragments sooner or later anyways, and it is more profit in doing the bosses and selling the loot than selling the Shard pieces and not do the boss all together. 
  2. I really want the Bheg knowledge, i know that you can get it from the world boss and the daily scrolls. But i am wondering if it is possible to get the knowledge from black spirit scrolls? Can i accept the quest, kill him, then forfeit the quest, accept it again then kill him again? I know it is possible to get scroll each time but am wondering if it actually gives you knowledge?
  3. I started since early beta but I was overwhelmed by all the content all at once and quit after a month or so for various reasons. I really didn't have the right mindset coming into the game so this time around I am gonna be alot more laid back. I am looking for a guild that doesn't take itself seriously and mostly looking for a guild to do boss runs with and make some friends along the way. No trolls, not too interested in PvP If I am on I'll probably be making silver or grinding my first 30days to make as much progression as possible. As I've recently come back I am just focusing on getting up to 200+AP as fast as I can. Currently im sitting at 121AP / 164DP and I know that isn't nearly enough to be very effective on the real stage. If your a guild claiming that you've been around for centuries, have your own webpage and an up to date portfolio of all your recent accomplishments throughout the MMO world...probably not the one for me either. Again just trying to sit back and enjoy the game this time around. 
  4. Are they worth it? How much use do they get in KR? 
    I did my first one yesterday just for try-outs, but if I ask that stuff in channel chat I get no useful answer back.
    I sometimes solo these the daily and weekly scrolls, but mostly I do them in groups, so I'm ok with both perspectives.
    Thanks in advance and please no whining or straight up saying stuff like "They suck!". You could not give a less useful answer.
  5. Hello guys!
    I've been looking for a solution for this problem for a while now.
    My problem is that I can't summon Belmorn while in the given area, and the game tells me that the "The condition for using this item has not been met".
    I'm a little confused to be honest. I have done the quest "To the Ancient Light" as described here http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/151/1/.
    I'm lvl 46 at the moment and I hope you can help me somehow on this one.
    I've already some research but I can't find anything useful.
    Thanks in advance!
    (Oh I've put the question in the wrong forum, maybe it can be moved my an admin...)
  6. I have some Agrakhan summons scrolls and during the last patch (12th oct) there was some weird decision to place a Cadry Chief Gatekeeper right on top of the Agrakhan scroll summon location in the ruins/lake.
    This means that in order to summon an Agrakhan (doable/green by level 56) you need to kill a gatekeeper (definitely not doable by a 56 unless extremely well geared and in a group, or groups).
    Perhaps the summon should be moved? Or the chief... depending on which is easier.
  7. Greetings.
    My question is, can you get the boss knowledge from "weak" summon scrolls? These are the scrolls the Black Spirit gives you with quests during the story, and you can summon the bosses with it, though they do not drop anything. Quest examples are: [Co-op] Muskan of Madness, [Co-op] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp, etc. You can drop the quest after you kill the boss but dont get the knowledge, and take the quest again. Is this method viable, or these bosses will never give the knowledge?
  8. Post on What is the Endgame? in General

    By Medma, posted
    Okay.. I thought about this for a while (while still playing) and i still can't figure out what BDO's endgame is.
    1) Scroll bosses?
    2) World bosses?
    3) Node wars?
    4) GvG?
    Lets summarize this a bit, shall we?

    First we have the 1) *Scroll bosses* -> what are they for? -> upgrading gear (necessery for getting better gear but can't consider it endgame-content.
    Then we have 2) *World bosses* -> around 24-72 hours -> better gear (boss gear) -> So u just log in every 24 hours just to kill a world boss? No endgame-content.

    We have our 3th most LOVED part *NODE WARS* -> yeah everyone loves node wars -> So you just log-in every 24 hours to play 1-2 hours of node war? No endgame.

    Last of all... *GvG* -> yes it is fun! -> but not endgame.
    Lets compare BDO with some other games:

    Tera: Everyone knows Tera, and its endgame. Raids and dungeons that makes you keep playing the game because of better gear, socializing and lots more..

    WoW: The same goes for WoW but this game has alot more to offer.

    BUT WHAT IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAVE BDO TO OFFER WESTERN GAMERS? Just let it sink in for a while.. what makes you keep playing?
    Tbh im only playing this game because of my large-scaled guild. Otherwise i would quit after the first month. 
    Sometimes when im away from the PC and thinking about playing BDO, some thoughts comes in my mind like "Hmm.. not sure if i wanna do that.. kinda tired of grinding 1000 hours for some witch earrings/MoS/Ogre ring etc....Maybe some life skills? Nah i did alot of them too.. kinda bored now...World boss? It last 20min with alot of players and then i need to wait 24 hours for it to spawn..okay..im gonna watch some TV"
    EDIT: Dont come with the "stop QQ, just quit BDO if u dont like it" arguments.. here i am showing you ignorant fanboys some facts about the game so act like some adults and show me wrong instead.
  9. Just got this after completing Valencia quest chain from the black spirit.
    Anyone knows what it drops? 
  10. Post on UI Graphics & Bheg in In-Game Bugs

    By Neptus, posted
    The box that displays when someone gets an upgrade or I enter a hostile area/safe zone has a bug where the text and the box stack on top of each other instead of the text being in the box graphic. When I restart the game it goes back to normal but bugs out again after awhile.
    The Black Spirit has been very generous and just gives me the Alter Imp Summoning scroll without having me do any work for him.
  11. So we got a guild boss summon scroll for giant mudster. summoned tried to kill it and we ended up all dying. After returning to the node and running back the boss was gone. The scroll says the boss will take 2 minutes to reset but we got back there in less then 30 secs. Has this happen to anyone else? Also would submit a ticket but I have no idea how.
  12. Hey, I did a tool to check probably scammers on scrolls because it's not an easy way to remember all scammers that we see in the chat.
    The tool doesn't contrast servers/channels, so it's not 100% accurate.
    If you have problems with some scammer, let me know with some screenshot to insert him on the database.
    PD: Hope I can post that link on the forum, idk.
    PD2: The tool design is based on bdotools.com
  13. Hi everyone,
    we just confirmed our assumption that, if you use Milk Tea and a Combat XP Scroll simultaneously the effect of the Combat XP Scroll does not trigger. As result each of us wasted about 20 of those and a ton of time since most of use were grinding for 55 and 56 and hence we would at least want them replaced, but this is an other matter and each of use will make a ticked.
    But we would like to see that ether the scroll or the description being fixed. 
    Thanks for reading
  14. Sorry, wrong sub forum.
    Can someone pls delete this?
    Hi everyone,
    we just confirmed our assumption that, if you use Milk Tea and a Combat XP Scroll simultaneously the effect of the Combat XP Scroll does not trigger. As result each of us wasted about 20 of those and a ton of time since most of use were grinding for 55 and 56 and hence we would at least want them replaced, but this is an other matter and each of use will make a ticked.
    But we would like to see that ether the scroll or the description being fixed. 
    Thanks for reading
  15. Running scrolls in groups is a huge part of Black Desert Online, and is arguably one of the most profitable activities in-game. Where-ever there is profit there will always be people who will try to optimize the situation regardless of how it affects others. People promising to run scrolls in groups and then leaving when it becomes their turn to summon has become a major problem. I wanted to request to open a debate about the legitimacy of using names on the forums in-order to form a more perfect in-game event that is scroll running.
    Forum Rules
    "The User shall not use on the Website, the Forums and in the Game character names, family names, guild names, clan names. . ."
    ~~                                                      ----                                           ~~                                                        ----
    If this is not to be considered at all then the next part is slightly irrelevant as it is the first argument for allowing this kind of thread.
    -The purpose of name calling would not be to shame or to look down on someone, but merely to identify peoples agenda's in game
    -The master list would be held by the forum post title, NOT by the comments
    -A disclaimer at the top of the thread would notify that the thread had received special permissions to ignore this rule
    -All claims of fraud would be verified through the master list holder via video evidence, no less no more, we would not claim to guarantee that this person has scammed scrolls but instead that there is a video containing what appears to be that person scamming scrolls
    -The list would contain character and family names only
    All I'm hoping to see is an open discussion about this topic as the reason behind the no name calling rule is a mystery to me.
    Counter arguments and suggestions so far:
    1. What about accounting for disconnects and legitimate accidents that prevent scrolls from being run?
                  This would ultimately depend on the holder of the master list to verify that indeed there was an intent to deceive.
    2. What about instead changing the scrolls so that they work in joint requiring you to sacrifice 5 scrolls to run 5 bosses.
                  The difficulty of this because of coding and making sure that solo scrolls would still be possible seems like quite a stretch for a game that's developers are in KR.
    3. Why not just run one scroll at a time with linking?
                  Because it is possible to link with item codes and the loss of even a single weekly or scroll can amount to anywhere from 100k silver to 2mil silver one at a time linking can still lead to considerable loss.
    4. Why not just make sure you run with friends or guildmates?
                  Not everyone in this game plays for the cooperative play and Black Desert has done an excellent job at making sure there are many areas of the game to explore. It's also inconvenient to search from a smaller pool of individuals.
  16. Sooo I know the Hebetate Tree Spirit Summon Scroll is supposed to drop, but has anyone ever gotten one, and from what mobs?
  17. I dont know if there are any others which suffer from this but i do not get any exp-scrolls from questsrewards ( i recoginzed it bout a month ago) and when i submited a ticket i felt like just getting a computer answer.. I dont even want to know how many xp/lvl it already cost me.. I'm highly dissapoited from this answer.. its not "solved" at all in my opinion!!

  18. Mir ist es passiert, dass ich während einer Boss-Scroll, als Leader, einen Disconnect hatte. Das hatte zur Folge, dass ich aus der Gruppe flog und die anderen Gruppenmitglieder den Boss nicht mehr angreifen konnten. Als ich wieder im Spiel war, hätte ich den Boss alleine machen müssen, da ich die Spieler während dem Event (Boss-Scroll) nicht einladen kann. Somit konnte ich die Quest nicht abschliessen und die Mitspieler kriegten auch keinen Loot. Das finde ich etwas übertrieben, da es sich eigentlich um ein technisches versagen handelt.
    Daher wünsche ich, dass man auch bei Boss-Scrolls in der Gruppe bleibt wenn man rausfliegt, oder die Gruppenmitglieder den Boss trotzdem noch angreifen können, auch wenn der Leader aus dem Spiel fällt.
    Im Moment ist bei mir die Quest noch offen und niemand kriegte Entlohnung. Das wird sich hoffentlich ändern.
  19. Post on Expired items in General

    By Shark's Head, posted
    Hi there!
    I'd like to know why expired items are still in my inventory  Can I use them anyway?! I have a boss scroll expired and a skill reset expired. Someone has already tried to use them? Can you tell me something about this?
    Thank you in advice.
    - Shark's Head
  20. I wish I had more details on this but my computer loses power when I use the first summoning scroll you obtain as you progress through the Black Spirit Quests.  I also experience rubber banding from time to time just running around in the world.  I get 60 fps in Slightly High settings with good stability otherwise.
    I have done some research into this issue and it seems to be a driver issue but I'd have no idea which one to roll back to and as for a PSU issue, all other games run fine and I'm 100W above the recommended for my graphics card.
    GTX 960 (364.72 Driver, up to date)
    Windows 10 Home 64 Bit (up to date as read through Windows Update)
    8GB RAM
    AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHZ Six Core Processor
  21. They always pop up at the WORST TIMES, especially those large scroll descriptions.
    It's very, very annoying.
    It just blocked me while I was fishing.  I was at the part where you press the keys to catch the fish and suddenly this HUGE box pops up on my screen out of nowhere.
  22. Hi all,
    Is daily boss scroll based on character or account?
    If it is based on character, is that mean If I have 5 level 50+ characters, I can get 5 scrolls per day?
  23. Hello guys i have question.
    I do few times quest for imp captain scroll but from yesterday i cant pick this daily quest from black spirit. Anyone can tell me why? Maybe i need to do rest special quest first to unlock this quest again?
  24. Hey,
    I was wondering if it would be possible for Daum to add profession EXP scrolls in the loyalty or pearl shop?  I think it would provide a good source of income for you guys if you added fishing,training,etc EXP scrolls.
  25. Hi there!
    Today I want to ask you guys if the Summon Scrolls should have the expire date or not. Actually they have it, it's called 'Effective time'.
    I find this a useless thing, we can't keep in the storage a Scroll to summon the boss in the future, so I'll ask your opinions about it and, in case of positive answers, maybe we could ask to remove the expiration time.
    Thank you and let's poll!
    - Shark's Head