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    AXIOM in Black Desert

    We are a full PvX guild. We strive keep the difficult balance of PvP and PvE with the goal of experiencing everything the game has to offer

    AXIOM was a top 25 guild pre-merge and has been a top 40 guild since.
    Discord is required for all members. Using voice is not.

    We have static and ad-hoc scroll groups.
    Guild missions are run multiple times every day, at all hours
    We do Guild Bosses weekly.
    Despite the many calendar of events, we are still a casual guild, meaning flexibly active, where Life > Game.
    Participation in guild events we have is optional, but members are expected to make some time for their guild mates.

    Great communities are built on active people. We trim inactives every week to make room for those who are actively playing and contributing.
    We accept all levels, especially new and returning players.
    PvP experience isn't required, but welcome. We will help all of our members gear up and learn their class.

    We have all combat buffs (Accuracy+5, AP+5, HP+100, DR+5) , siege resist 50%, Fishing+3, and Gather+2.
    We also have two elephants and a guild galley.

    We are a BDO guild, but also a Gaming Community, with members playing other games like WOW and Conan Exiles. These are the core principles of our community.


    1. A self-evident truth that requires no proof.

    2. A universally accepted principle or rule.
    Origin Greek: something worthy.

    History of the AXIOM Community
    AXIOM is the evolution of a group of players that have been playing games together for nearly a decade. This group of players has changed as the years have gone by, and the name of the organization has changed to suite the desires and needs of those under its banner, but the core ideals and principles of these players has not changed, and remains the driving and defining force for all involved. In its current incarnation AXIOM was founded in RIFT in 2013 to create a new home for those seeking a friendly and welcoming guild that still strives to overcome challenges and progress together through content in MMO games.

    Core Principles and Laws of AXIOM
    1. Family, real life and the world as a whole should always come first. Games are a form of entertainment and it should never be demanded of a person that they value the game over their health, family, job or daylight.

    2. Community comes first, and no member shall ever be shunned or tossed aside because something better comes along. We are here to play and enjoy the game together, as such there is nothing more valuable to us than our members and their continued participation.

    3. Drama is not an acceptable method for conflict resolution. Communities will always have bumps and hiccups, but there is a time and a place to settle things or work out issues. Making a scene in guild or in public is not acceptable. We expect our members to be adults and work out any differences in a calm and mature manner.

    4. Be respectful of persons outside of the guild – We do not talk trash about people publicly or make fun of new or inexperienced players. Some people may deserve your derision but we should always strive to maintain a professional and friendly standard of conduct towards the community.

    5. Guild Before Greed – We have no problems with members making money, but if that drop or item can help a guild member, give it to them. If that drop is a small upgrade for you, but a huge upgrade for someone else who put the time in, consider giving it to them. We do NOT ever charge guild members for items or services beyond asking for materials or base costs to craft something if they are capable of providing it.

    6. Help of the Helpless – If you see someone struggling with something, jump in and give them a hand. Supporting people in the community and especially within the guild will go a long ways towards bringing us new recruits and helping us achieve our goals as a guild.

    7. No form of discrimination or slur is ever allowed and is one of the fastest ways to find yourself removed from the guild.

    What are the goals of AXIOM
    At the end of the day, we enjoy playing games together and experiences the challenges put forward by those games. Endgame progression whether it is raiding or PVP will always be a primary goal for the guild, and as such we expect those who wish to join us in that goal to always strive to be the best they can be. We welcome all types of players including Casual and Hardcore, and we encourage every person to do whatever makes them happy in the game. Those who do not wish to raid are welcome, and may always change their mind. There is no requirement to be a member of AXIOM other than being a good person and participating in the community in whatever way works for you.

    What is AXIOM Like?
    Our membership spans many different age groups, religious backgrounds and countries. We are mothers, brothers, fathers, daughters, sons, uncles, priests, artists, cops and soldiers. We are a true sampling of the world. We are a Mature community (often R rated) and as such expect anyone joining us to be able to laugh at a good (crude) joke and take a little friendly ribbing from other guild members. We do not censor those within the guild (unless they are violating any of our core rules).

    We have a lot of players playing multiple games. We use discords to as the primary means to keep in touch. You can expect to have 40-50 on discord at any given time. Some people stay on voice a lot. Most use voice when they need to for a group. We use discord text channel extensively with announcements about guild missions, scroll groups, and other events, with links further details to our website calendar which is integrated with our discord. Approved applicants first join our community server, then our Black Desert discord server. It's proven to be a power system to allow players to keep one foot in BDO, and one elsewhere, then all come together for important events like node wars and guild bosses.

    How To Join?
    Please visit  axiomguild.net/apply  and submit an application on our website. You login to our website using discord.
    You can also see Sjoffna, Valeryian_Steel, Arya_Nyan, Torkir, Anasee, Wainer, or Catelaine in-game for more info.