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  1. Welcome to Lucidia!
    NA | Casual/Semi-Hardcore | PvX
    Lucidia is a new guild founded by two mmo veterans who have traveled across many mmos. We are a judgement free zone and we are here to welcome everyone!
    Lucidia is a PvX guild that will lean towards PvP.
    Communication is key so here is a link to our discord!
    Try to be as active as you can. Activity is what will keep this guild alive!Please be mature and respectful to othersABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA!If you are going to be away for a period of time, please let a Leader or Officer know. If you are inactive for 35 days without prior warning (or warning while gone) then you will be kicked.Relax and Have Fun! Lets build this guild together!
  2. Post on edit delete in European Guild

    By Squishy_boi, posted
    Delete please
  3. <Byfrost>

    “The guild does not make the people, the people make the guild.” – Mr_blues 2016

    Who are we and what are our goals?
    - We try to be a guild where every member has something to say, we value opinions of members and try to make their wishes come true.
    - Compete competitively in the siege/node war scene!
    - Create a relaxed PvP progress orientated community with dedicated people who love to progress their gear / PvP skills!

    What do we offer?
    - Sieges on saturday, node wars during the week if we don't succeed in claiming a territority.
    - A solid community where everyone has the same mindset.
    - An active fun discord server used as forum + voice chat.
    - Currently 92 active players. ( We keep track of activity in terms of siege/node war, its not about showing up, its about letting the guild know if you will attend or not)

    - Arena test! This thing is back! The arena test is not; if you beat me, you get in the guild. We value quality above quantity, so we would like to see how you do it out there. Its also a nice step for new guildies to get to know some of our members!
    - As gearscore we require new recruits to have level 58 with 420 AP/DP minimum (Exceptions for Berserkers / Maewha / Tamers). This is below guild average.
    - Able to join voice communications, we use discord as forum / feedback / sign-up / voice chat. We switch to Teamspeak only for siege/node war!

    If you are interested in being part of ByFrost; Contact in-game: Mr_Blues, Koyo, Dofla, Noukeh, Arksteel, Accabadora, Loopicks, RaccoonCat, Karasurei, Ukaly, Kobatz, Perro

    Or reach out to us on discord, MrBlue#2483, Perro#5172, Dofla#3605 or Koyo#6578

  4. Pantsu Raiders Guild!

    About the Pantsu guild
    We are a active-semi hardcore guild with over 95-100+ members in the top rankings We are looking for Pve/PvP players lvl 55+ with above 360 ap/dp total tho if you are an active player / discord user we might be able to overlook it.
    I won't force people to play this guild is about socialising, fun and doing endgame content. We have a strong alliance with 100's of players and have taken over serendia and love our node wars. we are well organised and where it is at endgame.
    We are a community (no drama) 
    The guild has become a thriving community of player not just in BDO  but in other games and has become a really nice group of core players you can hang an chat to on discord in an outside BDO so if you're also looking for a nice community of players to make friends an chat to this is the place!
    Biggest Anime Guild Culture 
    The guild members that joined us really like their Anime an have whole sections dedicated for that culture aspect if that is your thing. We are by far the biggest guild on the server that has embraced the culture so there is no better place to look than our guild for this. 
    Having said that its not for everyone and we welcome all sorts of players that are not into that and will never let members feel left out

    What we are looking for
    activity an or social on discord > gear (though it does help)
    Guild Server Info
    server Alustin EU
    Pm me ingame at : Shallteir (familyname: Bloodfallien)
    Or contact some of the officers at: Spatfixerpro, DJepea, Luft, McGray, Harlen
    reply below or follow this link to our website

  5. Lazarus has been founded 3rd March 2016. Since then we've had our ups and downs and currently we are rising and hella quickly! Currently in transition from PvX to fully PvP guild so our requirements have gone up! 
    We are bunch of guys and gals who enjoy spending time on VOIP and playing BDO, our main focus is PvP while we do PvE too (to progress).
    Member Benefits:
    - Guild Buffs - +5 Accuracy, +100 Health, +5 Damage Reduction, +5 AP, Gather +1, Fish +1, Blessing +2
    - Support against any Pk'ers.
    - PvP training by class leaders.
    - Organized guild skirmishes
    - Great group of people that love PvP and will drop what they're doing to help you.
    - Wages up to 750.000 silver per day.
    - Must be 18 years of age or older to join.
    - Must have a thick skin about you.
    - Must be minimum level 55 and at least 300 combined gear score. (If you dont meet these you got 7 days since you join to get up to it)
    - Be active, we’re trying to build and that takes activity.
    - Participate in Node Wars (A MUST)
    - VOIP and Website use is a must!
    Remmember, we are trying to build a community social and active one which is gona wreck havoc in game. So if you have anything bothering you, feel free to notify any of the guild representatives and we will help out as much as we can, what you can expect if you join us is angry mob whos gonna protect you if you get bullied
    Contact Info
    Glassy_BoiDracaraValanyrInterested in joining? Feel free to whisper any one of these 3 guys in game or apply on the website http://lazaruseu.shivtr.com/ 

  6. ~ The darkest of nights produces the brightest of stars ~

    Group picture after we win our second node in 1 week

    Zodiac, previously known as Rukh, is an international PvE/PvP semi-hardcore guild focussing on participating in endgame content, helping our members reach new horizons and having fun as a community! We are always looking for more active members who are willing to level and gear up, and help the guild out as we grow both in our ranking and as a community!
    We currently have over 50 active members playing regularly and are close to be in the top 100 of guilds! (only guild points wise though). We allow our members to be free. No rules about PvP and we will come to your aid if you are in trouble, although we do expect a reasonable attitude against others while wearing the Zodiac guild tag. If you are looking for a bright, mature but still free environment, read on

    International, english speaking EU guild (schedule times based on CEST)Level 50+ active levelling/gearing communityWeekly Node WarsScheduled missions and eventsWeekly boss scroll groups (daily/weekly scrolls)Weekly guild bossesPvP events, inc. arena sessions and group vs groupDiscord serverHelpful bright environment 

    We have 3 major goals in mind for Zodiac:
    Being competetive in Node Wars and aiming for higher ranks as we goHelping our members level and gear up while providing a relaxed, free and helpful communityHaving fun!We hope to achieve all of this by having weekly node wars where everyone is welcome, having an open community (both in guild chat and in Discord) and having a variety of original events.

    Atleast 1 level 50+ character and willing to push for higher levels actively10000 Activity every 2 weeks (your contract will be 14 days, so you have to hit 10000 activity within each contract). This takes 4 missions on average.Notifying us about your Node Wars participance. You can do this through the use of a command to our Discord bot. PARTICIPATING IN NODE WARS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, TELLING US IF YOU ARE COMING OR NOT THROUGH THE DISCORD COMMAND IS.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    We are currently NOT recruiting. If you have any interest in friendly wars, alliances, merges and general guild to guild politics contact one of the 3 people below:
    Main Character Name (Family Name)
    Norazan (Kharyrll) - English, Dutch
    Junya (Sayla) - English, Dutch
    Katrinye (Infigar) - English, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian
  7. Guilde RISE

    [ Rise ] ouvre ses portes de nouveau!
    Guilde 100% Québécoise debout depuis la sortie du jeu en mars dernier.

    Objectifs :
    Être une guilde conviviale et relativement laid back tout en ayant des objectifs en tête
    Être une guilde majoritairement composée de gens qui s'investissent dans BDO
    Acquérir une notoriété respectable auprès des autres guildes du serveur
    Gagner 2 nodes wars par semaine
    Payer ses membres selon la participation de ceux-ci

    Participation recherchée/suggérée : 
    Participer aux nodes wars 
    Participer aux guild quests (pour augmenter vos payes)
    Participer en général (guild chat, discord, facebook, grinding)
    Etre la en backup pour les gens qui se font pk (quand ça vous adonne)
    Démontré un intérêt pour l'avancement

    Personnalité recherchées :
    Aspirer à devenir plus fort pour un monde meilleur (PVP/Lifeskill)
    Être capable de rester respectueux tout en tuant quelqu'un violament
    Être avides d'aider les autres (PVP, Questions..)
    Ne pas être dérangés par les déclarations de guerres
    Avoir une belle attitude (respect!) 
    Avoir un bon sens de l'humour (les gens susceptibles s'abstenir!)

    Aucun karma grief toléré ; Si je vous met une protect et que vous karma griefez pour un spot, la madame sera pas contente.
    Aucun trashtalk ; évitez de fouttre du gaz dans le feu quand c'est pas nécessaire.
    Garder le guild chat le plus propre possible ; éviter les commentaires mysogynes, racistes et homophobes

    Spécifications :
    Serveur discord disponible
    Utilisation d'un groupe facebook pour les annonces
    Utilisation de TeamSpeak pour les node wars

    Pour plus d'infos :
    Contactez Izara in-game ! Ou commentez ce topic!

  8. ShadowCasters is a medium sized close knit community that consists of both Hardcore and Casual players who have been together for 10+ years and have been in various games. We are looking to enjoy the game and have fun.
    We are looking to recruit new members who are interested in participating in GVG and Node Wars, we are currently looking for players with a level of 50+ but no neccesary gear score at the moment. We are a laid back guild who dont really look for certain activity, but pay would be dependent on how active you are and how much you participate in guild events such as guild missions, node wars, GVG, and on TS.
    If you are interested or would like more info feel free to join our TS, Website Linked below, or feel free to Whisper me in game Character name - nobuyaso.
    Website: shadowcasters.shivtr.com

  9. Shadow Vanguard
    Status: Recruiting
    Server: Orwen
    Channel: Serendia 1
    Level Requirement: 40+
    Region: International
    Timezone: AEST, PST, EST.
    Member Style: Casual, Semi-hardcore, friendly
    Playstyle: PvX, Organized Events
    VOIP: Teamspeak - Discord is shit
    Forum: http://shadow-vanguard.shivtr.com/

    About us
    Shadow Vanguard is a newly formed guild started by experienced players. We are a very organized guild that strives to get end-game gear and participate in some node wars; however that is not to say we are a militaristic guild. Instead we are a friendly, community like guild that help each other via information, scroll groups, guild bosses and practice! We love to joke around and mess around in Discord. We certainly welcome active lower levels that are dedicated to progress in the game but would prefer those who are already level 40. Remember we are here to have fun and assist each other in gearing

    Why join us?  
    Fun and FriendlyNon toxic communityOceanic and North American basedGear and Character ProgressionA good time General Rules
    Don't be a shit -----
    participate in guild missions
    be respectful to other guild members
    PK is allow but only if absolutely necessary  
    Apply now!
    Family Name:
    Character Name:
    Current Level:
    Or Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/oHQ3shV39D
  10. Blacklust, semi-hardcore PvP focused guild on EU Alustin is now recruiting to fill the last slots left. (aprox. 20 slots currently available)
    International multicultural guild , relaxed and easy going environment but organized and competitive attitude.
    We actually own the fastest EU/NA guild progress  regarding guilds ranking. We're now climbing the first page to establish ourselves among the most decorated guilds in order to be ready for Territorial/Node war.
    Here you can find some of the strong points regarding the guild:
    Non mandatory guild missionsNo activity capHigh contracts for active, helpful, pvp skilled and high activity players.Relaxed environment and exchange of various useful informations and tips to improve  the overall game experience and quality.Chance to speak your native language in dedicated channels with other guild members (i.e. italian, french, german, greek and more) Helpful guild mates , reliable and high experienced officers.In-game guild events such as arena tournaments within the guild and with other friendly/allied guilds. Battlefield groupsDaily PvP action!And much more!
    Lvl 56 and above360+ ap/dp totalDecent english Use of DiscordAge 18+- Respect for each person belonging to the guild.<< APPLY ON: http://blacklust.enjin.com/>> 
  11. Hey everybody,
    Discorde is a guild currently in the top 40 of the Alustin server and working hard to improve every day! Our main goal is to become a force to be reckoned with throughout the server.
    At current we have a strong core group of players but we require some more dedicated members to assist us in our journey to improve as a guild. We are looking for about twenty players to help us achieve our goals.
    Website: http://discorde.me/
    What you get from being a member of Discorde
    A social family which will help each other to improveA Discord server to continue to socialise with each otherGuild activities(Grinding, Missions, Wars, etc)A forumFun! What we want from you
    Share our vision in progressing the guildActivityAssisting others who need assistanceHappy to socialise with othersA good level of EnglishContributing to discussionsRequirements
    Level 54+At least 18 years of agePvP and Game knowledgeGoals
    To become a strong force on the Alustin serverTo compete in node warsTo make some great friendsTo continue to improve both in-game and as peopleIf you wish to become a member of Discorde and meet the requirements, please send one our officers a whisper and we can discuss whether you will be a good fit! 
    If you are below the requirements but think we'll still be a good fit as a guild for you, make a message on our forum anyway and we will can talk about it.
    We are currently looking for some smaller guilds to absorb at this time, if you feel your guild has similar goals to ours then please send me or Celcius a message!
    If you want any additional information, feel free to post here or send me a PM.
    Our in-game contacts are Celcius, Lori and Vert
    See you in-game! 

    Apostles are currently open for recruitment.

    Server: Croxus EU
    Rank: 29
    Focus: PvX (PvP with some PvE)
    Guild Leader: Mystiii
    Officer Contacts: Pailyn, TheLion, Sphinxy
    Homepage: http://apostles.online/
    Guild Profile:
    Apostles have been together nearing 5 years now in previous MMO's before expanding to BDO. A relaxed multi-national, social community with a Semi-hardcore approach, looking for active like-minded players! Laid-back but ambitious. Website, Steam, Facebook, Teamspeak & more available. 

    We are a group of dedicated and fun loving players who are looking to expand to further raise the profile of the Guild (Top 30 currently) and further our team for node wars. Enthusiastic PvP'ers especially. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and helpful with a good team ethic. Players on all times of day and night. We're looking to populate further with dedicated, active players, who enjoy fun and banter in Guild, with a relaxed yet ambitious approach to the game. Our members excel in all professions, PvE and PvP and future GvG. Well rounded with opportunities for all play styles.
    Regular Guild Missions, Guild boss scrolls, Scroll Parties and Grind parties available. Twice weekly Node Wars, Guild PvP, GvG and other Events too. Website used to post all manner of guides and information, and organise Guild events, and people are always in Teamspeak for a chat!
    We enjoy all elements of the game together, from life skills, bosses, friendly Guild PvP events to open world PvP and GvG Node wars. We do not focus solely on PvE or PvP, but both, and are looking for members with a similar outlook. Of course PvP focused players are always needed for PvP, GvG, Node wars and Sieges. So if you wan't drama free, relaxed PvP and PvE, we're your guild!
    Especially looking for Valks, Warriors and Bezerkers too. But every class is very welcome
    Teamspeak is our main form of communication and is required. Even if to listen. Not at all times, but for events and PvP/Bosses and such, and it's the heart of the guilds social activity.
    Website is required as it's our hub of organisation, where we schedule events and post guides and information. 
    Age 18+
    Level 53+
    300AP/DP+ Combined 
    Active Daily
    Where do I sign?
    You can PM here, or contact Mystiii, Pailyn, Toadette or TheLion in game for further info.
    If you think you could fit into a family-like team, have a bunch of laughter on TS and kick ass then please drop us an application at our website! We look forward to hearing from you!

  13. Visit us on www.konvictgaming.com and apply! We wish you all welcome!
  14. We are a guild that focuses on various things. We have groups for many things across the board. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the following:
    PvP, GvGs, Horse Taming, Fishing, Guild Party Grinding, Guild Quests, Guild Bosses, World Boss Events, Pking, Pirating (hunting for them trade goods). 
    We are a MATURE 18+ guild and can be offensive with our banter. This guild is not for everyone but we are looking for those who fit. We are not dictators, but friends who play across various games. 
    Whisper me or any officer in game: Malpercio, Onvuu, Nekomancer, Adain, Failboat, Yorokaze or Naudly.
    Any questions feel free to ask in game or reply here!
  15. Rukh has been renamed to ZODIAC!
    Check out the new forum post here

  16. Shadow Legion
    International Gaming Guild est 1999
    About Us
    Shadow Legion are a semi-hardcore guild with a primary focus on PvP and end game content, our members are usually among the first to hit level cap often playing extended hours.
    Our player base is International; although the common spoken language on both TS and forums is English. We are strong believers in clear communication, which is why we enforce TS to all players when in game.
    It would be untrue to call us a multi-gaming guild as we tend to stick together moving from one game to the next as a group, having dabbled in many games over the years..
    Asherons Call
    Lineage 2
    Starwas Galaxy's
    Rf Online
    War Hammer Online
    Age of Conan
    Starwars The Old Republic
    To name a few; often reaching great success and completing all available content before moving on.
    We are strong believers in doing right by our members, which is why we may be selective on who we recruit. It is expected that our members be self sufficient; work hard and progress their own gear at a decent rate, this isn't to say we don't work together or have guild initiatives, but we expect a certain level of self commitment before offering assistance.
    As mentioned above we are fairly selective on recruitment; this is down to a firm belief that quality out weighs number, having proven this many times before in a multitude of games. We refuse to zerg recruit to obtain our goals as this detracts from the challenge of facing superior numbers vs a well geared and organized fighting unit.
    We are are a no drama guild; often uninterested in the politics of other guilds preferring to do things our way, we steer clear of forum wars and flaming in world chat electing to let our actions on the battlefield do the talking.
    Recruitment Policy
    Application to the guild may open prior to the release of a new games, respective applicants will need to check our recruitment forum to ensure the game they wish to apply for is currently open to recruitment.

    Prospective applicants must be 18+ years of age, have a working microphone/headset, be of mature mindset and be capable of holding their own within game. Our chosen communication language is English, so it goes without saying you will need to be comfortable in both written/spoken English.

    Application process

    1. Prospective applicants are required to submit their application to the guild by posting within the relevant recruitment section of the game they wish to apply for using the application template.

    Link: Application Template

    2. A recruitment Officer will review the application within two days. Occasionally we may ask for some additional information, a timely response is therefore expected from the applicant.

    NB: applicants who fail to respond within seven days will have their application rejected on-principal

    3. The applicant will then be invited on to our TS for a brief chat; this is nothing too formal, just a means for us to get to know you a little better and go over a few guild rules. It's also a good opportunity to introduce you to the rest of the guild.

    TS details will be PM'd to the user directly via the forum. Alternatively the applicant may also contact one of the guild officers in game

    4. Successful applicants will be entered into a 30 day trial period, during which time their activity on both TS and on the forums will be monitored. Access will also be granted to the members forum.

    Please Note: Communication is a vital part of our community, with this in mind prospective applicants are expected to be on TS at all times when in game, deviation from this rule without prior approval from an officer may result in early termination of the trial period and summary removal from guild.

    5. Upon successful completion of the trial period full membership status will be granted and any loot restrictions that may have been imposed will be lifted.

    It's up to you to make us want to recruit you, good luck and happy gaming.
    Contact details
    Guild Forums: http://www.shadowlegion.co.uk
    Ingame-contact: Coy/Killren
    If you wish to apply, please submit your application via our forums.
    Other Games Media
  17. Greetings!

    Apostles are currently open for recruitment.

    We are taking applications at http://apostles.online

    A established multi-national, social gaming community looking for active like-minded players! Laid-back but ambitious. Website, Teamspeak & more available. 

    We are a group of dedicated and fun loving players who are looking to expand to further raise the profile of the Guild (Top 50 currently) and get ready for node wars. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and helpful. Players on all times of day and night. We're looking to populate further with dedicated, active players, who enjoy fun and banter in Guild, with a relaxed yet ambitious approach to the game. Our members excel in all professions, PvE and PvP and future GvG. Well rounded with opportunities for all play styles.
    Regular Guild Missions, Guild boss scrolls, Scroll Parties and Grind parties available. Website used to post all manner of guides and information, and organise Guild events, and people are always in Teamspeak for a chat!

    If you think you could fit into the team then please drop us an application. We look forward to hearing from you!
    You can also PM here, or contact Sheenaa, Rivers, Onov, Singultus or Lothuialel in game for further info.
  18. Welcome to the Jadegarde!
    Guild Information:
    Server: Alustin
    Main Channel: Balenos A2
    Chat Language: English
    Orientation: PvX / Semi-Hardcore
    Command Staff (Family Name [Character Name]):
    Salvatoree [Beefy / HarbringerDown]
    Izuhara [Yaaxian]
    Gryph [Kanata]
    About us:
    The Jadegarde is a medium sized Guild (41/100 members at the moment) taking a fresh start and planning to go big again. We have a nice and friendly playerbase and are currently ranked 63 on the Guild Leaderboard with 80 Guild Points.
    The Guild is skilled with a focus on PvP, we have completed the accuracy tree and are going for AP right now. We are going to skill the defence tree too later on. Additionally we have skilled the first levels in both Gathering and fishing, for those of us who want to go just the little bit faster ;).
    Our Guild usually does large to extra large guildquests in the late afternoon / evening (mostly Subjugation in the Mediah region) but there are also several smaller quests of different types done throughout the day on request. We also have voluntary and fun PvP practices as well as Guild Bosses on the weekends and if you have any questions there's almost always someone online who will help you :).
    We used to be regularly at war with many different guilds over the course of time and we are planning to pick them up again as soon as we have a good membercount for that.
    Joining us:
    Our requirements are that you have at least one Lv45 or higher Chracter and possess a certain maturity. While we don't have a minimum age requirement for joining, we DO NOT tolerate any behaviour like flaming other guildmembers or the likes. Also you should contact the guild master or any officer if you are going to be offline for more than a week.
    While we do not require you to speak, you should have  Discord and be present in the respective channel if you are participating in any guildquests, skirmishes and similar.
    Do you want to join us? If your answer is yes, please contact any of the command staff in game, make a post in this thread with family and character name or send a PM.
    Of course you are free to ask any questions you have concerning the Jadegarde in this thread too . 
  19. About Us:
    We are a Casual/Semi-Hardcore PvX guild based on Alustin, we accept anyone from 16+ and accept any level. We just want to build a fun community for anyone interested. Most of us play daily of every other day.
    What We Want To Do:
    We aim to have a fun community built around PvE and once released we will begin delving into PvP, GvG and Node Wars. PvP will NOT be the main priority, we will play all areas of the game as we want a fun guild for all.
    We have a discord: https://discord.gg/0tCRAiMBqTAupMvW
    Age: 16+
    Level: Any
    Language: English
    If you're interested please send a message on the forums!
     <SLG> Stoner Logic Gaming - NA Gaming Community is recruiting!  North America - Eden  We are a small gaming community who's core has been gaming together for years. We are growing quickly and we want you to be part of the fun. We are active, experienced, mature players yet we boast disturbingly erotic senses of humor. If you are a upbeat, sociable, experienced gamer looking for a down-to-earth group of players to kick it with, look no further. If you are tired of guild hopping and want something potentially long term, look no further. We have members focusing on every aspect of the game whether it be crafting, gathering, PvE, PvP, etc. In the future we will participate in large scale PvP, wars and sieges. As mentioned before, we are a growing gaming community. We value those who wish to join us and we take care of our own.  If this interests you, please contact one of our officers: Gamebae Layjaw Rysug Surona  | TS3 Required | PvX | Siege | Trading/Crafting | Mature 18+ | Semi-Hardcore | Level 40+ to Apply |  (We can discuss if you are lower than level 40. The goal is we want active members going for 50+) 
  21. Guardians of Arcane

    Server: Alustin
    Channel: Serendia A1
    Website: http://guardiansofarcane.enjin.com/
    Guild Leader: Elderran
    Guardians of Arcane are a community established by a core group of friends back in 2010. We've been involved in several MMO's such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Archeage and are now expanding into Black Desert Online.As a guild we aim to provide an active community for people to be a part of. This includes our forums, a well used banter filled Teamspeak and regular in-game events, farming sessions and PvP/Duelling. We're currently a Semi-Hardcore PvP guild which involves us regularly taking parts in guild wars, PvP, duelling and soon to be involved in Node Wars and Sieges. We want to be a group of players able to have fun whilst getting serious for battles.
    If our community appeals to you there are some requirements to be met before joining up with us.
    - An active player willing to take part in both PvP Events and Guild Missions.
    - Are available to come on Teamspeak even if you're not able to talk.
    - Willing to work as a team, be organised when the situation calls for it and listen to raid leaders.
    - You are Level 45+ on one of your characters.
    - Willing to sign up to our forums and check it for events and guild updates.
    Joining Process
    If you meet our requirements and you're interested in joining then there's two ways you can become a member of our community.
    1. Sign up to our forums at http://guardiansofarcane.enjin.com/ and make an application to join. This will then be reviewed by an officer who will either accept, decline or contact you in game to discuss your recruitment.
    2. Contact one of our officers in game (see below). They will discuss your membership in our community before sending you to our forums to sign up.
    Guild Leader: Elderran
    Guild Officers: Celestial, Reyna, Shnoob, BunyipLopex
    We're already having fun with our time as a guild on Black Desert and I hope those that come to join our guild will enjoy the experience. If you have any further questions about us feel free to ask or contact us in game or at our website.

  22. Lex et Ordo
    What does REX stand for?
    Why? Because we strive to be the best.
    What is REX's goal in BDO?
    Making a name for ourselves.
    How? By bringing our A-Game to every fight, topping the rankings and finally, getting to know the game inside and out.
    Who shouldn't join?
    Those whom:
    Only play for "teh lulz"
    Are unable to communicate properly in English
    Want to join a guild solely to have someone to talk to
    Do not play at least twice a week
    Are not yet 21 years of age or older
    Don't want to come on Teamspeak
    Are afraid to PvP
    Don't like grinding
    What does REX offer?
    Grind groups, a Teamspeak and a chance to be part of an upstart guild looking to grow big!
    What do we plan on offering?
    A no nonsense guild for the semi-hardcore players
    Daily guild missions
    GvG battles
    Manufacturing enterprise(industrialists feel free to apply)
    A full blown website for all your guild needs
    How to join?
    If you're still here after checking out all the negatives posted above, I encourage you to either reply to this thread or send me a PM!
    Vilified was created on the 1st of March 2016, we are new to the Guild front but have future ambitions we would love to bring to light. As a group of close friends, we are looking to extend out to others in the world and form a community focused solely on gaming, and most importantly, Black Desert Online. We have members from across Europe ranging from the United Kingdom, to Sweden, to Denmark and Norway. As long as you can understand English and share the same interests as our Guild goals, we welcome you with open arms.

    The Guilds main focus is controlling territory and trading, both go hand in hand with each-other, in order to Trade, we need to control territorial nodes and areas to ensure the best possible prices, and we must defend these areas no matter the costs. With such a goal, a secondary focus of being combat efficient comes in play, any enemy that opposes us needs to know where they stand, and by having a strong, capable community, we will continue to hold any areas that we have conquered. A short list of additional goals can be found below.
    Leaderboard Presence.Continued Area Presence.Weekly Guild-Focused events.Creation of a thriving community.
    As a Guild which will be focusing strongly on presence, trading and controlling areas, we expect our members to be active on Black Desert Online, I understand many people work, myself included, but we would like everybody to be active and online, if we find members which have been inactive for a substantial amount of time or people we feel are not contributing to the group, we will trial the individuals in question and remove them if they continue. We also wish for the group to remain mature and constructive, repeated toxicity or foul behavior will result in being booted. Lastly, we encourage each of you to join us on our Teamspeak channel which will be provided upon joining the Guild. 

    Founder: Cyn (Majax)
    Co-Founder(s): Crisis (Serian) / Divine (Abracadabra)
    Officer(s): Sylvio (Blakeson) / Drakebane (Brand)
    If you are interested and want to find out more, or you are considering joining, please contact any of the above guild members who will more than happily help you out, you can also reply to the thread as I will be reading through occasionally. Thank you for your time, we will see you on Black Desert Online!