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  1. Edit: My Reddit post got removed for some reason, no idea why. So in the mean time here are the details below.
    Round Robin Summoning
    Reduces relic summoning cycle by at least 8 secondsReduces the amount of relics each individual can be scammed out of to 1Makes relics slightly less of a huge bore 
    The party leader dictates the order of the summoning cycle based off the order of the paty list for the leader. Each member only summons 1 time before passing lead.
    Leader is denoted my Member 1
    Member 1Member 2Member 3Member 4Member 5Summoning order will obviously be M1 -> M2 -> M3 -> M4 -> M5 -> M1 -> ...
    The order of the party member list will appear differently that what the leader sees so it is up to the leader to make sure the order is followed.
    Once M1's last boss is dead M2 immediately begins summoning even before getting lead. M1 will pass lead before claiming the reward from the black spirit. As long as lead is passed before about half of the summoning animation has finished the summoning will succeed. M1 will then claim reward while M2 begins summoning. Repeat for all party members.
  2. We have the best buffs in the business: +5ap, +5dr, +5acc, +100hp, +50% siege resist, +2 gathering, +2 fishing. We have discord, but it's discouraged (we play games because we are anti-social). Guild quests are optional (but if you do them, you will be laughed at by the rest of the guild and possibly kicked).
    If you want in... show us your rod, impress us plz!
    /w , Ducs, Alzied, Wavves, WWW, Phuctard or SoSeoNo
  3. Post on No boss scrolls in PVE

    By Mooncalf, posted
    Hello Guys,
    I am a level 56 Sorcerer playing since closed beta and I came back after some months of no playing and the black spirits is giving me only red nose summoning scrolls I don't get the rest bosses scrolls, any idea why? For example, hebetate etc I don't get the quests
  4. I just did a Giath Awaken Boss scroll and a Bheg Awaken Boss scroll (another guild members), or at least I think I did. The bosses said <Awakened> in the title above there name. Honestly I think the scrolls are bugged currently. Nothing about the loot I received was any different in quantity and quality (no boss armor received from either ;-;).
    I don't know if anyone else who has done their scrolls is feeling the same way, but it might be a good Idea to just hold onto them until Daum can confirm that the scrolls are actually Awakening scrolls.
  5. I have some Agrakhan summons scrolls and during the last patch (12th oct) there was some weird decision to place a Cadry Chief Gatekeeper right on top of the Agrakhan scroll summon location in the ruins/lake.
    This means that in order to summon an Agrakhan (doable/green by level 56) you need to kill a gatekeeper (definitely not doable by a 56 unless extremely well geared and in a group).
    Perhaps the summon should be moved? Or the chief... depending on which is easier.
  6. Hi,
    I do not know if I am just crazy or if it actually a bug but I remembered to put my daily Bheg scrolls into one of my storage.
    I am always collecting them so I should have 3 scrolls by now in one of my storage but I am not able to find them. Nowhere...
    It seems that we are not allowed to store them on a wagon/horse/boat so I have no idea where they are. I checked all the towns
    It's the scrolls of sunday, monday and tuesday that are missing. I have the wednesday, thursday and friday on my player.
    I remember to place them in Calpheon but they are not here.
    Is it a bug from the Valencia update? Do you have an idea where they can be ? A place that I did not check other than in town?

    Thanks !
  7. Revert this garbage change immediately. It boggles my mind that it took this long for this game to start hemorrhaging its player base with Daum in the driver seat. Get a -----ing clue.
  8. I'd like to point out something apparently harmless but that I believe has a long term impact in the playerbase, in particular burnout.
    Player A plays 7 days per week, for about 3 hours a day, for a total of 21.
    Player B can only play 3 days per week, but when he does, he plays 8 hours in a row per day, for a total of 24.
    Result: Player B actually plays more than Player A, but loses out on 4 Boss Scrolls & 400 Loyalty per week, and also loses out on all sorts of AFK tasks.
    Some players may not care too much about this, but many may eventually give up on the game due to it requiring too much commitment.
    So here are two suggestions:
    1 - How would you react if the game allowed you to "accumulate" up to 7 days worth of Dailies/Loyalties?
    Essentially, if you login at least once per week you can grab the 7 daily boss scrolls and 700 Loyalties.
    2 - How would you react if the game had some form of "Rested Bonus" so that when you get back to the game, you get a bonus to your EXP, Loot, Energy Regen (nothing big) based on how long you were offline (not afk).
  9. I think it would be a good idea if they gave us the choice like they do with the daily scrolls on what boss to choose from on the weekly scrolls. It seems a bit bad that I have to wait 3 days after a week to get a chance to fight Muskan again or Hebetate since the scrolls cycle though.
  10. Servidor: [EU] JordineLíder/es: Ethylin GroissOficiales/Reclutadores: Jamys Tritton, Bird57 Stharla, Liaandra MogueldesuAmbiente: Hardcore, SocialEnfoque: PvE, PvPMiembros: 50+Página Externa: http://guardiadelhalcon.webnode.es/Somos un clan perfecto para todo tipo de jugadores, el ambiente es el mejor, no pedimos nivel mínimo y las reglas son sencillas. Disponemos de Discord, Foro y Whatsapp (Todo opcional excepto en actividades de guild). Hacemos GuildBosses, Todo tipo de GuildQuests, PVP, PVE y Party de Scrolls. Quid Pro Quo, La guild te ayuda si tu ayudas a la guild.
    Para entrar en la guild sigue los pasos que especificamos en nuestra web guardiadelhalcon.webnode.es/reclutamiento o avísanos ingame y te diremos como formar parte de nosotros. 
  11. Hi everyone,
    we just confirmed our assumption that, if you use Milk Tea and a Combat XP Scroll simultaneously the effect of the Combat XP Scroll does not trigger. As result each of us wasted about 20 of those and a ton of time since most of use were grinding for 55 and 56 and hence we would at least want them replaced, but this is an other matter and each of use will make a ticked.
    But we would like to see that ether the scroll or the description being fixed. 
    Thanks for reading
  12. Sorry, wrong sub forum.
    Can someone pls delete this?
    Hi everyone,
    we just confirmed our assumption that, if you use Milk Tea and a Combat XP Scroll simultaneously the effect of the Combat XP Scroll does not trigger. As result each of us wasted about 20 of those and a ton of time since most of use were grinding for 55 and 56 and hence we would at least want them replaced, but this is an other matter and each of use will make a ticked.
    But we would like to see that ether the scroll or the description being fixed. 
    Thanks for reading
  13. Can you give us this sytem please?
    Simple ideas could be a menu that allows you to manage up to 4 parties (20 people) i'd prever one that goes up to 60 people - but thats alot to handle.
     What would this do? Enable all units in this 'alliance' or 'raid' menu to get loot from kills. Aka boss scrolls. Although only the summoning party can injure their summon - the others can summon at the same time, and it would allow all people in this raid menu to get the loot drops or atleast 1 seal together. 
    What would this restrict? Exp gain.  Simple rule, if you don't do 1% dmg to it - you don't get exp. Even in this group. 
    What would this benefit? Healing spells and buffs for one, could apply up to a larger number. Bosses and field/world bosses - A guild could make a very detailed plan and analysis setting for this format. Easily. 
    Many mmos have a format or setting like this, could we please have it as well? 
  14. I'd like to know which mobs (especially Mediah ones) drop which scrolls.
    I've tried to search the forums/Reddit but there is not a lot to go on, imo it'd be great for everyone if we could summarize in one topic.
    This is what I've found;
    Mansha Goblins - Goblin scroll [Got multiple dropped myself]
    Serendia Shrine Mobs - Monestary Leader scroll [Guildie got multiple dropped]
    Hexe Skeleton mobs - Hexe Marie scroll [Got one dropped myself]
    Cron Castle Mobs - Imp Captain scroll [Got one dropped myself]
    Giants - Imp Captain scroll [BDO forum post - Needs confirmation]
    Rhutums - Altar Imp scroll [Reddit post - Needs confirmation]
    Frenzied Skeleton mobs - Hexe Marie scroll [Got one dropped myself] 
    Sausan Garrison mobs - Imp Captain scroll [Party member got one dropped]
    Wandering Rogues - Altar Imp scroll [I'm not sure both are correct, I saw conflicting reddit posts on this, mob design wise I'd say Rogues are more likely, but I'd really need confirmation on this.]
    Manes - Altar Imp scroll [I got PM'd by someone claiming he's got these dropped]
    Note 1: Afaik nothing drops Hebate scrolls, logical because there is an (unimplemented in EU/NA afaik) item in KR that drops of off Treeants and combines (much like discos) into a Hebate scroll.
    Note 2: I've never seen any mobs that drop Moghulis scrolls. Seems odd to me as every other scroll can be obtained via farming mobs.
    It would be cool if you guys could help confirm this list and add to it! I'll keep the list up to date!
  15. Hi, I'm an active player - currently on Uno but willing to change and start over to join an appealing community - I'm looking for a mature guild or a gaming community that spans across multiple games, not limited to mmorpgs (18+ and able to comfortably joke around with each other without being easily offended, yet mostly polite and helpful). Specific requirements would be daily/weekly boss scrolls, guild missions, Not requiring me to participate in PvP and partying up to farm monsters for items or exp. Discord is heavily preferred, your own forum/website would be nice if you're a community that's in other games and I'd like to know which games your members are active on. 
    I'm mainly focusing on PvE related content and fishing, however I'm willing to do everything, and eventually will, once I join feel free to ask me to do things.
    I'm still pretty new to black desert (been about a week now) and I've learned a lot about it - however there are things I don't know so you'll have to bear with me while I learn the finer details. I've hit level 50 on my main char - sorceress, have 3 level 30 alts and wealth of 50million and a bit, last slot will be a tamer probably as a placeholder for kunoichi class coming next month (fingers crossed). Feel free to ask me about anything else you'd like to know, be it about my black desert experience, other games or just me.
    More about me:
     I'm looking forward to finding a group of people I can enjoy black desert and potentially other games with - please respond here with any info you think I should know (related or unrelated), otherwise just state who you are and what you do. Thanks for reading my ramblings!
  16. Greetings,
    We are an ambitious, cooperative, friendly and mature large guild.
    -We do training sessions in the arena. Best way to enjoy a fair pvp combat in a freindly enviroment, and to improve your combat skills knowing other classes.
    -5 guild quests every day
    -Summon scrolls
    -Grinding party +50
    We are looking for mature, freindly and cooperative members.
    Guild Rank 115, soon in the first 100 of Croxus server.
    We are in Valencia C3 now
    Whisp us for more info:
    -Vendal (the guild master)
    -Kaenryuko (officer)
    -Demidos (officer)
    -Eatyourself (officer)
    -Irascii (officer)
                                                                                          ------------------------------------------Wear the Kitsune mask-------------------------------------------

    We're a laid back guild that is looking to Grow. We're looking for active members to contribute towards ongoing Guild activities and to help us grow stronger! Right now our guild participates in Arena PVP, GvG, Scrolls 3 times a week and guild bosses.  There is no level or class requirements. We are a close knit group and are willing to help everyone with leveling and gearing.
    We have a discord channel set up that will be provided to you upon recruitment. If you think you'd be a good fit for us and are looking to meet some great people and make good friends, then send a PM to me on these forums or whisper me in game. (Lady_Izual). If I'm unavailable feel free to get in touch with (Kiera_Nightshade) or (Nevarak). 
    Cheers and see you on the battlefield.
  18. Post on <Serendia> [Edan] [PvX] in US Guild

    By Dary, posted

    Guild Name: Serendia
    Guild Master: Dary
    Website: http://serendia.org/
    Region: North America
    Server: Edan
    Focus: Read Description
    VoIP: Discord
    Timezone: We are from all around the world, so no matter at what time you get online you will always find someone to do some quest with.

    Serendia, A guild created prior to Conqueror Launch that started as a simple chat to discuss some game related matters without the annoying trolls around the forum at the time. Our goal: Conquer Serendia, Eradicate Calpheon, Protect the weak, and Assimilate or Exterminate the Strong.

    Currently, We seek like-minded individuals; people who don’t take things to heart and can share a laugh, but know when its time to get down.

    Recruiting players, Green or Experienced, as to progress together. All walks of life accepted, be you a Farmer, a Tamer, a Miner, or a Trader, it does not matter. Want to focus on your life skills? No problems, we do Gathering Quests. Want to focus on PvE? No problem, We do subjugations and bosses as well.

    Age: 18+ 

    Be Respectful 

    Be Active in Game and in the official forum, if have to leave for some time make sure to let officers know.

    Participate in forum event and in game activities.

    To apply you must register at our official forum and clicking HERE to create a new post using the "Recruitment Template " found in this same section.

  19. Welcome to the <LeagueOfAssasins>!! We are a very active guild who runs under the clan
    "Legion Gaming Community" where you will find that our savage leader owns the data 
    center that hosts are teamspeak and various games on his servers for his loyal minions
    to play on. With how much potential the guild has with the backing of the clan and with
    the guild leaders being every active there is no reason why we can not leave a big 
    footprint in Black Desert Online. There are plans in placed to start giving away steam keys
    during guild events and gatherings as well! Our goal is to get the most out of our time
    by having fun while helping all our members enjoy there time in game.
    So how do you join? Well you can comment down below and wait until someone gets back to you
     or whisper any of the guild officers and guild leader. To get in asap and with a decent 
    paying guild contract is to go to our website and register. There you will also be able 
    to connect to the teamspeak directly from the site. From there just jump down in Guild 
    channel where you can get a guild invite.

    1 - Register on http://legiongc.com/wordpress/wp-login.php?action=register
    2 - Check your email and confirm your email address.  Check your spam folder too.
    3 - log in to http://legiongc.com and click the link to the forum and confirm you are logged in.  
    If not, please go to the home page and log out and back in.
    In-game name (Family Name)
    Guild Leader
    Kneol (Masakh)
    Pooki3 (Khadae)
    Alttanin (Kilgharrah)
    We pride ourselves in helping our members grow in the game to get better at whatever they want
    to do within Black Desert Online. With the pool of steam keys we are also looking forward to those big
    guild events to handout prizes to our fellow warriors and friends. 
    Any Levels and classes are welcome to join there is always room to grow and improve. We just ask is 
    that you are active willing to contribute.
  20. They always pop up at the WORST TIMES, especially those large scroll descriptions.
    It's very, very annoying.
    It just blocked me while I was fishing.  I was at the part where you press the keys to catch the fish and suddenly this HUGE box pops up on my screen out of nowhere.
  21. They always pop up at the WORST TIMES, especially those large scroll descriptions.
    It's very, very annoying.
    If there isn't a way, can we please get an option to turn it off?
    It just blocked me while I was fishing.  I was at the part where you press the keys to catch the fish and suddenly this HUGE box pops up on my screen out of nowhere.
  22. www.MalumFactum.com
    See our poster below for more info!
    In game contacts for inquiry: SupQT, It_Is, Godrik, or Mezzidrel on Edan if you have any questions, or PM us here.
    The Skinny:
    Now that some time has passed, and as BDO moves out of it's infancy, some guilds will ultimately have a bit of a struggle putting together full teams to compete at end game (Node Wars, Castle Sieges, etc.). Here at MF, we understand these issues and want to open up the possibility of bringing on a small guild or two into our community to further strengthen our team as a collective whole. This gives us the advantage of being able to compete at the highest levels in all aspects of the game. 
    Why join MF:
    We are quite established, having formed in 2003 and grown to over 1k members as a gaming community. We have a sponsored website and sponsored mumble server capable of hosting up to 250 people at once. Not that any of this is important, because let's face it, it's all about BDO and what we can do as a team in this game. The real reason to consider MF is the kind of player and attitude you can expect from our members. As adult gamers, we understand the constraints of real life, but also have found a way to juggle said constraints with our favorite hobby. Our members take a ton of pride in their gaming and always strive to be the absolute best they can be. In our BDO chapter, we have our guild of 60+ adult members, and most level 50+, with many reaching 53/52 this past week. We would love to add to those numbers to give us the best chances at being competitive at end game. The infrastructure is already in place, we just need to get bodies into those last remaining empty spots! We do guild events 3 times a week, including multiple guild boss scrolls, guild quests, power leveling nights, etc. We are incredibly active, and fun to be around.
    What we are looking for (Quick summary as more detailed answer is below the poster):
    - Level 50+ player(s) who enjoy all BDO has to offer. While a ton of us are PvP lovers, it's not a requirement that you be blood thirsty, though pvp happens fairly often in BDO, so be prepared.
    - We do ask that our members be 20+ years in age. Exceptions can be made if a member in your group is 18+, so please contact us with any specifics. 
    - Mumble is our voip. We don't ask for 100% participation in voip when gaming, though it's preferred to ensure you are making friends and meeting people. 
    - Positive attitude. We absolutely don't do drama at MF. This is our hobby, and we love it! Bringing unwanted stress into the gaming world is a serious no go.
    *Guilds interested in joining us with some members below level 50 should contact us as well. While we are looking for 50+, we are not oblivious to the fact not all might be max level.

    Malum Factum (MF) Summary:
    We are an all adult gaming community founded in 2003 by adult gamers for adult gamers. The fly-by-night guilds where you have to remake new friends in every new game title gets old incredibly fast, so we built MF from the ground up to combat that. Our community consists of members from all walks of life and we value our diversity as much as anything else. We have built an incredibly large family of gamers who all share the same common interest....to have a wonderful online gaming experience while making quality friendships. We have very healthy gaming chapters in many MMO's and other types of games. We expect BDO to be the next great chapter at MF. Gaming is our passion, and we take a ton of pride in it. Give us a look. You won't be disappointed. 
    What we seek:
    Quality adult gamers who have passion for gaming and will put in maximum effort to be the absolute best they can be when online. We want gamers who have a lot of pride in their gaming and are willing to work as a team to adapt to overcome challenges to achieve the ultimate goal. 
    We do ask that any member applying for membership be at least 20 years of age as our community ages range from early 20s to early 40s on average. Level 50+ is a plus but not absolutely required, especially with friends/family or merging guilds.We also ask that folks have a working Mic and be willing to be on Mumble (VoiP) during guild events, etc. Finally, we ask that you bring positive attitude and your A game whenever you are playing with the guild. This is a wonderful hobby, and while we are very relaxed gamers, we always strive to be the absolute best we can be. MF has always had very high standards and has earned a lot of respect in many MMO titles for being classy, yet hard working gamers. We want to continue that trend. 
    Play times:
    We are a US based community so all US time zones are certainly the preferred choice. We do have a higher Mountain/West Coast player base for BDO, so those in the PST/MST time zones get extra cool points! Don't worry. We love you East Coasters and Central folks as well! Anyone from any time zone around the world is welcome. 
    We do play 7 days a week, but as adult gamers, we do not require a specific amount of playtime to be in the community. We understand real life constraints. 
    To Inquire or to simply Apply to join:
    We are very flexible in our recruiting and we understand that some folks might have some questions before putting in an application. We encourage you to PM us here on this site or on the MF site with any and all questions you may have. We can arrange times to do some Q&A on mumble, etc as well. We are incredibly flexible here so please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

    Are you playing in a small group, maybe with a couple of friends? Are you looking for a group to join but are worried about losing your groups identity and still want to hang with your friends. Maybe you were in a guild that is becoming inactive, no one to do scrolls with, guild boss fights, etc. 
    Grimoire has no plans on leaving BDO anytime soon and we would like you and your group to join us in making a fun community. See the info below to get in touch!
    Original Spam:
  24. @CM_Jouska I was wondering if something is done about people who scam scrolls all day? 
    I usually try and group with guilds or trusted people to do boss scrolls but a lot of people do it with randoms and I've done Imp scrolls 3x with randoms and 2 of the 3x people ran without doing a scroll.
    Its really bad manners and I was curious if taking advantage of people all day and free loading and scamming people for their scrolls was allowed or if any action can be taken against them? If not then is it recommended to scam people for scrolls to get ahead on gear? 
    side note: we flag up and try to kill but they take off quick and switch channels and do it to more and more groups. If this method is allowed then its the fastest way to get blackstones I guess. 
    I'm simply curious if GM's can do anything or not cause there's a lot of people that do this all day and make bank and get geared off it.

  25. <Sakurai> is recruiting on Croxus EU. We are a PVX focussed guild looking for friendly and active players to join our ranks. We currently have 60+ members, doing PVP, Wars, guild quests, guild bosses and summon scrolls every day. If you're interested in joining a guild where you are noticed, valued and helped out, then you'll enjoy our guild's mentality.

    Requirements to join our guild are the following:
    - Level 50+
    - Be active
    - Be friendly
    - Use Discord
    - Participation in guild events
    - Interested in PVP/Wars and coming Nodewars

    Preferred but not required:
    At least 100 AP and 100 DP
    But as stated this is not an actual requirement

    What you get in return:

    - PVP / GVG / Node Wars
    - Guild Bosses
    - Friendly and awesome atmosphere
    - Help during PK's
    - Help during grinds
    - Shared knowledge
    - Daily Scrolls

    We are growing rapidly but hope to expand more to start making a name for ourselves in PvP and be a formidable opponent to other guilds when the node wars patch arrives.

    We only speak English in guild chat and swearing is allowed. We use Discord and have a laugh there every day. If you are interested please leave a reply here or message us ingame:(Family name, Ingame name) Katsuma Tsukimara, Hanakozu Kageneko or Townsen Uly. You'll find us mostly on Calpheon C2.